The Obstruction of the Vedic Waters & the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio ⁓ Part Two ⁓ Message in a Bottleneck

“Message in a bottleneck”, front cover of The Economist, April 3rd-9th 2021
Image by Andrea Ucini.

[If] Vritra…and the meaning of the heavenly waters he obstructs be more thoroughly investigated, then the consideration of the stories of the Rishis and the gods and demons as parables can be proceeded with from a sure starting-point and the symbolism of the Vedic worlds brought nearer to a satisfactory interpretation.

More we cannot at present attempt; for the Vedic symbolism as worked out in the hymns is too complex in its details, too numerous in its standpoints, presents too many obscurities and difficulties to the interpreter in its shades and side allusions and above all has been too much obscured by ages of oblivion and misunderstanding to be adequately dealt with in a single work.
We can only at present seek out the leading clues and lay as securely as may be the right foundations. – Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda (written circa 1914-1916), CWSA, Vol. 15, pp. 246-47 
[I]s there such a thing as a "coincidence" in the world? I don't believe in that…. – The Mother, The Mother’s Agenda, 13 September 1967 
[Y]ou see how things are arranged…. It’s the precision, the exactness – it’s the Supreme Consciousness everywhere. We even have difficulty conceiving it, but its obvious … blindingly obvious. – Ibid., 25 July 1970
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In Part One I mentioned that the blockage and clearing of the Suez Canal just before our 1 April 2021 entrance into the sign of Scorpio in our current ennead (2016-2025) served as a catalyst which helped me better see and understand the equivalence between the obstructed waters of the Vedas and the fixed water sign of Scorpio, thus to better see and understand the release of the geometric sense of these Vedic waters (rivers, streams, floods, etc.) in 2016. In this Part Two, I will discuss some of the significant details and symbols of the blockage and clearing of the Suez Canal.

On 23 March 2021, following the 20 March Equinox, a massive a container ship named Ever Given carrying an estimated 17,000-18,000 containers got stuck in the Suez Canal. As reported by media across the world, this one vessel completely blocked the Suez waterway and more than 360 ships for an approximated 144 (6 x 24) hours over the course of six days (23-29 March). The reported estimation of 360 blocked-ships occurred to me as significant given that there are 360° degrees in the measure of the 12-month Zodiac (=Vedic Year) and of the Earth and its cosmic surround. The number 144 (12 x 12) occurred to me as significant given what I have written about the release of the Vedic waters in the year of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s (Thea’s) passing, 144 years after Sri Aurobindo’s birth in 1872. [1]

The location of this full obstruction of one of the world’s most important waterways was approximately 30°1′N, 32°35′E corresponding to 0°1′ Aquarius latitude and 27°25′ Aquarius longitude on Thea's Geo-Cosmological map a portion of which is shown below left with additional text marking the specific lines of latitude and longitude and a red dot indicating where the Suez Canal (not drawn on Thea’s map) was obstructed. The image below right shows a clearer picture of the geography of the Suez Canal and the location of the obstruction to the east of Cairo (30°2′N 31°14′E). The blue circles in the second image indicate the 360-plus vessels who were stuck in the waters, and on either side of the Suez Canal. Note that the image on the right is zoomed in much closer than the image on the left.

This blockage of the Suez Canal at the latitude of 0° Aquarius (30°N), occurred approximately 90 miles east of the ancient Great Pyramid and the (Lion-Man) Sphinx of Giza (29°58′N 31°08′E). The world map below (by Helena Lehman) gives a wonderful global view of the intersection of 30°N Latitude and 30°E Longitude.

The claim that Giza is the center of the Earth’s landmass is refuted by many, but regardless the map is useful in demonstrating the geographic proximity of the Suez Canal, the Giza Pyramids and the mouth of the Nile river which pours out into the Mediterranean Sea at 30°10′N 31°09′E. The Suez Canal was built in the 1860s (the decade before Sri Aurobindo’s 1872 birth) as important waterway and passage connecting the Red Sea (via the Gulf of Suez) and the Mediterranean Sea and by extension, the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and the Western and Eastern hemispheres. It is described by many as a “vital artery” of world trade.

The week after the post-Spring-Equinox Suez Canal obstruction, The Economist featured a cover-image of a vessel [shown below the title of this post] – a container ship and its many stacks of containers – inside the larger vessel or container of a sealed glass bottle. This striking and unusual image of nested vessels and containers was accompanied by the text: “Message in a bottleneck”. The corresponding article on page 9 of the magazine discussed the Ever Given’s Suez Canal debacle as a symbol of the cost of “globalism gone too far”, though the subtext and real angle of the article was “Global supply chains are still a source of strength, not weakness”. 

In Part Eight of my 2020 Seeing in Understanding series I specifically discussed the symbol of a sealed glass bottle (with a peacock inside) as a symbol of the vesica piscis in the 16th century alchemical text Splendor Solis. Thus The Economist cover-image immediately occurred to me as a symbol of the vessel of the vesica piscis (the vessel of the Fish) which has carried and preserved its message (its own eternal law, treasure and divine measure) across multiple ages of ignorance, to be released or delivered in the Age of Aquarius. As discussed in Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, this eternal law and “vessel of the Fish” is the reason why Vishnu’s first and second avatars take the form of Matsya (the Fish) and Kurma (the Turtle). 

Together with a Washington Post article published on 31 March 2021, The Economist cover drew my attention to the event of the blockage and clearing of the waters of the Suez Canal. I could immediately see that the specific geographic (spatial) location of the blockage and release on the Earth near the Great Pyramid and (Lion-Man) Sphinx of Giza was significant in relation to Thea’s teachings on the Supramental Yoga and Supramental Cosmology, and in relation to 2016 release of the geometric sense of the obstructed Vedic waters, as was the event’s duration and location in Time, just before our collective movement on 1 April 2021 into fixed-water sign of Scorpio within our current ennead. [See Part One for a visual of our position within the 2016-2025 ennead.]

Sphinx, Man-Lion (Nara-Simha) of Giza

In her writings, Thea discussed the Lion-Man Sphinx of Giza as a monument to the PRESERVATION sign of Aquarius (known as Kumbha in Sanskrit) which she recognized as the last or “highest step” of Vishnu the Preserver within the 12-month Vedic Year (=the Vedic Sacrifice=Yajna). She also recognized the Giza Sphinx as a symbol of the Leo-Aquarius (Lion-Man) axis of the Zodiac. In Indian mythology, the Man-Lion (Narasimha) is Vishnu’s fourth avatar in his line of ten avatars (dasavatara). In zodiacal lore Aquarius is depicted as a Man pouring out or releasing the heavenly “waters of wisdom” from a sacred kumbha (=water jar or vessel). In the Hindu mythology of the Churning of the Milky Ocean (Samudra Manthan), this sacred kumbha with its waters or nectar of immortality (Amrita) is recovered first from the dark depths of the ocean waters thanks to Vishnu’s avatars Kurma (the Turtle) and Dhanvantari, [2] and then once again it is rescued from the asuric forces of Ignorance by Vishnu’s only female avatar Mohini. [3]

The Kumbha of Amrita rescued/recovered by Vishnu's Dhanvantari and Mohini Avatars
The Kumbha of Amrita rescued/recovered by Vishnu's Dhanvantari and Mohini Avatars
The Suez Canal blockage so close in vicinity to the Lion-Man Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza occurred to me as a supramentally controlled play of events which carried in itself a message about the blockage of the Vedic waters (the seven rivers, floods, streams, etc.) in the fixed water sign of Scorpio and the release of these waters in Vishnu’s Age of Aquarius from the occult vessel the Aquarian kumbha or water jar. For those who may be new to this subject matter, as mentioned in Part One and as came to light in 2016, the kumbha of Aquarius is the vesica piscis (poured out by the radius of the circle) which, together with the Earth’s equinoxes and solstices, establishes the divine measure or divine maya and eternal law (sanatana dharma) of the Zodiac. [Link to an animated illustration of how, together with the Earths four solstitial and equinoctial cardinal points, the vesica piscis measures out the Zodiac.] The measure of the radius and its sacred vessel or kumbha and simultaneously the measure of the Vedic river(s) is precisely one-third or 120° (= 432,000ʺ = 120°  x 60′ x 60ʺ) of the 360° Vedic Year/Circle. This crucial key of zodiacal and Vedic gnosis came to light approximately eight months after a February 2016 dream-vision I had of the 432,000ʺ measure of the vesica piscis in relation to the 432,000-mile measure of the Sun’s radius. 

This vision came with the sense or rather the message that it was going to help reestablish the sanatana dharma (eternal law) of the ancient Vedic Seers. I had NO IDEA at the time of having this vision, that the eternal sacred geometry of the vesica piscis was the basis of the Vedic rivers or the Vedic and zodiacal kumbha (water jar) as well as the basis of Vishnu’s avataric forms and mythology. This lost gnosis of the Vedic waters and its vessel was released into my consciousness throughout 2016 (most of it in October 2016), and I in turn released it for any and all to SEE in January of 2018 in the form of my book Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom

I have discussed the fact that I was born in the sign of Aquarius (the Water Bearer/Man) opposite Sri Aurobindo’s birth in the sign of the Lion (Leo), and the various ways the axis of the Lion-Man (=the axis of the Giza Sphinx) shows up in the astrological charts of the Solar Line and in my own immediate family. I will add here that in addition to being an Aquarian by birth, my rising sign (=ascendant) is Leo. Thus the axis of the Lion-Man Sphinx is embedded in my birth chart. I mention these cosmological details ("cosmic credentials" in Thea's terms) because I see and understand them as part of a cohesive totality of circumstances that released the Vedic rivers from their cave and kumbha in 2016, and as an important display of the quality of perfection in detail which is a defining signature of the supramental consciousness of the indwelling or incarnate Divine as it organizes its own rise and establishment on Earth, in the unified field of Time and Space.
“[T]he Master of the Yoga; he was no different from me, but nevertheless I saw him…. Well, he does everything, he decides everything, he organizes everything with an almost mathematical precision and in the smallest details – everything.”  – The Mother, The Mother’s Agenda, 1 May 1958 
“What precision! Oh, an infinitesimal precision, in the details.” – The Mother, The Mother’s Agenda, 24 March 1965 
“Have you sometimes had that kind of very global vision in time and space, in which each thing takes its own place and everything is coordinated by a total consciousness? ...(It must be new for me only.) It is a knowledge-vision. ...[This morning's experience] was rather new, in the sense that I only had it now and then, just like that, but never with that totality, that clarity and that sort of absoluteness. It is the sensation of a self-evident, absolute, indisputable knowledge – it's not "trying to express something: it's SEEING. Seeing, really seeing, but seeing ... not one thing after another: seeing everything at a glance, a totality in space and in time. And every detail with total precision....  [W]hile having the experience, I felt, ‘This is how Sri Aurobindo used to see!’ (Laughing) That must be it!” – The Mother, The Mother’s Agenda, 29 July 1967 
As told in The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol. 1, Thea and her son visited the ancient Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx on their way to Pondicherry to meet the Mother in 1971. This special visit was one of the many interesting supramentally arranged circumstances of Thea’s yogic initiation which brought her to India and revealed to her her role in the Supramental Descent and in the recovery of the lost sense, wisdom and secrets of the Rig Veda. Below are a few excerpts from Thea’s writings on the Giza Sphinx in relation to her work and the work of Sri Aurobindo who she wrote of as Vishnu’s 9th and 10th avatar Kalki – “the fulfiller, the conqueror, the victorious Avatar of the Supermind, he who dispels the darkness, he who slays Vritra” in the Age of Aquarius. [4] Vritra is specifically THE OBSTRUCTOR OF THE FLOW OF THE WATERS (RIVERS) in the Rig Veda, characterized as a dragon or snake.
“[A]s I stood before the Sphinx and her nine companions silently spaced behind her on those bare and placid Egyptian sands…[w]ithin me I knew, at some very deep level, that an intrinsic part of the process I was living was in some inscrutable way connected to this visit to the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid. The knowledge I was receiving was somehow linked to those sacred, ancient and mystifying monuments.” – Thea, The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol. 1 (pp. 105) [Thea recounting her 27 September 1971 visit to Giza.]


The Leo-Aquarius axis (and Leo quincunx Capricorn and Pisces). PNB, The Gnostic Circle, p. 42
“[1926 – the beginning of the Age of Aquarius was] the year that the Giza Sphinx was finally uncovered in the Egyptian desert. The 'message' of the Sphinx on the backdrop of the Map is not at all enigmatic: her symbol-form indicates the Ages of Leo and Aquarius. Naturally her 'secret' was destined to remain covered, only to be unveiled right when that cosmic Hand pointed to the start of the Aquarian Age. And so we find ourselves in the Age of Aquarius the Friend, or Mitra of the Veda, the last and highest 'step' of Vishnu….We could call [[Aquarius]] 'the jewel in the crown'. If you look at the position of Aquarius in the Map you will see that it is indeed the 'highest' of [[Vishnu's steps]].... for indeed it is in this 9th [[Manifestation, in the Age of Aquarius]] that the victory is attained. As Sri Aurobindo has explained, '[Kalki as following Krishna, not the Buddha] fulfils in power the great struggle which the previous Avatars prepared in all its potentialities.” – Thea, Secrets of the Earth – Questions and Answers on the Line of Ten Avatars of the Vedic Tradition, p. 55 [Bold emphasis and text in double brackets added]


[T]he Sphinx…is a monument to the sign Aquarius.... [It] is placed at the exact spot where, both in Space and in Time, the sign Aquarius comes into being.” – Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 362 [Bold emphasis added]


“It is necessary to point out now that Incarnations [Vishnu’s Avatars] appear on Earth during the times the Earth's ascendant is passing through one of the four Fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. For this reason the Sphinx as a symbol is perhaps one of the most important in esoteric tradition. These signs are captured in the ancient imagery of the Sphinx, and are an indication to mankind of the four important Ages in its progressive development. The Indians have preserved this same knowledge in another way; they call the times of the appearances of the avatars the periods of Vishnu, the Preserver. This is analogous to the Sphinx because Vishnu's periods correspond to the Fixed [=the Preservation] signs of the zodiac….” – Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 37 [Bold emphasis and text in brackets added.]

The image above and to the left shows nine of Vishnu’s (fixed-sign) Ages in red within the 12 Manifestations of the Maha Yuga cycle (three Precessional Cycles or Great Years) as discussed by Thea in The Gnostic Circle and elsewhere in her writings. Thea never drew out the 12 Manifestations of the Maha Yuga in this manner. [For more detail on how Thea saw the Maha Yuga cycle see her Map of the 12 Manifestations and my two-part discussion “Revisiting the Measure of the Yugas”.] I have constructed the Maha Yuga in the manner above in order to demonstrate Vishnu’s Ages (the Ages of his incarnations or Avatars) at the heart of each of the 12 Manifestations, and to show the position of our Age of Aquarius within the 9th Manifestation of Sagittarius (234 BCE-6242 CE), within our current Maha Yuga cycle. Readers can see that, of course, the 9th Manifestation of Sagittarius is preceded by the 8th Manifestation of Scorpio (6714-234 BCE), the sign which signifies the fixed, i.e. obstructed, waters of the Zodiac and of the Rig Veda. The Dwapara, Treta and Satya Yugas are represented in this image as the dark grey, light grey and off-white colors of the outer circle. As per Thea’s measure and understanding of the Maha Yuga (2 + 3 + 4 = 9 Kali Yuga) cycle, our current Satya Yuga began at the zero degree of our last Age of Leo (0° Leo) some 10,800 years ago, corresponding to the 5 Point of the Maha Yuga.

As discussed in Part Six of my 2020 “Seeing in Understanding” series, in Thea’s measure and seeing of our current Great Year, via the retrograde motion of the Precession of the Equinoxes, 1926 CE ended the Age of Pisces at 0° Pisces (=30°Aquarius) and put us in the last degree  (30°-29°) of the sign of Aquarius. Given that 1° of the 25,920-year Precessional cycle spans 72 years (25,920 years/360° = 72 years per degree), in 1998 we passed across 29.0° Aquarius and entered (via retrograde motion) into 28° Aquarius as shown above-right. Below are some of Thea’s writings on the location and significance of the Giza Pyramid and Sphinx.
“Giza is longitude 30° E according to the retrograde motion; this is the beginning of Aquarius, its 29/30 degree. The Sphinx is placed at the exact spot where, both in Space and in Time, the sign Aquarius comes into being.… This is the secret of the Sphinx…. [S]he tells us that the Age of Truth cannot come into existence until the harmony of Time is revealed and the sense it gives to Space is unveiled.…The Sphinx therefore represents the gateway to the Age of Truth, the Satyayuga.” – Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2, p. 363


“The Sphinx was built precisely at the time the precession was passing over or within the vicinity of 0° Leo, carrying humanity into the Satyayuga, some 10,800 years ago.” – Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p 65
“[T]he Sphinx of Giza represents the…axis of Leo and Aquarius, or August and February, the birth months of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother [5]…. August is naturally the Lion and February the Man, but in fact in ancient times the Sphinx was most often portrayed in its human part as a Woman, particularly in Babylonia and then in Greece…. 
“The Age of Leo, when the Pyramid was built or conceived, was a time of kingly, elite rule. The Age of Aquarius, our present era on the scale of Time, stands directly opposite to the former and is the time of universal transformation; the movement descends into the masses and there is a general uplifting. The level of consciousness of the Earth's entire population widens and deepens, no matter how great the cost, how painful the process.” – Ibid., p. 278
The exact latitude of the Giza Lion-Man Sphinx (29°58′N) is just shy of 30° North (0° Aquarius) and its longitude (≈ 31°08′E) is equivalent to 28°52′ Aquarius, which corresponds to the year 2008 CE in terms of our retrograde movement through the twelve astrological ages of the Precessional cycle or Great Year.

It is notable that the six-day blockage of the Suez Canal just east of the ancient zodiacal monuments of Giza by a vessel whose name speaks of an Eternal Gift [Ever Given], began on the 4-power day of 23 March 2021 and ended on the 1-power day of 29 March 2021. In Thea’s cosmology both of these number powers are connected to Sri Aurobindo’s (Vishnu’s/Kalki’s/Agni’s) supramental descent and victory over the forces of Death and Falsehood, equivalent to Vritra and the Panis or demons of the Vedas who reign in the 8th sign of Scorpio, obstructing the purifying waters of wisdom. [See: "Seeing in Understanding ⁓ The Symbols & Sense of 2020 ⁓ Part Four"]

Above I mentioned a 31 March 2021 Washington Post article that helped draw my attention to the Suez Canal obstruction and clearing the day before movement into the sign of Scorpio. The headline read: “Inside the 144-hour scramble to free the giant ship stuck in the Suez Canal”. Other news sites quoted a supply-chain logistics expert saying, “Over 144 hours [were] lost in the supply chain network…”. The obstruction took place over 6 days (6 x 24 hours = 144 hours), but the total number of hours of the obstruction was closer to 144 plus 7 hours. Regardless, the sacred number 144 in the Washington Post headline was striking to me in relation to what I have written about the 144-year collective avataric-yogic efforts of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea, spanning from Sri Aurobindo’s 1872 birth through the year of Thea’s passing in 2016 [see Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, Appendix], whereby Vishnu’s Aquarian Age Avatar (and his collaborators) effectively unblocked (un-covered) the geometric and zodiacal sense of the Vedic waters and their accompanying treasures of gnosis on 2 October 2016, enabling these waters to flow forth from the eternally-given (EVER GIVEN), eternal law of the sacred vessel/kumbha (=the vesica piscis) in the Age of Aquarius (the Age of Kumbha), ending multiple ages or aeons of blockage or obstruction (i.e. collective ignorance) of these ancient waters and their sacred vessel. It remains to be seen if the extra 7 hours, on top of the 144 will have any corresponding significance in the 7-power year of 2023, which falls seven years after the completed 144-year cycle in 2016.

Now, in June of 2021, thanks in part to the Suez Canal obstruction, as I look at the release of the geometric and zodiacal sense of the Vedic waters precisely 90 years + 9 months + 1 day into our Aquarian Age, the Rig Veda occurs to me as an elaborate and “watertight” vessel that was constructed either in or before the 8th Manifestation of Scorpio (6714-234 BCE). It was built and sealed in such a way, like the Giza Sphinx and Pyramids, to assure that it could travel through Time, through aeons, as an enduring enigma. Given that the central conflict and resolution of the Rig Veda is precisely the obstruction or confinement and release of the sacred waters (=rivers, streams, floods, cows, etc.) of the 12-month Vedic Sacrifice, it very much appears to me that this epic linguistic structure was specifically built not only as an elaborate symbolic tale of the inertia and ignorance that is to be expected in the fixed water sign of Scorpio within the developmental or evolutionary stages of the Zodiac, but also as a vessel that was built to travel and endure through the dark and stagnant waters of the 8th Manifestation of Scorpio in our Maha Yuga in order to deliver its message and to release (pour out) the trapped or hidden gnosis of the sacred waters of the Vedic Sacrifice from their cave and kumbha in the Age of Aquarius.  

It also very much appears to me that the geometric and zodiacal gnosis of the ancient seers was intentionally sealed, hidden and encoded within both the macrocosmic or over-arching 432,000-syllable measure of the Rig Veda and the microcosmic level of the individual words (=symbols) of the hymns. Both the macrocosmic whole vessel of the Vedas and the microcosmic level of its words or building blocks (vessels of meaning in and of themselves) contain the same hidden key, law and sacred measure which unlocks the puzzle or mystery, unsealing and delivering the secrets and indwelling treasures of the Vedas. 

The Giza Sphinx – a symbol of Vishnu the Preserver – has served a parallel purpose as a structure that was built to endure Time (to endure multiple ages of ignorance and inertia) in order to preserve and eventually deliver its zodiacal message or gnosis in Vishnu’s Age of Aquarius, facilitating the victory of Vishnu’s Aquarian Age Avatar (Kalki) who, in the Age of Aquarius, fulfills the task of slaying Vritra the obstructor of the Vedic waters and simultaneously reestablishes the sanatana dharma (the eternal law and divine measure) of the 12-month Vedic Year. For readers who wonder how such foresight is possible, the answer lies in the fact that the ancient architects of these ancient structures-vessels of gnosis were operating from a unified consciousness of the unified field of Time and Space, a consciousness that the Mother experienced and expressed as a “global vision [a knowledge-vision] in time and space, in which each thing takes its own place and everything is coordinated by a total consciousness”. Sri Aurobindo spoke of this higher or supramental vision of Time in his book, The Synthesis of Yoga. In India, the Vedic seers are credited with trikala drishti or a cohesive and holistic seeing of the triple body of Time (Kala) – Past, Present and Future.

It feels worth noting here that the moment the geometric sense of the Vedic rivers was poured into my consciousness, on 2 October 2016, I experienced some version of this “global vision in time and space”, seeing the coordination, control and perfection of the totality of circumstances, and knowing the truth and place and treasure of things that had never occurred to me as anything but random things or occurrences. It was like everything that I turned my attention to became completely transparent in a way, and the significance, perfection, and cohesiveness of even the smallest of details of the totality of circumstances (of all coinciding coincidences) was OBVIOUS, no longer opaque, occult or obstructed by my mind’s limited perceptions and ideas. This extraordinary experience lasted in a sustained way for approximately 5-6 weeks, and then I was dropped back into my limited mental consciousness, albeit significantly widened and upgraded. That experience, which began seven days before Thea’s passing, marked the end of one life and the beginning of another for me. I believe one minute of that experience would alter anyone’s life forever, because from the point of that direct lived experience onward, one KNOWS the extraordinary perfection and totality that lies beyond the cave of the fragmented mental consciousness in which humanity is trapped in a real sense. From that point onward, one KNOWS in one’s core, the blissful truth and reality of the unity consciousness which we are individually and collectively manifesting on Earth in our Aquarian Age. One also KNOWS how quickly the veil between the fragmented mental consciousness and unity consciousness (=the supramental consciousness) can be rent, liberating the higher and all-integrating, all-harmonizing gnosis of our dynamic existence in Time and Space. 

The final numerological detail or perfection of the Suez Canal obstruction I want to mention is that 29.3.2021 – date on the day on which the obstruction was removed – happens to contain in itself the number of years in the Precessional Cycle: 25,920. To see this, the 3 and the 2 in the date (29.3.2021) must be combined into their sum of 5: yielding the numbers 295021. The six digits of 295021 can of course be reordered as 25920, trailed by the last digit of 1 – the number of integration and unity. In her book, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, Thea discussed the five digits of the Precession of the Equinoxes in relation to the “full birth-digits” of the four members of Vishnu’s “Solar Line” [i.e. Sri Aurobindo and his collaborators through whom he accomplished his yogic victory]. 
“[T]he experience of the Cosmic Year takes 25,920 years to complete. Each digit in this number is one of the full birth-digits of the four members of the Solar Line, calculated on the basis of the Mathematics of Unity. Included as well in the number is the all-important Zero; and it should be noted that the final sum of these five digits is once again 18. The rhythm of the Cosmic Year is a fundamental piece in the evolution of consciousness of our collective society....” – Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 210 [The image to the right is from the same source and page.]
The numbers 2, 5, 9 and 2 represent the reduced number power of the day plus the month plus the year of each of the four members of the Solar Line. If listed in actual birth order, the figure would be 5292; nonetheless, Thea saw that by switching the 5 and the 2 and adding the 0, the full 25,920 year-count of the Great Year (=the “Cosmic Year”) was represented in these births, which together add up to 18 and reduce to the number power of 9.  

2 + 9 + 5 + 2 + 0 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9

I see the 25,920 + 1 digits in the date of the clearing of the Suez Canal obstruction at 0° Aquarius latitude, just east of Vishnu’s ancient Sphinx as a symbol of the macrocosmic cycle or cycles of time in which the Vedic lore of the obstruction and clearing of the waters by the Vedic hero (the “heavenly” and “radiant” One) was designed to play itself out, or rather designed to manifest or fulfill itself in the real world via multiple AGES in the course of Time and to resolve its own occult or hidden truth, to solve its own mystery and to release its own sealed treasures in Vishnu’s Age of Aquarius. 

If all goes according to the ancient zodiacal plan and prophecy of the Vedas and of St. John’s Revelation, the 2016 release of these purifying “waters” of gnosis in our Age of Aquarius will enable humanity to fully extricate itself from our modern civilization’s great ignorance (great obscuration) of the truth of the original zodiacal context of the Rig Veda and of the vast majority of our world’s religious symbols, rituals and lore. As is, most have no idea that our world’s fragmented and contentious religions are the result of multi-age compounded ignorance, distortion, rejection and misunderstanding of the ancient Zodiac which is entirely equivalent to the 12-month sacrifice (yajna) of the Rig Veda. Most people have no idea that this Vedic yajna is the origin of what our modern world calls yoga. Most people also have no idea that the prophecy of a divine and immortal Savior-Son-Hero or a world savior by whatever name is entirely zodiacal and Vedic in its origin. And likewise, most have no idea that the global purification and reclamation of divine Light and Truth in the world which is found in Christianity, in the Vedas and in other religious traditions has anything to do with the Zodiac and its sign and Age of Aquarius. 

The word "Apocalypse", literally indicates an “Uncovering”, which is entirely equivalent to the Vedic lore of the defeat of Vritra – the Coverer (aka the Obstructor) of the Vedic rivers (=waters). And most who do talk about our global purification and uplifting (from Ignorance) in our New Age or in our Age of Aquarius, have no idea that this uplifting is contingent upon and co-arises with the recovery of the truth the ancient Zodiac and the sacred measure of its eternal rivers and its water jar (kumbha). The original and full zodiacal and geometric context of these concepts and prophecies remains largely lost on our modern civilization which is collapsing in upon its own fragmented consciousness, its own Ignorance, and its disconnection from the unifying truth of our soul and ALL that we are connected to in the vast field of Time and Space. 

There simply can be no fulfillment of the Aquarian Age of Unity on Earth without the successful recovery of the Earth’s Tropical Zodiac as the foundation and unified field of that Age of Unity. Another way of putting this is that the realizations and shifts that are prophesied to take place in Age of Aquarius, cannot take place without the recovery of the truth of ALL 12 signs and ages of the Zodiac as a cohesive whole. It must be recognized that the victory of the divine soul in creation (individual and collective) simply cannot be separated from the actual field (kshetra) of its victory. The soul and its unified field (its cohesive "Circle of Life") must necessarily be recovered and realized in humans in order for the Aquarian Age of Unity (the Age of the Aquarian MAN) to be fulfilled

As I have been trying to convey since 2016, this recovery and realization has taken place in a real way via the avataric yoga of Sri Aurobindo and his collaborators, but it still remains to be seen how long humans can en mass remain estranged from, separate from, ignorant of, and dismissive of the divine truth, divine eternal law, divine measure and unified field or body of the Earth’s zodiacal year, which the Vedic Rishis knew and celebrated as Aditi – the Divine Mother of Light and the Divine Mother of everything in existence, SHE whose body bears forth the Divine Son, the Divine Spark of the Soul.

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[1] 144 is one-third of the sacred number 432 – the non-zero digits of the 432,000 measure of the Rig Veda, Kali Yuga, the radius of the Sun and the vesica piscis. The release of the geometric and zodiacal sense of the Vedic rivers/waters happened, more specifically, 144 years and 48 days after Sri Aurobindo’s birth. The extra 48 days (15 Aug-2 Oct) is significant given that, as I discussed in Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, 48 is exactly one-third of 144 and one-ninth of 432. As Thea often noted in her writings, one year is equivalent to one day in Vedic/Zodiacal gnosis. So the 48 days beyond 144 years can be seen as equivalent to the 48 years during which Thea was initiated into and completed her important work towards the restoration of Vedic wisdom. I was born in 1969 one year into this final third of the 144-year timespan of 1872-2016 and 47 years later, in 2016, received the gnosis that the Vedic river is the vesica piscis measuring out precisely one-third of the circle and the 360° Vedic year. In my 48th year, I finished writing, editing, and published Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom. Thea passed on 9 October, 7 days after this gnosis descended, 55 (54 + 1) days after the 144th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s birth. I see the significance of the 54 + 1 days as connected to the 1926 beginning of the Age of Aquarius, 54 years after Sri Aurobindo’s birth year (and 48 years after the Mother's birth). I see the extra day or year beyond the 9-power of 54 in terms of Thea’s discussions of Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth (“the 9 returns as the One”) in the 1-power year of 1963, 91 (90 + 1) years after his birth in 1872.

[2] As discussed in Part One, the root of Dhanvantari is Dhanvan, which is the Sanskrit name of the 9th Sign of Sagittarius, following the 8th sign – the fixed water sign of Scorpio. Dhanvan means bow and is a symbol of the arc or bow of the vesica piscis measuring out the 12-month Vedic Year (=the Zodiac). Dhanvantari means “moving in a curve” or “one who moves in a curve” or “one who moves (or passes) in the manner of a bow”, which is an apt description of the radius as it draws (or pours) out the curve or bow of the vesica piscis within the circle.
“Ramayana Balakaand and Bhagavata Purana state that Dhanvantari emerged from the Ocean of Milk and appeared with the pot of amrita (elixir for immortality) during the story of the Samudra (or) Sagara Mathana whilst the ocean was being churned by the Devas and Asuras, using the Mandara mountain and the serpent Vasuki. The pot of Amrita was snatched by the Asuras, and after this event another avatar, Mohini, appears and takes the nectar back from the Asuras.” – Dhanvantari, Wikipedia
[3] “[Mohini] is the only female avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. … [In the Mahabharata] she appears as a form of Vishnu, acquires the pot of Amrita (an elixir of immortality) from the thieving asuras (demons), and gives it back to the devas (gods), helping them retain their immortality.” – Mohini, Wikipedia

Mohini is portrayed as Vishnu’s Maya which most in our civilization misunderstand as meaning an illusion. She is described as “essence of female beauty” who rescues the kumbha, vessel or pot Amrita from the demons, i.e. from Ignorance, and returns it to the gods. In my mind Mohini clearly represents, as does Vishnu first avatar Matsya (the Fish) and the bow of Dhanvan (i.e. the bow of the Sagittarian archer), the beautiful and immortal form of the vesica piscis which is the Divine Maya or divine measure and eternal law of the radius within the Vedic Year. In 2016, this sacred form – Vishnu’s Divine Maya – did indeed rescue the pot of Amrita from the long-standing world-wide Ignorance of what this ancient symbol-vessel actually represents. See: "Recovering the Ancient Light and Amrita of the Vedas – PARTS 1 & II.
“Maya meant for [the Vedic Rishis/Seers] the power of infinite consciousness to comprehend, contain in itself and measure out, that is to say, to form — for form is delimitation — Name and Shape out of the vast illimitable Truth of infinite existence.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, CWSA, Vols. 21-22, p. 123
[4] Thea, Secrets of the Earth – Questions and Answers on the Line of Ten Avatars of the Vedic Tradition, p. 55. [All emphasis added]

[5] As Thea was of course well aware, the Mother was born in the sign of Pisces (on 21 February 1878), not in the sign of Aquarius.

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