Seeing In Understanding ⁓ The Symbols and Sense of 2020 ⁓ Part Six

Saturn’s Transit into Aquarius 
& Other Cosmological Harmonies of 2020 

“In the work in which we are now engaged we are primarily concerned with the experience of Time in Matter, because only by discovering the occult rhythm of its workings can we begin, in a concise way, to break the veils of the Ignorance that encompass the Earth, both psychologically and materially. The question may appear very materialistic and not at all related to the spiritual quest; but it is not so. If anything, it is beyond both the spiritual and scientific quests and reflects the true destiny of the evolution, wherein spirituality as it is now conceived as well as science, will soon appear to us like cave-men gropings, a consciousness old and unreal. There can be no essential and real breakthrough in the realm of the Spirit unless Matter is carried along in the experience and participates in equal measure. This brings us to a totally new view and possibility of action.… Consciousness is light and light is time…. 
“Once we have begun to pierce the veils of ignorance the Light will make itself evident and illumine our path. The transformation of matter will itself reveal the means, for when we have touched that 'beam' we are approaching the secret to the transformation of the physical body of the human species.” – Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea), The Gnostic Circle, p. 122 

[Link to Parts 123, 4 & 5In Parts 4 and 5, I presented readers with some of Thea’s teachings on the 4.5 “Reversal” Point of our evolutionary journey, bearing in mind that 1 July 2020 marked the 4.5 Point of our current ennead, spanning 2016-2025. These teachings help to shed some light on the catalyst-role COVID-19 is playing in the Divine Conspiracy, increasing pressures upon humanity to the point that forces the collapse of structures and systems that have outlived their usefulness, releasing energy to be utilized in order to move onward and upward in the evolutionary journey, beyond the collective dead weight and cultural-baggage that impedes the forward march.     

In Part 6, I will mostly focus on the 6 Point and the 6th planet Saturn in relation to Time and Thea’s keys of orienting within and experiencing Time as an extension of the Divine in creation. In ancient mythology, Saturn – a planetary ruler of both Capricorn and Aquarius – is specifically equivalent to “Father Time”, aka Cronos in Greek mythology, and Yama – the Lord of Death in Indian mythology. I will also try to shed some light on the significance of Saturn’s 2020 passage through Capricorn, conjunction with Pluto, and entrance into the sign of Aquarius, along with Jupiter, in the midst (in the 4.5 region/4 Year) of our current 2016-2025 ennead. These planetary positions constitute an extraordinary cosmological convergence, displaying the multi-dimensional precision of the supramental consciousness-force that is orchestrating its own victories in the world. Ultimately, what I am attempting to illuminate in Part Six is the connection between what is happening NOW in our world and the avataric yoga of Sri Aurobindo’s “Solar Line” which has re-established – in Vishnu’s Age of Aquarius – the divine Unity of the timeless Transcendent Divine and all that manifests in Time and Space, unveiling Kāla (the Time-Spirit) as a “Redeemer of Worlds” (Kalki), ending our experience of Time/Saturn as a malefic “Destroyer of Worlds”.

Image based on Thea's drawing of "Gnostic Circle"
in Symbols & the Question of Unity (p. 125)
THERE IS MUCH GROUND to cover in Part Six. To begin it is necessary to reemphasize the Gnostic Circle – a synthesis of the Zodiac and the Enneagram – as the basis of Thea’s cosmology by which individuals can cultivate a supramental experience and gnosis of Time and Space as a divine whole or unified field of which each individual is a microcosm. In this synthesis, the enneadic journey from 0 back to 9 (the numeric equivalent of the ouroboros biting its own tail) naturally progresses counter-clockwise in the same direction as the Zodiacal journey/year. Most who study and teach the 9 points of the enneagram have zero clue of the connection between the Circle of 9 and Time, and therefore distribute the 9 numbers clockwise, out of sync with Time, with no inclusion of the Vedic Zero from which this full number system, along with the 360°, 12-month Vedic Year (the body of Time) is born forward. Thea discussed the journey through all of the numbers, from 0 to 9, as a gestational and developmental cycle, beginning with the compact all-inclusive bija (seed) of creation (the 0 Point), and progressing in ordered stages to the full manifestation of what is contained in the seed.

In the 0/9 number system of the Gnostic Circle, the Sun of our solar system is the 0 (“the Nought that contains the All”1), and the 9th planet (or orbit of) Pluto is the 9. The 1st planet Mercury is seated at the 1 Point, the 2nd planet Venus is seated at the 2 Point and, proceeding in this order, the 6th planet Saturn is seated at the 6 Point of the Circle, which is equivalent to 0° Sagittarius, marking off two-thirds (240°) of the Earth’s 360° Solar Year/Zodiac. The 4.5 Point of this circle is equivalent to the asteroid belt of our solar system, situated between the 4th planet Mars and the massive 5th planet Jupiter, which is thought to be either made up of remnants of shattered ancient planets, or remnants of our solar system’s protoplanetary disk which was unable to form a planet in that orbital position. The following quote gives a sense of how Thea saw the critical 4.5 region of this journey (discussed at length in Parts 4 and 5), specifically in relation to the 6/Saturn Point. Readers can utilize this gnosis towards appreciating what is happening in the 4 year of 2020 in the midst of our current ennead (2016-2025), and to what unfolds next in the 5 year of 2021 and the 6 year of 2022.
“[The 4. 5 Orbit is] the abyss of the Asteroid Belt, the disintegrating force or that which brings a profound change in the being, a change in the very depths. It corresponds to the sign Libra. This is the beginning of passage through the higher half of the wheel, the progression back to the Origin and progress through the sphere of light commences. … [A]ll things and beings must [continue on and] pass out of the influence of this sphere and touch the Saturn point which would then open the gates to the even fuller experience. This point would be the real birth of the soul. It is clear that the Jupiter point, the 5th, can become a fossilisation in that it may signify the dogmatisation of the religious experience. Therefore when the person or the nation must cross the Saturn point, because we must all continue on our journey and meet the Time-Spirit face-to-face, whatever is crystallised in the negative sense must be broken down. The work starts in fact at the 4. 5 Orbit. When the 6th is reached … the greater the matter that is crystallised and serves as an obstruction in the passage, the greater will the suffering and the destruction be in order to bring about the opening to a new life and a new future. – Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 177 [Bold emphasis added]
The Gnostic Circle essentially functions as a cyclical map of evolution in the unified field of Time and Space. Its ordered and holistically interconnected stages apply equally to microcosmic cycles of the 24-hour Day and the 12-month Year, and to macrocycles of Time such as the 12-Age Precession of the Equinoxes, the 12-Manifestation Maha Yuga and the 12-Precession “Greater Circle”. These nested cycles of Time, as well as other 9-based cycles, such as the 9-year ennead, are self-similar and nonlocally entangled or intertwined.2 Anyone who has had the experience of the learning curve (which is hopefully most people), wherein one’s knowledge of a particular course being traveled or a particular creation process being enacted dramatically increases each time one lives/moves through it, should understand the benefit of moving through the cycles of Time and creation with increasing awareness, knowledge and an increasingly comprehensive vision and understanding of the stages of the landscape/timescape that one will encounter.

What may be harder to understand, via lack of direct lived experience, is that becoming increasingly conscious within the cyclical womb of Time, leads to a radical transformation of consciousness. One begins to see the whole field of one’s journey in Time and Space (on the individual and collective scale) as a grand cohesive harmony; and one begins to progressively realize the supramental perfection and divine soul of creation as well as the supramental perfection and divine soul of one’s own BEING and of one’s own BECOMING in the unified field of Time and Space. The idea of divinity becomes one’s direct, lived, embodied and real experience. Via this lived experience of the Divine expressing itself in Time and Space and in one's own being, one’s old, immature, and far-from-the-Truth ideas of the Divine are naturally dissolved via the reality of what those ideas (those mental symbols) actually symbolize. One directly experiences “the Apocalypse” (however gradually or progressively) –  i.e. the uncovering of the Light/Truth of the One Self of All Selves and the corresponding dissolution or annihilation of certain inherited or learned misconceptions, assumptions, misalignments and falsehoods. With this direct experience, one can better understand and appreciate what our prophesized and now-unfolding global “Apocalypse” really IS, and how it is inseparable from a new consciousness of Time (Kāla).

Thea’s “Map of the 12 Manifestation” of the Maha Yuga cycle is a spiral of three precessional cycles, each ring of which consists of 12 Astrological Ages. Thea saw the structure of this body of Time as mirroring of Saturn’s (Kāla’s) three main rings.    
“SATURN IS THE 6 point of the Triangle as we have stated, the angle that represents the Cosmic Divine, or the sixth orbit away from the Sun; it is the Time-Spirit. The number 6, therefore, helps us in our understanding of time, and by the physical appearance of Saturn we know that the sphere or circle with three rings around it is the key to the progression of the Ages and their relation to Time.” – Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 18 [Bold emphasis added]
When Thea wrote the above in 1974, she was entirely unaware of Saturn’s hexagonal (six-angle) north-pole cloud pattern, discovered via the Voyager mission in 1981. Thea identified our current position in the Maha Yuga cycle as follows:
“At present we are in the 9th Manifestation, in the first degree of the sign Aquarius by retrograde motion.” – Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea), The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 437 [Written in 1977
“[T]hrough the Map of the 12 Manifestations…we are given the knowledge that the prominent influence of our times is Sagittarius… [which indicates an] expansion of consciousness….” – Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea), The Gnostic Circle, Ch. 7, “Sagittarius and Aquarius”, p. 71 
“The time is upon us in this Aquarian Age to bring about a universal transformation of consciousness and to open man up to the consciousness of the universe, to expand in the Sagittarian way beyond the present limits of his mental instrument and prepare for the descent of a power and light that will allow him to live in the consciousness and being of the Whole. This is the Aquarian universality, the vision of Unity, and the Sagittarian impulse to reach the planes of the consciousness of Truth.” – Ibid., p. 74 
“[I]n 1926, Sri Aurobindo was 54, the Piscean Age closed and the Age of Aquarius began; Sri Aurobindo's yoga entered a new stage and the Ashram was officially begun.”3  – Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 439 
The Precession of the Equinoxes moves backwards through the Zodiac at a rate of approximately 1° per 72 years. Thus, in 1998, we moved into the SECOND degree of the Age Aquarius by retrograde motion. The retrograde motion from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius begins at 0° Pisces, so the second degree of the Age of Aquarius is 28° Aquarius (1998-2070), highlighted below to the right in yellow. The first degree of the Age of Aquarius [1926-1998] is highlighted below in blue.

I constructed the image of the 12-Manifestation (36-Age) Maha Yuga cycle (above left), to give readers a full 360° view of the 12-Manifestations, each Manifestation corresponding to one month of the 12-month Zodiac. Each of the 12 Manifestations contains 3 Astrological Ages (3 x 2,160 years = 6,480 years), with Vishnu’s preservation ages4 highlighted in red. In the image above-right, I have zoomed in on the 9th [Sagittarian] Manifestation of the Maha Yuga cycle, with Vishnu’s Age of Aquarius highlighted mostly in red, with two degrees shown in blue and yellow.

According to Thea’s full Gnostic Circle, wherein each of the 360 degrees of the circle are assigned a particular sign of the Zodiac, the first degree (trimśāṁśa) of our Aquarian Age was influenced by the cardinal sign of Cancer, and our current degree is influenced by the mutable (dissolution) sign of Gemini, known as the sign of “the Twins”, whose “Twin Tower” hieroglyph  Thea referred to as a symbol of the binary Mental consciousness which collapses in on itself (or naturally dissolves) in the due course of Time, a collapse which is accelerated as the consciousness of Oneness rises in our world. (See September Trilogy Plus One, regarding the 9-11 collapse of the Twin Towers). As discussed in Part Five, America’s 45th president, who some have dubbed the “divider in chief”, is a Gemini. The first 10° (720 years) of the Aquarian Age also have a Libran influence, as per the astrological decanates. Thus, all three of the Air signs symbolizing the principle of Mind in three stages of development, along with all three gunas or energy flows,5 are represented in this particular degree of the Great Year.
“The three signs or Energy Flows which comprise any one element in the zodiac will always represent a process of birth, or, we can say, they represent the flow of creation and the steps toward the maximum fulfilment of that particular element.”  ‒ Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 229 [Bold emphasis added.] 
“Progressing [into the third quadrant of the Zodiac/Gnostic Circle] we encounter the Air element in the sign Libra ….  [T]he principle of Mind predominates through this element [of Air]. It is here that the upper hemisphere of being begins, where it is possible for man to liberate himself from the hold of Mother Nature, accomplished by the factor of union, or the joining of that which was divided in Gemini…. The redemption of creation can begin in the third triad by the awareness of unity or the reversal which initiates the return to the Origin for it must be remembered that 0° Libra is the 4.5 Orbit, where the evolution through man is reversed and made to turn back upon itself, so to speak. Man can become liberated from the Ignorance through union or yoga.” ‒ Ibid., p. 228 [Bold emphasis added.] 
“By the central Fixed sign Aquarius, an Air sign, we see that Libra is fulfilled in this triad or that the Mental Principle has given birth to the higher principle inherent in itself, the supermind, which signifies the spiritualisation of the species. ‒ Ibid., p. 229 
“Mind is characterised essentially by its dualistic or separative nature, its capacity to dissect, define, divide and analyse. In Gemini this is quite clear, the split entirely evident. But the fundamental feature of Gemini is that the natives of the land are not aware of their divided condition. They are one-though composed of two. And it is this lack of perception of their true state which characterises the lower hemisphere as one of ignorance. By the time six signs are traversed the consciousness has awakened and in Sagittarius the mind is used as an instrument for the harmonious experience of the state of multiplicity. The symbol of this multiplicity is the land of Sagittarius itself.” – The Magical Carousel, Commentaries, p. 75 
[In Aquarius there] is no question of opposites here, a prime feature of the second Air sign, Libra. Aquarius, the third and last Air sign, is the paradoxical unity of seeming unreconcilables. We are―it must be remembered―in the realm of unity, the last quarter of the zodiac. – Thea, The Magical Carousel, p. 120
It appears that our movement through the Gemini degree in the Libra decanate of our Aquarian Age in the 9th (Sagittarian) Manifestation is serving to expose and dismantle the binary, fragmented mental-egoic consciousness, as well as to expose the incompleteness of the world’s Libran (mental) ideals of liberty and justice for ALL. [See Part Five]

This degree of our Aquarian Age has born forward a massive and revolutionary expansion of computer and communications technologies, including more compact and more powerful computers, the commercialization of World Wide Web, Smart Phones with cameras6, and WiFi7 via which large amounts of data travel on WAVES (the hieroglyph of Aquarius) through the AIR (the element of Aquarius). These technologies represent a fusion of Sagittarian expansion and the revolutionary force of Aquarius which is precisely associated with “higher modes of communication” (Thea, The Magical Carousel, p. 119) as well as with all-embracing universality.

Since 1998, we have seen the rapid expansion of these new technologies across the world, whereby it is possible to connect, gather, and share information at an increasingly exponential pace and volume that truly boggles the Mind. Google was founded and launched its search engine in 1998, and has since expanded into a $324 billion dollar company offering an astounding array of internet services, etc.. The term “Smart Phone” was coined in 1995, and the first iPhone was marketed in 2007(the beginning of the second ennead of 1998-2070). These technologies have empowered people all over the world to communicate their stories, news and opinions, much of which impacts the entire world in powerful ways, such as the witness videos of George Floyd’s 25 May 2020 murder and Christian Cooper’s video of a white woman (Amy Cooper) falsely telling 911 she was being attacked by a black man in 26 May 2020.

The Gemini factor in the midst of this expansion of technology becomes clear when we see the opposing binary narratives that come into full expression on the World-Wide-Web, which in turn widens divisions and intensifies clashes between people in the actual physical World. The content on the web, for the most part, mirrors and amplifies what Thea referred to as the “central void of civilisation” – the void that stands as the shaky ground or unsustainable basis of the fragmented egoic-mental consciousness. This is the same Void which Thea associated with the 4.5 Point (0° Libra) of the Gnostic Circle, and which she considered as being “filled” by Sri Aurobindo’s reincarnation in 1963, equivalent to the planting of a new seed in creation.
“[A]t this point it appears that all is just being broken down. But in fact something else is coming up. And that ‘thing’ that is coming up is responsible for this collapse around. That is, it is BECAUSE this new thing is coming up that it is ACCELERATING this collapse of everything.  And this new thing that is being born, forged and consolidated in our very times is what people do not see because in effect it is nothing more than ‘a seed’. Let us call it a Seed. But the fact that it exists and has never really existed before is what is able to sustain us in this passage now to something entirely new. In fact, the crux of this work, you could say, is the birth or the coming down, the bringing down, or the unveiling – however you wish to call it – of this ‘seed’ that fills the void. That this is something entirely new now; and, in effect, the lack of this element that SUPPORTS, that SUSTAINS, that FILLS that central void of civilisation, of the human being, of whatever, is what has permitted this process always to be a destructive one, always a caving in, a collapsing. Nothing is there to support this….
“And it is the birth of this ‘thing’ that is changing the equation of absolutely everything; and it is simply displacing Mind. I wouldn’t even say displacing. That isn’t really the correct… It is simply putting Mind in its proper position.... – Thea, "The Infinite and the Detail", The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 4.1, April 1989
Another way in which the influence of Gemini in our current degree of the Aquarian Age is manifesting is the light and dark side of how new computing, imaging and communications technologies are being utilized. They are, on the one hand, extraordinary and expansive tools for connecting people across the globe, for education and for the exposure and uplifting of Truth. On the other hand, they are equally an extraordinary tool for the creation and dissemination of distortion, misinformation and Falsehood in general (including “Deep Fake” videos). As such, in 2016 – the first year of the third ennead of 1998-2070, and the beginning of our current ennead – “post-truth” was named Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year, and “fake news”  was named the American Dialect Society's 2017 word of the year. “Fake news” has become the go-to defense for people with polar opposite views, each side accusing the other of generating falsehoods. Most issues, including the issue of how to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic quickly get polarized on the web. The good news, if one is looking on the bright side of things, is that this state of affairs is entirely unsustainable and is bound to collapse as we evolve towards the higher potentials of Mind and the establishment of the Supermind and Unity consciousness in our world.

The next pair of images below features the 12-Precession, 311,040-year Greater Circle on the left, and zooms in on our current position (as of 1926) at 2.5° Sagittarius,9 on the right. What I am emphasizing here is that, in addition to being in an Aquarian Age within the 9th (Sagittarian) Manifestation in the Maha Yuga Cycle, we are also in an Aquarian DEGREE (highlighted in red below) within the Sagittarian PRECESSIONAL cycle within “Greater Circle”, as per the zodiacal influence of the individual degrees of Thea’s Gnostic Circle. The full timespan of this Aquarian degree, corresponding to 2° Sagittarius in the 360° "Greater Circle", is 1495-2358 CE, the midpoint of which is 1926 CE.

In Chapter Six of The Gnostic Circle entitled “The Ninth Manifestation”, and elsewhere in the same book, and in many of her other writings, Thea conveyed that the shift and expansion of consciousness that is proper to our Age of Aquarius (the Age of Unity) within the 9th Manifestation, is necessarily a shift and expansion in our consciousness towards the Unity of Time (Kāla), wherein past, present and future (trikāla) are known and experienced as a simultaneous and cohesive whole, One with the Divine as it manifests in all forms, microcosm and macrocosm alike. 
“During the Dark Ages … Saturn, the Time-Spirit, was thought to be a malefic planet. With ignorance of the true correspondence of the planet to the realm of Time, naturally its effects would be seen as negative. Saturn has been equated to the devil…. 
Humanity is at the point of breaking through the actual limited vision it bears of Time; some day it will be a common experience to live in the state of simultaneous time…. 
“[In this time of the ninth sign, the sign of Expansion, breaking] through the barriers of Time does not mean dissolution of Time but rather the experience of the unity of Time; it is not a question of living in a timeless state which would then indicate that one is beyond manifestation, but it is rather that within Manifestation, within the rule of Time, one is to have the experience of unity, one is to make of the multiplicity an integral part of the One. It is only our fragmentary vision that has created all the problems, our perverse capacity to break things down, to divide and separate‒which is the process of Mind. In order therefore to move into the sphere of total vision and all-embracing time, man must move out of the sphere of Mind. 
“This is the plane of Supermind that Sri Aurobindo has revealed. The 9th Manifestation is the period of transition into the realm of Supermind. Therefore we say that Sagittarius is the sign of Supermind. To be more accurate we must say that in relation to our times this sign indicates the state where the evolution moves out of the realm of Mind and into the sphere of Supermind. And this then precedes passage into the final three signs which are Sat-Chit-Ananda, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, precisely the signs that make up the 9th Manifestation. We can easily say, therefore, that of all the periods of evolution, this is one of the most momentous, where man is offered the greatest possibilities and the fullest experience. For our civilisation, what we are experiencing at present is preparing the way for the maximum we can aspire to in this Great Circle of 77,760 years, approximately 17,000 of which remain, and of the Greater Circle of 311,040 years.” – Thea, The Gnostic Circle, pp. 46-47 [Bold emphasis added] 
“[I]t is imperative to have the key to, or work in harmony with, Time, and with this power the work can be accomplished. …[I]n Time lies the real key to work on energy…. The Supramental Yoga uses spiritual force, or the force of Consciousness, to achieve its purposes, because it is evident that in order to bring about a radical transformation of the human species it is this direct power that must be brought to bear pressure on the denser material creation; and this 'power' can awaken the particle of itself, the light as it is referred to, which is hidden in matter. Thus this would be the union of Heaven and Earth―but an apparent union and no more, because essentially the polarity lies only in our manner of perception. By breaking through the dimensions of consciousness one ultimately reaches the point of perceiving this oneness, that there is only one energy and the means to discover this point of unity is by breaking the barriers of Time, a process which is done by an increasing expansion and contraction of consciousness―or rather a simultaneous experience of what may appear to be two opposite and contradictory experiences. 
“For all this Time is the mysterious factor, and the way. But it is also the obstacle, just as Saturn in an individual's life is the restrainer and the limitation until, through unity of being and crystallisation of the soul-power, it becomes the Ally. Sri Aurobindo ended his Synthesis of Yoga with the chapter, 'Towards the Supramental Time Vision'. We know that the work is incomplete and that he intended to continue. It is interesting nonetheless that the formulation of his Yoga reached that point, and it is also known that with Sri Aurobindo's work things are cared for with a detailed exactitude and precise vision. The Mother has written to a disciple: 'For Sri Aurobindo "coincidences" do not exist. All that happens is the result of the action of the Divine Consciousness. The Force which is at work at this moment is a Force of harmony, that makes for unity,―the unification of all the symbols that express the Divine Truth.10 – Thea, The Gnostic Circle, pp. 306-07 [Bold emphasis added] 
“The denser and the more ignorant the material creation, the more divided is our perception of Time; closer to Truth and the spiritualization of the denser realms, the perception of simultaneous time becomes possible, nay, inevitable, which does not exclude Time but only brings the experience of this element into the field of Unity. The past, present and future are not eliminated, but are perceived as three elements of one whole and are experienced simultaneously.  
“The Indians call the Time-Spirit, kāla. The feminine form is Kali, the Mother, who devours and gives birth to all things. In the solar system this is Saturn, Kronos, Father Time; and as astrology is linked to the sign Aquarius it must be remembered that the ancient ruler of this sign is Saturn, and is ever joined to it. – Ibid., p. 12 [Bold emphasis added.] 
“Time is the limitation yet at the same time holds the key to liberation.” – Ibid., p. 88 
“In Medieval etchings of Cronus (Saturn or Kala), the Time-Spirit is often seen carrying a lantern and illuminating the path in front of himself. In this image we are given the understanding of the process: the Time-Spirit is the Light, in Time light is inherent, and this in fact is the key to the Earth's evolution. It is Time, and in particular the Power of Time, Kali, that bears the entire evolution forward, She is the motor and light of the Manifestation….” – Ibid., p. 112 
“With respect to the 9 Circle, the 6th point is Saturn, Kala….” – Ibid., p. 122 
“Saturn is the planet epitomising the cosmic manifestation as well as the Time-Spirit, for indeed both are one. What truth can be perceived of the cosmos if one has not perceived the true nature of Time? Religions and spiritual disciplines have not unveiled Time. The human being's conception of it is entirely divided. Past, present and future belong to separate compartments of his consciousness because of his linear perceptive capacity. In the chamber in heaven, where one sees Time, perception is spheric, and by nature of its concentric wholeness the initiate is brought into the kingdom of Simultaneous Time. This is a realm illumined by the truth-consciousness, and the bridge to it is the Supermind. 
“The ladder up the shaft of the solar light leads to the experience of the Supramental Sun. Consequently it is a world without shadow, and existence in such a cosmos requires the consciousness of simultaneous time perception, which simply means a consciousness that has evolved beyond mind to the experience of Oneness. But as we are allowed to ascend upon the same bridge down which the Divine descends, we explore the supreme reality with a shadowless vision, moving from a clear perception toward a clearer one—always progressing in our evolution in the light of the Divine Truth. We see the cosmos not as something apart from the Absolute but rather as a vessel within which the seed of God is contained that is perennially in a state of luminous unfoldment. Just as the seed of the supramental sun penetrates the cosmic chamber/womb, so does the Transcendent's bija, or seed, flower from the soil of the cosmic body and the process of evolution arises from that which was originally involved.” – Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 201
Below are a couple excerpts from Sri Aurobindo’s chapter in The Synthesis of Yoga, entitled “Towards the Supramental Time Vision”, which should give readers a sense his understanding of the unified consciousness of Time that is born forth in the course of our evolutionary journey, out of the dark womb of the fragmented Mental consciousness.
“ALL BEING, consciousness, knowledge moves, secretly for our present surface awareness, openly when we rise beyond it to the spiritual and supramental ranges, between two states and powers of existence, that of the timeless Infinite and that of the Infinite deploying in itself and organising all things in time. These two states are opposed to and incompatible with each other only for our mental logic with its constant embarrassed stumbling around a false conception of contradictions and a confronting of eternal opposites. In reality, as we find when we see things with a knowledge founded on the supramental identity and vision and think with the great, profound and flexible logic proper to that knowledge, the two are only coexistent and concurrent status and movement of the same truth of the Infinite. The timeless Infinite holds in itself, in its eternal truth of being, beyond this manifestation, all that it manifests in Time. Its time consciousness too is itself infinite and maintains in itself at once in a vision of totalities and of particularities, of mobile succession or moment sight and of total stabilising vision or abiding whole sight what appears to us as the past of things, their present and their future.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, p. 885 [Bold emphasis added.] 
“The supramental consciousness on the other hand is founded upon the supreme consciousness of the timeless Infinite, but has too the secret of the deployment of the infinite Energy in time.… Its time consciousness therefore will be different from that of the mental being, not swept helplessly on the stream of the moments and clutching at each moment as a stay and a swiftly disappearing standpoint, but founded first on its eternal identity beyond the changes of time, secondly on a simultaneous eternity of Time in which past, present and future exist together for ever in the self-knowledge and self-power of the Eternal, thirdly, in a total view of the three times as one movement singly and indivisibly seen even in their succession of stages, periods, cycles, last — and that only in the instrumental consciousness — in the step by step evolution of the moments. It will therefore have the knowledge of the three times, trikāladṛṣṭi, — held of old to be a supreme sign of the seer and the Rishi, — not as an abnormal power, but as its normal way of time knowledge.  
“This unified and infinite time consciousness and this vision and knowledge are the possession of the supramental being in its own supreme region of light and are complete only on the highest levels of the supramental nature.” – Ibid., pp. 886-87 [Bold emphasis added.]
Thea discussed Sri Aurobindo’s (the “Father’s”) reincarnation as the “Son” (of Vishnu’s Solar Line) in 1963 in the following terms:
“The Masked Transcendent silently and stealthily removes his covering and mounts his throne, and by his coming―his very own birth and death and re-birth in our earth-time, he redeems for us the consciousness-matter of our world. He is the Seed, the one eternal Truth from which all truths have sprung. He is the Tree, whose branches are the manifold manifestations of the potentials of the Seed. He is Shiva and His Son, whose birth is the clarion call of Victory. He is the Son of God the Father, not crucified but glorified, the light of whose body is the substance of a new Time. He is the flame in the core, the submerged and hidden essence in the heart of created things,―in the core and in all the outer coverings. He is Agni hidden in the waters and the earth. He is that Son of Force, the leader of the journey, because he shows the warriors of the Divine Mother, simply by his being, that path that is illumined by the rays of the supramental sun. He is Kalki, the master of kāla, of Time, who comes to lead on the white Horse, to cleave with his Sword of Truth any darkness that may stand on the way, as he re-poises on its four invincible pillars11 the kingdom of sanātana dharma, of the Eternal Truth.” – Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 514 [Bold emphasis added] 
“[T]he Son—who represents the principle of Integration—was born under the third sign of the [Mental] quarter, Sagittarius. We must study his role more deeply against the backdrop of our solar system. We speak of him as the redeemer of the 4.5 Orbit. Indeed, born on Immortality Day [26 November] he is the conqueror of Death, Victorious Mars, the fourth planet. This orb stands on one side of the 4.5 Orbit, or the Asteroid Belt; but on the other stands Jupiter, ruler of his birth sign Sagittarius. He is Mars by his position as fourth in the Solar Line when measured in the Time Scale of 9-first being the 9, second the 6, third the 3, and finally fourth the 4.5 (or the resurrected 9). However on the Space Scale of 12 he is the sign Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter; thus his incarnation is a combination of the fourth and fifth planets, Mars and Jupiter, and his point on the Time scale is 4.5. Between his orbit and Saturn's there stands the colossal body of Jupiter.” – Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 290-91 [Bold emphasis added] 
“(Agni) must pass through the Father, the fifth sign Leo,12 before he can emerge in his fully formed incarnation as the Son of Force, the realiser of Immortality,—the Man-Horse of Sagittarius. Mars (of Aries) must also first pass through the Waters of the eighth sign Scorpio, a sign which [Mars] also rules. 
“Then that Mars force is transmuted and in the ninth sign it is portrayed as the Horse and serves as the harmonized and integrated vahana [vehicle] of the Man, of Agni Vaishwanara, the Universal Man. For this reason the hieroglyph of Sagittarius depicts the arrow released from the tail of the Scorpio hieroglyph…. 
“The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the fifth planet; Mars is the fourth. These fourth and fifth are the secret essence of the Son, conqueror of the 4.5 Orbit. When the Son takes birth in the sign Sagittarius, Agni is born on Earth, and the high Truth of the Veda can be revealed. 
“The deciphering of these ancient texts is impossible unless one has the keys of higher knowledge. No scholar or pundit can pierce the veils of the enigmatic hymns unless he has been initiated into the mysteries of the miraculous Birth. And for this he must know the structure of the zodiac thoroughly because only therein can he find the keys to a timeless Knowledge.” – Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, pp. 379-80  
Upon detonating and witnessing the world’s first nuclear explosion (in recorded history anyway) on 16 July 194513, nuclear physicist Robert Oppenheimer – the director of the Los Alamos Laboratory which developed the atomic bomb – famously quoted (or mis-quoted according to some) the Bhagavad Gita, uttering the now iconic words:
“I am become Death, Destroyer of Worlds.”
The code name for this nuclear test was “Trinity” and the nuclear reaction was a product of Plutonium-based fission. Plutonium was discovered in 1940 and was named after the planet Pluto which in turn was discovered in 1930 and named after the Roman god of the dead and lord of the underworld. I will discuss the 9th planet (or orbit of) Pluto a bit further on, and its connection to the 4.5 “Reversal” Point of the circle. Here I will just add, that it is was certainly not a random coincidence that this matter-shattering Plutonic event, changing life on Earth as it was known, occurred 19 years into the Aquarian Age, 45 years into the 1900s, and was dubbed “Trinity”. [For a discussion about the number 19, in relation to the sacred Trinity of 9-6-3, see Part One.]

Oppenheimer and many others have translated Kālo (Kāla) in this verse to mean Death, which makes sense in terms of our present experience of Time as a bringer of Death, portrayed in Greek mythology as Cronos (aka Saturn), a god who eats his own children. This same verse has been translated as, “I am Time (Kāla), the great destroyer of the World” along with similar variations.

According to the Bhagavad Gita, Vishnu’s 8th Avatar Krishna said this to Arjuna, while preparing him for war, or more specifically, for the death and destruction that was about to ensue on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Thea saw Krishna as the avatar of the 8th Manifestation of the Maha Yuga cycle, upheld by the 8th month of Scorpio, the sign of the Zodiac specifically associated with Death and Transformation. She saw Sri Aurobindo as Kalki, Vishnu’s 9th Avatar (reborn as the 10th Avatar) in the 9th Manifestation, upheld by the 9th sign of Sagittarius. 
 “The 9th Manifestation is the period of Kalki, the unmasking of the illusion in which man has been living since the death of Sri Krishna, the 8th Avatar, the Incarnation of the 8th Manifestation which was the reign of Scorpio, the sign of Death.” – Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 66
“The key to salvation of the civilisation lies precisely in eternal Time, the very vision Arjun shied away from [in the Mahabharata]. But that was another age, the 8th Manifestation of Sri Krishna; while this [the 9th Manifestation] is the time of Kalki who returns to humanity the saving formula of sacred Time.” – Thea, “The Sanctity of Materialism” (circa February 2001) [Bold emphasis added]
In our current 9th (Sagittarian) Manifestation, Vishnu’s avatar is Kalki, the Master of Time (Kāla), who is expected in Indian lore to be the world’s savior or redeemer via the destruction of Falsehood. Thus, his message to mankind in this new age could rightfully be written as:

I am Time (Kāla), Destroyer of Falsehood and Redeemer of the World.

Vishnu’s Kalki Avatar has awakened and established an entirely new consciousness of Time in our world. As discussed in Part Four, Thea was a vessel (pātra) for the supramental gnosis of the unified field of Time and Space that Sri Aurobindo brought forward or established in the world via the process of his rebirth. After his rebirth in 1963, Thea progressively received and conveyed the keys of supramental and Vedic gnosis by which individuals, and humanity at large, can progress towards the experience and vision of  Supramental Time, or Whole Time as Thea sometimes called it.

Interestingly enough, one of the effects the COVID-19 Pandemic is having on people, is an altered sense of Time. Many people are feeling disoriented in Time and the expression “Covid Time” is used to refer not only to the time or era of COVID-19, but also to distinguish between our collective experience of Time in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and our pre-COVID experience of Time. People have described the experience of “Covid Time” as Time slowing down, and as being somewhat lost or disoriented in Time, in large part, due to a departure from habitual schedules.14 Though the experience of being disoriented in Time is quite the opposite of the experience of Supramental Time, it is nonetheless a symbol of the evolutionary pressures being placed upon humanity in our Age of Aquarius (within the 9th Manifestation of Sagittarius), specifically towards “[b]reaking through the … limited vision it bears of Time”.

With all of the above in mind, including the importance of the 4.5 Point, along with Saturn’s rulership of Aquarius and Capricorn, Saturn’s Gnostic Circle seat at 0° Sagittarius and Jupiter’s rulership of Sagittarius, we can begin to appreciate the “Great Conjunction” of Saturn and Jupiter at 0° Aquarius on the 2020 December Solstice, at the tail end of this pivotal 4 year (spanning the 4.5 Point of the Gnostic Circle), which comes to a close upon the New Year of 2021. [The image to the right is from The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2, p. 290.]

A larger appreciation for this rare cosmological conjunction can be gained from the image to the right [a variation of several images in The Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, pp. 198, 261], conveying the geometric connection between Saturn, Aquarius and the 4.5 Point of the zodiacal year. I came to see this zodiacal geometry on 7 November 2016, after a 9 month download of gnosis about the role the vesica piscis plays in recovering the sanātana dharma (eternal law) of the Vedic Rishis in our Age of Aquarius. This 2016 download initially began one month into our current ennead, specifically in the month of Aquarius. Nine months later, this download completed itself by bearing forward the image of the arrow hieroglyph of Sagittarius contained in the womb of the seventh vesica piscis (aka seventh river) of the Zodiac pointing to 0° Aquarius. Herein, it can be seen that the ascent of the radius of 0° Sagittarius – which is simultaneously the radius of Saturn and the 6 Point of the Gnostic Circle/Vedic Year – measures and marks out the entrance into the sign of Aquarius (Kumbha in Sanskrit), after passage through the full sign of Capricorn.

This image served as a geometric key which unlocked the zodiacal significance of many enigmatic Vedic hymns, depicting Agni Soma as a Sage/Horse (aka Courser) who gallops, steps or flies to the Kumbha, by whatever name (vat, bucket, tub, cask, reservoir, beaker, etc.) purifying or whitening himself in the process.
“[The Sage/Agni-Soma] assumes white colour when he strives to [win]…. Down the steep slope, through song, he comes to sacrifice, and he will burst the water-holding cask of heaven, yea, to the shining milk-anointed beaker, as to his goal, hath stepped the conquering Courser….” – Rig Veda 9.74. 1, 5-8, tr. RTH Griffith
I will discuss this Vedic key and the conspiracy of events that brought it forward in the first ten months of our current ennead in Part Seven; but first I want to discuss Saturn’s and Jupiter’s movement into the sign of Aquarius, along with the other notable cosmological convergences or synchronicities of 2020. The zodiacal image and brief commentary above should at least give readers a visual sense of the geometric basis of Saturn’s ancient connection with the sign of Aquarius, along with Sagittarius’s geometric connection to Aquarius, depicted in the Vedas in terms of the motion of a Horse’s movement into a kumbha or vessel of water (kośa in the verses below).
[L]ike an impetuous steed in war… river-like he hath swelled with surge…into the vat [kośa]” – Rig Veda 9.107.11-12 excerpts, tr. RTH Griffith
It must be noted that the cosmological harmonies of 2020 only come into “20-20” focus, or into view at all, when using the correct Solar (i.e. Tropical) measure of the Vedic Year/Zodiac. For all those who have inherited and continue to perpetuate and celebrate the mismeasure of the Vedic Year, the amazing synchronicities and coordination of the Time-Spirit as displayed in 2020 will not be seen or celebrated. As discussed in Part Four of my 2019 Kumbha Mela series, if the correct measure of the Vedic Year was adhered to in India, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius on the December Solstice of 2020 would rightfully be celebrated with a great (Maha) Kumbha Mela festival, and yet due to the chronic mismeasure, there will be no such celebration.

Saturn first entered into the sign of Aquarius (0° Aquarius) on 22 March 2020, conjunct the March Equinox or 0° Aries which is the zero point (and the 9 Point) of the Zodiac (the Earth’s Solar Year). Saturn moved forward into Aquarius and then, via retrograde motion, crossed back over 0° Aquarius (the gateway or sankranti of Aquarius) precisely on 1 July 2020 – the 4.5 Pt/0° Libra point of the ennead of 2016-2025.

9 months (270 days plus 1 day) after its first crossing into 0° Aquarius, Saturn will once again return to 0° Aquarius again on 18 December where it will be met by Jupiter two days later, just in time for the 21 December Solstice of 2020. Jupiter takes approximately 12 years, and Saturn approximately 30 years to move through the entire Zodiac. Thus, independently of each other Jupiter and Saturn respectively enter the sign of Aquarius (or into any sign for that matter) once approximately every 12 and 30 years. And they conjunct each other somewhere in the Zodiac every 20 years. That said, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn specifically at the sankranti of 0° Aquarius is an extraordinarily rare cosmological synchronicity. In Richard Nolle’s 3,000-year account of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions going back to 600 BCE and extending to 2400 CE, there is no occurrence of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurring at 0° Aquarius, other than on 21 December 2020. Given the additional factor of this conjunction happening on the December Solstice, after first entering the sign of Aquarius 9 months earlier, on 22 March (conjunct the March Equinox), it is reasonable to wonder if this specific combination of cosmological events has ever happened on our planet. The precision of the Time Spirit as demonstrated this year is further emphasized via Saturn retrograding across 0° Aquarius exactly at the 4.5 Point of the Gregorian year and of our current ennead. As already discussed the 4.5 Point of the Gnostic Circle marks the sankranti or entrance into the sign of Libra, which is the sign in which Saturn is said to be exalted. As demonstrated in the image of the Sagittarian arrow above, the radius of the 6/Saturn Point of the circle rises up precisely out of the 4.5 Point/0° Libra nadir, in its movement (its arc) to 0° Aquarius.

Added to this wonder, the natal Sun of “the Fourth” (the “Master of Time”), progressed from its original 3° Sagittarius position into 0° Aquarius on 28 January of 2020 via the “one degree equals one year” calculation of astrological progressions.15

On their way to the 11th sign of Aquarius/Kumbha this year, Saturn and Jupiter have naturally had to transit across the 10th sign of the Zodiac, Capricorn – the only sign of the Zodiac, other than Aquarius, that is also ruled by Saturn. Pluto began its transit through Capricorn on 26 January 2008 (26.1.2008) and after retrograding back into Sagittarius in May of 2008, it proceeded to cross into 0° Capricorn again on 26 November 2008 (26.11.2008), the day of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks which also happened to be the 45th birthday of the Fourth – “the redeemer of the 4.5 Orbit” and “the resurrected 9” as Thea referred to him. This date marked the beginning of his 45-54 “reversal” ennead.  Pluto will complete its journey through Capricorn and enter into Aquarius in 2023-2024. The last time Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter were all in the sign of Capricorn at once, as they have been this year, was 1284 CE. The time before that was 1894 BCE. As such, this simultaneous Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter transit through Capricorn is a somewhat rare cosmological event.

Throughout the year of 2020,  Pluto has been transiting – via direct and retrograde motion – between 22°23′ and 25°0′ Capricorn. The last time Pluto transited these degrees of the Zodiac was in 1773-75, the years leading up to the America’s Declaration of Independence and the American Revolutionary War. In order to get to Aquarius, both Jupiter and Saturn have naturally had to pass (conjunct) Pluto. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020 occurred on 12 January at 23° Capricorn. The first two Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions of 2020 occurred on 5 April and 30 June, both at 24° Capricorn; and the third instance will occur on 12 November 2020 (at 22° Capricorn). Many modern-day astrologers have published their various takes on the significance of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn and its conjunctions with Jupiter and Saturn.17 Looking at this through the lens of Thea’s supramental cosmology, the central core of what is being worked out in our evolutionary play comes forward. Thea discussed Pluto as the “fulfilment of the sign of Capricorn” and as “the ruler over the kingdom of Matter” and as the higher octave of Mars.
"As the higher expression of Mars, Pluto is the fulfilment of the sign Capricorn which it co-rules, the victory of Durga, the Divine Mother."  – Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 149 [Bold and underline emphasis added]
“The secret of Pluto is that it is death redeemed; it is the power that brings Mars to the rightful action of being the weapon of Immortality. Pluto is the abyss and the heights and as such, in the zodiac, it rules Capricorn which is the exaltation of Mars…. Pluto as higher octave of Mars brings this power to its most potent expression…. It is only with the transformation and release of a totally purified vital force, which Pluto represents, that the new creation comes about. 
“Pluto is the power of the new creation …. [carrying the Earth] to its birth, to the experience of a 'new Matter'.”  – Ibid., pp. 147-48 
“Pluto … [is] the hidden Sun in the core of matter.  – Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 136  
“The 4.5 area indicated in the diagram opposite is Hades, the abode of Pluto, and indeed the Fourth (who is the 9 returned)…redeems that point, conquers death and unveils the light of the hidden Sun in matter.”  – Ibid., p. 198   [Bold emphasis added and the Trinity image is a reconstruction of Thea's image in The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2, p. 198] 
Thea also described Capricorn (which will be the Age that follows the Age of Aquarius) as “the sign of the Mother's victory over Death, the sign of simultaneous time, the sign that holds the secret to Immortality and that is the essence in Time of the Mother's [Temple] chamber”. (Ibid., p. 257, bold emphasis added)

It is with the above in mind that Pluto’s transit through the sign of Capricorn in the dawn of our Age of Aquarius must be viewed. In the supramental cosmology Pluto is equivalent to Sri Aurobindo, and to Shiva, and the Father who is the 9 in the 9-6-3 Trinity. Reincarnate as the “Son”, he is the “redeemer of the 4.5 Point” (opposite Pluto at the 9 Point). Thus, it can be seen that Pluto in the sign of Capricorn mirrors and further accelerates the victory that has already seeded itself in the first degree of our Age of Aquarius, which is the Victory of the Divine Mother as accomplished via Sri Aurobindo’s (Pluto’s) return in 1963 as the Son, who Thea referred to as the ‘hidden Sun in Matter” and as Kalki – the “Master of Time” (Kāla). With the unveiling of “the light of the hidden Sun in Matter”, naturally comes the unveiling of the supramental consciousness-force deploying itself and organizing itself in the unified field of Time and Space. 
“From the Kore's womb18 Aeon is born, through her the Time-Spirit receives its body, for the year is the subtle body of the Sun. In her the Transcendent Father plants the seed of his Timeless Self and emerges as the Son who reveals the harmony of Time that is the year, the year that is Aeon. Aeon is the victorious son-conqueror, the Sol Invictus in whose being the Timeless has died to be reborn in Time, and by this act he conquers Death. From him arises the harmonious Time, the Supramental Time for the Earth-and with it the rise of a new Earth through which a destiny of supramental truth will unfold. [¶] Therefore he is born victorious. His very birth is the Victory.” – Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 212 
The orchestration of events in our current 4 Year (the realm of “Hades, the abode of Pluto” of our current ennead), can be seen as an intensification of this relatively new-born force (born in 1963) as it operates, however unseen, within the field of circumstances, ultimately towards the full divinization and victory of Matter. This evolutionary victory is playing itself out in progressive stages of development.

One thing that particularly stands out to me regarding the Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions at 22-24° Capricorn, is their alignment with the mismeasure and distortion of the Sidereal entrance into the sign of Capricorn (Makar Sankranti). From 25 February through 28 June of 2020 (approximately one-third of the Year), via the Lahiri ayanamsha, Pluto was precisely conjunct the Sidereal measure of 0° Capricorn/Makar and will return to that position on the very last day of the year. In other words, these powerful conjunctions are specifically pointing to the mismeasure, distortion and disfigurement of the Zodiac which is portrayed as the Divine Mother Aditi in the Vedas – SHE who is “all that hath been born and shall be born” (Rig Veda 1.89.10, tr. RTH Griffith). Thea recognized the Mother’s (Mirra Alfassa’s) 12-petal symbol as equivalent to the 12-month Vedic Year. As discussed in Part Five, India’s mismeasure of the Vedic/Zodiacal Year, is mirrored by the mismeasure, distortion and disfigurement of the Mother’s 12-pillared, 12-sided temple in Auroville. [See Chronicles of the Inner Chamber.]

According to Thea, Pluto represents the radical and divine transformation of Matter, and thus the transformation of material creation on Earth. As such, it is reasonable to expect that Pluto’s transit of Capricorn – the very sign that symbolizes the victory of the Divine Mother – would apply great pressures upon all that stands in the way of Her victory and transformation. Her Truth and her Divine Maya/Measure is increasingly uplifted in the world via the consciousness-force of the Divine that secretly dwells within Her. Jupiter is known as the “Guru” – the “Bringer of Light” and “Dispeller of Darkness – and thus its passage through Capricorn will naturally bring forth inner light that dispels darkness and falsehood, specifically bringing forth the forgotten Truth of the Divine Mother and of our own inherent divinity.

Astrologer Maurice Fernandez wrote in one of his presentations about 2020, that “Saturn represents the karmic consequences of misaligned actions”. Well clearly the consequence of our civilization’s mass misalignment with the Truth of the Divine Mother/Divine Maya/Divine Feminine, and the misaligned actions that naturally follow suit, are epically and predictably high, resulting in environmental destruction, fragmentation, self-destruction, illness, or collapse. The good news, at least from the perspective of those interested in higher Truth, is that in the end this kind of Ignorance will be destroyed or dissolved by the Mother’s (Ma Durga’s) innate and indwelling Truth, her indwelling Divinity. Perhaps humans will soon learn that there is absolutely zero chance of thriving or succeeding on Earth as long as we continue the habit of distorting, disregarding and basically trashing the Truth of SHE who is the body of the Divine.

Before closing Part Six, I want to include mention of the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the June Solstice of 2020, when the Sun and Moon were both positioned at 0° Cancer conjunct the North Lunar Node19, followed two weeks later by a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 4th of July,20 when the Sun and Moon were positioned opposite each other at 13° Cancer and 13° Capricorn. This 4th of July marked America’s 244th Independence Day, celebrated a few days after the 1 July 2020 midpoint (4.5 Point/0° Libra) of our 2016-2025 ennead. In Part Five I discussed the correspondence between America’s 2020 Independence Day anniversary and 4° Sagittarius in the Zodiac (conjunct the 3°49′ Sagittarius position of the natal Sun of “the Fourth”). What needs to be added here is that the North-South Node axis of the Fourth (via Mean Node calculation) is 13° Cancer/Capricorn.21 So the Lunar Eclipse at the 4.5 Point of the year of 2020, and of the ennead of 2016-2025, happened to be perfectly aligned with the North and South Nodes of the Sagittarian “redeemer of the 4.5 Orbit” and “Master of Time”.

In mid-June, someone asked me what I thought about the significance of the timing of the June Solstice Solar Eclipse. Given that the June Solstice establishes the Cancer Cardinal Point of the Zodiac, I think the Solar Eclipse falling on the Earth’s solstice is a real symbol of Time’s precision, emphasizing the correct measure of the Zodiac, firmly based on the four Cardinal Points of the Earth’s Solar Year, and thus, firmly based on the Divine Maya/Measure of Mother Earth – HER geometry, HER relationship with the Sun, and HER cycles of life. In Sidereal-based astrology, as largely practiced in India under the erroneous name of “Vedic Astrology”, this Solar eclipse occurred a 6° Gemini via the Lahiri ayanamsha, some 24° off-axis or out of alignment with the Solar Year. The Sidereal position of the solstice eclipse varies depending which arbitrary, man-determined measure of the Sidereal Zodiac one follows. This variation is a conspicuous symbol of the fragmentation of the Mind of the Mental species which generates its wide array of disharmonious conclusions out of the 4.5 Void, because it has not yet realized the real and unifying Core-Truth of our material existence. The cosmological harmonies of the historically challenging year of 2020 could serve as a real wakeup call for those who have been out of alignment with the Earth’s Divine Maya.

One encouraging symbol that emerged while I was writing Part Six, was that Kamala Harris, born of an Indian mother, bearing the name of the Indian Goddess Kamala was chosen on 11 August 2020 to be Joe Biden’s running mate on the democratic presidential ticket for the USA's general election on the 9 power day of 3 November 2020 (which reduces to 3.2.4 or 2.3.4 as written in American fashion). Kamala means “She of the Lotus” and is an epitaph of the Earth-goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi is recognized as the power (the Divine Maya) by which Vishnu creates the material realm, and the Lotus is a symbol of Vishnu’s avatars. Both Vishnu and Lakshmi are associated with the Satkona (aka the SIX-pointed Star of David), and interestingly enough, Kamala’s natal chart contains a Satkona (i.e. a Grand Sextile). Her natal Saturn is positioned at 28° Aquarius, the same degree mentioned above as our specific location (from 1998-2070) in the Great Year of the Precession of the Equinoxes, and her North Node (along with her Ascendant) is located in Gemini, the sub-influence of 28° Aquarius in the Gnostic Circle. Her Sun sign is Libra, representing the specific decanate we are in within the Age of Aquarius; and her South Node is in the 9th sign of Sagittarius, corresponding to our position in the 9th Manifestation of the Maha Yuga cycle. Those who have studied Thea’s cosmology will recognize Kamala Harris’s Indian-American heritage as a symbol of the Indian-American (Capricorn-Cancer) axis. [See “Namaste Trump & Howdy Modi – a Cosmological Perspective”]. The Hindu magazine Swarajya was quick to publish an article conveying their political stance, entitled,  “Dear Indians, Kamala Harris Isn’t One Of Us; She Left That Identity Long Ago”. Politics aside, the symbol is the thing symbolized, and it will be interesting to see how Kamala’s role on the world stage develops. The expression “Lotus to Potus” has been used in the Times of India referring to Kamala Harris’s possible future of becoming President of the United States. As usual, Time will tell.
Sri Aurobindo’s Satkona Symbol with its central “Lotus of the Avatar”
Sri Aurobindo’s Satkona Symbol with its central “Lotus of the Avatar”
consisting of 9-6-3 petals on Seven Waves.

1 Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 84.  
2 These concepts are discussed in “How Einstein Revealed the Universe's Strange "Nonlocality" (Scientific American, 2015) by George Musser:
“The world we experience possesses all the qualities of locality. We have a strong sense of place and of the relations among places. We feel the pain of separation from those we love and the impotence of being too far away from something we want to affect. And yet multiple branches of physics now suggest that, at a deeper level, there may be no such thing as place and no such thing as distance…. For most of the 20th century, quantum entanglement—the peculiar synchronicity of particles—was the only type of nonlocality that rated any mention. It was the phenomenon that Albert Einstein called “spooky action at a distance.” But physicists gradually realized that other phenomena are suspiciously spooky, too.”
Elise Crull discussed “Entangled Time” in her 2019 Scientific American article “If You Thought Quantum Mechanics Was Weird, You Need to Check Out Entangled Time”.
3 The fuller quote is illuminating and fascinating in terms of the contraction and reversal of the 4.5 Point which I have been discussing at length in this series.
“In 1917, Sri Aurobindo was 45; the next nine years brought the reversal and the upward march in his age pattern, as well as the shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. During those nine years the former Age was brought to a close by a process of acute contraction and focusing of energy, as it were. The power of the Time-Spirit was drawn in and concentrated on the task of preparing a mass uplifting. In the years immediately prior to this experience of contraction the Earth experienced the dire First World War, which was itself part of the process of drawing in of energies, of elimination of the old, of undoing.... 
"It is immensely interesting to note in this light that twice during those years the Mother nearly succumbed to death, ‒ once in France and once in Japan. Then in 1917 the Russian Revolution took place; on 7 November, 1917, the Bolsheviks came into power, a day of 9 number-power, in a 9 number-power year, a year before the War was to end in November 1918.  
“After that horrific global experience, when three years had passed from the onset in 1917 of the last nine-year period of the Piscean Age, the Mother returned to India. In 1920 she settled in Pondicherry permanently. Six years later, in 1926, Sri Aurobindo was 54, the Piscean Age closed and the Age of Aquarius began; Sri Aurobindo's yoga entered a new stage and the Ashram was officially begun. These were the happenings, during the nine years of the Father's life between 45 and 54.” – Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 437 [Bold and underline emphasis added]
4 In her work, Thea established the connection between the fixed or “preservation” signs of the Zodiac (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) and Vishnu the Preserver, demonstrating that the coming of Vishnu’s Avatars are specific to the fixed-sign, preservation ages within the Great Year of the Precession of the Equinoxes. See: The Gnostic Circle and Secrets of the Earth.
5 The three energy flows of the Zodiac are creation, preservation (aka fixed) and destruction/dissolution (aka mutable). Thea recognized that these energy flows are equivalent to the three gunas: rajas (creation), sattva (preservation) and tamas (dissolution). Libra is a creation sign, equivalent to rajas; Aquarius is a preservation sign, equivalent to the guna of sattva; and Gemini is a mutable sign, equivalent to tamas.
6 See: “11 tech breakthroughs that led to today’s smartphones” by Jack Gold, Computerworld, Sept. 11, 2017.
7 See: “How a 1998 meeting with Steve Jobs gave birth to Wi-Fi” by Claus Hetting, August 19, 2018; Wi-Fi Alliance History; and “Wi-Fi” Wikipedia article.
8 In 1997, Steve Jobs returned to and restructured Apple, which was on the brink of bankruptcy at the time. In 1998, Jobs hired Tim Cook, who became Apple’s acting CEO in 2004, in Jobs’s cancer-related absence, and then became Apple’s official CEO in 2011.
9 Each degree of this cycle is equivalent to 864 years (360° x 864 = 311,040 years). According to Thea’s seeing of 234 BC as equivalent to the 6 Point of this macrocycle, as of 1926 we were 2160 + 90 = 2250 years into the sign of Sagittarius. 2250/864 = 2.5° Sagittarius. Respectively, 2020 is 2254 years (2160 + 94) years past 0° Sagittarius, equivalent to 2.61° Sagittarius (2254/864 = 2.61°).
10 Thea added the following to this paragraph: “(This was in answer to a sadhak's inquiry about the 'coincidence' of the August 15 Assumption of the Virgin Mary of the Catholics-a feast which Sri Aurobindo explained to be esoterically connected with the divinisation of matter―and his birthday.)”
11 The four Cardinal points of the Vedic Year/Tropical Zodiac.
12 Sri Aurobindo was born in the sign of the Leo, specifically at 22° Leo.
13 The date of 16 July 1945 is aligned with the mis-measure of the Cancer cardinal point of the Solar/Vedic Year as discussed in Part Five.
14 Some articles on COVID-19 and its effects on our experience of Time:
"What day of the week is it? COVID-19 and the illusion of time", 5 May 2002,
"When time falls apart: The public health implications of distorted time perception in the age of COVID-19", E. Alison Holman, Emma L. Grisham 12th June 2020
"Living on COVID Time", Stephen H. Dover, CFA
"Coronavirus: how the pandemic has changed our perception of time", Felix Ringel, The Conversation, May 28, 2020
"How the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Warping Our Sense of Time", Leslie Nemo, Discover Magazine, May 1, 2020
"There Are No Hours or Days in Coronatime: The days blend together, the months lurch ahead, and we have no idea what time it is. The virus has created its own clock", by Arielle Pardes, Wired, 8 May 2020
"Distorted passage of time during the COVID-19 lockdown", Science Daily.
"A Monday Is a Tuesday Is a Sunday as COVID-19 Disrupts Internal Clocks: A global natural experiment examines the time warp of life under quarantine", by Jackie Rocheleau, Scientific American, 27 May 2020
"How the pandemic will change our relationship to time forever", by Jess Joho, 8 May 2020,
15 This “one degree equals one year” progression was calculated on When I did this calculation by hand, it came to 26 January 2020. The by-hand calculation is as follows: The Fourth, who turns 57 in 2020, was born at 3°49′ Sagittarius which amounts to 243.813° in the 360° circle. 243° + 57° = 300° = 0° Aquarius. Given the additional .813° (49′) added on to the 243°, the movement into Aquarius precedes his 57th birthday by approximately ten months. 243.813 + 56.187 = 300° = 0° Aquarius. Using the “one day equals one year” calculation of progression, however, the date of the Fourth’s entrance into Aquarius was 10-11 February 2019. My colleague Robert E. Wilkinson calculated this progression as 30 January 2019. So there are a few different ways to calculate astrological Progressions, which can vary as much as one year.
16 In my natal chart, the Sun and Moon are respectively in the Saturn-ruled signs of Aquarius and Capricorn, and Saturn resides in the 9th house, ruled by Sagittarius. On 12 February 2020 I turned 51 – the 6/Saturn Point (0° Sagittarius) of my current ennead, spanning ages 45-54, which Thea associated with the 4.5 “Reversal” Point.
17 Various astrologers have written about the history of Pluto’s transits through Pluto. One of many commentaries is found at Cosmic Intelligence Agency: “Pluto Transiting Capricorn – The End of the World As We Know It”, by Michele Finey. Astrological commentaries on the Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunctions of 2020 include:
“The Saturn – Pluto Conjunction and the transits for the year 2020”,  by Maurice Fernandez
“2020 Triple Conjunction Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto” by Bill Hansen
“Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are all in Capricorn”  by Shirley Prisco
“The Astrology of 2020: Shedding the Past To Make Room For A Revolutionary New Age” by Juliana McCarthy
"The Powerful Astrological Cycles of 2020" by Maurice Fernandez
“The timeline of Saturn – Pluto conjunction of years 2019–2020–2021 and its karmic meaning” by Time Nomad
18 Kore is equivalent to Persephone, the Daughter of Zeus and Demeter who is, in Greek mythology, abducted by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. In the Supramental Cosmology this daughter principle is equivalent to Thea, the Daughter in the Father, Mother, Daughter sequence of Sri Aurobindo’s (Vishnu’s) Solar Line who, in turn, gave birth to the Son.
19 See the third chart in this Café Astrology link for a visual of the Sun/Moon/North Lunar Node Conjunction on 20-21 June 2020. The fourth chart on the same page shows the chart for the 4-5 July Lunar Eclipse. Note the position of Saturn, which retrograded across 0° Aquarius, back into Capricorn on 1 July 2020.
20 This lunar eclipse was on the 4th of July where I live in California (Pacific Time), and on the 5th of July, in UTC and in many other time zones.
21 The True Node calculation of the Fourth’s Lunar Nodes is 11° Cancer/Capricorn. This particular degree of the Cancer-Capricorn axis of the Zodiac is related to the 10°/11° Capricorn start of the New Year (1 January), as well as to the longitudinal line descending through the source of the Ganges river (Gaumukh, 79.08° E) and Pondicherry (79.8°), as demonstrated in the image below [from Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, p. 188]. For a visual of this line of longitude running through India, see Thea’s image from “The Ganges and the River of January” at Aeon In The New Way, Vols. 1&2 (pp. 358, 388, 391, 448), Thea wrote of the longitudinal line of Gaumukh and Pondicherry as being 12° Capricorn, yet when mapped out according to her own geo-cosmological map, this longitudinal axis corresponds to 10° Capricorn (the 7 Point of the Gnostic Circle) which extends to 11° 0' 00" Capricorn and no further. [Thea discussed the mouth of the Ganges river as corresponding to 90°/91° E Longitude (p. 360), which in turn corresponds to 29° Sagittarius and 0° Capricorn.]

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