Recovering the Ancient Light and Amrita of the Vedas - Part I

The sacred number 432,000 in relation to the Vesica Piscis, the Yugas, the Sun and the Rig Veda (from 'Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom' [2018] by Lori Tompkins)In February of 2016, eight months before Thea’s (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s) passing, I began receiving a download of information regarding the role the Vesica Piscis and its 432,000ʺ measure plays in the recovery of the Sanatana Dharma or Eternal and Universal Truth of India’s ancient seers. In that download the Vesica Piscis revealed itself to be the long-forgotten geometric basis of the measure of the Hindu Yugas (Ages) and soon after revealed itself as the long-forgotten geometric basis of the mythology of Vishnu’s Avatars. The 432,000ʺ measure of the arc of the Radius and Vesica Piscis within the circle is demonstrated to the right. This arc of the Radius and Vesica Piscis measures out precisely 120° or one-third of the 360° circle. As Thea discussed in The Gnostic Circle, 120° = 120° x 60′ x 60ʺ = 432,000ʺ  (seconds of degrees of arc). [1] 

Though Thea clearly laid out this math of the Circle and its connection to the measure of the Yugas to the radius of the Sun and to the measure of the Rig Veda, she did not connect these sacred measures to the form and measure of the Vesica Piscis. The download I began receiving in February of 2016 began with a dream-vision that presented the importance of seeing the Vesica Piscis as the geometric key of the interconnected 432,000-base measures that Thea had discussed in her writings. The radius of a circle can of course be of any length but it is of profound significance that the 432,000 measure of the Sun’s radius in miles is equivalent to the 432,000 measure of the Vesica Piscis in seconds of degrees of arc. This equivalence demonstrates ancient knowledge of the eternal triadic law of the Radius, Vesica Piscis and Circle, where in the eternal pair of the Radius and Vesica Piscis establishes the perfect division of the Circle (and hence of the Earth’s 360° Year) into three. When I first told Thea about what I was seeing about the Vesica Piscis, she responded:  
Lori, please write a full piece on this for the [Aeon Centre of Cosmology] website and relate it to the Core of the Chamber wherein the Vesica is central to its most profound revelations. You could quote [The Tenth Day of Victory] on this. Bring it all together. The Vesica is ancient and sacred. Show how with the descent of Supermind these ancient truths are ‘all made new’.  – Thea, 27 February 2016
The occult Vesica Piscis in the core of the Mother's Temple/Matrimandir(mis-constructed in Auroville) as seen by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea), This image is a synthesis of two images from 'The New Way Vols. 1&2', pp. 238, p. 241
A synthesis Thea's images from The
New Way, Vols. 1&2
pp. 238 & 241  
Forty years before this 2016 download began, in March of 1976 the Vesica Piscis had already revealed itself to Thea as an important key of Supramental Gnosis. She saw that this geometric form was the occult geometric basis of the central Globe and Pedestal positioned at the core or heart of the Mother’s (12-pillared) Temple, equivalent to the 12-month Vedic Year (Vedic Sacrifice/Yajna) of the ancient Rishis, now known throughout the world as the Tropical Zodiac or Solar Year. With this geometric key Thea was given a greatly expanded understanding of Sri Aurobindo’s Supramental Yoga and Descent as recorded in Thea’s books The Tenth Day of Victory, Volume Two, Book One and The New Way, Volumes 1&2. Knowing this I was compelled to explore and bring forward whatever else this ancient and sacred form wanted to illuminate. By September of 2016, what had begun in February as an article had grown into a 180-page book presenting what I had learned thus far about the Vesica Piscis as the geometric basis of the Indian Yugas (Ages) and the mythology of Vishnu’s Avatars who are well-known throughout Indian lore to be responsible for protecting and reestablishing Eternal and Universal Law or Truth (Sanatana Dharma) from Age to Age [Yuge Yuge] on Earth. These discoveries were important and mind-altering in their own right, but as I would soon come to learn, I had only just scratched the surface of seeing the role the Vesica Piscis played in Vishnu’s re-establishment of Ancient and Eternal Law in our current Age of Aquarius.

On 2 October 2016, seven days before Thea’s passing, while hiking along the snake-like curves of a dry river bed near my house, I was given the additional knowledge that the Seven Rivers of the Rig Veda are symbols of Seven Vesica Piscis which flow through the circle of the Zodiac. The power of this unexpected knowledge was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life. It was like a lightning bolt that instantly and irrevocably altered my entire consciousness. It incinerated certain veils that had been in place and instantly integrated, revealed and connected things in my individual field and in the global field that I had never understood or directly experienced as connected. I was born or released out of a certain sheath of ignorance that I had been living in my entire life, giving me a higher and clearer perspective and experience of my existence and raison d’etre. The moment I was given this occult key of the Rig Veda, it not only instantly began unveiling the veiled symbolism of the Vedic Rishis along with the veiled symbolism of other ancient mythologies, it also instantly unveiled and woke up a dormant core of my consciousness. 

I could see that Thea’s seeing of the Vesica Piscis as a key of the Mother’s Temple and of the Supramental Descent was not only vitally important in and of itself, but it was also a precursor of what the Vesica Piscis was meant to further unlock and unveil in our world. With this geometric key (a veritable Easter Egg hidden within the gnosis of Ancient Seers), one can begin to see through the occult symbolic language of Vedic Lore which is the womb of many myths and symbols across the world. In other words, the Vesica Piscis is a key of dismantling modern humanity’s ignorance of its own ancient symbols, myths, languages and lore. It is simultaneously a key of the harmony and unity consciousness that is to be established in the Aquarian Age.

It is an infinite marvel to me that the contraction of Thea’s passing served to bear forth the Vesica Piscis as a crucial key of recovering Vedic Gnosis in our world 90 years into the Age of Aquarius [2]. I am still a bit stunned to be the person this key was unveiled to, giving me the unexpected responsibility to bring it forward in the world. Along with the inherent wonder of seeing that my life’s very strange adventure was all secretly moving towards the recovery of a geometric key of ancient gnosis and with it the mathematical basis of mythology, also has come the inherent daunting challenge of introducing this ancient key of hidden sacred knowledge to a world of people whose entire field of consciousness is built up upon ignorance and distortion of the sacred knowledge of the ancients. 

I wrote Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom as the knowledge was descending. I wrote it giving as much context as I could so that the recovery of this ancient key and the circumstances of how it unfolded would be communicated and recorded for whoever in the present or future will be able to understand and utilize this Vedic key born forth through the collective supramental yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea. One never knows how many days one has left on planet Earth, so I did my best to lay it all out and let the proverbial cat out of the bag regardless of who would or would not follow along with this supramental plot. I like to think that I have many years left to better unpack and convey the importance of the recovery and release of the Vesica Piscis as a key of Ancient Gnosis the year and week of Thea’s passing, but if not, the book should give sincere students of supramental yoga and students of ancient wisdom, sacred geometry and sacred science all the information they need to begin to appreciate and utilize this key to unlock all that it is intended to unlock, illuminate all that it is intended to illuminate and harmonize all that it is intended to harmonize in our consciousness and in our world.

At present I must admit that I feel a bit overwhelmed by the responsibility given to me because I feel the immensity of all that needs to be unpacked regarding this particular key or seed of gnosis. I often remind myself to give up the silly idea that I am the Doer and trust that all is unfolding as it needs to despite all human foibles. I know that just as the seed of any life on Earth unfolds itself in Time according to its own preset indwelling plans, so will this compact seed of gnosis unpack its full nature and its full treasure in the course of Time. When I am surrendered to what has happened and to how the Supramental consciousness-force has already organized its own progressive victories in the world, and will continue to do so, I feel blissfully content and infinitely grateful for what was basically dropped into my lap, or rather into my head, the year and week of Thea’s passing and for all that it has already illuminated, even if some portion of what it has illuminated is what at present appears to be a veritable Mission Impossible of getting others to see, understand, appreciate and utilize this key. This knowledge has been lost for so long that most people have zero context to understand what I am presenting. The current reality is that few people are open to deconstructing and defragmenting their own partial understanding of the spiritual or religious symbols, mythologies, words and ideas that they have inherited or adopted from people who have long lost the golden thread of the Sacred or Divine Truth of the Ancient Seers. 

Thea worked hard for over four decades to reestablish the long-forgotten Zodiacal context or basis of the Rig Veda and of the Yugas, which most concerned with India’s ancient heritage and traditions continue to ignore. I am now given the even-further-out-on-the-same-limb task of reestablishing the Geometric basis of the Zodiac, Rig Veda and Yugas. I have attempted to accomplish this task in my book by demonstrating that the Vesica Piscis simultaneously functions as building block (i.e. foundation stone) of the Zodiac, of the Yugas and of the Rig Veda. As I have discussed in the first pages of my book (and in the image above), it is not a random coincidence that the measure of the Rig Veda – said to be 432,000 syllables – is equivalent to the 432,000ʺ measure of the arc of the Vesica Piscis within the Circle. In truth, the 432,000-syllable measure of the Rig Veda functions as the key to its contents. It is an absolutely brilliant method of hiding a decryption key, reflecting the gnosis of the macrocosm being equivalent to the microcosm. The macrocosm in this case is the full count of the number of syllables and the microcosm is the syllable itself, which from what I can see, is a veiled reference to the Vesica Piscis in the Rig Veda.
Upon what [imperishable] syllable of holy praise-song, as twere their highest heaven, the Gods repose them, Who knows not this, what will he do with praise-song? But they who know it well sit here assembled.  ‒ Rig Veda 1.164.39, tr. R.T.H. Griffith 
I follow her [the Cow] who hath four feet with devout observance. This by the Sacred Syllable have I measured: I purify in the central place of Order….  ‒ Rig Veda 10.13.3, excerpt, tr. R.T.H Griffith
In their commentary on Rig Veda 10.13.3, Stephanie W. Jamison and Joel P. Brereton wrote, “the poet seems to make explicit the equivalence of his particular ritual speech and Speech in general by claiming to make a single syllable the equivalent of Speech herself.” From what I have learned, the Vesica Piscis IS the imperishable (eternal) Sacred Syllable, equivalent not only to the Goddess of Speech (Vak) sometimes depicted as the (Holy) Cow, but also equivalent to the Holy Word, Holy Thought and to the Holy Hymn throughout the Vedas. SHE is also the Goddess of Wisdom (Saraswati). In the following verse, the Radius is depicted as the Sage Soma (a name of Agni), and as the mover of speech, and lord of Holy Law who is robed [clothed] with the words of hymns. Speech, words, hymns, holy law, as well as the seer’s prize, commandments and weapons are all herein veiled symbols of the Vesica Piscis.
[Soma] sends forth ([his] speech), the prizewinning seer seeking to win the prize, finding his commandments to be his weapons.” ‒ Rig Veda 9.35.4, tr. Jamison & Brereton [modified slightly, utilizing R.L. Kashyap’s translation of this verse]
With the words of hymns, we clothe Soma. He is the purifier and the mover of speech. … O lord of Dharma [lord of Holy Law], all the persons are supported, by your law of workings. (You are) the purifier and the lord of riches. – Rig Veda 9.35.5-6 excerpts, tr. R.L. Kashyap
It must become widely understood, especially throughout India, that the 432,000-syllable measure of the Rig Veda actually POINTS TO the Vesica Piscis as the geometric key of its symbolic language, and as the geometric key of the Kali Yuga as well. The measure of the Vedas and of the Yugas must both be seen in conjunction with the 432,000ʺ (120°) measure of Vesica Piscis within the 360° (3 x 120°) Circle or Year. Without understanding this geometric foundation stone, or sacred syllable of the Ancient Rishis their gnosis will remain largely sealed (and unusable) to the masses. Continuing upon this trajectory of misunderstanding, India’s spiritual light will remain veiled and open to all manner of misinterpretation, mismeasure and misappropriation. The reverse is of course equally true as well. With a restored understanding of this Holy Word, Thought or Sacred Syllable, India will be able to repossess and restore its Ancient Light and accelerate the process of purifying the distortion and dis-integration that has naturally ensued in the absence of this occult key. Who will have eyes to see the hidden truth contained in the Rishis’ words? This is a question the Rishis inherently posed all throughout their riddled hymns. Sri Aurobindo in various ways called for the restoration of the secret truth of Vedic symbols, in order to uplift India from the eclipse or darkening of its own Spiritual Light.
We Indians, born and bred in a country where Jñana [Knowledge] has been stored and accumulated since the race began, bear about in us the inherited gains of many thousands of years. ...But it is a dead knowledge, a burden under which we are bowed, a poison which is corroding us, rather than as it should be a staff to support our feet and a weapon in our hands; for this is the nature of all great things that when they are not used or are ill used, they turn upon the bearer and destroy him. – Sri Aurobindo, Bande Mataram, CWSA, Vol. 6, p. 81
Sri Aurobindo wrote this in 1905. Over a hundred years later this problem still applies to India, but it equally applies to the pervasive ignorance throughout the world whereby religious and spiritual symbols have lost their original core truth and thereby become corrosive (both on an individual and collective scale), void of true unifying, harmonizing and sustaining gnosis. Sri Aurobindo’s voice continues to ring out as a call to the soul to rise out of the thick shell of tamasic ignorance which darkens and sickens our being and our world, creating division and cacophony and preventing us from realizing our inherent capacity for harmony and unity consciousness.

The Aquarian Water Bearer with his Water Jar (Kumbha)
The importance of the recovery and release of the Vesica Piscis as a crucial occult key of ancient gnosis is lauded in thousands of ways throughout the Rig Veda, especially as the purifying release of the Seven Rivers which conquer the hardened ignorance of the world, equivalent to the apocalyptic release of the Seven Bowls or Vials of St. John’s Revelation. The quest to find, and the actual finding or recovery of this key is found not only in the Vedas and in St. John’s Revelation, but also in in many of our world’s mythologies including the Arthurian mythology of the quest for the immortalizing Holy Grail, the Greek mythology of the release of the fountain of wisdom by the winged-horse Pegasus, the Christian mythology of God or Jesus dispensing the Waters of Life, and the Zodiacal mythology of the Aquarian Water Bearer pouring out the waters of universal truth upon humanity from his Water-Jar. The Sanskrit name for the Water Jar and for the sign of Aquarius is one and the same: Kumbha. This Kumbha and the waters it contains are equally symbols of the Vesica Piscis and the release of these waters is equivalent to the release or revelation of the eternal form and measure (the eternal geometric law or Sanatana Dharma) that these sacred symbols actually symbolize. Below are two mirroring instances of ancient hymns lauding the release of God’s divine waters. The first is from the Old Testament Bible and the second is from the Rig Veda. Readers should keep in mind that the Rig Veda precedes the Old Testament by thousands of years.
[God] split the rocks in the wilderness and gave them water as abundant as the seas; he brought streams out of a rocky crag and made water flow down like rivers. ‒ Psalm 78.15-16 Old Testament, NIV 
[The God Indra] who knoweth well all human actions hath with his eager Friends let loose the waters. They with their songs cleft e'en the mountain open …. He smote away the floods' obstructer, Vrtra; [He] sentest forth the waters of the ocean …. When, Much-invoked! the water's rock [Indra] cleftest, Sarama showed herself and went before thee.  ‒  Rig Veda 4.16.6-8, tr. R.T.H. Griffith
In these verses, both the waters and the rock (or mountain) which encloses them are symbols of the Vesica Piscis.  The act of cleaving of the rock by God/Indra symbolizes of the way the radius splits the Vesica Piscis (aka the rock) in two halves. The importance of the finding and release and these rivers, floods or waters from their rock (cave or mountain) is abundant in the Rig Veda and is also mirrored in St. John’s Revelation, not only in the pouring out of the Seven Bowls or Seven Vials, but also in the discussion of the Lamb’s (aka the Hero-Son’s) victory.
For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; he will lead them to springs of living water. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes. ‒ Revelation 7:17, NIV 
He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” He said to me: “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life. ‒ Revelation 21:5-6, NIV
In the Rig Veda this Hero-Son of God is Agni, also known by hundreds if not thousands of other names, including the “ray of intuition”, and as the Son or Child of Waters or Floods. As I have discussed at length in my book, in geometric terms, this Son and many other masculine heroic figures or gods are symbols of the Radius of the Circle. The Radius simultaneously forms the Vesica Piscis and is born in it. The radius is the Skambha (upholding pillar) of the Vesica Piscis (Kumbha). 

One fascinating example of how this mythology spread far beyond India in ancient times is the Pueblo Native American mythology of a virgin mother who surprisingly gets pregnant by absorbing some clay from a water jar she is making, and subsequently gives birth to a water jar (kumbha) which behaves like a boy. In time, the Water Jar Boy accidentally breaks the water jar in which he is contained and he becomes a real boy who then sets out to find his father. He finds his father dwelling in a spring. In this story the Boy inside the Water Jar is a symbol of the Radius dwelling within the Vesica Piscis, just as the Divine Son of the Rig Veda is often depicted as the Hidden One, dwelling in secret within the waters, or as robed in waters. In the Pueblo mythology the boy finds his father secretly dwelling in the waters, just as he himself was secretly dwelling within the Water Jar.

In Rig Veda 9.96.19-20, this Divine Son or Hero is a “Hawk seated in the bowls”, and a Bull who “[flows] to the pitcher” and “[passes] into the beakers” [tr. RTH Griffith]. In Rig Veda 9.87 the Rishis sing “let our pious one rest in the pitcher”. I don’t know what kind of sense can be made of these verses without knowing that the ONE (the Divine Male Hero) who rests and flows within in the bowl, beaker, pitcher, etc. is the Radius who rests and flows within the Vesica Piscis and within the larger container of the Circle or cycle of the 360° Vedic Year. The following verses demonstrate similar veiled descriptions of the radius’s position in and movement within the Vesica Piscis (i.e. the “vessels that are full of fatness”).
Born in old time as finder-out of treasures, drained with the stone, decking himself in waters, Warding off curses, King of all existence.... Flow onward, Soma … enrobed in waters…. Settle in vessels that are full of fatness, as cheering and most gladdening drink for Indra. … Pour the rain of heaven, While thou with rivers roarest in the beaker. ‒ Rig Veda 9.096.10-14, excerpts, tr. R.T.H. Griffith 
The waters feed with praise the growing Babe, born nobly in the womb, the seat of Law. ‒ Rig Veda 1.65.2, excerpt, tr. R.T.H. Griffith
In addition to the symbols of the rivers, waters and vessels, the Vedic Rishis also depicted the sacred and eternal (immortal) form of the Vesica Piscis as the divine weapon and treasure of the Vedic Gods and Heroes, as the Sage’s Holy Word, the Priest’s Sacred Song, the Divine Inspiration or Thought of the Seer, the Goddess of Wisdom, the Daughter of God, the Dawn of Light, the Cow of Light, the Light of Heaven, the Womb, Mother and Robe of the Divine Hero-Son, the Bliss of the Gods, the Strength of the Gods, the Nectar of Immortally (Amrita), Soma Wine, and as the Cave, Hill, Mountain, Veil, Covering or Beast (Dragon) hiding the divine treasures (i.e. occult secrets) of the Gods and the Human Seers. The list goes on and on and on of how the ancient Vedic Seers and seers of other ancient civilizations celebrated and veiled their gnosis of the Vesica Piscis as an occult key of sacred wisdom. 

One way this key of gnosis is conveyed and preserved in Indian lore is via the tale of Vishnu turning into a woman (Mohini) in order to retrieve “the pot of Amrita (an elixir of immortality) from thieving asuras (demons), and [give] it back to the devas (gods), helping them retain their immortality.” [3] Vishnu as Mohini tricks the Demons and gives the immortalizing nectar only to the Gods. What she pours out of the Kumbha [pot] to the Demons is simply water conveying no special powers or wisdom; but to the Gods she pours out and delivers the Nectar of Immortality which is the long-awaited divine prize generated by the Churning of the Milky Ocean, said to take a millennium to produce. Given that this Amrita turns out to be a symbol of the eternal form, law and measure of the Vesica Piscis in the Rig Veda, I imagine that the time frame for its generation should be an entire Yuga ‒ 8,640 years, spanning the stretch of one Vesica Piscis through the 25,920-year Precession of the Equinoxes [4]. Certainly, this Amrita of the Vedic Rishis and Gods has been lost in our world for much longer than one millennium. I was not aware of this Mohini lore when I wrote my book, but it fits in perfectly with what I wrote therein regarding Vishnu’s recovery of the Vesica Piscis as a key of Eternal Truth (Sanatana Dharma) of the Rishis in our current Age of Aquarius. 

The extreme manner by which the Vedic Rishis simultaneously lauded and hid the role of the sacred geometry of the Vesica Piscis in riddle after riddle in the Rig Veda naturally begs the question why would ancient sages go to such elaborate means to hide or occult this geometric key of sacred gnosis for thousands of years and simultaneously celebrate its eventual recovery. It appears to be their way of preserving and transmitting of higher gnosis through whatever period of time it would take for humans to be developmentally mature enough to receive it, mature enough to begin to see the Oneness amidst the differentiation of material creation, of race, of language, of myth and of symbol.

I cannot and will not pretend to fully account for the reasoning of the ancient Seers, but what is fully apparent is that the Radius and Vesica Piscis are eternal and universal forms which function together as the basis of sacred geometry. They function as an eternally wedded pair. Together with the Circle, they establish the divine measure and hence the Divine Law [Sanatana Dharma] of the Ancients. They measure out and establish the set laws of the Vedic Year (aka the Zodiac); and they also form the triadic basis of our world’s 9-base (3x3) number system. It also appears that the Vesica Piscis was considered by the Rishis to be the building block of language and of music, given that the Vedic Seers referred to the Vesica Piscis as both as the Holy Word and the Holy Song (Hymn) of ancient sages, forefathers and priests. Many of the symbols of the Vesica Piscis mentioned above are listed and explained in Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom but what I have presented here, and in the book, truly feels like just the tip of the iceberg. Much remains to be illuminated regarding the Vesica Piscis’ role as the Seers’ Weapon of Truth, capable of conquering and dismantling modern humanity’s profound ignorance of its own words, numbers, symbols, languages, and myths which is intimately tied to our ignorance of our own ancient history. This ignorance inherently creates division and prevents us from functioning sustainably and harmoniously in our present, which of course threatens our future here on planet Earth. 

The current situation is such that people across the world have become unconsciously, irrationally and often violently attached to religious words, ideas, dogmas and superstitions that they have inherited from generations of people who had long-lost, or never had real access to, the original sense of their sacred ideology because it was intentionally veiled by the ancient seers. Our civilization’s core toxic narratives are founded upon the dual disasters of a collective fragmented state of consciousness and several millennia worth of compounded linguistic and symbolic misunderstandings of veiled sacred teachings. As unlikely as it may sound to many, the Vesica Piscis is a crucial key to healing from this world sickness. In the hymn below, the Vesica Piscis is simultaneously discussed as Amrita (the Nectar of Immortality), the Waters and the healing balm/medicine.
Amrit[a] is in the Waters, in the Waters there is healing balm. Be swift, ye Gods, to give them praise. Within the Waters ‒ Soma thus hath told me ‒ dwell all balms that heal,  and Agni, he who blesseth all. The Waters hold all medicines. O Waters, teem with medicine to keep my body safe from harm, So that I long may see the Sun. Whatever sin is found in me, whatever evil I have wrought. If I have lied or falsely sworn, Waters, remove it far from me. ‒ Rig Veda 1.23.19-22, tr. R.T.H. Griffith 
This immortal geometric key unlocks the unified sense of our world’s ancient symbols and thereby sheds much needed light on the thick crust of misunderstandings that plagues and perpetuates the divisive mental-egoic consciousness. In St. John’s Revelation, as well as in the Vedas, the pouring forth or revelation of the truth of this key is portrayed as an epically purifying event, cleansing (i.e. healing) the world of its darkness. It has definitely functioned as a purifying and clarifying Light of Truth in my own consciousness, it remains to be seen how the recovery of this purifying and clarifying Ancient Light of the Rishis will extend into the world’s consciousness. 

The core download of the Vesica Piscis’s revelations descended into my consciousness in the span of 9 months, from 7 February to 7 November 2016. It is notable that on 11 November 2016 the movie Arrival was released. My mother told me that I had to see this movie because she recognized it was connected to my work. In the movie, twelve extraterrestrial ships (each looking something like half an egg or half of a Vesica Piscis) appear on Earth and the female protagonist is tasked with deciphering the circular language of the aliens who inhabit the ships. It turns out that coming to understanding the alien language alters and transforms human consciousness, resulting in an expanded consciousness of Time. In India such an expanded consciousness or higher perception of the dimensions of Time is called Trikala Drishti, indicating an illumined three-fold vision of Kala or Time (Past, Present and Future). By the end of the movie, the protagonist proceeds to teach this consciousness-lifting language to the world. What I found most notable was that whereas the movie’s plot involved the language and symbols of a gnostic alien race, the symbolic language of Earth’s ancient Rishis actually functions this way. The ancient language of the Rishis must be understood in terms of the Circle (and in terms of cycles of Time), and coming to understand this circle-based language does expand and transform our limited human consciousness of Time and Space towards the Trikala Drishti of the ancient Rishis. 

Thea was really the first person in our modern age to recognize this transformative function of the Vedic system of gnosis, whereby the Vedic Sacrifice or Year (and the symbolic language they use to convey it) contains in itself a Supramental and Unified Consciousness of Time and Space. The recovery of the Vesica Piscis as a decryption key to this circle-based language and field of gnosis can only serve to help those who are drawn to learn to utilize the Rishis’ gnosis to uplift their own consciousness of Time and Space, which will in turn enable great advances in human consciousness. So the good news is that humans don’t have to wait for aliens to arrive and give us the keys to higher consciousness. Anyone who chooses to do so, can participate in the restoration and renewal of the eternal and universal consciousness of the ancient Rishis in our own day and age. Many keys of this restoration and uplifting of consciousness have already been reestablished via the Supramental Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea. Now it’s just a question of who will use these keys and what new treasures of consciousness will be brought forth which will further contribute to the transformation of life on Earth towards its higher or divine potentials.

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[1] There are 3,600 seconds of degrees of arc (3,600ʺ) in every degree of the 360° circle. 120° x 3,600ʺ = 432,000ʺ. 
[2] Thea posits the beginning of the Aquarian Age as 1926.
[3] Source: Wikipedia's article on Mohini.
[4] As Thea wrote and demonstrated in The Gnostic Circle, the Kali Yuga is equivalent to one-third (i.e. 120° or 432,000ʺ) of the 25,920-year Precession of the Equinoxes, which amounts to 8,640 years (4 Astrological Ages).