The Sacred Geometry of the Vimy Crop Circle (5 July 2020)

The sacred geometry of the Vimy Crop Circle (5 July 2020)- Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom

The Cover of Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom (2018)
On 7 September 2020 I came across the Vimy crop circle in Upper France, which was first reported on 5th July 2020 (the day of the Lunar Eclipse). Those who have been following my "Seeing In Understanding" series, will be able to appreciate that this crop circle was laid down conjunct the 4.5 Point of our current ennead. Upon seeing the crop circle, I immediately saw the four vesicae piscis contained in the inner circle and proceeded to overlay the sacred geometry of the five interwoven circles (one in the center) which form these four vesicae piscis, on top of the top-down view of the Vimy circle. Via this overlay, as shown above, the hidden structure of this design becomes crystal clear. This sacred geometry is featured on the cover of my book Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom (2018).

This geometry is THE BASIS of the division of the Zodiac/Vedic Year into 12 months or signs. The four outer circles and vesicae piscis are drawn via the four Cardinal Point radii of the inner circle. I recently constructed an animated GIF demonstrating this geometry of the Zodiac. 

A static and full version is shown below.
The Sacred Geometry of the Zodiac

In the Vimy crop circle, the inner circle corresponds to the inner circle of the Zodiac as shown above, and the outer edge of the second inner circle at Vimy corresponds to the measure of the Square, formed by the intersecting Cardinal-Point circles or semicircles. The outer circle of the Vimy design, encircles all four of the Cardinal Point circles.

Vishnu's Flower-Zodiac-The Gates of the Avatars
I first began to draw out this construction of the Zodiac in 2009, dubbing the four-petal design "Vishnu's Flower", because these four petals encompass Vishnu's four preservation signs of the Zodiac: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. I included one version of this "flower" in the article "Vishnu, Sri Aurobindo, and the Force of a Secret Unity".

Vishnu is known as "the Preserver" of the Hindu Trimurti (Triple Godhead) and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) recognized that Vishnu's Avatars are linked to the preservation or fixed signs of the Zodiac, and that Vishnu's Avatars manifest or descend in conjunction with the Preservation Ages of the 12-Age Precessional Cycle. Thea saw Sri Aurobindo as Vishnu's Avatar in our current Aquarian Age. [See The Gnostic Circle and Secrets of the Earth.] In 2016 I came to see that the zodiacal design of Vishnu's flower was actually equivalent to Vishnu's second avatar Kurma (the Turtle), wherein the circle forms the Turtle's shell, and the petals sticking out from the "shell" are the Turtle's legs and feet. This immediately illuminated the long-forgotten geometric sense of Vishnu's first avatar, Matsya (the Fish/Pisces).

The Vesica Piscis and Vishnu's Matsya and Kurma Avatars

I believe the geometry of the four petals (or turtle legs) emerging from the circle of the Zodiac is conveyed in Rig Veda 4.58.2-3 as "the four-horned Bull (Buffalo)". The Bull is one of Vishnu's epitaphs and is the first of Vishnu's preservation signs in the Zodiac (Taurus = Bull).

When I showed Robert E. Wilkinson the sacred geometry underlying the Vimy Crop Circle, he noted that the midpoints of the Preservation signs (15° Taurus, 15° Leo, 15° Scorpio and 15° Aquarius) which the four large petals point to, are known as "the Gates of the Avatars". He asked me what I made of this circle in conjunction with the geometry, and my 7 September 2020 thoughts were as follows:

"Well, it's the geometric basis of the division of the Zodiac into 12, based on the Cardinal Cross of the Earth's Solar Year (the four radii of the Earth's symbol). I made [the animated GIF above] on 24 July, trying to get across this geometry ... I hadn't seen the crop circle yet.

"[I]t's a symbol of the REAL [Solar] measure/axis/alignment of the Zodiac.

"I don't know what to make of it other than knowing it is a symbol of Vishnu (marking out his four fixed signs), and a symbol of the sacred geometry/Divine Maya of the Zodiac and Vishnu that I have been writing about since 2016. It is the basis of the cover of my book, and much of its content.

"I would love to communicate with WHOEVER/WHATEVER decided to lay this down on the 2020 Lunar Eclipse.

The Footed Cross (Cross Pattee/Pate)
"I just watched a documentary on WWI wherein the symbol of the German Air Force was the Cross-Pattée (the footed cross) ... which is found in the [Vimy] crop circle. Until seeing the Vimy crop circle I had never really seen the relationship between that cross and Vishnu's Flower/Four footed Turtle." 
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