The Obstruction of the Vedic Waters & the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio ⁓ Part Three ⁓ A 1926 Message in a Bottle

Image Source: Jennifer Bowker Nautical North Family Adventures, as found in the Washington Post (30 June 2021).

“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.”  
 C.G. Jung

[Link to Parts One or Two] While writing Part Two of this series, titled “Message in a Bottleneck”, a 45-year-old female diver recovered an actual, non-metaphorical message in a bottle from the bottom of the Cheboygan River [1] in Michigan on 18 June 2021, two days before the June Solstice whereupon the Sun entered into the water sign of Cancer. The unlikely recovery of this sunken message in a bottle, which was dated and launched in November of 1926, became a human-interest story that was picked up by major news outlets across the world. I came across this story in the Washington Post on 30 June, four days after publishing Part Two. I find the recovery and viral news of an actual message in a bottle from the waters in which it had been long submerged while I was writing “Message in a Bottleneck” to be a powerful synchronicity in and of itself, but the message’s timestamp of November 1926 makes this recovery truly remarkable in relation to the Supramental Yoga and the work of the Supramental Avatars.

The daughter of George Morrow – the man who created, signed, dated and sealed this message in a bottle – believes that her father, born on 15 November 1908, cast it into Lake Huron to celebrate his 18th birthday. If this reasonable assumption is true, this now-famous, recently recovered message in a bottle was specifically cast into the waters in the zodiacal month and fixed water sign of Scorpio in the 9-power year of 1926, by a man born in month of Scorpio in the 9-power year of 1908. At some point in the bottle’s 95-year journey of being “lost at sea” and then recovered, its cork seal deteriorated, causing the bottle to fill with water and sink to the bottom. Amazingly enough, the glass bottle was otherwise intact and its November 1926 message, although exposed to water, was well-preserved and legible. 

Readers who are already familiar with the history of Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s Supramental Yoga and with Thea’s (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s) Supramental Yoga and Cosmology should be able to recognize why the November 1926 timestamp of the Cheboygan message in a bottle is remarkable. As discussed in Part Two of this series, Thea saw and presented 1926 as the beginning of Vishnu’s preservation Age of Aquarius (=the Age of Kumbha) within the twelve-age cycle of the 25,920-year Precession of the Equinoxes (the Great Year). As discussed by Thea, it was in this pivotal year of 1926 that the ancient Lion-Man (i.e. Vishnu) of Giza – a symbol of the zodiacal axis of Leo and Aquarius – was fully excavated from its covering sands. The reason why the specific month of November is particularly special within the year of 1926 is that 24 November 1926 is known to Sri Aurobindo’s followers as his Siddhi Day. According to the Mother, Krishna (i.e. Vishnu) “consented to descend” into Sri Aurobindo’s body on that day, after which he carried out his yogic practice in seclusion, charging the Mother with the establishment, organization and management of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. The Mother discussed this important 24 November 1926 event as follows:

The Mother: [W]ith my very own eyes I saw Krishna, who had always been in rapport with Sri Aurobindo, consent to come down into his body. It was on November 24th, and it was the beginning of ‘Mother.’

Satprem: Yes, in fact I wanted to ask you what this realization of 1926 was. 

The Mother: It was this: Krishna consented to descend into Sri Aurobindo’s body – to be FIXED there; there is a great difference, you understand, between incarnating, being fixed in a body, and simply acting as an influence that comes and goes and moves about. The gods are always moving about, and it’s plain that we ourselves, in our inner beings, come and go and act in a hundred or a thousand places at once. There is a difference between just coming occasionally and accepting to be permanently tied to a body – between a permanent influence and a permanent presence. 

These things have to be experienced. 

Satprem: But in what sense did this realization mark a turning point in Sri  Aurobindo’s sadhana? 

The Mother: No, the phenomenon was important FOR THE CREATION; he himself was rather indifferent to it. But I did tell him about it. 

It was at that time that he decided to stop dealing with people and retire to his room.  

The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 2, 2 August 1961 [Bold emphasis added]

Two days later, according to Amal Kiran, the Mother indicated that “the divine principle of immortality had been brought down” and 26 November 1926 was henceforth celebrated by some of Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s students as “Immortality Day”. Amal Kiran’s account of that special day notably includes mention of the Mother pouring out water from a basin into glass bottles.

“[On 26 November 1926] the Mother stood before a basin of water and, holding her hands over it, appeared to pass into the water a spiritual consciousness and power descending into her. She declared that a most important and fundamental event had occurred but it was both very sacred and secret. She asked for some small glass bottles. When they were brought, she poured the occultly charged water into them and gave them to those who were there. According to her, the divine principle of Immortality had been brought down on that day.” – Amal Kiran (K.D. Sethna), Mother India, 21 February 1976

By Thea’s accounts (as found in The New Way, Vols. 1&2 and in The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol. 2.1), Sri Aurobindo was reborn 37 (36+1) years later, on Immortality Day (26 November) in 1963. 

“[It was Sri Aurobindo’s] re-birth that sealed the Realisation [of Immortality]. His return in the form of Agni incarnate, was the realisation of Immortality, in the full sense he himself attributes to the condition. And, in fact, he took birth on that very Immortality Day, 26 November―in the zodiacal month of 'the Horse', 'leader of the journey'.”  – Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, pp. 371-72

“[T]he birth of the Son who is the Father, took place on the very day that the Mother named, thirty-seven years prior to the event, 'Immortality Day'. It is said that on that day in 1926 she received the promise of Immortality.” – Ibid., p. 141

Hopefully the above information gives readers a sense of why the November 1926 timestamp of the recently recovered Cheboygan message in a bottle is notable in relation to the Supramental Yoga and in relation to I have been writing about since 2016 – the recovery and pouring out of Vishnu’s water vessel or kumbha and its immortal waters (or nectar of immortality) from the ocean of Ignorance in which it has been submerged for multiple Ages, throughout what Thea referred to as the 8th Manifestation of Scorpio and also throughout the water-sign Age of Pisces (234 BCE-1926 CE) in our 9th Manifestation [See Part Two]. As I have been discussing in this series, the sacred and immortal waters of this Vedic kumbha and simultaneously the waters of the Vedic rivers are obstructed, held back, stagnant or fixed in the fixed water sign of Scorpio – associated with death and (as seen by Thea) equivalent in the Rig Veda to the “Dead Egg” of Martanda, Aditi’s 8th son. In the veiled symbolic language of the Rig Veda, St. John’s Revelation and the Zodiac itself, we find the ancient prophecy and expectation of the release of this vessel and its immortal and heavenly waters (=rivers) in the sign of the Aquarian Water Bearer.

Rereading Kiran’s Immortality Day account now, in conjunction with the Mother’s account of Krishna’s (i.e. Vishnu’s) November 1926 consent to be "FIXED" in Sri Aurobindo’s body, and in conjunction with the subject matter I have been writing about since 2016, I wonder how aware the Mother was aware of the Vedic symbolism of her act of pouring out sacred (blessed/holy) waters from a basin. Did she understand her action, and the “[sacred and secret] fundamental event” of that day in relation to the pouring out of the sacred and immortal waters (the seven rivers) of the Vedas from their kumbha, or from the hold or cave of the forces of obstruction and ignorance? Did she understand the symbolism of her actions in relation to the mythology of Vishnu’s recovery and pouring out of his kumbha or pot of Amrita – the nectar of immortality. [2] Was she aware of the 1926 shift into Vishnu’s Age of Aquarius? Whereas I will likely not get any answer to these questions in this lifetime, the truth is that even if the Mother was somehow entirely unaware of the Vedic symbolism of her pouring out of blessed waters at the time, and unaware of Sri Aurobindo’s (Vishnu’s) avataric yoga of releasing the seven rivers/waters of the Vedas from the hold of Vritra (=Ignorance) in the Age of the Aquarian Water Bearer, and even if she was unaware of the equivalence between these seven rivers and the seven waves of his “Lotus of the Avatar”, nonetheless the symbolism and its profound significance remains. As Thea often wrote, “The symbol is the thing symbolised”. Symbols can either be seen and understood for what they are, or remain unseen, their true message and sense undeliverable to the unillumined or uninitiated mental consciousness.

Vishnu appearing as his avatars Dhanvantari and Mohini who recover the Kumbha of Amrita for the gods.Vishnu appearing as his avatars Dhanvantari & Mohini who recover the Kumbha of Amrita for the gods.

In Indian lore, which is based upon Vedic lore, Vishnu the Preserver is responsible for recovering this kumbha and its immortalizing nectar or soma-wine from the dark waters of the Ocean (Samudra) and from the demons (the Scorpionic forces of Ignorance) and delivering it to the gods so that they can retain their immortality. [See: “Recovering the Ancient Light and Amrita of the Vedas” - Parts One and Two]

As discussed by Thea in her writings, Kumbha (the water jar, pot, or vessel) is the Sanskrit name for Aquarius – the last of Vishnu’s four preservation or “fixed” signs in the Zodiac. Thea also discussed the fact that the sign of Aquarius – also known as “the Friend” (Mitra in Sanskrit) – is referred to as Vishnu’s “highest step” and as “the goal of his movement” in Rig Veda 1.154 (tr. Sri Aurobindo). In Rig Veda 5.3.3 the highest step of Vishnu is depicted as his “loftiest station”, by which he protects “the secret of the cows” (tr. RTH Griffith). As discussed by Sri Aurobindo in The Secret of the Veda, in the symbolic or encrypted language of the Vedas, the cows are equivalent to the rivers (=sisters, mothers, goddesses, etc.). So the “secret of the cows” that the Friend of Aquarius protects must also be seen and understood as entirely equivalent to the secret of the sacred and immortal Vedic rivers and waters and their container, cave, kumbha or vessel. This long-held secret, entrusted to an Aquarian (me) the week of Thea’s passing in 2016, is that the cows, rivers, sisters, mothers, and the various vessels of water, milk, honey soma/amrita, etc. of the Rig Veda are ALL varied and interchangeable symbols (along with many others) of the sacred, immortal geometry and law (the Divine Maya and Sanatana Dharma) of the vesica piscis which, together with its indwelling radius/immortal son [Agni] and the four cardinal points of the Earth’s Year, measures out the twelve-month Vedic Year [See animated illustration]. 

As Thea understood, the symbols of the Rig Veda and the twelve-month Vedic Yajna (Year) must be seen and understood in the context of the Earth’s twelve-month Tropical Year/Zodiac. Rig Veda 10.114.5 illustrates the connection between the kumbha, pot or vessel and the sacred geometry and measure of the Vedic Year. 

“[Agni] with fair wings though only One in nature, wise singers shape, with songs, in many figures. While they at sacrifices fix the metres, they measure out twelve chalices of Soma.” – Rig Veda 10.114.5, tr. RTH Griffith

It is fully obvious now that the chalice or vessel of Soma (aka Amrita) being discussed by the ancient Rishi here (elsewhere a water pot) is the vessel of the vesica piscis, twelve of which – drawn out and formed by the radius of the circle, aka Agni, the son, immortal One, golden ray, reed, etc. – measure out the twelve months of the Vedic Year/Sacrifice. In case it is not clear to readers, the twelve petals of the image of the Zodiac above are formed by twelve vesicae piscis, i.e. “twelve chalices of Soma” or Amrita, each of which marks out 120° (120° x 60′ x 60ʺ = 432,000ʺ) of the Zodiac/Vedic Year.

The zodiacal symbol of the Aquarian Water Bearer features a man pouring out waters from his kumbha. In my view this Aquarian Man is entirely equivalent to Vishnu the Preserver (in human/avataric form) pouring out and thus releasing his kumbha of sacred (blessed, holy, heavenly, immortal) waters – i.e. releasing their secret and their truth – upon humanity in the preservation sign and Age of Aquarius. By Thea’s accounts, Sri Aurobindo is Vishnu’s final avatar who conquers Vritra – the obstructer of the Vedic Waters – thereby releasing or pouring out these immortal waters (or rather the truth of what they symbolize) from their entrapment in the fixed water sign and cave of Scorpio, the sign of the Zodiac which is specifically associated with Death as opposed to Immortality. 

With all of this in mind, I find it truly remarkable that the Mother marked the descent of the “principle of Immortality” on 26 November 1926, two days after Vishnu’s descent into and fixed attachment to Sri Aurobindo’s body, by pouring out sacred (blessed) waters into several glass vessels or kumbhas. I find it remarkable that this happened in the first year of Vishnu’s Age of Aquarius/Kumbha – the Age of the Water Bearer who pours out his sacred waters to purify the world. Notably the Mother’s pouring out of sacred waters happened after the Sun’s passage through the fixed water sign of Scorpio, a few degrees/days into the dissolution sign of Sagittarius. 

As discussed in Part One, 0° Sagittarius is the point in the Zodiac (i.e. in the Vedic Yajna), wherein Agni is born forward from (and by) the seven rivers (=waters, sisters, mothers) which had concealed and nurtured him. He is born victorious as the self-purifying god Soma Pavamana – the Hero-Son, Immortal One, Sage, War Horse and leader of his seven floods [=rivers, streams, springs, etc.]. At Agni’s third birth, seat or third angle of the zodiacal Fire Trine, he – the Hidden One – conquers and is released from the hold of the fixed waters of Scorpio which up to that point served as his concealing womb (the dark womb). Upon this birth he swiftly travels to his goal in the Swar realm of the Zodiac. 

“[T]he radius (aka Horse, Son, Sage) of 0° Sagittarius specifically measures out the inner arc of the seventh vesica pisces (=the seventh river, vial or bowl) of the Zodiac, spanning from 0° Libra – the entrance into the seventh sign of the Zodiac – to 0° Aquarius (Kumbha), the place in the Zodiac wherein the heavenly or sacred waters of purifying wisdom are RELEASED from their containment by whatever name (kumbha, cave, bowl, vial, etc.) in order to purify to world of its Ignorance.” – “The Obstruction of the Vedic Waters & the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio ⁓ Part One”

“The rock of the Panis [demons] had to be shattered and the spring of the immortal waters released by this act [of shattering]. This was the task at the eighth stage in the twelve-month journey, the same that faces the children in Scorpio, for they must release the waters and liberate the flow of this precious vital force. After the heroic deed, the Centaur, bearing the children, victoriously sends a flaming arrow into the 'door' [at the entrance into the 9th sign of Sagittarius] that blocked the flow and rendered the waters stagnant.” – Thea, The Magical Carousel, p. 70

I very much appreciate the fact that it was a message in a glass bottle, submerged in the fixed water sign of Scorpio in November of 1926 and subsequently recovered precisely while I was writing “Message in a Bottleneck” about the obstruction of the Vedic waters in the fixed water sign of Scorpio, that drew my attention to the Mother’s act of pouring out her sacred (blessed/holy) waters on Immortality Day in November of 1926. Without the wide-spread news of the extremely unlikely recovery of a fully submerged November 1926 message in a bottle, I don’t know when, I would have come to see and understand the significance of the Mother’s action on Immortality Day as a profound symbol of our world’s entrance into Vishnu’s Age of the Aquarian Water Bearer in the 9th (Sagittarian) Manifestation of the Maha Yuga Cycle. [See my discussion and illustration of Thea’s Map of 12 Manifestations.] As always, I appreciate the play of events that continues to unveil what needs to be seen, understood and integrated regarding the apocalypse or unveiling/liberation of the Vedic rivers (cows, etc.) in our Age of Aquarius.

In his account of Immortality Day, Kiran did not report the exact number of glass bottles that the Mother requested on 26 November 1926. If it was seven – symbolically equivalent to the seven vials of Revelation, the seven flasks of Alchemical tradition, the seven rivers of the Vedas, and the seven waves of Sri Aurobindo’s Lotus of the Avatar symbol – that would suggest that the Mother was acutely aware of the Vedic significance of her actions. Alas, I can find no reference to the exact number of the Mother’s Immortality Day water vessels (kumbhas) and it is quite possible that no specific number was requested. Given the Mother’s intimate knowledge of and connection to Sri Aurobindo’s avataric yoga and the fact that she edited and helped publish Arya (1914-1921) which included Sri Aurobindo’s writings about the obstruction and release of the seven rivers – which he and the Vedic Rishis wrote of as the “the divine immortal waters”, the rivers, streams and waters of “the Vast Truth”, “clarity”, “knowledge”, “bliss”, “infinity”, and “light”; and as the waters of Heaven and Swar, “the luminous solar world, the world of immortality” [3] – it is at least reasonable to suspect that the Mother was well aware of the connection between the waters she poured out on Immortality Day and the immortal waters of the Vedas which are released from the obstructing forces of Ignorance by the immortal divine flame Agni – aka the “Son of the Waters” and “King of Immortality” –  and his companion heroes. It is not a subtle theme in the Vedas. It is the central goal and great victory of the Vedic Sacrifice and thus of the entire Rig Veda.

“[B]y the sacrifice the rain of the abundance of heaven is poured out for us and the sevenfold waters of the higher existence descend impetuously upon our earth because the coils of the obscuring Python, the all-enfolding and all-withholding Vritra, have been cloven asunder by the God-Mind’s flashing lightnings; in the sacrifice the Soma wine is distilled and uplifts us on the stream of its immortalising ecstasy to the highest heavens.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda, p 377

It is likewise reasonable to suspect that the Mother was well-aware of the Vedic significance of the seven waves of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol which she designed according to Thea. 

“[T]he Divine Waters in which the Lotus arises [are] its ‘field’ as it were. The waves are seven as designed by the Mother .” [4] – Thea, Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, Ch. 10, pp. 107-08

Sri Aurobindo's symbol and its indwelling "Lotus of the Avatar"

What I want to impress upon readers here, is that regardless of what the Mother was or was not aware of in November of 1926, her symbolic action of pouring out blessed waters from a basin on Immortality Day is a symbol of the victorious release of the fixed or obstructed waters of the Vedas. It is, equally and more specifically, a symbol of Sri Aurobindo’s Vedic mission and victory as Vishnu’s Aquarian Age Avatar, who Thea wrote of as “the fulfiller, the conqueror, the victorious Avatar of the Supermind, he who dispels the darkness, he who slays Vritra” [5] – and thus, by this action, releases the seven rivers (the Vedic waters of truth, clarity and bliss) and their hidden son (Guha) from their obstruction in the Age of Aquarius. I see and understand the Mother’s pouring out of waters from their “vials” on Immortality Day in 1926 as a seeding and foreshadowing of what was released 90 years later in 2016 about the long-hidden geometric and zodiacal truth of the Vedic rivers (aka waters). It is worth mentioning that the Mother was was 48 in 1926 (48 = 1/3rd of 144 and 1/9th of 432). As I have written, I was 48 when I completed and published Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, based on what was released into my consciousness in 2016.

“In the heart of the square [of Sri Aurobindo’s Symbol] the Avatar's Lotus rests upon the seven mighty waters.… The Lotus of the Avatar rests upon the seven waters because this is the sustaining power, the upholder of the avatars' mission. The seven waters are Varuna of Vedic tradition, the Rivers that are released upon the Earth for her purification and transformation. These waters carry in their cosmic currents the power of a new Time, and indeed the new Time was manifest in 1956 on a day of 7 number-power, 29.2.1956 (7) [6] .…

“In the occult waters of the Square the Lotus rests, carrying in its heart the secret flame of Agni, the Son of Force.

“Aquarius is one of the signs of the Sphinx and the periods of Vishnu, which are the only times when the Avatars can incarnate in their full form. For this period the symbol of that avataric descent is the Lotus….” ‒ Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, (section title “The Lotus of the Avatar and the Aquarian Age”), pp. 492-93 [Bold emphasis added]

Below are some of Sri Aurobindo’s writings from The Secret of the Veda on the divine Immortal Son (Agni) and his seven immortal mothers (rivers, sisters, etc.) which the Mother would have read and been familiar with as she assisted in the publication of this material circa 1914-1921.

“[Agni is] hymned as the child of the seven Mothers ... the Seven Beloved brought him into birth for the Lord ... secret in the mighty Waters. These Waters are the seven rivers of the luminous world [of Swar] that descend from heaven when Indra, the God-Mind, has slain the enveloping Python [Vritra the obstructor of the waters]; they [the seven rivers] descend full of the light and the heavenly abundance, instinct with the clarity and the sweetness, the sweet milk and the butter and the honey. Agni’s birth here from these fostering Cows, these Mothers of Plenty, is the greatest of his terrestrial births; fostered by them as the swift Mares of Life he grows at once to his divine greatness, fills all the planes with his vast and shining limbs and forms their kingdoms in the soul of man into the image of a divine Truth.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda, p. 391 [Bold and underline emphasis added]


'“[The Immortal world of] Swar became manifest when Agni was born. By Truth the divine immortal waters, unoppressed, with their honeyed floods, O Agni, like a horse breasting forward in its gallopings ran in an eternal flowing.” These [verses, from RV 4.3] in fact are meant to give the preliminary conditions for the great achievement of the Immortality. They are the symbols of the grand Mythus, the mythus of the Mystics in which they hid their supreme spiritual experience from the profane and, alas! effectively enough from their posterity [i.e. from uninitiated, impure or Ignorant people and their future generations who inherited the same ignorance]. That they were secret symbols, images meant to reveal the truth which they protected but only to the initiated, to the knower, to the seer, Vamadeva himself tells us in the most plain and emphatic language in the last verse [4.3.16] of this very hymn; “All these are secret words that I  have uttered to thee who knowest, O Agni, O Disposer, words of leading, words of seer-knowledge that express their meaning to the seer, — I have spoken them illumined in my words and my thinkings”; etā viśvā viduṣe tubhyaṃ vedho, nīthāni agne niņyā vacāṃsi; nivacanā kavaye kāvyāni, aśaṃsiṣaṃ matibhir vipra ukthaiḥ. Secret words that have kept indeed their secret ignored by the priest, the ritualist, the grammarian, the pandit, the historian, the mythologist, to whom they have been words of darkness or seals of confusion and not what they were to the supreme ancient forefathers and their illumined posterity, niņyā vacāṃsi nīthāni nivacanā kāvyāni.' – Ibid., pp. 209-10 [Bold and underline emphasis and bracketed text added]

In the same book, in a chapter entitled “The Seven Rivers”, Sri Aurobindo questioned and discussed the significance of the seven Vedic rivers at length.

What are these waters [the seven rivers] that flow to the goal of the gods’ movement, that establish for man the supreme good?... They are...the waters of the Vast Truth, ṛtam bṛhat and, as we have always seen that this Truth creates the Bliss, so here we find that these waters of the Truth, ṛtasya dhārāḥ, as they are plainly called in other hymns (e.g. V.12.2, “O perceiver of the Truth, perceive the Truth alone, cleave out many streams of the Truth”), establish for men the supreme good and the supreme good is the felicity, the bliss of the divine existence.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda, pp. 112-13 [Bold emphasis and bracketed text added]

This same chapter includes Sri Aurobindo’s translation of Rig Veda 3.1, wherein the seven rivers are referred to as “sisters”, “the seven Mighty Ones”, “the Mighty Ones of Heaven”, and “the eternal and ever young goddesses”. I have emphasized the many and varied references to the seven rivers in this hymn in bold below. [Note: The numbers at the end of the verses indicates the number of the verse as indicated by Sri Aurobindo.]

“[T]he gods discovered Agni visible in the Waters, in the working of the [seven] sisters. (3)

“The seven Mighty Ones increased him who utterly enjoys felicity, white in his birth, ruddy when he has grown. They moved and laboured about him, the Mares around the newborn child; the gods gave body to Agni in his birth. (4)

“…[W]earing light as a robe about all the life of the Waters he formed in himself glories vast and without any deficiency. (5)

“He moved everywhere about the Mighty Ones of Heaven, and they devoured not, neither were overcome, — they were not clothed, neither were they naked. Here the eternal and ever young goddesses from one womb held the one Child, they the Seven Words. (6)  

“Spread out were the masses of him in universal forms in the womb of the clarity, in the flowings of the sweetnesses; here the fostering Rivers stood nourishing …. (7)

“Borne by them, O child of Force, thou didst blaze out holding thy bright and rapturous embodiments; out flow the streams of the sweetness, the clarity, where the Bull of the abundance has grown by the Wisdom. (8)

“He discovered at his birth the source of the abundance of the Father and he loosed forth wide His streams and wide His rivers. By his helpful comrades and by the Mighty Ones of Heaven he found Him moving in the secret places of existence, yet himself was not lost in their secrecy.… (9)

“He bore the child of the Father and of him that begot him; one, he fed upon his many mothers in their increasing. In this pure Male both these powers in man (Earth and Heaven) have their common lord and lover; do thou guard them both. (10)

“Great in the unobstructed Vast he increased; yea, many Waters victoriously increased Agni. In the source of the Truth he lay down; there he made his home, Agni in the working of the undivided Sisters. (11)

“As the mover in things and as their sustainer he in the meeting of the Great Ones [7], seeking vision, straight in his lustres for the presser-out of the Soma wine, he who was the father of the Radiances, gave them now their higher birth, — the child of the Waters, the mighty and most strong Agni. (12)

“To the visible Birth of the waters and of the growths of Earth the goddess of Delight now gave birth in many forms, she of the utter felicity. The gods united in him by the mind and they set him to his working who was born full of strength and mighty for the labour. (13)

“Those vast shinings clove to Agni straight in his lustre and were like bright lightnings; from him increasing in the secret places of existence in his own seat within the shoreless Vast they milked out Immortality [8].” (14)  [All emphasis added]

Sri Aurobindo’s commentary of these verses followed:

“Whatever may be the meaning of this passage, — and it is absolutely clear that it has a mystic significance and is no mere sacrificial hymn of ritualistic barbarians, — the seven rivers, the waters, the seven sisters cannot here be the seven rivers of the Punjab. The waters in which the gods discovered the visible Agni cannot be terrestrial and material streams; this Agni who increases by knowledge and makes his home and rest in the source of the Truth, of whom Heaven and Earth are the wives and lovers, who is increased by the divine waters in the unobstructed Vast, his own seat, and dwelling in that shoreless infinity yields to the illumined gods the supreme Immortality, [9] cannot be the god of physical Fire. In this passage as in so many others the mystical, the spiritual, the psychological character of the burden of the Veda reveals itself not under the surface, not behind a veil of mere ritualism, but openly, insistently, — in a disguise indeed, but a disguise that is transparent, so that the secret truth of the Veda appears here, like the rivers of Vishwamitra’s hymn, “neither veiled nor naked”.

“We see that these Waters are the same as those of Vamadeva’s hymn, of Vasishtha’s, closely connected with the clarity and the honey, — ghṛtasya yonau sravathe madhūnām, ścotanti dhārā madhuno ghṛtasya; they lead to the Truth, they are themselves the source of the Truth, they flow in the unobstructed and shoreless Vast as well as here upon the earth. They are figured as fostering cows (dhenavaḥ), mares (aśvāḥ), they are called sapta vāņīḥ, the seven Words of the creative goddess Vak, — Speech, the expressive power of Aditi, of the supreme Prakriti who is spoken of as the Cow just as the Deva or Purusha is described in the Veda as Vrishabha or Vrishan, the Bull[10] They are therefore the seven strands of all being, the seven streams or currents or forms of movement of the one conscious existence.” – Ibid., pp. 115-17 [Bold emphasis added]

In 2016, in conjunction with Thea’s passing, the obstruction of the truth of these Vedic waters and of the Vedic Kumbha which contained their secret – their ancient message – was removed and “the truth which they protected” from the uninitiated for thousands of years was released and poured out into the Age of Aquarius/Kumbha. In my experience, the collective lives, yoga and teachings of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea – which Thea wrote of as collectively embodying and fulfilling the role and mission of Vishnu’s Aquarian Age Avatar – delivered this ancient “message in a bottle” (or “message in a kumbha”) from the dark waters of Ignorance in which it was submerged and entrapped. The message was a crucial key to the long-sealed symbols of the Rig Veda – a geometric and zodiacal key which is equivalent to the eternal, immortal and invincible law (Sanatana Dharma) and the Divine Maya or sacred measure of the Vedic sacrifice. It is “the weapon, the heavenly stone, svarya aśmā, by which [Indra] destroys the powers of darkness and wins the cows [=rivers]” [Ibid., p. 164].

Up until 2 October 2016 – the day the geometric secret, key and truth of the Vedic rivers and kumbha were released into my consciousness – I was entirely in the dark that the recovery of this submerged Vedic key and immortal vessel of Truth was underway. It was entirely an occult operation. My yogic path unfolded and was organized in such a way that I was simultaneously in the dark about what needed to be accomplished and yet fully prepared for the release of this ancient treasure, secret and key. Even Thea – a great Vedic Seer and Sage in her own right who made crucial progress toward the restoration of Vedic gnosis in India and the world – was kept entirely in the dark about the geometric key of the Vedic rivers and kumbha. [11] And yet, clearly, without all that she did discover and teach about (all the light she shed upon) the zodiacal context of the Vedas, the sacred geometry and eternal law (Sanatana Dharma) of the Vedic rivers and kumbha would not have been recovered from multiple ages of Ignorance. Thea’s progress in the restoration of Vedic gnosis was, in turn, born out of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s yoga and all of the light they shed on the secrets of the Vedas. 

Given that the lives and yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea spanned 144 years (1872-2016), I see the recovery of the vessel of the vesica piscis as the key to the Vedic rivers and kumbha (along with thousands of other Vedic symbols), as being born from a cycle and womb of 144 (4 x 36) years. See the Appendix of Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom (book) for an illustration of this cycle with pivotal years and events noted. In Thea’s supramental cosmology, 144 astrological ages constitutes a great 360° cycle of development spanning twelve 25,920-year Precessional cycles in which each 36 Ages (i.e. each 3 Precessional cycles) corresponds to one season or quadrant of the zodiacal/Vedic year. [12] Likewise 144 years can be seen and understood as a 360° cycle in which each 36 years is equivalent to one quadrant of the Zodiac. In The New Way, Vols. 1&2 (p. 339), Thea discussed the span of 144 years in relation to the Kumbha Mela festival, a festival which is a zodiacally-calculated celebration of Vishnu’s “spilling” or pouring out of the kumbha, pot or vessel of Amrita. In the Samudra Manthan mythology, Vishnu as Dhanvantari recovers this kumbha of Amrita from the dark ocean in which it had been sunk, and subsequently Vishnu, in the form of Mohini, recovers it from the forces (demons) of Ignorance. 

In my experience and view, this ancient mythology has played itself out and revealed its true sense in the dawn of our Age of Aquarius, via the avataric yoga of Sri Aurobindo and his helpers. Just as the mythological symbolism of the Rig Veda and of St. John’s Revelation, the Samudra Manthan myth is not simply a fanciful remnant of the Past, it has long contained in itself – like a sealed or submerged vessel that has carried its message through ages of ignorance – a prophecy of what was to be, and now has been recovered in the Age of Kumbha.  

It is in the context of this supramental play that the recovery of the November 1926 Cheboygan message in the bottle from the waters in which it was submerged in the zodiacal month and water sign of Scorpio can be seen and understood as a symbol of the Aquarian kumbha or vessel that, after aeons of being submerged in human ignorance has delivered or poured out its waters, its message, key and secret in our Age of Aquarius/Kumbha, unlocking the lost zodiacal sense and context of myriad ancient symbols and mythologies which have been largely misunderstood, distorted and misconstrued by priests, pundits and scholars for ages. The recovery of the Cheboygan message in a bottle can be seen and understood as a symbol of a great Supramental and Vedic victory over the Scorpionic forces of Ignorance and Inertia. This victory has organized and played itself out in stages over a large span of Time and Space, in harmony with the cyclical course, laws, journey and field of the field of the twelve-month, 360° Vedic Yajna. 

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[1] Given that the key of dismantling the obstruction of the Vedic Waters in the fixed water sign of Scorpio, which I am writing about in this series (and have been writing about since 2016), is the recovery of the geometric and zodiacal sense of the Vedic rivers [click this link for more details], it is notable that the November 1926 message in a bottle was specifically found submerged in a river. The river’s name is Cheboygan – a Native American word meaning “through passage”, because it is part of an inland waterway system connecting two of the Great Lakes: Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. In Part Two of this series, I discussed symbolic significance of the waterway of the Suez Canal connecting the Indian and Atlantic Ocean which was obstructed by one vessel for six days after the 2021 March Equinox. The waterway of the Cheboygan River, similar to the waterway of the Suez Canal, is aligned vertically on the Earth.

[2] In RV 6.17.11 (tr. RTH Griffith) Vishnu is depicted as pouring forth “three great vessels” to Indra, containing “the juice that cheers” (i.e. the Soma, Amrita, Honey-wine of the gods) – the “juice” that kills Vritra, thereby setting the Vedic Rivers/Cows free from their obstruction. These three vessels are equivalent to Vishnu’s three steps, strides or “wide-extended paces” which, as I have discussed elsewhere, are equivalent to three vesicae piscis that divide the circumference of the Zodiacal circle (=the Vedic Sacrifice), into three, 120° (120° x 60′ x 60ʺ =432,000ʺ) sections. The Vedic Rishis portrayed these three vesicae piscis in various ways: three jars, reservoirs, beakers, rivers, lakes, bonds, words, rivers, goddesses, sisters, etc. (as per RTH Griffith's translations)

[3] Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda, pp. 88-89, 103, 113, 119, 123, 168, 201-02, 210, 333, 383, 546, 548

[4] I do not know the specifics about the history of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol well enough to know whether or not Sri Aurobindo informed the Mother on the number of waves in the symbol, or if she as a great Seer, Sage and Yogi, simply saw and understood the Vedic significance of the SEVEN waves upon which the “Lotus of the Avatar” rests. My sense is that regardless of which of them determined the seven number count of the waves contained in Sri Aurobindo’s symbol, they both were well aware of the Vedic symbolism, sense and significance of these seven waves/waters.     

[5] Thea, Secrets of the Earth – Questions and Answers on the Line of Ten Avatars of the Vedic Tradition, p. 55.

[6] This is the date the Mother announced the Supramental Manifestation. See: The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 1, 29 February 1956. Seven is also the number power of my birth year (1969 = 1 + 9 + 6 + 9 = 25 = 2 + 5 = 7).

[7] The “meeting of the Great Ones” in this verse is equivalent to the meeting of the seven great floods, rivers, streams, etc., as depicted elsewhere in the Vedas. In RV 9.93.2 the meeting place of Agni and his streams is specified as the kalasha (equivalent to the kumbha) translated by RTH Griffith as “the beaker”. In RV 8.6.23, Agni as the Sage (i.e. the Sage of Sagittarius) is said to be manifest “by the meeting of the streams”, numbered throughout the Vedas as seven. In RV 2.5.2 this meeting of the seven rivers is depicted as the meeting of Agni and his the “seven reins” [tr. RTH Griffith]. In Griffith’s translation of RV 10.142.7 “the waters' reservoir” (i.e. the water vessel, pot or kumbha) is described as “the great abode of gathered streams”.

[8] The translation of “Immortality” in this verse comes from the Sanskrit word amritam or Amrita – the nectar of immortality. Griffith translated this verse as: “Like brilliant lightnings, mighty luminaries accompany the light-diffusing Agni, Waxen, as ’twere in secret, in his dwelling, while in the boundless stall they milk out Amṛta.”

[9] Equivalent to Vishnu’s recovery of the gods’ pot or kumbha of Amrita in the Samudra Manthan mythology.

[10] As I have discussed in Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, this Deva, Purusha and Bull is equivalent to Agni  the divine ray, radius and hero-son of the Vedic Year.

[11] Without seeing or understanding the geometric sense of the sacred rivers of the Vedas, Thea concluded that the 7 Point of the Vedic/Gnostic Circle (10° Capricorn) is the location of the victorious release of the seven rivers. Once I saw the geometric sense of these rivers/waters, I could see that the seven rivers are released at 0° Aquarius/Kumbha – the sign of the Water Bearer which is the only sign of the Zodiac/Vedic Year associated with the release of heavenly and sacred waters. See my "Clarifications" on this issue.

[12] See: The Gnostic Circle, pp. 24-27. 

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  1. AMAZING..!! However, there are far more significant connections after the Mother's manifestation of the Supramental on 29.2.1956
    Of ALL the dates, why THIS date only..?? A date that occurs once every four years..?? Because it functions like a Galactic Activation Portal.. and yes, the HIGHER vibrations of the planets lead us to other civilizations in other galaxies and so, the Zodiac is like a template to understand reality.
    But my sense is we have to start with the study of Mathematics itself with Time.. otherwise, mathematics becomes political socialism driving the madness of depopulating genuine human souls who are now waking up to the monstrosity of what has not been allowed to happen in Auroville.
    All THREE of them knew this and that is why we are BLESSED..!!


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