The Obstruction of the Vedic Waters & the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio ⁓ Part Eight ⁓ The Vesica Piscis as a Key of Sri Aurobindo’s Avataric Yoga

Matsya Avatar (Vishnu) and the Vesica Piscis and the sign of Pisces (the Fish)
Right: Vishnu’s first avatar Matsya (the Fish), with his Satkona (six-angle) symbol symbolizing the eternal geometric law of the radius which divides the circle into six, and four infants symbolizing the Vedas (Raja Ravi Varma Press).
Left: The Pisces (=Matsya) hieroglyph in relation to the Vesica Piscis and the Globe and Pedestal of the Matrimandir (the Mother’s Temple), replicated from images found in The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2 by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (pp. 236-41)

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AS PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED IN "The Obstruction of the Vedic Waters & the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio" series, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) recognized and saw Sri Aurobindo as Vishnu’s Aquarian Age Avatar (Kalki) within the 9th (Sagittarius) Manifestation of our current Maha Yuga cycle. She saw him as “the fulfiller, the conqueror, the victorious Avatar of the Supermind, he who dispels the darkness, he who slays Vritra” – i.e., he who slays the coverer or obstructor of the Vedic waters and thereby releases the Vedic waters. The first thing I want to emphasize in Part 8 of “The Obstruction of the Vedic Waters & the Fixed Sign of Scorpio” series is how the vesica piscis – which revealed itself as a key of understanding the Vedic waters and the Rig Veda itself the week of Thea’s passing in 2016 – first began to emerge, circa 1968-1970, as the core and key of the sacred geometry of the Mother’s Vedic Temple, as a key of Sri Aurobindo’s (i.e. Vishnu’s) avataric descent, rebirth and mission in our Age of Aquarius, and as a crucial key of Thea’s yoga. Thea wrote of the supramental manner via which this geometric key presented itself to her in The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol. 2.1 and discussed its presence at the core of the Mother’s Temple in The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2

“[O]ne experience…to this day remains unforgettable in all its details. Those details are well known to me because I played a central role in what transpired when this child was five or six years old [a two-year span covering 26 November 1968 through 26 November 1970]. Though I did not keep a regular journal then and therefore cannot establish the exact date of this remarkable dream-experience, I know its approximate time because of the contents of the dream itself: it had to have taken place after he began learning to write numbers.…

“Very early one morning [my son] burst into my room (not in dream but having awoken from the dream) exclaiming that a being had come into his room from the Sun. 

“The being then led him into my attached room where I was sleeping. Together he and the being drew a figure on the wall beside my bed. It was a number 8…

“It took almost a decade but when understanding came it was in the usual unmistakable manner that I had become accustomed to when dealing with the supramental Gnosis: precision, accuracy, elegance, irrefutability. The discovery of 21st March 1976 revealed beyond any doubt that it was not an 8 as I had assumed when my son and the solar being drew the figure. It was something far more meaningful. As I recall, the child did not tell me it was an 8, in so many words. What he drew according to his ability at the time was simply two circles, one above the other, which I must have concluded was an 8 because that was the way he wrote the number then, or perhaps it was what he himself assumed. Because of its clear metaphysical quality, another thought was that perhaps it was the symbol of infinity; however, the latter is usually drawn horizontally. This was clearly done vertically. What was placed on my wall, a clear message given to me, was actually a Vesica Piscis, one circle above the other, just as the child had drawn. It was this simple design that held the secret of who he was and who he came to be in this life. It was the magical geometric figure that subtly enveloped the Core of the Mother's chamber, meticulously designed by her, containing therein all the details of 'the future realisation', and with it all the pertinent details of Sri Aurobindo's rebirth.

“On 12 March 1978, when I intuited its role in the chamber, the vesica piscis cast a light on her revelation that carried it unmistakably into the solar world, the kingdom of the Sun, the realm of the truth-conscious Supermind. All else done in the sacred sciences up to that point paled into insignificance. For the first time this was a concrete, non-speculative example of the new Power in action – the Power I had sensed was lacking and had so ardently prayed for; and it had all been foreseen and foretold in the dream-experience given to the very one whose 'secret' it contained. The world has never known a similar miracle of revelation. Such is the glory we may anticipate for the new world, the new creation of this Supramental Manifestation.

The child had revealed who he was to me, giving me the formidable clue [the vesica piscis] that would unlock the door to Gnosis never before recorded on Earth…. 

Sri Aurobindo's return as the Fourth…was revealed through the vesica piscis on that memorable day [21 March 1976] in 1976....

"Another piece of the mosaic, verified by the Mother's inner chamber plan, was the solar origin of the Being who appeared to the child. That he was described as 'solar' brought aspects to the fore regarding the Knowledge contained in the vesica piscis that encased the Core of the chamber, and which held the key to the destinies of the third and the fourth members of Sri Aurobindo's line. Indeed, what the vision confirmed is what I called the Solar Line thereafter. This consisted of four members who fit the Formula of Sri Aurobindo's symbol. In each case it was by calculating the digits of the years of their births [9, 6, 3 and 1] [1] alone which provided the key to the supramental Gnosis….

"Sri Aurobindo's rebirth was the key element in the consolidation process; without the fourth power the Knowledge was flawed, there would be unhealthy gaps left, openings where forces of the Ignorance could find entry.” – Thea, The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol. 2.1, pp. 340-43, 345, and 355-56 [Bold emphasis and text in brackets added]


“The year of his return [1963] was inscribed in the measurements of the Pedestal: he had indeed returned as the fourth and final integer of the equation 9/6/3/0. To be complete, the Zero had to give forth the One; otherwise the entire process would be beyond our measurable world. Similar to the other members of the Formula, as the number-power 1, his own 'cosmic credentials' would therefore have to prove its accuracy, just as the 9/6/3 had done…. 

“1963 equals 1 by the mathematics of unity. Clearly as the fourth power after the 0, the number 1 would have to be prominent. This special date was not only a 1 power year, it was also formed of all the numbers of the Formula, 9, 6, 3 – plus his own 1.

“What remained to be verified was the actual day of 1963 chosen for the reappearance. Since both the Globe and the Pedestal stood upright and attached, the third and fourth would be present together as clearly indicated by the Mother in her magnificent display of the symbol being the thing symbolised. 

“In 1926 the Mother had named 26 November as Immortality Day, according to Ashram sources. It was also the date of the Indian Constitution in 1949. All the details of this unique cosmic design were fitting into place, and they had been revealed by the Mother herself in the plan she bequeathed to us all, but certainly of more relevance is that 26 November, apart from being Immortality Day, is also the exact midpoint between the Mother's passing (17 November) and Sri Aurobindo's (5 December). The Third and the Fourth were indeed present together and every detail of the return was known to me. It was the birth date of my own son.” – Ibid., pp. 330-31 


“[From 12 March 1976 forward] Knowledge began to descend in torrents; I could hardly keep pace with the flow.... Everything I had prayed for, aspired for was being fulfilled and in a way that only I could understand because of the preparation I had been given in Rome before joining the Mother, along with the keys of knowledge she left me before departing [in 1973]. 

“[9 days later, on 21 March] the most astonishing 'secret' her vision and plan contained was revealed. It proved to be the culmination ‒ or rather, the key to the future not only of Sri Aurobindo's mission but the future of planet Earth herself. It made sense of the prophecies found scattered throughout the world, cross-cultural, cosmic and terrestrial: the birth of the Male Child. 

“This was Sri Aurobindo himself in the form of the Son. This was the fourth missing or hidden power I had intuited was lacking. This was the secret laid bare of the transmutation of Transcendence to Immanence. Or, as he has described this power in Savitri, the 'masked Transcendent mounting his throne'. Such was the immensity of the unveiled 'secret'. It was Sri Aurobindo's own rebirth. – Ibid., pp. 318-20 

Thea documented and illustrated her 1976 discoveries about the Matrimandir and its veiled sacred core and “Hidden Son” in The New Way, Volumes 1 & 2 (1977). [2]

The Vesica Pisces, the Pisces hieroglyph, and the globe and pedestal of the Mother's Temple. (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2.
“In actual fact, the mystery of the Rebirth is revealed through knowledge of the exact measurement of the globe; with that and Sri Aurobindo's symbol it is possible to arrive at the correct proportions of the pedestal, and only with the proper pedestal measurements can one discover what transpired in his life between 1950 and 1963, the year of his withdrawal and the year of his return to Earth.

“From ancient times a particular geometric design has been known to contain magical properties. It is a form that has been especially used for the construction of sacred edifices in the past, such as the great Pyramid of Giza. [3] This design is called the vesica piscis, or the 'vessel of the fishes'. As the name implies it bears a relation to Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, – the birth sign of the Mother…. [T]he Mother used the knowledge it contains for the core of her Room….” 

[The vesica piscis and the real Pisces hieroglyph – 2nd from the top to the right] is the key to the core of the Mother's chamber-based in fact on the occult knowledge of her own birth sign. – Thea, The New Way, Vol. 2, Ch. 3, “The Vesica Piscis”, pp. 231-237, (images pp. 236-37) [Bold emphasis added]

Top-down view of the Matrimandir (based on Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's "Transcendent" view).In the top-down view of the Mother’s Temple – according to how the Mother originally saw, discussed and measured it in the 18-day span of 31 December 1969 - 17 January 1970) – the Globe and Pedestal sits in the center and core of Mother’s twelve-sided and twelve-pillared inner chamber and in the center and core of her twelve-petalled symbol. This position of the globe and pedestal is highlighted in orange to the right. Note, this image based upon what Thea called the “Transcendent” view of the Matrimandir. In the Mother’s 1969-70 vision of the temple, a vertical ray of light descends from the apex of the Inner Chamber and illuminates the translucent Globe seated on a white marble pedestal whose four sides are engraved with Sri Aurobindo’s satkona symbol. Notably the core of Sri Aurobindo’s symbols is the “Lotus of the Avatar” whose petals and leaves – numbering 9, 6 and 3 – rest on seven waves, symbolizing the seven rivers of the Vedas which are released by the Vedic Hero-Son. In this arrangement, the yogic sadhak ascends into the room via stairs from below and come upon the Light born in the midst of the darkness of the windowless and doorless chamber. 

In The New Way, Vols. 1&2, Thea discussed and presented how the Matrimandir’s central Light-Core would look as one stood directly in front of any one of its four sides (to the left below) and how the subtle vesica piscis informed its measurements.

The Vesica Piscis basis of the globe and pedestal of the Matrimandir (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2).
These illustrations are reproductions (made in Adobe Illustrator) of Thea’s original illustrations in The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2, pp. 236-38 & 241

A model of the Globe and Pedestal, as constructed by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet and as featured on the cover of The New Way, Vols. 1&2.
Thea recognized that Mother’s twelve-pillared temple,—as the Mother originally saw and measured it, not as built in Auroville—, was in its essence and substance a divine and supramental manifestation of the twelve-month Vedic sacrifice or Solar (aka Tropical) Year, which is the path and field which the Vedic heroes travel and by which they accomplish the task of recovering and releasing the Vedic rivers and the lost Sun or Light of Vedic Gnosis which is – in the spiritual sense – the Supramental Truth-Consciousness underlying and informing all aspects of our soul’s evolutionary journey. With the recovery of this Truth-Consciousness descends floods of clarifying knowledge that illuminate, integrate, harmonize and purify our entire field of Being and Becoming – Past Present and Future. The image above right is a model of the Globe and Pedestal, as constructed by Thea and as featured on the cover of The New Way, Vols. 1&2.

“The Bhrigus [=powers of the Sun] have found this Flame secret in the growths of the earthly existence, but the Angirases kindle it on the altar of sacrifice and maintain the sacrifice through the periods of the sacrificial year [=the Vedic Year/Yajna] symbolising the periods of the divine labour by which the Sun of Truth is recovered out of the darkness.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda, CWSA, Vol. 15, p. 242 [Text in brackets added]

Given the unillumined consciousness of the Mother’s students and helpers, her original temple measurements were not adhered to and its Vedic and supramental design, light, gnosis, and sacred geometry were (and still are) ignored and obstructed in Auroville (See: Chronicles of the Inner Chamber). Knowing this, one can better understand Auroville’s ongoing trials, tribulations and tragedies. The purity of the Mother’s vision was resisted by its architects from the first days of its inception. Thea’s many efforts to help Auroville, Pondicherry and the world at large to see the perfection and sacred significance of the Mother’s original design still largely fall on deaf ears.

In the next two sections, I will expand upon the significance of Thea’s writings about the vesica piscis in relation to the obstruction of the Vedic Waters in the 8th sign of the Zodiac and in relation to the 2016 emergence of the vesica piscis as a key of the Vedic rivers and as a key of the Vedas themselves. The first section expands upon the significance of the figure 8 (i.e. the veiled vesica piscis) drawn on Thea’s wall by “the Fourth”; and the second expands upon the significance of the fact that the eternal law (sanatana dharma) and divine measure of the vesica piscis lies at the heart of the Mother’s Temple, as she originally measured it, not as built in Auroville.

The Obstructive Veils of the Figure 8 and of the 8th Sign of the Zodiac

Thea’s original seeing of her son’s drawing of the “two circles, one above the other” as the number 8 can now be seen as an absolute perfection given that the waters (=the seven rivers/waves) of the Vedas and their Divine Son/Child – which I have discussed as symbols of the divine measure and eternal law of the Vedas and Vedic Year – are hidden, hoarded or veiled not only in the 8th sign of the Zodiac, but also in the figure of the number 8 itself. The divine measure and eternal law of the vesica piscis is withheld and unseen and, at the same time, subtly present in the two conjoined circles of the figure 8. It is entirely fitting that the real significance and symbol of her son’s drawing was veiled from Thea until she saw and understood the vesica piscis as a key of the sacred measure Mother’s Temple in 1976, unlocking the secret of Sri Aurobindo’s reincarnation. It naturally took the power and passage of TIME, some six or seven years after her son’s dream-vision circa 1968-70, for the two circles drawn on her wall to reveal that which they veiled.

The Figure 8 and the Vesica Piscis (animated gif), Lori Tompkins.
The underlying geometric basis of the figure 8 is two vertically aligned circles, one directly above and touching the other. These two circles give us the binary arrangement of two circles which share equal radii, but do not form the vesica piscis which holds in itself (in its womb/vessel) the shared radius of both circles. Thus, the divine measure and eternal law of the vesica piscis and its hidden radius,—which are respectively characterized as the divine daughter, mother, sister, cow, and river of the Rig Veda and Vedic Year) and her indwelling hero-son, ray, pillar (skambha) and hidden one (guha)—, remain entirely hidden in the figure 8. In other words, the figure 8 subtly contains in itself, but at the same time veils, hides or hoards the divine measure and eternal law of the Vedic waters (=rivers/floods), their reservoir or Kumbha, and their Divine Son from the viewer. This veil or obstruction of the figure 8 was loosened in 1976 with Thea’s seeing and understanding of her son’s 1968-1970 drawing, and further loosened in October of 2016 when I came to see and understand the eternal geometric law, measure and key of the Vedic rivers. I did not fully see and appreciate the connection between the Vedic mythology of the obstruction of the waters and the fixed water sign of Scorpio until I began writing this series in 2021 when it became apparent that the fixed waters of Scorpio – like the pent-up Vedic rivers – symbolize the long-standing ignorance of the eternal law (sanatana dharma) and divine measure of the Vedic Year, which as Thea recognized, is the Earth’s Solar/Tropical Year. This law/measure is established and eventually recovered by the divine Hero-Son Agni (the ray/radius of the circle) as the Sage and Horse (Soma Pavamana) in the 9th month or stage of his journey. Once that became fully apparent, so did the veiled significance of the figure 8. 

Once we see and understand the sacred form, eternal law and measure of the vesica piscis (=the water vessel/kumbha) that the fixed structure and knot of the 8 withholds from the viewer, we can better understand the significance of the 8th month of the Zodiac – the fixed water sign Scorpio – wherein the waters/rivers of the Vedas are obstructed, unknown and yet to be released or realized in our consciousness. And likewise, with this understanding, the act of the Son/the Fourth of the Solar Line drawing the mysterious figure 8 or veiled vesica piscis on Thea’s wall over half a century ago unveils even more of its profound significance, on top of what Thea already illuminated in her writings. 

This act and incident makes even more sense knowing that Sri Aurobindo was charged with the yogic and avataric mission or command (adesh) of recovering the eternal law (sanatana dharma) of the Vedas in 1908 at the age of 36 (a fractal of the 360° Vedic Year), while being IMPRISONED – literally put in a holding PEN – by the British Raj. Those who appreciate sacred numbers and their relation to the supramental yoga (or “descent”) should be able to appreciate the fact Sri Aurobindo – via his Solar Line – completed this avataric mission 108 (3 x 36 or 9 x 12) years later, in 2016, the year of Thea’s passing, fully recovering and releasing of the sanatana dharma and divine measure (maya) of the Vedic rivers (=cows=mothers), and of Vishnu’s Kumbha of Amrita, from their Vedic holding pen (goṣṭhá). I will further discuss and illustrate this mathematical precision and its significance in Part 9.  

The Sanatana Dharma and Divine Maya of the Vesica Piscis and of Vishnu's Avatars at the Heart of the Mother’s Temple

In this section I want to unpack and emphasize the significance of the fact that the vesica piscis,―the sanatana dharma, divine measure and geometric key of Matsya (Vishnu’s first avatar), the geometric key of deciphering the veiled symbol of the Vedic rivers, and simultaneously a crucial key of deciphering the entire Rig Veda―, is hidden and seated in the core and heart of the Mother’s Vedic Temple, which contains in itself the victory of Vishnu's last avatar Kalki. 

As I have written at length in Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom (book and blog), on 7 February 2016 – the form of the vesica piscis announced itself to me in a 4:32 a.m. dream-vision as a forgotten key of understanding not only of the sacred number 432,000 and the various ancient sacred measures connected to it, but also as a forgotten key of the sanatana dharma or eternal law of the ancient Seers or Rishis. The announcement came in the form of the following image, which emphasized the connection between the measure of the solar radius or ray (in miles) and the measure of the vesica piscis.

The sacred 432,000 measure of the Sun's radius and the Vesica Piscis, Lori Tompkins.

At that time I was already well aware the vesica piscis (and its radius) measure out the twelve-month Vedic sacrifice (aka the Zodiac) from the four Cardinal Points of the Earth’s year. [4] But until that dream-vision, it simply did not occur to me that the vesica piscis had any role to play in the recovery of Vedic wisdom or in the supramental yoga beyond what it had already revealed to Thea. Circa the Spring Equinox of 2016, I was shown (via a family of wild peacocks) that Vishnu’s first and second avatars Matsya (the Fish) and Kurma (the Turtle) are symbols of the eternal law and measure of the vesica piscis and of the Vedas/Vedic Year that Vishnu’s avataric lineage is tasked with recovering in the world. [5]

The Vesica Piscis as a key of Vishnu's Matsya and Kurma Avatars, Lori Tompkins.

Two-thirds of the year later, seven days before Thea’s passing, the eternal law and Vedic key of the vesica piscis slipped out of the grasp of Vritra (the Coverer/Obstructor of the Vedas) and released the long-lost zodiacal and geometric sense of the Vedic waters, aka the seven rivers (=cows, mothers, sisters, floods, etc.), along with the seven vials or bowls of St. John’s Revelation. Via this revelation, and the veritable flood of previously obstructed gnosis that flowed forth from it, the book of the Rig Veda, and all of the ancient mythologies and symbols that were spun off from or related to the Vedas, were opened and could be seen, read and understood in an entirely new way, based upon the eternal laws (sanatana dharma) of sacred geometry and of the Vedic (zodiacal) Year. 

In both The New Way and The Gnostic Circle, Thea had already discussed and recovered the lost zodiacal (and thus circular/cyclical) context of the sacred 432,000 measurements of the Rig Veda, the Kali Yuga, and the Sun’s radius. She recognized that the 432,000-measure of the Kali Yuga must be understood in terms of seconds of degrees of arc of the 360º circle, amounting to one-third of the 25,920-year Precession of the Equinoxes, also known as the Great Year consisting of 12 astrological ages.

120º = 120º x 60′ x 60″ = 432,000"  

120º or 432,000" of the Great Year is equivalent to precisely four astrological ages or 8640 (4 x 2160) years.

“It can be understood how [the 432,000 measure of the Kali Yuga] would be the key to the measure of Time since it is also the radius of the Sun. The Sun’s [432,000 mile] radius is the key of Truth in that it unites the outer circle of the disk (the Multiple) with the inner central core (the One). We could call this: ‘The Measure of Unity.’ It is precisely the Sun’s symbol, the point within the circle, that contains the Knowledge…showing the harmony between space and time and the evolutionary cycles of man on Earth which are determined by the unfolding and perfectioning of consciousness. The Rig-veda also appears to contain the same key to the measurement of Time based on the Sun of Truth because it is said to have 432,000 syllables." [6]  ‒ Thea, The Gnostic Circle, pp. 61-62 [Bold emphasis and text in brackets added] 

In the glossary of The New Way, Vols. 1&2, Thea defined the Kali Yuga as “the basic measure of Time (432,000), derived from the radius of the Sun, from which all the 12 Manifestations (consisting of three ages) are measured.” [7] Even though this definition connects the measure of the Sun’s radius to the 432,000 measure of the Kali Yuga (=“the basic measure of Time”), Thea never discussed the fact that together, as an eternal pair, the radius and vesica piscis measure out this “basic [432,000] measure of Time”. It is worth stating here that when I point out things that Thea did not see or discuss, the intention is not to diminish her seeing or her yoga. It is simply to give readers a clear picture of the progressive manner by which the vesica piscis came forward and released the Vedic waters and revealed itself as a long-hidden and crucial key of the long-misunderstood symbols and lore of the Rig Veda, thanks to the combined yoga of the Solar Line. The gnosis and keys that Thea received and brought forward from 1968-2016 entirely laid the foundation for what I have been able to see and what I have been charged with bringing forward from 2016 onward.

Thea discussed the sacred geometry of the vesica piscis and the sacred measurements of the Mother’s Temple at great length in The New Way, Vols. 1&2. Elsewhere in the same book she discussed the sacred 432,000 measure of the Sun, Kali Yuga and Rig Veda; but given that she did not see the connection between the sacred measure of 432,000 and the sacred form of the vesica piscis, she did not connect these two dots or two sacred threads in The New Way, or elsewhere in her writings. She did not see or discuss the subtle but real presence of the solar measure of 432,000 – which she wrote of as “the Measure of Unity”, “the basic measure of Time”, “the key to the measure of Time”, and as the key to seeing and knowing “the harmony between space and time and the evolutionary cycles of man on Earth” – as being firmly seated in the heart and core of the Mother’s Temple[8] The seed realization of the 7 February 2016 vesica piscis dream-vision, which birthed Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, was simply the fact that the 432,000 “Measure of Unity” of the solar radius is inseparable from the eternal law, measure and form of the vesica piscis, and that this fact is a key of recovering the sanatana dharma of the Vedic Seers. 

Knowing the above, we can see and appreciate the fact that the vesica piscis and its sacred 432,000 measure/law is found not only in the subtle geometry of the central core (globe and pedestal) of the Mother’s Temple, it is also found – twelve-fold – in the subtle geometry of its twelve-sided (dodecagonal) Inner Chamber whose radius, according to the Mother’s original design, is 12 meters (=24 meters in diameter).    

The twelve subtle vesicae piscis of the Mother’s twelve-sided Vedic Temple, based upon Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's Transcendent view of the Matrimandir (Lori Tompkins), 2022)
The twelve subtle vesicae piscis of the Mother’s twelve-sided Vedic Temple.

The most fundamental error of the Auroville Matrimandir, built in the Mother’s name but not according to her divine vision, gnosis and measure, was the misconstruction of its 24-meter diameter [9] and thus of its 12-meter radius. Those who constructed the temple were not in a position, or rather, not in the necessary consciousness to understand how the sacred geometry of the Mother’s (real) Temple harmonizes the measures of Time and Space, from the inside out, and they simply felt no compulsion or responsibility to build the temple precisely as the Mother saw and measured it at the age of 91 (approaching 92). 

“[The Matrimandir is] ready to come! As for me, I’ve known it for a long time. It’s there (gesture above), waiting.... [W]hat I always SEE [is a] hall with a ceiling high enough to allow sunlight to come in as a RAY, depending on the time of the day, and fall on that center which will be there.” – The Mother, 31 Dec 1969, The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 10

“For a long time I had been feeling something, then we spoke about it the other day, and I SAW … I told R. [Auroville’s architect] about it, I asked him to see Paolo, and I also told him that I had seen what should be done. Naturally, he didn’t say no, he said yes to everything, but I felt he wasn’t too keen.... [10] But here is what happened. I clearly saw – very, very distinctly saw, which means it was like that, and it still IS like that, it’s there (gesture showing an eternal plane) – the inside of that place [the Matrimandir].” – The Mother, 3 Jan 1970, The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 11 [Bold emphasis added]

After the Mother passed in 1973, Thea came to see and understand that the 15.20-meter and 24-meter diameter of the Mother’s temple design contained in itself the measure of not only the 24-hour day, but also the measure of the 365-day year (365 ÷ 24 = 15.20…). Naturally upon seeing this marvel of sacred architecture, connecting the measures of Time to the measures of Space, Thea shared the knowledge in hopes of convincing the builders of the Matrimandir to adhere to the Mother’s precise measurements and gnosis, to no avail. And sadly, to this day the Auroville Matrimandir is celebrated and revered as a jewel, as the soul of Auroville and as a great symbol and gift of the Mother, rather than being recognized and understood for what it is, which is a rejection and distortion of the Mother’s supramental vision and gnosis by the prevailing mental-egoic consciousness of the world. In 2003, in the opening preface of her Chronicles of the Inner Chamber series Thea wrote:

“[R]eaders of Matrimandir Action Committee communications who live in India or who have had contact with Indian culture are very much aware of the fact that, to quote the Mahamaya, ‘…If the measurement of the temple is in every way perfect, there is perfection in the universe as well.’ (XXII, 92.) It is unthinkable in India to establish a noble endeavour around a Symbol that is imperfect, flawed; or else distorted purposely or out of ignorance by impositions of the human ego. For these reasons all sacred art, sculpture and architecture were anonymously executed to lessen the prominence of the ego. In the place of honour there is, traditionally, the highest symbol of perfection, fashioned with meticulous care particularly in what concerns proportions and measurements. To stray from those ancient injunctions is unthinkable.

“Simply put, this perfect form then generates an atmosphere that UPLIFTS, or allows for an uplifting of the surrounding environment. The perfect form central to a town or any cherished endeavour in India is the MODEL TO EMULATE, to GROW INTO.

“In the Auroville Matrimandir we have just the contrary.” – Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, Preface/Part I

Anyone who is interested in educating themselves about the fateful mismeasuring of the Auroville Matrimandir as well as the brilliance of the Mother’s original temple vision and measurements can do so via reading the full Chronicles of the Inner Chamber and The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2. What I want to bring special attention to here is the distortion of the Matrimandir’s 12-meter radius. As I have discussed at length elsewhere in my writings, the radius of the twelve-month Vedic Year/Zodiac is known in the Rig Veda as Agni (aka Soma Pavamana). He is the divine ray, measurer, son and hero of the Vedic Sacrifice, also said to be the “[r]uler of sacrifices, guard of Law eternal, radiant One”.  [11]

“Him with fair wings though only One in nature, wise singers shape, with songs, in many figures. While they at sacrifices fix the metres, they measure out twelve chalices of Soma [=Agni].” – Rig Veda 10.114.5, tr. RTH Griffith

These twelve chalices, shown above in the “Transcendent” view of the Matrimandir, are the inner arcs or bowls of the twelve vesica piscis that are measured out by the radius – i.e. the radiant One of the Vedas who creates and establishes the eternal law (sanatana dharma) and harmonies of the twelve-month Vedic Year which is a microcosm of the whole body or field (kshetra) of Time and Space. [12]

The 12-meter radius of the Matrimandir is its own “Measure of Unity”, equivalent to the “Hidden One” and Divine Son (guha) of the Vedas. It is also equivalent to the 432,000-mile solar radius which connects the inner point or core of the circle to the circumference and lays out the 120º (=432,000ʺ) measure of the vesica piscis within the 360º circle, establishing the ancient basis and eternal law (sanatana dharma) of the 3-6-9 Trinity of our triadic 0-9 (3x3) number system and simultaneously establishing the Fire Trine of the Zodiac which is the eternal basis (however unrecognized) of the Divine Trinity found throughout our world’s religions and mythologies.

The Vesica Piscis and the 12-meter "Measure of Unity" of the Mother's Temple (Lori Tompkins, 2022).
The Vesica Piscis and the Divine Trinity of 369 (963), Lori Tompkins 2022.

The Vedic Circle of 9, with lines of the Enneagram.
The radius (l) – the pillar and Hidden One/Son of the circle (○) – is represented in our number system as the figure 1 that emerges out of the 0. Both the bindi (binding) point (•) of the circle (○) and the 0 point of the Vedic circle/cycle of 9 contain in themselves the seed the circle and all of its eternal geometries and mathematics. Sri Aurobindo wrote of the Zero as “an incalculable infinite” and Thea discussed it in terms of fullness rather than the emptiness that people usually associate with it. [13] When we understand this together with the roll that sacred geometry and the geometry of Time itself has played in recovering the sanatana dharma of the Rig Veda, Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth in 1963 reveals itself as an absolute and mind-boggling perfection. We can see that 1963 simultaneously contains in itself the 1 – the Vedic pillar (skambha), divine ray and the Hidden One/Son of the Circle, and the 9-6-3 Trinity that this Hidden One, and its companion vesica piscis, measure out in the Vedic Circle of 9. 

3 Vesica Piscis measuring out the 369 (963) Trinity, and Triangle of the Vedic Circle of 9. (Lori Tompkins)
The three vesicae piscis (Three “Fish”) measuring out the 369 Trinity of the Circle of 9. The radius that forms them is not shown (i.e. is hidden).

9 Vesicae Piscis measuring out the Circle of 9 (Lori Tompkins, 2022).
9 Vesicae Piscis measuring out the Circle of 9.

Such integral perfection-in-detail is the mark and modus operandi of the Supramental Manifestation. It is entirely foreign and threatening to the mental-egoic consciousness which defends its limited grasp, hold, and incomplete understanding of reality. As such, the vast majority of Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s own followers continue to reject Thea’s voluminous presentations of the integral perfection-in-detail of the Supramental Descent from 1974 onward. These followers have clung to the binary story of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s joint yoga, and have entirely rejected Thea’s revelations of the Triadic (9-6-3) supramental descent of Sri Aurobindo along with all of the gnosis that has been born and poured forth from this Triadic womb and its “Hidden One/Son”. 

Regarding the 12-meter radius of the Matrimandir, it must be recognized as a profound and integral “Measure of Unity” in its own right. It simultaneously establishes and harmonizes the key features of the temple – its twelve walls, its twelve pillars and the Mother’s 12-petal symbol, just as it establishes and harmonizes the key measures of our 360º cycles of Time, including the 12-month year, the 12-Age Great Year, the 120º (432,000ʺ) Kali Yuga and the 24-hour day, which in ancient times was recognized as a microcosm of the 12-month, 360º Year. 

In 2021 I was informed by a correspondent who has been studying the sacred geometry of the Mother’s Temple in great depth, [14] that the floor area (the dodecagon) of the Mother’s twelve-sided Inner Chamber, with the original radius of 12 meters, is precisely 432m2 or 432,000,000mm2. Thus, the Mother’s Vedic Temple, as she measured it, contains in its own floor plan, as well as in its seed-core, the 432,000 “measure of Unity” (the measure of the radius/vesica piscis, the measure of the Vedas, the measure of the Vedic rivers, the measure of Vishnu's Kumbha, the measure of Matsya (Vishnu's Fish avatar), the measure of the Kali Yuga, the measure of the Sun, and likewise the measure of the bowls/vials of St. John’s Revelation). Given that the builders of the Matrimandir did not adhere to the Mother’s 24-meter diameter (=12-meter radius) in its construction, the Auroville Matrimandir is void of this ancient “Measure of Unity” and is likewise void of its capacity to illuminate, integrate, harmonize and purify the fragmentation, disharmony, and ignorance of our world.

The 432m^2 floor area of the Mother's Temple, given a precise 12 meter radius. (Lori Tompkins)

From this image, we can see that each wedge of the 12-wedge dodecagon has an area of 36m2. If we multiply 36m2 x 12, the result is the total floor area of 432m2. One third of the area of this dodecagon is likewise 144m2.

In The New Way, Vols. 1&2 Thea discussed the measure of the descending solar ray of the Matrimandir in relation to the measure of the year, and thus in relation to the measure of Time. 

The measure of the descending solar ray of the Matrimandir in relation to the measure of Time, based on Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's discussions and images from The New Way, Vols. 1&2, (Lori Tompkins, 2022).

“The magical ray of the Supramental Sun not only records a year of 365 days but also a span of 365 years, on the basis of the equation one day for one year. With 1949/50 at the top of the pedestal, we follow the Ray upward in space and backward in time till we have moved 365 years through the geometry of the Ray's time and have arrived at the ceiling where the Shaft of Light enters the chamber. This then is the year 1584….

“1582 equals 7 in the Mathematics of Unity; but a zero starting-point can rightfully only be a year totalling 9. Hence at the next 9 power year after [Pope Gregory modified the Julian calendar and adopted the one now in universal use in 1582], the measuring of the Ray in years begins: 1584….

“The visible Ray of Light ends at the pedestal with 365 days/years, hence in the pedestal 13 days/years are contained. The top is 1949/50; when we add 7 to this year the result is 1956/57; then 6 more are added and we reach 1962/63. The first date is the withdrawal, the next is the Supramental Manifestation year; the last is the year of [Sri Aurobindo’s] Return.” – Thea, The New Way, Vol. 2, Ch. 3, “The Vesica Piscis”, pp. 242 & 266

In the same chapter, Thea noted that the 365 + 13 years (=378 years) contained in the ray and pedestal corresponds to the synodic year of Saturn (378 years). She also discussed the significance of the 432-year (minus 5 months) span between Leonardo DiVinci’s (May 1519) passing and Sri Aurobindo’s passing (Dec 1950).

“1584 [falls] 65 years after Leonardo's passing (2 May, 1519). These 65 added to 365/66 (or 1584 to 1949/50) make a total of 431 years and 7 months; 5 months short of 432 which, it will be remembered, are the numbers of the radius of the Sun. The total of Leonardo's passing date equals 5; it occurred in the 5th month of the year. Sri Aurobindo was born in the 5th sign Leo, on a date that totals 5. It would appear that where one left off the work, the other took it up.” (p. 242)

What is now necessary to add to this discussion is that if we add 432 to 1584 (the top of the solar ray) – yet another multiple of 144 – we arrive at 2016. [15] In one image from The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2, Thea illustrated the year of 2016 positioned at the bottom of the globe and pedestal while discussing a 27-year cycle (1989-2016). In conjunction with that illustration she wrote:

“[Finally we reach] the bottom of the pedestal in 2016; —at which time the Third is likely to withdraw from the Work.” – Ibid., p. 254

So, amazingly enough, by adding the 432 (144 x 3) base of the 432,000 solar-radius (aka the “Measure of Unity”) to 1584, we arrive at 2016 – the year of Thea’s (the Third’s) passing and withdrawal from the work, and the year the 432,000 measure and form of the vesica piscis released the sacred waters (rivers) of the Vedas and opened the sealed symbols and book of the Rig Veda in an entirely new way.

The sacred number of 432 and the measure of Time in the Matrimandir (Lori Tompkins, 2022).

In this illustration of the 432-year measure of the height of the solar ray plus the pedestal of the Mother’s Temple, which is not found in Thea’s discussion or illustrations of the temple’s “Geometry of Time”, I included the 60 cm width of the Mother’s Solar Ray, because it is yet another important component of the temple’s integration and harmonization of the measures of Time and Space. Sixty is of course the number of seconds in a minute and the number of minutes in each hour of the day. Likewise, it is the basis of the ancient sexagesimal measure of the 360° year. [16] If we multiply the solar numbers of 432 by 60, we arrive at the 25,920-year measure of the twelve-age Great Year. There is also an interesting mathematical harmony between the 366-day leap year of 1584 and the sacred number of 432 given that 1584 ÷ 432 = 3.66 (repeating).

Without the proper radius and the proper vesica-piscis-based measure of the Globe and Pedestal, the exquisite harmonies of the Mother’s Vedic Temple simply vanish into thin air. The divine ray (radius), law and measure of the Mother’s Temple and its capacity to uplift, unify and harmonize humanity and its experience in Time and Space, is nonexistent in the Auroville Matrimandir. At some point India and the world at large must recognize the prevailing Ignorance that is enshrined in the Auroville temple, and celebrate the perfection and power of the Mother’s original temple measurements. Likewise, Auroville must come to terms with the fact that there is no hope of realizing its lofty mission and potential if the center/soul of the city continues to essentially be an unacknowledged degradation, shadow, and obstruction of the Mother’s cosmic and supramental vision. There should be no sentimentality amongst sincere yogis or seekers of Truth when it comes to exposing and acknowledging the ways the Auroville Matrimandir does not house and express the Supramental and Vedic Gnosis of the Mother, the eternal law of Vishnu’s avatars, and the cosmic harmonies of our existence in Time and Space. Equally, there should be no difficulty in celebrating the gnosis and the harmonies the Mother did transmit via her temple vision, as seen, understood and brought into view by Thea, the third member of Sri Aurobindo’s Solar Line.  

In her own way, through her well-documented yogic revelations, Thea conquered the obstructive Scorpionic forces in Auroville and Pondicherry. She fully exposed the divine measure, truth and light of the Mother’s Temple that these forces essentially rejected. Furthermore, her particular role and place in Sri Aurobindo’s avataric yoga and lineage did serve to release the long-obstructed Vedic waters (the fixed-waters of Scorpio) the year and week of her passing in 2016. In a 1989 article for The Vishaal Newsletter, Thea wrote:

“[The transmutation of Scorpio from Scorpion to Eagle] had its counterpart in the Temple episode: the poisoning energy which had to be released and transmuted is the very energy that lodged itself at the heart of the Mother’s township, preventing a successful fulfillment of its destiny. Thus this ‘Scorpion’ had to have its ‘stinger cut’. In another interesting parallel, the two persons largely responsible for the obstruction and blockage in the right construction of the Mother’s Chamber were born under Aries and Scorpio.” – “Scorpio, Transmuted?”, Thea, The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 4.1, April 1989 

In the 6th and 9th updates of Chronicles of the Inner Chamber Thea wrote of the 26 December 2004 Sumatra Earthquake as a symbol of her (and thus the Mother’s and Sri Aurobindo’s) victory over the Scorpionic force of Inertia that lodged itself in the Auroville Matrimandir. Notably this earthquake caused the bulk of its destruction via its corresponding Tsunami floods, i.e. via a massive release or movement of waters.

“And so it has come to pass. The power of Inertia that was able to usurp the physical space only because the measurements [of the Matrimandir] had been changed received a fatal blow. It could almost be seen plunging in a rage into the nearby ocean depths because of this failure to impose its stamp of Death on the Mother’s work, its failure to hold the Earth in its coil of mortality forever after. 

“By the spring of 2004 the ‘stinger’ was cut, the power-source of Inertia was eliminated; it was rendered out of bounds to the Usurpers. Thus the ‘purpose’ of the former city and temple has been completed victoriously, dark though it was. But can we really call it a dark purpose? Surely we cannot, in the light of a total vision of the work we are engaged in.”

A Compressed Overview of the Emergence of the Vesica Piscis as a Key of Sri Aurobindo's Avataric Yoga 

With the above in mind, we better can see and appreciate how, circa 1968-1970, the vesica piscis began to emerge from the cave or the dark waters of our collective Scorpionic Ignorance as a key of Sri Aurobindo’s/Vishnu’s supramental and avataric task of pouring the eternal law, truth, and 432,000″ measure of the Vedic rivers from their Aquarian Kumbha in our Aquarian Age within the 9th (Sagittarius) Manifestation of the Maha Yuga, thereby restoring the sanatana dharma and divine maya (measure) of the Rig Veda and of the Vedic Year in the world. As I demonstrated in the Appendix of Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, 1968 marked the 6 Point (0° Sagittarius) and the entrance into the last third (the last 432,000″) of the 144-year cycle beginning and ending with the year of Sri Aurobindo’s birth (1878) and the year of Thea’s passing (2016). 

The importance of the passage across the 6 Point (0° Sagittarius) of this 144-year avataric cycle in 1968 in conjunction with the Sagittarian Son’s (i.e. Sri Aurobindo’s) act of presenting the veiled key of the vesica piscis to his mother circa 1968-70 needs to be further unpacked and re-emphasized here. 

The 6 Point of the Vedic/Solar Year completes the passage through the fixed water sign of Scorpio and marks the entrance into the 9th sign of Sagittarius – the seat of Agni as the Sage-Hero-Horse-Son of the Vedas (and Son of the Waters) who assists Indra in the release of the obstructed waters. One of the names given to describe the waters (=rivers) that are released by this Sage-Hero-Horse-Son (=Child Conqueror) of the Vedas is “the Stallion's flood” (ášvasya dhā́rāḥ).

“Send down for us the rain of heaven, ye Maruts [=storm gods], and let the Stallion's flood descend in torrents. Come hither with this thunder while thou pourest the waters down, our heavenly Lord and Father.” – RV 5.58.6, tr. RTH Griffith [Bold emphasis added]

Not long after the 1968 passage into Sagittarius and in conjunction with the Sagittarian Son’s act of presenting the veiled key of the vesica piscis to Thea, the Mother embedded the eternal key and law of the vesica piscis in the core of her Vedic Temple in the first weeks of 1970. In 1976, Thea recognized that the veiled geometric key her son had given her was the central heart or light-core of the Mother’s Temple which in turn catalyzed her seeing of Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth as “the Son” in 1963. Thus, it can be appreciated that in 1976 the vesica piscis functioned as a key that unlocked the full significance of the Mother’s Vedic Temple for Thea, dramatically widening the doors of her yogic and avataric perceptions and responsibilities. And forty years later, in 2016, the year and week of Thea’s passing, the vesica piscis revealed itself to me – an Aquarian "Water Bearer" conceived in 1968 and born in 1969 – in order to complete the Vedic victory of recovering and releasing the Vedic rivers (“the Stallion’s Flood”) and thereby pouring out Vishnu’s Kumbha or Water Jar upon the world, restoring the long-forgotten geometric sense of the Rig Veda. This revelation was, as I have discussed in Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, entirely built upon what Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea had already collectively and progressively recovered and revealed about the cryptic and long misunderstood symbols of the Vedas, including Thea’s revelations about the zodiacal sense of the twelve-month Vedic Yajna (aka sacrifice) and of the Vedas. 

The revelation of the vesica piscis’s role in recovering the sanatana dharma and releasing the seven rivers of the Vedas gestated in my being, entirely unbeknownst to me, for 48 years (one-third or 432,000ʺ of the 144-year cycle from 1872-2016) [17] before it came forward the week and year of Thea’s passing. This revelation occurred to me as a birth out of a womb of Ignorance, dramatically widening the doors of my own yogic perceptions and responsibilities and, more importantly, conquering the long-standing obstruction of the Vedic waters proper to the fixed water sign of Scorpio. A brief account of how I was prepared to receive the Vedic key and sanatana dharma of the vesica piscis is found in Part One, Chapter 6 (“Remembering the Plot”) of Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom

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[1] The birth years of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea, and the Fourth/Son of the Solar Line are respectively 1872 = 9, 1878 = 6, 1938 = 3, and 1963 = 1, calculated via the process of “Theosophical addition, aka “Casting out nines”.

[2] The New Way, Vols. 1&2 was written in 1977, but its publication was delayed by obstructive forces until 1981. See also: The Hidden Manna (1976), regarding Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth in relation to St. John’s Revelation which Thea understood as a prophecy of the Age of Aquarius and its supramental avatar (aka Vishnu’s Kalki avatar).

[3] To my knowledge, Thea did not elaborate on or illustrate this statement anywhere in her writings. Although she gave no reference for it, her knowledge of the connection between the sacred geometry of the vesica piscis and the Great Pyramid can likely be traced back to John Michell’s 1969 book, The View Over Atlantis, which discussed and illustrated this geometry. Thea mentioned this book on p. 466 of The New Way, Vols. 1&2, in relation to the pyramidion on top of the Great Pyramid. Whether or not the connection between the sacred geometry of the vesica piscis and the Great Pyramid was Michell’s own geometric discovery, I do not know. Michell’s 1969 drawing is shown below, followed by an expanded variation of the same geometry that I constructed in Adobe Illustrator, and an image of Sri Aurobindo’s Symbol within the Vesica Piscis. 

Note: The angle of the Vesica Piscis construction of the Pyramid triangle (as in Michell’s book) is 51.61°. The base angle of the triangles of Sri Aurobindo’s Symbol, varies a bit between Thea’s constructions of it in The New Way, one which is framed by the Matrimandir's subtle Shalagrama (51.5°) and another by its marble Pedestal (51.6°). The Sri Aurobindo Ashram's official drawing of Sri Aurobindo's symbol which Thea sent to me upon request many years ago, shows a 51° base angle (possibly rounded down), but whose 7:8 dimensions yield a 51.6° base angle of each triangle. The Giza Pyramid has a base angle of 51.84°.

The Vesica Piscis with the outline of the Great Pyramid (John Michell, 1969, 'The New View Over Atlantis').

The Vesica Piscis construction of the Pyramid (Lori Tompkins, 2022).

Sri Aurobindo's Symbol (with 51.61 base angles), via the Vesica Piscis construction (Lori Tompkins, 2022).

[4] Illustrations of the vesica piscis’s role in measuring out the 12 months of the Zodiac are found in “The Sacred Geometry of the Vimy Crop Circle (5 July 2020)”.

[5] See: Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, Chapters 7 and 14. 

[6] See: “The Sacred Measure of 432,000 ⁓ Part 4: The Sacred Syllable of the Rig Veda”

[7] According to Thea’s teachings, 12 Manifestations = 3 (25,920-year) Precessional Cycles = 1 Maha Yuga cycle = 9 Kali Yuga = 77,760 years.  

[8] This sacred geometry is found in the Mother’s Temple as she originally saw and measured it in 1969-1970, not in the temple built in Auroville.

[9] See Thea’s Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, Part X - The Core and the World - 1.

[10] On 31 December 1969, while discussing the necessity of building the Matrimandir as the centre of Auroville before building the city itself, Satprem said, “You alone have authority over [Roger].” and the Mother responded, “Yes … no, if I tell him, “Do it,” he won’t say no, but he won’t do it! … He has to be convinced ….” [Bold emphasis added]

[11]  RV 1.1.8, tr. RTH Griffith.

[12] The divine ray/son/soul-flame (radius) Agni is the ruler and “knower of the field” of Time and Space – kshetrajña – a term which Vishnu’s avatar Krishna uses to describe himself in the Bhagavad Gita. Via the course of the Vedic Year (=via the path of Yajna/Yoga), the Yogi or traveler of the Yajna progressively becomes kshetrajña.

The Supreme Divine Lord said: O Arjun, this body is termed as kṣhetra (the field of activities), and the one who knows this body is called kṣhetrajña (the knower of the field) by the sages who discern the truth about both. – Bhagavad Gita, 13.2, tr. Swami Mukundananda

[13] “Nothing can arise from Nothing. Asat, nothingness, is a creation of our mind; where it cannot see or conceive, where its object is something beyond its grasp, too much beyond to give even the sense of a vague intangible, then it cries out “Here there is nothing.” Out of its own incapacity it has created the conception of a Zero. But what in truth is this zero? It is an incalculable Infinite. Our sense by its incapacity has invented darkness. In truth there is nothing but Light, only it is a power of light either above or below our poor human vision's limited range. For do not imagine that light is created by the Suns. The Suns are only physical concentrations of Light, but the splendour they concentrate for us is self-born and everywhere. God is everywhere and wherever God is, there is Light. Jnanam chaitanyam jyotir Brahma.” – Sri Aurobindo, CWSA, Vol. 12, Essays Divine and Human, p. 188

[14] See: “An Open Geometrical Look At The Matrimandir Design Featured In Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s “The New Way, Volume I and II”

[15] As I have written elsewhere Sri Aurobindo’s birth year (1872) and the year of Thea’s passing (2016) are both multiples of 144. 144 x 11 = 1584; 144 x 12 = 1738; 144 x 13 = 1878; 144 x 14 = 2016; and the next (=15th) multiple of 144 amazingly enough brings us to the sacred number and year of 2160. I will discuss this math and its significance in Part 9.

[16] See: “The Sacred Measure of 432,000 ⁓ PART 3: The Sexagesimal Measure of the 360° Circle”

[17] The 48-year span of 1968-2016 is also the last ninth (=144,000ʺ) of the 432-year span or cycle from 1584-2016.

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