19 November 2021 Lunar Eclipse: Full Moon in Taurus opposite Sun in Scorpio
19 November 2021 Lunar Eclipse: Full Moon in Taurus opposite Sun in Scorpio
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“[Each point of the Whole] has the possibility of being conscious of itself AND conscious of the original Unity. And that's the work now being accomplished, that is to say, each infinitesimal element of this Consciousness, while retaining this state of consciousness, is now recapturing the total original state of consciousness – the result is the original Consciousness conscious of its Unity AND conscious of the whole play: all the innumerable elements of this Unity. …

“There are no OPPOSITES. No opposites – not even contradictions, I say, no opposites. It’s that Unity, it’s LIVING in that Unity And it’s not expressed in thoughts and words. I tell you, it was... a limitless immensity and a light... a motionless light, and at the same time a well-being... without even the appreciation of a well-being.

“Now I am convinced that’s what the supramental consciousness is….

“The whole is brought with lightning speed toward the consciousness that will be this Consciousness of the point and the whole at the same time.  

“There, I'll write today's date. 

19 November 1969: supramental consciousness.[1]

“The first descent of the supramental Force was on a 29th. And this is on a 19th. The figure 9 has something to do with all this .... There are so many things we don't know!

– The Mother, 19 November 1969The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 10,
[Bold emphasis added, link HERE for the full entry]

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One of the first things I noticed about the date of the 19 November Lunar Eclipse of 2021 was that it fell on the 52nd (7 number-power) anniversary of the Mother’s 19 November 1969 discussion of her vision or experience of the descending supramental consciousness, which ended with her statement regarding the “figure 9”. Thea of course discussed the importance of the number 9 at length throughout her writings, as well as the number 19 and its number-power of 1 (1 + 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1).[2] Since reading the Mother’s 19 November 1969 Agenda entry circa 2003, that date has stuck in my head, not only due to the impactful content of the Mother’s experience of the descending supramental consciousness, but also due to knowing that 19 November falls exactly at the 7 Point of my yearly cycle, i.e. 280 days past the “zero point” of my birth on 12 February (24° Aquarius), in the 7 number-power year of 1969.[3] This period of 280 days (7 x 40 days= 360 days x 7/9) corresponds to the 280-day average of human gestation. 

I began writing this Scorpio series in the Spring of 2021 specifically to reflect upon our enneadic passage through the fixed water sign of Scorpio in relation to the 2 October 2016 release of the geometrical and zodiacal sense of the Vedic rivers one day after we moved into the fixed earth sign of Taurus, followed seven days later by Thea’s [Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s] passing conjunct the 7 Point of her own yearly cycle on 9 October 2016.[4] 

2016-2025 ennead - Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio axes (image by Lori Tompkins)

The Taurus-Scorpio axis of the 2016-2025 ennead is highlighted in blue above. In Part One I wrote:

“Our 9-month enneadic passage through Scorpio spans from 1 April 2021 to 1 January 2022, bringing us to the 6 Point (0° Sagittarius) of our current ennead, after which we will enter the last third of this 9-year cycle. As April 2021 approached, I was curious about what the passage through Scorpio would bring forward in relation to all that was revealed and released [regarding the seven rivers of the Vedas] 4.5 years earlier from 2 October 2016 onward.”

Now looking back on this passage through Scorpio, I can appreciate that it served to catalyze a significant widening of my understanding of the Vedic story of the obstruction of the Vedic Waters in the Fixed Water Scorpio and their release from the Vedic Kumbha or Water Jar by the Hero-Son-Sage-Horse (the 0° Sagittarius radius, ray, pillar or skambha) of the Zodiac. I can better see through the veiled symbols the Vedic Rishis used to simultaneously obscure and preserve their gnosis. In Part Six, as the year of 2021 draws to a close and we are about to move from Scorpio into Sagittarius in our current enneadic cycle, I feel compelled to focus on the 19 November and 4 December pair of eclipses – the first of which fell in the 8th month of Scorpio and the second in the 9th month of Sagittarius. These eclipses were formed via the proximity of the Full Moon in Taurus and New Moon in Sagittarius to the Lunar Node axis positioned at 1° Gemini/Sagittarius. Thus the South Node position of this pair of eclipses fell conjunct the 6 Point (0° Sagittarius) of the Gnostic Circle

During the Lunar Eclipse, the Full Moon and Sun were in opposition along the fixed or preservation sign axis of 27°14′ Taurus/Scorpio; and the during the Solar Eclipse, the Sun and New Moon were conjunct in the mutable or dissolution sign of Sagittarius, specifically at 12°22′  Sagittarius. These eclipses naturally fell half of the 29.5-day lunar month apart and their midpoint (4°48′ Sagittarius) fell on 26 November. I noticed this Lunar-Solar Eclipse midpoint because Thea repeatedly discussed 26 November – aka “Immortality Day” – as the midpoint of the 18-day span between the day and month of the “withdrawals” (i.e. deaths) of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, respectively on 17 November (25° Scorpio) and 5 December (12° Sagittarius), discounting the 23 years between their deaths.[5] In Thea’s cosmology, 26 November 1963 is the date (and 3°54′ Sagittarius the degree[6]) of Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth, 37 (36 + 1) years after the original 1926 Immortality Day at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and his rebirth is a realisation or real manifestation of the Vedic victory of the Divine Son-Hero-Sage-Horse-Flame Agni. Thea saw Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth as the victory of Mars, the Roman God of War, (=the Greek god Ares) who went by many names in Vedic and post-Vedic mythologies, including Kalki, Kartikeya, Dadhikravan, Subramanya, Skanda, and the Vedic Skambha (the upholding pillar) of the heavens. She recognized that the victorious birth of Agni – the Vedic fire god who is said to be thrice-born and triply seated in the Vedic Sacrifice (=the 12-month Tropical Year/Zodiac) – corresponds to the third angle of the Fire Trine: 0° Sagittarius. 

This point of the Zodiac – 0° Sagittarius is the 6 Point of the Circle of 9. It marks out passage through 240° or two-thirds (8 months out of 12) of the 360° Year, equivalent to 864,000 seconds of degrees of arc (240° = 240° x 60′ x 60ʺ = 864,000ʺ = 432,000ʺ + 432,000ʺ). 
Triadic Division of the Circle by Three Vesica Piscis (image by Lori Tompkins)
The sacred number 864,000 corresponds to the diameter of the Sun in miles and the measure of two Yugas and two vesica piscis (=two Vedic “rivers”).[7] Thea saw Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth equally in terms of the descent the Supramental or Divine Truth-Consciousness in our Age of Aquarius, and in terms of the victory of the conquering Warrior-Son (Mars/Agni/Kalki) over Death or over the Mortal-Mental consciousness that is the basis of the Old World that is currently collapsing in on itself. She referred to Sri Aurobindo reincarnated in the sign of Sagittarius as “the Son”, “the Fourth” and “the One” whose number is 19 and whose number-power is 1, by way of his birth year [1 + 9 + 6 + 3 = 19 = 1 + 9 = 1].

“Sri Aurobindo… took birth as the Son [on 26] November 1963, nine days before the date of his previous withdrawal (December 5th) and nine days after the Mother's withdrawal (November 17) …. Thus the two withdrawal dates embrace a period of exactly 18 days. Precisely at the midway point between the two, Immortality Day, the Father was born as the Son. The day was called Immortality Day by the Mother when, in 1926, she received the promise of immortality, a state which is fundamental in the establishment of a truth-conscious world…. [F]ifty years later in 1976, the real meaning of her experience was revealed and the victory confirmed.” – Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 191 


“The stories of Kartikeya, Shiva's divine Son, describe that One, unveiled, at the perfect centre in the cave of the heart; or, carried in the soul of Savitri for a return to Earth. For this reason Sri Aurobindo's rebirth occurred at the exact centre or mid-point between his passing and the Mother's – Immortality Day.” – Thea, Secrets of the Earth – Questions and Answers on the line of Ten Avatars of Vedic Tradition,  p. 96 


“We speak of [Sri Aurobindo reborn] as the redeemer of the 4.5 Orbit.... Indeed, born on Immortality Day he is the conqueror of Death, Victorious Mars, the fourth planet.”  ‒ Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 290 [Bold emphasis added]


“[We must add to our knowledge of the universe] the knowledge of [the Divine/Supramental] Descent, the Sacrifice and the Return, if at all the true laws of universal being are to be comprehended. By understanding the action of the supramental avatar, we are made to see the manner in which the universe is contained in the Absolute and the process of transmutation of energies from the Nonmanifest to the Manifest as it transpires in the so-called descent of the Transcendent into the Cosmos and into individual being…. Sri Aurobindo, as the incarnate Transcendent…achieved the realisation of Immortality for the Earth.” – Ibid., p. 567 [Bold emphasis added]


“[By] his very own birth and death and re-birth in our earth-time, [Sri Aurobindo] redeems for us the consciousness-matter of our world. He is the Seed, the one eternal Truth from which all truths have sprung. He is the Tree, whose branches are the manifold manifestations of the potentials of the Seed. He is Shiva and His Son…. He is [Vishnu’s Avatar] Kalki, the master of kāla, of Time, who comes to lead on the white Horse, to cleave with his Sword of Truth any darkness that may stand on the way, as he re-poises on its four invincible pillars the kingdom of sanātana dharma, of the Eternal Truth.” – Ibid., p. 514


“[The Solar Line carrying out the Supramental Descent) starts from 9 … passes on to 6 and then down to 3; until finally through the 3, the last of the tri-power original cell, the 9 returns as the One, and this is Kalki or Shiva's son Kartikeya, who is 'Shiva himself'.”[8] – Ibid., p. 123 [Bold emphasis added]


“[In 1950] Sri Aurobindo left his body and began the process of ‘giving form to the Point’ (that Will), or Agni, or Skambha via the Third Power of the Solar Line.…

“[T]he Fourth Power, the Son of the Solar Line…introduces the horizontal plane after the ‘compressed vertical descent’ of the 9 and 6 and 3. The role of the Third is…to give form to this compressed Point, within which is contained the full force of the vast Transcendent. This is the description of the birth of the Father (Transcendent), through the 6 and 3, the ‘mothers’, the latter of which is the Third Power of the Line and through whom the birth [of the Fourth Power/Son of the Solar Line – aka Agni or Skambha or the ‘compressed Point’] actually takes place – i.e., the Transcendent is compressed to emerge in the cosmic manifestation as the Immanent.” – Thea, “Culture and Cosmos – 3, Part 1: Establishment of the Vedic Dharma and Contemporary Indian Society”, The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 7.2, June 1992


“(Agni) must pass through the Father [Sri Aurobindo, born in] the fifth sign Leo, before he can emerge in his fully formed incarnation as the Son of Force, the realiser of Immortality,—the Man-Horse of Sagittarius. Mars (of Aries) must also first pass through the Waters of the eighth sign Scorpio, a sign which [Mars] also rules. Then that Mars force is transmuted and in the ninth sign it is portrayed as the Horse and serves as the harmonized and integrated vahana [vehicle] of the Man, of Agni Vaishwanara, the Universal Man. For this reason the hieroglyph of Sagittarius depicts the arrow released from the tail of the Scorpio hieroglyph….” – Ibid., p. 379 [All emphasis added]


"[O]n 17 November [the Mother] withdrew, in perfect attunement with Sri Aurobindo's passing,―to the day, to the hour, to the minute; and at the exact completion of the ninth month, 20 November,[9] she was placed in her tomb along with the body of Sri Aurobindo. The gestation was complete and the crystallisation of the womb could then compel the emergence of the Third. The bodies of the first and second in the Line represent the process as it is subjected to the laws of the old world; the third and fourth represent the passage of transition and the liberation from those limitations. The new consciousness cannot 'solidify' if initially the womb that holds it has not been solidified. This is the result of the final nine months of the Mother's mysterious yoga of transformation." ‒ Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, pp. 283-84 [Bold emphasis added]

With the above in mind, the 19 November and 4 December eclipses at 27° Scorpio and at 13° Sagittarius, together with their Immortality Day midpoint and their Lunar Node Axis (1° Gemini/1° Sagittarius can be seen as being linked on a cosmological level to Sri Aurobindo’s Supramental Descent, rebirth, and avataric mission in Vishnu's Age of the Aquarian Water Bearer Age. Thea discussed Sri Aurobindo’s yogic victory as a victory over Death and over Chronos (Saturn/Time as a devourer of his children) and equally as a victory over the obstructive forces of Ignorance – the Panis and Vritra of the Vedas – that bear their full force and consequences in the fixed water sign of Scorpio. In the Vedas, this prophesied victory liberates the flow of the Vedic Waters (=the seven rivers-mothers-sisters) along with the eternal Light/Law (sanatana dharma) of their Infant-Son-Agni who is known to be victorious upon his birth. Below are several more illuminating excerpts from Thea’s writings that should help readers better understand the significance of the pair of eclipses falling respectively in the months of Scorpio and Sagittarius at the tail end of our enneadic passage through Scorpio.

“[The 8th sign of Scorpio] is the sign of Death, as everybody in astrology knows. And it falls at this level – the 8th. Then you come to the 6 Point [at the end of Scorpio in the Gnostic Circle] and Saturn, and you come to the expansion. From this [6th] Point on this whole third segment is the question that we are unveiling today. The possibility of living this WHOLE WHEEL consciously. So, what it means then is that if you are conscious in this particular way, those energies are not collapsing. In other words, you are able to LIVE THIS PASSAGE.” – Thea [Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet], 25 September 1988, Stonebridge, NY, The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 4.1


“While externally poised breakdown at the 8th stage is inevitable. Death is the end of the journey. What this signifies is that we fall asleep, we sever our CONSCIOUS involvement with the evolutionary process. We have not BECOME THE EAGLE but remain in the somniferous state induced by the Scorpion's sting.” – Thea, 14 April 2006 (from a study group email)


“Scorpio in our analysis, where the power―the Light―is hoarded, and as has been mentioned, in this second hemisphere we must not analyse the signs alone but rather bear in mind the one that stands opposite to it on the wheel. Then Scorpio is seen together with Taurus, which is indeed the 'miserly hoarder' of energy, of light, of power. The Rig Veda calls this go or the cow. Taurus is indeed the sign of the Cow. But go in Sanskrit means also ray,―a ray of the sun, of light. In analysing Taurus in conjunction with Aries we found that Taurus does hoard the light of the Sun, the Vedic 'cows'….

“The miserly Panis hoard the light, or the 'cows' in Scorpio, the sign directly opposite Taurus.… [W]e are shown that through Saturn [seated at the 6 Point/0° Sagittarius of the Gnostic Circle] the way is to manifest for the release of the light the miserly Panis of Scorpio have hoarded. In Taurus the children ate the fruit of that 'very special tree' in the paradisiacal garden of Matter. Now, by passage through the sign opposite Taurus, they will dig deep into the unknown regions and find the source that feeds that Tree. The Tree of Taurus is the tree of immortal life; it is the very special, penned-in object of Taurus, the sign of matter. Therefore we understand that the secret of immortality is to be found in matter itself. But the source that feeds the penned-in Tree [of Taurus/Tree of Life] is water, yet in Scorpio the flow [of water] is blocked and a poisonous stagnation sets in. This stagnation also sets in motion an intense accumulation of energy. Now and then the accumulation reaches its limits and release is demanded….

“[In] Scorpio we meet the power of Inertia, or the force that exists not in itself but which is only a reaction and not an equilibrium, a resistance to the forward drive of the evolution of consciousness.… [Inertia’s] companion in the process of stagnation is Ignorance. Or, we may say, ignorance is the child of inertia. Unconscious death is the result of the state of stagnation of energies, which are not being replenished by a superior source. The discovery of that source is the purpose of our odyssey. The liberation that is sought in Scorpio is precisely from the clutches of Inertia, or the discovery of the energy that is the power of release.” – Thea, The Magical Carousel, Commentaries, pp. 60-63 [Bold emphasis added]


“[The Centaur] victoriously sends a flaming arrow into the 'door' that blocked the flow and rendered the waters stagnant….

“INERTIA is the power of Death. It is the great Adversary in Scorpio. This is readily understood by observing the planet ruling the sign and the element and energy flow attributed to Scorpio. The planet is Mars, the element is Water, the flow is Fixed, or Preservation. This arrangement indicates that there is a blockage of the precious Martian energy,―the energy by which the manifestation comes into being (Aries) or is set in motion. Unless it is removed, a higher course into realms beyond the range of human mortality cannot be experienced, the journey cannot continue. This great and mighty power is trapped in the Water element the zodiac reveals. And the human body is largely made up of water. Therein the redeeming  energy is hidden, and from there it is to be released. Hence it is said in the Rigveda that Agni is 'hidden in the waters', for he is this energy.

“[The Sagittarian Centaur’s] fire is the element that liberates, because it is the symbol of the power released that generates a speed sufficient to break through the barriers the inertia of Scorpio brings about. Sagittarius is the sign of regions beyond Mind; that is, at this point in the wheel the 'speed of Mind' is surpassed, the lid is rent and the movement proceeds at a velocity never experienced by the human being trapped in the circuits of the mental consciousness.

“The Centaur [of Sagittarius] is the symbol of the liberated vital force. When the spirit of Fire descends to break the hold of inertia, the energy previously imprisoned…is released and that very power is the force by which the consciousness exceeds the limits of mortal being.” – Ibid., pp. 70-71 [Bold emphasis added]


“[In the ninth sign of Sagittarius] we have reached the maturing point of the zero degree of Aries. The Mars energy of Aries is therefore fully redeemed or is wholly liberated in the ninth sign, for the universal harmonies proceed along the same rhythms the human being himself experiences in his gestation and birth. Thus Mars of the first Fire sign Aries is fully materialised in Sagittarius. Therefore it is the sign of the Saviour, of Kalki, of Skanda, or the victorious warrior-son of the Divine Mother. And the Centaur, who is the personification of this liberated and redeeming energy, is the means by which [the daughter and son of The Magical Carousel] find themselves at the foot of the Mountain of Capricorn. The supreme release of energy, outcome of the experience of liberation from the hold of inertia, carries them into the heart of mass, the core of matter.” – Ibid., pp. 79-80 [Bold emphasis added]


“[F]or the seeker to understand the transformation properly, the alchemical process of transmutation, it is important to comprehend the significance of the victory the God of War achieves. This victory is not the physical battle alone, as we experience in war today. It is that but it is also something much deeper, that touches the very root of being, that carries us beyond the realm of Death and into the kingdom of the everlasting Light. Mars is essential to the process. The victory cannot be achieved without the correct utilisation of the power this planet epitomises. Hence the action of [the Hero-Son in Chapter 8 of the zodiacal odyssey of The Magical Carousel] is crucial. He represents the masculine principle, and as such he stands here for all the males who have taken birth. The Sword is the seed of truth bearing in its core the power of a new destiny. When he strikes the Scorpion he achieves liberation for all those of his kind and he fulfills the true dharma of the Warrior God: he releases the energy Mars epitomises from the clutches of Death.” – Thea, The Magical Carousel, Commentaries, p. 64 [Bold emphasis added]


The 6 Point and the planet Saturn stands at the threshold of the sign Sagittarius, sign par excellence of the Horse. One begins to emerge from the Scorpio cave, the darkness is somewhat lifted of mystifying, burdening veils, and a great release is felt in the open spaces offered by Sagittarius, after the confinement of Scorpio.” – Thea, "Vedic Symbol of the Universe – Part 1", The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 7.5, December 1992 [Bold emphasis added]


“There is hardly an individual in India who has understood the role the Vishnu Avatars play in the evolution of Vedic culture. I am probably the only one who has placed the appearances in the cosmological context – which is where they belong. In fact, the Line stands as the ‘axis’ of the new Indo-centric cosmology itself. That is perfectly as it should be: Reestablishment of the Dharma occurs as the Tradition has upheld for perhaps thousands of years – that is, centred on the Avatar’s [Vishnu’s] coming which is precisely for that purpose…..

“The Rig Vedic myth itself provides the key to the process [of Sri Aurobindo’s/Vishnu’s avataric descent]. The dark force the Warrior must conquer is simply inertia. To conquer Death in the quest for Immortality means that this power of Inertia has to be overcome. The entire Rig Vedic ‘yoga’, if it may be so called, is centred on this attainment. This is part of the lost knowledge that is resuscitated in our Age of Vishnu [=Age of Aquarius].” – Thea, “Regarding Accusations of Distorting Hinduism", 28 June 2011 [Bold emphasis added]

Additional excerpts on the symbols and significance of the passage from Scorpio and Sagittarius can be found in Part One of this series. Before further discussing the cosmological details of the Fall 2021 eclipses, I want to share my own experience of seeing the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse (Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus) on the evening and early morning of 18-19 November, which compelled me to contemplate the significance of the eclipses in relation to Sri Aurobindo’s (Vishnu’s) Solar Line and the release of fixed waters of Scorpio in our Age of Aquarius and the 7 Point of my own year.

After spending much of 18 November 2021 (26° Scorpio) getting reading to publish Part Five of this series about the M-shaped hieroglyphs of Virgo, Scorpio and their connection to the two-wave symbol of Aquarius, my sister (a fellow Aquarian) invited me on a Full-Moon Moonrise walk. I said yes even though it was completely overcast and drizzling and I doubted we would be able to see the Moon at all. Some 45 minutes into the walk, circa 6 p.m., we saw what first looked like two luminous waves of light, one on top of the other, which we both thought looked like the Aquarius hieroglyph. As the clouds shifted a bit and the light of the rising moon increased behind the clouds, a clear M-shape immerged in the midst of the two “waves” of light.

M in the Sky - Full Moon in Taurus -18 November 2021
Photo credit: Lisa Tompkins

As we marveled at this glowing M, the Full Moon (23° Taurus at the time) emerged through the clouds exactly at the center point of the "valley" or V of the M, as clearly visible in the picture above. After showing itself for a minute or so, the Moon disappeared back into the light-eclipsing clouds and did not show itself again on the walk. What are the odds of the Moon and clouds forming these luminous shapes in the sky and of me being at the right place, at the right time to observe and appreciate them as I was preparing to publish my second article about the M-shaped hieroglyphs of the Zodiac and the birth or release of the long-eclipsed Light and Truth and Waters of the Vedic Rishis from the veils and obstructions of Scorpio. In my experience it was a striking supramental convergence of symbol and synchronicity, connecting what I was seeing in my mind’s eye, so to speak, with what I was seeing in my external environment and it altered my consciousness accordingly.  

Aquarius Waves and inner MWhen I got home I constructed the image to the right to help me understand what I had seen in the sky: two luminous waves of the Aquarian hieroglyph which bore forward in themselves a dark M shape, all formed by the play of Moon’s light and its veiling clouds. A few hours later, the longest Lunar Eclipse since 1400 CE (and until 2669 CE) began to run its course. 

Going to bed I was aware that the height of the eclipse was circa 1:00 a.m. (Pacific Time), but I did not set my alarm to see it. Regardless, I spontaneously woke up at 12:55 a.m. on the 19th and went outside wrapped in a blanket to see if the eclipse was visible. I looked up and there it was, nearly overhead my geographical position, a mostly eclipsed Moon with a beautiful arc of light remaining. I saw the three luminous points of Orion's Belt to the East but was not aware until the next day that the "Seven Sisters" of the Pleiades (28°-29° Taurus) and the seventh planet Uranus were close companions of the eclipse.

Full Moon Eclipse and Pleiades - 19 Nov 2021
19 Nov 2021 Eclipse & Pleiades, by Jeff Berkes, as found on

Full Moon Eclipse and Uranus - 19 Nov 2021
A snap shot of the Moon's 19  November 2021 Eclipse position taken on my iPad, Star Walk app.
Squares, T-Squares and Oppositions of the Full Moon Eclipse - 19 Nov 2021

I learned of the eclipse’s conjunction with the Seven Sisters of Pleiades and proximity to the seventh planet Uranus the next morning while perusing the internet for images of the event. Again I wondered, “What are the odds that the “Seven Sisters” and the seventh planet, and thus the number-power of 7, would be so prominently featured in this eclipse – which fell precisely at the 7 Point of my 7 Power Year of 52.” I was immensely grateful that I had been woken up just in time to see it. Looking at the astrological chart of the eclipse, I could see that Jupiter, positioned at 24° Aquarius (the exact degree of my natal Sun), squared the 27° Taurus/Scorpio eclipse axis of the Moon and Sun, and that Mars was positioned at 13° Scorpio opposite Uranus (12° Taurus), both squaring Saturn (8° Aquarius). All of these planets and luminaries and their respective squares and oppositions were situated in Vishnu’s fixed (aka preservation) signs of the Zodiac. The only fixed sign not represented in the 19 November Lunar Eclipse was Leo. I have placed Sri Aurobindo’s natal Sun and Jupiter in Leo (respectively 22° and 13° Leo) in the eclipse chart above-right (highlighted in orange), forming multiple oppositions and squares with the fixed-sign planets, luminaries and aspects of the eclipse. Below is a more detailed chart of the Lunar Eclipse chart together with the Solar Eclipse chart (via I have added text and highlighted squares, oppositions and axes to both charts in order to illustrate some of the cosmological harmonies I have been discussing. 

19 Nov 2021 Lunar Eclipse Chart w/the Mother's Passing

4 December 2021 Solar Eclipse Chart w/Sri Aurobindo's Passing

The effects of an eclipse are said to last 6 months before and after its occurrence and its reverberating effects on individuals will vary according to what planets, luminaries and structures gets aspected or activated in one’s chart. It may behoove readers take a look at their own charts in relation to the eclipses and current transits. The image above highlights the fixed sign squares and T-squares of the eclipses. In my chart my natal Sun (24° Aquarius) is square Mars and Neptune at 24°/28° Scorpio and my Ascendant (Rising) is 10° Leo; thus the squares and T-squares and of the eclipses (and the current positions of the slow-transiting planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) have a direct impact on my natal set up. 

In my mind, the astrological-details of the eclipses (the first in Scorpio and the second in Sagittarius) are underscoring and amplifying the evolutionary task of exposing and dismantling the Scorpionic obstructions that hoard or eclipse the Light/Truth of the Divine Soul. Everyone on the planet is going through some version of this right now, however consciously or unconsciously, regardless of their natal horoscopes. In Vishnu’s Age of Aquarius – we are enduring a collective apocalypse signifying the un-eclipsing and emergence of our own Divine Light and our own Truth-Consciousness, which must necessarily expose and dismantle all that is founded upon Ignorance and Falsehood. Our Higher Light and Truth is being born out of the dark womb (or shell) of our own Ignorance, which has served its purpose and this womb (shell) is now contracting (cracking open), as it must.

19 Nov 2021 Lunar Eclipse transits-Mars-Uranus-Venus & the 1-4-7 Trine of the Gnostic Circle (image by Lori Tompkins)
It is worth mentioning that Uranus’s transit through Taurus is currently conjunct the 1 Point of the Gnostic Circle (10° Taurus). Uranus’s current retrograde motion will take it into 10° Taurus on 30 December 2021 and it will go direct (forward through Taurus) from 7 Feb 2022 onward. Thus the 7th planet Uranus, conjunct the 1 Point, forms a triangle (trine) with its own 7 Point seat (10° Capricorn) and the 4 Point seat of the 4th planet Mars in the Gnostic Circle. During the Lunar Eclipse, the 4th planet Mars was notably positioned in Scorpio (the sign it rules), opposite the 1 Point and the transiting 7th planet, at the nadir of this 1-4-7 Triangle, and Venus transited conjunct the 7 Point. Transiting Uranus, Mars and Venus are highlighted in blue in the image to the right. What an interesting arrangement of the 2nd, 4th and 7th planets in relation to the seats and number-powers of the ONE, FOUR and SEVEN in the Gnostic Circle, especially given what Thea wrote regarding the victory of the One, the Fourth, Mars/Agni, and the corresponding release of the seven rivers (=seven sisters, seven mothers) of the Vedas which she associated with the 7 Point of the Gnostic Circle.

The Lunar Eclipse’s conjunction with the Seven Sisters of Pleiades is equally fascinating, given what Thea’s wrote about the connection between the seven mothers (=seven rivers) of the Vedas and the seven sisters of the Pleiades and about the position of the Pleiades (always situated at 28°-29° Taurus) at the time of Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth on 26 November 1963 (3° Sagittarius).  

“[T]he Waters [seven rivers] are the seven upholding mothers, the very Pleiades whom the Puranas tell us nurtured the boy Skanda, and which were on the horizon at his birth.”[10] – Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 480 [Bold emphasis added]

As I have previously mentioned in this series and in Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, “seven sisters” is one of many Vedic epithets for the first seven vesicae piscis (=seven rivers, floods, mothers, cows, mares, paths, etc.) of the Zodiacal Year which bear Agni as the Sage/Horse/Skambha forward to his goal (0° Aquarius/Kumbha), which is equally described as a vat, jar, beaker, reservoir, meeting or gathering place of the seven rivers (seven drops of soma, seven paths, etc.). I have emphasized the references to Kumbha below in blue-bold.

“Like a steed urged to battle, finder of the light; [Agni] speed onward to the cloud-born reservoir of heaven, Fleet as swift steeds, thy drops, divine, thought-swift, have been, O [Agni – Soma] Pavamana, poured with milk into the vat ….Seven Milch-kine [=cows=mothers=rivers] glorify the Tawny-coloured One [Agni] while with his wave in wool he purifies himself. The living men, the mighty, have impelled the Sage into the waters' lap, the place of sacrifice….The Sisters Seven, the Mothers [=rivers], stand around the Babe, the noble, new-born Infant, skilled in holy song….Dweller in floods, King, foremost, he displays his might, set among living things as measurer of days.” – Rig Veda 9.86. 3, 25, 36, 45, tr. RTH Griffith

Agni – the "measurer" of the sacred year or sacrifice – is quite frequently depicted inside and traveling to a kumbha (jar, vat, etc.) in the Vedas. In Rig Veda 10.44.4 this victorious Son of the seven rivers-sisters – which I see as the ray/radius of 0° Sagittarius – is specifically referred to as “the Sage, the [skambha = pillar] of vigour, in the vat”, i.e. as the Sage and Skambha of the Kumbha. It was actually an exploration of the shape and geometry of the number 7 (shown to the left below) which helped to catalyze my seeing of the geometric and zodiacal sense of the Vedic rivers on 2 October 2016, seven days before Thea’s passing.

The Seven Rivers of the Vedic Year/Zodiac (image by Lori Tompkins)

Thea equated the seventh planet Uranus –  – with the Vedic god Varuna who is described in the Vedas as the discriminator of “men's truth and falsehood”, who stands amidst and “belongs to” the seven rivers/sisters.[11] In some hymns, Varuna is credited with leading the seven rivers (also referred to as seven mares) and with pouring out the heavenly “cask” (aka kumbha) of waters.[12] In astrological lore, Uranus is the planetary ruler of Aquarius/Kumbha – the sign of the Water Bearer who, in astrological lore, is known to releases the waters from their kumbha, sacred vessel or container. In The New Way, Vols. 1&2, Thea referred to Uranus as “the planetary ruler of the Aquarian Age,―the age of the Water-Carrier”. 

In her view, the release of the seven rivers and the culmination of the Vedic Sacrifice happens at the 7 Point of the Circle (10° Capricorn), the seat of the seventh planet of Uranus which she equated with Varuna (and Ayasya). [See Thea's Gnostic Circle for a full view of the 12 months and 9 number powers/seats of the Vedic Year.] 

Seven Rivers of the Vedic Year/Zodiac-Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea), The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2, pp. 413, 415.
Source: Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea), The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2, pp. 413, 415.

In my view, Thea was a great Seer and saw and presented exactly what she needed to in order to accomplish her specific yoga and her specific role in the progressive (multi-staged) recovery of Vedic gnosis in Vishnu’s Age of Aquarius. Her role did not include knowing the geometric sense, form, divine measure and eternal law of the Vedic rivers (=floods, waters, sisters, mothers, cows, etc.); and without knowing the form and measure of theses rivers, she could not precisely see or identify the exact location of their release in the 12-month Vedic year: 0° Aquarius. That work or stage of the recovery was given to an Aquarian “Water Bearer” (born in a 7 number-power Year) in conjunction with Thea’s passing. Without what Thea did see and illuminate about the Vedic rivers and the zodiacal context of the Vedic Sacrifice, I would not have been in the position to receive the gnosis of their geometric sense, measure and positions in the Zodiac on 2 October 2016.   

The students who took over the management of Thea’s centre and place of residence in Tamil Nadu – Aeon Centre of Cosmology, aka “Skambha” – believe that Thea was an infallible Seer of Truth who accomplished all that needed to be accomplished in terms of realizing the Vedic Victory and could not have been “off” or limited in her understanding about the Vedic rivers. They consider what I write about these seven rivers and their victorious release the week of Thea’s passing to be Falsehood. In their minds, what I write about a descent of Vedic gnosis (or the Supramental Yoga) beyond what Thea saw and revealed is akin to blasphemy against their Guru. In my mind, the managers and residents of Skambha have assumed the role of the Scorpionic forces – the Panis and Vritra of the Vedas – who obstruct the flow of the Vedic waters. In keeping with Supramental dictum of “the symbol is the thing symbolized”, the person who took over the role of “Director” of Aeon Centre/Skambha after Thea’s 2016 passing is a Scorpio by birth.[13] Thankfully, due to the world-wide-web and self-publishing technologies, the release of the geometric and zodiacal sense of these rivers in our Aquarian Age is a fait accompli and cannot be obstructed by anyone and the Panis have no power except the power to ignore any new influx of Light and to do all they can to preserve their own crystallized beliefs and structures. 

Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Whereas Saturn is associated with Time’s power of crystallization and the formation of concrete structures and boundaries, Uranus is associated with quick and revolutionary change and freedom from restraints, structures and boundaries of the Past. It is known to be Future-oriented and is referred to as “the Great Awakener”. Uranus’s current transit (2018-2026) of the Earth sign Taurus is fitting in terms of the major upheavals and the breaking down of life as usual on planet Earth that we are collectively facing. [See Pam Gregory’s analysis.] We can see the effects of Uranus in Taurus manifesting in our world in many uncomfortable ways, disrupting and altering life on Earth as we have known it. In my mind, it feels like Uranus in Taurus has coincided with the dismantling of a façade and unearthed a level of falsehood and collective ignorance that has been festering under the surface of our civilization for not only centuries, but for ages. There is the sense that there is really no returning to the way things were (in the PAST), pre-Trump, pre-COVID19, pre-January 6th, etc., and the phrase “the new normal” is a common slogan of our times. This upheaval also coincides with Uranus’s square with Saturn – i.e. a square involving the two co-rulers of Aquarius – throughout 2021. Saturn is also the ruler of the Earth sign Capricorn and is associated with reality checks and the difficult clash between egoic mental or emotionally based ideas, beliefs and agendas and the limits or constraints of the present reality.

This Uranus-Saturn square is considered by most astrologers to be the dominant astrological theme of 2021, amplifying the natural and ongoing clash between progressive, Future-oriented and purifying forces, with well-established, increasingly toxic, conservative structures and beliefs of the Past that don’t want to change or loosen their fixed-hold on the Present. It boils down to the epic clash between those that live in the morbid shadow of the eclipsed Truth/Light (Plato’s allegorical cave) and those that strive to un-eclipse (discover and uncover) and live in that Truth/Light.

The position of Mars in the fixed water sign Scorpio during the 19 November Lunar Eclipse energized or added some extra volatility to the already volatile energies of the Uranus-Saturn Square in the fixed signs of Taurus and Aquarius. I will not get into all the ways the energies of this square manifested in 2021, but the January 6th attack on the US Capital (in the month of Capricorn) was certainly one of them. I think the devastating December tornadoes in the USA can also be considered an expression of this square as well along with other extreme weather events of 2021 that underscore the Saturnian realities of climate change on Earth in a dramatic Uranian way. Regardless of who does or does not believe that human behavior‒, including dependence on burning toxic FOSSIL fuels as an Energy source, animal agriculture and deforestation‒, is causing climate change, Earth’s climate is changing and new weather patterns are wreaking extreme havoc on large swaths of humanity.

To fully appreciate the volatile energies of the 19 November eclipse and the fixed-sign Saturn-Uranus-Mars T-square, it is important to take into account that the fixed signs are considered to be the astrological signs most resistant to change, though Aquarians do not fit that bill in many ways because they are known for embracing and enacting change and revolution on whatever scale. Astrological “squares”, as found in both eclipses, are known for being “hard aspects”, creating movement and growth through tension, stress and difficulties rather than the harmonious flow associated with a “trine” or “sextile” aspect. We must also take into account what Thea illuminated about Vishnu’s avatars appearing in the fixed-sign (preservation) Ages in order to restore and preserve the eternal law, gnosis (sanatana dharma), light and truth of the ancient Seers and of the Vedas

What Sri Aurobindo and his collaborators have restored and preserved in the dawn of our Aquarian Age shines great light on and clashes immensely with the long-standing (multi-Age) ignorance, misconceptions, misreadings, errors and distortions of the ancient Vedic gnosis that have crystalized into warring dogmatic religions based on symbols whose meanings have been long “lost in translation’. Via Sri Aurobindo’s avataric descent, the fixed Scorpionic force of obstruction was successfully conquered and undercut at its Vedic foundation, allowing for the 2016 release of the zodiacal and geometric sense of the seven Vedic rivers  (=the seven vials of St. John’s Revelation) 144 years after his birth. 

In her series, Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, Thea documented her multi-decade yogic battle with the forces of Ignorance, Inertia and Obstruction who refused to honor, understand and preserve the Divine Measure of the Mother’s Vedic Temple. She wrote therein that the ‘stinger’ [of the Scorpion] was cut, the power-source of Inertia was eliminated” in the Spring of 2004.[14] Twelve and a half years later, in 2016, the Scorpionic obstruction of the Divine Measure of the Vedic Rivers and thousands of interrelated Vedic symbols simply collapsed, once and for all, releasing all manner of ancient treasures to be seen, understood and utilized by all “with eyes that see”. As prophesied in St. John’s Revelation,―which Thea discussed in relation to Sri Aurobindo’s avataric descent in our Age of Aquarius―, the release of the seven vials (=seven rivers in the Vedas) initiates a process of global purification which is devastating for those who are attached to Falsehood and Ignorance rather than to the Light and Truth of the conquering Hero-Son/Avatar of the New Age.

The Lunar Node Axis

In the above large color images of the eclipses, the 1° Gemini/Sagittarius Lunar Node axis of the eclipses, along with the Sagittarius position of Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth, is highlighted in red. Note that I am using the True measure of the Lunar Nodes in this article, as opposed to the Mean measure. The Lunar Nodes consistently move in retrograde motion (backwards) through the Zodiac and complete a full revolution through 360° in approximately 18.6 years. Thus, it takes the Lunar Nodes approximately 18.6 months to move through each sign of the Zodiac and approximately18.6 days to move through each degree on average. The Lunar Nodes will travel through 0° Gemini/0° Sagittarius just after the New Year of 2022 begins (3-18 January) and then will move backwards through the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio for approximately 18.6 months.[15] They have been traveling through the dissolution (mutable) signs of Gemini and Sagittarius since May of 2020, some three months after the World Health Organization declared the spread of COVID19 a “global health emergency”. The 4 December 2021 Solar Eclipse was a South Node Eclipse meaning it was created by the position of the South Node (at 1° Sagittarius) in relation to the Sun and Moon (at 12° Sagittarius), causing the Moon to temporary block of the Light of the Sun from the perspective of certain locations on the Earth. 

2016-2025 Ennead-Taurus-Scorpio-Gemini-Sagittarius Axes (image by Lori Tompkins)

Whereas we reach 0° Sagittarius – the 6 Point of our 2016-2025 ennead on 1 January 2022, the South Node will transit backwards across the 6 Point on 18 January, three days before the Sun moves into the sign of Aquarius/Kumbha. The South Node started moving backwards from 0° Aries on 12 November 2015, 11 months before Thea’s passing (9 October 2016) and three months before I started receiving the Vedic key of the vesica piscis and its indwelling son/radius. It has taken approximately 6.2 years for the South Lunar Node to travel backwards from 0° Aries (the 0/9 Point) through the third triad (the last four signs=120°=432,000ʺ) of the Zodiac to reach its current position, corresponding to the 6 years it has taken us to reach the 6 Point in our forward march through our ennead. This is a truly interesting convergence involving the eternal law and measure of the radius (the Divine One/Son) and its eternal companion and divine raiment – the vesica piscis – which together divide the circle into three and establishes the Divine Trinity (the 3-6-9) of our 9-base number system, the Fire Trine of the Zodiac, and the measure of the Yugas as well.

Astrologer Kaitlyn De Leonardis has the following to say about the December eclipse. Note that she is referring to the “Mean” (not the “True”) measure of the Lunar Nodes.

"The solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4 is the final eclipse of the Gemini-Sagittarius series. As the Sun and Moon join forces in this valiant fire sign, it marks a new beginning, or a fresh start, as all solar eclipses/new moons do. Being a South Node eclipse, there is an extra emphasis on release. By now, both the lunar nodes will be at the critical 0 degrees mark of each sign. We can’t bring our baggage on this new journey. By letting go of the old, we create space for the new to come flooding in.... There has been a restricted energy with the South Node in Sagittarius and this solar eclipse marks the lifting of those restrictions.”

Whereas this is true and important in terms of a snapshot of the Solar Eclipse, the North and South Nodes will soon be moving into FIXED Earth and Water signs of Taurus and Scorpio for the next year and a half which in my mind means that the challenges or rather the battle of freeing ourselves of our old baggage, old ways and the obstructions of Truth and our higher potentials and inner Light is only going to intensify on a global scale in the coming years. Several current and upcoming astrological transits emphasize an over-arching process of revolution, evolution and transformation on Earth. These include Neptune (in Pisces) going direct on 1 December, Uranus (in Taurus) going direct on 18 January. America’s Pluto return on 22 February 2022 (22.2.2022) and Pluto’s transit into Aquarius in March of 2023. 

“Pluto takes 248 years to go around the Sun. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was between 1778 and 1798, a period of massive change all over the world. The American constitution, still considered the pinnacle of democracy, was written when Pluto was in Aquarius. The Constitution’s first three words – We the People – are perhaps the first modern expression of the “Aquarius entity”. This entity is not a king, a ruler, nor the government. This is exactly what the European settlers were running away from. “We the people” is the people – an entity without a leader, an entity that self-governs and self-regulates according to the interests and well being of everyone.” – [Bold emphasis added]

Notable World Events in the Span of the 19 November and 4 December Eclipses

I think it is useful to look at some of the real-world events that unfolded within that 15-day span of the 19 November and 4 December eclipses. On 19 November Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of the murder charges he faced for gunning down three people (killing two out of three) with a semi-automatic assault rifle during the 2020 Kenosha anti-racism protests at the age of 17. On 24 November three white men were convicted of shooting and killing Ahmaud Arbery for “Running While Black”. On 30 November 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley killed four people and injured seven with a semi-automatic handgun at his high school in Michigan. On 4 December Ethan’s parents, who bought the weapon for him as a Christmas present and didn’t lock it up, were arrested (while on the run) for involuntary manslaughter via criminal negligence for their enabling role in the school shooting. On 3 December 2021, the Washington Post published an article on the buildup of Russian troops on the Ukraine border. A 30 October WaPo article indicated that “Officials in the United States and Europe began noticing the movements particularly in recent weeks…after Russia concluded a massive joint military exercise with Belarus known as Zapad 2021 on its western flank in mid-September.” The 3 December Washington Post article was essentially a heads-up notice to the public that the US intended to intervene in this matter, which took the form of a 7 December Biden-Putin video call during which Biden “made clear that the U.S. and [its] Allies would respond with strong economic and other measures in the event of military escalation [in Ukraine].” []  

Two of these events involve adolescent males [sons] toting semi-automatic weapons and killing or injuring a dozen or so people, one is compared to a lynching of a black man by white men, and one involves men amassing weapons, troops and machinery to invade Ukraine which declared its sovereignty on 16 July 1990 in the midst of the collapse of the USSR. All are extreme expressions of Mars energy which has not risen beyond the Death-bound Ignorance/Darkness of Scorpio; and all are entirely par for the course (and routine) in our modern world wherein dysfunctional masculine energies have the resources and technologies to run rampant with their agendas, and in many cases their delusions, to the great detriment of Earth and its creatures. The dangerous perversion of the true principle of the masculine Hero-Son-Warrior in our world has been greatly amplified by MAGA’s adoption of Kyle Rittenhouse as a HERO, and by the fact that Ethan Crumbley’s parents essentially armed and enabled their SON to go on a shooting spree. 

Lastly it must be mentioned that on the 26 November – the midpoint of the Lunar and Solar eclipses – the World Health Organization (WHO) named and announced Omicron as a “variant of concern” because of its super-charged capacity to rapidly spread, causing a new wave of global restrictions, contractions and dread. On 5 December 2021 Bloomberg News published an article entitled “Omicron Sounds the Death Knell for Globalization 2.0” with the subtitle “On top of an intensifying cold war between the U.S. and China and other seismic changes, the rapid spread of Covid-19’s newest variant could finish off our most recent phase of global integration.” 

In my view the 19 November and 4 December Lunar eclipses coincided with a certain increase in the gravity of our civilizational crises. Life on our extraordinarily beautiful and lush Earth feels extra tense and extra precarious as we approach the 6 Point and into the last triad of our current ennead – a Point in the Zodiac/Vedic Journey which marks either the shift from Ignorance to Higher Gnosis or a collapse upon the falsehood of the Past. It is the point wherein, if Fate and the Time-Spirit allows, one learns, sees, or experiences some Higher Truth that dismantles at least some significant swath of one's previously held ignorance. At this point, one has no choice but to reorganize one’s life based on that influx of higher truth, regardless of the personal cost. It is a point of no return. This is what the 6 Point (0° Sagittarius) in the Gnostic Circle represents. The soul’s truth, and likely its mission, becomes clearly crystallized and known (no longer hidden) as a seed of all that comes next. All of one’s Mars energy is thereupon mobilized to ascend out of the darkness of the past, and to forge ahead into the new world or new territory opened up by the liberating Truth. It is the point in our evolution of consciousness when our stubborn mental-egoic shell of Ignorance is shattered by our indwelling Soul-Spark (Guha—the Hidden One) – via the Soul’s own hidden agenda and its own supramental conspiracy of circumstances. Upon the breaking of the crystalized shell or womb of our Ignorance, the Soul emerges with its higher consciousness and with its capacity to purify and integrate the ignorance of the Past. The Past (however difficult) gets redeemed in a real sense and occurs as Treasure. This Point, whether at the scale of the individual or the collective) is the culmination of an epically difficult evolutionary process and labor, and like any birth process, it happens at its own pace, and the gestation process is not at all controlled by the Mental consciousness. It is the Supramental gestation and labor of the indwelling soul.

Happy Solstice/Makar Sankranti to all. As light begins to increase and as we approach the 6 Point of our ennead, it feels one-hundred percent appropriate to call forward the Light and Truth that we carry (the Divine Flame however hidden) in the vessels our own bodies and minds, and to pray for or invite in grace, compassion, love and maybe even a sense of humor and joy as we engage in our collective yoga of transformation. In case some readers are interested in more detailed astrological analysis of our current and coming transits, I have added some links in the endnotes[16] to several astrologers and resources that I have found useful this year.

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Full Series Links: 1234567.17.28.1, or 8.2


[1] On 1 January of 1969, (the 7 Point of the 1962-1971 ennead), the Mother experienced and discussed “the descent of the superman consciousness”. See The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 10, 1 January, 4 January and 8 January 1969.

[2] See “Seeing In Understanding – Part One".

[3] 12 February + 280 days = 19 November. In terms of degrees of the 360° Zodiacal Year, 24° Aquarius (12 February) + 280° [7 x 40°] = 4° Sagittarius, closely conjunct the 3°49′ natal Sun position of “the Fourth”. 24° Aquarius + 270° (nine zodiacal months) = 24° Scorpio. 24° Aquarius + 270° + 1° = 25° Scorpio which corresponds to the date and degree of the Mother's passing on 17 November in 1973. Thea referred to the nine months before the Mother's passing as "the final nine months of the Mother's mysterious yoga of transformation."

[4] 5 January 2016 + 280 days = 11 October 2016, the day of Thea’s cremation.

[5] Sri Aurobindo passed in 1950 and the Mother passed in 1973. Thea’s discussion of the 18-day span between their respective departures naturally arose from her seeing both events in the context of the same 12-month Year or cycle. On p. 409 of The New Way, Vols. 1&2, Thea wrote “12° Sagittarius, corresponds to 5 December”. She also discusses the fact that he passed at 12° Sagittarius in terms of his enneadic cycle as well as in the cycle of the zodiacal year. The Mother, on the other hand, passed at the cusp of 20° Scorpio in her ennead (269 days into her 95th year) and 25° Scorpio in the zodiacal year.   

[6] In The New Way, Vols. 1&2, Thea wrote of 3°54′ Sagittarius as the position of the Sun upon Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth, in conjunction with the position of her own natal North Node (5° Sagittarius), and in conjunction with the progression of Sri Aurobindo’s Lunar Nodes (3° Gemini/Sagittarius) on 26 November 1963 [pp. 419-420]. Taking DST (Daylight Savings Time) into account, I calculate the position of the Sun upon Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth (as recognized by Thea) as 3°49′ Sagittarius.

[7] See “The Sacred Measure of 432,000 ⁓ Part 3: The Sexagesimal Measure of the 360° Circle”.

[8] This number sequence of the Solar Line refers to Sri Aurobindo born in a 9 number-power year (1872), the Mother born in a 6 number-power year (1878), Thea (aka “the Third”) born in a 3 number-power year (1938), and her son, born in a 1 number power year (1963), aka “the Fourth”.

[9] Thea must have calculated these 9 months based on the uneven months of the Gregorian calendar (21-Feb-21 November). If calculated via adding 270 (9 x 30) days to 21 February, the result is 18 November. If calculated by adding 270° to the Mother’s birth degree – 2° 45′ Pisces, the result is 2° 45′ Sagittarius, conjunct the 3° Sagittarius natal Sun of “the Fourth”. As noted in Endnote 3, adding 270° (nine months) to my own natal Sun at 24° Aquarius (12 February), yields 24° Scorpio, conjunct the Mother’s 17 November (25° Scorpio) 1973 passing.

[10] Thea calculated the Ascendant of "the Fourth" as 26° Taurus, without taking into account that Daylight Savings Time (DST) was in effect at the time. With DST time accounted for, his Ascendant is 12°56' Taurus, still with the Pleiades rising in the first house. Note: Uranus (retrograde) was positioned at 12°12' Taurus during the 19 November 2021 Lunar Eclipse, and will move through the last minutes of 12° Taurus circa 1 April 2022.

[11] Rig Veda 7.49.3, 8.58.12, tr. RTH Griffith.  

[12] “Varuna cut a pathway out for Surya, and led the watery floods of rivers onward. The Mares, as in a race, speed on in order. He made great channels for the days to follow.” – Rig Veda 7.87.1, tr. RTH Griffith

“Varuṇa lets the big cask [kávandham=kumbha], opening downward, flow through the heaven and earth and air's mid-region.…. I will declare this mighty deed of magic, of glorious Varuṇa the Lord Immortal, Who standing in the firmament hath meted the earth out with the Sun as with a measure. None, verily, hath ever let or hindered this the most wise God's mighty deed of magic, Whereby with all their flood, the lucid rivers fill not one sea wherein they pour their waters.” – Rig Veda 5.85.3, 5-6, tr. RTH Griffith    

“Thou, Varuṇa, to whom belong Seven Rivers, art a glorious God. The waters flow into thy throat as ’twere a pipe with ample mouth.” – Rig Veda 8.58.12, tr. RTH Griffith (Jamison & Brereton: 8.69.12)

[13] With regard to the obstruction and distortion of the Mother’s original vision for her 12-pillared (Vedic) Temple by the township of Auroville and all involved, Thea wrote:

“[The transmutation of Scorpio], hinging as it did on the Yoga of the Chamber, had its counterpart in the Temple episode: the poisoning energy which had to be released and transmuted is the very energy that lodged itself at the heart of the Mother’s township, preventing a successful fulfillment of its destiny. Thus this ‘Scorpion’ had to have its ‘stinger cut’. In another interesting parallel, the two persons largely responsible for the obstruction and blockage in the right construction of the Mother’s Chamber were born under Aries and Scorpio.” – Thea, “Scorpio, Transmuted?”, The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 4.1, April 1989

[14]  “[F]rom 2002 to the present, the Yoga of the Chronicles [of the Inner Chamber] was undertaken. That brought the final demise of the Ignorance, trapped as it was  in the Shadow-Chamber expressly created for this most sacred purpose, and of the greatest  service imaginable to the Earth. By the spring of 2004 the ‘stinger’ was cut, the power-source of Inertia was eliminated; it was rendered out of bounds to the Usurpers. Thus the ‘purpose’ of the former city and temple has been completed victoriously, dark though it was. But can we really call it a dark purpose? Surely we cannot, in the light of a total vision of the work we are engaged in. Those ‘fields’ were required until August 2005 [when their reason for being was brought to an end].” – Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, “Update 9”, 29 September 2005 [Bold emphasis added]

[15] The Mean Lunar Nodes, which averages out the movement of the Lunar Nodes throughout the 18.6-year 360° cycle, cross 0° Gemini/Sagittarius into Taurus/Scorpio on 22 December 2021, conjunct the 2021 December Solstice (Makar Sankranti) on 21 December. Steven Forest’s analysis of this transit is worth reading: “The Nodal Axis Shifts into SCORPIO-TAURUS”. The difference between True and Mean Lunar Nodes is described HERE.

[16] Resources: For those interested in learning more about significant transits of 2021 and the coming years/decades, I recommend the videos/analyses of two astrologers. Pam Gregory and Richard Tarnas. They both have a knack for giving a good overview of astrological energies and transformations. I invite readers to send along any links to other analyses that you find informative via email, comments or this blog's contact form. Those who have read Thea’s books The Gnostic Circle and The Magical Carousel will be best equipped to understand the astrological symbols and signs within the context of our shared evolutionary journey. 

Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 4th December  – P. Gregory

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 19th November 2021 – P. Gregory

Uranus in Taurus 2018-2026 – P. Gregory

US Pluto Return – P. Gregory

Old Vs. New Under Saturn-Uranus Aspects with Richard Tarnas  

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