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Unveiling the Mysteries and Higher Purpose of Time and Its Measure (A BOOK OFFER)

This post is a reminder that Aeon Group's BOOK OFFER of The New Way, Vols. 1&2 expires on 22 September 2019
The Mother's Symbol -- a symbol of the 12 month Vedic Year (aka Zodiac). It formed the basis of the sacred geometry of the Mother's Temple which was distorted in Auroville, but discussed in full in The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2.  "[In] the study of Time we must come to a truer position and discover now its higher aspect, which speaks of the immortal state of the soul and its journey on the river of a divine evolution of life. For such a higher evolution the instrumentation of the power of Time is fundamental, in as much as it is the very woof and warp of our existence; and we cannot proceed further in our development  unless the gnostic cell of a new collective consciousness touches upon the higher purpose of Time, discovers the key to the foundations of its inherent harmony and reveals this to the world." ‒ Patrizia Norell-Bachelet (Thea), The New Way,…

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AEON GROUP, a corporation for Spiritual Renaissance and not-for-profit organization based in the USA, is offering complimentary copies of The New Way, Volumes 1 &2 to readers this Summer (21 June-22 September 2019)

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