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The Sacred Geometry & Vedic Origin of the Alchemical Rebis and Philosopher's Stone ⁓ Part 1

The Alchemical Rebis Vesica Piscis & Radius overlay by Lori Tompkins (21.3.2023) Early in 2023 a friend sent me a reproduction of the Alchemical Rebis as found in Heinrich Nollius's Theoria Philosophiae Hermeticae (1617). Given what I learned in 2016 about the vesica piscis functioning as a key of much of our world's ancient occult symbols and mythologies, I proceeded to overlay the vesica piscis on top of the Philosopher's Stone, a.k.a. Philosopher's Egg, World Egg or Cosmic Egg, that encompasses Nollius's Rebis, which in turn led to seeing deeper into the geometry and proportions of the Rebis's Stone/Egg and its contents. In Part 2 I will present a detailed illustration and discussion of the occult sacred geometry and proportions of Nollius's Rebis scene; but first I would like to lay out some of what is commonly understood about this alchemical imagery and to reconnect it with its long-forgotten Vedic and zodiacal basis.     "The Rebis symbol c

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