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The Sacred Measure of 432,000 ⁓ Part 4: The Sacred Syllable of the Rig Veda

[Link to Part One, Two or Three] In Part Three I wrote: “Just as the 432,000 figure of the Yugas has been misunderstood over the ages, and remains misunderstood by most in our modern era, it is indeed possible, perhaps even likely, that the 432,000 figure associated with the measure of the Vedas has also been misunderstood. In the case of the Yugas, the 432,000 measure has been widely misunderstood to mean years rather than seconds of degrees of arc of the Precessional Cycle/Circle. In the case of the Rig Veda, perhaps the 432,000 measure was misapplied to syllables, rather than being understood as the principle measure of the 360° Vedic Year. One of the sacred names given to the Divine Measure of the vesica piscis in the Rig Veda (which I discussed in Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom) is the sacred syllable (akṣara). Another is the sacred word (vak, brahmana). I will address this further in Part Four, but I bring it up here because this could very well explain why the (sexagesimal) 432…

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