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The Shape of Water

In a recent post [The 144th Kentucky Derby & the Horse's Treasure], I wrote:
'[W]hen one enters into the field of the Supramental Yoga or Supramental Consciousness, it becomes apparent that ALL of life's circumstances are COINCIDING regardless of the fragmented Egoic-Mental Consciousness's incapacity to see or experience this Oneness. In truth there are no ISOLATED coincidences (or synchronicities) in our unified field of Time and Space, the state of COINCIDENCE is constant and all-encompassing. ...In our Mental consciousness we sometimes witness occasional glimpses of this underlying reality, via certain remarkable intersections of events in Time and Space, which we label as a 'coincidence'. These remarkable coincidences can serve an important purpose when they remind us that there is more to our Reality than meets the Eye. Eventually, however, these individual coincidences need to be seen in terms of the larger totality of our Being in which ALL is COINC…

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