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Demystifying the Ancient Symbol of Three Fish with One Head

[Between the time I started writing this post and the time I am posting it, things have gotten exponentially more wonky in the USA (and many places in the world) due to CoVid 19. The San Francisco Bay Area (where I live) was the first area in the USA to declare "Shelter in Place" orders and now, the whole of California and many states are following suit. Not a very Happy Spring Equinox. My next post will include some thoughts and observations about this global pandemic in terms of the Supramental Cosmology. I am beginning to host some free SHELTER-IN-PLACE HATHA YOGA CLASSES, please use the contact page/form to send me your email (or private message me at 'Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom' on Facebook) if you wish to be sent the invitation-links to the Zoom classes.]

A colleague of mine recently sent me an article entitled “From emperor Akbar’s tomb to Ginsberg’s sketchbook, this mysterious motif has persisted over time” by Annabel Teh Gallop (Scroll.In, 25 January 20…

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