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The Obstruction of the Vedic Waters & the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio ⁓ Part 1

Happy Spring to all. I took a bit of a needed writing sabbatical after finishing my last series in late January. I still feel like I have two addendums to add to that series, one regarding the Trump-led “insurrection” at the US Capitol on 6 January 2021, and the other regarding the 144-year timespan between Sri Aurobindo’s birth (1872) and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s (Thea’s) passing in 2016. Am not sure when I will get around to writing either. Throughout the first quarter of 2021 I was aware that 1 April 2021 would mark our entrance into Vishnu’s fixed sign of Scorpio ( ) in our current ennead, exactly opposite (4.5 years after) our entrance into Vishnu’s fixed Earth sign of Taurus ( ) on 1 October 2016, which brought forward the release of the long-lost geometric and zodiacal sense of the Vedic rivers (floods, streams, waters, etc.) on 2 October 2016, followed by Thea’s passing seven days later on 9 October 2016. In Part Seven of my last series I discussed the first 9 months of the

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