On 30 April 2018, I changed my blog's name from Integral Yoga Studies to Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom (the name of my 2018 book) and upgraded its design template. 2 June 2018 marks the 9 year anniversary the birth of this blog, which began with the following post.
 A BLOG IS BORN  Considering disharmony is a byproduct of forgetting what one truly has in common with others, this blog is meant as a place to remind myself and my fellow earth-mates that we are not only ONE IN THE SPIRIT as the Christian song goes, but we are also ONE IN BODY and ONE IN TIME. If we leave out the last two in our quest for knowledge or spiritual growth, I think harmony among human beings will remain an ideal and not a realization.
I began this blog 9 years after visiting Pondicherry for the first time and therein became made aware that the Supramental Descent was an ongoing affair and that the Sri Aurobindo Ashram had closed itself off to the continuation of the important work begun by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. I was not made aware by anyone at the ashram. This information was simply conveyed to me out of thin air, on 11 January 2000, while I was looking at the last two pictures of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother ever taken while they were alive. This story, and how I was thereupon led to Kodaikanal and to Thea's  (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's) Supramental and Integral Gnosis is all told in my book. Ever since finding Thea's book 'The Gnostic Circle' circa the Spring Equinox of 2000, I have known it is my work to be an ally of the continued descent of Supramental and Integral Gnosis in our Aquarian Age. Interestingly enough, I published my book on 11 January 2018, on the 18 year anniversary of being 'told' that the next stage of the Supramental Descent would be obstructed by those at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and its supporters throughout the world who were not at all interested in any new descent of Supramental Gnosis. So this blog began circa the 4.5 point of that 18 year span or cycle of Time, and the book is the fruit of that 18-year 'womb' of Time. 

This blog will continue to be my primary avenue of sharing news, thoughts, articles, images, etc. that will perhaps assist others in the process of cultivating a more Integral and Supramental perspective of the our Evolutionary Journey. For the foreseeable future, I will be focused on the unveiling of the Geometric and Zodiacal sense of Vedic symbolism, as presented in my book, which is a pivotal victory in the process of dismantling our world's long-standing Ignorance and simultaneously a victory in the process of reestablishing Eternal, Integral and Supramental Gnosis of our Unified Field of Time and Space. Clearly this is still a work in process, and more people must become aware of and utilize these keys of Gnosis if our world is to successfully rise amidst the ashes of its own Ignorance, into a world founded on Higher Gnosis as prophesied by Ancient Seers and as discussed by Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea.

THE BLOG'S NEW BANNER is an image of Niagara Falls I found on Pixabay which I edited to be partially Black & White. I chose this image because it symbolizes the release of the Waters of Truth and Clarity by the Vedic Angirases (Heroes). While writing the book I discovered that the mythology of Niagara Falls closely parallels Vedic Mythology and that the name Niagara comes from the Ongiaras Native American Tribe, whose name appears to be derived from the Vedic Angirases. Niagara is also extra special to me, because, as told in the book, this was the place of my conception. The shift from Black and White to Color symbolizes the dramatic shift in perception that naturally happens with any real descent of new knowledge.