The Obstruction of the Vedic Waters & the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio ⁓ Part Five ⁓ Virgo and the Dead Egg

Geometry of the Zodiacal M, Virgo, Scorpio (Source: Lori Tompkins)
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Geometry of the Zodiacal M, Scorpio & the Sagittarian Arrow (Source: Lori Tompkins)
In Part Four I presented an image of what I see as the geometric basis of the M shape of the Virgo and Scorpio hieroglyphs which straddle the balancing point of 0° Libra, as shown above. [1] I also presented the image to the right wherein the ascending side of the Air Sign triangle and of the M shape is the geometric basis of the arrow hieroglyph of Sagittarius contained in the seventh vesica piscis of the Zodiac. The inner arc or river of this seventh vesica piscis – stretching from 0° Libra to 0° Aquarius – is specifically drawn, dug or poured out by the ray or radius of 0° Sagittarius. [2] Via this image we can see the M body and arrow tail of the Scorpio hieroglyph within the larger context of the Zodiacal year which in the Rig Veda is called the Yajna, meaning sacrifice or, more specifically, the Earth's twelve-month sacrificial or sacred solar year. Soon after constructing this image emphasizing the seventh vesica piscis, I constructed a similar image emphasizing the sixth vesica piscis of the Zodiac. 
Geometry of the Zodiacal M & Virgo (Source: Lori Tompkins)

The most common iteration of the Virgo hieroglyph features a tail that loops clockwise from the top of the M shape: . This creates the image of an M merged with a slanted  fish-shape: . Sometimes it is drawn as: . Thea saw and drew the tail of the Virgo hieroglyph emerging upwards out of the bottom right base of the M (like the arrow-tail of the Scorpio hieroglyph) before looping counter clockwise backwards into the M: .

Geometry of the Zodiacal M, Virgo & Martanda (Source: Lori Tompkins)After seeing the form of the sixth river/vesica piscis of the Zodiac in conjunction with the measure of the large M, I wondered if the looped tail of Virgo was originally constructed by ancient seers not only as a symbol of the difficulties faced in ascending beyond mortality into the Swar realm of the immortals (as discussed by Thea), but also as a symbol of the sacred geometry and position of Virgo within the Zodiac. In the image to the right, I added a small circle-loop to visually connect the zodiacal M to the arc of the sixth vesica piscis. As readers can see, the sixth vesica piscis or river of the Zodiac arcs or flows precisely 120° (=432,000ʺ) from the entrance of the sixth sign of Virgo (the “Virgin”) to the entrance into the tenth sign of Capricorn (the “Horned Goat”). If this is what the ancient seers had in mind, then the tail of the Virgo hieroglyph occultly measures out its own position in the Zodiac as well as the gateway into Capricorn and the last quadrant of the Zodiac, which Thea equated with the heavenly Swar realm of the Vedas consisting of the last three signs: Capricorn, Aquarius and Piscis. 

Some who are familiar with my writings may have noticed already that this sixth vesica piscis and river of the Zodiac is formed or drawn out by the radius of 0° Scorpio – equivalent to the 8th son, ray or spoke of the 12-spoked Zodiac, the first being 0° Aries. As Thea discussed in her writings, the 8th sign of Scorpio and our current “human creation” is referred to in the Rig Veda as Martanda, meaning "Dead Egg". 

“In the Rig Veda they call this creation of ours, this human creation, Martanda; children of Martanda, the eighth son of the Divine, Aditi. The 8th.… [M]artanda means the ‘dead egg’….” – Thea, “Study Circle with Thea”, 18 April, 1994, The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 9.2 

“[In] Scorpio, the second Water sign after Cancer, this living cell experiences its tragic end, for the energy of Mars, ruler of Scorpio, turns back upon itself and consumes itself. The cells are 'eaten up' in a continuous process of auto-destruction when they cannot be regenerated by the Fire of a transmuted power, the symbol of the fiery arrows of the Centaur. The inferior warriors, these cells who are at the mercy of the unredeemed masculine consciousness, cannot tolerate the light that plunges into their midst…. Hence they turn upon each other and destroy themselves.” – Thea, The Magic Carousel Commentaries, p. 68

In Rig Veda 10.68, Agni’s victory (as Bṛhaspati, the lord of sacred speech) over the darkness and obstructive forces of the fixed water sign of Scorpio is likened to young bird (=child) coming out of an egg after it is cracked open, and equally as cows (=rivers) coming out of a mountain and cave. 

“That secret name borne by the lowing cattle within the cave Bṛhaspati discovered, And drave, himself, the bright kine from the mountain, like a bird's young after the egg's disclosure.” – tr. RTH Griffith

The dark enclosing egg, cave and mountain out of which Agni is born (along with “that secret name”) can equally be seen and understood as symbols of the enclosing vessel or womb of the vesica piscis, and as symbols of the long-standing ignorance of this Immortal Egg (=Law) of the Vedic Sacrifice, an ignorance which bears the full extent of its toxic or poisonous consequences (=Death) within the cycle of Life in the eighth sign of Scorpio. Unknown, the sanatana dharma (=eternal law) and treasures of the vesica piscis and of the Vedic sacrifice remain imprisoned, contained, obstructed and unreleased. Known, this sanatana dharma (of the immortal Vedic waters) is released and purifies the world’s mass ignorance of the twelve-month Vedic Year and the corresponding mass ignorance of the myriad myths and symbols born out of this ancient mandala and measure of the unified field of Time and Space.

I see the shape and measure of the sixth vesica piscis of the Zodiac as equivalent to Scorpio’s Dead Egg. This vesica piscis (=egg) simultaneously contains and is formed by the son (=radius) of 0° Scorpio. It does not ascend into the fourth and highest quadrant of the Zodiac. Its wide arc arrives at the gateway (sankranti) of Capricorn (Makar) but does not pass beyond it into the Swar realm of the Immortals. Thus, it can be seen that this Scorpio "egg" measures and marks out the boundary of the Mortal mental consciousness.

Four Quadrants of Zodiac, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet
This image is based upon Thea’s image, as found in The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 399 

Although Thea (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet) did not see or discuss the M shape of the Virgo and Scorpio hieroglyphs in terms of the geometry or measure of the Zodiac, she did recognize their interconnected form and symbolism within the context of the Vedic Year. She published a booklet in 2008 (written in 2005) entitled Explorations into the Leonardo Mystery: “A Tale of Two M’s” wherein she discussed the zodiacal symbolism of Leonardo da Vinci’s mural painting of “The Last Supper” featuring Jesus and his twelve apostles corresponding to the twelve months of the Zodiac.

The M of "The Last Supper" Source: Thea’s Explorations into the Leonardo Mystery: “A Tale of Two M’s”, p. 2
The M of "The Last Supper", from Thea’s Explorations into the Leonardo Mystery: “A Tale of Two M’s”, p. 2. 

“[T]here are two M hieroglyphs in the zodiac. The first is Virgo, the Virgin and we know who that is. No one will dispute the role of Mary, virgin mother of Jesus. [3] But on the other side of Libra that separates these two M's, there is Scorpio, the Magdalene. The dual symbolism of the sign is the key because it describes the woes of women through the past dark age, as well as their 'redemption' now, in our very times. Indeed, the Magdalene holds the key to that redemption.” – Ibid., p. 13

“The 6th Virgo tail-closed M apostle informs us through the gesture that what follows is indeed the crux of The Last Supper's profound content. The theme is the betrayal by Judas and the consequent crucifixion, so naturally Scorpio, the second M complete with the mystifying knife behind the 8th apostle/sign, is the focus of the entire composition. What Leonardo conveys is the consequence of that 'betrayal' for the human species, exactly as described in Genesis, and confirmed in our times by micro-biology: the 'choice' by Eve resulted in an evolutionary process condemning the species to sex and death as an atavistic compulsion down the line from generation to generation. This is the lost paradise after the Fall-the loss of an immortal state of being, down to the physical.

“We carry this 'memory' in our cells. For this reason human beings harbour an insatiable thirst for knowledge of higher states. Indeed, we will know no peace until the secret is revealed and the mystery is bared. Somewhere deep inside we know that this too is our birthright, perhaps more so than suffering and sin and death, if we could but throw off the slumber the Scorpio sting induces and soar to those yet to be explored superior states of being - right here on Earth, not in any imagined heaven beyond this cosmos that is our home.” – Ibid., pp. 3-4

Thea also discussed these two M’s in The Magical Carousel Commentaries (published in 1979) and in her 2011 series, “Updating the Vedic Altar”.

“The Scorpio hieroglyph is related to that of Virgo. In the latter the vital energy symbolised in the three-and-a-half coils of the glyph (the same as the three-and-a-half-coiled Kundalini serpent) is not released. But in Scorpio the tail juts out and we experience the release. This, however, does not imply a release of the energy in the sex act, which leads not to liberation but to death. In such a case the tail would not bear the head of an arrow, an object that becomes fundamental as a symbol in the next sign Sagittarius. By now the observer will have well understood that there is a perfectly rational and unified progression through the zodiac which we can easily perceive in the signs' respective hieroglyphs. No sign and its symbol can be understood unless it is taken in conjunction with its companions on the wheel. Thus the Scorpio glyph is clear when we see it in connection with Virgo and Sagittarius. In Virgo we find the 'M' of the glyph to be the same; only the tail differs in that it has no arrow tip and sweeps into the figure: the power is totally enclosed. Whereas in Sagittarius we find no 'M', but we do encounter the arrow. By the time we reach Sagittarius the energy is completely sublimated, the coiled Kundalini is no longer trapped in the base of the spine at the service of the lower nature.…”  ‒ Thea, The Magical Carousel Commentaries, p. 68 [Bold emphasis added]


“[O]nly through Indian tradition can we come to understand the true meaning of the Scorpio glyph. It is the released energy – sometimes called Kundalini – primarily in sexual activity. In Hindu iconography this M is portrayed as a 3-coiled serpent just as the hieroglyph depicts. There are two related hieroglyphs in the zodiac: Virgo of the 6th stage/sign and Scorpio the 8th.

“As can be noted, in the 6th, Virgo, the ‘tail’ turns back on itself; the sexual energy is not released – hence the Virgin. In the 8th the ‘tail’ juts out indicating release; and Scorpio is the sign relating to sex. The hieroglyphs cannot be understood within the context of the Vedic Journey unless they are seen together, and with Libra (Tula) in between. In fact, I must go further to state that the success of the entire initiatic Journey hinges on the passage through these very signs which in the myth is the realm of Vala, where the stolen ‘cows’ are hoarded and must be released. The 8th is, furthermore, the sign of Death. In the Veda this ‘hoarding’ is Inertia – i.e., death, or the movement arrested before the solar world of the Immortal Ones is reached. When the transformation occurs through processes recorded in the cosmic script itself, the Scorpion becomes the Eagle – the higher aspect of the sign; that is, the initiate has not succumbed to the sleep that is Death.” – Thea, “Updating the Vedic Altar – 10”, Puranic Cosmology Updated, 29.10.11 [Bold emphasis added]

In this “Updating the Vedic” excerpt above, Thea was responding to Avtar Krishen Kaul who had voiced the following critique:

“[A] fundamental error here is that the hieroglyphs that you have used are for the names “Aries”, “Taurus” etc. instead of their Sanskrit equivalents like Mesha, Vrisha etc. In India, if a rashi [zodiacal sign] like Scorpio has to be represented symbolically, it will be as a “Vrischika” that is as a scorpion really and not as the Greek letter “m” which in itself can never be of Indian origin….” 

It appears that Kaul believes the Western names and hieroglyphs of the twelve zodiacal signs have no connection to Vedic gnosis, and likewise that the M shape of the Virgo and Scorpio glyphs, and of the letter M itself, have no connection to Vedic gnosis and thus carry in themselves no REAL Vedic sense. His take on this occurs to me as short-sighted. 

M formed by Equilateral Triangle & Square. (Source: Lori Tompkins)
In addition to the measure and configuration of the M within the Vedic Year as drawn out above, the shape and geometry of the M can be seen as a chimera or merging of the Triangle and Square and thus of the number powers of 3 and 4. The form of M can also be seen as a symbol of the natural shape of a valley in between two peaks or ridges. The following image from demonstrates an ancient connection between the M form and the shape of mountains or hills.   

The ancient connection between the M and mountains, hills, etc.

In this light, the two-dimensional M can be seen as a symbol of a four-dimensional landscape, in which a river – via laws of nature, gravity and Time – runs through or cuts through a valley between two ridges.

M shape of two ridges, valley and river.

Hapi/Aquarian Water Bearer pouring out waters/rivers from two vessels.
Intriguingly enough, the letter M is thought by some to descend from the wavy Egyptian glyph for a river: . [4] In the image to the right the Egyptian god Hapi, is portrayed as the Aquarian Water Bearer with waters streaming out from two vessels. [A full color version of Hapi as the Water Bearer is found on a ceiling panel of the Dendera Temple complex.] Egyptian hieroglyphics include both two-fold and three-fold expressions of the river glyph: , .

We find a two-fold expression of this wave form in the hieroglyph of Aquarius , sometimes drawn with angular waves . This Aquarian glyph is found on a Harappan Seal (c. 2500 BC, Indus Valley), though I don’t believe it is widely recognized as zodiacal.

Indus Valley Seal, Two-Wave/River Glyph: Saraswati/Aquarius.
Harappan/Indus Valley Seal

I cannot remember

where I originally found the image of this seal, but I do remember that the wavy glyph was specifically associated with Saraswati, named in the Rig Veda as the seventh of the seven rivers released by the Vedic heroes, which as I have discussed, arcs to 0° Aquarius/Kumbha. This seal depicts a Bull who has arrived at, or stands in front of what Iravatham Mahadevan saw as a symbol (circa 1981-83) of the filter and sieve of the 9th Mandala of the Rig Veda. [5] In my view this filter/sieve, which Agni (aka as Soma Pavamana) moves or flows through to purify himself, is sometimes equivalent to the seventh vesica piscis (river) of the Zodiac (aka Saraswati). On other occasions the filter and sieve (like the kumbha or water jar) are used indicate the actual destination, goal or endpoint of Agni’s purifying movement into the Swar realm of the Zodiac. In Rig Veda 9.66.9, Agni (Soma Pavamana) is driven by the seven rivers (=sisters, streams, virgins, coursers, drops) to “the sieve”. In Rig Veda 9.66.10-11 he pours forth these seven streams to the “the meath-distilling vat” (tr. RTH Griffith). In Rig Veda 9.66.12 this same point in the Zodiac (=0° Aquarius) is portrayed as a lake (=reservoir)

“Driving thee in Vivasvān's course, the Seven Sisters with their hymns made melody round thee the Sage. The [seven] virgins deck thee o’er fresh streams to drive thee to the sieve when thou, a singer, bathest in the wood. The [seven] streams of Pavamana, thine, Sage, Mighty One, have poured them forth. Like coursers eager for renown, [the seven rivers] have been poured upon the fleece towards the meath-distilling vat: The [seven] holy songs have sounded forth. Like milch-kine coming home, the [seven] drops of Soma juice have reached the lake, have reached the place of sacrifice.” – Rig Veda 9.66. 8-12, tr. RTH Griffith

In addition to being characterized as a Horse, Sage, and Child of the Waters, Agni/Soma Pavamana (the radius/son of 0° Sagittarius) is also characterized as a Bull and Calf in the Vedas. By whatever name, from his third seat or birth in the Vedic Year (=Sacrifice=Zodiac), Agni delivers the filtered or purified Soma wine, drops or draughts to Indra "the Bull of Heaven" who, thus empowered, destroys the dark forces of obstruction and releases the seven rivers. In my mind Indra is a name of Agni (the one who goes by many names), indicating his full manifestation and victory upon his arrival at Vishnu's "highest seat", i.e. Aquarius – the only sign of the Zodiac whose symbols and lore are concerned with the release of heavenly waters.

“The gold-hued juice, poured out upon the filter, is…like a car sent forth to conquer. [Agni/Soma Pavamana] hath gained song and vigour while they [the seven rivers] cleansed him, and hath rejoiced the Gods with entertainments.  [Agni] hath reached the filter: bearing his name, the Sage hath sought his dwelling. The Ṛṣis came to him, seven holy singers, when in the bowls he settled as Invoker. … In thy mysterious place, O Pavamana Soma….Ten on the fleecy height, themselves, self-prompted, and seven fresh rivers, brighten and adorn thee. …[L]ike a true King who goes to great assemblies, Soma hath sought the beakers while they cleansed him, and like a wild bull, [enters the vessel]” – Rig Veda 9.92.1-6 excerpts, tr. RTH Griffith [final text in brackets tr. RL Kashyap, all emphasis added].

With all of this in mind, knowing what Agni’s “seven fresh rivers” are and where they flow to in the Zodiac, the presence of the  glyph on this Harrapan Seal very much appears to be telling the story of Agni’s (Soma Pavamana’s) arrival at his ‘“special place” in the 360° Vedic Sacrifice, aka the Kumbha of Aquarius. Note that the Harappan seals (molds) deliver a laterally inverted impression thus  becomes  when pressed onto a receptive surface. If one looks closely at the two-river glyph of Aquarius, one can see it actually looks a lot like the M-shape of Scorpio with no arrowhead on the tail . Indus Valley Script includes a similar wave with curved edges , as well as the shape of M fused with the figure of a Man and the figure of an arrow. [6]

IVS, Indus Valley, M, Man & Arrow

We know that Aquarius/Kumbha – the 11th sign of the Zodiac – is an Air sign. Nonetheless, its two-wave or two-river symbol, whether drawn with angular  or curved waves , is a symbol of the pouring out and release of the sacred waters (rivers) of the Water Bearer and his Kumbha, which are fixed or obstructed in the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio. 

The Dead Egg of Scorpio and the Birth of the Divine Light

As I have conveyed above, the geometric egg, seed and (virgin) womb of the vesica piscis is Immortal. Put more directly, the vesica piscis is an Immortal Egg as opposed to a Dead Egg. It is an eternal and universal law or sanatana dharma of the circle that cannot be harmed or diminished regardless of its placement in the Zodiac or anywhere in the Universe for that matter. As such, the Vedic Rishis referred to the vesica piscis (and its indwelling radius/son) as immortal, eternal, imperishable, golden, undiminished, unharmed and such in their hymns. However, its function as a key and light of the Vedic Rishis’ symbolic language can be and has been hidden, covered and lost for a long period of time by a thick veil of collective Ignorance. Thus the “Dead Egg” of Scorpio can be seen as a symbol of the temporary darkening, covering or loss of the sanatana dharma of the vesica piscis (the Immortal/Golden Egg) as the key measure and basis of the measure of the Vedic Sacrifice, and as the key of the secret symbolic language the Rishis used to discuss and protect their gnosis from the uninitiated. 

The Dead Egg (Martanda) and the obstruction of the Vedic Waters are two different symbols of the same darkness or ignorance faced in the 8th stage of the 12-staged zodiacal/evolutionary journey. In this stage of the journey we face the “Dead End” of our fragmented ignorant mental consciousness. Without the higher light of universal and eternal truth, the stagnant waters of our ignorant consciousness become a womb of disease and death as opposed to the flowing waters that generate and sustain life and enable us to bathe, clean and purify ourselves. In this stage, the process of birthing or fully manifesting the higher light of our soul in the material world is repeatedly thwarted by some form of Death or collapse upon the absence of a true center, i.e. the un-awakened, un-forged or unborn Divine-Core-Truth of one's Being and Becoming. [See Part One, featuring many of Thea’s quotes on Scorpio.] 

The sanatana dharma or eternal law and truth of the Vedic Rishis is considered to be the basis and foundation of Indian culture. Since the late 19th century, Sanatana Dharma has been used by Hindus as an honorific name for Hinduism. What needs to be recognized and redressed in our Age of Aquarius – the Age of the Water Bearer – is the fact that the collective understanding that the sanatana dharma of the Vedic Rishis has been long darkened, covered and obstructed by wide-spread Ignorance of the hidden role the eternal law of the radius and vesica piscis plays in the sacred measure of the Vedic Yajna (=the Earth's Solar/Tropical Year) and thus in the Vedic hymns. In truth, the sanatana dharma, as known and celebrated by the Vedic Rishis, cannot be fully restored apart from the original context of the twelve-month Vedic Year and the eternal law and divine maya (=divine measure) of its sacred geometry.

As long as the eternal law and geometry of the radius, vesica piscis and Zodiac is not understood as the foundation and basis of the Vedic sanatana dharma, India will remain stuck, along with the rest of the world, in the “Dead Egg” or “stagnant water” consciousness, unable to win, release and utilize the all-integrating light, amrita, and treasures of the Vedas, unable to achieve purification by the sacred Vedic rivers, unable to attain and see through the luminous Eye of the Vedic Seer-Sages, and unable to rise to its Vishwa Guru potential and responsibility of bringing the eternal Vedic Light/Law to the world. The victory and the purification process of the Vedic Sage or Guru – the dispeller of darkness/bringer of Light – over the obstructive forces of Scorpio naturally entails recovering and reestablishing the original zodiacal and geometric context and measure of the Vedic Sacrifice and its symbols. There is simply zero possibility of fully uplifting the ancient and unifying Light and Law of the Vedic Rishis as long as their ancient symbols remain disconnected from their original context. The victory and purification process described in the Vedas by the Vedic Rishis absolutely hinges upon UNCOVERING, UNOBSTRUCTING and widely RELEASING the original zodiacal and geometric context of their veiled language, and thereby reuniting with the eternal Light and Truth contained in the vessels of the Rishis’ veiled symbols. 

The mass ignorance of the original context and key of Vedas – i.e. the  ignorance of the uninitiated – is at least as old as the Vedic hymns which were intentionally designed to veil, obscure or occult sacred gnosis from “the profane” as Sri Aurobindo wrote. This long-standing ignorance has been a dark womb, gestating all manner of distortion, fragmentation, dogma and religious beliefs that are widely unhinged from their original context. It has set people against each other rather than uniting them within the shared living context, container and womb of our actual life cycles on Earth – our shared 360° Divine “Sacrifice” (Yajna), aka the Circle of Life (=the Zodiac) with its immortal "living" waters.

At the same time, over the course of multiple ages, the mass Ignorance of this Vedic key and context has also gestated and brought forward the birth and recovery of the Truth/Light which was hidden the Vedic hymns and symbols. The eternal geometric truth that was submerged or heavily veiled in the dark waters of Ignorance however many thousands of years ago by the Vedic Rishis has been recovered, unveiled and unobstructed in our day and [Aquarian] age, regardless of who recognizes it at this point. The Vedic Truth/Light has been born out of its womb, vessel and covering. Via this intentional seeding, gestation, birth and unveiling of hidden truth, we can develop an appreciation for the fact that our Ignorance is a womb, shell, covering and even a vessel of Truth which naturally bears Truth forward in the course of Time. We can take heart and solace knowing that the profound Ignorance of Mortal Mental Mankind, disastrous it is on many fronts, carries within itself the emerging Light, Truth, Consciousness-Force, and Bliss of our Soul. We can likewise appreciate the fact that the FIXED Waters or Obstructions of Scorpio have their place and purpose within our evolutionary journey and that the obstructions or veils are thinned and dissolved, and the waters/treasures are released when the appropriate Time Has Come and not a moment before.

As Thea directly experienced and documented via her own Vedic/Yogic journey, the Supramental and Divine Self organizes its own victories, its own manifestation and self-revelation, regardless of how veiled or hidden this Self is within the womb of our circumstances. For those who awaken within the course of the Vedic journey (i.e. in the course of Time, in the course of Yoga), what seemed to be the random circumstances of one’s life become redeemed or purified in a sense because one SEES how the circumstances and real symbols of one’s life contained and carried the Soul’s Core-Truth in themselves all along. Thus the journeyer (i.e. the hero of the hero's journey) lives into the blissful Vedic experience of hidden treasures being released, born forward and poured out from their cave, container, veil or vessel. This Vedic yajna/yoga and divine victory or birth or purification is to be lived and experienced directly within the material world, within the 360° field, cycles, course, and womb of Time and Space, not outside or apart from it. As Sri Aurobindo conveyed in his many writings, the true goal of the Yoga is the full manifestation or birth of the Divine IN material creation, not the transcendence or escape out of it. When born or revealed, the Immanent Divine reestablishes and illuminates the Divinity of its own concealing veils, vessels and forms, both on the macrocosmic scale of its own field of Time and Space and on the microcosmic scale of individual life forms, individual words, circumstances, symbols and myths. It all becomes visible as a perfectly woven, perfectly cohesive, multi-dimensional Divine tapestry. 

As discussed in Thea’s writings, this prophesied revelation or apocalypse (=the un-eclipsing, un-covering un-obstructing) of Guha – the Immanent Divine, long-hidden in the elaborate garb of material creation – is playing itself out in our Age of Aquarius (1926-4086), the Age of the Water Bearer or Man who pours forth the purifying waters/treasures of his Vessel/Kumbha. [See The Hidden Manna] In my mind, this amounts at the very least to humans becoming experientially aware of the Divinity we (as sacred vessels) secretly contain, secretly bear forward and pour out in our world. Our Mental “Dead Egg” or “Dead End” belief in the Divine must necessarily give way to a direct, dynamic, multi-dimensional and multi-faceted experience of the Divine manifesting in our own individual bodies and lives, and in the larger collective and cosmic scales of creation.


Thus will the masked Transcendent mount his throne. 
When darkness deepens strangling the earth’s breast 
And man’s corporeal mind is the only lamp, 
As a thief’s in the night shall be the covert tread 
Of one who steps unseen into his house. 
A Voice ill-heard shall speak, the soul obey, 
A Power into mind’s inner chamber steal, 
A charm and sweetness open life’s closed doors 
And beauty conquer the resisting world, 
The Truth-Light capture Nature by surprise, 
A stealth of God compel the heart to bliss 
And earth grow unexpectedly divine. 
In Matter shall be lit the spirit’s glow, 
In body and body kindled the sacred birth; 
Night shall awake to the anthem of the stars, 
The days become a happy pilgrim march, 
Our will a force of the Eternal’s power, 
And thought the rays of a spiritual sun. 
A few shall see what none yet understands; 
God shall grow up while the wise men talk and sleep; 
For man shall not know the coming till its hour 
And belief shall be not till the work is done. 

– Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, Book I, Canto IV, "The Secret Knowledge",  
CWSA Vol. 33-34, p. 55 [Bold emphasis added]

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[1] Libra (Latin) means “balance” or “balance scale”.

[2] For an animated visual of this movement of the 0° Sagittarius radius, see “The Divine Trinity” video [12:15].

[3] As I wrote in Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom (2016), the Vedic Rishis saw and depicted the eternal form of vesica piscis as a VIRGIN mother/daughter, and its indwelling and informing radius as the DIVINE SON/flame Agni.

[4]  “M”, Wikipedia.

[5] From, “The Cult Object on Unicorn Seals: A Sacred Filter?” Iravatham Mahadevan, Archaeological Perspective of India Since Independence, #13-#14, 1981-83, pp. 168-69, p. 177:

Unicorn Seal: Bull and Filter/Wavy Lines

“As I was looking closely at the unicorn seals in the magnificent collections of the Archaeological Survey of India and the National Museum, New Delhi, it occurred to me that the two basic elements pictorially emphasised most in the Harappan cult symbol, namely the 'flow' depicted by the parallel zigzag lines drawn through the upper vessel and the 'drops' depicted in and around the lower bowl, correspond rather precisely to the two central features of the Soma sacrifice as described in the RV, namely pavamāna, ‘the flowing (one)' and indu, the ‘drop' mentioned in almost every hymn of the Ninth Mandala dedicated wholly to Soma. These are the two clues which gradually led to the recognition that the Harappan cult object is in fact a filter device, the upper vessel acting as a strainer and the lower perforated bowl as a sieve….

“The most conspicuous feature of the upper vessel is a series of close parallel lines, drawn vertically or in a wavy zigzag fashion, traversing the length of the vessel. Straight vertical lines may be seen in examples like MIC 2, 18,37; FEM 11 , 225; EH 4,6, 10. Good examples of the wavy or zigzag lines will be found in MIC 9,38; FEM 19,69, 149, 396,436; EH 1,3,9, 12.

“The clue to the true function of the upper vessel is provided by the wavy, zigzag lines which represent schematically the downward flow of some liquid through the vessel....

“[T]he theophanic moment of Soma is when the round drops fall from the sieve into the wooden vat below'  (Religion of the RV, p. 230). Even as the 'flow' of Soma as pavamāna was the first clue to identify the flow lines drawn through the upper vessel, the second clue is furnished by the 'drops' of Soma (indu) which correspond to the small circles or droplets surrounding the lower vessel and indicating its function as a sieve. The representations of the 'flow' through the strainer and the 'drops' in and around the sieve appear to symbolise the Sacred Elements of the Harappan ritual and correspond exactly to the concepts of pavamāna and indu in the RV respectively.”  

[6]  The source of the IVS glyphs shown is  “Deciphering the Indus Script”, Asko Parpola, #207, #208, #21.

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