The Convergence of Putin’s War & the Mother’s 144-Year Birth Anniversary ⁓ A Cosmological Perspective ⁓ Part One

Ukraine-Geo-Cosmology-Aquarius (Wiki image, alt. by Lori Tompkins)
Ukraine’s Geo-Cosmology: The longitudinal axis highlighted above is 30°-29° E longitude, corresponding to the last degree of Aquarius (30°-29°), equivalent to the first degree of the Age of Aquarius (1926-1998), according to Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s Geo-Cosmology. The grey path between Kyiv & Odessa is the major highway MO5, and the blue path is the Dnieper River which flows to the Black Sea. The lines overlaid on this modified Wikimedia map are approximate.


“For Sri Aurobindo “coincidences” do not exist. All that happens is the result of the action of the Divine Consciousness. The Force which is at work at this moment is a Force of harmony that makes for unity − the unification of all the symbols that express the Divine Truth.” – The Mother, 5 May 1967, Collected Works of the Mother, Vol, 15, p. 104


“[A] new world is born, born, born. It is not the old one transforming itself; it is a new world, which is born. And we are right in the midst of this period of transition where the two are entangled ‒ where the outer still persists all-powerful and entirely dominating the ordinary consciousness, but where the new one is quietly slipping in, still very modest, unnoticed ‒ unnoticed to the extent that outwardly it does not disturb anything very much, for the time being, and that in the consciousness of most people it is even altogether imperceptible. And yet it is working, growing ‒ until it is strong enough to assert itself visibly.” – The Mother, 1957 [1]


“We are on the way to a new world, but we have a hard terrain to cross yet. The object of this applied cosmology is precisely to present a new Knowledge which will assist those who aspire to the Truth in this difficult period of transition when the old is often called the new, or the new is missed sight of entirely.” – Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea), “The Third World War – The New Seeing, the New Power”, The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 6.1, April 1991


“We must not lose sight of the fact that the New World is leading the Old World in this perilous passage.” – Thea, “September Trilogy – Plus One, Part Two – The Collapse of the Old” (2001)

The number 8 and the Vesica Piscis (Lori Tompkins)
[Note: I wrote a draft of what will be Part 8 of “The Obstruction of the Vedic Waters & the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio” series, some 9 months ago, before writing much of the series that has been published so far. It was a central part of my first draft on the Obstruction of the Vedic Waters topic, which has expanded into a long series with many parts. When time allows, I will finish Part 8 focusing on the vesica piscis as a key of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s (Thea’s) yoga and on the figure 8 as a numerical symbol of the blockage of the Vedic waters in the sense that these two circles have yet to come together to form and reveal the secret of the waters and the kumbha of the vesica piscis. For the time being, I will focus on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. I believe that the Scorpio series will end upon the conclusion of Part 9.]


ON 21 FEBRUARY 2022 ‒ the Mother’s 144th birth anniversary (2° Pisces) and the day after the USA’s Pluto Return ‒ Russian President Vladimir Putin declared Russia’s recognition of Ukraine’s two “breakaway regions”, Luhansk and Donetsk, as independent states, and moved troops into Donbas. On 22 February (22.02.2022) he announced that the 2014 Minsk Protocol was invalid; and two days later, on 24 February (5° Pisces), he began his large-scale military invasion of Ukraine, taking control of the “ruined” Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster site (51°16′N 30°13′E) among other initial targets. The location of Chernobyl, 65 miles north of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, is shown as the purple dot on the Geo-Cosmological map above, which is drawn according to the lines of Thea’s Geo-Cosmological Map as found in The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2. [A zoomed in view of the location of Chernobyl in relation to Kyiv and the Dnieper River is available HERE.]

Below is a translated excerpt taken from Putin’s 21 February 2022 speech followed by an analyst’s reiteration of what Putin said in that speech. Taken together, these two comments give us a sense of the origins of the battle at hand. 

“Ukraine has become a colony of puppets,” Putin said. “Ukrainians squandered not only everything we gave them during the USSR, but even everything they inherited from the Russian empire. Even the work created by Catherine the Great.” – “Luhansk and Donetsk regions recognised as independent states by Russia – as it happened”, The Guardian, 21 February 2022

“Putin’s Feb. 21 speech referred quite explicitly to restoring not the Soviet Union, which he criticized in various ways, but the Russian empire as it existed prior to 1917. – Paul D’Anieri, March 1, 2022 [2]

Putin and the leadership of the Russian Federation are stuck in an old-world, Age of Pisces (234 BCE-1926) mindset or consciousness that naturally persists in fighting against its own obsolescence and is engaging in titanic efforts to maintain its power and its relevance in our new Age of Aquarius, which began nine years after the dissolution of the Russian empire (according to Thea’s measure or seeing of the Ages).

In Putin’s mind Ukraine belongs to Russia and to him, and it doesn’t matter if Ukraine disagrees. He refuses to allow the Ukrainian people their freedom, their democracy, and their will to move forward as an “open society”, free of Putin’s suffocating grasp, control, manipulation, suppression, and retaliation. And, no big surprise in our increasingly palpable Age of Aquarius, Putin’s violent and barbaric efforts to usurp Ukraine’s freedom and to violently force Ukrainians back into the Russian fold and back into the old-world order are not going so well, and are naturally being met with world-wide condemnation, with some conspicuous exceptions.

Given the precision of the 144-year timespan between the Mother’s birth (21 February 1878) and Putin’s 21 February pre-attack speech, and given what I have already written about the 144-year timespan between Sri Aurobindo’s birth in 1872 and Thea’s passing in 2016, [3] I was compelled to calculate some of the key points of the 1878-2022 cycle, which begins and ends with the number power of 6 (1878 = 1 + 8 + 7 + 8 = 24 = 2 = 4 = 6; 2022 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6).

If we divide this 144-year cycle into its four quadrants of 36 years each, 1878 and 2022 stand at the Aries cardinal point (0° Aries) – the Alpha and Omega (0°/360°) of the 360° circle. 1914 – the start of WWI and the year the Mother met and recognized Sri Aurobindo as Krishna (i.e. Vishnu) – stands at the Cancer cardinal point (0° Cancer). 1950 – the year of Sri Aurobindo’s passing, and just after Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) established the People's Republic of China (1 October 1949) – stands at the Libra cardinal point (0° Libra) which is the 4.5 point of the Gnostic Circle. 1986 – the year of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster in Ukraine and the year Thea established her center in southern India (“Skambha”) – stands at the Capricorn cardinal point (0° Capricorn). 

It is worth noting here that on the first day of the 2022 invasion, Russian forces seized the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, and on the 9th day of the attack (4 March) they seized the world’s 9th largest Nuclear Power Plant (Zaporizhzhia) after shelling it and igniting a fire (3 March) that sent the world deeper into its justified fears about the potentially disastrous nuclear consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

If we divide the 144-year cycle of 1872-2022 into its 3, 6 and 0/9 trinity, corresponding to the zodiacal fire trine of 0° Aries, 0° Leo and 0° Sagittarius, 1878 and 2022 share the 0/9 Point (0° Aries). In turn, 1926 – the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and the year of Sri Aurobindo’s Siddhi Day – stands at the 3 Point (0° Leo); and 1974 stands at the critical 6/Saturn Point (0° Sagittarius). 1974 began a month and a half after the Mother’s 17 November 1973 passing, and was the year that Thea wrote The Gnostic Circle. It was also the fateful year that the distorters of the Mother’s Vedic Temple (the Matrimandir) cemented their mismeasure of the temple’s 24-meter diameter in concrete in Auroville. [4]

Thea’s “Chronicles of the Inner Chamber” (2003-2005) gives a full accounting of this unfortunate choice; and in her 1991 article “The Third World War – The New Seeing, the New Power” (briefly quoted above), she discussed the rejection of the Mother’s Divine Maya or sacred measure of the temple, as well as her own yoga of establishing the true measure of the Matrimandir in relation to the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, “the collapse of communism” in 1991, the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the Gulf War (1990-1991), and the threat of nuclear catastrophe. Her two-part 1987 article “The Capricorn Factor” discusses the ongoing threat of nuclear war and India’s first detonation of a nuclear device in 1974 in relation to the rejection of the Divine Maya of the Mother’s 12-pillar Vedic Temple, as well as in relation to India’s chronic mismeasure of the 12-month Vedic (Zodiacal) Year. [5]

“The new cosmology reveals the true divine Measure. Its basis is the measure of the year, the Earth’s relation to the Sun. Its goal is to draw aside the curtains covering the ancient Vedic Divine Maya, as Sri Aurobindo had prophecied. But the resistances to this accomplishment are considerable, for the consequences of the false measure have to be borne – just as the consequences of the nuclear experience must be borne, and just as the consequences of the Temple’s disfigurement must be borne.” – Thea,  “The Capricorn Factor, Part II” [Bold emphasis added]

I have been writing in great depth about the illuminating role the eternal law of the radius and vesica piscis plays in recovering the Divine Maya (Measure) of the twelve-month Zodiac and of the Vedas since Thea’s passing in 2016 and “the resistances” to this gnosis, which amounts to the purifying truth of the Vedic rivers/floods, continues to be “considerable” in India and beyond.

Below is a visual illustration of the 144-year timescape and its geometries mentioned above, along with several related events, including Thea’s 1938 birth and Sri Aurobindo’s 1963 rebirth conjunct 0° Virgo and 0° Scorpio (the Two M’s) straddling the 4.5 Point (0° Libra) of the circle. Thea discussed this 4.5 Point as a "Void" that was “filled” by Sri Aurobindo’s completed supramental descent, via his death in the 6-power year of 1950 and his rebirth in the 1-power year of 1963 bearing all of the number powers of the sacred 963 trinity. [Link HERE to see the 1872-2016 timescape as found in the Appendix of Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, p. 409, and a less grainy version of the image below HERE.]

Putin’s War in Ukraine & the Mother’s 144-Year Birth Anniversary, a cyclical view (Lori Tompkins)

For those who are not familiar with Thea’s teachings on the Gnostic Circle, she saw and understood the 3 Point of the Year, and the year’s equivalent cycles ‒ including the ennead (9-year cycle), the 25,920-year Precessional Cycle, the 77,760 Maha Yuga (9 Yuga) cycle, and the 144-Age “Greater Year” (4 Maha Yugas) ‒ as the point “when the soul is 'breathed' into the vessel”.

“The angles of the Triangle mark the three major zones in the development. The first, the 0 or conception, is when the seeds are planted. The 3 Point, or four groups of nine months later, is when the soul is 'breathed' into the vessel.... Passage over the 3rd Point is perhaps the least spectacular of all the angles, but it is silently important and has a delicate quality about it. The first manifestation of the psychic being should come forth and take the reins of life to assure a smooth and easy course during further progression.” – Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 216

“In the individual's ascent he must first pass over the 3 point, wherein his soul must come forward and guide [the individual] the rest of the way. Any passage over this point brings the strengthening of the soul for the subsequent task that lies before the individual.” – Ibid., p. 237

It is fitting that the advent of the Age of Aquarius falls at the 3 Point of this 144-year cycle, with Sri Aurobindo’s Siddhi day following later that same year. Thea wrote of the 6/Saturn Point of the Gnostic Circle or cycle as a dangerous passage entailing contractions and pressures that lead to either a birth of the higher light and truth of one’s soul in manifestation, or a death or collapse in some sense. 

“[T]he Saturn point [has the potential to] open the gates to the even fuller experience. This point would be the real birth of the soul….[When] the person or the nation must cross the Saturn point, because we must all continue on our journey and meet the Time-Spirit face-to-face, whatever is crystallised in the negative sense must be broken down. The work starts in fact at the 4. 5 Orbit. When the 6th is reached…the greater the matter that is crystallised and serves as an obstruction in the passage, the greater will the suffering and the destruction be in order to bring about the opening to a new life and a new future.” – Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 177 [Bold emphasis added] 


“The 6 point continually reveals itself to be vitally important, and tremendously dangerous if passage over this point does not serve to open one to the final round  of unity and growth on a higher level. It is the point of crystallisation, and matter is energy crystallised.” – Ibid., p. 186 


“Saturn [=the 6 Point] is the crystallisation point of the System. When a critical juncture is reached in the evolution of the soul from lifetime to lifetime, tremendous sufferings may be experienced because of this accumulation from past lives which needs to be violently broken; for the individual's own good it is sometimes necessary that the circumstances of life be such as to produce intense suffering, for it is through suffering that the Ignorance is checked. Progress while the Earth is under the rule of the Ignorance is most often made possible through suffering. In the gnostic development this is no longer the case.” – Ibid., p. 213


“The 9th sign [of Sagittarius] is the chamber, between Capricorn and Scorpio, Life, and Death, the Mother of Light and the Mother of Darkness. It is the chamber of truth where the moment of truth is lived, where the neophyte is either victorious and the soul is born, or he falls a helpless victim to the even greater delusions of his ego.” – Ibid., p. 243


“After [the birth of the soul] it is no longer possible to cling to the Ignorance or to prefer to remain unconscious….” – Ibid., 283


“When speaking of human development, the 6 point can in a sense be termed the point of sacrifice. Some part is given up or transmuted, in order to be utilised in another way. There is an element of sacrifice and at the same time of redemption.…

“The entire legend of the Christ reveals to us the goal of the divinisation, or redemption, of matter. The age of 33 in the Gnostic Circle falls at the Saturn point, and as with the minute atom so the crucifixion of Christ becomes the sacrifice: a part of the divine energy is released from the nucleus (the Trinity) and is converted in the act of crucifixion to become the force that carries the evolution a step further along in its process of divinisation….

“This is the offering, the sacrifice [of the 6 point], and in some cases [those sacrificed] come only for this: to be an instrument of truth, the necessary 'shock' or intervention, at times where it is known that such shocks are to be necessary. The quality  of the shock is determined by the ignorance or enlightenment prevailing.” – Ibid., pp. 188-89, 192 [Bold emphasis added]

As I discussed in “The Obstruction of the Vedic Water” series, 1 January 2022 marked the 6/Saturn Point of our current 2016-2025 ennead; just as 234 BCE marked the same point in our Maha Yuga, according to Thea’s measure of the Maha Yuga cycle. [See Part Six]. Thea also indicated that 234 BCE marked the same critical point in our passage through the 144-Age “Greater Circle” consisting of 12 Precessional Cycles (12 x 25,920 years = 311,040 years). [6]
The 2016-2025 ennead-6 Point (Lori Tompkins)

At the 6/Saturn Point of our cyclical journey(s), humans, in our current state of egoic mental consciousness, typically experience some sort of collapse, regression, or employ some escape mechanism or destructive act ‒ self-destructive or mutually destructive ‒ that reinforces old patterns and crystalized beliefs of the Past, if not an actual death. Ideally this is the point wherein the soul, by its own light and truth, has the potential to begin its rise out of the mental egoic consciousness, out of our inherited ignorance of the Past and out of the gravity of the 4.5 Point (Void/Nadir) of the evolutionary journey, and into the higher potentials of the divine soul in manifestation. As Thea illuminated, the spiritual trend or goal of dismissing, transcending or otherwise escaping material existence arises precisely from the 4.5 Point Void of our evolutionary journey, which amounts to our Ignorance, or our absence of direct knowledge of the inherent divinity of our material Mother (Matrix/Cosmos), and equally amounts to our Ignorance, or our absence of direct knowledge of our own divinity, i.e. of the inherent divinity of the Individual.

Ultimately and ideally, if the Time-Spirit (Chronos/Saturn) and circumstances allow, the 6 Point is the place in our evolutionary journey, when this Ignorance of the Divine Mother and of the Divine Self/Individual is dismantled by some “point of no return” direct experience of the soul’s Divine Truth and Light, where all energies from that point onward are marshalled towards the full expression and manifestation of that no-longer-hidden seed (and seat) of the soul’s Truth. Here our soul is born out of the womb of Cosmic and egoic ignorance and begins its irreversible and progressive fulfillment of the Life Divine on Earth, aka “Heaven on Earth”. With this birth, which is simultaneously a death of sorts, one “fills the void” in one’s own consciousness with the immortal or eternal light and Satchitananda (Truth, Consciousness and Bliss) of the soul. This birth of the soul can take place on the scale of individuals, collectives, nations, and on the scale of the Earth. 

The events of the 6-power year of 2022 gives us a good sense of the pressures and the crises that come to a head at the 6 Point of our evolutionary cycles. It is notable that some of Ukraine’s major trials over the past 36 years (1986-2022), including the present trial, fall in, or at the precipice of 6-power years. Chernobyl occurred on 26 April 1986, in the 6-power year of the 1980-1989 ennead. The Budapest Memorandum was signed on 5 December 1994, less than one month before the 6 Point (1 Jan 1995) of the 1989-1998 ennead, wherein Ukraine agreed to relinquish its massive stock of nuclear weapons to Russia, and Russia in turn agreed to respect Ukraine’s territorial boundaries and to never invade Ukraine. In the 1998-2007 ennead, Ukraine’s “Orange Revolution” began in the 6-power year of 2004 (18 years ago), as the Sun moved across the 6 Point (0° Sagittarius) of the year (22 November 2004). Nine years later, in 2013 ‒ the 6-power year of the 2007-2016 ennead ‒ the Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) "uprising" began in Kyiv (21 November 2013 – 23 February 2014), which is the subject of the gut-wrenching 2015 Winter on Fire documentary which Netflix made available for free on YouTube on 4 March 2022. In conjunction with and as a result of the victory of the 2013 Maidan protests, Russia began its usurpation of Crimea, once again breaching the Budapest Memorandum. 

“On 22–23 February [2014], Russian President Vladimir Putin convened an all-night meeting with security services chiefs to discuss pullout of deposed President, Viktor Yanukovych, and at the end of that meeting Putin remarked that "we must start working on returning Crimea to Russia." [7] [Bold emphasis added]

With regards to the 144-year cycle drawn out above, it is entirely fitting that both the cementing of the mismeasure of the Mother’s Divine Maya and Thea’s revelations regarding the perfection of the Divine Maya of the Mother’s Temple would sit at the 6/Saturn Point of this cycle whose 0 Point is the Mother’s birth and whose 9 Point is the Mother’s 144th birth anniversary and the beginning of Russia’s 2022 intrusion into Ukraine. At this 6/Saturn point, Thea moved forward, utilizing, and documenting the light and keys of higher gnosis ‒ the light and keys of the Divine Maya embodied and transmitted in the Mother’s Temple, including the Divine Maya of the vesica piscis at the core of the temple’s Inner Chamber. With these keys and with the light of her own seeing and of her own soul, she made great progress in the avataric mission ‒ Sri Aurobindo’s stated divine mission (adesh) from 1908 onward ‒ of restoring the Vedic Wisdom and Sanatana Dharma of the world’s ancient Rishis. And simultaneously, at this 6/Saturn Point the vast majority of the devoted students of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother simply could not move beyond their own crystalized beliefs, sentimentalities, and ignorance regarding what was known up to that point regarding the Supramental Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. In the eyes of these students, Thea’s extensive illuminations and revelations that were born out from 1974 onward were simply elaborate and reprehensible egotistical delusions that were best ignored. [8]

It is also fitting that Sri Aurobindo’s passing falls at the 4.5/REVERSAL Point of this 144-year cycle. See Parts Four and Five of my Seeing in Understanding series for a discussion of and illustrations of the significance of this point, and our enneadic passage across it in 2020.

“[T]he point of Sri Aurobindo’s incarnation is that vision from above, the transcendence, as well as that immanence. It is HIS IMMANENCE as the Fourth, as the Point, as the Seed, that puts the seal on the Descent and allows for the creation of a new Cosmos. And this is what is conveyed in the Gnostic Circle. Sri Aurobindo’s position in that Circle is the 9. That point on the Sacred Triangle describes his work in that incarnation – the Transcendent. But as the Fourth it is the opposite to that 9 Point: it is the 4.5…the ‘Masked Transcendent’….  

“That is the Immanent, that is the ‘gold’ hidden in matter, the Hiranyaretas or the Golden Seed. That is what permits a cosmos to be formed, an ordering to be undertaken. It is the infinitesimal point in the core [in the middle] of the Sun that holds a cosmos together. The 4.5 Orbit is therefore the redemption of the Buddhist and Mayavadist ‘void’. This is what Sri Aurobindo meant when he stated that ‘Kalki would come to correct the error of the Buddha’.” – Thea, “Letters From Skambha ‘The Infinite and the Detail’”, The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 4.1, April 1989 [Bold emphasis and text in brackets added.]

More could be written on what falls where in the 144-year cycle above, culminating with what many fear as the beginning World War III, but that is all I have to say about this arrangement for now. I will leave it to readers to explore and expand upon these “cosmic harmonies” on their own. For those who are familiar with the supramental yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea, the placements of events in the 1878-2022 cycle should speak for themselves, in the sense that they demonstrate an extraordinary supramental control and precision that can only be seen and understood when viewing the “time line” of certain events as a circle or cycle, which I have been referring to as a timescape. Only then do the hidden supramental geometries, cosmic harmonies, synchronicities, and perfections begin to come into view. For those who want to better understand the basis and logic of this cyclical view of world events, see Thea’s books The Gnostic Circle and The Magical Carousel and Commentaries. For a quick summary of Thea’s evolutionary understanding of the Zodiac see: “The Zodiac & the Perception of Unity – an Introduction to the 12 Signs of the Zodiac”, which contains links to her summary descriptions (from The Magical Carousel) of each of the signs, [9] seen together as a whole journey (yajña). 

In "September Trilogy – Plus One", Thea discussed the difficult and pivotal events of 9-11 (2001) and the collapse of the Twin Towers from her cosmological and supramental view point, helping to put that event and various 20th century wars and events in an evolutionary perspective for the reader. What she wrote then, regarding the “‘hand’ of the Controller” and the usefulness of both positive and negative forces in the progressive journey of the whole, very much still applies to our current world crisis, as does what she wrote about the “baggage” or “encumbrances” of the past that must be shed by whatever means, dissolved or destroyed, at this critical passage in our evolutionary journey.

“The ‘hand’ of the Controller has been so evident in the unfolding of events and in the logic of the process that it is unlikely unforeseen developments out of the sphere of its control will occur. Indeed, nothing lies beyond its reach. When the centre and new axial alignment come into being, it means that out of the chaos of the former old way a cosmos has emerged. There is then only one centre, similar to the Sun of our solar system. No other possibility is possible since both negative and positive must serve the purposes of the One.” – “September Trilogy – Plus One, Part IV – a New World Is Born (2001)”


“What we are experiencing is a critical moment of evolution. It is not even an historical moment but a passage that is stamping a new principle in the evolutionary fabric of the species.

“In this critical passage, or ‘crossroads of destiny’, as Sri Aurobindo has called it, we must understand what this truly means for the entire Earth. To do so, it is necessary to see the entire planet within this evolutionary passage, as a conscious being herself. Nations on this Earth have specific roles to play. Similar to individuals, nations can be instruments of the positive or the negative. The divine Plan will play itself out, this is certain. But nations can be positive elements in this great change, or they can be negative ‒ while still serving the purposes of the One.

“Needless to say, when we observe the actual state of affairs, no nation can be said to be a positive instrument at this junction. None are governed, led forward in this singular march to a higher destiny, by leaders with knowledge of this Supramental Manifestation they are nonetheless a part of. It is a ONE EARTH we are discussing. There is no nation with a separate destiny. There is only one destiny for the planet because the Earth has a special role to play within the solar system. The more aware we become of her role, her place within the System and the demands placed upon her during this crossroads of her destiny, the easier will the passage become and the more certain we can be that destruction will not be the method used to attain those lofty goals before us. The only choice we have is whether or not we will reach those peaks of destiny via destruction, or else through its higher expression, dissolution. Regardless of the means, baggage must be shed at this point.

“We have encumbrances which are impeding a forward thrust according to the pace imposed by the Time-Spirit. Destruction comes about when the pace exceeds the capacity available to nations and individuals because encumbrances hold the movement back. These are the forces of Inertia. In critical crossroads such as the present passage, those tools of Inertia have to be either dissolved or destroyed. They have no further purpose in the play of energy that constitutes the planet’s evolution to a higher level. Thus, by one means or the other, they will be shed at this point in time. The only question is, will this be through the process of destruction or dissolution. The symbolism in the vaporisation of the Twin Towers as they collapsed to the ground would indicate Dissolution as the way ahead.” – Ibid., Part One, “The Collapse of the Old” (2001)

I recommend that readers read or reread “September Trilogy” in full. Therein, Thea discussed the First and Second World Wars and the Gulf War (1990-1991) and Iraq War (2003-2011) in relation to the supramental descent and yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the entire Solar Line. She wrote of World War I as “Sri Aurobindo’s War” at the tail end of the 2,160-year Age of Pisces (234 BCE-1926 CE), World War II as “the Mother’s War”, the Gulf War as “the Third’s War” (and as the Third World War), and the Iraq war as “the Fourth’s War”. One of the statements in “September Trilogy” tells us much of what we need to know about the roots of Putin’s and Russia’s 2022 War on Ukraine, and the residue of the Age of Pisces that is being exposed and targeted for dissolution or destruction in this 6 Power year of 2022 which contains in itself the USA’s Pluto Return at 27° Capricorn on 20 February (conjoined by Mars and Venus on 3 March), and many other transformative transits which astrologers have been discussing for years.

 “As for 1917, the last 9-power year of the Age of Pisces, it was then that the decisive element surfaced which would shape the entire century. Namely, the rise of Communism and the Soviet Union.” – Ibid., Part 3, “A New World is Born”

In our 144-year timescape, we can SEE the temporal, geometric and zodiacal relationship between Putin’s 24 February 2022 (5° Pisces) invasion of Ukraine and what unfolded in the 6-power year of 1878 of the Mother’s birth, including the “Congress of Berlin” conclusion of the Russio-Turkish War, which reorganized the states of the Balkan Peninsula, which in turn contributed to the tensions that led to World War I.

“In the long term, the settlement [of the Congress of Berlin] led to rising tensions between Russia and Austria-Hungary, and disputes over nationalism in the Balkans. Grievances with the results of the congress festered until they exploded in the First and Second Balkan Wars (1912 and 1913 respectively). Continuing nationalism in the Balkans was one of the causes of the First World War in 1914.” [10]

The timespan between 1878 and 1914 is 36 (4 x 9) years and the timespan between 1914 and 2022 is 108 (9 x 12) years. If the 144-year cycle shown above is seen as equivalent to one year, the timespan of 108-years is equivalent to 9 months or 9 zodiacal signs. Thus we can see that our current war has been gestating for “9 months” (108 years) of this cycle, since the first World War in 1914, corresponding to the entrance into Cancer ‒ the first water sign of the Zodiac. Of course, this current war has been gestating for much longer than that, given much larger cycles of time, but for now I am going to stay focused on the 144-year cycle of 1878-2022 which is the 9-power cycle of 1872-2016 (Sri Aurobindo’s birth and Thea’s passing) shifted to the number power of the 6, i.e. shifted to the number power of the Mother.

All of the events discussed above that led up to World War I, its conclusion, and the collapse of the Russian empire and the rise of communism in its modern forms or interpretations took place in the very last degree (=the last 72 years) of the Age of Pisces, spanning 1854-1926. Toward the end of the previous degree, on 21 February 1848, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles published The Communist Manifesto. [11] Given the backward movement of the twelve-age, 25,920-year Precession of the Equinoxes, the last degree of the Age of Pisces spans from 1° to 0° Pisces, wherein 0° Pisces, equivalent to 30° Aquarius, marks the beginning of the Age of Aquarius – 1926 according to Thea. The communism that arose and developed from 1917 onward can be seen and understood as a shadow-play and distortion of the soul’s evolutionary drive to embody or manifest Aquarian ideals in the Age of Aquarius. 

“Emily Morris from University College London wrote that because Karl Marx's writings have inspired many movements, including the Russian Revolution of 1917, communism is "commonly confused with the political and economic system that developed in the Soviet Union" after the revolution. Historian Andrzej Paczkowski summarized communism as "an ideology that seemed clearly the opposite [of what was developed in the Soviet Union], that was based on the secular desire of humanity to achieve equality and social justice, and that promised a great leap forward into freedom." [12]

Two notable events circa 1854 (the beginning of the last degree of Pisces) are the Crimean War (October 1853 – February 1856) and India’s 1857 rebellion (“Sepoy Mutiny”) which ended the rule of the East India Company and instated British raj or rule. For a bit more information on the late 19th century and early 20th century buildup of World War I, see “8 Events that Led to World War I” ( 

When looking at all of this history from the point of view of now entering into what looks and feels to most of the world like the beginning of World War III, and knowing what Thea wrote about the “Third World War” as having taken place in 1991, Fiona Hill’s commentary adds a valuable perspective: 

“We’re already in [World War III]. We have been for some time. We keep thinking of World War I, World War II as these huge great big set pieces, but World War II was a consequence of World War I. And we had an interwar period between them. And in a way, we had that again after the Cold War. Many of the things that we’re talking about here have their roots in the carving up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Russian Empire at the end of World War I. At the end of World War II, we had another reconfiguration and some of the issues that we have been dealing with recently go back to that immediate post-war period. We’ve had war in Syria, which is in part the consequence of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, same with Iraq and Kuwait.

“All of the conflicts that we’re seeing have roots in those earlier conflicts. We are already in a hot war over Ukraine, which started in 2014. People shouldn’t delude themselves into thinking that we’re just on the brink of something. We’ve been well and truly in it for quite a long period of time.” – Fiona Hill, interviewed by Maura Reynolds, "Yes, He Would’: Fiona Hill on Putin and Nukes", Politico, 28 February 2022

Hill did not offer a date to delineate how long she thinks World War III has been going on. Regardless, it feels clear enough that in 2022 we are dealing with a new, critical, and potentially disastrous phase of the Third World War, whether one considers 2022 to be its beginning or not.

After the fall of the Belin Wall (9 November 1989 = 9.11.9, 1989 reduced to its 9 power) and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1991, Ukraine established its independence on 24 August 1991 (0° Virgo), setting upon “three major tracks of the post-communist transformation: democratization, marketization, and Europeanization”, [13] including developing a relationship with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) which led to Ukraine’s 2008 application to join NATO’s Membership Action Plan (MAP). Ukraine’s independence and NATO membership is an anathema to Putin and the current regime of the Russian Federation who cannot let go of Ukraine’s pre-1917 (Piscean Age) status as part of the Russian Empire. So while Ukraine is attempting to move forward and to realize the Aquarian Age ideals of independence, democracy and self-determination, Russia’s current leadership is stuck in the past of the Piscean Age, refusing to accept Ukraine’s predominant will and essentially its soul, refusing to accept that Ukraine and much of the world has moved on, in significant ways, into the Age of Aquarius. In a 10 March 2022 virtual news conference, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov tells a reporter, in defense of Russia’s actions, “We were told that Ukraine is ours.” Exactly who told Russia that is not revealed, and it is equally as out of touch with reality as is his and Putin’s assertion that Russia is performing the valiant service of de-nazifying Ukraine. [14]

Some readers may have already noticed that Ukraine’s Independence Day in 1991 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 fall on the Virgo-Pisces axis of 24 August and 24 February. In the USA we find a similar axis involving our 4th of July (13° Cancer) Declaration of Independence and the 6th of January (16° Capricorn) attack on the US Capitol which was the pinnacle of Trump’s and his co-conspirators’ coordinated attempts to subvert the 2020 American General Election results. [15] Thea discussed the cardinal sign Cancer-Capricorn axis in relation to her own birth and India’s geo-cosmological position and its evolutionary role at great length throughout her writings (see “The Mother’s Chamber, Part Four: An Appeal to America—in defence of the Sacred Feminine”). I will discuss the mutable/dissolution (aka tamasic) and feminine sign axis of Virgo-Pisces in another post. For now, I just want to point out the conspicuous presence of this temporal axis in Ukraine’s independence in 1991 and its struggle to defend that declared independence 31 years later, in 2022. 

An Aquarian War and Aquarian Hero

“Aquarius rules freedom, technology, revolution, humanitarianism, science, collective ideals, the underdog, uniqueness, authenticity, and truth.” [16]

President Zelensky was born with his natal Sun and Venus conjunct at 5° Aquarius. His Midheaven ‒ the apex of the sky at the time of his birth ‒ is 21° Aquarius. His Natal Mars, Moon and Saturn all fall respectively at 0°, 17°, and 28° Leo. Given this prominent fixed-sign axis in his chart, he is perfectly suited to lead Ukraine in its heroic efforts to defend its freedom, its sovereignty and its democracy (i.e. its Aquarian-Age ideals) from the  repressive and regressive forces of Russia, bent on usurping Ukraine’s freedom, government, land, and resources. Zelensky is perfectly suited to be an inspirational catalyst for the assembly of a united and widespread front against the Scorpionic figure of Putin, aka “the Poisoner”, “Master Spy” and  “Master Manipulator”, and against those who share in Putin’s lost cause and lost consciousness. Whereas uber-secretive Putin, born with his Ascendent (Rising Sign) in Scorpio, is constantly described by analysts as being “backed into a corner” and thus being extremely dangerous to himself and others like the Scorpion of the Zodiac, [17] Zelensky has become a Uranian, Ukrainian and Aquarian lightning rod, who has quickly (or rather instantaneously) transformed Putin’s War against Ukraine into the World’s War against Putin. Zelensky has emerged as a brave Leonine leader and as an Aquarian hero standing up to the oppressive and desperate forces of the crumbling old world that Putin represents. Many of the world’s countries, businesses, industries (including the tech industry), sports leagues, and peoples have quickly joined in condemnation and sanctions of Putin’s actions. Extreme pressures are being applied, and will continue to be increasingly applied, from all corners of the Earth and from above it via satellites—government operated and commercial alike.

It must be noted that, in terms of Thea’s Geo-Cosmological map (as found in full in The New Way, Vols. 1&2), both Moscow and Ukraine fall in the area of the Earth’s sphere that is Aquarian in both Latitude and Longitude, highlighted below (just as it is in Thea’s original map) as the brown shaded rectangle encompassing Moscow, as well as unmarked Ukraine, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, Syria, Georgia, and large parts of Iran, Iraq, and western Russia. India is similarly highlighted as the area of the Earth’s sphere that spans the sign of Capricorn in both Latitude and Longitude. The 8 Point of the Gnostic Circle (20° Aquarius) is equivalent to 40° E Longitude, which is the Eastern edge of Ukraine’s territory, and 50° N Latitude (which runs through Kyiv and Kharkiv).

Top right quadrant of Thea's Geo-Cosmological Map (The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2)

Close-up of Thea's Geo-Cosmological Map (The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2), with overlaid additions (Lori Tompkins)
The second and closer view of Thea’s Geo-Cosmological map to the right, is an amended version of an image that I included in “The Obstruction of the Vedic Waters” series, Part Two, which discussed and illustrated the position of the Suez Canal blockage in 2021 (the lowest red dot) in close proximity to the Giza plateau, pyramids and Sphinx, and 30° E Longitude, [18] in relation to the Earth’s movement into the Age of Aquarius 1926. In this amended image, I have added the approximate positions of Kyiv and Odessa on the same line of longitude. I have also added the latitudinal line of 20° Aquarius (50° N) – the 8 Point of the Gnostic Circle ‒ which runs through Kyiv and Kharkiv. Below are two images, featured in that same post. The first shows our position in the Maha Yuga cycle (according to Thea’s teachings); and the second shows the convergence of the axes of 30° E and 30° N upon the location of Giza. 
The Maha Yuga Cycle,  9th Manifestation and Age of Aquarius (Lori Tompkins via the teachings of Thea on the Maha Yuga Cycle from The Gnostic Circle).

Navel of the World-Helena Lehman-30° E Longitude/ 30° N LatitudeImage by Helena Lehman [Note the idea that the Giza Pyramids sit at the center of the Earth’s landmass is contested.]  

That’s it for now. There will certainly be a Part Two. Among the things that remain to be discussed are the Pluto’s transit through 27° Capricorn in relation to the disfigurement of the Mother’s Temple and likewise in relation to the 26°-27° Cardinal-sign axis that Thea wrote about in “The Third World War – The New Seeing, the New Power”.  

9-10 March 2022

Link to Part Two


[1] Source text, unknown. People, including Thea, have quoted this excerpt (or parts of it) without giving a reference.

[2] “Putin’s dark designs: Restore the pre-1917 Russian empire: Leading Ukraine-Russia historian weighs in on why Putin moved against Ukraine, and NATO's best posture”, J.D. Warren,, March 1, 2022       

[3] See Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, Appendix, p. 409.

[4] Two of the essential measurements the Mother specifically indicated in her design were a floor diameter of 24 meters (i.e. a radius of 12 meters) and the height of a central vertical solar ray/axis of 15.20 meters. After seeing this in the Mother’s blueprints for her 12-sided and 12-pillared temple (drawn up by Udar Pinto) in 1974, Thea did the math and came to understand that the measure of the solar ray was the quotient of 365 days of the 12-month year divided by 24 (the number of hours in the day): 365 ÷ 24 = 15.20833…. See The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol. 1, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, and Chronicles of the Inner Chamber for more on what Thea saw and understood about the Mother’s Temple, her rejected efforts to get the builders to respect the original measurements of the Mother’s Temple, and the consequences of building, celebrating and promoting a temple in the Mother’s name which rejected the Divine Maya (sacred geometry) and Vedic Gnosis of the Mother. Last year, a correspondent of mine revealed another sacred feature of the 24m diameter of the Mother’s 12-sided Inner Chamber. It yields a precise floor area of 432m2, or 432,000,000mm2, containing in itself the sacred number of 432,000 which I have discussed at length in relation to the sacred and eternal law and divine measure (Divine Maya) of the vesica pisces and its indwelling radius – the Vedic river(s) and the Son of the Waters – which together measure out the 12-month Vedic Year.

[5] A collection of Thea’s writing on the mismeasure of the Vedic Year (Zodiac) is available HERE.

[6] “[We] are now on the Ninth Spiral of the Greater Circle as well as in the actual 9th Manifestation of the [Maha Yuga cycle]. Therefore, the birth we spoke of as taking place in this Manifestation also corresponds to the birth period of the entire 311,040-year cycle. These two culminations are simultaneous now, which points out to us the tremendous importance of our times.” (p. 42)  The “Greater Circle” is found on pp. 25-26 of The Gnostic Circle. There it is shown that the beginning of the Age of Pisces (234 BCE) is the 96th of the 144 Ages of the “Greater Circle”. Given that 96 is two thirds of 144, this point is 240° of the 360 Zodiac, i.e. 0° Sagittarius (=the 6/Saturn Point) of this “Greater Circle”.

[8] After the revelations of the Divine Maya/Sanatana Dharma of the Vedic Rivers that descended the year and week of Thea’s passing in 2016, I have faced my own version of this inertia, and it is worth mentioning in the context of the 144-year cycle above that on 17 February 2022 (four days before the close of this cycle), I wrote the following to my colleagues at Aeon Group: “I have been moving forward with the keys of gnosis given in 2016 for six years now and it feels like the Time has come to finish cutting cords with the inertia of Thea’s inner circle.” I had already moved on in spirit and for all practical purposes, but circumstances arranged themselves so that I would finish this cord cutting and fully align with my soul and its particular intentions and mission in the weeks and days before the Mother’s 144th birth anniversary. 

[9] Below are links to Thea’s short summaries of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. 

[11] More on the deeper history of communism is presented on Wikipedia, “History of Communism”.

[12] Wikipedia, "Communism".

[13] Mykhailo Minakov, “Three Decades of Ukraine's Independence”, September 13, 2021. 

[14] “Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov levels new accusations at Ukraine” [YouTube], Mar 10, 2022. See also: ‘Ukraine invasion: Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov rants about Napoleon, Hitler, Hollywood films and Ukraine's 'Nazi battalions': Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov claims that Russia's attempt to invade Ukraine ‒ which he euphemistically describes as a "special military operation" ‒ is an effort to "de-militarise and de-Nazify and to stop any more violence"’. Greg Heffer, Sky News, 3 March 2022 

[15] Michael Flynn, who participated in fomenting the 6 January 2021 attack on the Capitol and the attempt to overthrow the 2020 democratic election, recorded a video of himself and his entire family taking the QAnon oath on the 4th of July 2020 six months earlier.

[17] Putin’s natal Sun is in Libra (13°). His Moon is in Gemini (2°) and his North/South Nodes in Aquarius/Leo (19°59’°) For those that are interested in knowing more about his natal chart in relation to the current war, see “Vladimir Putin Natal Chart Interpretation | What will happen with Russia and Ukraine?” [Youtube, 22 February 2022]. The same insightful Astrologer/YouTuber posted “Ukraine Astrology Update | Parallel history with WWII | Hitler and Putin similarities”, Mar 7, 2022.

[18] Thea discussed the Giza Sphinx as a symbol of Vishnu's Lion-Man/Leo-Aquarius axis of the Zodiac. One of Vishnu’s avatars is known as Narasimha – the Lion-Man. Vishnu the Preserver. Also discussed by Thea, Vishnu the Preserver is responsible for reinstating the Divine Law/Sanatana Dharma in the Preservation (or fixed-sign) Ages of the Maha Yuga cycle. Here are some relevant quotes from The Gnostic Circle regarding the Sphinx, Vishnu and the fixed-sign Leo-Aquarius axis.

“[T]he Sphinx as a symbol is perhaps one of the most important in esoteric tradition. These signs are captured in the ancient imagery of the Sphinx, and are an indication to mankind of the four important Ages in its progressive development [=the four Fixed sign ages of  Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius]. The Indians have preserved this same knowledge in another way; they call the times of the appearances of the avatars the periods of Vishnu, the Preserver. This is analogous to the Sphinx because Vishnu's periods correspond to the Fixed signs of the zodiac, the second part of the Trinity of Creation, Preservation and Dissolution or Destruction, which are the Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs.” – Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 37

“The Sphinx resting before [the Great Pyramid of Giza] would be the key to the time such a transformation could take place in harmony with the position of the Earth with respect to the heavenly bodies and orbits, and above all with respect to the  great centre of our galaxy, which is why it was so necessary to determine accurately the precession of the equinoxes and incorporate this knowledge in the construction. It becomes evident from the Sphinx that work on the full transformation of matter is best achieved during passage either through the Age of Leo or the Age of Aquarius, the Lion and the Man of the zodiac. Between these two points there is the  period of 'sleep,, or the loss of knowledge, the 8th Manifestation of Scorpio‒and therefore the ancients of Egypt, with this very precise knowledge, worked to erect the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx not only to make a place propitious for such an initiation and transformation but constructed in such a way as to preserve the knowledge throughout the millennia, which they knew would otherwise be lost and was to be essential for the progress of the civilisations of the Earth toward a more divine manifestation.” – Ibid., p. 245

“[T]he Sphinx of Giza represents the…axis of Leo and Aquarius, or August and February, the birth months of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, which is the important axis of the Matrimandir. August is naturally the Lion and February the Man, but in fact in ancient times the Sphinx was most often portrayed in its human part as a Woman.” – Ibid., p. 278

“After [the Mutable sign/age of Pisces] the sign of Preservation follows which in this present era is the Fixed sign Aquarius, and the new reality of the times comes forth, the new is firmly established when the Vishnu avatars come to reveal the phase human evolution is entering and the work that is to be done. These are our times―today. And we are in turn preparing for the culmination of the Age of Capricorn.” – Ibid., p. 304

From The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2 (added 15 August 2022):

“[T]he four Fixed signs of the zodiac, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius―the Bull, the Lion, the Eagle and the Man (Woman)…are mentioned continually in the Book of Revelation and other older occult and esoteric documents and spiritual texts. Of these four signs, the Man and the Lion are the Sphinx of Giza, 'guardian' of the Great Pyramid. As can be seen from the diagram, the Sphinx of Giza represents the same axis of Leo and Aquarius, or August and February, the birth months of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, which is the important axis of the Matrimandir. August is naturally the Lion and February the Man, but in fact in ancient times the Sphinx was most often  portrayed in its human part as a Woman, particularly in Babylonia and then in Greece.” – p. 278


"Near the mouth of the Nile there is the enigmatic Sphinx, in close proximity to the Great Pyramid. This colossus is a Man/Woman with the body of a Lion. These combined images correspond to the zodiacal signs Aquarius and Leo which stand in opposition to each other. The Precession of the Equinoxes,  having entered the sign of Aquarius by retrograde motion in 1926, draws the ascendent of the Earth through these two opposite and complementary signs,  as it were. In terms of calendar months the Sphinx represents August and February,―the birth months of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother…. The Sphinx is placed at the exact spot where, both in Space and in Time, the sign Aquarius comes into being. In fact, it is during  this Age of Aquarius, within the first degree of the sign by retrograde motion―or the first 72 years of the age-that the secret the Sphinx guards is revealed and the conquest of Time occurs, which is the necessary complement to the conquest of Space that was achieved during the Age when the Pyramids and the Sphinx were built. This was the Age of Leo, the sign of the Lion. Now, in the sign of the Woman/Man, the Earth becomes truly whole by the unveiling of her harmony in Time." – pp. 361-62 


“Agni is the fourth of the supramental avataric descent; he is Skanda of the  Puranic Tales: he is Kalki of the Ten Puranic Avatars; he is the Conqueror of St. John's Apocalypse; he is the Horse of the Veda, the symbol of Force (Tapas), the counterpart of the Cow, the symbol of the Light of Consciousness. Cow and Horse of Vedic symbology are Consciousness-Force, the major axis of existence, the axis portrayed in the symbology of the enigmatic Sphinx of Giza. – p. 378 

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  1. Hi Lori. I´m so gratefull of finidng your writings. I just want to rise the question if this whole perspective you are describing is not excluding easily the role and responsibility of the other part of the conflict, NATO and specially USA. Some how its difficult to me seeing the Ukraine leader as a hero as you mention it, in a conflict full of geopolitical interests. We have seen how western society has been silent in the midst of several conflicts and wars around the world, and now suddenly everyone is so indignant with this war. I feel in all this a doble standard in favor of western interests... and I don´t feel Integration in this way of thinking. And, those that mean that NATO and the US are some kind of Aquarian manifestation? I believe that it takes two to fight, the two with some or less responsibility in the conflict. Well your post let me to this questions and doubts. Thank you very much, I would like very much to read your thoughts in all this.

  2. Hello, Urus.
    I know Lori can answer your concerns herself and I’d like to address them as well.

    Identification and understanding of the Supramental Action at work in the world, which is what Lori’s posts aim to help the reader do, is different than employing our usual methods of analysis. While it is absolutely true that ‘the West’ has committed atrocities in the name of Democracy and has been silent about violation of human rights around the world when such silence it suited its own interests (hence your accusations of hypocrisy and the like), Lori’s analysis here is looking beyond superficial appearances to the evolutionary forces at work underneath/behind these appearances so to speak. Individuals as well as countries play specific roles in the unfolding of this evolutionary process, sometimes consciously, usually not. Articles such as this one give us the opportunity to put aside our usual perspectives and gain a different understanding, ‘impersonal’ yet deep.
    I had also done some analysis of events as relates to The Gnostic Circle (TGC) and Thea’s Geocosmological map, which I will include here for those who might be interested.
    When Putin assumed Power on May 7, 2000, he was 8 months into his 47th year, bringing him to the ‘6’ point of his year.
    Putin entered his 21st year (2+1=3) of office May 2021. In his 9 year cycle ( moving from the 3 point of TGC toward the 4) he entered the Aries decanate (MARS -warrior energy) of the 3 point (Leo -fixed Fire sign) on 2/7/2022. In his annual cycle as President he will reach the 4.5 of the upcoming ‘4’ year (22 years in office May 7th) on November 7, 2022 so that will be interesting to observe.
    Putin turned 69 on 10.7.2021. In his personal annual cycle he has been moving from the 3 to the 4 point starting 2/7/22 thru 3/7/22. He is at the same portion of TGC in his personal annual cycle as he is in terms years in office ( 9 year cycle).
    Russia in its current configuration turned 30 on 12.30.2021. It, also, is moving from the 3 point toward the 4, which it will reach on 12/30/2022. The 4.5 of its year is 6/30.
    Vlodomir Zelensky was born 1.25.1978 = 6. On 1.25.22 he entered turned 44, entering an ‘8’ year in his personal journey. On TGC the ‘8’ (associated with Aquarius) also can involve removal of baggage that could hinder a ‘clean’ passage into a new 9 year cycle.
    Ukraine reached age 30, its ‘soul’ point on 8/24/2021. The 4.5 of its year was 2.24.2022, the precise day of the Russian invasion.
    Russia, India and China all fall in the ‘spiritual’ quarter of the GC in terms of their placement on the geo-cosmological map. Russia ‘ruled by’ Aquarius (both lat & long) India by Capricorn (both lat & long) China by Aquarius (lat) and Sagittarius (long).
    All three of these countries, along with the US (Cancer axis to India) are playing a major role in the geopolitics of today and the near future.

  3. Hi, just saw this not yet read. You know the Mother on 19/5/1973 was isolated 3 months minus 2 days after her birthday. Russia attack was 3 months minus 2 days after 26/11/2021 (birthday of Sri Aurobindo's Supramentale yoga that began on 26/11/1926.

    On 22/8/2022 Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga will reach same point as the Mother in 17/11/1973. This is the point where she completed at minimal level so to speak her Work. Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga will reach this same point on 22/08/2022. The asuric forces according to the Veda will use a gap that they can utilize (the war) before that date (26/8). After that date the NEW CREATION will be complete at minimal level (same as a foetus in 25 weeks) and have only to mature. From that date it looks the TRANSFORMATION will begin first physical maturing and will be born in 26/11/2025 and growing to completion in 26/11/2034. In 2035 will be the first time where the nightmare no more and no DEAD and DARKNESS. Fred.

  4. Hi Urus, thanks for sharing your comments/thoughts. I will address in my next post when I get around to writing it. I haven't had much time to write lately.

  5. Sorry for the delay in posting your comments Jan and Fred, I just found them in my spam folder today. Thanks for reading/commenting.


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