The Convergence of Putin’s War & the Mother’s 144-Year Birth Anniversary ⁓ A Cosmological Perspective ⁓ Part Two

“Russian military weapons destroyed and seized by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, near Bucha on March 1, 2022”, Wikipedia“Russian military weapons destroyed and seized by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, near Bucha on March 1, 2022”, Wikipedia

“The world is in turmoil, as seen by indications from various quarters of breakdowns and ultimately collapse of systems across the board. This moment of extreme polarisation ought to have been easily foreseen already in 1989 with the break-up of the Soviet Union and the implied failure of socialism as the answer to solve the many unresolved problems at the time, and which certainly seem to have increased over the intervening 30 years. These unresolved problems can all be drawn back to the ideology that feeds them – economic, socio-political, or religious. It becomes then a contest between Socialism or Capitalism, Right or Left, Christianity or Islam, and so on. At this point, the result is a world that is tearing itself to pieces as each seeks to impose its particular ideology or belief on the whole of society and on this 21st century. The outcome has been intensification across the globe of a systemic polarisation that seems to have reached a defining moment. Democracy and its processes bring the situation to light better than the more or less totalitarian or traditional regimes wherein the true condition is more often than not suppressed in the effort to postpone the inevitable.

“Living in an electronics-based global society as we do the true situation cannot be hidden for long. The question to ask is how do we bring about change to a new world order in the midst of the old with its apparently unlimited powers of suppression and destruction? The true condition is mirrored dramatically in one particular area: the destructive power freely available on micro and macro scales: we can destroy ourselves and the planet as the home of an evolving species, if polarisation continues its tension-increasing course. Our evolutionary clock can be turned back to zero in the not-to-distant future given the catastrophic stockpile of nuclear weapons ready for use in the war of ideologies.

“What is the solution? I call this work the New Way because it is truly new. The answer cannot come through an imposition of one ideology over another, or even a compromise. It has to be something else that can harmonise the energies seeking expression and supremacy by a process of ‘putting each thing in its place’. The problem this poses is the bane of our times: relativism. Most of the answers we seek within the context of the Old are born of relativism which can never lead to solutions based on unity – that can be defined as seeing the connection between things as a living reality; that is what is lacking. Once that consciousness has become the active force leading the evolution, the old formulas such as non-violence, all-inclusiveness, and compromises of many hues, will be seen to be just slogans and inadequate to reach the next level humanity is striving to attain.

“The inability to grasp the interconnectedness between all things and to see them within an overarching fabric of Unity is indeed the bane of our times. It can be described in another way: the separatist consciousness….” – Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea), “Why is Makar Sankranti Important for India ~ 3”, 15 June 2016 (See also Parts One and Two of that series)

Part Two of this series is essentially a long response to the following constructive criticism offered by a reader in March, regarding Part One.

“…I just want to [raise] the question if this whole perspective you are describing is not excluding easily the role and responsibility of the other part of the conflict, NATO and specially USA. [Somehow] its difficult to me seeing the Ukraine leader as a hero as you mention it, in a conflict full of geopolitical interests. We have seen how western society has been silent in the midst of several conflicts and wars around the world, and now suddenly everyone is so indignant with this war. I feel in all this a [double] standard in favor of western interests... and I don´t feel Integration in this way of thinking. And, those that mean that NATO and the US are some kind of Aquarian manifestation? I believe that it takes two to fight, the two with some or less responsibility in the conflict. Well your post let me to this questions and doubts. Thank you very much, I would like very much to read your thoughts in all this.”

I consider the task of gaining a truly integral, supramental and illuminated perspective and unity consciousness beyond the binary mental egoic consciousness to be an ongoing yogic practice and process. That said, I do not believe that gaining an integral and supramental perspective and consciousness amounts to being (or striving to be) neutral or oblivious when it comes to recognizing which side of various binary conflicts represents regressive or anti-evolutionary forces and which side stands "on the side of the evolutionary forces”. In a 1943 letter, Sri Aurobindo explained why he and the Mother supported the Allied forces of World War II and not the Axis powers he wrote: 

What we say is not that the Allies have not done wrong things, but that they stand on the side of the evolutionary forces. I have not said that at random, but on what to me are clear grounds of fact. What you speak of is the dark side. All nations and governments have been that in their dealings with each other,—at least all who had the strength and got the chance. I hope you are not expecting me to believe that there are or have been virtuous governments and unselfish and sinless peoples? But there is the other side also. You are condemning the Allies on grounds that people in the past would have stared at, on the basis of modern ideals of international conduct; looked at like that all have black records. But who created these ideals or did most to create them (liberty, democracy, equality, international justice and the rest)? Well, America, France, England—the present Allied nations. They have all been imperialistic and still bear the burden of their past, but they have also deliberately spread these ideals and spread too the institutions which try to embody them. Whatever the relative worth of these things—they have been a stage, even if a still imperfect stage of the forward evolution. (What about the others? Hitler, for example, says it is a crime to educate the coloured peoples, they must be kept as serfs and labourers.) England has helped certain nations to be free without seeking any personal gain; she has also conceded independence to Egypt and Eire after a struggle, to Iraq without a struggle. She has been moving away steadily, if slowly, from imperialism towards co-operation; the British Commonwealth of England and the Dominions is something unique and unprecedented, a beginning of new things in that direction: she is moving in idea towards a world-union of some kind in which aggression is to be made impossible; her new generation has no longer the old firm belief in mission and empire; she has offered India Dominion independence—or even sheer isolated independence, if she wants that,—after the war, with an agreed free constitution to be chosen by Indians themselves…. 

“All that is what I call evolution in the right direction—however slow and imperfect and hesitating it may still be. As for America she has forsworn her past imperialistic policies in regard to Central and South America, she has conceded independence to Cuba and the Philippines…. Is there a similar trend on the side of the Axis? One has to look at things on all sides, to see them steadily and whole. Once again, it is the forces working behind that I have to look at, I don’t want to go blind among surface details. The future has to be safeguarded; only then can present troubles and contradictions have a chance to be solved and eliminated….

“For us the question does not arise. We made it plain in a letter which has been made public that we did not consider the war as a fight between nations and governments (still less between good people and bad people) but between two forces, the Divine and the Asuric. What we have to see is on which side men and nations put themselves; if they put themselves on the right side, they at once make themselves instruments of the Divine purpose in spite of all defects, errors, wrong movements and actions which are common to human nature and all human collectivities. The victory of one side (the Allies) would keep the path open for the evolutionary forces: the victory of the other side would drag back humanity, degrade it horribly and might lead even, at the worst, to its eventual failure as a race, as others in the past evolution failed and perished. That is the whole question and all other considerations are either irrelevant or of a minor importance. The Allies at least have stood for human values, though they may often act against their own best ideals (human beings always do that); Hitler stands for diabolical values or for human values exaggerated in the wrong way until they become diabolical (e.g. the virtues of the Herrenvolk, the master race). That does not make the English or Americans nations of spotless angels nor the Germans a wicked and sinful race, but as an indicator it has a primary importance….  

“The Kurukshetra example is not to be taken as an exact parallel but rather as a traditional instance of the war between two world-forces in which the side favoured by the Divine triumphed, because the leaders made themselves His instruments. It is not to be envisaged as a battle between virtue and wickedness, the good and the evil men. After all, were even the Pandavas virtuous without defect, quite unselfish and without passions? …

“Were not the Pandavas fighting to establish their own claims and interests—just and right, no doubt, but still personal claims and self-interest? Theirs was a righteous battle, dharmya-yuddha, but it was for right and justice in their own case. And if imperialism, empire-building by armed force, is under all circumstances a wickedness, then the Pandavas are tainted with that brush, for they used their victory to establish their empire, continued after them by Parikshit and Janamejaya. Could not modern humanism and pacifism make it a reproach against the Pandavas that these virtuous men (including Krishna) brought about a huge slaughter that they might become supreme rulers over all the numerous free and independent peoples of India? That would be the result of weighing old happenings in the scales of modern ideals. As a matter of fact such an empire was a step in the right direction then, just as a world-union of free peoples would be a step in the right direction now,—in both cases the right consequences of a terrific slaughter….

“We should remember that conquest and rule over subject peoples were not regarded as wrong either in ancient or mediaeval or quite recent times, but as something great and glorious; men did not see any special wickedness in conquerors or conquering nations. Just government of subject peoples was envisaged but nothing more—exploitation was not excluded. The modern ideas on the subject, the right of all to liberty, both individuals and nations, the immorality of conquest and empire, or such compromises as the British idea of training subject races for democratic freedom, are new values, an evolutionary movement; this is a new Dharma which has only begun slowly and initially to influence practice,—an infant Dharma which would have been throttled for good if Hitler succeeded in his “Avataric” mission and established his new “religion” over all the earth. Subject nations naturally accept the new Dharma and severely criticise the old imperialisms; it is to be hoped that they will practise what they now preach when they themselves become strong and rich and powerful. But the best will be if a new world-order evolves, even if at first stumblingly or incompletely, which will make the old things impossible—a difficult task, but not absolutely impossible.

“The Divine takes men as they are and uses men as His instruments even if they are not flawless in virtue, angelic, holy and pure. If they are of good will, if, to use the Biblical phrase, they are on the Lord’s side, that is enough for the work to be done. Even if I knew that the Allies would misuse their victory or bungle the peace or partially at least spoil the opportunities opened to the human world by that victory, I would still put my force behind them. At any rate things could not be one-hundredth part as bad as they would be under Hitler. The ways of the Lord would still be open—to keep them open is what matters. Let us stick to the real, the central fact, the need to remove the peril of black servitude and revived barbarism threatening India and the world, and leave for a later time all side-issues and minor issues or hypothetical problems that would cloud the one all-important tragic issue before us.” – Sri Aurobindo, 2 September 1943, Letters on Himself and the Ashram, “Remarks on the World Situation, 1933 – 1949”, CWSA, Vol. 35, pp. 213-19 [Bold emphasis added]

In my view, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine stands as a clear example of evolution in the wrong direction rather than in the right direction on planet Earth, and Ukraine’s fight to defend the independence, freedom, and democracy it gained in conjunction with the collapse of the Soviet Union, is a clear symbol of the soul’s evolutionary struggle to progress beyond limiting structures and beliefs of the Past in our Age of Aquarius, “however slow and imperfect and hesitating it may still be”. 

In Part One I mentioned some of the main elements of Putin’s and Zelensky’s natal charts, as well as the geo-cosmology of Ukraine, because for those who are initiated into Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s (Thea’s) supramental yoga and cosmology, wherein “the symbol is the thing symbolized,” such details are significant. In my view, the fact that Kyiv – the capital and heart of Ukraine – falls at 29° Aquarius in longitude, due north of the Sphinx (Lion-Man) of Giza, and 20° Aquarius in latitude (the 8 Point of the Gnostic Circle), presents a significant clue in the task of seeing and understanding the evolutionary forces at play in Ukraine’s battle for its sovereignty and existence in our Aquarian Age – the first 720 years of which falls in the Libra decanate of Aquarius (30°-20° Aquarius) in the backward movement of the Precession of the Equinoxes. The planet of Saturn – which Thea associated with the “Time Spirit”, aka Chronos, as well as the Cosmic Mother and the Mother’s level of the Supramental descent – has been transiting this Libra decanate of Aquarius since 12 March 2022 and will be (via direct and retrograde motion) through 6 March 2023. 

The three decanates of the Age of Aquarius – a modification of Thea’s illustration for the Age of Pisces, The Gnostic Circle, p. 75
The three decanates of the Age of Aquarius – a modification of Thea’s
illustration for the Age of Pisces, The Gnostic Circle, p. 75

In Part One I wrote that Vishnu’s – the evolutionary avatar’s – fixed-sign axis of Leo and Aquarius is central in Zelensky’s natal chart (Sun in Aquarius, Moon and Mars in Leo), which presents a significant clue as to how he is being used by the “evolutionary forces” in our current crisis which falls 96 years [1] into our Aquarian Age. What I did not mention, and was saving for a later post, is that this same axis, also shows up significantly in Putin’s natal chart as well, via his True North and South Lunar Nodes positioned at 20° Aquarius/Leo (18° Aquarius/Leo via the “Mean” calculation), which are situated respectively at the Nadir (IC) and Midheaven (MC) of his chart (21° Aquarius/Leo). Additionally, Putin’s natal Pluto (22° Leo) is conjunct his South Node and his Midheaven and conjunct Sri Aurobindo’s natal Sun (22° Leo), and conjunct the 4th’s natal Saturn (17° Aquarius). Thus it can be appreciated that he too is being used by the “evolutionary forces” of our Age, even if as the antagonist of the current play of events. I mentioned in Part One that Kyiv sits at 20° Aquarius Latitude. It needs to be added here that the city of Luhansk is positioned at 18° Aquarius Latitude and 20° Aquarius Longitude, and both Mariupol and Donetsk sit at 22° Aquarius Longitude and respectively 17° and 18° Latitude. Click HERE for an illustration of the 22° Leo-Aquarius Axis in the natal charts and progressions of the Solar Line together with my own natal Sun position (24° Aquarius) and related aspects. I have wondered for over a decade how Saturn’s transit across these degrees of Aquarius would manifest in the world, and now the Time has come, bringing with it a new iteration of the Cold War between America and Russia and their respective allies, demonstrating an impressive supramental coordination involving the geo-cosmology of the battlefield, the prevailing astrological transits and the cosmological credentials of the “evolutionary avatars” as well as the cosmological credentials of the leaders or chief instruments of both sides of the war.

This coordination includes the fact that the planet of Saturn – which Thea discussed as one of the planetary rulers of Aquarius, “the planet epitomising the cosmic manifestation as well as the Time-Spirit”, [2] and the planet most connected to Mother’s “Cosmic” role in the Supramental Descent [3]transited 17° Aquarius, conjunct the 4th’s natal Saturn [4] (his second Saturn return), the week before and the day of the Mother’s 144th birth anniversary, 21 February 2022, when Putin announced “that the Russian government would recognise the Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics [and] directed that Russian troops be deployed into Donbas, in what Russia referred to as a ‘peacekeeping mission’” [Wikipedia]. Subsequently Saturn transited Putin’s 18° Aquarius (Mean) North Node at the nadir (IC) of his chart, the first week of his war on Ukraine; and on 21 April, Saturn transited directly opposite Putin’s natal Pluto. Notably, Saturn has also been transiting conjunct Ukraine’s Independence Day (24 August 1991) Moon position – 22° Aquarius. Various astrologers have commented on how aspects of Putin’s chart (and others) have contributed to his 2022 war on Ukraine, [5] one of which pointed to the important fact that the last time Saturn transited the sign of Aquarius was 7 February 1991 through 28 January 1994, [6] spanning the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine’s establishment as an independent nation, and the formation of the Russian Federation. And the previous time Saturn transited through Aquarius was 1962-64, spanning the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy’s assassination, and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident which “effectively launched America's full-scale involvement in the Vietnam War [to prevent further aggression by the communist government of North Vietnam].” [7] So Saturn in Aquarius has a notable track record when it comes to exacerbating and dissolving and now exacerbating again the binary tensions of the Cold War. 

I have been discussing the geometric and Vedic basis of Saturn’s ancient rulership of Aquarius (aka Kumbha), in relation to the world-purifying recovery and release of the eternal law (sanatana dharma) of the Vedic Kumbha and its sacred waters (=the seven rivers=the seven vials of St. John’s Revelation) at length since 2016. For an illustration of this geometric and Vedic connection between Saturn and Aquarius, see “Seeing in Understanding ⁓ Part Ten”.

Image by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The Gnostic Circle (p. 276), depicting the position of the Precession Axis at 29° Aquarius-Leo, between the years of 1926 and 1998
Thea discussed Vishnu’s Leo-Aquarius axis in many of her books and writings, including The Gnostic Circle and Secrets of the Earth wherein she presented Vishnu’s evolutionary avatars in the context of her Map of the 12 Manifestations spanning the Maha Yuga cycle (9 Kali Yuga, 12 Astrological Ages = 3 Precessional Cycles = 77,760 years). The image to the right, from The Gnostic Circle (p. 276), depicts the position of the Precessional Axis at 29° Aquarius-Leo, between the years of 1926 and 1998, influenced by Cancer in terms of the triṁśāṁsa division [8] of the Gnostic Circle. Given the backward movement of the Precession of the Equinoxes, we have entered 28° Aquarius (1998-2070) – influenced by Gemini in the triṁśāṁsa division of the Gnostic Circle. The image to the left below shows our position in the Aquarian Age of the 9th (Sagittarius) Manifestation according to Thea’s seeing. The image below right emphasizes the first two degrees of the Age of Aquarius.

An extrapolation of Thea's Map of the 12 Manifestations, emphasizing Vishnu's Ages and the Age of Aquarius (Lori Tompkins)

“[1926 was] the year that the Giza Sphinx was finally uncovered in the Egyptian desert. The 'message' of the Sphinx on the backdrop of the Map is not at all enigmatic: her symbol-form indicates the Ages of Leo and Aquarius. Naturally her 'secret' was destined to remain covered, only to be unveiled right when that cosmic Hand pointed to the start of the Aquarian Age.

“And so we find ourselves in the Age of Aquarius the Friend, or Mitra of the Veda, the last and highest 'step' of Vishnu....

“The Rishi pours forth praises of this highest and last step of Vishnu, for indeed it is in this 9th that the victory is attained. As Sri Aurobindo has explained, '... he [Kalki as following Krishna, not the Buddha] fulfils in power the great struggle which the previous Avatars prepared in all its potentialities.' This is a fully Vedic understanding of the Steps of Vishnu, on the way to the highest, the last in this 9th Manifestation ‒ the fulfiller, the conqueror, the victorious Avatar of the Supermind [[Sri Aurobindo]], he who dispels the darkness, he who slays Vritra.  – Thea, Secrets of the Earth, p. 55 [Text in single brackets is Thea’s]


9th Manifestation Yod, Leo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces: Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The Gnostic Circle, p. 42
“Sri Aurobindo's birth in Leo stands as upholder of the entire 9th Manifestation consisting of three zodiacal signs, Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn, as the diagram indicates. This design is known as the Yod aspect or the Finger of God in certain esoteric traditions of astrology, most probably from Kabala: sources.” – Ibid., pp. 66-67 [The Yod diagram to the right is from, The Gnostic Circle, p. 42'


“[The Sun, ruler of Leo,] is the seed of the 9th Manifestation, Jupiter is the planet ruler of the 9th Manifestation [Sagittarius], and Uranus is the co-ruler of Aquarius, the Age of Preservation, the Age of the appearance of the Avatars of the 9th Manifestation.” – Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 42

In Part One, I wrote that Putin’s Sun and Rising signs – Libra and Scorpio – stand as significant clues of his role in the evolutionary play. I was not aware at the time that there are conflicting accounts of his birthtime and thus of his Rising sign. [9] Astrologer Lynn Hayes wrote the following about Putin’s Rising sign:

“I should point out that there is no verified birth time for Putin as birth times aren’t recorded on birth certificates in Russia, but the birth time of 9:30 am was provided to an astrological researcher back in 2000 and this is the chart that is widely used today. If this isn’t Putin’s actual chart it’s the chart he would want to have, with the power sign Scorpio rising and Pluto conjunct the Midheaven along with the South Node. These are powerful placements, especially with the ascendant ruler Mars in a trine to Pluto, Scorpio’s modern ruler which tends to facilitate the rise of power, and a square from Jupiter to Pluto which tends to bestow a sense of self-righteousness.” – “The astrology of Vladmir Putin and the war on Ukraine”

So the Scorpio placement of his Rising sign is either accurate or it is simply a proverbial shoe that many astrologers believe accurately fits his life and persona. It certainly fits if one sees Putin as an instrument of the regressive, obstructive, violent, and poisonous energies of the “fixed” water sign Scorpio that are defeated by Saturn (aka, the Time-Spirit, Agni, the son of the Sun) at his 6 Point in the Vedic Year (0° Sagittarius), so that the Vedic waters – aka the seven rivers – of divine truth and clarity can be poured out of the Kumbha or Water Jar of Aquarius. As discussed in last year’s series “The Obstruction of the Vedic Waters & the Fixed Water Sign of Scorpio”, the victorious pouring out of Vishnu’s Kumbha in our Age of Aquarius (aka the Age of Kumbha) very much demands the dismantling of the Scorpionic forts and forces, that blocks the flow of its waters and the flow of the evolutionary journey (Vedic Yajna/Zodiac); and 2016 – the year of Thea’s passing and the first year of our current ennead – marked significant progress in that regard.

Libra and Scorpio, Putin’s Sun and Rising signs, are the first two signs of the 3rd (Mental) quadrant, arising out of 0° Libra – the 4.5 Point/Void of the evolutionary journey of the Vedic Year (=Yajna= Zodiac) which is equivalent to Sunset (the setting of the Sun) in the 24-hour cycle of the Earth’s Day. In Thea’s “Map of the 12 Manifestations”, wherein each of the 6,480-year and three-age Manifestations spans one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac, the 7th (Libra) and the 8th (Scorpio) Manifestations precede our current 9th (Sagittarius) Manifestation and bring us to the 6/Saturn Point (0° Sagittarius) of this cycle, 234 BCE according to Thea (see the illustration of the 12 Manifestations above and below).

3rd Quadrant of Maha Yuga cycle: 7th, 8th & 9th Manifestations (Lori Tompkins)

In the Mother’s 144-year cycle, ending with the beginning of Putin’s War on Ukraine, as shown in Part One, this 6/Saturn Point (96/144 years = 2/3 = 240°/360° = 0° Sagittarius) falls approximately three months (96 days) after the Mother’s passing at the age of 95 and 9 months (269 days).

“[The 7th Manifestation] began on the 'pillar' known as Cosmic Sunset [0° Libra)] … solar, but also twilight in essence. The Sun is still above the horizon in the 7th, but in setting it heralds the approaching night.” – Thea, Secrets of the Earth, p. 38 [Bold emphasis added]


“It must be remembered that both 7th and 8th Manifestations have their pivot or find their axial balance in the Cancer Cardinal Pillar, Cosmic Midnight; that is, the axis of the lower hemisphere. Therefore we understand that they deal with earlier expressions, more basic in the species, unlike what is to follow [in the 9th Manifestation onward].” – Ibid., p. 41 [Bold emphasis added]

In the same book Thea spelled out the goal of Vishnu’s evolutionary avatars in the Age of Aquarius, within the 9th Manifestation.

“We seek to unveil the soul of [Vedic] knowledge again. To do so we must find the eternal foundation which the cosmos provides. This does not mean that all previous experiences of the Veda are somehow invalid or inconsequential. But the new cosmology will render the experience relevant to our times. It will enhance whatever has been one's previous understanding. More importantly, the new cosmology will make the Veda applicable. To accomplish this we need to restore the cosmic connection which is best accomplished when we fill in the details of the 9th Avatar's appearance, since his coming provides us with the truth-conscious structure it is his duty to introduce in this 9th Manifestation, i.e., the Cosmic Truth.” – Thea, Secrets of the Earth, p. 65

The 8th sign of Scorpio, ruled by Mars is the sign of War and Death which is simultaneously the zenith of and end of the road for the binary and egoic mental consciousness which has lost its “eternal foundation”, “cosmic connection” and “Cosmic Truth”. This limited consciousness, oblivious to the eternal law (sanatana dharma) of the ancients, is meant to self-destruct, dissolve, and give way to the higher potentials of our being and becoming upon the immergence of the supramental consciousness in the 9th sign or stage of our evolutionary journey. Our Aquarian Age within the 9th (Sagittarius) Manifestation, appears to be the point in our journey wherein the efforts of this OLD consciousness to assert and expand its dominance in the world, only serve to quicken its own demise and dissolution. 

Given their roles as the leaders of the two sides of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it is worth mentioning that Gemini – the polarizing influence of our current degree in the 360° Precessional Cycle – figures prominently in both Putin’s and Zelensky’s natal charts. Putin’s Moon is in Gemini, as is Zelensky’s Ascendent.  

“Gemini is the sign of MIND and whereas there is some sort of integration albeit split in two.... Gemini presents a diminished energy base by this vertical division or polarisation, so typical of the mental function; indeed, so typical of the brain itself. But being the sign of Mind, which in turn is characterised by duality, there is a certain harmony in Gemini’s duality....

“The Twin Towers, as reproductions of the symbol for Gemini (Mind), indicate the limitations of its duality as the guiding faculty of the species. We must go beyond Mind now.” – “September Trilogy – Plus One” 

It is also worth mentioning Will Smith’s physical assault on Chris Rock at the 94th (4-power) Academy Awards in light of a couple significant astrological parallels between Putin's and Will Smith's natal charts, as well as Zelensky's and Chris Rock's natal charts. This incident occurred in the fire sign of Aries – ruled by the God of War, Mars – and temporarily stole the news spotlight from Putin’s ongoing physical assault on Ukraine. The 9-power date of this occurrence, 27 March 2022, contains the Divine Trinity of 9.3.6 when day, month, and year are reduced to their number powers. Whereas the three pillars of Putin’s natal chart are Sun in Libra, Moon in Gemini, and ASC in Scorpio, the three pillars of Will Smith’s natal chart are Sun in Libra, Moon in Scorpio and ASC in Gemini. On the other hand, Chris Rock, like Zelensky is an Aquarian with a fire-sign Moon. Zelensky and Chris Rock’s natal Mars positions – 0° Leo/27° Virgo – are conjunct the 3 Point (0° Leo) of the Gnostic Circle which Thea discussed as the point of “soul realisation”. [10] Will Smith’s slap, dubbed “the slap heard round the world,” was a concise symbol of the self-destructiveness of Scorpionic violence (Mars energy turned toxic) for all of the world to see. After initially laughing at Rock’s joke, Smith saw red and felt completed to protect his wife, who certainly did not ask for or benefit from his misguided act of “protection”. Such incidents of self-destructive violence happen all the time of course, but this display takes on a special symbolic significance given its high visibility, its timing, and the astrological parallels with Putin and Zelensky. In my view, this bizarre event parallels and highlights the self-destructive quality of Putin’s attack on Ukraine, wherein his violence and his efforts to protect “Mother Russia” has been backfiring against him on a global scale.  

Does what I have written above or in Part One mean that I think Zelensky and his American and NATO supporters represent a full or even a somewhat-complete manifestation of the Aquarian consciousness or ideal? Not at all.  

In her 1991 article, “ENERGY! Crisis in the Middle East, or War in the New Way” [Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 5, No. 6, Supplement], Thea wrote: “In this new cosmology ‘the symbol is the thing symbolised’.... the energy-symbol of the old and dying world is black gold,” i.e. oil. And this Scorpionic symbol, along with methane gas – another environmentally damaging FOSSIL fuel, is literally what is fueling or funding Putin’s war on Ukraine. This is another important symbol and clue of what exactly it is that Putin represents in our evolutionary journey, what his power base is, what he is attached to, and what he is in service of, which is “the old and dying world”.

“Certainly, fossil fuels are not the direct cause of a war clearly driven by the singular will of President Vladimir Putin.… Whatever is driving Putin, his war machine is fueled by oil and gas.

“Putin is able to use the oil money to get rid of any domestic political constraints and to build a military and a war chest to allow these kinds of foreign policy adventures,” said Jeff Colgan, director of the Climate Solutions Lab at Brown University. “In that way, Putin’s Russia falls into a category of states that would include Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, and Muammar Qaddafi’s Libya.” –Marianne Lavelle, “Whatever His Motives, Putin’s War in Ukraine Is Fueled by Oil and Gas”, 6 March 2022 

Putin’s style of governance has been characterized by critics, both inside and outside Russia, as being autocratic, oppressive, authoritarian, dictatorial, tyrannical, fascist, totalitarian, and Stalinist. It is worth readers’ time to research some of these varying characterizations of Putin and their rationales. [11] Can all of these negative characterizations solely be considered the baseless propaganda of the West? Can all of the criticisms and analysis of people who have been subject to Putin’s oppressive governance and of people who have studied world history in some depth simply be cast aside or discounted as biased without considering their substance, their historical origin and the red flags they present? I don’t think so. It appears to me that these negative characterizations have a real relation to Putin’s own history, philosophy, and behavior, as well as a real relation to Russia’s own long history of autocratic rule. At a minimum I think these critical characterizations represent the recognition by many, on some level, that Putin’s oppression of and aggression against (and active dismissal of) the ideals of democratic representation and liberty and justice for all – regardless of how imperfectly manifested in the West or elsewhere – is “backwards” in a real sense, i.e. the wrong direction, in terms of the evolution of human consciousness. Below is an article or opinion piece published in Time magazine on 2 September 1991 following the August 1991 dissolution of the Soviet Union. 

“An abyss opened for a moment, and black bats flew out. They filled the air with old nightmares, throwbacks to a style of history that the world had been forgetting. The Soviet Union was seized by a sinister anachronism: its dying self. Men with faces the color of a sidewalk talked about a "state of emergency." They rolled in tanks and told stolid lies. The world imagined another totalitarian dusk, cold war again, and probably Soviet civil war as well. If Gorbachev was under arrest, who had possession of the nuclear codes?

“Three days: then the bats of history abruptly turned, flew back and vanished into the past. By act of will and absence of fear, the Russian people accomplished a kind of miracle, the reversal of a thousand years of autocracy.

“Nadezhda Mandelstam, the brilliant, bitter memoirist of the Stalin era, wrote in the early '70s: "Evil has great momentum, but the forces of good are inert. The masses . . . have no fight in them, and will acquiesce in whatever happens." Until last week the Russian character was judged to be politically passive, even receptive to brutal rule. At first the coup seemed to confirm the norm. The news administered a dark shock, followed immediately by a depressed sense of resignation: of course, of course, the Russians must revert to their essential selves, to their own history. Gorbachev and glasnost were the aberration; now we are back to fatal normality. "Every country has the government it deserves," Joseph de Maistre wrote in 1811.

“Now, after 74 years of communist dictatorship and, centuries before that, of czarist autocracy, the Russians may get a government they have earned -- a democracy. For the first time, they did not subside into an acceptance of overlords. Instead they turned last week's reactionary coup into a transforming rite of passage, an epochal event that forced even Gorbachev to re-examine his most basic beliefs and resign his post as head of the Communist Party.

“Citizens poured into the streets, determined, methodical and -- the biggest change in a Russian experience suffused with a genius for official terror -- astonishingly unafraid. They defied the junta's curfew, built barricades around the Russian Parliament Building, where Boris Yeltsin had organized his resistance. They had absorbed something about people power from Prague, Berlin, even Vilnius. A crowd of Muscovites brought a column of armored personnel carriers (APCs) to a halt, stuffing rosebuds and wildflowers into gun barrels. A line of women stood ready to face down troops with a single banner: SOLDIERS: DON'T SHOOT MOTHERS AND SISTERS. Clearly the soldiers had orders not to use force. One of a dozen soldiers who marched to the central telegraph office on Tverskaya Street, when confronted by outraged Muscovites, showed them that the clip of his automatic weapon was empty. When the tanks did move, people were ready with gasoline-filled bottles (named, of course, after the old Stalinist V.M. Molotov). Tank drivers, even paratroop commanders, defected to the resistance. Miners went on strike.

“With all of that, the people of Russia last week purchased their freedom and citizenship. They abolished serfdom in Soviet political life. The event is one of the turning points of world history, proclaiming the end of a totalitarianism that has destroyed so much of the 20th century.” – Lance Morrow, “The Russian Revolution, 2  September 1991” [Bold emphasis added]  

Regardless of whether one agrees with this western perspective that the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 represented progress on a humanitarian and epochal scale, what is for certain is that Putin does not. He experienced it as a great tragedy. In a 2005 Annual Address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation he stated:

“Above all, we should acknowledge that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a major geopolitical disaster of the century. As for the Russian nation, it became a genuine drama. Tens of millions of our co-citizens and compatriots found themselves outside Russian territory. Moreover, the epidemic of disintegration infected Russia itself.”

Thea, on the other hand, wrote of the collapse of the Soviet Union as a positive outcome connected to her own (and thus Sri Aurobindo’s and the Solar Line’s) yogic victories and as important step in the right direction for the world. 

“I was describing [the] binary system and did a whole yoga in the 80s. And right on time Gorbachov came in, right on time, I mean, extraordinary. Everything was going like clockwork, the whole collapse of the Soviet Union, right on time, everything. Perfect. By ‘89 the work was done and we started a new ennead and everything was done, exactly in accordance with this. Exactly. Fantastic.”  "Study Circle with Thea”, Rosendale, New York, 18 April, 1994, The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 9, Issue 2, June 1994  


“[T]he 4.5 Orbit crossing in 1984 [in the midst of the 1980-89 ennead]…brought the most significant reversals on the world stage to date; for example, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the collapse of the Iron Curtain and the unification of Berlin, to name just a few.” – Thea, The New Way, Vol. 3, p. 178 [Bold emphasis added]  


“When we dissect the 1990s as we have done with the 1970s and 1980s, it becomes evident that the underlying theme of this special and concluding ennead is the emergence of a political dispensation that would permit the true soul of [India] to emerge from behind the veils. Prior to the turning point of the 80s, the condition was not as if obscured by veils; it was rather a veritable iron curtain.…

“But with the work of the 1970s and 1980s, this 'iron curtain' began to be as unsustainable as the Berlin Wall in defence of the Iron Curtain separating a largely capitalist West from a socialist/communist East. Indeed, both these 'curtains' began to crumble at the same time: the mid 1980s. And both hinged on a certain yogic victory which occurred at that time in the Solar Line and was then transported beyond. For it was in 1983, a year of 3 number-power, that for India and for the world, the true centre came into being. This means that the yogic equivalent of a 'singularity' came into being which would serve the nation [of India], and through the nation the world, as an anchor, as a stabilising factor ever after. Externally there were tremendous forces seeking to tear the ancient civilisation [of India] apart. These were at once political, cultural and social. 

“On the international scene that 'singularity' would be detected in the fact that a collapse of what is called in this new cosmology, the Binary System, came to pass. It was replaced by the Unitary System. To be more precise, a linear or polar tension collapsed, and with it the collapse of one end of the pole, the USSR. However, this left a very precarious situation in the global arena. The old system had collapsed, but the unitary, spherical system, though having emerged then, housed as yet a void at its centre. In other words, there was a spherical circular system in place, but without an operating centre on the world stage. This central Point was as yet impotent to exert its power. Meanwhile, the only remaining 'super power', the USA, by default had to step in to fill that void, but not by destiny or cosmological constitution. This true centre is India, by destiny. The USA has a different role to play in conjunction with India, the lines of which are only now becoming apparent, though in this new cosmology the geo-cosmological connection between India and the USA was revealed as far back as 1974.” – The Nine Nights of Durga – The Destiny of India across the Century - in a New Cosmological Paradigm, 1999, unpublished [Bold emphasis added]

As Thea discussed throughout her writings, India’s fulfillment of its destiny as a world center and unifying power involves reestablishing the “eternal foundation” and “cosmic connection” mentioned earlier, which depends on the reestablishment of the Divine Maya (=measure) of the twelve month Vedic Year and of the Mother’s twelve pillar Vedic Temple. 

“[I] have described the manner in which India can bring her dharmic essence to the forefront because the realisation of her destiny lies in bringing about the consciously lived experience of interconnectedness, of oneness. However, we must carry the analysis a step further to discover that this is not merely a connection between countries and some sort of all-embracing openness or spirit of compromise for India, and certainly not resolved by appeasements based on irrelevant concerns about secularism; rather, it is the cosmic connection as discussed in this series – that is, bringing the Earth into harmony with the entire cosmic manifestation in a conscious way hitherto known only to the Vedic Rishis. Since then, to impede the realisation that would benefit the entire Earth, the strategy has been to attack that very connection – successfully, I might add. It stands broken today but can be easily repaired. All that is needed is to bring back into harmony the two Zero Points via the Equinoxes and Solstices, [12] the correct measure of which would vindicate Ganga’s own dharmic essence.

“I have dwelt on India to formulate the New Way because of her centreship. She is as if a pebble cast into a pond from which point ripples expand. The nature of the Centre is what determines the ripples that fan out from that point. If it is harmonious and based on Gnosis, those ripples will express the highest harmonics, the music of the spheres. Her ability to play this role for the Earth largely resides in the fact that all the problems of the world at this moment of intense polarisation are found compacted in India – ideologies of every hue. Some will survive the Tornado, others will stand exposed and their energies will be swept away and re-cycled.

“In all things a centre is required….” – Thea, “Why is Makar Sankranti Important for India ~ 3", 15 June 2016


“When Time and its indispensable precision are rubbished and the Divine Measure that utilises the new precision is trashed, what transformation of matter are we talking about? Time is the building mortar, the true cementing factor. Hence its secrets are coveted by all seekers in the quest for immortality. Without the allegiance of Time, all such quests are illusions. To deny measure is to deny time is to deny form. How then are we to transform matter? Have we any right to claim that we are doing so when we do not accept the terms matter imposes?

“Mayavada has permeated the yogic consciousness of India for far too long. Everything to do with material, cosmic manifestation is considered an illusion. This is what the spiritual authorities tell us. Indeed, this lies behind the rejection of measure and the precision the Mother demanded. The ‘new precision’ involves Time in the transformation as an ally and not a destroyer. Without this allegiance there can be no ‘yoga of the cells and matter’. The Mother’s original plan gave us this precious knowledge. It exists for those who SEE. It does not exist in the Auroville Matrimandir, in spite of the mental acrobatics of the non-believers (‘…One is not going to say it. To begin with, they would not believe me…’).

“For India the loss of the Vision has done incalculable damage. This will be explained in detail in future Chronicles. It is sufficient to state for the moment that the emphasis by the Mother on time and measure was a calculated divine strategy insofar as India lost the Divine Measure a number of centuries ago when the sidereal (Nirayana) zodiac was adopted in lieu of the Vedic tropical (Sayana) zodiac. It is only with the tropical zodiac that the Makar Sankranti, the shortest day of the year and entry into Capricorn, has any relevance both within India and connected to the rest of the world. This is the true VEDIC astrology, unlike what goes by that name today.

“The reasons for this aberration are intimately connected to Sri Aurobindo’s mission and explain his statement that Kalki comes ‘to correct the error of the Buddha’. The Mother’s Vision, with its ‘new precision’ involving time and measure, was a crucial piece in the correction process. Her Vision reinstates the tropical zodiac in all its details and provides India with the Divine Measure once again, – and with it the keys to her destiny and place within the new Supramental dispensation. There is no way in which India can fulfil that high destiny without this Divine Measure. Through these Chronicles, we shall prove the point.” – Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, Part Four

From several of the quotes above, we can see that Thea saw the collapse of the Soviet Union as a necessary and positive evolutionary shift from the old binary system to the new unitary system, which America, for geo-cosmological as well as geopolitical reasons has essentially held-centre (or temporarily filled the Void) by default because India has yet to assume her rightful place at the centre of the new spherical world order in our new age. [13]

I agree with Thea’s point of view regarding progress made in 1991 (while Saturn was transiting through the early degrees of Aquarius) and my sense is that through Putin’s violent and self-destructive attempts to essentially reverse that progress, further progress towards the unitary consciousness and system on Earth is being made, even if India has yet to live up to her destiny of reestablishing the eternal law, foundation and divine maya or measure of the spherical gnosis of the Vedic Rishis (and of the Vedic Year/Yajna) in the world. It is worth noting that Thea, who together with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother recovered the essential elements and context of Vedic wisdom that India must now reestablish in the world on a global scale, was American-born. And, in conjunction with Thea’s passing in 2016, the truth of the divine maya and eternal law (sanatana dharma) of the Vedic Rivers and thus of the Vedas themselves was recovered in America, by an American. When will India embrace the eternal foundation and keys of its own power Age of Aquarius, and simultaneously embrace its cosmological connection with America as discussed by Thea? This remains to be seen.

With regard to global affairs, whether historical or present, I am all for the exposure and dismantling of all manner of falsehood, oppression and abuses of power and of people in the world, regardless of who the perpetrators are or where they live in the world, or what their geopolitical agenda is. I also trust that this process of exposure is supramentally controlled and coordinated, and that what needs to be exposed and known will be exposed and known when the Time is right, and no sooner. I do see Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, on the vital and mental level of events, as mutually created or born forth via the conflicting geopolitical and vital interests of America (and its Western/NATO allies), and the Russian Federation (and its Eastern allies); and I very much value any and all intelligent analyses that help to flush out the larger historical context, co-creation and buildup to the war. This includes the analyses of those who point out war crimes and hypocrisies committed by American leaders which are largely ignored by mainstream media and enable people to have a wider perspective and more discrimination when it comes to mainstream media. [14] Of course such analyses do not take into account the cosmological, evolutionary and spiritual dimensions of what is being worked out on the world stage, but regardless, they are helpful in cultivating a wider and more multidimensional view.

Thea’s commentary (featured above) on the “extreme polarization” of 2016, which “ought to have been easily foreseen already in 1989 with the break-up of the Soviet Union,” is so applicable to Putin’s 2022 war on Ukraine and its immediate exacerbation of the binary tensions of East-West that it feels like a foreshadowing of present events. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine now occurs as an inevitable backlash and flareup of the unresolved binary tensions of the Cold War (1947-1991), tensions which remain a real reflection and symbol of humanity’s binary consciousness and its cataclysmic dangers. Since 2016, the year of Thea’s passing, there has been a tangible acceleration of these binary tensions throughout the world, accelerated in large part due to modern technologies and social media platforms that enable the rapid publication and sharing of information, whether true or false. 

Via this acceleration of tensions, it seems clear that our binary mental consciousness – represented by the Air signs of Gemini and Libra in the Zodiac – has reached its breaking point or its functional and operational limits. In terms of the evolutionary stages of the Zodiac, this limit is reached at the end of the 8th sign of Scorpio, the sign of War and Death, and the false divisions (the falsehood) must be dissolved or dismantled in the 9th sign of Sagittarius by the higher light and truth of the soul, in order to avoid an evolutionary miscarriage based upon mutually-enacted self-destruction. According to Thea, and Sri Aurobindo and the Mother before her, this process of dissolution is controlled in a supramental manner and both the positive and negative sides of the positive-negative duality contribute to the soul’s victory in the course of the evolutionary journey. With all of this in mind, I view this binary conflict as catalyst and mechanism for evolutionary progress. I take some solace in the symbol of the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9-11 (2001) which Thea discussed in terms of the controlled dissolution of the binary mental consciousness by the power or force of the indwelling One (the Soul-Spark of the Divine/Agni). I trust that the Russia-Ukraine war also represents a controlled dissolution, albeit on a larger scale, of that which must be dissolved at this particular point in our journey.

“Though the peril we face is real and imminent, such a dismal course [a destruction so complete as to disallow a renewed evolution of the species] is unlikely. The reason I can make this statement is precisely because of the latest USA tragedy. The ‘hand’ of the Controller has been so evident in the unfolding of events and in the logic of the process that it is unlikely unforeseen developments out of the sphere of its control will occur. Indeed, nothing lies beyond its reach. When the centre and new axial alignment come into being, it means that out of the chaos of the former old way a cosmos has emerged. There is then only one centre, similar to the Sun of our solar system. No other possibility is possible since both positive and negative must ‘serve the purposes of the One.” – Thea, “September Trilogy – Plus One” [a cosmological analysis of 9-11, 2001]

Regarding the commentary, “We have seen how western society has been silent in the midst of several conflicts and wars around the world, and now suddenly everyone is so indignant with this war,” I consider the wide and digitally-amplified condemnation of Putin’s invasion on Ukraine to be simply a reflection of what is necessary and demanded at this stage of our collective evolutionary journey. Think of all of the abuses and injustices that were legal and acceptable or unable to be exposed in previous decades or centuries or millenniums that are no longer legal or acceptable or able to be kept under wraps in the 21st century. At certain points in our development, when the Time is right or when the Time Spirit demands, catalysts arise that bring certain things to light order to effect an upward shift in our individual and collective journey or yoga of fulfilling our soul’s potential and embodying our soul’s Satchitananda (Truth, Consciousness and Bliss) in the world. And these catalysts are consistently polarizing because naturally many people are attached to or are conservators of the old behaviors, patterns, or structures that are targeted for dissolution, and naturally many people are prepared to move forward and to support and lend their energies towards the dissolution of the old ways in whatever capacity.

Since the beginning of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine I have been searching out a wide variety of articles, videos, podcasts, interviews, and such towards gaining broader understanding of the history and thus of the forces at play. This has included videos discussing the Russian Revolution (1917), the Red Terror of Lenin and the Bolshevik government of Soviet Russia, Stalin’s many crimes against humanity, the Korean War between communist-China-and-Russia-backed North Korea and democratic-American-backed South Korea, the Cold War between the USA and Russia, the fall of the Soviet Union, Mao Tse Tung’s mass murders via the “Great Leap Forward” and the Cultural Revolution, America’s firebombing of Tokyo and nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing hundreds of thousands of civilians that brought an end to WW2 in 1945, [15] the formation of the United Nations (1945) and NATO (1949), the “Prague Spring” of 1968 towards the democratization of Czechoslovakia that was crushed by the Soviet Union, Russia’s Constitutional Crisis of 1993, and the 12 December 1993 establishment of the Russian Federation and its democratic constitution [16] which also established the enhanced powers of the President that paved “Russia’s Road to Autocracy”, [17] the Iran-Contra Affair [18] and the CIA’s larger history of drug trafficking to support various war efforts, [19] the American War on Iraq committed under false pretenses by those at the helm of the American government in fairly recent history, and the rise of what has been discussed as the “Second Cold-War” – i.e. a Cold War between China and America [20] – in the pivotal year of 2016. 

It is truly fascinating to view Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in conjunction with all of this relatively recent world history, and in view of the 144-year timescape or cycle laid out in Part One which begins with the Mother’s 21 February 1878 birth and ends with Putin’s recognition of Ukraine’s two “breakaway regions”, Luhansk and Donetsk, as independent states, which preceded his full-scale invasion of Ukraine three days later. I have added the April 1949 formation of NATO by Western allies in the early years of the Cold War to the nadir (4.5 Point) of that 144-year cycle, as well as the 22 December (Makar Sankranti) 1949 placement of an idol of Vishnu’s 7th incarnation Ram (as an infant = Ram Lalla) at the Babri Mosque – “a site believed by many Hindus to be the birthplace of Hindu deity Rama [which has] been a focus of dispute between the Hindu and Muslim communities since the 18th century” [Wikipedia]. In 1992, the year after the collapse of the Soviet Union, this mosque was demolished by Hindu activists triggering murders and riots across India. [21]

Now it is apparent that this 144-year womb of Time has birthed forward a formidable consolidation, configuration, amplification, and manifestation of the binary tensions of the World Wars and the Cold War(s). All of the tensions that have been smoldering either under the surface or erupting in regional ways, since the end of the original Cold War have erupted in a new way, exposing and clarifying all countries’ core beliefs, vulnerabilities, dependencies and alliances and demanding a new level of global considerations and responses, orchestrating an opportunity for our collective human soul to make some further progress (however small) towards the manifestation of unity consciousness in our Aquarian Age.

In addition to the historical research listed above and to other research related to Putin’s war on Ukraine, I have also been researching Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s political views and occult actions with regard to World War II and other world tensions, most of which I was already familiar, because I read the thirteen volumes of The Mother’s Agenda in full circa 2003-2004 (and have reread much of it since then) which presents many of these views and actions. I think any student of the Supramental Yoga, and perhaps anyone who is trying to see and understand (i.e. to be conscious of) what is transpiring between Russia and Ukraine, and by extension between the forces allied with Russia and those allied with the United States and Europe, will benefit from reading some of this commentary, in addition to the commentary by Sri Aurobindo that I have already included above. In my next two posts (addendums to Part Two), I will share some of Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s commentary on world affairs, in chronological order. [Link to Addendum 1]

I will end this post with a fuller version of Thea’s comments on black gold (oil) as the “energy-symbol of the old and dying world”. In this fuller version, she points to the “supramental Gnosis” as the energy and power base of India and of the New World, though this energy has been yet to be cultivated and utilized on a collective scale to fuel progress in India or elsewhere.

“In this new cosmology ‘the symbol is the thing symbolised’.... the energy-symbol of the old and dying world is black gold. On the other hand, the ‘symbol’ of the energy released by the new Time is pure Gold, or the supramental Gnosis. India is where the latter is found.  – Thea, “ENERGY! Crisis in the Middle East, or War in the New Way” [Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 5, No. 6, Supplement]


[1] Whereas 2022 is a 6-power year in terms of our present ennead (2016-2025), if 1926 – the beginning of the Aquarian Age – is seen as the beginning of a 144-year cycle comprising two degrees of the Precessional cycle (1926-2070), 96 years falls at the 6 Point. As mentioned in Part One, Thea discussed the first age of our current 9th Manifestation – the Age of Pisces, preceding our present Aquarian Age – as the 96th age of the 144-age Greater Circle, consisting of 12 Precessional Years (12 x 25,920 = 311,040 years).

[2] The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2, p. 201.

[3] Below are some of Thea’s writings on Saturn and the Mother, and Saturn’s relationship to the Mother’s Vedic Temple – the Matrimandir – which stands misconstructed and distorted in Auroville, India: 

“[T]he Mother's position on the Sacred Triangle is the 6 point, Saturn's point.” – The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 245


“In the pattern of the [Supramental] Descent it must be remembered that the Mother occupies the position of 6; thus by destiny she was obliged to concretise the essence of Saturn in the Earth's evolutionary scheme; she was obliged by her inherent dharma to crystallise the cosmic womb which was to contain the new consciousness.” – Ibid., pp. 271-72


“[The Inner Chamber of the Mother’s Temple] is the abode of Saturn, the planet in the celestial harmony that epitomises the passage  of Time…. The Chamber is the magical dwelling place of the Time-Spirit; the Time-Spirit in the planetary harmony is Saturn; Saturn in the creative OM is the cosmic manifestation." – Ibid., p. 197


[T]he Time-Spirit Saturn [is] the essence of the Mother's chamber.” – Ibid., p. 329


“We must emphasise again that Saturn is the planetary/harmonic essence of the Mother’s temple. The entire structure, inner and outer, is a hymn to the 6th planet. And since the Mother herself occupies the 6th position on the descending number-planetary scale of 9/6/3/0-1 of the Solar Line, Supermind arranged the revelation of this model of Saturn – her own ‘pulse’ or cosmic note – through the Mother herself.” – Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, Update 8, “Saturn Above, Saturn Below”

[4] The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2, p. 267.

[5] A few of the discussions of Putin’s chart:

[6] “The Astrological Transits of Vladimir Putin – A 30 Year Aspect Returns Again, Control + Power of the Motherland, by Any Means. The More Radical the Better”, Sara Hayes, 23 February 2022. 

[7] “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution”,, 2019.

[8] Each triṁśāṁsa is an individual degree of the 360° Zodiac, each of which Thea designated with a zodiacal sign. 

[9] “The Astrodatabank notes there are no birth certificates issued in Russia, and the source of data is the government archives. In 2002, Putin's webmaster replied to an e-mail, stating his birth time was 9:30 am. Another individual reported a conversation in which Putin quoted 1:00 pm. A number of rectifications have been attempted by Western astrologers, with various birth times.” – “Rectification against all odds: A Vedic Astrologer looks at Vladimir Putin's Chart”,

[10] “[The soul realisation] is the accomplishment of the 3 Point.” – Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 234.

[11] Here are a few articles presenting these critical characterizations: 

[12] Makar Sankranti is the entrance into the sign of Capricorn (0° Capricorn/Makar), which has been chronically severed from the Winter Solstice and thus mismeasured in India by post-Vedic astrologers for many centuries. The two zero points Thea mentions in this article refer to the zero points of the Zodiacal Year and the “Time” Year. In Part One of the same series Thea wrote: “[T]here is only one zodiac – and that is the sacred zodiac handed down to us by Rishis of a long-lost era. The usurpation by astronomers of the tropical zodiacal signs and symbols was part of the strategy to rid the world of meaning and purpose in the evolution we are part of on planet Earth – that is, to render our lives purposeless and our sojourn on Earth entirely meaningless. This is the collective void we harbour, nowhere more evident than in India today for 80% of her population saddled with this falsehood.” [Bold emphasis in original] This was written on 1 January 2016 – the first day of 2016 and thus the first day our current ennead and 9 months and 9 days before Thea’s passing. See also: “The Origins and Nature of Hindu Decline” [Thea, 2006]

[13]  More pertinent commentary by Thea on our evolving new world order: 

“The unipolar world is…a fallacy in terms of any one of the superpowers occupying that dominant position. For it is neither America, nor of course Russia, nor any other nation which has taken over centre-stage. It is a consciousness working through certain channels which have been prepared for the role they are presently playing some centuries ago. Nor can we say that that consciousness has wholly occupied this position. What we are witnessing is the final struggle of certain forces to secure the dominant position. Indeed, the position is still vacant, but it is rapidly on the way to being filled by the force which functioned so effectively to subjugate half the world during the colonial age.” –Thea, “Culture and Cosmos – 3, Part 3.3”, The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 8, No. 6, February 1994 [All emphasis added]


“There is a striking polarity in the USA, and in a certain sense it is as if the nation were indeed orbiting a void, inasmuch as the most important contributions to its history have arisen in these two extremities, or have finally settled into these dual orbits, ‒so clearly indicated in the Cancer symbol. This dichotomy is apparent even in the distinctive life styles. adopted by the inhabitants of the East and West coastal areas. The fact that this hieroglyph indicates a central void is the reason why this nation cannot successfully stand as a lone guide and inspiring light in the symphony of nations. She lacks that central, immortal core of an eternal Truth. And this is provided by India. Together, in unison, a formidable power could arise to usher in an age of greater understanding and luminous vision of the true destiny of the planet. Matter and spirit must ultimately reveal their oneness and work in harmony.

“Here is the Cancer hieroglyph superimposed upon the landmass of the United States of America. The two circles in the glyph are the dual foci of energy:

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, Cancer hieroglyph superimposed on America, Time and Imperishability, p. 90

“Concerning the Spirit/Matter axis relating to these two nations, any clear-seeing person will have no difficulty in recognising that India and America tend to express themselves best in areas pertinent to their positions on the pole. However, it is important to reveal this relationship in the context of the present global stress, because it is when these two pole/nations and all that they signify are brought into harmony that the transition is safely passed and the Golden Age is born.” – Thea, Time and Imperishability, (1997), pp. 89-90 [Bold emphasis added] 


“In the wake of the absoluteness of the American victory in the Gulf War, panic seems to be setting in across the globe, in particular in Third World countries, especially evident in India. The general fear is that we have become trapped in a ‘unipolar’ world, lorded over by the USA and with no nation on Earth able to provide a balancing, attenuating force. There are laments that the United Nations has been hijacked by America and calls for its restructuring whereby this situation might never arise again. 

“I will not enter into a discussion of the above in any great detail since these fears are an important consideration in the New Way only insofar as they reflect the difficulty the old world has in coming to terms with the new; and above all, with power. At the outset I must state that America, perhaps better than any other nation, is in the process of fulfilling the purpose for which it came into being as an independent nation. It is difficult to locate a similar impeccable display of faithfulness to an inner truth or Dharma….

“[T]he feared ‘unipolar’ world is not an accurate assessment of the current situation but merely points to one all-important fact: America is at present living up to her destiny as the centre of the pole of Matter, alone and all-powerful in the midst of the nations of the West which represent that pole in the higher Harmony, while India, an equal if not more important element in the design, has so far failed to live up to her role in the higher scheme of things. Indeed, at the national level there is a ‘void’ in evidence; but this circumstance corresponds to a certain work India must now undertake – a filling of the Void, to be very precise.”  – Thea, “The Third World War – The New Seeing, the New Power”, “The American Eagle, symbol of Power”, The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 6 No. 1, April 1991

[14] Some such analyses include:

[15] After the atomic bombings on 6 and 9 August, “The surrender of Imperial Japan was announced by Japanese Emperor Hirohito on August 15 and formally signed on September 2, 1945, bringing the hostilities of World War II to a close.” (Wikipedia) The initial surrender of Imperial Japan fell on the 73rd anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s birth.

[16] “The 1993 [Russian Federation] constitution declares Russia a democratic, federative, law-based state with a republican form of government. State power is divided among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.” – Wikipedia

[17] “On September 21, 1993, Yeltsin dissolved both legislative bodies, overstepping his authority. The Supreme Soviet and the Congress of People's Deputies reacted by voting to remove him from office. The tension over this de facto dual power structure escalated on October 3, when armed opponents of the president stormed the Moscow mayor's office and the television station Ostankino.

“Yeltsin deployed the army, attacking the White House on October 4. Tanks fired short-range shots in broad daylight, setting the building ablaze. Images of the charred facade spread around the world. In total, more than 100 people died. Yeltsin prevailed and, in December 1993, held a referendum on a new constitution that consolidated and strengthened his authority. This new power structure centered around the president is enjoyed to this day by Yeltsin's successor at the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin. – Roman Goncharenko, "Russia's 1993 crisis still shaping Kremlin politics, 25 years on", 3.10.2018. 

“[Yeltsin] strengthened the powers of the presidency so significantly that some labeled the new system ‘superpresidential’” – Michael McFaul, “Russia’s Road to Autocracy”, Journal of Democracy, Vol. 32, Issue 4, pp. 11–26

[18] A fascinating account of the Iran-Contra affair is presented by lawyer Daniel Sheehan in the video: "The Iran Contra Case", Humanity Rising, Mar 22, 2022. 

[19] See: "Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and the CIA in Central America", (1992, updated 1998) by Peter Dale Scott.

[20] “Talk of a "new Cold War" between a United States-led bloc of countries on the one hand and the putative Beijing-Moscow bloc, including explicit references to it in the official PRC's media, intensified in the summer of 2016 as a result of the territorial dispute in the South China Sea, when China defied the Permanent Court of Arbitration′s ruling against China on the South China Sea dispute, and the US announcing in July 2016 it would deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) in South Korea, a move resented by China as well as Russia and North Korea.” – Wikipedia

[21] The fight over this sacred site continued in Indian courts for decades, only recently resolved in the legal sense. 

“November 9, 2019: The Supreme Court pronounced its “unanimous” verdict in the Ayodhya title dispute case, saying that the Hindu parties will be given the disputed land where the Babri Masjid once stood. The Sunni Waqf Board, the biggest Muslim litigant in the case, will be given five acres at a separate “prominent” location in Ayodhya.” [The Wire]

“In its unanimous verdict that brought down the curtains on the decades-old Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title dispute case, a five-judge Supreme Court bench declared Ram Lalla as a juristic person. A juristic person is a non-human legal entity recognised by the law and entitled to rights and duties in the same way as a human being. Though the Muslim side did not contest Ram Lalla being a juristic person, yet the court gave a conclusive finding on the issue because the deity was the main petitioner in a suit filed claiming ownership of the disputed land.” [Hindustan Times, bold emphasis added]

“September 30, 2020: The special CBI court acquits all 32 accused in the Babri Masjid demolition case, including former deputy prime minister L.K. Advani, former Union ministers Murli Manohar Joshi and Uma Bharti, former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Kalyan Singh.” [The Wire] 

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