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Covid-19 Virus, Source: Fusion Medical Animation (original in color).

At present mankind is undergoing an evolutionary crisis in which is concealed a choice of its destiny; for a stage has been reached in which the human mind has achieved in certain directions an enormous development while in others it stands arrested and bewildered and can no longer find its way. ‒ Sri Aurobindo, The Live Divine, CWSA Vols. 21-22, p. 1090

⁓ Introduction ⁓

All Is One

As the world has been struggling to come to terms with the COVID-19 pandemic and its many impacts, I wish Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) were around to apply her extraordinary capacity to “see in understanding” to our current global crisis. Thea passed in 2016 at the age of 78, leaving behind 46 years’ worth of crucial cosmological, mythological, astrological, numerical and geometric keys, insights and instructions to help people see events and circumstances as a Divine Play or divine evolutionary journey, wherein “the positive and the negative” both serve the singular agenda of the Soul’s full emergence or birth from the dark womb of creation in which it has been gestating for aeons. She presented her teachings and keys of “seeing in understanding” not as something to be believed, but as a knowledge base to be applied towards cultivating a direct experience of, and a higher understanding and view of the circumstances that unfold in the unified field of Time and Space. Thea often used the expression or axiom “the symbol is the thing symbolised” with regard to seeing the higher significance and divine perfection of the seemingly mundane symbols and forms of our material reality. Similar language was used by Sri Aurobindo in his discussions of symbols.
“There are in every thing existing phenomenally or, as we shall say, symbolically, two parts, the thing in itself & the symbol, Self & Nature… immutable being & mutable becoming, that which is supernatural in it & that [which] is natural. … [E]very symbol, being a partial expression of God, reaches out to & seeks to become its own entire reality; it aspires to become its real self by transcending its apparent self. Thing that is made is attracted towards Thing that is, becoming towards being, the natural to the supernatural, symbol towards Thing in itself, Nature towards God.  – Sri Aurobindo, Essays Human and Divine, CWSA, Vol. 12, pp. 334-36 
“[The sacred syllable] OM is the symbol and the thing symbolised.” – Sri Aurobindo, Kena and Other Upanishads, “Notes on the Chandogya Upanishad” (circa 1912), CWSA, Vol. 18, p. 258 
“A symbol, as I understand it, is the form on one plane that represents a truth of another. … [G]enerally all forms are symbols. This body of ours is a symbol of our real being and everything is a symbol of some higher reality.” – Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga III, CWSA, Vol. 30, p. 137
Thea gave many potent examples in her writings demonstrating her application of “the symbol is the thing symbolised” axiom, but as far as I can gather, she did not give many direct explanations. The two explanations I did find are as follows:
“For the Vedic seer there was no difference between the two: the symbol was the thing symbolised. 'Being still the symbol to reach through it the thing that symbolises itself, to realise the symbol, is our fulfilment,' Sri Aurobindo. has written. And by these words he reveals the poise of the· ancient Rishi in whom symbol and symbolised fused at the culmination of his journey through the Vedic way. This way was the way of the human being on the road to a higher godlike species.” –  Thea, The New Way, Vol. 3, p. 255 
“It simply means that all is one. There is no separation between material and spiritual. If it were otherwise, there would be no sense to the confirmed experience of so many realisers throughout the ages of unity and oneness.” – Thea, September Trilogy – Plus One (Thea’s analysis of the 9-11 attacks of 2001)
Most of Thea’s transmissions regarding this Vedic and yogic gnosis came more in the form of connecting the specific details (or living symbols) of certain events to their deeper or higher integral significance or place within the larger evolutionary scheme of things. Regarding how it applied to 9-11, she wrote:
The tragic circumstances of today can be used as visual examples of this power operating in the world. The key to this operation is found in the New Way dictum, the symbol is the thing symbolised. 
“The appropriately named Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre are a perfect example of this control, as well as the above-mentioned dictum. To illustrate, it must be borne in mind that central to everything that is now transpiring is the collapse of the old. But what exactly is that oldness, which we realise is crumbling by every headline that appears in our newspapers, just as the Twin Towers crumbled before our eyes? Succinctly, it is the end of the Binary Creation. This is what the total collapse and vaporisation of the twin buildings indicates when the symbol is the thing symbolised…. 
“... I used the Twin-Tower Collapse as a universal symbol in that it has imprinted on the human consciousness, the frailty of what were thought to be our most solid structures. Our entire existence is ‘balanced’ on fragile foundations, which we believe to be unassailable. This image of the ‘twin’ collapse (Gemini/Mind) describes the human condition better than a thousand words: we orbit a Void and function in life on the basis of ego and not the soul as the central pivot. Realignment and centering are the means to correct this flaw of the species in evolution. The Twin Towers, as reproductions of the symbol for Gemini (Mind), indicate the limitations of its duality as the guiding faculty of the species. We must go beyond Mind now.”
For those who are unfamiliar with zodiacal symbolism, the 3rd sign of the Zodiac, Gemini, is known as “the Twins”. Itshieroglyph  consists of two conjoined, twin pillars or “Twin Towers”. I recommend that any and all who are interested in understanding the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of its symbols and in terms of the evolutionary play which we are participating in, read (or re-read) September Trilogy – Plus One.  It all boils down to the simultaneous “Collapse of the Old” world and birth of a new world. This same transformational evolutionary process continues, but the mechanism or quickening agent, and the symbols involved, and the global impact are different in many notable ways.

My understanding of “the symbol is the thing symbolised” axiom is that in the realm of the supramental consciousness (or in other words, in the realm of unity consciousness or truth consciousness), the actual symbols and forms that appear in mythology, iconography and in the unfolding of the material circumstances of our individual and collective lives, have a divine significance and reality underlying the surface appearance or our surface understanding of what these things mean. All forms and thus all symbols are a direct expression or extension of the divine will being expressed in a given story or play of circumstances. And if one cultivates a consciousness of Unity, these symbols can be increasingly seen and read for what they are and for what they are connected to. One begins see layers of significance that the divided mental-egoic consciousness simply misses because it is not seeing the full, seamless, interconnected divine continuity of the whole of creation. One begins to thin-out or rend the veil between the so-called mundane material world and the divine spirit or soul of creation, and to (more and more directly) see the divine expressing itself via all mundane or material circumstances. The Mother described this perfect continuity and unity between the multitudinous mundane symbol-forms of life and the divine as follows: 
“For Sri Aurobindo “coincidences” do not exist. All that happens is the result of the action of the Divine Consciousness. The Force which is at work at this moment is a Force of harmony that makes for unity − the unification of all the symbols that express the Divine Truth.” – The Mother, 5 May 1967, Collected Works of the Mother, Vol 15, p. 104
The Mother also noted that in the higher consciousness (in HER consciousness) “everything is part of an extremely precise play of forces” (17 November 1962, The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 3). If we extend or apply these same principles of the symbol being the thing symbolized, and a divine precision leaving nothing to random coincidence to the Covid-19 pandemic, some interesting and significant symbols begin to come into focus. I will briefly discuss a few such symbols in Part One, which I will add upon from Part Six onward. In Parts Two through Four, I will present some necessary background and context for readers who are interested in learning about our world’s evolutionary crises (not just this current one) in relation to the Supramental Descent and mahayoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea. Without this background, what I write about the symbols the Covid-19 pandemic will likely not make full, if any sense. So, what follows after Part One is a bit of a crash course in the Supramental Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea, with an emphasis on its impact on and place within the Evolution of Consciousness. The symbols I discuss in Part One are etymological, numerical and geometric. From Part Five onward, I will expand on these symbols and introduce others, including astrological symbols, that are worth looking at with an eye towards understanding the evolutionary pressure that is being placed upon humanity, via the Covid-19 pandemic.

⁓ Part One 

The name Covid-19 is a compression of Coronavirus Disease-2019. The most prevalent or obvious numerological symbol of the Covid-19 pandemic is the number 19, based upon the new coronavirus’s first emergence in the year 2019. The numbers 1 and the 9 are the basis of our 0/9 number system which our world has adopted or inherited from Vedic (or perhaps pre-Vedic) sages. As discussed by Thea in her writings, this number system must be seen in terms of the geometry of the circle and sphere, wherein the number one is the base unit of the circle of 9, and the 0 and the 9 occupy the same place in the circle (the numerical equivalent of the ouroboros or snake eating its own tail).1 The 9 completes the 0/9 cycle, symbolizing completion, fullness, birth and the wholeness or oneness of creation. Even though the number 1 is the unit of measure of the 0/9 circle, it also expresses and stands for the full Oneness of the Circle itself – the One which contains within itself Many Ones. In The Gnostic Circle, Thea discussed the 9 division of the circle in relation to our solar system and its 9 planets or orbits.
“[T]he importance of [the 9] division of the Circle is to be understood with regard to our solar system, which consists of nine planets and the Sun, the zero. In this way it becomes evident that the 9 Circle is for us at present the most perfect representation of the microcosmos and macrocosmos, and tells us the way in which we can link these together. It tells us in its harmonics that in fact the vast and the small are one.” – Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 105
The numbers 1 and 9, and specifically the number 19, along with the sacred trinity of 3-6-9 [as shown in the image above] figure prominently in Thea’s discussions about the Supramental Descent, the birth and establishment of Unity Consciousness in our world and the yoga by which individuals can progressively learn to SEE the divine consciousness-force or will in the material world, amidst all upheavals and transformations. I will discuss the importance of the number 19 in Parts Two through Four and perhaps further along in this series. Other numbers that stand out to me with regards to our pandemic are the sacred trinity of 3, 6 and 9, contained in the Latin word COR2 (the first syllable of “corona”), meaning “heart”.  In a 2018 video entitled “The Divine Trinity”, I discussed this numerical trinity in relation to the sacred geometry of the radius (the 1) which measures out the circle of 9 into three even segments. In that video and elsewhere, I have demonstrated how three vesica piscis, each measured out by the circle’s uniform radius, beginning from the 0/9 point of the circle, mark out the numerical trinity of 3-6-9. Likewise, the radius and vesica piscis evenly measure out all 9 numbers of the circle, as well as the 12 division of the Earth’s sacred solar year (aka the Zodiac).3   

The letters of the prefix “co” correspond respectively to the numbers 3 and 6, which together add up to 9.4 Etymologically the prefix “co” connotes equality, togetherness, mutuality or the state of being joined as demonstrated in words such as cooperate, cohabitate, collaborate, community, coordinate, etc. In turn, the number power of  “vid” – the abbreviation of “Virus Disease” (Covid) – is 8,5 which is fitting given that the 8th sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio is associated with Death and Transformation. What I find most interesting about the abbreviation “vid”, however, is that this is an ancient Sanskrit root word meaning “to see”. Vid is the root of the Sanskrit word Veda meaning “vision” or “knowledge”. Veda in turn is the name of world’s most ancient book of knowledge (the Rig Veda), composed by ancient seers or sages. If the prefix “co” is added to “vid” (as in the “Covid” abbreviation of Coronavirus Disease), the connotation is something on the order of “to see or know together”, shared-knowledge, or shared vision.The symbolic sense of vision found in the name Covid-19, is underscored by the fact that this virus has come forward and made its indelible mark in human affairs and in human consciousness in the year 2020, which is most commonly verbalized as “twenty twenty”, which connotes perfect vision (20/20 vision) in our modern era. Specifically it connotes two eyes (left and right) that can correctly focus on SEEING THE ONE REALITY in front of them.

In addition to these encouraging etymological symbols, word “pandemic”, which is now synonymous with a deadly disease that has spread across the world, essentially means “all people” from the Greek words “pan” and “demos”. So, from an etymological, numerical and geometric point of view, the expression Covid-19 pandemic boils down to “all people seeing the One Circle (or Whole) together, or in other words, a world-wide (pandemic) vision of unity. This symbolic sense of the abbreviation “Covid-19” echoes what many people are co-experiencing across the world. We are immersed in world-wide collective experience of unity (even if united via a negative catalyst) that is forcing people to cooperate, communicate, coordinate, connect and be considerate of others, and to see and be seen by others in entirely new ways. Not surprisingly, there are many people who do not want to cooperate, be considerate, connect, etc., and there is much fragmentation and contentiousness concerning the radical restrictions, constrictions, and prescriptions put forward by governments (or not put in place or removed by governments); and naturally, there are many who simply want things to go back to normal. Many understand, however, that collectively there is no going backwards to pre-Covid-19 times. Certain things will shift back to somewhat normal human behavior, but this experience, which is far from over, is serving as a radical collective initiation (or rite of passage) into a new level of interconnection and shared experience (co-living) on Earth. In other words, this coronavirus is a powerful evolutionary catalyst or quickening toward the progressive dissolution of mankind’s fragmented consciousness and the uprising of unity consciousness.

As many gears of our entire civilization have quickly grinded to a halt (or are barely moving), much of humanity has embraced the pregnant pause, the movement inward, and the cleaner air that results from the massive cessation or deceleration of much of mankind’s toxic patterns and behavior. Many are in no hurry to return to what was never really a normal or sustainable collective lifestyle in the first place. Yes there are many on Earth who are suffering to some degree (ranging from minor to catastrophic) physically, economically, mentally and emotionally due to this pandemic, and who do not have the luxury of enjoying any upside whatsoever to this difficult collective process. But regardless, there is an upside, even if it is the painful collapse of dysfunctional life on Earth as we know it.

It is quite ironic and fascinating that this collective experience which all people of the world are going through at the same time, specifically involves separating and isolating from others. Maintaining distance and separation is, in this case, an act of solidarity, an effort towards a united cause – towards the common goal of reducing disease, suffering and death. Whereas this action of separation is commendable and necessary, it mostly reflects that we humans have no other effective or acceptable options at this point. Our mass response or defense of separation has arisen out of the stark reality of our collective vulnerability, ignorance and incapacity to neutralize this microscopic pathogen in a more advanced manner. Our collective vulnerability, ignorance and incapacity is in turn a product of the fragmented (divided) state or stage of our collective consciousness. In other words the “solution” of separation is the natural product and real symbol of the divisive mental-egoic consciousness that renders us vulnerable to this kind disease in the first place.

I am not implying that the defense of separation is not a valid response considering the reality of our current situation. I am simply saying that the prescription of separation (via stay at home orders, social distancing, etc.) is a symbol of the fragmentation our collective consciousness, in which we experience our material existence (our individual and our collective existence and all that transpires on Earth, in Time and Space) as being separate from the Divine. This fragmented consciousness is the seed of our civilization’s chronic problems and the root of our disastrously unsustainable behavior on Earth. In other words, however necessary at this moment in our collective evolution, the policy of protection via separation is a symbol of the thing symbolized. It is a symbol of a primary strategy and stance of our egoic-mental consciousness, which is a chief source of, not the real solution to, our world’s woes. For now, the world is largely united (in terms of a shared collective experience) via its focus on one particular shared woe or viral enemy. This play of circumstances can be seen and experienced as an inversion or shadow of the Truth our material existence, wherein the many forms of creation are expressions of the same Divine Self or Divine One. It can also be seen and experienced as a foreshadowing of and a catalyst towards the actual, real experience of Unity consciousness on Earth, wherein the world is no longer united by a shared painful experience (the shared consciousness) of separation and division, but by a shared experience of VEDA, or True Knowledge and True Vision of Oneness. 

The Establishment of Divine Light in the Body

Sun's Corona, visible via a Total Solar
Eclipse (Michael S Adler, 2017)
Coronaviruses are named as such specifically due to their geometry, form or shape. These viruses are spherical with spike proteins protruding from the surface which the scientists who named it associated with the Sun’s corona or outer atmosphere, extending outwards from the spherical body of the Sun. As is commonly discussed in etymological accounting of the coronavirus, “corōna” means “crown” in Latin, and “garland” or “wreath” in Greek. As far as I have seen, no commentators on the etymology of “coronavirus” mention that cor in Latin means “heart”. From cor comes the English words “core” and  “cardio”. These interrelated English and Latin words, in turn, are connected to the Sanskrit word hṛd, meaning heart. Cor could also be related to the Sanskrit root kr, meaning “to do, make, cause, build, accomplish”, i.e. create.7 

The simple two-dimensional form of the sphere is the circle, and the circle with its center point forms the Sun’s Symbol . Cells and atoms with their nuclei are microcosmic expressions of this solar symbol and form. The coronavirus does not appear to have a nucleus or center point, but its spherical geometry and form is clearly connected to the spherical geometry and form of the Sun. In turn, the triadic (trimeric) structure of the spike proteins of coronaviruses, which allow them to attach to and invade cells, are connected to the triadic sacred geometry of the circle.

The circle and its inner point also happens to be the geometric basis of the iris and pupil of the human eye, via which humans have the capacity to receive the Light of the Sun and to See. In the Rig Veda, the Sun is described as a Sage (Kavi), i.e. as one who SEES and knows. In The Secret of the Veda, Sri Aurobindo discussed the Surya, the Sun God as follows:
"[Surya] is that large truth-vision which makes us give to its possessors the name of seer. Himself the “wide-seeing”, “the Sun, the Seer who knows the triple knowledge of these gods and their more eternal births….” – CWSA, Vol. 15, p. 480
Considering the geometric and etymological connection between the micro-form of the coronavirus and the macro-form of Sun, it is worth including a few of Sri Aurobindo’s commentaries on the symbolism of the Sun in relation to Supramental Light, Gnosis and Truth as found in Letters on Yoga III, CSWA, Vol. 23 (pp. 137-38, 142)
“[T]he Sun stands universally for the supramental Light, the divine Gnosis.”   
“The sun is the symbol of the Supermind.”    
“The sun is the symbol of the concentrated light of Truth.”  
“The Sun indicates Truth directly perceived in whatever plane it may be. It is the symbol of supermind….”   
Whereas the spherical Sun is the core, heart or nucleus of our solar system, without which the solar system and life on Earth would not exist, the spherical Coronavirus invades the nucleus or core of living cells (via triply-formed and triple-headed protein spikes) and downloads malicious RNA which causes illness and death in many humans. So these two spheres (or symbol-forms) are connected, not only in name, but also by way of being two extreme ends of a spectrum, both in terms of size (macro and microcosm), and in terms of one being a source of life and the nucleus of our solar system, and the other being a usurper of the nucleus of living cells and causing disease and death in its living hosts. In the supramental yoga all opposites are joined, they are expressions of the same Divine Oneness … microcosm and macrocosm, spirit and matter, the One and the Many, etc. The supramental yogi progressively moves towards a more accurate SEEING and experience of the divine whole, rather than staying committed to the self-ignorance (and world ignorance and cosmic ignorance) of seeing everything as separate. Regarding the circle and sun symbol, Thea wrote:
“The Circle is truly the most beautiful of symbols, the most perfect of forms. It contains all the Knowledge and from it we can understand everything in creation, because as a symbol it represents Creation itself, the Divine Mother, the complete Manifestation.
“It is the representation of a unified multiplicity, and at the same time therefore it is the symbol of Unity, because we cannot conceive of unity without the ingredient of multiplicity.... 
“Together [the 0 Point and the Circle ‒ whose number is 9] are the fullest symbolic representation of Unity man can conceive of, and joined in this way they give us the symbol of the Sun, our representation of the Divine, in the realm of Ideas as well as in the physical universe. 
“… It is this key therefore, the 9 – and its silent partner, the 0 – which is capable of unraveling the mysteries of the Universe, the knowledge of the Divine Mother, and the essence of Unity. …  ‒ Thea, Symbols and the Question of Unity, pp. 64, 71 
The evolutionary victory as depicted in the Vedas and in the supramental yoga involves the progressive establishment of the all-encompassing essence of Unity ‒ the vast Truth or Divine Light (as symbolized by the Sun) ‒ in the physical being, in the very cells of the Individual. This is the Vedic victory of the hitherto hidden, “Immortal Flame” or Divine One/Son ‒ the “triply-formed” Agni8 ‒ lying “secret in the growths of the earthly existence”, who defeats the forces of darkness and death. 
"In this Yoga also, we want to bring down [the Supreme Light of the] divine Sun to govern not only the mind but the vital and the physical being also. It is a very difficult effort. All cannot bear the Light of the Sun when it comes down. [The Gayatri Mantra] chooses the Divine Light of the Truth asking it to come down and govern the mind. It is the capacity to bear the Light that constitutes the fitness for the Yoga." ‒ Sri Aurobindo’s commentary on the Gayatri Mantra, as recounted by AB Purani, Evening Talks, 21 Sept 1925
The Mother discussed this topic of the establishment of the Divine Light in the cells of the body at length in her Agenda.
“[T]his body has indeed the concrete sensation of the Divine in each of its cells; but it needs to become universalized. That’s the work to be done, center by center. I understand now what Sri Aurobindo meant when he repeatedly insisted, ‘Widen yourself.’ All this must be universalized; it is the condition, the basis, for the Supramental to descend into the body.” ‒ The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 1, April 21, 1959   
“Shortly before the 15th of August I had a unique experience that exemplifies all this. For the first time the supramental light entered directly into my body…. I very clearly received the indication to make the Calm and Peace descend, to widen all this body-consciousness and all these cells, so that they could contain the supramental light.” ‒ The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 1, October 6, 1959  [Bold emphasis added]
In 1958 the Mother posed the question:
“If there were a plague or cholera … would the supramental Force in the cells, the supramental realization, be able to restore order out of the disorder that allows the epidemic to be?”  ‒ The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 1, August 8, 1958
The Mother posed that question some 62 years ago, and though the world is naturally scrambling for a cure and a vaccine for this new zoonotic virus and to keep suffering and lives lost to a minimum, her question and her yoga of establishing the supramental consciousness or Divine Light (or solar consciousness) in the cells of the body, points to the real solution or cure for the ills that befall the human race due to our un-illumined and fragmented consciousness. In the Rig Veda, this solution is discussed in terms of the Hero’s journey (yajna) which is carried out within the 12 months of the sacred Solar Year, whereby the Divine Hero (the indwelling Soul) is ultimately victorious over Death and Falsehood. 
“[T]he central idea of the Vedic Rishis was the transition of the human soul from a state of death to a state of immortality by the exchange of the Falsehood for the Truth, of divided and limited being for integrality and infinity. Death is the mortal state of Matter with Mind and Life involved in it; Immortality is a state of infinite being, consciousness and bliss. Man rises beyond the two firmaments, Rodasi, Heaven and Earth, mind and body, to the infinity of the Truth, Mahas, and so to the divine Bliss. This is the “great passage” discovered by the Ancestors, the ancient Rishis.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda, CWSA, Vol. 15, pp. 45-46
According to Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea, this Vedic victory is our collective evolutionary destiny, however long it might take to grow into this new stage of evolution on Earth. This current pandemic can be seen and experienced as part of the ongoing push or labor in our Aquarian Age to birth this Hidden Truth – the Immortal Core/Soul of our individual and collective Self – out of the shadows of, or dark womb of our own Self-ignorance. It can be seen and appreciated that ALL circumstances, positive or negative, are leading to this same Divine Birth. It can be seen and appreciated that nothing that is happening on Earth is outside of this evolutionary process. We are evolving, AS A WHOLE.

⁓ End of Part One ⁓

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1 On 11 May 2020 (perhaps a month after I started writing this series), my mother found and gave me a tiny lizard (2ʺ from top to bottom) which had died and dehydrated in the shape of an Ouroboros extending into the shape of the number 9 (as shown in the pictures below).

The classic Ouroboros is the joining of the head and tail of a line (the extended body of an individual dragon, lizard or snake) to form a circle, symbolizing a shift from the linear consciousness of Time and Space, to the circular, cyclical and unified consciousness of Time and Space. This lizard I was given, which looks like a carefully crafted piece of jewelry, emphasizes the fact that the Ouroboros is symbol of our Vedic 9-base number system. [See “The Vedic Circle of 9 and 0” for more on the cyclical nature of our 0/9 number system.]
2 C is the 3rd letter of the English alphabet, 0 is the 15th ( 1 + 5 = 6) and r is the 18th (1 + 8 = 9). If one applies this gematria to SARS – the abbreviation of Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome – the number values are 19-1-18-19, wherein the number values of A and R add up to 19, altogether adding up to 57 (19 x 3).
3 The Earth’s sacred or sacrificial 12-month year – and hence this circle or cycle of life) is known as the yajna in the Vedas, and this yajna is the largely forgotten basis of yoga.
4 C = 3, O = 15. Thus C + O = 3 + 15 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9
5 V = 22, I = 9, D = 4. Thus  V + I + D = 22 + 9 + 4 = 35 = 3 + 5 = 8.
6 The addition of the prefix “di” to the root of vid gives us the word “divide” meaning to separate (as in division), as well as the word “Individual”, i.e., not divided. The addition of the prefix of “pro” to the root vid, in turn, gives us the word “provide”, meaning at its etymological heart, “to foresee” (and prepare accordingly). If “vid” is taken in its Spanish sense (vida), the symbolic connotation of “Covid” is shared or joint LIFE.
7 The Greek predecessor of cor is KORE, indicating a maiden or virgin, as well as the daughter of the god Zeus in Greek mythology (aka Persephone). In Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom and many of my post-2016 writings I have discussed the daughter/virgin figure in Vedic and post-Vedic world mythology as a symbol of the vesica piscis. It appears to me that this eternal geometric figure (known also as a kumbha, water, jar, vessel, reservoir, etc.) is equated with (or at least connected to) Indra’s heart in Rig Veda 9.70.9.
8 Agni’s triadic nature is related to the fire trine of the zodiac, but also reflects the Soul’s triadic Divine essence ‒ simultaneously Transcendent, Cosmic and Individual.

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