Seeing in Understanding ⁓ The Symbols & Sense of 2020 ⁓ Part Nine

2016-2025 Ennead-The Gnostic Circle-Aries highlighted

Wrapping Up 2020 

As discussed in Parts Four and Five, in Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s (Thea’s) cosmology, the 4.5 Point or region of the Gnostic Circle1– directly opposite the 0/9 Point – represents a great Reversal and return towards Source/Truth in any 360° journey in Time, whether it be a 1-Year cycle, a 9-year cycle (ennead), a 36-year cycle, a Great Year, etc. As discussed in Part Six and onward, the current ennead in which we find ourselves, spans from January 1st, 2016 to January 1st, 2025. The year of 2020 began at the 4 Point of the circle/cycle and ends at the 5 Point, straddling the 4.5 Point. In Part Seven I looked at the topsy-turvy “Reversal” year of 2020 in relation to what transpired in the first 9 months of this ennead (highlighted in red), followed 9 days later by Thea’s passing on 9 October 2016. In the first section of Part Nine I will continue to discuss the challenges and significance of the 4.5 region of the Gnostic Circle in relation to the ongoing collapse of the Binary Mental Consciousness, in the second section I will briefly discuss the ousting of America’s 45th president in relation to this same theme, and in third section I will discuss the symbolism of the triadic monolith in Utah that was discovered on 18 November and disappeared (dismantled) 9 days later, quickly followed by copycat installations across the world. Part Ten will close out this 2020 series, focusing on the “Symbols and Sense” of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius on the 2020 December Solstice.

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… then the Void Begins to Fill  

Thea saw the 4.5 Point of the Gnostic Circle as the point in the evolution of consciousness corresponding to “the Void”, “Nothingness”, “Emptiness”, or Shunya in Sanskrit2  – which is the basis or foundation of humanity’s BINARY Mental consciousness. Upon this hollow foundation stands our current civilization and all of our world religions which have posited some version of transcendence of life on Earth, and of evolution in Time and Space  (i.e. transcendence of material creation) as the highest experience or attainment of the Divine that a human can hope for. In Christianity and Islam it is the goal of being liberated from the sin of this worldly existence via death whereupon the “faithful” are admitted into God’s divine kingdom of Heaven. In Buddhism and Hinduism it is the goal of liberating oneself from material creation, via Nirvana (the extinction of one’s consciousness into nothingness) or Moksha (liberation or release from worldly existence).

According Sri Aurobindo’s view, this long-held spiritual trend is an error based upon the wrong idea or wrong perception of a split between Matter and Spirit. He understood and taught, that the ultimate goal, not only of the Spiritual seeker, but of the evolution of consciousness, was the full awakening of the indwelling or immanent Divine in material creation, within the Matrix of Time and Space, divinizing material creation. His teachings on this subject essentially run counter to and reverse many-thousands of years’ worth of spiritual teachings that encourage, in one way or another, transcendence of material creation, based on the wrong conclusion that our material Matrix or Mother is inherently un-Divine, or even un-Real. Via his own direct experience, Sri Aurobindo knew that the realization of Shunya was not the end point, goal or destination of the spiritual journey, but was rather the beginning of the Divine transformation, based upon the embodied experience of Divine Fullness, wherein material creation and one’s individual being [and becoming] is increasingly known and experienced as the Divine Self of All Selves.

“[I] wait till through the silence of this timeless unfilled liberation I begin to enter into relations with that yet ungrasped Source of myself and my actions; then the void begins to fill, there emerges out of it or there rushes into it all the manifold Truth of the Divine, all the aspects and manifestations and many levels of a dynamic Infinite.

“[All that is contained in the silent void] descends upon [the seeker] from a greater concealed transcendent Existence”. – Sri Aurobindo, Synthesis of Yoga, CWSA, Vols. 23-24, 118 [Bold emphasis added]

“[T]his eternal Self-Existence is seen by [the seeker] as a conscious Time-Spirit bearing the stream of happenings, a self-extended spiritual Space containing all things and beings, a Spirit-Substance which is the very form and material of all that seems non-spiritual, temporary and finite. For all that is transitory, temporal, spatial, bounded, is yet felt by him to be in its substance and energy and power no other than the One, the Eternal, the Infinite. – Ibid., p. 120 [Bold emphasis added]

I have not seen these particular passages from Synthesis of Yoga in Thea’s writings but they succinctly capture how she experienced and discussed the 4.5 Point of the Gnostic Circle. She understood that the Void’s place in the evolution of consciousness was the nadir (bottom), and halfway point of the journey. She knew this point as the beginning of the upward march towards the Divine in the 12-month evolutionary journey of the Zodiac (aka the Vedic Year/Yajna), after having traveled as far away from the Divine origin of creation (as far from the 0/9 Point of the Circle) as possible. Ultimately this Void or Dark Womb is “filled” by the totality of the heretofore concealed or “hidden” indwelling Transcendent Divine – the “Hidden One” – who progressively manifests himself in the body of the Cosmos, and in the body of the Individual. In the Vedas, this Immanent “Hidden One” is the Divine Son Agni – the triply-born soul-spark or divine flame who is the immortal hero, leader, or priest of the 12-month Vedic/Zodiacal Year (Yajna), who Thea also knew as Kalki, the master of Time/Kala [see Part Six]. The birth, awakening or RETURN OF THE LIGHT of the Divine Truth-Consciousness in the Individual, and in the collective consciousness then becomes the foundation of the rise of Truth-Consciousness in the entire world. This is the Vedic (and likely pre-Vedic) sense of our world’s luminous December Solstice celebrations, even if celebrated under a different banner and a few days late as in the Christian tradition. However conscious or unconscious people are what it is, IN TRUTH, that is being collectively longed for and celebrated under many banners of religion, it is all linked to the advent of the birth of a New World, based on the New Light of direct lived experience of the divine in material creation which defragments and deconstructs limiting structures that are based upon the painful lived experience of a split and devastating Void between Matter and Spirit. 

As foretold in both the Rig Veda and in St. John’s Revelation, this descent, return and/or “birth” of the Hidden One or Divine Son and the return of the Divine Light in the world brings with itself a great purification or dismantling of the old world that stands on the foundation of Ignorance and Falsehood. [See The Hidden Manna] Thea saw all of the trials, tribulations, and circumstances of our modern world in this context and light. Those who have followed her writings on the Supramental Descent should be able to recognize the exaggerated difficulties, disruptions, and all-around weirdness of 2020 as an intensification of this dismantling process which is fitting for a 4 Power year and passage through the 4.5 Point.   

The twin twenties of 2020 simultaneously symbolize an enhanced duality and 20:20 VISION wherein two eyes (LEFT and RIGHT) successfully focus on and SEE the same One reality in front of them. [See Part One.] The reason I write that 2020 symbolizes an enhanced duality because the number 2 – written as II in Roman numerals and found in the “Twin Towers” of the Gemini hieroglyph  – by itself symbolizes duality. The number 20 is an enhancement of the number 2 by the multiple of 10, and in the year of 2020 this “enhancement” of the number 2 is doubled. The full number power of the “Twin Twenties” of 2020 is 4, simultaneously the sum and the square of 2.

2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4

In my mind, this play of numbers speaks volumes about what has transpired in our world in 2020, which took us across the 4.5 Point of our current ennead, corresponding to the entrance into the Air sign of Libra  – the sign of the balancing scale which is a symbol of the duality of the Binary Mental consciousness, as is the preceding Air Sign of Gemini. 2020 itself can be seen as a symbol of this Libran scale, putting 20 on one side of the scale and 20 on the other, both supported by the same pillar, standing upon the 4.5 Point of the Zodiac. Both the Gemini hieroglyph and the balancing scale of Libra are appropriate symbols for America’s binary political system, which though fairly evenly balanced in terms of numbers has reached new levels of dysfunction and toxicity in 2020. Libra is associated with the ideals of harmony, equality, liberty, and justice, but as discussed in Part Five, these mental ideals are not fully realized in the sign of Libra or in America despite their inclusion in our Constitution. It should be noted that the architecture of the US Capitol building with its central rotunda and two “wings” is in itself a symbol of the Libran hieroglyph. 

Throughout Thea’s writings, 4 is the number power of the planet Mars, the 4th planet of our solar system, named after the Roman god of war, known as Ares or Aries in Greek mythology, and known by many names in Hindu mythology, including Agni, Kartikeya, Skanda, Murugan, Subrahmanya, and Kalki. The ultimate conquest of this ancient War God/Divine Flame (i.e. the inevitably victorious power and truth-consciousness of the “Immortal”, Indwelling Divine/Hidden One) is the conquest of Ignorance and Falsehood. As I discussed in Part Four, Thea saw an equivalence between Mars (Agni, etc.) and the fourth stage of Sri Aurobindo’s avataric descent, culminating in his rebirth in the Sun sign of Sagittarius on “Immortality Day” (26 November) in 1963. In Thea’s understanding, via Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth, he established, or rather awakened, the hidden or indwelling divine consciousness-force of the One (the Immanent Divine) in the world, serving as the seed of a new world and a new stage of Earth’s evolution based on the Supramental (beyond Mental) consciousness of Unity and Truth. She wrote of Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth in terms of the Transcendent “Father” returning as the “Son” (the return of the Divine Light/Sun) who “ fills the void” of the 4.5 Point and serves as both a force of Integration and as a force of controlled disintegration which dismantles all that needs to be broken down and removed as impediments in the process of moving forward in the upward journey of evolution.

“With this Birth a new element has been released and a process of controlled disintegration has started, which we can identify because of the prominence of the 4.5 Orbit in the events.” Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2,  p. 496 [For more on this birth and its impacts, see Parts 4 and 5]

“[The fourth poise of Sri Aurobindo’s yoga] is the force of crystallisation which makes the realisation solid and whole and gives it permanency in Time and indestructibility in Space. The integral way is the way of perfect equilibrium and the realisation of the equality of the one and the many. A simultaneous experience of the unity and the multiplicity is the foundation of the integral way, which eliminates all conflict born of the paradoxical appearance of creation. In this city-consciousness a fourfold realisation makes the new creation the sole reality for the new Earth. When all the false constructions shall crumble, due to their incomplete base, the new creation will arise from the midst of those ruins and the city-square will carry the remaining population to the threshold of a new and integral life.”  ‒ Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 513 [Bold emphasis added]

The zodiacal sign and symbol of this force of Dissolution and Integration is the 9th sign of Sagittarius  – the third fire sign in the Zodiac, and the third seat or birth of Agni in the Vedas, which lies opposite to Gemini  – the zodiacal sign and symbol of the Binary mental consciousness which has generated the “false constructions” of our civilization that are slated to “crumble” as the consciousness of the One, and its force of Integration rises in the World. 

“The axis in question, Gemini and Sagittarius, third and ninth signs respectively, in opposition to each other in the wheel, are contained in the Twin Tower symbolism. While the ‘death’ of Scorpio [the sign before Sagittarius] prevails and the Eagle does not rise, we can know only Gemini, the vertical, and Mind as the inadequate highest principle of a ‘dead egg’ human species.

“When the labour of the 9th [sign] (Sagittarius) succeeds, an entire new range of possibilities opens before us because Sagittarius marks entry to the hitherto unexplored last quarter of the zodiac, thus completing the circle of 12. This completion can be attained when centering and realignment are accomplished. Until then the final quarter, though known and accounted for, was simply a nebulous region humanity could never reach in its binary condition. In religions and even Eastern systems of yoga, it became ‘heaven’, life after death (Scorpio). To enter that region in full consciousness without succumbing to the Death imposed upon humanity by Scorpio, centering and realignment producing a spherical consciousness and being, are the only way. This sphericality then influences every aspect of life - subtlety, quietly transforming everything. It is this ‘new way’ that is operating in full in the world today. The circle is complete, hence we can state, a new world is born. – Thea, “September Trilogy plus One – Part III: A New World is Born” (2001) [Text in brackets added]

As already recommended several times in this series, readers who are unfamiliar with Thea’s writings on the collapse of the Binary mental consciousness should read “September Trilogy – Plus One” in its entirety. In that series Thea discussed the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9-11 as a symbol of the collapse of the Binary mental consciousness, represented in the zodiac as the “Twin Towers”  of Gemini. After reading that series it is hard not to see the jets that hit the Twin Towers in New York City as symbols of the arrow hieroglyph of Sagittarius . I began rereading “September Trilogy – Plus One” after COVID-19 Stay At Home orders were implemented in my county in March of 2020, and it inspired me to begin looking at and to write about the “Symbols and Sense” of the COVID-19 Pandemic which expanded into looking at the “Symbols and Sense” of the entire 4-power year of 2020. Whereas the year of 2001 brought us the flaming disaster and collapse of the Twin Towers, 19 years later (a full Lunar Node cycle4), 2020 – the year of the “Twin Twenties” – has been an epic world-wide disaster with daily COVID-19 death tolls in December exceeding the one-day death tolls of 9-11 in America alone. And perhaps the most notable disaster of the year in terms of the ongoing collapse of the Binary consciousness in our world is America’s democratic crisis. America’s Binary democracy has all but gone up in flames in 2020; collapsing in on itself in various horrifying ways ALL YEAR LONG. Obviously American democracy has not collapsed entirely but the Libran scale or balance is clearly BROKEN. Moreover, this binary balance (upon the VOID in our consciousness) is not designed to HOLD up at this stage of our evolutionary journey. It is designed like a womb, to contract and birth forward the new light and life of Unity Consciousness in ourselves and in our world. 

The Reign of the 45th POTUS Comes to an End

In Part Five, published in August, I wrote:

“It now remains to be seen if America will shed its 45th president as an “encumbrance” after moving through the 4.5 Point of our 2016-2015 ennead. If this does come to pass, it will be at least in part due to the pressures applied by COVID-19, which have made Trump’s divisive consciousness stand out as a great liability in the face of the real need for a cohesive and unified response to the pandemic, as well as a great obstructer in the face of the BLM clarion call for racial justice in America and in the world. From my point of view, Trump (born in the dualistic sign of Gemini  ‒ the first air sign of the Zodiac) appears to be a something of a “lord” or perfect agent of the 4.5 Point (0° Libra) of the wheel, absolutely wired to maximally capitalize upon the Void … remorselessly applying the strategy of “divide and conquer” for his own personal and political gain.

“One of the main slogans (and symbols) to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is “We’re all in this together”. It is notable that Joe Biden has adopted this COVID-19 slogan in his campaign to combat and oust the reigning “Divider in Chief”.” 

Now we are well on the other side of America’s November 3, 2020 (2.3.4) election day and when all of the votes were counted and in some cases recounted, Trump was defeated by Joe Biden. It is worth noting that Biden’s bid to be the Democratic candidate for President of the USA was resuscitated from being all-but-dead on 29 February 2020 (the 64th anniversary of the Supramental Manifestation), when he won the South Carolina primary race. As Trump promised before the election, he refuses to concede his loss, chalking it up to completely unsubstantiated instances of wide-spread voter fraud. He attempted to “un-lose” the election via tampering with the electoral college votes in the states he lost. Trump’s political demise in 2020, which has been likened to “political suicide”, has been a good demonstration of how, IN THE END the strategies that the Binary mental consciousness employs to maintain its power or dominion in the world, ultimately serve to expose and magnify its own ignorance, dysfunctionality and toxicity, hastening or quickening its own collapse. 

Trump was not only born in the astrological sign of Gemini (the “Twin Towers” of the Zodiac), his natal Sun is specifically 22° Gemini, conjunct Uranus at 17 Gemini and conjunct his North Node at 20° Gemini which is the 2 Point of the Circle of 9. This conjunction of Trump’s Natal Sun, North Node and Uranus, fall opposite his Natal Moon and South Node respectively at 21°/20° Sagittarius. In this prominent Gemini-Sagittarius axis of Trump’s chart one can see his dharma of serving as polarizing (or divisive) force and evolutionary GOAD reflected in his birth chart. 

In the numbers of Trump’s 22° Gemini natal Sun position, we find twin twos. Oddly enough, twin twos can also be found in Trump’s full birthday, wherein both the day of his birth (14.6) and the year of his birth (1946) reduce to the number 2. Thus the total number power of his combined birthday and year is 4 via 2 + 2. Oddly enough, the numbers 1, 4, and 6, of his birth day and month which add up to 11 are duplicated in his birth year.

Day and Month =  2   (via 1 + 4 + 6 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2)

Year  = 2  (via 1 + 9 + 4 + 6 = 9 + 11 = 20 = 2 + 0 = 2)

On 14 December 2020, the presidential electors accurately cast their votes, cementing Trump’s loss and Biden’s win. On that same day, a New Moon and full Solar Eclipse occurred with the North and South Lunar Nodes at 19° 56′ Gemini (4 minutes of arc shy of the 2 Point of the Circle) and 19° 56′ Sagittarius, and the Sun and Moon conjunct at 23° Sagittarius. This degree of Sagittarius (and of the December Solar Eclipse) falls directly opposite Trump’s Natal Sun, Uranus and North Node and conjuncts his Natal Moon and South Node. It takes approximately 18.6 years for the axis of the Lunar Nodes to transit the full 360 degrees of the Zodiac. It is notable that in that wide time frame, this Lunar Node axis began transiting into 22° Gemini on 2 October 2020, reaching 20° Gemini (the 2 Point of the Gnostic Circle) on 26 November 2020 (aka Immortality Day). It is even more notable that the Natal Mars position of “the Fourth” is 23° Sagittarius, and that the forth planet Mars has been especially prominent in the night sky since October of 2020, and was specifically positioned at 23° Aries upon the 2020 December Solstice (Trine 23° Sagittarius and Sextile 22° Gemini). The illustration below shows some of this intriguing zodiacal geometry in relation to Sri Aurobindo’s 22° Leo Sun position, the Mother’s 22° Aquarius-Leo Nodal Axis, the 24° Aquarius Solar Arc Progression of Thea’s North Node upon her passing,5 and my own 24° Aquarius Natal Sun and 21° Aries Natal Saturn.6 

Biden won the 2020 presidential election running on the COVID-19 inspired, campaign slogan, “We’re all in this together”, defeating a Gemini who occurs to me as an exaggeration or caricature of the Binary mental consciousness which becomes increasingly rigid, unstable, toxic, desperate, poisonous and dangerous as it collapses. Trump and others whose success and power in the world, depend on, or rather FEED UPON the base or foundation of falsehood and ignorance (i.e. upon a Void of Truth) will ultimately wither in the face of the Truth-Consciousness that is establishing itself in our fledgling Age of Aquarius. Of course America’s “Great Divide” between people who seem to live in entirely different worlds has not magically disappeared. And of course this binary divisiveness is “pandemic” throughout the world. It is possible, if not likely, that the divisions between “Progressive” and “Conservative” agendas will become even wider and more violent in America and in the world. We shall see. 

In Part Five I wrote:

“From the Supramental point of view, the birth or manifestation of Divine Truth and Unity in our world is ALL that is happening. In other words, through the MANY things happening, whether experienced as positive or negative, there is this ONE thing happening – the gestation, birth and manifestation of the Divine on Earth, and with it, the supramental realization of unity consciousness….”

We all find ourselves in a great Churning Process, akin to the Hindu mythology of the Samudra Manthan – a Tug of War between forces of Truth and forces of Ignorance (“Gods” and “Demons”) which generates many divine treasures, including the Nectar of Immortality (aka Amrita or Soma) which enables Vishnu and the Vedic heroes to conquer the forces of Ignorance. The “rope” in this symbolic Tug of War is the serpent of Time.

Regardless of what side each of us find ourselves on (or believe ourselves to be on) in this churning process, we can at least take heart that the Divine uses ALL in the course of its own evolving self-expression in the World and in the Cosmos. We can equally take heart knowing that whatever no longer serves its purpose in our developmental and evolutionary journey will be dislodged/dissolved in the many staged course of Time, no matter how seemingly firmly established and lodged in our world today. The Age of Aquarius, which we entered in 1926 according to Thea, has long been prophesied as a time of great purification, via a down-pouring of divine waters or floods of Truth, establishing unity consciousness in the world. No matter how tightly some are compelled to hold on to and to perpetuate the binary mental consciousness and thus the Ignorance that has reigned in our past generations and past ages, it is slated to be conquered, purified and redeemed by Unity Consciousness (aka Truth Consciousness) in our new age.

The Triadic One 

I [Agni] am the triple Ray, I am the measurer of the mid-world. 
I am the unceasing illumination. – Rig Veda 3.26.7, tr. Sri Aurobindo

He being ONE holds the triple principle and earth and heaven
also, even all the worlds.
‒ Rig Veda V, I, 154, Sri Aurobindo

One of the most extraordinary symbols to have emerged in 2020 is the triadic (three-faced) metal monolith or pillar found in Utah on November 18th (11.18). If 18 is reduced to its 9 number power (18 = 1 + 8 = 9), 11.18 becomes 11.9 reversing the date of 9-11. The triadic monolith is pretty much the counter opposite of the symbol of the collapse of the Twin Towers. It is a symbol of the triadic One, aka the Immanent Divine, known as the triply-formed, and three-headed divine child/flame Agni, who is often described as concealed or hidden away from view in the Vedas. Agni is also known as “the triple Ray” (Sri Aurobindo) or “light threefold” (RTH Griffith). In the Rig Veda and in the Mahabharata, Agni is equivalent to a PILLAR (sthanu or skambha in Sanskrit).

“‘The Rishis describe Mahadeva as Agni, and Sthanu, and Maheswara; as one-eyed, and three-eyed, of universal form, and Siva or highly auspicious’. [Mahabharata 13:161:2]

“[The Great God (Mahadeva)] is called as Agni just before naming him as sthanu. Therefore this now means – He is that Agni which has filled everything hence immovable further.… Here the words Agni and Sthanu are to be taken together to get the right meaning which is – “He is that pillar of Agni (of consciousness) which is infinite and has filled everything hence is the unmovable one (sthāṇu)”…. [The] Rig Veda has hailed Agni as ‘sthūṇa’, meaning ‘Pillar’ in the following verse. The word ‘sthūṇa’ is synonymous to ‘skambha’ or ‘stambha’ and all these mean alike – ‘pillar’!”  ‒ Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula, “The unassailable glory of lord Bhuvaneshwara – the primordial Skambha supporting the worlds” (September 14, 2015) [Bold emphasis added]

Thea saw and understood the Fire Trine of the Zodiac as the basis and true context of Agni’s three forms, seats, births, etc. As demonstrated in The Gnostic Circle, she also saw and understood that the three angles of  the Fire signs: 0° Aries, 0° Leo, and 0° Sagittarius correspond to the  sacred 963 Trinity of our 9-base number system which is Vedic in its origin. Thea saw 0° Sagittarius (the entrance into the 9th sign of Sagittarius) as Agni’s third and highest seat or birth within the Zodiac, corresponding to the 6 Point of the Circle, where the sixth planet Saturn is positioned in the Gnostic Circle. As already discussed in Part Seven, in 2016, I came to see Agni as a symbol of the radius – the eternal or immortal pillar, SKAMBHA or One that perfectly measures out and creates the Sacred Trinity of 963, as well as the Fire Trine of the 12-month Vedic Year (i.e. of the Zodiac). In Part Eight I demonstrated how the upstanding radius, pillar or skambha of the 4.5 Point (0° Libra) (in gold to the right) measures out the 3 and 6 Points of the circle of 9, establishing the base angles of the 963 or 369 trinity of our 0/9 number system and of the Fire Trine (Fire Trinity) of the 360° Zodiac.

Given this Vedic/Zodiacal geometry, we can appreciate the fact that the first picture of the triadic or three-sided monolith (skambha) in Utah was first tweeted by the Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) on 20 November 2020, one day before the Sun arrived at 0° Sagittarius (the 6/Saturn Point of the Gnostic Circle). The text of the tweet read:

“Counting big horn sheep with DWR [Department of Wildlife Resources] this week. During the counts we came across this, in the middle of nowhere, buried deep in the rock. Inquiring minds want to know, what the heck is it? Anyone? 👽?”

On 23 November, the Utah DPS sent out a press release with pictures and video of the monolith, and the story was instantly picked up and disseminated across the world by major news outlets. Then the monolith “disappeared” (i.e. was removed) 9 days after it was found, on 27 November (9.11, written with the number-power of the day first). A second three-faced monolith appeared in Romania on 26 November (“Immortality Day”) and subsequently disappeared, and a third appeared in California on 2 December and was dismantled by a pack of MAGA-branded Christians; and copycat anonymous triadic monolith installations continue to spontaneously pop up across the world. [See “Timeline: The appearances and disappearances of the mysterious monoliths around the world”.]

Hopefully those who have been following this series (and Thea’s teachings) are able to recognize the emergence of this PILLAR/SKAMBA out from the womb of the 4-power year of 2020, and its rapid proliferation around the world in the 9th month of Sagittarius as yet another astounding display of how the Supermind controls the timing and the circumstances of its own rise and establishment in the world. In this series I have been trying to help readers SEE our topsy-turvy year of 2020 in the context of what was born forward the first 9-10 months of 2016 (in red in the opening image above). As it turns out, the Utah monolith was installed sometime between 7 July and 21 October of 2016 (determined via satellite imaging),7 and was simply hidden in its Martian-esque hiding place – a red-sandstone slot canyon in Utah – until it was found in November of 2020 and became a world-wide story and artistic meme in conjunction with the 94th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s 24 November 1926 "Siddhi Day" and his 26 November 1926 "Immortality Day".8  

As I have written, it was a dry creek bed (in San Rafael, California) on 2 October 2016 that revealed to me the long-hidden truth that the river of the Vedas is a veiled symbol of the sacred and eternal (432,000ʺ) measure and form of the vesica piscis which establishes the Trinity and eternal triadic law of the ancient seers. In looking at that dry creek bed I understood that the sacred rivers of the Vedas are dug or drawn out by the pillar of the radius. Thus I find it perfectly fitting that the first triple-faced metal monolith installation of 2020 was found in the dry channel (slot canyon) of an ancient stream. It is also perfectly fitting that the hiding place of the Utah monolith was reminiscent of the landscape of the fourth planet Mars (the red planet) – the planetary equivalent of the “red” god (fire god) Agni, who is depicted as a “red pillar”  in the Rig Veda.9 It is notable that Utah’s San Rafael Swell/Desert is actually home to a Mars research station and “analog habitat” due to “the terrain’s noticeable similarities to Mars”

The following verses should give readers some glimpse of how the Vedic Rishis (Singers/Seers/Sages) conveyed the equivalence between the red god Agni (Mars) and the radius which measures or pours out the multiple vesicae piscis which measure out the Zodiac (as well as the 9 base of the Zodiac). Symbols of the vesicae piscis are emphasized below in bold text.

"The Gods discovered [beautiful Agni]  in the midst of waters … with the Sisters' labour.

"Him, Blessed One, the Seven strong Floods augmented, him white at birth and red when waxen mighty....

"[[Stretching through the airy realm with his blazing limbs … clothing himself all around in flame and being the life of the waters, he measures out his splendours….]]

"[Agni] set his voices and his streams in motion; Knew him who moved with blessed Friends [the young Dames of heaven] in secret…. He stayed not hidden…. 

"[M]any a glorious flood gave strength to Agni. Friend of the house, within the [[womb of truth]] lay Agni, in the Sister Rivers' service….

"[He] most manly, Child of Floods, is youthful Agni…."

– Rig Veda 3.1.1-12, excerpts [Text in double brackets translated by Jamison & Brereton] 

“[Poured out, Agni] floweth in a stream, best rapture-giver, in the long wool of the sheep, Sporting, as ’twere the waters' wave

“The Mighty One was born Immortal, giving life, lightening darkness with his shine. Well-praised by sages he hath, by his wondrous power assumed the Threefold as his robe.” – Rig Veda 9.108.5,12, tr. RTH Griffith

“[Agni, the Son of Waters] swells the Gods' nectar [Amrita/Soma]... [He] Son of Waters, gather[s] strength in waters….” – Rig Veda 2.35.7, tr. RTH Griffith

These are just a few of the myriad ways the Vedic Rishis discussed the sacred geometry (i.e. Divine Maya/Measure) of the 12-month Vedic Year or Yajna. Agni's "womb of truth" (ṛtásya yónāv) in Rig Veda 3.1 was translated by RTH Griffith as the "lap of Order". This could be a reference to either the womb of the vesica piscis, or the larger womb of the Zodiac – the Mother of Light. The “robe” of the vesica piscis can be considered “Threefold” because in addition to measuring out one-third of the circle, it also contains in itself the measure of 3 within the Vedic Circle of 9 (“thrice-three”) which is, like the Zodiac, perfectly measured out by the radius and the vesica piscis. The dashed line below left shows the "Hidden One"/Agni/Skambha, within his robe or womb.  

In the lore of the Vedas the sacred rivers are blocked or obstructed via the forces of Ignorance until the point in Time wherein they are discovered and released by the Vedic heroes (Agni, Indra, Saraswati, etc.). At that point the rivers or waters flow once again upon the “desert” lands, purifying the world of its Ignorance – specifically cleansing long-established mis-measures, misunderstandings and distortions of the unified and unifying field of the Vedic Year/Zodiac. As I have written in Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, this victorious discovery and release of the Vedic waters happened on 2 October 2016, in the form of the discovery and the release of what these occluded or obstructed rivers actually signify within the context of the 12-month Vedic Yajna/Year

“By Indra's and by Agni's hest, flowing away, the rivers, run which they released from their restraint....

“[The glorious Hero truly brave] brake in pieces Śuṣṇa's [=the Serpent’s/Vritra’s] brood who still expected not the stroke, and won for us the heavenly streams. Let all the others die away.

“Thus have we sung anew to Indra-Agni…. Guard us with triple shelter and preserve us: may we be masters of a store of riches.” – Rig Veda 8.40.8, 10, 12


“Thou, Indra, without effort hast let loose the floods to run their free course down….” – Rig Veda 1.130.7    


“Who of you knows this secret One? The Infant [Agni, a Godlike Babe of golden colour] by his own nature hath brought forth his Mothers. The germ of many, from the waters' bosom he goes forth, wise and great, of Godlike nature.

“Visible, fair, he grows in native brightness uplifted in the lap of waving waters.…

“He makes him[self] a most noble form of splendour, decking him[self] in his home with milk and waters. The Sage adorns the depths of air with wisdom: this is the meeting where the Gods are worshipped.

“Wide through the firmament spreads forth triumphant the far-resplendent strength of thee the Mighty….

“In dry spots he makes stream, and course, and torrent, and inundates the earth with floods that glisten.”

‒ Rig Veda 1.95, 4-10 excerpts, tr. RTH Griffith

The text emphasized in bold in these verses above are, once again, all symbols of the eternal law, form and Divine Measure (Divine Maya) of the vesica piscis, drawn out, poured out, dug out, or sung out by the eternal law and form of the radius – the Divine Fire/Son/Pillar/Skambha of the Vedas.

In conjunction with the emergence of the news story and meme of the three-faced monolith/ONE, Cyclone Nivar formed on 23 November and hit Pondicherry (the location of Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram) in the early hours of 26 November/Immortality Day, quickly followed by Cyclone Burevi which dissipated (9 days after 26 November) on 5 December, the day of Sri Aurobindo’s departure in 1950. This is a good place as any to repeat the Mother’s words from 1967:

“For Sri Aurobindo “coincidences” do not exist. All that happens is the result of the action of the Divine Consciousness. The Force which is at work at this moment is a Force of harmony that makes for unity − the unification of all the symbols that express the Divine Truth.” – The Mother, 5 May 1967, Collected Works of the Mother, Vol 15, p. 104

From my point of view the 2016 installation of the triadic monolith in Utah and its subsequent discovery and almost instant world-wide visibility and proliferation in conjunction with the Sun’s passage into the sign of Sagittarius at the tail end of 2020, is a clear symbol of the Vedic pillar or Skambha (aka the Divine Son, Agni), from which arises the eternal Trinity. The pillar of the radius within the Mother-Circle of the Zodiac is the immoral Child-Hero, founder, foundation and architect of the Triple Veda, Trayi Vidya or Triple Knowledge of ancient seers. It is also the founder and foundation of our triple-three (9-based) number system as well as the original founder and foundation (however forgotten) of all Trinity-based mythology and iconography across the world. It is likewise the founder and foundation of the Eternal Law or Sanatana Dharma of the Ancient Vedic (and likely pre-Vedic) Seers in our world. 

I am by no means saying that there are not other layers of meaning to the Immortal Child-Hero/Skambha of the Vedas (and layers of meaning regarding the rivers he is born within and releases upon humanity for that matter), but I am saying that from the Vedic perspective of Unity-Consciousness, all of the layers of meaning regarding this Immortal One are inseparable from the simple sacred geometry of the 12-month, 360° Vedic Sacrifice (i.e. the Zodiac). Gnosis of the Indwelling or Immanent Divine comes with Gnosis of the unified field of Time and Space (the Vedic Yajna/Year) and its Divine Maya – i.e. its Sacred Measure and Sacred Geometry

The core of Sri Aurobindo’s avataric mission was to recover and reestablish the Eternal Law of the Triadic-One in our world, in our Age of Aquarius. As I have presented in my writing, 2016 was the year of Sri Aurobindo’s 144th birth anniversary the year of Thea’s passing and it is no random coincidence that I received the gnosis of the radius and vesica piscis as crucial keys to deciphering the veiled symbols of the Rig Veda THAT specific year, at THAT specific time. With the recovery the long-hidden geometric key of the Rig Veda in 2016, the Vedas and much of the world’s ancient iconography and mythology start to make INTEGRAL and HOLISTIC sense, demanding the deconstruction (the dissolution) of all fragmented and divisive conclusions and dogmas that have arisen out of the ABSENCE or VOID of that All-Integrating Key/Light – the Golden Reed, Skambha, the Hidden One, Son of Holy Law, Son of Waters, and Royal Ruler of the Vedas. 

“The true, Red Treasure they have sent, one only Son born of the Three [Mothers/=vesica piscis]. They, the Immortal Ones, never deceived, survey the families of mortal men.

“As Savitar's productive Power, as him who sends down bliss, I call Agni who clothes him[self] with the sea

“Sage, laud the Mighty One who wins the spoil of victory like a steed, and, Mitra-like, unites the folk.” ‒ Rig Veda 8.90.6; 8.91.6,12, tr. RTH Griffith [Bold emphasis added]

Jamison and Brereton translated the portion in bold as “Agni, whose garment is the sea”. Up until 2016, the simple and basic geometric and zodiacal sense of the central Vedic theme of Agni being clothed in, hidden in or born in the waters (and sometimes in milk, oil, ghee, etc.) was ENTIRELY LOST UPON HUMANITY. And in 2016, 9 months into our current ennead, in conjunction with Thea’s passing and Sri Aurobindo’s 144th birth anniversary, this absolutely crucial “Secret of the Veda” has been disclosed. 

As I write this, some 4 years after the discovery of this ancient Vedic secret and three years after its disclosure (via the 11 January 2018 publication of my book), it is clear that few have “eyes to see” or understand the importance of the 2016 recovery and re-establishment of the geometric and zodiacal sense of the Vedic SKAMBHA and its triple eternal law in our world. Regardless, it happened, and it happened the same year the triple-faced monolith was planted in the Martian-esque landscape of Utah.

Before concluding Part Nine, I must include mention the fate of the third triadic Monolith of 2020 which showed up in California on the 9-power day of 2 Dec 2020 (2.3.4). The third Monolith was essentially crucified by a gang of young Christian men. The rational, explained by one of the men who participated in the livestreamed event was:

“[We need less] of the so-called alien obelisks and more of the cross right here, because Christ is King in this country.”

Luke Kenton reported on what was featured in the livestream and in the photographs the men publicly shared.

“The group [posed] in front of the cross, which appears to be made from two pieces of plywood, while all stepping one boot on the downed monolith.

“After the photoshoot concludes, the men then tie ropes around the structure and drag it with them down the mountain, calling it names and cheering.” – Daily Mail

This ridiculous episode stands as a glaring display of the Ignorance (the absence or VOID of unifying Truth) that reigned in the Age of Pisces resulting in the world’s fragmented religions. It is notable that the men who proudly carried out this this crucifixion of an ancient symbol of Unity (or more specifically an ancient symbol of the Divine One/Son) were wearing Trump’s MAGA (“Make America Great Again”) merchandize, proudly identifying themselves as representatives of Trump’s political BASE. This play of circumstances emphasizes or highlights the consciousness and mindset that brought Trump – a veritable “Lord of Falsehood” – into POWER in America.    

In Part 10, I will once again discuss the extraordinarily rare Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction at 0° Aquarius on the Winter Solstice/Makar Sankranti on 21 December 2020.


1 The Gnostic Circle (constructed by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet in her book by the same name) is a 9-based, 12-staged, 360° map of the evolutionary or developmental journey of Consciousness, which the Vedic Rishis spoke, or sung of as a Yajna or yearly sacrifice, which can be applied to any 9-based cycle of Time.
2 Shunya means ‘"zero", "nothing", "empty", or "void" and derives from the root śvi, meaning "hollow". [Wikipedia]
3 In Vedic and post-Vedic mythology, Martanda (meaning “dead Egg”) is the 8th son of the Divine Mother or “Mother of Light” Aditi, which Thea recognized as the 8th sign of the Zodiac ‒ Scorpio.
4 The North Lunar Node was at 3° Cancer on September 11th, 2001, and returned to 3° Cancer just after the March Equinox of 2020, the week many US States went into pandemic lock-down (beginning with my home state of California on 19 March 2020).
5 Thea’s natal North Node position was 5° Sagittarius, which she discussed in relation to Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth at 3° Sagittarius in 1963 (The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2, pp. 420-21).
6 Click HERE to see a version of this Fire-Air Satkona with more text/detail. And HERE to see a version which includes the Water-Earth Satkona and corresponding text/detail.
7 “Dutch journalist Nouska du Saar, who specializes in open-source intelligence, used Maxar satellite images to determine that the monolith appeared between July 7, 2016 and October 21, 2016.” [Wiki]
8 While writing this section I remembered that the last time I ventured within the Martian-esque slot canyons of Utah marked an important turning point of my life adventure in 1996. The circumstances that drew me there – specifically to an area of Utah called “the San Rafael Swell” – was a 1996 Thanksgiving camping trip with friends that began on 27 November, the day after the 70th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s Immortality Day. At the time I was unaware of the importance of 26 November in Sri Aurobindo’s yoga. Now looking back at that pivotal week, 24 years later from my home in San Rafael, California I can see that it had many of the makings of a 4.5 Point Reversal Point in my life, because it involved a collapse of certain structures and encumbrances in my life that allowed me to begin to RETURN to my own indwelling truth and to consciously embark upon my yogic path/mission though I had no full idea of what that really meant at that point in time, other than knowing it had to do with my connection with Sri Aurobindo and his Supramental Yoga.

I briefly mentioned this Thanksgiving camping trip in Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom (p. 49). Basically, as the light of the rising Sun on Thanksgiving Day (28 November) entered my eyes, it “informed me” that my life was about to completely change. From that point onward, my life as it had been, began to be quickly (and painfully) deconstructed, in a way that helped me to SEE and KNOW for certain (in the last quarter of my 27th year) that Yoga was my soul’s core truth and occupation. The 9 Point of that particular life reversal will be in a couple years, circa age 54 or 55 (27 years x 2 = 54; 27.775 years x 2 = 55.55 years). This makes me extra curious to see what will unfold in conjunction with the close of my current 45-54 ennead, which has brought forward what feels like a certain level of fulfillment of what began to rise upwards in my consciousness from 26 November 1996 onward. I imagine it will involve another deconstruction of sorts.

9 Rig Veda 3.29.3, RTH Griffith.

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