Seeing In Understanding ⁓ The Symbols and Sense of 2020 ⁓ Part Seven

Revelations of 2016 and the Seed of the Ennead

2020 within the 2016-2025 Ennead - The Gnostic Circle 

“[I am drawing] attention to the exacting control of the Supermind, using Time as its executive Power, and its consequent ability to create and to organise the conditions for its own fulfilment, using all circumstances – positive and negative – for its ultimate and total victory. In 1968 the Mother realised that the new Power which had manifested by then would display a ‘new precision’ quite different from the mental exercise and the science which it has produced. [See, The New Way, Volume 2, Chapter 7, p. 319.] The precision she spoke of would be a power of seeing that could harmonise and integrate events in a related and interconnected form. To demonstrate the truth of her statement, periodically I present students and the sincere seeker with means to verify concretely and non-speculatively just how this new Power is expressing itself in the world today and the exciting manner in which the Supermind, armed with this new Power, has been organised for Earth use. The tools we are given as precise keys of knowledge themselves verify the Mother’s statement in a manner that leaves no scope for scepticism or despair and eliminates the old foundations of faith and blind acceptance. 

“However, a process of Yoga must accompany the usage of these keys of knowledge to provide for a direct experience, because the inner truths they hold will only be revealed in the course of a serious practice of the supramental yoga and a conscious participation in the foundation-laying of the new world.” – Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea), “The Assassinations of Mahatma Gandhi and Indira Gandhi”, The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 2.6, February 1988 

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Thea wrote the above about the core of her yoga and her teachings in 1988. This series and my writing in general is born out of my own usage or application of the keys of knowledge that Thea provided, in order to cultivate a more direct experience of the Supermind and its executive power, Time, and its organization of circumstances towards its own fulfillment. Utilizing these keys and the Supramental dictum of “the symbol is the thing symbolised”, it is possible to see the Supramental control of events that have unfolded in our current ennead (2016-2025), especially regarding the apocalyptic 4-Power year of 2020, which has intensified in many ways circa the 4.5 Point of the year and ennead. [See opening image.]

As discussed in previous sections, the intensity of this "reversal" year has included the COVID-19 pandemic and its manifold ramifications, the Black Lives Matter civil rights protests, America’s democratic crisis, and the epic flooding in China. We can also add to this list the deadly clash of Indian and Chinese forces at the LAC, epic fires throughout the West Coast of the USA, and what seems to be the beginning of what has been referred to as “slow-roll disclosure” in the USA regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP). As reported in The New York Times in July 2020, Defense Department contractor Eric W. Davis has reported that the US Government has been in possession of “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.”; and on 23 June 2020 the US Senate voted “to require U.S. intelligence agencies and the Defense Department to compile a detailed public analysis of all data collected on UAP. Former US Senator Harry Reid went on record in the documentary film The Phenomenon (released 6 October 2020) saying that most evidence the US government has of UAP/UFOs “hasn’t seen the light of day”. It is telling that in 2020, these momentous stories have been basically buried under all of the other destabilizing news of 2020. 

It is important to remember that, in the Supramental Cosmology, passage through the 4.5 Point of any year, ennead or cycle, symbolizes the VOID of the binary mental-egoic consciousness and the need to forge or establish in its place, the divine center or FULLNESS (a “centre that holds”) as discussed by Thea. Our world is in the midst of the collapse (implosion) of the Binary Consciousness. For more on this subject, see Thea’s September Trilogy regarding 9-11 and the symbolic collapse of the Twin Towers (mentioned in Part One of this series). In Thea’s view, the Binary mental consciousness is doomed to collapse in upon its own Void in tandem with the rise of the Supramental Unity Consciousness on Earth. One of Thea’s teachings, as expressed in the opening quote above, is that from the Supramental perspective, both the “positive and the negative serve the One”. Another way of putting this is that ALL is used and organized toward the evolution and establishment of the supramental truth-consciousness (aka divine consciousness, unity consciousness) on Earth and the dismantling of our modern civilization which is built up upon (founded upon) the fragmented limited conclusions of the divisive mental egoic consciousness.

2016-2025 Ennead-The Gnostic Circle-Aries emphasized
In her writings, Thea recognized that 9 months constitutes a gestational period, not only in terms of human birth, but also in terms of our ongoing evolutionary/zodiacal journey on Earth – on the individual and collective scale. She also saw the microcosm of the 9-month gestational period as equivalent to the macrocosm of the 9-year (ennead) cycle.1 When viewing the 9-year cycle via the lens of the Gnostic Circle, each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac consists of 9 months, and thus the first 9 months of any ennead correspond to passage through the first sign of Aries, shown in red in the image to the right. What I want to emphasize in Part Seven is that the first 9 months of our current ennead (1 January – 1 October 2016) gestated and bore forth the vesica piscis as a crucial key of recovering the sanatana dharma (eternal law) and the veiled symbolism of the Vedic Rishis.2 Part One of Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom was seeded and written in those first 9 months. 

Vishnu’s Flower, 2009, Lori Tompkins
On the December Solstice of 2015, at the close of the 2007-2016 ennead, I published an article entitled “Recovering the True Sense of the Winter Solstice” featuring “Vishnu’s Flower”, which I drew out and named as such in 2009 while writing about Sri Aurobindo as an avatar of Vishnu. In mid-January of 2016 I wrote to Thea about the etymology of Bharat, which is an epitaph of India, derived from Bharata, and an epitaph of Agni in the Rig Veda. The Sanskrit root of Bharat is bhr (bhara) meaning “the act of bearing or carrying”. From bhr comes the English words "bear", "born" and "birth". I found it significant that India is named after Agni – the Divine Hero-Son of the sacrificial year which remains mismeasured in India/Bharat.3  What I did not understand at the time, is that this name of Agni and of India is a description of the radius of the circle which is born within, and simultaneously upholds and measures out, the Vedic Yajna/Year, equivalent to the Vedic skambha or pillar

“Eventually more will have to begin to see/understand that there is no possibility of collective Rebirth when the Birth it must be based on [the birth of the Divine Son/Agni within the Sacrificial Year] remains a distorted idea or mythology, rather than coming into focus as a crystal clear Point of Truth and Harmony. I constantly marvel at how cleverly truth is hidden and revealed in words and symbols.” – Lori Tompkins (to Thea), 15 January 2016 [Bold emphasis and text in brackets added]

I have to laugh when re-reading this sentence in bold, because I had no idea in January of 2016 of the deluge that was about to come, revealing just how cleverly Truth or Gnosis had been hidden within myriad ancient words and symbols of pre-Vedic, Vedic and post-Vedic symbols for thousands of years. I had no idea then that myriad veiled or occult symbols would proceed to collectively and integrally reveal their Truth (i.e. their true context and function in terms of gnosis) in the months to come.

On 7 February 2016, the vesica piscis first announced itself to me, in conjunction with its informing and indwelling radius, as a key of Sri Aurobindo’s avataric mission of recovering the sanatana dharma or eternal law. At the end of the third month (or first trimester) of this gestation, in late March of 2016, the eternal form and eternal law of the vesica piscis – which establishes the Divine Maya or sacred measure of the Vedic Year/Zodiac – revealed itself as the basis of the names and iconography of Vishnu’s first and second avatars Matsya (the Fish) and Kurma (the Turtle). I understood that what I had seen, drawn and called “Vishnu’s Flower” in 2009 was actually Vishnu’s Turtle.

The Geometric Basis of Vishnu's Avatars (Matsya & Kurma), Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, p. 123

It thereupon became clear that the sanatana dharma or eternal law which Vishnu’s avatars are credited with preserving, is simultaneously hidden within and revealed by the forms and symbols of his avatars. I spent most of the next six months writing about that marvelous disclosure of long-veiled gnosis, which I thought was the extent of what the vesica piscis had shown up to convey and reestablish in the world. Then came the revelations of 2 October 2016 and Thea’s passing seven days later. From that time onward, I could see that the first 9 months of the year (and everything in my life up to that point) had been gestating a totally unexpected birth and recovery of a crucial key of Vedic gnosis, coordinated with Thea’s passing. By unexpected, I mean it was unexpected by me, and I believe it was entirely unexpected by Thea as well. Though the vesica piscis was a crucial key in Thea's understanding of the sacred measurements of the Mother’s Temple which enabled her to know of Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth in 1963, to my knowledge, she had no idea whatsoever that the vesica piscis had anything to do with unlocking the long-sealed sense of core Vedic symbols and themes. This knowledge was not included in the vast scope and range of her own yogic mission and teachings; and yet ALL that was included in the vast scope and range of her mission and teachings, was the womb through which this missing key of Vedic gnosis was born forward.

On 17 October, the first day of the 2020 Durga Puja, I received a pile of archival material – writings of Thea’s that I had never seen before – sent to me by Thea’s first student Barbara White who passed at the age of 87 on 23 September 2020, the day after the September Equinox (0° Libra – the half-way point of the Earth's Tropical Year). It is a large pile of material and will take years to go through, but when I initially looked through the pile I asked to be led to whatever I needed to see, and what came forward was a journal entry from 1989, which speaks (in part) of the role ignorance plays in the Supramental “Process”.

“I have just realised how much more powerful are instruments when they are unaware of their instrumentation. This is amazing – for good or bad. I see how my ignorance made me such a powerful tool.… It is as if this is the real way to impede the influence of Mind. No one has been able to interfere in the Process because all have been ignorant, including me. That is, we have not known the true work being done. We have had to ‘live the experience’….” – Thea, 30 May 1989

Thus it can be appreciated that the vesica piscis as a key of the Vedas was gestated and born forth in a supramental manner by and through instruments who were not aware of what was being born forward. After it happened however, it was clear that the eventual pouring forth of this long-held, pent up secret of the Vedas was absolutely expected and foretold by the Vedic Seers in their hymns and subsequently by St. John in his Revelation. It was also clear that it was an inevitable outcome of Sri Aurobindo’s/Vishnu’s mission of recovering the Sanatana Dharma in the Age of Aquarius – i.e. the Age in which the Aquarian Kumbha/Water Jar is poured out upon humanity. For those who are unaware, the Sanskrit name for Aquarius is Kumbha, meaning Water Jar. The birth or recovery of this Vedic gnosis in conjunction with Thea’s death, immediately set me upon writing an unexpected Part Two of Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, which I did not name until after finishing the book in 2017. 

7 Rivers (Vesicae Piscis) of the Zodiac, from Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, p. 250
The short version of what happened on 2 October 2016 is as follows. While riding my mountain bike along a dry river bed, I was shown that the RIVER in the Vedas is a symbol of the arc of the vesica piscis (formed by the radius) flowing through and measuring out the mid-space of the circle of the Zodiac. Within seconds of SEEING this, I understood/saw that the seven rivers of the Vedas symbolize the first seven vesicae piscis of the Zodiac (starting from the first sign of Aries), and are entirely equivalent to the seven bowls or vials of St. John’s apocalyptic Revelation. In both the Vedas and Revelation, the release of these seven rivers or vials marks a great purification and defeat of the entrenched forces of Darkness (Ignorance) on Earth. Given that the seventh river, starts from the seventh sign of Libra and reaches the height of 0° Aquarius/Kumbha, it became crystal clear why the AIR sign of the Zodiac is associated with the “WATER Bearer” who pours out the purifying waters contained in his water vessel, pot, jar or kumbha onto humanity. I saw and understood that the astrological and Vedic kumbha/water jar, is entirely equivalent to the vessel of the vesica piscis, just as the symbol and name of Pisces (the Fish, Meena in Sanskrit) is a symbol of the same.  

After that illuminating day, which was coincidentally the first day of the 2016 Durga Puja festival celebrating the victory of the Divine Mother,4 it was increasingly apparent that the sacred and eternal geometry or law of the vesica piscis (the basis of Vishnu’s avataric forms) functions as a master key of the Rig Veda, without which the real sense and significance of the Vedas and many of our world’s symbols and myths cannot be read. [See Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, pp. 191-95] The sense of these long-veiled ancient symbols and myths only becomes apparent once they are placed within their original zodiacal and geometric context. For as long as that cohesive context has been lost upon humanity, our world’s symbols and mythologies have been naturally subjected to the fragmentation, distortion, and misrepresentation of the mental-egoic consciousness.  

Thea passed seven days after the October 2nd revelation of the seven rivers, 9 months and 9 days into the year and into our current 2016-2025 ennead.5 I was completely astonished by what was born forward that week in conjunction with Thea’s death. It irrevocably altered and widened my consciousness and woke me up out of (birthed me out of) a certain layer of Ignorance about the world and the work that I had been born into. It was clear that this ancient key (a true dispeller of darkness) had been for all practical purposes, submerged and completely lost in the Ocean of Time; and I knew that its retrieval in 2016 was entirely due to the yoga and consciousness-force of Sri Aurobindo who Thea recognized as Vishnu’s Kalki Avatar and as the “Father” and seed-source of her own supramental yoga and cosmology. In my experience, he (and the Supramental Shakti) orchestrated everything so that I would be able to participate in this retrieval of the geometric basis of Vishnu’s Avatars in late March of 2016, which was followed six months later by the revelation of how the eternal geometric basis/law (sanatana dharma) of Vishnu’s Avatars, in turn, serves as a master key of the Rig Veda. This orchestration included my birth in the sign of Aquarius/Kumbha, opposite Sri Aurobindo’s natal Sun. Thus it can be appreciated that 144 years after his birth, Sri Aurobindo – Vishnu’s Aquarian Age Avatar according to Thea – succeeded in recovering the sanatana dharma and in pouring out the Aquarian Kumbha/Water Jar in our Aquarian Age, through an Aquarian vessel/instrument. This is how I hold the marvel of the disclosures of 2016 – as an extension of Sri Aurobindo’s avataric mission or adesh, as a fulfilment of the mythology of Vishnu’s recovery of the Amrita (Nectar of Immortality) of the Gods, and as an enactment of the Vedic mythology of the victorious and purifying release of the Vedic rivers from the cave of human ignorance which is echoed in the Biblical prophecy of the release of the seven vials of “God’s wrath” (Revelation 16.1, NIV). 

The Arrow/Hieroglyph of Sagittarius within the 7th River/Vesica Piscis of the Zodiac
On 7 November 2016 (9 months after my initial vision of the vesica piscis) I came to see the arrow of the 9th sign of Sagittarius as being constructed and born within the seventh vesica piscis of the Zodiac, emphasizing the fact that it is precisely the radius of 0° Sagittarius (the 6/Saturn Point of the Gnostic Circle) that pours out the seventh river of the Vedas, spanning from 0° Libra (the 4.5 Point) to 0° Aquarius, marking out two angles of the AIR trine of the Zodiac. In the following days, weeks and months, I could see that this same geometry of the Sagittarian radius pouring out the seventh vesica piscis/river of the Zodiac, is portrayed in various Vedic hymns, especially in the hymns of Mandala 9 which laud Agni as Soma Pavamana. Agni is described in these hymns as a great Son, Sage and immortal War Horse who flies, streaks or streams through the air like a winged bird, and plunges through waters, purifying himself (the meaning of pavamana) on his way towards the “vat” (drona) which is another word for a water vessel or kumbha. In Rig Veda 9.9 this immortal Hero-Horse-Sage is said to simultaneously propel “seven inciteful thoughts” and to “quickened the [seven] rivers without deceit”. He “looks upon the seven as he draws” and the seven thoughts (equivalent to the seven rivers) are said to “[strengthen] him as the single eye”. [tr. Jamison and Brereton] 

In Rig Veda 9.74, this Horse-Sage-Son of the Vedas (i.e. the radius of Sagittarius) “rushes with his stream, across the regions, into heaven, and roars as he is flowing on”. He “purifies himself in a stream” and “assumes white color”. [tr. RTH Griffith] The sense of such enigmatic Vedic descriptions simply became clear after I saw the arrow of Sagittarius within the seventh river of the Zodiac.

I could see this Vedic mythology echoed in the Greek mythology of the white, winged horse Pegasus whose powerful hoof-strike releases the mountain stream Hippocrene (aka “the Horse’s fountain”). It is also echoed via the seventh angel of Revelation 16 who pours out the seventh vial/bowl “into the air”. The dark muddy waters of collective ignorance, that had long-obscured the simple truth of what these symbols and myths actually symbolize, became instantaneously transparent or purified (pavaka). In Rig Veda 5.83, the zodiacal geometry of the radius (Horse/Sage) of Sagittarius pouring out the seventh vesica piscis (river or stream) of the Zodiac, along with the six vesicae piscis before it, is portrayed as the “Stallion’s flood”.5  

“Send down for us the rain of heaven, ye [storm gods], and let the Stallion’s flood descend in torrents.… Lift up the mighty vessel (kośa), pour down water, and let the liberated streams rush forward….” – Rig Veda 5.83.6-8, tr. RTH Griffith [Bold emphasis added]

In my view, the liberated streams in these verses are a reference to the seven rivers (numbered in other Vedic hymns), and “the mighty vessel” is simultaneously a reference to the eternal form of the vesica piscis and to the zodiacal month of Kumbha (Aquarius). In Rig Veda 3.1 this “Stallion’s flood” is depicted as “the Seven strong Floods” which “augment [Agni] white at birth and red when waxen mighty.” In this same hymn, Agni is portrayed as the “Child” or “Infant” of the Seven Floods, equivalent to seven mother horses (mares) which “run to their new-born”. (tr. RTH Griffith)

Rig Veda 9.86 is full of this same veiled geometric and zodiacal symbolism, wherein Agni is simultaneously portrayed as the Sage/Horse and as the child of seven mothers (aka of seven rivers, seven floods, etc.) who speeds on in a “waters wave” (i.e. in the wave/arc of the vesica piscis) on his way to, or on his way to win the Kumbha (Kalasha, Kośa, or Water Pot) of the Zodiac. It appears to me that the "fixed" sign of Kumbha/Aquarius is sometimes depicted in Vedic hymns as a set, fixed, anointed or “special place” (niṣkrtam) of Indra and of the Gods. Niṣkrtam is translated by Jameson and Brereton as a “rendezvous” and from what I can gather from Sanskrit dictionaries, this Sanskrit word implies a point of redemption, atonement or completion. In this same hymn, the Horse-Sage-Son Agni (aka Soma/Soma Pavamana) is said to rest “in seats where Mitra (the Friend) dwells”. According to Thea, Mitra (meaning Friend and related to the word "meter" as in a measure) dwells in the sign of Aquarius,6 which is the only sign of the Zodiac which is referred to in the zodiacal tradition as “the Friend”.7 In Rig Veda 9.86.45, this Horse-Sage-Son is simultaneous portrayed as the “Dweller in floods” and the “measurer of days” (i.e. the measurer of Time). In the subsequent verse, he is SKAMBHA, the pillar or prop of heaven via which “the triply-mingled draught flows round into the worlds” which is a thinly veiled symbol of the triadic law established by the radius and vesica piscis of the Circle/Zodiac (equivalent to the Vedic Yajna/Year). 

The Vesica Piscis with indwelling RadiusEarlier in the same hymn (9.86.32), he is said to spin the “triply-twisted thread”. The eternal law (sanatana dharma) of the vesica piscis is depicted in this hymn not only in terms of water – as a river, water vessel, cloud, flood, wave and such – but also as the Hero-Horse-Sage-Son’s robe, mantle or garment which is at times a robe of milk or sacred waters. This imagery makes no sense whatsoever unless we understand or rather SEE, like the Rishis, that the flowing shape of the vesica piscis IS the mantle/robe of its own indwelling/informing radius,8 which flows through the Zodiac like sacred rivers/waters. In Rig Veda 9.86.14 the Horse-Sage-Son Agni is said to be “clad in mail [or in a mantle] that reaches heaven”. In my view, this is yet another description of the seventh vesica piscis of the Zodiac that arcs from the 4.5 Point (the nadir) of the circle to 0° Aquarius in the fourth quadrant of the Zodiac, which Thea associated with Swar – the solar realm of the Supramental Truth-Consciousness. 

In Rig Veda 9.108 this same geometry of the ninth ray or radius of the Zodiac – the radius of the 9th sign of Sagittarius (the Sage/Horse) – is discussed as the nine-rayed War Horse who flows in a stream, plays in the “waters’ wave”, opens the shut pen or doors, and is instrumental in the winning of the Amrita (Nectar of Immortality). He is said to cut out and free the “watery” cows from their cave (elsewhere quantified as seven cows/mothers/rivers). The cave in this hymn and elsewhere in the Vedas serves as one of the many veiled symbols of the vesica piscis. These symbols simultaneously serve as their own occult covering or enclosure, veiling their own significance; as vehicles or vessels of preservation through the passage of Time; and as doorways of disclosure which are opened in the course of Time to bear their own treasures.

I have presented the varied and myriad ways the Vedic Rishis veiled and sung of the vesica piscis (and the radius) at much more length in Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom and many more books could be written on the subject. Via the above I just want to give readers a brief but substantial glimpse into how the vesica piscis fully came forward in the tenth month of our current ennead, shattering the “Cave” (Vala) of several thousands of years’ worth of crystalized Ignorance regarding geometric foundation of the Rig Veda. To be clear, via her yoga, Thea already re-established the zodiacal foundation of the Rig Veda in our world where many scholars and pundits erroneously believe that the Zodiac was imported into India, entirely undercutting, or denying the Vedic basis of the wide-spread practice of astrology in India which Thea refers to as post-Vedic due to India’s divergence from the Tropical Year/Zodiac circa the 11th century. What came forth in 2016, is the geometric key which more fully exposes the Zodiacal foundation of the Rig Veda, helping to defeat our world’s (including India’s) collective Ignorance regarding the original context and sense of these ancient hymns which naturally extends to modern-day collective Ignorance of the original context and sense of most of our world’s symbols and myths, religious or otherwise. 

I experienced the pouring out of the immortal vessel of the vesica piscis (the Vedic River/Kumbha) on 2 October 2016 as enactment and fulfillment of the Vedic Victory whereby the release or pouring out of the Waters (Rivers, Floods) signifies a great victory of the Vedic Heroes over the forces of Darkness or Ignorance, specifically regarding Ignorance of the Vedic Sacrifice or Sacrificial Year/Yajna which is a microcosm and symbol of the unified field of Time and Space and our evolutionary journey therein. It is important to note here that my experience of this important revelation and Vedic victory preceded my subsequent research which progressively substantiated and validated the initial lightning bolt and flash of Gnosis about the Vedic River, the Seven Rivers of Vedas and the Seven Vials or Bowls of St. John’s Revelation. In other words, I KNEW at the deepest levels of my being, before I could mentally know, let alone explain, the magnitude of what had come forth. It was a transrational and supramental experience which instantly aligned, integrated, harmonized and made perfect sense of pretty much EVERYTHING in my field of consciousness, i.e. in my field of Time and Space (Past, Present and Future), and put me in a consistent and blissful state of higher-consciousness for at least a month. Many circumstances and symbols in my life freely and instantaneously disclosed their treasures, in a way that felt completely transformative. Things that I had previously experienced as mundane became luminous and meaningful, serving as fuel towards the upshift of my consciousness. Much that had been occult, became perfectly and instantaneously transparent and visible. In Vedic terminology, what I experienced occurred as a descending bolt of Gnosis/Light that burst open a sealed cave, in which myriad treasures had been obscured, hidden or contained. The value and integral truth (the interconnected truth) of certain words, symbols, forms, dreams, myths, experiences, circumstances, teachings, etc., that had been unknown, became known and felt, in an electrifying way. In a flash, what had begun as trickling streams and currents of new knowledge in early 2016, became a torrent or FLOOD (or flowing treasure trove) of knowledge 9 months and one day into the year and ennead.

The 7th River/Vesica Piscis of the Zodiac, with the radius and arrow of Sagittarius, and with the planets Jupiter and Saturn shown
It has been fascinating to look at this play of circumstances four years later, from the perspective of the 4.5 Orbit of this same ennead, wherein Saturn’s () initial, retrograde and final movement into 0° Aquarius, spans the first 9 months of the Zodiac (0° Aries – 0° Capricorn) in 2020. This 9-month transit of Saturn corresponds to the 9-month gestation and “Birth of the Light” in the Zodiac, culminating with the entrance into Capricorn, Makar Sankranti, upon the December Solstice. The sixth planet Saturn is discussed in Part Six as the God or Master of Time (Kāla). This 9-month span of Saturn’s 2020 transits across 0° Aquarius would be a phenomenal enough coincidence by itself. Adding the fact that within that period, Saturn retrograded across 0° Aquarius precisely at the 4.5/0° Libra Point of this (Gregorian) year and ennead, makes this cosmological play exponentially more precise and intriguing. To boot, Jupiter () is conjoined with (conjunct) Saturn at 0° Aquarius on the December Solstice (0° Capricorn/Makar Sankranti) of this year, adding another important zodiacal element of the seventh river (the Stallion’s Flood) of the Vedas, to the extraordinarily rare display of cosmological synchronicity unfolding in this pivotal 4 year (4.5 Orbit) of our ennead.  

An Earthly reflection or correspondence of this “Heavenly” or astrological “Stallion’s Flood” can be found in the wide-spread flooding of China from June through September of 2020, a country known to have seven major rivers (and seven corresponding river basins), the largest of which is the Yangtze river. The 3,900-mile long Yangtze river is the largest river in all of Asia and the third largest in the world. It spans almost entirely (29°) across the 30° longitudinal span of Sagittarius (90°-120° E), snaking through the heart of China along 30° N latitude, equivalent to 0° Aquarius in Thea's geo-cosmology. As such, the Yangtze – whose name means “Son of the Ocean” – can be seen to have a geo-cosmological connection with the Vedic Sage-Horse-Son of Sagittarius which Thea discussed as Agni’s third form or birth, equivalent to the third fire sign of the Zodiac. As already discussed, throughout the Vedas Agni is known as the Son of the Waters, and sometimes specifically as the son of seven mothers, floods or rivers, equivalent to the first seven vesicae piscis of the Zodiac in my view.

In the image below, Wuhan – ground zero for COVID-19 and subsequently subjected to flooding in July – is highlighted via the large red star (0° Aquarius latitude/5° Sagittarius longitude), and the Three Gorges Dam (3° Aquarius latitude/9° Sagittarius longitude) is highlighted via the small red star. The Banqiao dam disaster of August 1975, 45 years prior to August of 2020 (discussed in Part Five), happened above and between these two red stars (at 3° Aquarius/6° Sagittarius), on the Ru river which is not shown below.

China's main Geo-cosmological influences (Sagittarius and Aquarius)

On 2 July, a day after the 4.5 point of 2020, the first of a series of floods hit the Yangtze river’s Three Gorges Dam (a dam whose name echoes the eternal triadic geometric law of the Rig Veda). Much concern and speculation spiked in conjunction with Asia’s 2020 monsoon season regarding the integrity of the dam. From 2 July through 22 August, five floods were reported at the Three Gorges Dam. The fourth flood peaked at the Three Gorges Dam on 15 August 2020 – Sri Aurobindo’s 148th birth anniversary. This happened to be the same day a freak thunderstorm ignited hundreds of fires all over California (conjunct 0° Leo longitude), setting off an epic fire season for the states along USA's Pacific Coast. One person tracking the flood levels at the Three Gorges Dam reported a sixth flood circa 1-2 September when ten flood gates were opened. That same person and one other spoke about the coming of a seventh flood at the dam in mid-September, though I do not see any solid news reports of a sixth or a seventh flood peak at the dam. There was some doubt as to whether or not the statistics were been correctly reported by Chinese officials in September. Thankfully a disastrous collapse of the Three Gorges Dam has not been a part of 2020’s trials and tribulations. In my mind, the images and videos of the flooding in China and of the Yangtze floodwaters arcing up out the Three Gorges Dam flood gates will stand as some of the most striking images of 2020 (along with images related to COVID-19, the BLM protests and armed forces on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial). I see the arcing floodwaters released from the dam as powerful symbols of the geometry or shape of the Vedic waters (multiple vesicae piscis) arcing through the Zodiac.

Thea’s Passing 9 months and 9 days into 2016

In this next section I will share some of Thea’s writings that should help readers see some of the Supramental control in the first 9-10 months of 2016, in relation to some of what has unfolded thus far in our current ennead of 2016-2025, and in this 4-Power year of 2020.

Thea’s passing on the evening of 9 October 2016 fell 6 years after the first symptoms of her cancer appeared on 10 October 2010. It also fell 45 years and 1 day after her (and her son’s) first meeting with the Mother in Pondicherry on 8 October 1971. In various writings, Thea discussed the importance of the 10th of October in her life and yoga. In 1988, she experienced a supramentally controlled play of circumstances wherein a calf and a foal were both born on 1 October followed 9 days later by the death of her horse (mare) Sundari on 10 October. Sundari had arrived in Thea’s life exactly four years earlier on 10 October 1984. Thea discussed this 1-10 October 1988 event in Part 2 and Part 3 of “Animals in the Emerging Cosmos”. I am mentioning this play of circumstances here because there is a certain symmetry in the fact that 28 years later (three enneads plus one year), the 9-day time-frame of 2-11 October (coinciding with the 2016 Durga Puja Festival, set by the 1 October 2016 New Moon) began with the birth or emergence of a long-hidden key of Vedic Gnosis, and came to a close 9 days later with Thea’s cremation. Thea passed a few hours before the special date of 10 October and was cremated precisely 9 months and 10 days into her own yearly cycle (i.e. at the 7 Point of her own year).9 The symbols of the Cow and the Horse play a crucial role in the Vedas and these animals played a significant role in Thea’s yoga and cosmology. She saw the tandem birth of the calf and foal on 1 October 1988 at Skambha (Aeon Centre of Cosmology) as a special circumstance and as a symbol of the Vedic Cow-Horse axis. What I want to convey here is that what transpired on 2 October 2016, seven days before Thea passed, quickly lead to the realization that the Cow and Horse of the Vedas are symbols of the vesica piscis and the radius which are eternally born together (in tandem) in the Mother or Womb of the Zodiac (the Vedic Year), dispelling aeon’s worth of Ignorance about the significance of these Vedic animal-symbols.

Regarding the calf-foal saga of 1988, Thea wrote:

“October 1st is 9 months after January 1st. This is an important point to bear in mind because this particular 9-month combination will surface again in the course of this detailed discussion of animals in the new creation. The first five days of the year – 1 January to 5 January – are perhaps the most important of all the 365 in our work, as the time of ‘seeding’. This then extends into the space of the year for 9 months, until the Seed is crystallised or rooted by the first days of October, 1st to 5th.

“Death, nonetheless, continues to play its part in this Yoga, though the pattern has been altered significantly since the beginning of this special work with animals. Indeed, 9 days after the unexpected births mentioned above, on 10 October a precious mare, Sundari, had to be put down.” – Thea, “Animals in the Emerging Cosmos”, Part 2, The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 3.6 [Bold emphasis added]


“[The date of 10 October 1985 has] played a central role in the Yoga of the Chamber and particularly concerning the base, Skambha. It was the date of the naming ceremony of Skambha – not, may it be pointed out, arbitrarily chosen, but simply because in 1986 this was the date of the Ayudha Puja, as the Mahanavami of the Durga Festival is known in South India. Prior to all this, however, it was the date of birth of the Collie bitch given to us in 1984, who has mothered all the Collies we have bred and who have materially helped to support our work. This bitch came from Italy. I ought to point out – even risking the criticism that this might be just ‘too much’ – that this is the date of my own mother’s birth in Italy. On the Gnostic Circle both follow the very same cycle. That is, on 10 October 1986, when my mother was 90 years old, the Collie was 9.

“The reader must understand that these are not just casual ‘coincidences’. When it is a matter of one or two episodes that criticism may be justified. But not when we are dealing with a pattern covering a number of years and countless interrelated circumstances and people, only some of which I am mentioning in this brief space.” – Thea, “Animals in the Emerging Cosmos”, Part 3, The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 3.6 [Bold emphasis added]


“[I]t does not require any superior powers of perception to appreciate that those events [the births and deaths of the animals participating in the process as symbol-powers] are central to our work and that they fall, once again, within the ambit of the control of the Supramental Shakti for the establishment of the new creation. The 9, as shown, has once again been the key element.” – Thea, “Animals in the Emerging Cosmos”, Part 2 

What I am trying to communicate here in Part Seven is that, in my experience, in 2016 an immensely powerful iteration of this 9-month seeding, crystallization and rooting process occurred at the beginning of our current ennead, culminating with Thea’s death, 144 years (and 55 days) after Sri Aurobindo’s birth in 1872.10   

The Symbolic Victory of “The Shape of Water” 

The Shape of Water poster
Two years into this ennead, and nearly two years after the 7 February 2016 seed vision of the 432,000 measure of the vesica piscis, I published Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom on 11 January 2018. This date marked the 18th anniversary of the first day I stepped into the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry and learned, via an unspoken or occult transmission from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, of the “Third” phase of the supramental descent and yoga. Six days before I published the book, on 5 January 2018 (the 80th anniversary of Thea’s birth), the movie “The Shape of Water” about a woman who rescues a Fish-God from imprisonment in a small tank in a government research facility, was nominated for 13 academy awards and subsequently won Best Picture and three other awards at the 90th Academy Award ceremony on 4 March 2018 – a date which reduces to 9 via the numbers 4.3.2 (as written in Indian format, with the day preceding the month). Amazingly enough, the movie began filming on 15 August 2016 (Sri Aurobindo’s 144th birth anniversary) and finished filming on 6 November 2016 – the day before the culmination of the 9-month span of revelations (7 February – 7 November 2016) that established the content and parameters of the book. Given the timing mentioned above, and given that my book features the recovery or rescue of the lost sense Vishnu’s Fish-God mythology and the recovery of the actual geometric SHAPE OF THE WATERS of the Vedas from long-standing global ignorance, this play of events constitutes a remarkable display of supramental control, coordination and perfection. The perfection of the 4.3.2 date of the Academy Awards ceremony, lies in the fact that the February 2016 vision of the vesica piscis which initiated (or seeded) this download of gnosis, specifically emphasized the sacred number of 432, simultaneously contained in the 432,000-mile measure of the Sun’s radius and the 432,000ʺ arc of the vesica piscis through the circumference of the circle. [See Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, p. 1]

The rescue or revelation of this long-lost gnosis regarding the shape of the Vedic waters and the significance of Vishnu’s Fish form exposes the fact that MUCH of what our world has made of our ancient symbols and mythology, now has to be chalked up to distortion and ignorance based on having long-ago lost the original geometric and zodiacal sense of these symbols and myths. This distortion of course extends deep into our world’s religions wherein the truth of the symbols has long “fled from its coverings”.

“The letter lived on when the spirit was forgotten; the symbol, the body of the doctrine, remained, but the soul of knowledge had fled from its coverings.” –  The Secret of the Veda, CWSA, Vol. 15, p. 57

Now, thanks to the collective yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, Thea and the Fourth power or “Son” of the Solar Line”,11 the crucial keys of the geometric and zodiacal sense of myriad Vedic symbols have been remembered and recovered. As a result, the many ways these symbols have been echoed and represented in various ways across many civilizations on Earth have become wonderfully apparent, offering an integral and holistic view of our world’s widely-fragmented mythologies.

Below I am repeating a quote presented in Part Six, which underscores the yogic birth which paved the way for this progress. Thea wrote:

“When the Son takes birth in the sign Sagittarius, Agni is born on Earth, and the high Truth of the Veda can be revealed. 

“The deciphering of these ancient texts is impossible unless one has the keys of higher knowledge. No scholar or pundit can pierce the veils of the enigmatic hymns unless he has been initiated into the mysteries of the miraculous Birth. And for this he must know the structure of the zodiac thoroughly because only therein can he find the keys to a timeless Knowledge. – Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, pp. 379-80 

These “keys of higher knowledge” in turn serve to dismantle our world’s current ignorance (specifically regarding our ancient symbols and mythology) which encumbers our collective rise into a more holistic and integral view of our collective history and our collective evolutionary journey in the unified field of Time and Space. In The Gnostic Circle, Thea wrote: 

“[T]he pressure over the world at this time is to eliminate religion as we know it from the consciousness of mankind. We move toward a liberation from the limitations that dogmas and doctrines impose, and not a strengthening of these bondages, ‒ though these may hide under the guise of a universal reformation of the religious spirit, to uncover their one truth and common origin.”  ‒ Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 99 [Bold emphasis added]

In Part 8 I will discuss how the living symbol of the Peacock participated in the revelations of 2016 and what the Peacock has further revealed in this pivotal “reversal” year of 2020. [I will post Part 8 soon as it is already written.]


1 The Gnostic Circle, pp. 131, 134.
2 Thea published two things at the beginning of 2016, one on 1 January 2016 and one a week and a half later, both concerning, in essence, India’s important role in reestablishing the Sanatana Dharma (eternal truth/law) on Earth, which is impossible as long as the wrong measure (the Sidereal measure) of the 12-month Vedic Year is celebrated in India. 

Indocentrism amidst the detritus of a dying Eurocentrism (from Thea’s Journal, Skambha), 10 January 2016
3 The mismeasure of the Vedic year and Makar Sankranti is discussed in the following articles by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea):
Link HERE to see an image on my blog that I constructed to help demonstrate the error of measuring the signs of the zodiac by the uneven (man-determined) constellations.
4 It seems that many began celebrating the beginning of the nine nights (Navaratri) on 1 Oct in 2016 (the New Moon). But the traditional start of the nine nights begins “the day after the new moon, when it starts to wax”. One can see that if 1 October (the day of the New Moon) is counted as the first night, the math of nine nights does not actually add up.  

5 See Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, Part Two, Ch. 5, entitled “The Stallion’s Flood”.

6 In Thea’s cosmology, in the Gnostic Circle, Mitra (the Friend) is equivalent to the 8th planet Neptune, seated at the 8 Point of the Gnostic Circle, at 20° Aquarius. 

7 In the glossary of  The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2 (p. 583)Thea wrote of the connection between the Maitreya and Mitra, the Friend of the Zodiac: “[Maitreya is the] anticipated incarnation of the Buddha, expected to take birth some 2,500 years after his passing to restore Buddhist dharma. The word means Friend and the time given for the appearance would be the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, or precisely the sign of the Friend [Mitra].” 

8 See Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, Part Two, Ch.15, “The Passing of the Mantle”,  pp. 370-80. This chapter includes a vivid dream I had on 8 June 2014 in which I crossed paths with Jesus while I was walking along the Pacific Ocean, whereupon he gave me his white robe. This dream did not make full or real sense to me until the last months of 2016 when I came to see and understand that in the Rig Veda the vesica pisces is portrayed in myriad ways, including as the robe or mantle of the Divine Son/Hero (i.e. the robe that adorns/clothes the radius). This dream was a supramental foreshadowing of the realization that followed [i.e. the robe/mantle/geometric key I was given] two years and some months later.

Thea passed exactly at the 6/Saturn Point (0° Sagittarius) of my own year (i.e. 240 days after 12 February), and two days before the 7 Point (10° Capricorn) of her own yearly cycle (i.e. she passed 278 days after 5 January). Her cremation on 11 October 2016 fell precisely at the 7 Point of her year (280 days after her birthday). For more on the precise timing of Thea’s passing, see GKVW, Part Two, Chapter One.

10 Amazingly enough the year/number 1872 is itself a multiple of 144 (144 x 13 = 1872). Meaning that 2016 was the 14th multiple of 144 years in our Common Era (CE). I will discuss this coincidence of sacred number in relation to Sri Aurobindo’s birth within our world’s CE Time count at greater length at some point in the future.

11 Readers who are unfamiliar with Thea’s writings about the Fourth/Son of the Solar Line should see Part Four of this series.

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