The Vedic Circle of 9 and 0

‘The whole is brought with lightening speed towards
the consciousness that will be this Consciousness
of the point and the whole at the same time ….

... The figure 9 has something to do with all of this ….
There are so many things we don’t know!’

The Mother’s Agenda, 19 November 1969

Sun Symbol
The symbol of 'the consciousness that will be this Consciousnesses of the point and the whole at the same time' is the Sun Symbol (as seen above): a point which gives birth to 'the whole'. The mystery of what the 9 has to do with becoming simultaneously conscious of the point (or Absolute) and the whole (Manifest Reality) is lessened when one acknowledges the circular structure of not only time, but also of the 9-0 Vedic number system which is still used to measure time and everything that exists in space. A linear view of time and number fails to represent both the circular structure of time and space and to reveal the relationships, harmonies, geometries and symmetries between parts of the whole.

For instance, when looking at the number or time line of 0 to 9 and beyond, one does not SEE the relationship between the 0 and the 9, nor the central triangle or trinity formed by the 0/9, 3 and 6.Time LineBut when the numbers are seen as a circular or cyclical structure, the relationship of the 0 and the 9 and the sacred trinity or triangle of our number system is SEEN.
Circle of 9 with TriangleWhen following the number system beyond 9 in the linear view , one just keeps getting further and further away from the zero, i.e. from the origin. But in the cyclical view, one's course is visibly connected to the point of existence and perpetually returns to the origin, each cycle of 9 yielding a higher level or spiral of experience/existence. If one continues the count beyond 9, the next cycle of numbers spans from 9 to 18, and then 18 to 27 and so on. Here is the cyclical view of the numbers 1-72, but this same order continues infinitely:

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Each number in this circular view has its place within the whole. All numbers whose digits add up to 9 via Theosophical addition - such as 18, 27, 36 etc. - will always fall in the 9 place. All numbers whose digits add up to 1 (such as 10, 19, 28, 37, etc.) will always fall in the 1 place. All numbers whose digits add up to 2 (such as 11, 20, 29, 38, etc.) will always fall in the 2 place. This phenomenon holds for all numbers in the 9/0 number system; and hence the relationship between all numbers becomes more tangibly understood. For instance, we can readily see that the 360 degrees used to measure circular/cyclical time and space (the circle, the year, the day, the globe, the celestial sphere and the precession of the equinoxes) are a multiple of 9. Just as the number circle starts from 0 and ends at 0/9, the 360 degrees of the circle start at 0 and end at 0/360. As with all cycles of 9, the origin (alpha) and endpoint (omega) are one and the same in essence. The number 360 also has the stunning feature that the Trinity of the 0/9, the 3 and the 6 are contained in its own digits 3 6 0. Also all four of the cardinal points of the 360 degree circle are multiples of 9 which end with a zero. [1]

The convergence of the 0 and the 9, the 0 and the 360 ... the origin and completion or alpha and omega, is well described in the mythical figure of the Ouroboros.

My first encounter with the circular structure of the 9 was with the enneagram (seen in the inner circle of the 0/360 circle above). In my late 20's people began asking me what my enneagram type was and I eventually studied the 9-pointed personality system. The zero was missing in this system as was any understanding of the flow of time and I did not give these missing items a second thought at first. I was 31 when I read The Gnostic Circle by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet which revealed that the circle of 9 and the 360 degree zodiac were to be understood as a dynamic cyclical journey in time, in which that which was contained in the seed or 'Zero Point' of the circle, was summarily developed and carried to fruition in the stages and months of the 360 degree year and in larger cycles of time. In her teachings on the Circle of 9 and of the Earth's 360 degree year, the relationship between pure Being or Absolute Self and dynamic Becoming or the ever-morphing material Self became self-evident as did the process by which a dynamic individual becomes aware of his or her intimate relationship with the Absolute and with the Dynamic Whole. Nothing I had read regarding the enneagram nor the zodiac, nor any spiritual teaching for that matter, had begun to expose this relationship or this process. After reading The Gnostic Circle and other books by Ms. Norelli-Bachelet on the 360 degree circle and the Geometry of Time, it became apparent to me that realizing the circular or cyclical structure of time and of our existence is a pivotal point in the evolution of consciousness -- an alchemical catalyst in attaining the consciousness in which the One and the Many are seen and experienced as a dynamic and eternal unity. It became apparent that the circle of 9 certainly does have something to do with developing the 'Consciousness of the point and the whole at the same time'. [2]

[1] The prevalence and importance of the 9 in terms of measure and in terms of acquiring a consciousness of unity is more thoroughly discussed in this blog in 'Coordination' and 'The Geometry and Superstructure of Time.'

[2] Last week, knowing that I wanted to write more about the Vedic Circle of 9, I looked up this topic on the Web. I could not find much other than few amateurish YouTube videos by Rebecca Newburn (who learned about the Circle of 9 in a workshop and passed along what she learned and her insights in video format); and some blog posts by the author of Child's Play. In a post called 'Before and After' the author discusses his daughter's difficulty in understanding linear time. He drew a line of past, present and future and then remembered the Ouroboros which represents cyclical or 'sacred time', which seemed to better represent how his daughter's mind was working. These acknowledgments of the specialness of the Vedic Circle of 9 were interesting but barely scratched the surface of integral knowledge contained in that Circle. Apparently circular and cyclical knowledge is hard to come by, unless one finds one's way to The Gnostic Circle, which is the veritable Motherlode of this knowledge.

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