The Spherical Gnosis of the Sage ~ Part 8 ~ The Architect and Architecture of Time

Madonna della Misericordia with the haloed Divine Son in the vesica-piscis-shaped womb of the haloed Virgin Mary 
Giovanni Antonio Bellinzoni da Pesaro (1415-1477), Chiesa di San Domenico, Cingoli, Italy

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In Part One of “The Spherical Gnosis of the Sage” I wrote:

“During the 2022 Navaratri...I came to see and understand what the ancient iconography of the divine HALO actually represents, and I understood the birth of the Vedic Son-Sage in the ancient Vedas, and likewise Sri Aurobindo’s birth and rebirth…as the seeding and awakening of the spherical (Sage) consciousness in Humanity…. Without this birth, and its accompanying body of spherical (supramental) gnosis as presented by Thea, the release of the geometric and zodiacal sense of the Divine Son-Sage’s seven mothers-rivers in our world,—along with ALL of the Vedic and post-Vedic ancient symbols and mythologies that this gnosis has illuminated—, simply would not have been possible. What the linear consciousness had long obstructed and imprisoned, the spherical consciousness quickly released in our Aquarian Age…. And thus, the entire Vedic and Biblical story of the coming of the conquering and unifying Divine Son and the purifying apocalyptic release of his seven rivers/vials (equivalent to the release of the waters of the Aquarian Kumbha) can be seen as an evolutionary symbol-prophecy of the inevitable birth, expansion and rise of the spherical supramental consciousness,—the consciousness of the 9-rayed Vedic and zodiacal Sage/Horse—, which naturally serves to purify and dismantle the dimly lit linear mental consciousness that forms the unsound foundation of our current civilization and its many woes.” 

In Part Eight I want to emphasize that the Divine Vedic Son, aka Agni, is not only the Son of his two mothers — the circle of the Zodiac and the "vessel" of the vesica piscis on the geometric level — he is also their architect. He is the eternal pillar, skambha and establisher of the eternal law (sanatana dharma) and divine measure (=divine maya) of the ancient Zodiac (aka the “Circle of Life”) and of all spheres, mundane and celestial. And being the immortal Son, architect, and “ruler” of the Zodiac, he can be understood as the hidden all-harmonizing Son, “One”, architect, soul, Sol Invictus, ruler or measurer of cyclical Time and spherical geometry. The Divine Son can also be seen as the architect, harmonizer, and knower of the harmony of the celestial spheres, including of course the sphere of the Earth. 

In Hymns to the Mystic Fire, Sri Aurobindo wrote of the spiritual sense of the Vedic Divine Son, aka Agni:

“This Fire has built all the worlds; this creative Power, Agni Jatavedas, knows all the births, all that is in the worlds; he is the messenger who knows earth, knows how to ascend the difficult slope of heaven, [ārodhan divah] knows the way to the home of the Truth, — he mediates between God and man. These things apply only with difficulty to the god of physical fire; they are of a striking appropriateness if we take a larger view of the divine nature and functions of the god Agni. He is a god of the earth, a force of material being [avamah]; but he seems too [to] be a vital (Pranic) force of will in desire…and again he is a mental power…. But again he is a god of Swar, one of the solar deities; he manifests himself as Surya; he is born in the Truth, a master of Truth, a guardian of Truth and Immortality, a getter and keeper of the shining herds, the eternal Youth, and he renews the youth of these mystic cattle [≈rivers, mothers]. He is triply extended in the Infinite. All these functions cannot be predicated of the god of physical fire; but they are all just attributes of the conscient divine Will in man and the universe. He is the horse of battle and the horse of swiftness and again he gives the white horse; he is the Son and he creates for man the Son. He is the Warrior and he brings to man the heroes of his battle. He destroys by his flame the Dasyu and the Rakshasa; he is a Vritra-slayer.” ‒ CWSA, Vol 16, pp. 689-90, bold emphasis added

In Thea’s (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's) supramental cosmology, the triply-born world-saving Vedic Son or Salvator Mundi, is the Transcendent Divine (Father) born in the world through the Cosmic Divine (the Cosmic Mother/Matrix) and the Individual Divine (the Daughter/Earth), and these principles correspond respectively to the number powers and the geometry of 1, 9, 6 and 3. She saw the birth of the Vedic Son through his two mothers (Cosmic Mother and the Daughter) as equivalent to Sri Aurobindo’s Supramental Yoga, descent, and rebirth as the “Immanent Divine” or Sol Invictus in 1963. She saw this long-prophesized rebirth as an alchemical, transmutational, zodiacal, and evolutionary process essentially birthing or seeding an entirely new supramental, solar, and spherical consciousness and experience of Time and Space in the world, via the vehicle or vessel of Man. 

For those who have the wherewithal to appreciate the supramental perfection of how events and symbols present themselves in our field of Time and Space, it is worth mentioning here that the year 1963 is, via gematria and some theosophical addition, equivalent to the Latin word for Sun: SOL. With respect to the English alphabet, S is the 19th letter, O is the 15th (1 + 5 = 6), and L is the 12th letter (1+2 = 3). As I have discussed it is the One (1)=Son=Radius of the circle that measures out the 9-6-3 Divine Trinity of our 0-9 number system, and of the zodiacal Fire Trine. 

My work, since Thea’s passing in 2016 has been, in large part, to see, understand, reveal, and restore the long-forgotten geometric sense of the Divine Vedic Son which is inextricably linked to his zodiacal sense, as discussed by Thea, and to the enduring spiritual sense, symbolism, and mythology of the haloed Divine Son in our world—the World Savior or Salvator Mundi by whatever name—however disconnected, distorted, misunderstood, and misappropriated in the minds and religions of modern humanity. In Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom (book) and in “The Sacred Measure of 432,000” (2019-2020), I discussed my dream-vision of the 432,000-mile measure of the Sun’s radius in conjunction with the 432,000" measure of the vesica piscis, which presented itself to me as a key of Sri Aurobindo’s ongoing avataric work,—as carried out via his extended “solar line” or lineage. In his 1908 Uttarpara Speech, at the age of 36 (3 + 6 = 9) Sri Aurobindo spoke of the adhesh or yogic command he received from Vasudeva (=Narayana=Krishna=Vishnu’s 8th avatar), while spending 12-months (=1 YEAR + 4 days) in Alipore Jail. Sri Aurobindo was charged by Krishna to recover the Sanatana Dharma of the Vedas, and to thereby empower India to rise beyond the collective Ignorance of the World and to be in the real position of World Guru among the nations. 

Given this account and Thea’s writings on Krishna’s coming in the last Age of Taurus (the Bull) [1], it is significant that the Sun’s position upon Sri Aurobindo’s arrest was 11° Taurus (2 May 1908); and given the four extra days beyond the full 360° year, the Sun’s position was 15° Taurus on the day of his acquittal. 10° Taurus is the 1 Point of the Circle of 9 and 15° Taurus, on the other hand, is the first point of Vishnu’s four fixed/preservation intercardinal point cross (or X) within the zodiacal Vedic Year. 

Note that this intercardinal point cross is featured in the axes of the four-petalled middle ring of the Mother’s 12-petal Symbol, which Thea recognized as a symbol of the 12-month Vedic Year/Zodiac. In the image to the right, I superimposed Vishnu’s Flower (four semicircles/vesicae piscis) drawn out by the four cardinal point radii), Vishnu’s intercardinal point cross, and the four fixed/preservation zodiacal signs and degrees upon the Mother’s Symbol. See Part 7.2 for an illustration of the 1 Point/10° Taurus in Thea’s Gnostic Circle, and mention of the latitudinal equivalent of 11° Taurus in relation to the northern boundary of the contiguous United States.

This “Spherical Gnosis of the Sage” series has been the result of a somewhat delayed understanding and integration of what I learned in 2016 about the zodiacal (circular) geometry of the Vedic Rivers and their Sagittarian “Son” or Sage, and of Thea’s teachings about the birth of the Divine Sagittarian Sage-Son as an evolutionary shift, establishing on Earth a Supramental, Solar, Spherical and Divine consciousness, in our Age of Aquarius/Kumbha. Part Four consists of various quotes from Thea’s books and articles that are relevant to this theme. Below are two quotes from Parts Four and Seven, that are worth repeating here to help readers understand the birth of the Divine Son as the birth or the evolutionary graduation of our Soul, out of its womb of Ignorance, and into the wider gnosis, experience, and harmonies of its own sacred geometry and architecture in our spherical and cyclical field (kshetra) of Time-Space.

“[The Divine Son-Sage, i.e. Sri Aurobindo reborn in 1963] reveals the harmony of Time that is the year, the year that is Aeon. Aeon is the victorious son-conqueror, the Sol Invictus in whose being the Timeless has died to be reborn in Time, and by this act he conquers Death. From him arises the harmonious Time, the Supramental Time for the Earth—and with it the rise of a new Earth through which a destiny of supramental truth will unfold. Therefore he is born victorious. His very birth is the Victory.” – The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 212 [Bold emphasis added]


“The new world is already here, in our very midst. Our task is simply to make an effort to see, to rend the veils clouding the eye of perception and to allow the higher realities of life to take their place in our world…. This is not a process projected into an indeterminate future. This is in no way a Utopia toward which we are advancing, because the utopian way is an illusion…, The utopian formula, as it is known today, is thoroughly linear.… [T]he real process of evolution which is spheric, ever and always

“Hence it is that the linear (utopian) process is divisive, tends invariably to a depletion of energies and a weakening of the power of effective action and can only produce a society hopelessly entangled in the web of separative and disharmonious being. The linear way is the mental way; the spheric belongs to a perceptive capacity above Mind.

In the process delineated in The New Way this spherical method is established by means of a radically different vision of Time. One is made to see the all-encompassing nature of Time and how essential it is to find the roots of the new society in the present, in the Eternal Now. By this vision alone can all the elements be incorporated simultaneously in the process at any given moment. Thus, nothing is excluded from the globular seeing…. Because of the demands of the Time-Spirit, who sees and acts unitedly and spherically, the so-called negative elements exist and have their just share in the work in order that this very work be accomplished.” – Ibid., pp. 520-21 

The Womb and Sphere of the Divine Son (aka Salvator Mundi) in Renaissance Art

While contemplating and collecting the content of Part Eight, I came across two striking 15th century Italian Renaissance paintings of Jesus,—who Thea wrote of as the Piscean Age stand-in and foreshadow of the Divine Son (=Vishnu’s tenth avatar Kalki). The first was a 600-year-old Italian church-painting of the haloed Divine Son standing within and holding open the haloed Virgin Mary’s vesica-piscis-shaped womb, featured as the lead image of this part of the series. Below I have superimposed the vesica piscis, and the radius that form it, upon the Son’s sacred and VIRGIN womb. 

This image presented itself to me via a 2021 Facebook post that drew attention to the six fingers (one thumb + five fingers) on the Son’s left hand. It was suggested that these six fingers are a symbolic reference to the six visible stars (“sisters”) of the 250-plus stars of the Pleiades, more often portrayed as “seven sisters”. In my view, considering the Son’s placement in the vesica-piscis-shaped womb, this six-fingered hand is an occult symbol of the occult geometric sense of Divine Son, eternal One (1) or radius (=the ray of Deus/God) that divides its own womb, circle or year into 6 (as well as 3, 9, 12, 24, etc.), via the six vesicae piscis of the “Flower of Life”. 

The invisible radius of each of these six vesicae piscis is contained in the long axis of each of the six petals or six fingers of the “Flower of Life”, shown in orange in the lower circle to the right. Once we know the geometric and zodiacal sense of the Divine Son, we can see and understand his six fingers as well as his vesica-piscis-shaped womb in this striking 15th century image.

“What was that ONE who in the Unborn's image hath stablished and fixed firm these worlds' six regions. Let him who knoweth presently declare it, this lovely Bird's securely founded station.” –Rig-Veda 1.164.06, tr. RTH Griffith

Salvator Mundi, attributed to Leonardo da Vinci in 2011
The second striking Italian Renaissance painting I came across in January of 2024 was the Salvator Mundi (“Savior of the World”) recently restored and attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. A friend mentioned this controversial painting featuring Jesus holding a transparent SPHERE in the palm of his left hand, which sold for the 9-Power figure of $450,000,000 [2] in 2017, fetching the highest price-point for any art to date only 12 years after having been bought at a 2005 Baton Rouge auction for $1,175. In 2011 this Salvator Mundi was recognized and authenticated by London’s National Gallery as a Leonardo da Vinci painting in 2011. This authentication is contested by some, but regardless the image is notable in relation to the subject matter and title of this series, The Spherical Gnosis of the Sage. The “Salvator Mundi” theme of Jesus hold a sphere representing World (Mundi) he “saves”, has been an artistic theme for some 1,500 years. The recent discovery, restoration, unveiling, attribution, authentication, and extraordinary valuation of this particular “Salvator Mundi” as an Da Vinci takes on even more importance and significance in this discussion given that the Mother considered Sri Aurobindo to be a reincarnation of Leonardo Da Vinci. Regarding the Mona Lisa, the Mother once commented:

“Sri Aurobindo was the artist.”

If that is true, and the National Gallery of London’s authentication is correct, then the Mother’s statement above would equally apply to this recently recovered and restored portrait of the Divine Son with his sphere. Thea discussed the reincarnation and continuity of Leonardo’s and Sri Aurobindo’s lives, in The New Way, Vols. 1&2. She wrote of Leonardo’s, Sri Aurobindo’s, and the Divine Son’s births, respectively in the Sun signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, as cohesive emanations of the zodiacal Fire Trine, occupying three seats of the triply-born Vedic god and son, Agni. She wrote: “[This triadic] reincarnation process…in itself is the supramental victory.”  (p. 235)

“[Between Leonardo’s and Sri Aurobindo’s passing are a] total of 431 years and 7 months; 5 months short of 432 which, it will be remembered, are the numbers of the radius of the Sun….

It would appear that where one left off the work, the other took it up.” – Ibid. pp. 242 [bold emphasis added]

The sacred 432,000 “solar” measure of the radius and its vesica piscis shows up even more precisely in the 122-day time-span between the day and month of Leonardo’s and Sri Aurobindo’s births, given that they were both born in a leap year, consisting of 366 days.

122 days/366 days = 1/3 x 360° = 120° = 120° x 60' x 60″ = 432,000″

Note that the span between Sri Aurobindo’s 15 August (Leo) birthday and the Sage/Son’s 26 November (Sagittarius) birthday is 103 days which does not measure out the same 432,000" arc. I will discuss this connection between Leonardo and Sri Aurobindo and the exquisite sacred geometry and architecture of Leonardo’s Salvator Mundi in depth in another article. For now I will just say that the radius of the transparent globe is contained in the “savior’s” hand gesture, reminiscent of the hand gesture of Leonardo’s St. John the Baptistand it determines the proportions and underlying occult or hidden sacred geometry of the entire painting. Thus the painter was clearly aware, on some level, of the connection between the Divine Son and the sacred geometry of the circle. It is also possible that Leonardo, said to “[nurture] a deep empathy for the land [of India] its people and culture”, understood the connection between the Divine Son and the Indian “Salvator Mundi”—Vishnu’s Kalki Avatar. 

Thea’s Spherical Gnosis

Thea began to experience the descent of the spherical gnosis of the Sage—the Divine One/Son/Architect—and the spherical gnosis of the Mother (Mirra Alfassa) in her own being, some six years after Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth via her own womb, in 1963. Her realization of her Sagittarian son’s identity in 1976, lagged a few years behind her 1970-72 initiations into and revelations regarding the Supramental organization, coordination and flow of our material existence in the cycles, geometry and architecture of Time as presented in her 1975 book, The Gnostic Circle – A Synthesis in the Harmonies of the Cosmos

In Part Three of this series, which I titled “Thea’s Initiation into the Spherical Gnosis of the 9”, I included the following quote from The Gnostic Circle which bears repeating and illustrating here:

The Gnostic Circle, based upon Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's illustrations from 'The Gnostic Circle' (1975) (This version is by Lori Tompkins, 2019)

“[The Gnostic Circle] is the synthesis based primarily on the union of two major divisions of the Circle,—that of 12 with all its sub-divisions, and that of 9 which contains the division of 3, or the Sacred Triangle. It is this combination that makes it possible for man to join the heavens to his Earth cycles through the calendar years. It pertains to the individual, to nations, and the entire globe; it is the chart of [Vishnu’s] Avatars as well as the revelation of the path of development of each individual.  

“The Gnostic Circle is merely the combination of the zodiac—the occult circle which contains the knowledge of evolution—and the structural pattern of the solar system. The Circle of 12 is the zodiac, and the Circle of 9 is our actual solar system, each orbit representing one year of Earth life. The joint harmony of these two, superimposed or synthesised in one circle, is what constitutes our key to the evolution and flowering of the seed of the Spirit. In fact we can say that the Gnostic Circle is mainly for this purpose: it shows mankind the ultimate and ideal perfection that can be attained during this particular phase of the evolution, during this great transition point from the animal-mental to the more divine mankind.” – The Gnostic Circle – A Synthesis in the Harmonies of the Cosmos,  p. 159 

The Vesica Piscis in the Core of the Mother's Temple, redrawn from images in 'The New Way, Vol. 2,' Ch. 3.
Thea’s seeing and understanding of Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth in 1963 as Vishnu’s world-saving Kalki Avatar, establishing or awakening the spherical, supramental, solar consciousness in his Mother and likewise in our World (our Earth-Mother) was catalyzed by the sacred architecture and measure of the Mother’s Vedic Temple and its occult Vedic key and core – the Vesica Piscis. Via her supramental initiations into the Spherical Gnosis of Sri Aurobindo Avatar, which included giving birth to her Son in 1963, Thea came to see the Mother’s Temple vision (her original vision, not what was constructed in Auroville) as an architectural manifestation and representation of the 360° Vedic Year and thus a manifestation of the body of Time, containing in itself the Divine Sage-Son of Time, who she referred to as the Time-Spirit, among other names.

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's (Thea’s) illustration/construction of the core and pedestal of the Mother’s Temple as found in The New Way, Vols. 1&2Thea’s illustration/construction of the core and pedestal of the Mother’s Temple as found in The New Way, Vols. 1&2

Both the Mother’s sacred temple (the Matrimandir) and Thea’s revelations about it and its “Son” or Time-Spirit, have been rejected by those who took control of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and its extension, Auroville. See Thea’s Chronicles of the Inner Chamber for more on this Temple saga.

It is worth pointing out here that Thea saw, understood, and wrote about the Divine Son of the Vedas and of Sri Aurobindo’s Supramental Descent as geometrically equivalent to the center point (bindu) of the circle. She did not see or write about the geometric equivalence between the Divine Son and the radius of the circle, or of the equivalence between his rivers (=mothers, cows, etc.) and the vesica piscis, and I never got the chance to talk to her about these equivalencies as this knowledge descended into my consciousness on 2 October of 2016, 7 days before she passed.

The 3 Ages of the 8th (Scorpio) Manifestation: Aries, Taurus, & Gemini. The Age of Taurus being the age of Vishnu's Krishna Avatar (from Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's 'The Gnostic Circle', p. 38
[1]“From Rama's incarnation [in the 7th Manifestation] we must now pass to the Avatar of the 8th Manifestation, Krishna, and once again all the elements are present to accurately place Krishna within the Map of the 12 Manifestations. The same diagram is here reproduced which holds the key of the Advent. One sees that the Age in prominence is the Age of Taurus, thus many of the chief elements to be introduced in the evolution will be somehow captured in this sign. Krishna himself is very much characterised by Taurus, especially in his early years, the pastoral period of Brindavan when he was cowherd and played his flute for the Gopis. If there is a symbol that can most honestly and accurately be associated with Krishna it is the Bull, or the Cow. One perceives this when visiting places like Mamallapuram, for example, and the bas-reliefs of Krishna which are found there; he is depicted surrounded by many heads of Bulls.” – The Gnostic Circle, "Krishna, the 8th Avatar and the 8th Manifestation", pp. 37-38

[2] 450,000,000 = 4 + 5 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 9 (+ 7 zeros)

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