The Spherical Gnosis of the Sage ~ Part 7.2 ~ An Atmospheric Display of Vedic Keys

Vedic Keys of 7 and the Arrow, 23 February 2024, Pacific Northwest Satellite Weather Map
23 February 2024, Pacific Northwest Satellite Weather Map

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In Part Seven I discussed the ancient zodiacal prophecy of the birth of the Divine Son, Sage, or World-Savior via his SEVEN rivers (=mothers, vials, floods, cows, mares, etc.) as presented in the Rig Veda and as re-presented in St. John’s Apocalypse or Revelation with Jesus mistakenly cast as the Divine Son. On 24 February 2024, while watching a 23 February Pacific Northwest Weather Watch report on YouTube, I saw and snapped a screen shot of the above satellite view of atmospheric currents off the coast where I live. These currents of Air and Water caught my eye because they bore out a massive figure 7 closely paralleled by an equally massive ARROW, both rising up and to the right and towards the approximate height of the 49th (7x7th) parallel north (49° North Latitude) that has defined the northern border of the contiguous United States since 1818. I later saw this unusual pattern featured on a 23 February tweet (@ tropicalupdate) with the comment: "Pretty odd satellite today out west. Do you see the #7?"
Vedic Keys of 7 and the Arrow, 23 February 2024, Pacific Northwest Satellite Weather Map (@tropicalupdate)
Image via @ tropicalupdate

Pretty odd indeed and intriguing enough for me to share and write about as Part 7.2 of this series. As I have written and illustrated at length, the number 7 and the Sagittarian arrowwhich rises up and to the right—were two of the central keys of my October-November 2016 revelations regarding the zodiacal and geometric sense of the Vedic Divine Son-Sage-Horse, his seven rivers/mothers/floods, and their heavenly Kumbha, jar, reservoir, or meeting place. These geometric, numerical and zodiacal keys instantly released a flood of integral gnosis and understanding of not only Vedic symbols and lore, but pre-Vedic and post-Vedic symbols and lore as well.

The figure 7 & arrow of Sagittarius in relation to the Seven Rivers of the Vedas. (This image is based on the original illustrations as found Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, pp. 192-202)
For those who are not familiar with what I have already written and illustrated about the up-and-to-the-right rising figure of 7 and its relationship to up-and-to-the-right rising arrow hieroglyph of Sagittarius (as shown above), a brief recap is as follows. Seven days before Thea's passing, I saw the figure 7 as the right half of the descending equilateral zodiacal Air Trine, wherein the diagonal line forms the 120° (=120° x 60' x 60"=432,000") chord or measure from 0° Libra to 0° Aquarius/Kumbha. I was already some 8 months into learning and writing about the sacred 432,000" (=120°) measure of the radius and the vesica piscis (=the vessel of the Fish) as a key of Vishnu's Fish (Matsya), Turtle (Kurma) and other avatars. After seeing the 120° or 432,000'' measure of the ascending leg of the number 7, while riding my bike along and appreciating the curves of a dry riverbed, I saw or was shown that the Vedic river is a veiled symbol of the inner arc of the vesica piscis, three of whichdrawn or poured out by their indwelling son/radiusperfectly divide the circle into three 120° or 432,000'' segments.

Once I saw this, I instantly realized that the seven rivers of the Vedas and the seven vials of St. John's Revelation or Apocalypse are equivalent to the first seven vesicae piscium of the Zodiac, the seventh of which (aka Saraswati) measures out the entrance into Aquarius, known as Kumbha in Sanskrit. It was also instantly clear that the Jar or Kumbha of Aquarius, containing the immortal waters and amrita/soma of the gods is a symbol of the "vessel", form, and eternal law and divine measure (=the sanatana dharma and divine maya) of the vesica piscis. 

A month later I saw and understood that the 9th (Sagittarian) ray or radius of the 12-rayed Zodiac was referred to the Vedic Rishis as the Sage/Son/Horse (Agni as Soma Pavamana) who travels with and pours out his seven rivers/mothers (=vesicae piscis or vials) into the Kumbha or sacred reservoir (Samudra) of the Vedic Year. From that point onwards, I saw the arrow-hieroglyph of Sagittarius and the number 7, as both symbolising the ascending 120° (432,000'') chord or the last leg of the zodiacal Air Trine, measuring out the long axis of the 7th river or vesica piscis of the Zodiac and the entrance into Aquarius/Kumbha, which Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) wrote of as the sign of the Super Mind. Likewise, from November 2016 onwards, I saw the 7 and the Sagittarian arrow as simultaneously pointing to and measure out the zodiacal location Vedic Son's birth/victory in the 360° and 12-month course of the Vedic Year: 0° Aquarius/Kumbha. 

Thus the figure 7 and the Sagittarian Arrow were instrumental in unsealing the previously sealed or long-obstructed geometric sense of the Vedic symbols and lore. [1] In my experience, seeing and understanding the number 7 as the right half of the descending AIR Trine, and seeing the 7th vesica piscis (=river) of the Zodiac and its indwelling radius (=Sage/Son) and indwelling arrow, together served as Indra's lightning bolt, instantaneously dismantling the long standing Ignorance that had obstructed the free flowing of the mathematical and zodiacal sense and gnosis of the Vedic rivers and their divine world-saving Hero-Son that had been buried for millennia in the fragmented linear consciousness of mankind, oblivious to the spherical sense of the world's ancient symbols and lore.

From that point on, the varied poetic symbols of the Vedas became transparent and increasingly made cohesive sense. For instance it became CLEAR that the Vedic Rishis poetically referred to the three vesicae piscis that perfectly divide the Vedic Year or Sacrifice into three, as three riversthree goddessesthree mothersthree bowlsthree beakers (=vials, kumbhas, jars), three cowsthree lakes, three reservoirsthree voicesthree words, three wheels, etc.). 

3 Vesica Piscis measuring out the zodiacal Air Trine (Lori Tompkins, 2020)"[Agni=the son=radius] formed the nectar in three headlong rivers. Soma supports the wide mid-air above us. He found the wavy sea of brilliant colours in forefront of the Dawns [=seven cows/rivers] who dwell in brightness. This Mighty One...hath propped the heavens up with a mighty pillar. Drink Soma boldly from the beaker [=Kumbha=Jar]...." 6.47.4-6 excerpts, tr. RTH Griffith
Readers who are not familiar with and want to know more about what I have already written about the 2016 revelation of these keys should read Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom (book).

Given this history, the up-and-to-the-right direction, orientation, and figures of the atmospheric 7 and arrow off the Pacific Coast of where I live of course caught my eye. Another significant feature of this atmospheric display which someone first noted on the 6 Power day of 23 February 2024 and I noted on the 7 Power day of 24 February 2024, is the fact that the arrow shape ascends upwards to the right from the approximate CENTER of a spiraling CIRCLE. This spiraling circle in turn forms two figure 6s in the satellite imagery. One descends from the top-left edge of the figure 7, and one from the right side of the ascending leg of the 7.  

The spiral of the number 6, in relationship to the Zodiac and the 9th sign of Sagittarius (Lori Tompkins, 2009)These extra details of the satellite imagery are fascinating for several reasons. One being that the number 6 holds the same position in the circle/cycle of the Vedic Year as the entrance into the 9th sign of Sagittarius illustrated via Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's Gnostic Circle. The number 6 measures out two-thirds (6/9=2/3) of the circle of 9, and 0° Sagittarius measures out two-thirds of the zodiacal circle: 240°/360°=864,000"/1,296,000". Note that the approximate sacred measure of the Sun's diameter in miles is 864,000 (=2 x 432,000). In one of my earliest blog posts entitled "Spiral Dynamics: The Swirl of the 9 and 6" (13 Sept. 2009), I discussed and illustrated the connection between the counter-clockwise rotating spiral, the design of the Arabic numeral 6, and the shared position of the 6 Point and the entrance into the 9th sign of Sagittarius. 

In the 9-6-3 pattern of Sri Aurobindo's, the Mother's and Thea's birth years (1872, 1878 and 1938), the Mother's number power is 6 (1878 = 1 + 8 + 7 + 8 = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6). My number power, in terms of my birth year is (1878 + 91 = 1969 = 1+9+6+9=25=2+5=7), which is fitting in terms of my yogic task of releasing the geometric, mathematical, zodiacal sense of the seven Vedic rivers (=streams, floods, mothers, sisters, cows, mares, virgins, mouths, reins, jars or cups of soma, regions, treasures, voices, hymns, songs, etc.), along with the geometric and zodiacal sense and significance of the figure of the Arabic numeral 7.

It is notable that the symbolically significant 23 February atmospheric display off the Pacific Coast of the United States happened two days after the Mother's 146th birth anniversary (144 + 2 years). Some might recall that the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on 24 February 2022, three days after the Mother's 144th birth anniversary. [See: "The Convergence of Putin’s War & the Mother’s 144-Year Birth Anniversary ⁓ A Cosmological Perspective", 10 March 2022]

The Capricorn hieroglyph - a chimera of the 7 and 6The intertwined 7 and 6 of the satellite image is especially intriguing given that the symbol of the 10th sign of the Zodiac, Capricorn/Makar,the sign that must be passed through by the Vedic Son and his companion heroes to reach the Kumbha or Man of Aquarius, is often represented as a hybrid of 7 and 6 as shown to the right. Note that in The Secret of the Veda, Sri Aurobindo discussed the Vedic Jar or Kumbha as a symbol of the vessel of Man, capable of containing itself Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss.
Vedic Keys of 7, 6 and the Arrow, 23 February 2024, Pacific Northwest Satellite Weather Map (6 overlay, Lori Tompkins, 2024)
After marveling at the spiraling circle from which the arrow rises, I measured out a larger circle with its nadir (0
° Libra) at the bottom of the central atmospheric rotation, and a second circle formed by the radius and circle of 0° Sagittarius. 

Agni's 7th River, Bow and Arrow in 23 February 2024 atmospheric patterns(geometric overlay, Lori Tompkins, 2024)

This second circle forms the seventh vesica piscis/river of the Zodiac (aka the Flood of the Vedic Sage-Son-Horse, aka Saraswati) measuring out 0° Libra and 0° Aquarius. As illustrated above, this seventh river or wave beautifully encompasses the arrow in the satellite imagery and its wave-like spiral base. Via this striking atmospheric geometry, 0° Aquarius/Kumbha is positioned at the northwest corner of the contiguous United States. 

The wave-like spiral base of the arrow is fitting and significant in terms of the language and symbols of the Vedas. In Rig Veda 9.108 the 9th radius of the Zodiac—extending from the center of the zodiacal circle to 0° Sagittariusis depicted as "the noblest Pillar of the heavens" and as a 9-rayed Horse [Dadhyac Navagwa] who is poured out as a stream or river which is likened to "the waters' wave", the wave being a symbol of the arc and eternal measure of the vesica piscis. Thus poured out, the Divine Sage-Son-One-Horse (aka Agni as Soma Pavamana) is said to "unclose the fount[ain] of middle air" and enter the Jar or Kumbha of Soma (=Amrita), aka the reservoir, sea or ocean of the rivers. All of this imagery makes close-to-zero sense if we do not understand the zodiacal geometry of the symbols. 

"Dadhyac Navagwa opens fastened doors, by whom the sages gained their wish, by whom they won the fame of lovely Amrta in the felicity of Gods. [Poured out], he floweth in a stream…sporting, as' twere the waters' wave....Press ye and pour him, like a steed, laudworthy, speeding through the region and the flood, [he] swims in water….Unclose the fount(ain) of middle air. Roll onward to the bowls, O Mighty One, [poured out], as Prince supporter of the tribes. Pour on us rain from heaven, send us the waters' flow: incite our thoughts to win the spoil.... The Mighty One was born Immortal, giving life, lightening darkness with his shine. Well-praised by sages he hath, by his wondrous power assumed the Threefold as his robe. [Poured out] is he who brings good things, who brings us bounteous gifts and sweet refreshing food.... Enter [Agni/Soma Pavamana=the noblest Pillar of the heavens] the Soma-holder [=Kumbha=Indra's heart] as [the seven] rivers pass into the sea [=reservoir=Kumbha]...." ‒ Rig Veda 9.108, excerpts, tr. RTH Griffith

The "Threefold" nature of his robe makes perfect sense once we can SEE that the Vedic Rishis referred to the vesica piscis as the ROBE of the Divine Son (=the radius) of the Vedic Year/Mother. Together this Son and his sacred robe divide the circle of the Vedic Year (=the Zodiac) into three even segments. It is worth mentioning here that in 2014 I had a memorable dream of walking hand-in-hand with a young boy on a vast and deserted California beach along the Pacific Ocean. Oddly enough Jesus walked up to us and proceeded to take off and give me his dirty white robe. This dream, featured in Part 2, Chapter 15 ("Passing the Mantle") of Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom (book), did not make any sense to me whatsoever until late 2016 when I came to see and understand the vesica piscis as the forgotten key and sense of not only the Vedic river, but also as a forgotten key of myriad Vedic symbols, and thus of the Rig Veda in full, including the symbol of the Divine Son's robe. Thus the prescient 2014 dream foreshadowed my receipt of the geometric and zodiacal key of the Vedic Divine Son and his rivers and his robe. As I see it now, Jesus's ROBE was "dirty" in my dream because this Vedic symbol had not yet (in 2014) been purified of thousands of years worth of Ignorance via the recovery the geometric and zodiacal sense of the purifying Vedic waters/rivers of truth and wisdom. 

While trying to appreciate and understand the cosmological signs and symbols captured in the 23 February 2024 satellite imagery, I looked at their geo-cosmological position, as per Thea's zodiacal or geo-cosmological map of the Earth. Via the map below, we can see that the central imagery and symbols of the striking 23 February atmospheric pattern are all positioned within the intersection of two of Vishnu's fixed signs: Leo and TaurusThe red dot below marks the approximate northwest corner of the United States, towards which the angle of the 7 and angle of the arrow point, marked as 0° Aquarius in the previous image. This position is approximately 124° E Longitude and 49° (=7x7°) N Latitude, corresponding to 4° Leo and 11° Taurus. 

Geo-Cosmology of Atmospheric Arrow, 23 February 2024 (Lori Tompkins, 2024)

124° W longitude (4° Leo) measures out the western boarder of the contiguous United States, where the Pacific Northwest meets the Pacific Ocean. The meridian of 120° W (=432,000") West Longitude,  equivalent to 0° Leo in Thea's geo-cosmological map, runs through the Pacific Northwest states of Washington, Oregon, and California. The longitude where I was shown geometric sense of the Vedic Rivers was approximately 122.5° W (2.5° Leo). Note that the first of the seven rivers of the Zodiac travels 120° through the Zodiac, measuring out 0° Leo. 

The latitudinal position of 49°N, on the other hand, is zodiacally equivalent to 11° Taurus, conjunct 10° Taurus ‒ the 1 Point of the Circle of 9. This 1 Point corresponds to the number power of the Divine One/Son of the Vedas, and of Sri Aurobindo's "Solar Line" or lineage as discussed by Thea.

The 1, 4 and 7 Points of Thea's Gnostic Circle (Lori Tompkins, 2024)

Vishnu's Fixed/Preservation Sign Cross: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius
I have previously discussed and illustrated Vishnu's zodiacal fixed or preservation sign cross,consisting of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, in relation to Sri Aurobindo's avataric birth (22° Leo), mission and the fixed-sign cosmological/zodiacal signatures of his lineage in relation to various events and world figures, and I will not further discuss it here. An illustration of the Fixed sign cosmological/zodiacal signature's of Sri Aurobindo's avataric lineage is available HERE. Also see: "The Obstruction of the Vedic Waters & the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio ⁓ Part 8.2 ⁓ The 8 Point of the Vedic Year" 2022); "The Convergence of Putin’s War & the Mother’s 144-Year Birth Anniversary ⁓ A Cosmological Perspective - Part Two" (2022). 


Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's (Thea's) illustration of the location/culmination of the 7 Vedic Rivers, The New Way, Vols.1&2, p. 413
[1] For readers who are unfamiliar with Thea's teachings, she recovered and revealed the zodiacal basis of the Vedic Sacrifice and thus of the symbols and lore of the Rig Veda. Within and via this zodiacal framework, she saw and understood the seven rivers of the Vedas as being released at 10° Capricorn—the 7 Point of the Circle of 9. She wrote, “[The 7 Point] is the culmination of the [Vedic] sacrifice, for it is when this point is reached that the ‘seven rivers’ are released.” (The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 412, see also pp. 412-417 and p. 422). She simply did not see or understand the Vedic river as a symbol of the eternal and sacred measure and law of the vesicae piscis that, together with its immortal son/radius, measures out the 12-month, 360° circle of the Vedic sacrifice. Thus what I am writing about the 0° Aquarius (=30° Capricorn) as the point where the seven rivers and their Son travel to and meet as the goal of their sacrifice (aka "the gods' banquet"), is simultaneously based upon Thea’s avataric work of recovering the zodiacal basis and context of the Rig Veda, and—given what was revealed to me the week and month of her 2016 passing—diverges 20° from her conclusion about the zodiacal location of the victory of the Vedic Son and of his seven rivers/mothers and other divine companions..

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