The Spherical Gnosis of the Sage & the Release of the Vedic Waters ⁓ Part 4

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“[One] stands at the heart of the cosmos, so to speak, like the Sun in our solar system. Only a person whose consciousness is thus poised can follow the movements of the Supramental Shakti which are entirely spherical and never linear.” – Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, “Vedic Symbol of the Universe – Part 3.2" (1994)

“All paradoxes resolve themselves in the spherical womb of the supramental Gnosis.” – Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, “The Way of the Alchemist” (1989)

“The old world of a mental linear perception is collapsing, while simultaneously the new creation of the truth-conscious Supermind is arising.” – Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, “The Strategy, the Battle and the Nature of the Victory-1” (1989)


Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet on the Shift from the Linear-Binary Mental Consciousness to the Spherical-Solar Supramental Consciousness 

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In Part 3 I presented and discussed Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s (Thea’s) supramental initiations and initial revelations regarding the spherical gnosis of the 9 base of our number system and of the 360° Circle of the Zodiac which is the foundation of her Supramental Yoga and Cosmology. The following excerpts from her writings, spanning from 1977 through 2015, highlight her understanding of our current evolutionary transformation—in the Aquarian Age of the 9th Manifestation of the Maha Yuga Cycle—as the shift from the linear-binary mental consciousness to the circular-spherical-solar supramental consciousness, as well as her own key role in this shift. Keep in mind that Thea’s understanding of this shift was born out of her own direct experience of the descent of the spherical consciousness and gnosis from 1970 onwards. 

In one of these excerpts, Thea mentions the decline of Indian civilization and the loss of the Divine Maya (=Divine Measure) [1] as a displacement of “the Vedic spherical perceptive capacity”, by the linear consciousness. Once we understand this real predicament, it makes perfect sense that the reemergence of the “spherical perspective capacity” or consciousness of the Vedic Rishis in the Age of Aquarius/Kumbha, necessarily corresponds to the shattering of the “cave” of long-held linear-mental misunderstandings of the Rig Veda, and the release of the spherical context and basis of the symbols therein, including the release of the spherical basis and sense of the Seven Rivers-Mothers-Cows and their conquering Son (=the Sage-Horse Agni = Soma Pavamana). 

In another excerpt below, we find the powerful statement: “It is this spherical consciousness that India is destined to export beyond her borders.” This high destiny is destined to come to pass once the people of India, in sufficient mass, cultivate the seed of the solar-spherical Vedic consciousness (and concomitantly recover the divine/solar measure of the 360° Vedic Year/Zodiac) in their own consciousness and in their lives. It is this seed and divine measure which Sri Aurobindo descended as Vishnu’s supramental avatar, along with his female collaborators, to reestablish in India and in the world in Vishnu’s Age of Aquarius (=Age of Kumbha). This destiny of India—demanding HER realignment with the Divine Measure of the Vedic Year [2]—is imminently realizable as a direct result of Sri Aurobindo’s avataric descent and yoga, which boils down to the unveiling or eclipsing (=the apocalypse/revelation) and re-birth of the solar-spherical consciousness in our world. This victory of our spherical, solar consciousness naturally illuminates, breaks through, removes and purifies the obstructions, falsehoods and distortions of humanity’s fragmented and linear mental consciousness.  

The first excerpts below are from Thea’s books, The New Way, Vols. 1&2 (written in 1977), The New Way, Vol. 3 (written in 1983), and Time and Imperishability (written in 1985-86), followed by excerpts from articles in The Vishaal Newsletter (1985-1995), and a couple from Thea’s 2015 articles. All bold emphasis in these excerpts is added.

“[The state of identification with the Supreme Will] implies a consciousness that is spherical in perceptive capacity and not linear; it is a consciousness that has perceived the fundamental principles of cosmic existence, that has experienced the harmonisation of Time and Space dimensions, and in this realisation has come to know that such an experience of Harmony in his consciousness is what renders the dimensions of Space infinite, and those of Time eternal. The realisation of cosmic harmony places the Supreme in creation and not beyond and grants the understanding that there is no tomorrow, no hereafter, no other place for the realisation of God,—but only here and now.” – Thea, The New Way, Volumes 1 & 2, pp. 172-73 


“The human being's conception of [Time] is entirely divided. Past, present and future belong to separate compartments of his consciousness because of his linear perceptive capacity. In the chamber in heaven, where one sees Time, perception is spheric, and by nature of its concentric wholeness the initiate is brought into the kingdom of Simultaneous Time. This is a realm illumined by the truth-consciousness, and the bridge to it is the Supermind…. [The consciousness of simultaneous time perception…simply means a consciousness that has evolved beyond mind to the experience of Oneness.” – Ibid., p. 201 


“In the Gnostic Circle, the Head and Tail of the serpent is the 0/9 point where the two superimposed circles of 9 and 12 join. Opposite to this is the 4.5 Orbit, the domain of Pluto, Hades of the hidden sun. This is the Asteroid Belt, and its physical properties explain the process: therein a pulverisation of energy, of the hidden sun, occurs,—the means by which the movement of Time in Space is made spherical, not linear, and hence eternal.” – Ibid., p. 262 


“The new world is already here, in our very midst. Our task is simply to make an effort to see, to rend the veils clouding the eye of perception and to allow the higher realities of life to take their place in our world…. This is not a process projected into an indeterminate future. This is in no way a Utopia toward which we are advancing, because the utopian way is an illusion…, The utopian formula, as it is known today, is thoroughly linear.… [T]he real process of evolution which is spheric, ever and always

“Hence it is that the linear (utopian) process is divisive, tends invariably to a depletion of energies and a weakening of the power of effective action and can only produce a society hopelessly entangled in the web of separative and disharmonious being. The linear way is the mental way; the spheric belongs to a perceptive capacity above Mind.

“In the process delineated in The New Way this spherical method is established by means of a radically different vision of Time. One is made to see the all-encompassing nature of Time and how essential it is to find the roots of the new society in the present, in the Eternal Now. By this vision alone can all the elements be incorporated simultaneously in the process at any given moment. Thus, nothing is excluded from the globular seeing…. Because of the demands of the Time-Spirit, who sees and acts unitedly and spherically, the so-called negative elements exist and have their just share in the work in order that this very work be accomplished.” – Ibid., pp. 520-21 


“[W]e can accomplish [the realization of Oneness] only when we first perceive that on the basis of Mind there is no possibility of unity. Mind breeds division when it is the regent light, as the story of the complete Bible ‒ Old and New Testaments ‒ reveals. Throughout the ages we have only known the brittle process of fragmentation. The mental consciousness of the human being, upon which our present society is built, is harsh and angular; its linear directive imposes attitudes that are foreign to elements in evolution, and in consequence violence is the result of its rule. The spherical consciousness must replace the old one, and the feminine principles of Harmony and Oneness must become the foundations of the new way. Unification of the Many arises on this basis….

“With the dawn of the new age (1926) the clear signs appeared on the horizon of world history indicating that humankind now aspires for the emergence of some sort of universal brotherhood, for indeed this is the meaning of Aquarius. Thus we learn by this that the aspiration is not isolated from the cosmic harmony; on the contrary, the human collective urge reveals itself to be in complete attunement with the Time-Spirit of the cosmos. Indeed we move toward a new world order, accompanying our cosmic passage into a new age.” – Thea, The New Way, Vol. 3, pp. 56-57


When the consciousness perceives spherically and leaves the linear method of perception the first result is a truer vision. It is largely characterised by a consciousness and being that knows the creator and the created as one, that knows all aspects of creation to be within the Creator, that there is nothing outside, beyond or separate. There is the experience of Oneness. In this consciousness we can no longer place evil on one side and good on another, one outside God, the other within. These concepts, such as an extra-cosmic heaven, reveal themselves to be simply puerile attempts of the adolescent mind of evolving humanity to accommodate the Supreme Reality into its incomplete and insufficient scope of perception.” – Ibid, p. 99


When Whole Time is the experience then we enter the spherical realm of awareness and the cage of mind is surpassed. This, however, is the most interesting ‒ and dolorous ‒ part of the path for the supramental yogi. 

“The known paths, all of them, have dealt with this problem in almost identical ways and it is precisely the achievements of the great sages since the time of the Rig Veda which have served to fortify the barrier, making it nearly Impossible to bring down. Sri Aurobindo refers to this time and again in his writings. He states in a letter to a disciple, 

‘This yoga aims at the conscious union with the Divine in the sµpermind and the transformation of the nature. The ordinary yogas go straight from Mind into some featureless condition of the cosmic silence and through it try to disappear upward into the Highest. The object of this yoga is to Transcend Mind and enter into the Divine Truth of Sachchidananda which is not only static but dynamic and raise the whole being into that truth.'” [3]  

– Ibid, p. 271


[T]he element we are dealing with is whole time, a total and spheric experience of time based on the fact that the consciousness is perfectly centred, perfectly poised in time and space, perfectly expressive of the harmonisation of contraction and expansion. If then whole time is the experience, it is understood that when the centering occurs the effect is not simply felt in one's future but rather on the totality of one's time. That is, one lives in simultaneous time; hence the action is on the three dimensions of time, past, present, and future. In the act of centering, a process is immediately set in motion which begins to bear pressure on the residue of the past… [T]he past is no longer the human being's prison. The lived experience in and of time is transmuted and its mass becomes transformed into the precious energy needed in order to exceed one's limits, or to break the chains of the old karma. 

“For this reason Saturn [=Chronos/the Time Spirit] stands at the close of Scorpio in the Gnostic Circle and at the entry of Sagittarius, wherein the experience of exceeding one's limits is lived, of crossing the boundary to the new and the real.”  – Ibid., pp. 358-59


“[G]iven the present [human] instrument and its linear, mental poise, there is no capacity to integrate on the basis of a spheric vision the reality upon which we gaze from our individualised poise of consciousness. And the lamentable fact is that we have no other instrument. That is, we are embodied, and these bodies must serve us as our vehicles in the discovery, in this journey towards the highest Truth. Thus, in view of the linear and not spheric perceptive capacity, there is really no possibility of bringing into focus the countless elements we see. The 'camera' we use at present is simply inadequate. The result is an unfocussed eye and hence an erroneous transcript of our world. This is the state of all humankind. It is due exclusively to the limitations of the instrument. But this same human species is not a static product. Rather, humankind is a vehicle precisely for the manifestation of a higher and wider consciousness to emerge and become established as the normal condition of the species. Not sporadic breakthroughs and intermittent victories of illumined seeings, but the establishment of a permanent product, poised differently, with a Seeing-Eye that enjoys a new capacity for integration or focussing, as a result precisely of this different poise. The hub or centre of that poise is the true soul. This means that as a race a new pivot has to replace the old one which is the human ego....” – Thea, Time & Imperishability, pp. 77-79


“[T]here is a new astrology being born which by its very emergence at this time indicates that the human being stands at the threshold of acquiring a new consciousness, spherical in perspective capacity and hence thoroughly grounded in a vision of unity and oneness.

It is this spherical' consciousness that India is destined to export beyond her borders. And this cannot be done by words, by repeating the old mantras, however sacred they may be, or by engaging in pointless disputes such as the ones under discussion. The new way India is destined to reveal comes by acts not words. She is to live the new astrology.” – Ibid., pp. 120-21


“[T]he new poise is a centering, in the present so to speak. Yet it really means a centering IN WHAT IS. That is, – in the Real, the True. Then the lived experience is a contained concentration. And this generates real Power, the new Power. This is the poise of the Sun – or the Truth-Consciousness. And then one is able to control the periphery, or the ‘extension’, because it is not a linear extension. It is spherical – which is just how life itself is, the true nature of Reality. Poised linearly we cannot appreciate the spherical reality of creation, of living.… Freedom, in the truest sense of the word comes ONLY when one is centred in Simultaneous Time…. This is the true quality of the Gnostic Being: centred in Simultaneous Time…and therefore FREE.” 

The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 2.3, August 1987


“[T]he evolutionary mechanism has its own laws, and wisdom. Above all it is an integral process characterised by a spherical wholeness. And so, we have to proceed on the basis of a progressive integration and reach an ultimate synthesis. The time has now come to change the instrument and to raise the pivot and introduce a new axis.” 

The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 2.2, June 1987


“From ancient times sages had seen unity as One. Isn’t it beautiful: the One is a LINEAR figure. The Zero is circular. Again, ‘the symbol is the thing symbolised’, this time regarding number symbols, or figures. This fact, that unity was equated with the One, may seem irrelevant or of little importance; but it describes the collapse of our civilisation; while the shift to the perception of unity as the Zero describes the new creation and its spherically perceiving consciousness. Put another way, what this means is that we have torn a veil. We have pushed perception back, beyond the manifest One.”

The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 4.2, June 1989


“People think oneness means one field and everything is governed by one law, one truth. That is, they do not understand the role of the multiple and how there can be an experience of the One and the Many in its true nature beyond this erroneous and limited perception. Oneness for them in its practical application means sameness, imposing ‘one truth’ on the apparent whole. Hence dogmas arise and battles ensue. It is a vertical assault: Who can impose ‘one truth’ which will oblige some ‘order’ to emerge? The answer, as usual, lies in the key feature of the truth-conscious Supermind: the lived and simultaneous experience of the One and the Many. The spherical experience, which is the true nature of reality, accommodates the One and the Many and resolves the paradoxes which the linear mental formula is incapable of handling. This describes the collapse of our times. But like the question of ‘failure’, we can take a partial view of what is happening in the world and then we cannot appreciate that only one thing is collapsing, while another lives and grows and establishes itself. The old world of a mental linear perception is collapsing, while simultaneously the new creation of the truth-conscious Supermind is arising. Both appear to be in the same ‘web’, entangled in the same destructive network. But this appearance is only the result of a partial vision. The collapse of the one, the rise of the other are governed by different laws and patterns…and the twain shall never meet.” 

Thea's Journal, 20.6.1989, The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 4.3, August 1989


“[T]he basis of Yoga…is to bring this sort of direct understanding via a ‘union’ (yoga) with the thing to be known. In India we know that Knowledge can only come in this way, never otherwise. Witness the yogas involving the Goddess of Knowledge, Saraswati, union with whom will bring that special perception and knowledge. Hence all my work has evolved from the yogic experience which brought direct contact and identification of the consciousness with the essence to be fathomed. Then one is carried into levels which can never be reached through the mental approach. In this New Way we go even further: a method such as the one which is followed in this work introduces a SPHERICAL perception. Understanding is holistic in the widest and deepest sense.” 

The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 5.3, August 1990


“I have written extensively of Contraction and Expansion as simultaneously operating forces or directions. But this is effected only when the centre is born that fills the void. Only then is a SPHERICAL ACTION truly possible (as the lived experience), for without such a centering the experience is always separative and linear. This means that these directions, though concurrent, are not interacting or brought into harmony. In a binary system this means a movement along a pole (of tension). It is as if the being were sustained on a tensed elastic, with energies shifting from one end to the other, or moving along this shaft which holds the consciousness-being together. Harmony, true and proper, can never be known in such a state; there are time and space gaps to contend with. Above all, the binary poise is pathetically limited in the force or pressure it can receive from other planes. It is open or receptive only to the vital and mental regions, in attunement with the frequencies obtaining in those dimensions. If anything ‘higher’ is introduced, the being succumbs and one or the other centres becomes deranged. It is the same for the collective consciousness and the ‘body’ of civilisation, or a national ‘body’. The Shakti operating through Time regulates the intake by evolving instruments in tune with these conditions. Aberrations do occur – on the increase especially in times of transition like our own; but on the whole the process of evolution is a flawless operation. 

“The problem before us at the beginning of the Neptune ennead (1980) was the discovery through the lived experience of the means to set in place in the evolutionary matrix the new alignment, which in turn would permit the intake of energies of a much finer frequency or higher pitch. This demanded an abdication of the mental binary supremacy. This required, therefore, a grappling with the death experience of Scorpio. In a word, it was necessary to transmute those energies expressed zodiacally as the shift from the Scorpion to the Eagle.… [I]t is then that Time truly becomes an ally and no longer a destroyer, a devourer of energies in an unwinding, inward spiralling drive. It is then that EVERYTHING becomes Time’s instrument, negative or positive.” 

The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 4.6, February 1990


“[C]osmic harmonies offer a vision of wholeness and integrality. Mental formulas, which are human perceptions disconnected from a higher source, are characterised by an inability to harmonise and integrate, to situate the parts within the whole, insofar as there is no conscious awareness of that totality. Hence, these formulas do violence to a society.… 

“[Increasing fragmentation, divisiveness, isolation, segregation, splintering, and fundamentalism] in contemporary society are representative of minds incapable of a perception of wholeness, or a unified multiplicity. The most accurate description of the aberration is a linear in contrast to a spherical perception….

“In our study the circle represents that spherical capacity of perception – a consciousness capable of seeing the parts within the whole. At the same time, the circle is the celestial sphere comprised of the planetary harmony....

“How can it be held (and proven) that the planets ‘influence’ mankind or regulate or determine the lives of human beings? I have dealt with this objection elsewhere in my writings and need not reopen the debate. I intend to reveal the existence of this connection in the present analysis by exceeding the boundaries which cage in the contemporary scientist and relegate him or her to a status far inferior to that of the seers of old. The limitation, I may point out, is the linear perception in lieu of the spherical.

“An ancient dictum holds that the macrocosmos is equal to the microcosmos, – i.e., the human being, to name just one component of that microcosm, was held by the ancients to mirror or TO BE that cosmic pattern in miniature. Consequently, a penetration into the mysteries of the cosmos, based on the spherical capacity of perception and not the linear, discloses that what holds ‘above’ holds ‘below’….  

[[In India, corresponding to India’s decline]] the linear consciousness entirely displaced the Vedic spherical perceptive capacity.… With the spread of the linear consciousness the Divine Maya was very quickly lost, the sacred Measure whereby Hindu civilisation maintained its contact with that Source, or the truth-consciousness of the cosmic harmonies. This true purpose and function can be properly conveyed only through the circle….” 

The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 6.3, August 1991 


“The essential difference between the Gnostic Circle and traditional astrology is thus the vision of wholeness it inspires. In traditional astrology the signs are taken as separate stages and are usually viewed linearly, or disconnected from each other. There is no real spiralling movement possible, for in a lifetime via the progression of the horoscope, a mere 70 to 90 degrees of the full 360 can be experienced, on the basis of the traditional formula: a day for a year.” 

The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 7.5, December 1992 


“The essential point to note is that a new and superior gnostic species must per force combine in an especially harmonised manner all the gunas. Any severance or undue emphasis laid on any one of the three results in an imbalance and disharmony. In the cosmic display of the triadic harmony there is never an imbalance, a disconnection, a severance. The three flow out of and into each other. Indeed, a disconnection at any stage would mean the collapse of energy and ultimately of our material universe. Similarly, the human being must strive to harmonise the three gunas so that truly a species arises on this planet fashioned in God’s image. For this the process of centering must be undertaken whereby the binary alignment is removed as the ‘balance’ of consciousness and a spheric wholeness comes into being.”

The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 8.3, August 1993


[The connected vision of a unified flow through the sign of the Zodiac] suffered irreparable damage by a linear perception which overtook the earlier seeing of wholeness. Clearly there is a deficiency inherent in this paradigm. And it is reflected in the deficiency we observe in the human mental species….

“What is at stake is not a new world order dominated by a superpower or even a concert of powers. It is a question of the Consciousness which must be stamped on the evolution of the human species and its resultant civilisational expressions. The struggle lies there, in that essential domain. But, important to note is that in this higher destiny of the Earth there is only one plan, as it were, one pattern, one ‘order’ – and not a choice among many possibilities. This order is represented thus:

“A centre or point, and a periphery. Like a flower with its circumscribing petals, there are concentric circles evolving from the Point which in turn is identified as ‘the centre that holds’.

“In other words, the new order is simply the manifestation of the Cosmic Truth which is spheric in design. Its ‘forms’ are multiple, but unity is its base. Whereas, the new order sought to be imposed is linear insofar as the centre is a void and hence cannot give birth from that Point to a ‘holding power’. Consequently, that ‘new order’ imposing itself is a recipe for continued strife and more explosive expressions of unrest than the world has yet known. The reasons for this are mathematical. We shall discuss them in depth in the remaining portion of this study.

“The true harmonious world order is a cosmic expression where each thing is in its place. Thus there can be no usurper, no frustration aroused, resentment or sense of diminishing. Equality is understood and implemented as an expression of that true place of each part of the collectivity. There is no higher or lower. There is equality of the instrument whose complete fulfilment lies in the discovery and occupation of its true place within the whole. If at times this condition has been experienced on Earth, it has been accidental and certainly never conscious. At least during our period of recorded history. The situation may have been different earlier, perhaps during the Vedic Age when the caste system based on the cosmic harmony prevailed in its uncontaminated, undiluted form. But the great divide resides precisely in a conscious or unconscious evolution.

“Things cannot be put ‘in their proper place’ without conscious awareness, precisely because the deception, perversion and falsification are extreme and have proven so effective in securing the subjugation described above. To illustrate, there is not one of the surviving older disciples in Sri Aurobindo’s ashram in Pondicherry who has been capable of identifying the presiding consciousness in Auroville as the Usurper. All have fallen at the feet of this consciousness in possession of the project and installed as the ‘deity’ in the shadow-temple.” 

The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 8.6, February 1994


“What actually I did, – and it’s very mathematical, there is nothing, you know, fuzzy, or otherworldly. It’s something very, very mathematical. What it was, of course, was this realignment, this new alignment, this centering where no longer it’s a binary structure, which means tension and which means a central void, which is our normal condition. It means a centering and it means then a unitary system. And this is the big key. Once you have that, you have the possibility of a spheric action which means then you have the possibility of being a centre that holds, which means you are holding in harmony a series of circumstances which are all furthering that…. Now, you can imagine that each person who would do that would become a luminous cosmos in himself, you see; and ultimately that is the idea of a new race, of a new consciousness. (It) would be these luminous consciousnesses that are operating in this way. … So practically my work is that…having realised that [centre], having done that I am able to perceive these things which nobody else can because perception from the centre is very different than from the periphery. In a nutshell, that is really what I’ve done, that’s all I’ve done.”

The Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 9.2, June 1994


“[I]t is a movement into the depths of oneself, into one’s innermost recesses which permits the human being to reach the dimension of the origin of Being. What we find there…is the seed of compressed Time – the three times, past, present and future, simultaneous, unextended, unevolved, spheric and not linear….”  

The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 9 Number 3, August 1994 


“To borrow an aphorism of Sri Aurobindo, with certain modifications, we may state, ‘Mind was the helper, Mind is the bar.’ The time has come to put Mind in its rightful place in the structure of being. This implies two things. First is the manifestation of a principle higher than Mind but which plays something of a similar function; and second, the binary response engendered by Mind due to its linear properties must as well be altered. With the emergence of the higher principle, Mind can finally express its true function in the overall scheme. Until now ours has been a lop-sided expression. The foremost indication of this imbalance is the destructive quality of life on this planet. Mind has served not as an intermediary or a channelling device for the higher light, but rather it has succumbed to the waves thrown up from the vital and physical planes which have imposed the way of destruction on its functioning. The result has been Mind’s ingenuity utilised to bring into existence the means for massive and perhaps conclusive destruction of the planet and all its species.....

“In the 1980s, the Yoga of the Chamber was carried out, when the centre was forged in the vital dimension of the yoga; regarding the ‘city’, this would be equivalent to the temple, its centre. The result of that process was the establishment of a physical centre at Skambha. But this was an entirely virgin field. It bore no contamination of any sort. It is the home of the supramental process whereby ‘the symbol is the thing symbolised’, the point where two cosmic directions meet, where ‘heaven’ joins ‘earth’. Thus, the results of the Yoga of the Chamber of the 1980s was the centering process, without which no supramental yoga is possible.

“Once this centre is rooted in the earth, the bridge between the transformed vital plane and the Earth is forged. This is the essential work of the Third in the Solar Line. With this accomplished, a spheric, circular and centred expansion began from 1989, the start of the new and final ennead of the millennium. When the work of this final ennead is completed, the physical proper can be tacked in full....

“The totality of conditions in this SPHERIC process clearly demanded encumbrances to hold back things in the process of evolving until all comes into the harmony of gnostic time…”

The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 9.4, October 1994


Sphericality replaces the Linear (Thea’s section title)

“I have often referred to [the] two ‘directions’ [vertical and horizontal], in particular regarding the ‘formula’: 9/6/3/0-1. The descent of 9-6-3 is the vertical direction (it is also related to Time). The movement of compaction or compression is the descending 9, 6, 3. These ‘press into’ the Zero, compact there; and then ‘reversal’ assures that the 1 is ‘born’; at which point the direction shifts to horizontal…. The horizontal is integrated once the transition is made.

“Something else occurs when this transition is completed, something that distinguishes the new creation from the old. The linear progression becomes spherical. The totality of conditions operating in a given process is acted upon spherically, so to speak. This would be on the order of a series of concentric circles held together by a central Point. The progression through time and space then integrates these circles, draws them into a closely knit organism or system. These peripheries are held together and converge on the Centre. A ‘movement’ in that Point sends ripples throughout the system which consists of these various circles.

The human vision and perception is entirely linear. Our consciousness cannot function spherically, and therefore we can only refer to certain inexplicable happenings as ‘miracles’ because they cannot be accommodated within the linear paradigm. Or else we describe them as ‘coincidences’ for the same reason. The connections between these ‘coincidental’ events appear to be lacking because of our linear functioning which does not include a spheric mode. The connections do exist but they are on the order of webs of time in space extending from a centre. If one’s consciousness is poised centrally, or centred, then the connections in this spheric network are perceivable. Being centred is the key, however. This indicates that one stands at the heart of the cosmos, so to speak, like the Sun in our solar system. Only a person whose consciousness is thus poised can follow the movements of the Supramental Shakti which are entirely spherical and never linear.

“....The noteworthy aspect of the Mother’s experience [depicted in her 25 April 1961 Agenda entry] is that she was opening the way to a supramental action on Earth. The distinction with the old way lies in the poise of the experiencer. In the Mother’s case, she was experiencing and describing the first step toward centredness, as I have called it. That is, the shift ultimately from linear to spherical. A person thus centred becomes the Sun, sees as ‘the Supreme sees’. Then the connections are perceivable but in this circular sense. Then one can see what none have eyes yet to see. We could say that the Mother was planting the first ‘seed’ of the future realisation and opening the way for the action of the Supramental Shakti. Or rather, through yoga she was opening the channel for the connecting Bridge to become established and operative on Earth,—what Sri Aurobindo referred to as ‘Supermind organised for Earth use’.

“Further on we shall analyse another recorded experience the Mother had [on 5 February 1969] in which she gives very accurate details of the ‘network’ consisting of two strands or lines, which I have called the Solar and Lunar Lines. She explains the place of number-power and the very specific operations of the Supramental Shakti. Between 1961 and 1969 many ‘shifts’ and ‘transitions’ had taken place. It was then possible to give specific details of the action of the Supermind on Earth via the instrumentation of the Supreme Shakti.

“Thus, over these three final decades of the millennium, certain yogic achievements have established a new modus operandi in the world. This entails sphericality as opposed to a linear progression. It also entails a centred consciousness needed to perceive the action and thus collaborate consciously in the process, if a life divine is to be established on Earth, as Sri Aurobindo had foreseen it would.

The Divine action has of course always been spherical. When the Mother questions, Is this the way the supreme sees?, she is disclosing the primary difference between human and divine. But the importance of our Age is that on a collective basis and founded on an exacting ‘science’, or a body of higher Knowledge, we can now ‘see along with the Supreme’. The Mother and others of the Solar Line must open the way to this new capacity so that the human being can now extend the boundaries of consciousness and allow that Knowledge to be the new foundation upon which a new world must be built….

“Technology has carried us to the threshold of this attainment. But it cannot move us across that border and into the new creation simply because its creator is Mind and its methodology is therefore linear. It does not have the integrating capacity which binds the vertical and the horizontal. Above all, it does not have the creative power to arrange a set of circumstances spherically but from a central point of control. It cannot operate on the CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL, only the mental at best. But it is through the medium of Consciousness, for lack of a better word, that the Supramental Action takes shape. It operates from centre to centre, from human to human through a channel above Mind, though this element is as yet unacknowledged in human consciousness, which integrates and harmonises. This is the new medium that will be utilised in the [2nd] millennium, represented planetarily by Venus and its higher octave Neptune. Cosmic harmonies will be central to that unfolding.” 

The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 9.5, December 1994 


“We are describing here the method placed at the disposal of seekers to affect a real and not illusory transformation of society, based on a principle which applies to the individual as well as to the collectivity as a whole. This method is devised to bring about a shift from the actual binary status of the human race to a unitary structure which then alters entirely the conditions of collective living on Earth.

The first major effect of such a shift is the factor of a spherical as opposed to a linear progression. And the immediate change this brings into our affairs is that we can no longer speak of evolution to describe this progression. When the shift is made the growth process undergoes a notable change: it is then a flowering from a central ‘seed’ in all directions simultaneously. In the old creation the movement has been linear. This means that one sets out from one point to reach another, in a linear direction rather than spherical. In such a condition nothing can be ‘predicted’. We are in a relative world of probables, only because anywhere along the trajectory ‘possibilities’ which are ‘unpredictable’ can enter or penetrate the environment of the system, introducing an indeterminate equation.

“In a spherical growth process this is not possible since the movement is from the centre outward, – a movement of expansion from a central point. That is, what is contained in that seed is impelled from within by the power of time to develop its inherent potential or character into a predetermined element. Conditions encountered in the course of that manifestation can play upon that seed/centre, but not significantly enough to alter entirely its essential content, for reasons I will discuss anon….

“[I]n a spherical progression there is a notable difference with the linear evolution of the old creation. In the first place, the question of ‘improbables’ and ‘unpredictabilities’ ceases to pertain. Indeed, if we penetrate into that seed/space we will be able to foresee the precise lines of development because we know that out of the seed of a tree we cannot expect a rose to emerge. The question would then be, How to penetrate this recondite space from where the lines of destiny are drawn? But this too is only the first step. It involves the formation of a centre. Thereafter, a further stage presents the necessity to organise the field wherein this seed-essence is to take shape.” 

The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 9.6, February 1995


“The greatest aberration of spirituality was the designation of ‘illusion’ or maya to all that moves. The Supreme Consciousness, the Transcendent must KNOW Itself through the becoming which is the extension of Itself in its fullest vibratory essence of 9. The 0 can never be shunya, emptiness. That is the next aberration. The ‘concept’ can only have arisen in a civilisation which was founded on Fulness – i.e, the Vedic. A Buddhist civilisation could never produce the concept of 0 since the existence of the concept alone negates all nihilistic philosophies and spiritual experiences of the Void and Nothingness. The 0 cannot be equated with Nothingness since it IS. It can never be divided. We cannot know it by its ‘parts’. We can only know it by the extension of itself which is our universe, whole and entire. Each ‘part’ of itself beyond the event horizon is thus the whole 0. Never divided. Always the complete seed-essence of the Transcendent. This is the meaning of centering and sphericality….

“The fact that we call it centering is what means no possibilities – only the One, the Divine Purpose. It is because we think LINEARLY that we cannot understand a spheric process. Spheric means a centre exists like the core of the Sun. Then it means that there is only one POINT from which the involved manifests. A centre indeed precludes failure of the Purpose, failure to hold. When people refer to evolution, or even ‘working out’, it is always an unknown. Anything is possible because linear processes are susceptible to OUTSIDE forces. A centred process is susceptible only to its own compulsions. A truth of this nature MANIFESTS, not evolves….

“In the Supramental Creation the One and the Many must be harmonised and integrated. The reason is that without that there is no possibility for the inner Truth to manifest. It would get deformed by the play in the periphery…. [T]he movement is spherical, a circular convergence in time. This means that the control I am describing works on all things simultaneously, each point in the circumference of the emerging cosmos. When this tilling of the soil reaches a maturing point, a critical threshold so to speak, the seed centre, as if with the greatest ease, pushes through the now loosened crust of earth and begins its upward march and to reveal itself in its nascent and naked truth of being….”

The Vishaal Newsletter , Vol. 10.1, April 1995


“1971, as recorded in my own birth certificate (its full reproduction has been carried in the first section of photographs in Volume One), simply marked the start of the special voyage eastward that I described in detail in The Magical Carousel a year earlier, though unknown at the time to be a mythic/zodiacal rendition of my life. The journey would take me to India and the 12th latitude (also recorded in my birth certificate), a land I would never leave until the work I was born to do was completed. 

“What was that work? This is a long story and very complex; but by the end of this volume its broad lines will be more than clear. When, then, did it all begin? We would have to move back in time to a very distant past, to another age, another manifestation ‒ so far back that our probing might even carry us to the origin of Time itself! The human consciousness is not equipped with the proper faculties to understand the workings of destiny because to really do so a spherical perceptive capacity, as I have termed it, is required. A linear movement ‒ the ordinary human method ‒ cannot draw in all the threads of the intricate web of destiny at the centre of which stands the individual. Indeed, this does describe the ordinary human being who lives as if on a straight line, unlike the true structure of destiny which is spherical like a spider's exquisitely executed habitat. Given this limitation, we are mortal creatures who experience a severance at death with the lived experience we have known until that moment. Thereafter complete oblivion follows even for the most advanced among us. It appears then that each birth is distinct and unconnected to any prior experience. The web begins at birth and ends at death, perhaps to begin again, though of this too we have no certainty. – Thea, The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol. 2.1, pp. 7-8 (Preface, 2007)


Thea’s Articles (on her original ACC website), 2015

“The task of the Third in the [Solar] Line is to facilitate a vision of the Divine in action on Earth. The result is ‘seeing in understanding’ whereby all creation is her Being.

“The capacity to observe the play of circumstances differently is one of the Third’s key additions. It requires an ability to perceive always the parts within the whole as a harmonious display, as order and no longer chaos. Succinctly this means a consciousness poised centrally, as if in the centre of the circle whose periphery would be that play. One thus becomes the Sun, or reproduces in perceptive awareness the astrological symbol of the luminary of our System . In this circular methodology the issue of convergence introduces quite a new operation, never before experienced on Earth; it is unique to the Supramental Shakti as the prime mover of the evolution of consciousness. The principle characteristic of convergence, as opposed to linear processes, is that transformation is contingent on a simultaneous progress that as a harmonised action among the parts and the whole can then be integrated or drawn into the net, as it were, attached to the Centre of the new supramental cosmos.

“From this central position we observe the harmonious relation between the parts of the periphery. This integrated perception of harmonised parts within the whole is attracted to the Centre that HOLDS – that is, this centralised play is the key to order. The harmony we perceive and measure in our solar system is because of the Sun’s ‘holding power’, if it may be so called. In the language of contemporary science it would be the gravitational pull of the Sun that keeps the family of planets in defined orbits or specific boundaries. The nine planets must display this Order because they extend into the system the harmony that is the essence of our Sun. It cannot be otherwise. The ancient text on sacred architecture, the Mayamata, describes the same principle of perception, revealing in the process the role the Hindu Temple has played across the ages: If the measurement of the temple is in every way perfect, there will be perfection in the universe as well. (XXII.92)

“The temple in this verse is equivalent to the eye of perception of the transformed human being. Based on that centering of consciousness, order is perceived throughout the universe.” 

Thea, “The Supramental Manifestation” (April 2015)


“The Supramental Shakti is characterised by the ability to operate in simultaneous time (ST), as it is known in the New Way. It can be visualised as a circular perceptive capacity in contrast to the linear of the mentally-oriented human being. Above all, mind has a small role to play in ST, but this is not the place to discuss this aspect of the work we are engaged in. ST is much like the three concentric circles of the Mother’s plan itself. The distinguishing feature of ST is that at all times the multiple, or the circumscribing play of circumstances, is integrated or pulled into the central Consciousness embodying this capacity (in this case the Mother) – i.e. the unity of the One and the Many. Obviously such a capacity is well beyond the linearity of Mind.” 


In Part 5 I will discuss the avataric seeding or reawakening of the spherical consciousness on Earth in relation to Sri Aurobindo's rebirth as the Sagittarian Sage/Son of the Vedas.

[Link to Part 123, 5 or 6]


[1] When Thea wrote of the Divine Maya (=the Divine Measure) in her writings, she was referring to the sacred measure of the 12-month Vedic Year, i.e. the Earth’s Solar-Tropical Year, aka the Zodiac, versus the distorted the post-Vedic sidereal measure of the Year. She also wrote of the Mother's 12-pillar and 12-sided temple vision in 1970 as a manifestation of the Divine Maya of the Vedic Year in our world, a vision which was distorted by the builders of the Matrimandir in Auroville. In my writings I also discuss the divine eternal measure/maya (and eternal law) of the radius and vesica piscis, that together measure out the twelve-month Zodiacal Year, from the four cardinal points (the four equinoctial and solstitial points) of the Earth's Tropical/Vedic Year. 

The Vesica Piscis, Cardinal Points & the Divine Maya/Measure of the Vedic Year/Zodiac (Lori Tompkins, 2020)
The Divine Maya/Measure of the Vedic Year (=Zodiac), originally
posted in
 "The Sacred Geometry of the Vimy Crop Circle (5 July 2020)"

[2] The following excerpt from Thea’s Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, Part IV discusses both the loss and recovery of the Divine Maya/Measure of the Vedic Year in relation to Sri Aurobindo’s yogic mission, and in in relation to India’s destiny.

"[T]he Mother’s [Temple] Vision provides humanity with the new Divine Maya, or the Golden Rod of western tradition. It is the measure of time in space. The 24m diameter holds the key. Without this accurate measurement the whole structure ‘falls apart’.…

"For India the loss of the Vision has done incalculable damage. This [is] explained in detail in future Chronicles [of the Inner Chamber]. It is sufficient to state for the moment that the emphasis by the Mother on time and measure was a calculated divine strategy insofar as India lost the Divine Measure a number of centuries ago when the sidereal (Nirayana) zodiac was adopted in lieu of the Vedic tropical (Sayana) zodiac. It is only with the tropical zodiac that the Makar Sankranti, the shortest day of the year and entry into Capricorn, has any relevance both within India and connected to the rest of the world. This is the true VEDIC astrology, unlike what goes by that name today. 

"The reasons for this aberration are intimately connected to Sri Aurobindo’s mission and explain his statement that Kalki comes ‘to correct the error of the Buddha’. The Mother’s Vision, with its ‘new precision’ involving time and measure, was a crucial piece in the correction process. Her Vision reinstates the tropical zodiac in all its details and provides India with the Divine Measure once again,and with it the keys to her destiny and place within the new Supramental dispensation. There is no way in which India can fulfil that high destiny without this Divine Measure. Thea, Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, Part IV [Bold emphasis added]

[3] Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga, Vol. 2, CWSA, Vol. 29, p. 522.  

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