The Sacred Measure of 432,000 – Part One: Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

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In the opening “Acknowledgments” of Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom I wrote:
"I would like to express my eternal gratitude to Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) for the progress they made towards the restoration of Vedic Wisdom and hence their uplifting of the Sanatana Dharma or Eternal Truth of the ancient Rishis. Without their collective and individual maha yoga this book would never have been born, and the keys of Vedic Gnosis herein would likely remain hidden."
In the first Chapter of this book, I discussed a vision I had of the vesica piscis and the Sun’s radius in which these interwoven figures impressed upon me the sense that the vesica piscis, along with the radius were instrumental in the reestablishment of the eternal wisdom (sanatana dharma) of the Vedic Seers (Rishis). Here is that chapter (and its opening image) in full: 



In the early hours of February 7, 2016, I woke up with the above image of the vesica piscis in my head, measures included. Seeing the image, I understood it to be a demonstration of how the 432,000-mile measure of the Sun’s radius and the 432,000″ (seconds) of arc of the circle function together to establish the 432,000 measure of the Kali Yuga which is widely misunderstood in our day and age. As I got up to draw what I had seen, the clock read 4:32 a.m. The radius of any circle cuts out a full 432,000″ arc into the circumference of that circle. This arc is exactly one-third of the 360° circle (120° x 60ʹ x 60″ = 432,000″). This geometry is eternal. The length or unit of measure of the radius may change, but regardless, it carves or measures out the same 432,000″ (120°) arc in the circle. I knew as I woke up that the equivalence between the Sun’s 432,000-mile radius and the 432,000″ arc of the radius was established long ago and that it was a key of recovering the lost Sun or Son of the Vedic Rishis’ sanatana dharma.1 The next day I remembered that the Rig Veda itself is said to contain 432,000 syllables. The feeling that came with the 4:32 a.m. vesica piscis vision, was a feeling of victory. It seemed that in and of itself the ancient equivalence between the measure of the vesica piscis and the measure of the Sun was going to help reestablish the singular context of the entirety of India’s deities, myths, rituals, symbols and measures, which have become disconnected and taken out of context in India and across the world via different languages, religious sects, and our fragmented mental consciousness like a widely scattered jigsaw puzzle or a long-drawn-out game of “Telephone”.2 I felt that the realization of the vesica piscis would shed light not only on the trayi vidya (triadic gnosis) of the ancient Vedic Rishis, but also on the trayi vidya of modern-era Rishis Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea who have recovered the triadic Soul of Vedic Wisdom in our day and age, over the course of the past 144 years.3

I also had the impression that coming to know and appreciate the vesica piscis as a key of Vedic Gnosis will demand a shift in consciousness, because it is a key that has come forth entirely via supramental means. The process by which this key has revealed itself has demonstrated a certain mathematical precision and supramental control over the unified field of Time and Space. This supramental or divine control is experienced as the orderly, coherent, cohesive and multi-dimensional unfolding of a divine singularity which extends itself into the multitude of details, circumstances and geometry of life. It is experienced as a profound convergence wherein ALL is known to be coinciding. All that was, is and will be is simultaneously experienced as one superconscious or all-conscious field of Being and Becoming. All is experienced as Divine Synchronicity organized by the Soul’s truth, force and consciousness. From the mind’s fragmented point of view, this kind of divine control over the whole of creation does not exist, or it exists only in terms of belief or faith, not as how we see and experience our mundane environment. The supramental yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea has been a combined effort to open the doors of this higher seeing and experience of our Self. Their triadic yoga has been one extended maha yoga, or great yoga, fulfilling the Vedic mission of restoring the lost Sun or truth-consciousness of the Rishis’ sanatana dharma by which our fragmented consciousness is re-yoked and made whole. Central to this mission has been the reestablishment of the Oneness of Spirit and Matter (the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine) in human consciousness. 
In the superconscient truth of the Self-Existence these two [Ishwara-Shakti, the Divine Self and Creator and the Divine Mother and Creatrix of the universe] are fused and implied in each other, one and indistinguishable, but in the spiritual-pragmatic truth of the dynamism of the universe, they emerge and become active; the Divine Mother – Energy as the universal creatrix, Maya, ParaPrakriti, Chit-Shakti, manifests the cosmic Self and Ishwara and her own self-power as a dual principle; it is through her that the Being, the Self, the Ishwara, acts and he does nothing except by her; though his Will is implicit in her, it is she who works out all as the supreme Consciousness-Force who holds all souls and beings within her and as executive Nature; all exists and acts according to Nature, all is the Consciousness-Force manifesting and playing with the Being in millions of forms and movements into which she casts his existence…. If we would realise a higher formation or status of being, then it is still through her, through the Divine Shakti, the Consciousness-Force of the Spirit that it has to be done; our surrender must be to the Divine Being through the Divine Mother: for it is towards or into the supreme Nature that our ascension has to take place and it can only be done by the supramental Shakti taking up our mentality and transforming it into her supramentality. A certain difficulty arises for our mind in reconciling these different faces or fronts of the One Self and Spirit, because we are obliged to use abstract conceptions and defining words and ideas for something that is not abstract, something that is spiritually living and intensely real.   
Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, CWSA, Volumes 21-22, pp. 371-72  
[D]harma, the law is that which holds things together and to which we hold….   
 Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda, CWSA, Volume 15, p. 512  
There is a mighty law of life, a great principle of human evolution, a body of spiritual knowledge and experience of which India has always been destined to be guardian, exemplar and missionary. This is the sanatana dharma, the eternal religion. Under the stress of alien impacts she has largely lost hold not of the structure of that dharma, but of its living reality. For the religion of India is nothing if it is not lived. It has to be applied not only to life, but to the whole of life…. We believe that it is to make the yoga the ideal of human life that India rises today; by the yoga she will get the strength to realise her freedom, unity and greatness, by the yoga she will keep the strength to preserve it.   
Sri Aurobindo, Karmayogin, CWSA, Volume 8, p. 24
This book unfolded as a journey of discovery. I followed the trail of the vesica piscis as it revealed more and more of its hidden and eternal truth to me. The first chapters are an attempt to establish the singular Vedic context, lens or field in which the vesica piscis emerges as a master key. This is the lens or field of the Circle. For the Rishi or Seer, the Circle is the Divine Eye and Kshetra (field) of the One Deva – the God of all Gods. It is the unified field of the Soul’s journey or yajna in Time and Space. After laying down this layer, I then followed the thread of the triple law of the radius, vesica piscis and circle discussing how it applies to the measure of the Kali Yuga and the Maha Yuga cycle. This thread subsequently led to the discovery of how the lore of Vishnu’s ten avatars arise out of the geometry of the vesica piscis. After discussing the lore of Vishnu’s avatars in the light of this discovery, came the full descent of the vesica piscis’s role in the recovery of Vedic Gnosis, which forms Part Two of this book.   
1Sanatana dharma means “eternal law”, “eternal truth” or “eternal order”.   
2In this game (a.k.a. “Chinese Whispers”), a message is whispered from ear to ear in a group, and the last to hear it reveals how badly the message has been distorted. 
3August 15, 2016 marked Sri Aurobindo’s 144th birth anniversary.

⁓ End of book excerpt 

I started Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom with this vision because it was the seed of the book’s existence. In the following chapters I began establishing the larger context of this vision for readers. As acknowledged in the “Acknowledgements” section of the book, this vision and key of Vedic gnosis did not just pop up out of nowhere. It was entirely based upon the progress made by Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea towards the restoration of sanatana dharma as discussed in Chapter Five of the book entitled ‘The Progressive Recovery of Gnosis’. It was also based on my own initiation into the knowledge and mission of this particular yogic lineage as discussed in Chapter Six of the book entitled ‘Remembering the Plot’. 

In April of 2019 one of Thea’s students wrote to me implying that I had not giving credit where credit was due in my book regarding Thea’s writings on the significance of the 432,000-mile measure of the radius of the Sun and the 432,000ʺ measure of one-third of the 360° Circle. He wrote: ‘Readers who are unfamiliar with Thea’s work may not realize that you are simply rehashing her ideas, published 40 years prior.’

Below is the bulk of my response (in burgundy text) followed by some additional excerpts from Thea’s books regarding the sacred measure of 432,000 and links to where I have previously and publicly written about Thea’s seeing of this sacred measure, without which I would have never been able to receive or understand the NEW information the solar radius and the vesica piscis was conveying to me in 2016, the year of Thea’s passing.

A Response, written 8 April 2019 

[On] p. 28 I did credit Thea’s seeing of the 432,000″ measure of the Kali Yuga as 1/3rd of the circle, and on p. 42 (Part One, Chapter 5) I quoted Thea on the subject of the 432,000 measure of the Sun’s radius corresponding to the measure of the Yugas and of the Rig Veda. Here’s the text from [Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom] pp. 42-43.

In addition to illuminating the importance of reestablishing the solar measure of the Rishis’ twelve-month sacrificial year, Thea also illuminated the importance of the equivalence between the 432,000ʺ arc of the circle and the measures of the solar radius, the Kali Yuga and the Rig Veda.
‘[It] is necessary to understand that the figures of the Yugas (Ages) are not in actual fact years, but refer rather to seconds of degrees of celestial longitude.…432,000 would be four zodiac signs converted into seconds of degrees. The seconds of one sign are 108,000, and 4 times that is 432,000.… It can be understood how this figure [of the Kali Yuga] would be the key to the measure of Time since it is also the radius of the Sun. The Sun’s radius is the key of Truth in that it unites the outer circle of the disk (the Multiple) with the inner central core (the One). We could call this: ‘The Measure of Unity.’ It is precisely the Sun’s symbol, the point within the circle, that contains the Knowledge…showing the harmony between space and time and the evolutionary cycles of man on Earth which are determined by the unfolding and perfectioning of consciousness. The Rig-veda also appears to contain the same key to the measurement of Time based on the Sun of Truth because it is said to have 432,000 syllables.’  ‒ Thea, The Gnostic Circle, pp. 61-62
Thea wrote in The Gnostic Circle that the Kali Yuga measure is specifically to be understood as one-third of the 25,920-year Precession of the Earth’s Equinoxes. The ancient division of this Precession or “Great Year” into twelve “months” is the origin of the Earth’s astrological ages, spanning 2,160 years each.  One third or 120° of this Great Year is equivalent to four zodiacal ages or 8,640 years. In this clear accounting, the Treta Yuga or triad of three Kali Yugas spans the full 360° degrees and 12 Ages of the Earth’s Great Year. [See The Gnostic Circle, pp. 42-43] [End of Book Excerpt]
"I also wrote an entire chapter (Chapter 13) on Thea’s seeing of the role the figure 432,000 plays in the Yuga cycles. So, contrary to what you have written, I did make it clear in my book that Thea first saw the 432,000 measure of the radius in relation to the 432,000” measure of the circle and the Yugas and the Rig Veda. Over the past 18 years I have written hundreds of articles regarding Thea’s work, several; of which discussed her realizations regarding the measure of the radius and the yugas and the Rig Veda. So given all of that, is truly odd for me to hear your point of view which, correct me if I’m wrong, is (in part) that I haven’t given full credit to Thea’s work being the basis of what I am presenting. It almost doesn’t compute in my brain. But, that said, it is not all that hard for me to put myself in your shoes and understand that you were triggered by me not introducing Thea’s seeing of the equivalence between the solar radius and yuga measure in chapter One. Perhaps in retrospect, I should have begun the book with Chapter 5, but that is not how the book unfolded. It simply began with the vision of the vesica piscis and radius and the feeling of its essential connection with the ‘trayi vidya (triadic gnosis) of the ancient Vedic Rishis’ and ‘the trayi vidya of modern-era Rishis Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea’ [p. 2]. From there I wanted to give readers some initial context regarding Sri Aurobindo’s work and the Rig Veda before telling the story of how the vision of the equivalence between the 432,000 measure of the solar radius and the 432,000 measure vesica piscis is based upon and connected to the triadic yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea. I am sorry to hear this tripped you up. I trust that people who are meant to read and understand the book will persevere through such difficulties. It is definitely not the kind of book that can be fully understood in one or even two readings. Every time I have reread it (maybe 9 times), I understand it on deeper levels.

You wrote: ‘Readers who are unfamiliar with Thea’s work may not realize that you are simply rehashing her ideas, published 40 years prior.’

To ‘rehash’ means to ‘put (old ideas or material) into a new form without significant change or improvement [i.e. progress]’. From this word choice it is apparent that, for whatever reasons, you do not understand/see that the vision of the 432,000 measure of the solar radius and the 432,000 measure vesica piscis introduced something entirely new (a new opening) with regards to the ongoing Supramental Yoga of restoring the Sanatana Dharma in our Aquarian Age. Nowhere in Thea’s writings did she discuss the equivalence between the solar radius and the measure of the vesica piscis in relation to the restoration of Sanatana Dharma/Vedic Gnosis. Of course she saw and understood that the 432,000ʺ measure of the Yuga divided the circle into three, and I have made it clear that her understanding of the triadic division of the circle/zodiac was the basis of what I came to see and understand. I have also made it clear that the vesica piscis played an important role in Thea’s yoga (and in the Mother’s Temple).

The vision of the ancient connection between the solar radius and the form and measure of the vesica piscis came with the clear impression that it was going to shed new light upon the gnosis that Thea had already laid out. You have to understand that I did not know at the time HOW or IF it was really going to do that, but then it did do exactly that. It quickly shed entirely new light on the geometric basis of Vishnu’s Avatars and then later (beginning with the week before Thea’s passing) to understanding the vesica piscis (formed by the radius) as a crucial key of the occult symbolism of the Rig Veda. So for me this absolutely, obviously and delightfully counts significant progress (‘change or improvement’) in the supramental yoga of recovery of Sanatana Dharma/Vedic Gnosis. From what you have written, this instead appears to you as me as simply rehashing Thea’s teachings and me wrongly giving readers the impression that something NEW has been presented….

I referred to Thea over some 350 times in a 432-page book (and thousands upon thousands of times in my articles and posts). In my mind, I have made it abundantly clear in my writings (in the book and in in my blog) that what I have learned about the Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom has emerged from the basis and foundation of the yoga and gnosis of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea. So it is interesting and good for me to know that despite all that I have written on the matter, that this is still not clear in your mind.

I will at some point in the not-too-far future publish a blog post including [The Gnostic Circle] quote I already used in Part One, Chapter 5 and the additional quotes you referenced regarding Thea’s seeing and understanding of the geometry and significance of the radius, to once again try to make it abundantly clear that what I have seen about the radius and vesica piscis is based upon and builds upon what Thea saw and understood.
⁓ End of Response 

Thea on the sacred numbers and measure of 432,000

Below are several additional quotes from Thea’s books regarding her seeing and understanding of the sacred measure of 432,000 and of the radius of the Sun and the Circle, which together with the rest of what I learned from her many writings, formed the basis of what I came to learn about the vesica piscis and radius as an important key to unlocking more secrets of the Veda as well as a key to unlocking the geometric sense and significance of the lore of Vishnu’s avatars.
“Kali Yuga [is] a measure of time, …  in the terminology of the Gnostic Circle this is the basic measure of Time (432,000), derived from the radius of the Sun” ‒ Thea, The New Way,  Volumes 1&2, Glossary, p. 582
“[T]he numbers 4, 3 and 2 … are the very digits of the kali [yuga] measurement: 432,000. They are, as well the most important numbers in the structure of symbols: 2 equals the Line, 3 equals the Triangle, and 4 equals the Square. … [T]hese numbers, 4-3-2, are the basic numbers of the zodiac, as well as the measure of Time, and the zodiac is in effect the Great Timepiece; 4+3+2 equal 9, the number that absorbs all others. 
"This discovery brings to mind the Sphinx of Thebes, the Maiden with the body of a Lion, and the riddle she gave Oedipus to solve, based on these very, numbers, 4, 3, 2. The symbol of the Sphynx has long contained for man the key to the mystery of his evolution on Earth.”  ‒ Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 62-63 
"The fact is that 24 hours for the Earth is indeed equivalent to 1 year of the Sun or, let us say, the experience of revolution of the Earth is attuned to Sol in this way. The Sun is the measure of time for the System and each planet adjusts its rotation upon its axis according to its relationship with the Sun. The Sun is in fact the ticking mechanism. We understand this by studying its proportions in conjunction with the ticking of a clock. In the section on the Indian Yugas we spoke of the 'Measure of Unity' which is the radius of the Sun, or the measurement which unites the central point to the outer circle or sphere. This is 432,000 miles (the figure of kaliyuga). The same figure is the number of ticks that a precision clock gives in 24 hours; there are 5 ticks or beats per second, which amounts to 432,000 in the 24 hours.... 
"The same measure of a watch and the Solar Heart-beat can be carried over to other aspects of life, namely to the mechanics of breath which are the means of keeping apace or in rhythm with the Sun. But before discussing this aspect it is necessary for the student to understand the different time measurements of the Sun. There is the day, the month, the year. The year of the Sun, according to a certain view, would be four signs in the precession of the equinoxes, or 8640 years for Earth. Consequently in the Map of the 12 Manifestations we find that the full 36 signs which comprise one Great Circle in terms of the Solar Heart-beat (which is its radius, 432,000 miles=4 signs=1 solar year) would be 9 solar years. In this way the student can understand the importance of the 9 year cycle, as recorded in the Gnostic Circle, and then the 36 year cycle. These periods of time are the human being's harmonisation with the Sun. Within that span he lives a full Sun year and also experiences all the dimensions of being of the Sun, 12 in all." ‒ Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 247-48 
“The importance of the Sun's radius has been explained, the 432,000 miles that we have called 'The Measure of Unity', being as it is the Heart-beat of the whole System, the determinator of the System's time and therefore the key piece in the structure of matter of different degrees.1 The Sun, by its emission of energy particles, sustains the System and at the same time determines the time for its orbiting bodies, which determines the type of 'life' that will find its abode upon each of these planets; as each body revolves upon its axis and then around the Sun, so will its own nature be.”   ‒ Thea, The Gnostic Circle, p. 272 
1 It has been pointed out that 4322 = 186,624, or approximately the speed of light." [Thea's footnote]
“A radius is a supremely important measurement because it connects the centre of unity to the circumference of multiplicity. For a spheric mass at a particular degree of evolution this would be its measurement of Unity and Truth and would reveal the highest destiny of that particular body. In the case of the Sun its radius does indeed reveal its true purpose of existence, for it tells us of the Harmony of Time in relation to the Sun’s function, which is to set the beat or pulse for each body in orbit around itself. On the basis of the solar radius the Indian system of yugas (ages) evolved. [see The Gnostic Circle, Ch. 6, pp. 61-69] The module for the yugas was the number 432,000, which is the radius of the Sun in miles. This is a particularly important measure of Time and 432,000 is the measure of the Kaliyuga. ‘Kali’ in Sanskrit signifies the power of Time. Multiplying this number by 2, 3, and 4 gives the key in seconds to the flow of the Ages. Thus the Sun’s radius, when taken as seconds of degrees of celestial longitude, reveals to us the destiny of that star which is to set the pace of evolution for each of its orbiting bodies. Regarding the Sun therefore, the numbers 2, 3, and 4 are the key. In fact in Earth time the 9th Manifestation began in the year 234 BC, and will last for 6,480 years thereafter, a period during which the Earth is to be transformed for the purpose of manifesting the pure solar essence of truth-consciousness. For this reason, the incarnations that are to open the path in order that the transformation can be accomplished, are said to belong to the solar line."  ‒ Thea, The New Way,  Volumes 1&2, p. 103
“The importance of the radius … cannot be stressed too often because the union of the One and the Many, which is the occult significance of the radius—or Unity and the Multiplicity—is the foundation of a supramental seeing.” ‒ Thea, The New Way,  Volumes 1&2, p. 208 [Thea was here talking about the radius of the 70 cm globe of The Mother’s Temple

One has to read and view the images as presented in The Gnostic Circle to fully understand the importance of the correct measure of the 432,000ʺ measure of the Kali Yuga in conjunction with the 12 astrological ages (i.e. the 12 signs/months) of the 25,920-year Great Year and in conjunction with what Thea called the 12 Manifestations (equivalent to 3 Great Years). What I wish to convey and emphasis for readers here is simply that Thea’s seeing and understanding of the relationship between the 432,000-mile radius of the Sun and the 432,000 measure of the Kali Yuga and the 432,000 syllables of the Rig Veda and the 360 degrees of the Zodiac preceded, and was the basis of the vision I had of the vesica piscis in February of 2016 and is the basis of all that the vesica piscis subsequently revealed to me as documented in Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom and on this blog.

A point I want to add is that in Thea’s work the 432,000 measure of the Sun’s radius and the 432,000 measure of the Kali Yuga and the Rig Veda is a key to the correct understanding of the descent or manifestation of Vishnu’s ten avatars (dasavatara) within a cycle of 9 Kali Yuga (3 Precesssional Cycles = 3 x 25,920 = 77,760 = the 12 Manifestations). She saw and understood that the purpose or function of Vishnu’s avatars is to reestablish the sanatana dharma in the Preservation Ages in which they descend: the Ages of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. [The Gnostic Circle, p. 48] She recovered the key of the 432,000 Kali Yuga measure (which she refers to in The New Way, Vols. 1&2 as the “basic measure of time”) from long-standing Ignorance about the truth of Vishnu’s avatars, and few at present (in the early years of our current Preservation Age of Aquarius*) seem to be in a position to accept or understand or think anything of this accomplishment. So it is to be expected that the new information I have presented about the 432,000 measure of the solar radius and vesica piscis as a key to the symbols and lore of Vishnu’s avatars and to the symbolism of the Rig Veda will likewise fall on many deaf or simply un-prepared ears. What I hope is at least somewhat clear to readers via my book and what I have written about this subject on this blog is that there is a supramental continuity between what Thea discovered about the sacred measure of 432,000 and what I was shown and given to present about the 432,000” measure of the vesica piscis as a geometric key of Vishnu’s avatars and of the Rig Veda, in the year and week of Thea’s passing. Below is a graphic from Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom [p. 123] which demonstrates the connection between the vesica piscis (meaning ‘the vessel or bladder of the fish’) and the first two avatars of Vishnu: Matsya the Fish (a.k.a. Piscis) and Kurma the Turtle. The unusual conspiracy of circumstances by which this connection was shown to me are discussed in the book.

The Vesica Piscis as the key of Vishnu's Matsya (Fish) and Kurma (Turtle) Avatars, as found in 'Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom' (2018, Lori Tompkins), p. 123.

*According to Thea, the Age of Aquarius began in 1926, which puts the Earth 93 years into the Age of Vishnu the Preserver. Each age of the 25,920-year Great Year (i..e the 360° Precession of the Equinoxes) spans 2160 years. In the image above to the right, Vishnu's four preservation signs/ages are contained within the 'turtle legs' which pop out of the circle (the turtle's shell). This image was constructed by drawing four arcs of the radius/vesica piscis from the four cardinal points of the Zodiac (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn).

Links: The first link below is something Thea wrote in 2003 regarding the 432,000 measure of the yugas (in response to something I had written for Atlantis Rising magazine about her teachings on the yugas). The next three links are blog posts on this subject which I wrote and published online in 2011 and in 2014 with Thea’s permission; and the last link is to a two-part article I wrote about the relationship between the 432,000 measure of the radius-vesica piscis and the Nectar of Immortality of the Gods which I wrote in the Fall of 2018.

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Part 2: "The Measure of Unity & the Ancient Moorings of the Mile"
In Parts 3 & 4 I will discuss the sexagesimal system of measuring the Circle and Sphere of Time and Space and the near equivalence between the square root of the speed of light and the sacred number 432.