"Namaste Trump" & "Howdy Modi" – a Cosmological Perspective

President Donald J. Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi walk together from Hyderabad House to deliver a joint press statement Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2020, on the lawn of Hyderabad House in New Delhi. Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

"The two poles, Spirit and Matter, as epitomised in India and America, must
unite in the deepest sense and collaborate to bring about the great birth of our
times."  ‒ Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The Gnostic Circle [1975], p. 199

"The men who have to act as instruments will do so despite themselves. 
They are only puppets in the hands of larger Forces. Nothing depends on human 
beings — neither the planning nor the execution — nothing! 
That is why one can laugh." [1]  The Mother, September 1969

Before discussing the ancient Three Fish with One Head symbol as promised in my last post, I want to present readers with Thea's (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's) cosmological (and zodiacal) viewpoint by which Trump's recent "36-hour" (2,160 minute) visit to India can been seen in a higher light, beyond the stark and painful polarities of liberal vs conservative world views. Via this higher light, the essence of the US-Indian friendship celebrated by Modi and Trump (via the "Howdy Modi" event in Houston, Texas on 22 September 2019 (conjunct the Fall Equinox) and the reciprocal "Namaste Trump" event in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India on 24 February 2020 (Mars in Capricorn exactly opposite the North Node in Cancer) can be seen to have deeper meaning and purpose beneath the surface level of politics, geo-political strategy, defense agreements, optics, posturing and trade deals and such. In this higher light it is possible to appreciate and value the Trump-Modi display of USA-Indian friendship (on some level at least) regardless of one's personal and political opinions regarding these leaders and their policies. [2]

Thea recognized that the USA and India form two sides of the same "evolutionary" axis, represented in the Zodiac by the axis of Cancer and Capricorn. In her written works, she depicted the hieroglyphs of Cancer and Capricorn as being superimposed upon the two countries, and wrote much about the importance of the connection between the Capricorn hieroglyph and the full body of India. [See Time and Imperishability, pp. 85, 90]
Regarding this world axis, Thea wrote:
"The United States of America is of course a very important element in the Earth’s evolution at present. Together with India it forms the evolutionary axis of Cancer and Capricorn that has often been referred to in this text. Capricorn [Makar] is India’s occult sign, and Cancer is the Sun sign of the United States [based on its July 4th independence date]; these together represent the axis of Spirit and Matter which is now carrying the evolution. It is around these two nations that the future of humanity’s growth into a more divine species largely depends. Both must pass through ‘labour pains’ as described for Tibet. India must become ‘materialised’ and the United States must awaken to the Spirit. If neither of these fulfils its destiny there is no possibility of a transformation on Earth. It is also essential that the two nations realise their union and come to the point where they shall work in harmony with one another in order that the new reign upon Earth can become established, for it is no coincidence that Columbus in 1492 thought he had reached India in his travels and called the natives of the land Indians…". ‒ The Gnostic Circle [1975], p.181 [Bold emphasis added]
Thea associated Cancer with Diti (the "Mother of darkness and division") and Capricorn with Aditi (the Mother of Light).
"Aditi, the unifying Mother, only comes into being when this point [Cancer] is joined in the perceptive vision to Capricorn." – Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, 'Change and Stability – the heart of the “New World”', (originally published in The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 4, 1986)
In a 1985 letter to CPN Singh she wrote: 
"…I spoke to you of the necessity of India and the USA coming closer. The reason for making such a statement is not some sentimental fantasy on my part, rather it corresponds to a cosmic working which, when realised, would signify the ultimate victory of Truth. To explain briefly: India and USA form a ‘pole’, occultly, cosmically and physically. This is the pole of Spirit and Matter, respectively. To those who have an inner vision of things this is obvious, but I must point out that this Pole is a world reality as well. India is of the sign Capricorn; the USA is of the sign Cancer. These are opposite signs and this would make them complements in this ‘occult’ pole. Yet this Pole is what I have called the ‘Axis of Evolution’, for it is also the very axis of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. In July, the month of Cancer, the Earth moves farthest away from the Sun. In January (Capricorn) it is closest, and this becomes then the physical axis of the orbit and hence of the evolution. [Image and paragraph break below added]
"We see that even in the development of our 20th Century civilisation this has been the case. USA is the prime representative of the materialistic consciousness, of Science, of Matter. India is the prime representative, as she has been for aeons, of the Spiritual Reality, and this has been her major contribution to the world. But we must understand that Spirit and Matter are one, and it is the discovery of this oneness that the world is now experiencing. If these two countries would somehow come together in this understanding, support each other, and work in harmony and unity, it would mean that the Earth would be able to live through these trying moments and come to the true spiritual age that is before us. I must point out also that these two nations are also ends of the Pole that pierces the very planet we inhabit. They stand back to back on the globe; we could say, it is a question that now they must stand ‘face to face’ rather. USA must come ultimately to recognise the value of India and that only by giving it full support can anything truly great for the Earth be accomplished. [Image below added]
I constructed this image above based on Thea's Geo-Cosmological map. I highlighted the longitudinal bands covering 30° of Cancer and 30° of Capricorn that lie back to back on the globe (connecting at the North and South Poles of course). Thea's map, originally published in the The New Way, Volumes 1&2, shows a more complete vision of the Zodiac superimposed upon the map of the Earth. Her map is also found India and the New Cosmology, pp. 9-10, and in "The Earth’s Geo-Cosmology", Part 1 & Part 2.
"The Mother has arranged things in a perfect fashion, for all the events help to bring this about. I feel that the fall of South East Asia will inevitably bring USA to reconsider its position with regard to India; it will be obliged to ‘court her’…otherwise…China? (Private correspondence with CPN Singh dated 18.4.1975, published in Tenth Day of Victory, Volume 2, Book One, Aeon Books, 2014.)  
This next excerpt is from: 'Change and Stability – the heart of the “New World”', Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (originally published in The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 4, 1986).
"[The sign of Cancer, which rules the United States] describes the ego pivot, given the present condition of the race. That is, it is the sign that describes where and when the separation occurs in the evolution of consciousness that permits an individual to emerge. In our present condition of incompletion and unenlightenment, and our difficulty in dealing with time energy in a manner which would allow for a gnostic race to come into being, Cancer thus describes the ego pivot. Hence it is the sign of the past in astrological tradition, and also the “end of life” period and the “tomb”. Its hieroglyphic symbol pictures the void we orbit as a race, an “empty centre”. And indeed the past is like a black hole; it consumes precious time energy, the lack of which keeps us from enjoying a state of immortal being.
"America is representative of this condition because though she does not carry the burden of the past, yet she pivots a certain void. Other nations fill that void with traditions that have accumulated and which eventually become forces of inertia. This, however, the United States has not been permitted to do. The nation has only a short history of barely 200 years, and this short span covers precisely the period of history that saw tremendous upheavals the world over with respect to tradition and continuity. 
"America is indeed part of the “new world”. But in the context of this work, we may use this term as synonymous with “the new creation”. That is, this is a global condition and the time of the discovery of America marked the period when a “new world” was being born on Earth, involving the whole planet. The coming into being of the United States as a nation in 1776 (a year of 3 power according to the mathematics of unity) was part of the foundation-laying for a new world order. But an essential ingredient in this order is a vision of oneness and unity. When these become firm pillars of our seeing and are applied to international affairs, then a new world order will take the place of the divisive oldness we live at present. 
"This vision of oneness and unity must permeate all aspects of life, the individual’s daily experience as well as relations between nations.... 
"India is known to be ruled by Capricorn, and within the symphony of nations she does provide us with that stable core, which has resulted in the fact that India has given the world so many philosophical systems and spiritual paths and leaders. But a harmonious interchange between these two nations, India and America, is essential now, especially for the latter, which has yet to fulfil her dharma. The United States may have been born as an independent nation in 1776, that year of 3 power, but her journey in the discovery of her soul is still incomplete. Likewise, though India — the new India — born in 1947, also a year of 3 power, she too awaits the moment of her psychic fulfilment. 
"Both nations have reached a very important crossroads, and this has become especially apparent to me in my recent travels in the United States. But opposing any true expression of the American soul are forces of inertia which are making a concerted effort to fill that central void. The rise of conservatism in this decade, accompanied by a phenomenal increase in fundamentalism, indicates that occult forces are seeking to draw America away from her true destiny, — a destiny which in fact she has not yet fulfilled. 
"This of course may be said of all nations: none have fulfilled their destinies. It may be said of the entire Earth. The planet stands at a formidable crossroads: on one side lies collapse, caving in of energies, destruction, and on the other we find the new creation which the Earth is meant to house and which is the true and sole reason for her existence. This planet is to provide the physical base for this evolution to a higher species and a gnostic society. 
"The turning point America (and India) faces is thus the same the whole Earth faces. What is going to emerge? Out of this great churning will the Earth’s soul be victorious and her child live and take his place in the complete harmony of the System? Or will the forces of Inertia prevail and cast this new creation into the black hole of the past, aborting the birth of the One Earth and the harmonious interrelations between nations and between individuals? 
"It is clear that this crucial juncture is upon us as a species, as a planet. There is no longer any possibility of an individual salvation, — read “escape”. It is abundantly evident that isolated parts cannot disengage themselves from this decisive reckoning. Thus the critical juncture that America faces expresses the turning point of our entire civilisation. What is to come? What is, in the first place, the real nature of the victory? 
"This may be said to be the central issue of the present discussion, and about which we seek to be very clear. At stake is the destiny of an entire civilisation. But more than that, it is the destiny of a planet. The decisive moment of which we are witnesses and participants, concerns the unveiling of the Earth’s soul."
The first two excerpts above are found in Thea's article/post on her blog Puranic Cosmology Updated, entitled "The Embrace – at last!: Revolution, Indian-style" (Part Four of a series entitled "Reflections on the Nature of the Real – 4"). I recommend that readers interested in this subject on the natural and necessary alliance between the United States and India read these articles/posts by Thea in full, as well as 'Change and Stability – the heart of the “New World”' and India and the New Cosmology.

[1] A colleague of mine sent me this quote while I was constructing this post on 28 February 2020. The Mother was speaking specifically of the construction of Auroville (inaugurated on 28 February 1968) at the time, but it applies to pretty much all humans, and it is helpful to remember that this very much applies to Trump and Modi and to their administrations and agendas.
[2] For instance, my personal opinion/experience as an American is that Trump is a national disgrace and disaster for the United States and I very much hope he is ousted in November of 2020; and yet I can see and appreciate that the mirror-like "Howdy Modi" and "Namaste Trump" events (both held in massive sports stadiums) represent a certain solidification or more pronounced (not-subtle) expression of the Cancer-Capricorn axis that Thea (American-born and born in the Sun-sign of Capricorn) wrote so much about during her 45-year residence in India (1971-2016). I trust (as per the teachings of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea) that regardless of the motives, agendas and consciousness of the individuals involved, that the supramental consciousness-force utilizes ALL (whether positive or negative) towards a larger fulfillment or greater manifestation of the Soul's Truth, Consciousness and Bliss (Sat-Chit-Ananda) in our world.

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