Spiral Dynamics: The Swirl of the 9 and 6

The 9 and the 6 of our number system are not often recognized or understood as symbols of dynamic movement. Yet when we look at the swirling patterns of matter and energy, or certain life forms that grow or unfurl in spirals, there we find the 9 and/or the 6 (the form of the 6 being a 9 that has rotated 180 degrees).

The spiral dynamics of the symbols 9 and the 6 are counterclockwise. Note the symbol of a hurricane (which always flows counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere) is the fusion of the 9 and the 6. If the 9 and 6 described a clockwise movement the figures would have to be inverted.

The Earth rotates counterclockwise upon her axis (if North is considered the 'top' or vantage point, which it usually is). This movement is reflected in the structure and dynamics of the zodiac, wherein the Sun, the Moon and the planets move in a counterclockwise direction through the 12 houses (months or stages) of the 360 degree zodiac. In the Gnostic Circle Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet portrays the Vedic number system of 9 and 0 moving in sync and in alignment with the 12 signs of the zodiac, wherein the zero point of the zodiac (0 degrees Aries or the Spring Equinox) and the zero point of the number system (0), are one and the same. Both the numbers and the astrological signs are seen flowing in the same counterclockwise direction. [1]

Most portrayals of the Enneagram (the circle of 9) are shown with the numbers moving clockwise, which demonstrates an ignorance of the connection between the number system and the dynamics of the Earth which it measures. This ignorance has been inherited from many thousands of years of blindness or 'darkness' when it comes to matters of sacred measure, and the sacredness and reality of material existence. [see 'Coordination'] But that certainly doesn't mean it should continue.

A friend of mine was recently describing the flow of her life to me and we discussed the cyclical nature of the creative process and of growth. I drew a circle through the air emphasizing that the bottom of the circle (its nadir or 4.5 point) was a reversal wherein the movement changed from downward to upward ... upward towards the higher stages of one's journey. She was feeling like she never got to the higher stages or higher potentials of herself and traced out her journey in the air. It began like a circle then curled back in on itself, looping backwards before the circle could be completed. 'You just drew the number 6 in the air,' I told her. 'The form of the 6 describes this looping backwards on ourselves. It describes the limitations of our mental consciousness and the effect it has on our lives and our 'creative' process. The 9th sign of the zodiac (Sagittarius) represents a breakthrough of higher knowledge that allows one to align one's creative process with the true creative process of the Cosmos, the true creative process of manifest reality. If that victory or higher knowledge is not achieved, then one keeps looping back on one's old ways ... like the shape of the 6 ... rather than traveling on to the higher vistas and ranges of the Self which are represented in the zodiac by the last three signs: Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.'

I showed her the Gnostic Circle, pointing out that the 6 of the number system was one and the same as the first point of the 9th sign Sagittarius as seen above (the symbol for Sagittarius is the arrow). She was confused of course because she was used to seeing zodiac and the enneagram as two separate circles ... as two separate systems of knowledge. How could the 6 and the 9th sign hold the same place in the circle? What does the number system of 9 have to do with the 12 signs of the zodiac? Ultimately she wanted to know how she could understand the creative process better and realize more of her potential. Although she already had an interest in and had some knowledge of astrology, she was unaware (as most people are) that the zodiac and our own number system are a description of THE creative process. It did not occur to her that Earth's creative process (played out in cycles of the day, the year, and the precession of the equinoxes) was intimately related to her own. I told her if she wanted to know more about the zodiac as a blueprint of our individual and collective 'creative process' and evolutionary journey, she should read The Magical Carousel. Perhaps after that she would be interested in reading The Gnostic Circle.

I don't think my friend has pursued this information any further at this point, but it was a good discussion and it reminded me that number 9 and the number 6 are symbols of the dynamic creative process. These numbers and their forms are born from knowledge of both the circle and of the Earth's counterclockwise movement. When looking at the large 6 in the circle above, it is apparent that the shape of the 6 and its position in the circle (in the counterclockwise flow of the numbers) are intimately connected. The curl of the 6 turns back in on itself precisely at the 6 point of the circle. If the circle of 9 or the enneagram is constructed with a clockwise flow, the six is inverted. It loses its proper alignment, its proper orientation. It loses its relationship to the dynamism and creative processes of the Earth. And it loses its connection to the 9th sign of the zodiac, which is akin to the 9th month of a woman's pregnancy.

Both the 6 point of the circle and the 9th sign of the zodiac symbolize the immanent birth of a new creation. The backwards curl of the 6 symbolizes the difficulties the human race faces in terms of birthing a new way or a consciousness of unity that will allow us to enjoy a higher creative process. Until our linear minds give way to the true shape and truth-consciousness of the creative process [2], we will keep looping back on our old ways and ignoring that which would break us out of our stupor and propel us forward with great speed and force towards our own individual and collective heights of being. Both the arrow and horse/centaur symbol of Sagittarius speak of this break from the old, and the rapid movement towards knowledge of the dynamic whole.

[1] A summary of the 12 signs of the zodiac can be found towards the end of 'The Zodiac and the Perception of Unity - An Introduction to the 12 Signs of the Zodiac.'
[2] See 'The Geometry and Superstructure of Time'
Also: The hurricane picture Nasa at the top of this post is taken from a Nasa 'Astronomy Picture of the Day 17 May 2008.

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