The Spherical Gnosis of the Sage & the Release of the Vedic Waters ⁓ Part 6 ⁓ The Divine Son & the Ancient Apocalypse

Kalki Avatar - image from Agni Puran, Gita Press Gorakhpur, color alterations by Lori Tompkins (Photoshop)
Kalki Avatar (=the Vedic Son) with his Solar Halo/Consciousness

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 “The Son of the sacrifice is a constant image in the Veda. Here it is the godhead himself, Agni who gives himself as a son to man, a Son who delivers his father. Agni is also the War-Horse and the steed of the journey, the White Horse, the mystic galloping Dadhikravan who carries us through the battle to the goal of our voyaging.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda, CWSA, Vol. 15, p. 461 

The English word “Apocalypse” hails from the Greek noun apokálypsis [ᾰ̓ποκᾰ́λῠψῐς] meaning “uncovering.” Its corresponding verb, apokalýptein, means “to take the cover off.” 

“The earliest recorded meaning of apocalypse (in Old English) was in reference to the name of the last book in the New Testament, also called Revelation. It recounts several prophetic visions of upheaval and destruction culminating in the Second Coming of Christ. In Middle English, apocalypse was extended to mean “any revelation or disclosure.” However, the meaning “any disaster or cataclysm” was not recorded until the late 19th century.” – [Bold emphasis added]

Apokálypsis is in fact the first word of the Greek text of St. John’s Revelation dated circa 96 CE. This infamous word has long been translated in English as “revelation”, from which the "Book of Revelation" of course gets its name. In other words, “apocalypse” and “revelation” mean the exact same thing, and both indicate the removal of a veil, cover, obstacle, or eclipsing force

“The revelation of Jesus Christ [=Ἀποκάλυψις Ἰησοῦ Χριστοῦ…], which God gave to him, to show to his servants what things must soon take place, and which he communicated when he sent it via his angel to his servant John, who has confirmed as the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ, what all things he saw. Blessed are the one reading and those listening to the words of this prophecy, and keeping the things written herein, for the time is near.” – Revelation 1:1-3, tr. by David Robert Palmer 

The 2022 Netflix documentary series Ancient Apocalypse, in which Graham Hancock discusses a proposed catastrophic comet-induced flood,—an instantaneous melting of the North American (Laurentide) Ice Sheet—, approximately 13,000 years ago, catalysing the Younger Dryas period, is a notable instance of the relatively modern distortion and misunderstanding of the word “apocalypse”. To really understand why a word that etymologically and originally conveys an unveiling, disclosure or uncovering of something hidden, is associated with disasters, cataclysms, the end of the world as we know it, and likewise with the birth and return of God’s Son, we must first understand the ancient Vedic origin and sense of the Biblical Apocalypse. So long as the Vedic sense and origin of St. John’s Revelation is ignored, there can be no real understanding of the word “Apocalypse” or of St. John’s Apocalypse.

In the Rig Veda, seven mothers—who are known as great rivers or floods (amongst many other names)—give birth to the Divine Son Agni. And via his mothers or FLOODS, he, aka “the Child of the Waters” or “the Floods’ Child” [Apąm Napāt], is born victorious over the forces of darkness, falsehood, evil, wickedness or ignorance in the world, by whatever name. The Vedic hymns portray this Divine Son, known as the Hidden One (Guha) before his birth, as being hidden within, robed, or COVERED by his rivers/mothers who are, in turn, said to be hidden away, penned in, and obstructed from flowing by the forces of Darkness. In conjunction with his birth or emergence out of the cover of his hiding place or womb, the Divine Son, together with the thunder god Indra, defeats the villain-serpent or dragon Vritra, whose name means, in English, “the Coverer” or “Obstructor”, thereby setting his rivers (aka mothers, floods, cows, mares, sisters, daughters, treasures, etc.) free from their enclosure and obstruction. This world-purifying, flood-born and likewise jar-born (kumbha-born) Divine Hero-Son, is known by hundreds of names in the Vedas including Agni, the nine-rayed white war horse (Dadhyac Navagwa, aka Dadhikravan), the “Golden Reed” (hiraṇyayaḥ vetasaḥ), heavenly pillar (divaḥ skambhaḥ), the heavenly or Divine Sage (divaḥ kaviḥ), and Soma Pavamana – the purifier and deliverer of the Nectar of Immortality (=Amrita=Soma=the heavenly Manna) to the gods’ banquet. In Rig Veda 5.86.6, the seven rivers that give birth to the Divine Son are specifically referred to as the Stallion’s Flood

“Send down for us the rain of heaven, ye Maruts [=storm gods], and let the Stallion's flood descend in torrents. Come hither with this thunder while thou pourest the waters down, our heavenly Lord and Father.” – tr. RTH Griffith

As I have discussed at length in Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom (book and blog), in October of 2016, the week of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s (Thea’s) passing, the geometric and zodiacal sense of the seven Vedic rivers, the seven vials or bowls of St. John’s Apocalypse and the Vedic Kumbha (=the Aquarian Water Jar) was dropped or poured into my consciousness. I was shown that these sacred rivers, vials, floods, etc., are the first seven vesicae piscis that flow through and measure out the first ten signs of the Zodiac, culminating at the entrance into the sign of Aquarius/Kumbha (0° Aquarius). As an immediate result, I understood that the Vedic Kumbha/Jar and Vishnu's Kumbha of Amrita are not only references and symbols of the zodiacal sign of Aquarius, as Thea had discussed in her writings, but also a long-forgotten occult symbol/name of the vesica piscis. A month later, in November of 2016, I saw and understood the 9th ray or radius of the Zodiac (=the radius of 0° Sagittarius) as the Divine Son-Sage-Horse of the Vedas who draws out, pours out and is fully born via his seventh river-mother (=seventh vesica piscis). Note that some seven months earlier, circa the March Equinox of 2016, it was revealed or unveiled to me that the vesica piscis, aka “the vessel of the fish”, is the geometric basis, key, and sanatana dharma (eternal law) of Vishnu’s avatars, starting with Matsya (the Fish)

Thus, from November 2016 onwards, the myriad baffling symbols and accounts of the Vedic Son and his Flood or Apocalypse begin to make perfect geometric and zodiacal sense, including the accounts of the Divine Son as a Sage or Horse (aka the ten-month babe) speeding to a Jar/Kumbha as the goal of his journeying. I could see that this Jar is the sacred container and drinking chalice (=the holy grail) or “drop” of the Soma Wine/Amrita, aka the gods’ Nectar of Immortality which Vishnu (as the goddess Mohini) recovers from the demon-asuras. And with this key I was able to identify many of the occult and varied names given to the location of 0° Kumbha/Aquarius in the Vedic hymns, including but not limited to the gods’ banquet, rendezvous and home; the reservoir, lake, or ocean (samudra) of the seven rivers; Agni’s (the Sage-Son-Horse’s) resting place or home; and the banquet of the heavenly peoples, i.e., of the illumined Aquarian Man/Human.  [1]

“[As] ’twere to war hath Soma Pavamana [=the Divine Son=Agni] sped…within the vats [vessels]. That he may move, they yoke him to the three-backed triple-seated car by the Seven Ṛṣis’ holy songs [=the seven rivers]. Drive ye that Tawny Courser, O ye pressers, on his way to war, Swift Steed who carries off the spoil. Pouring all glories hither, he, effused and entering the jar, stands like a hero mid the kine [=rivers, mothers, vats, etc.].” – Rig Veda 9.62.16-19, tr. RTH Griffith [Bold emphasis added]


“Pour hitherward, O Soma [=Agni Soma Pavamana], wealth in thousands and heroic strength, and keep renown secure for us. Thou makest food and vigour swell for Indra, best of gladdeners! Within the cups [=vats, bowls, jars=rivers, cows, etc.] thou seatest thee. [[Pressed for Indra, for Viṣṇu]] Soma hath flowed into the jar…. These [drops of Soma] swift and brown of hue, in stream of solemn sacrifice, have flowed through twisted obstacles.” – Rig Veda 9.63.1-4, tr. RTH Griffith [[Bold emphasis added. The text in single brackets is mine. The text in double brackets is translated by Jamison & Brereton]


“[T]he ten sisters [=months] impel [Soma, the Horse] to the abode [of the gods]. The drop of Soma…becomes the banquet of the Heavenly People….” – Rig Veda 9.91.1-2 excerpt, tr. RL Kashyap & RTH Griffith [Text in brackets added]

With the simple geometric key, eternal law (sanatana dharma), maya (measure) and womb of the vesica piscis and its indwelling radius (=son), I could see through these verses and the occult symbols and lore of the Vedic and Biblical Apocalypse an entirely new way. I could see the myriad words the Vedic Rishis used were themselves the closed vessels or containers (kumbhas), pens, caves, coverings (vritras), etc., of the same hidden truth (ritam) and key of the Vedas. And the instant their ancient coverings or veils were removed these words/vessels began to pour out new layers of their hidden truth to me. I understood that these occult word-vessels or symbol-vessels, and all related ancient symbols and mythologies across the world, were designed and destined to be nonsensical and open to wide-misunderstanding and distortion by humanity’s fragmented linear consciousness for millennia until Vishnu the Preserver restored their zodiacal and geometric key, sacred measure, and eternal law, thereby uncovering, un-eclipsing, recovering, revealing, restoring, and pouring out their hidden truth in his Age of Aquarius/Kumbha. 

From 1973 till 2016, Thea wrote extensively about Sri Aurobindo’s role as Vishnu’s Aquarian Age Avatar. I became aware of and began to study her writings on this subject in 2000, and 16 years later, the week of her passing in 2016, I could see that together with the Mother and Thea, over a span and cycle of 144 or 12 x 12 years (1872-2016), Sri Aurobindo had accomplished the Revelation or Apocalypse of the occult truth and eternal law of the Vedic Rivers and of their Son, thus unsealing or removing the occult veils of the Rig Veda and all related religious lore, mythology and symbols in our Age of Aquarius. In other words, I could see that the long-foretold and long-anticipated mythological Apocalypse had happened or played itself out on Earth, just in a way that few would understand or recognize because, for millennia, the mind’s dimly-lit imagination has taken these profoundly misunderstood ancient symbols and ran with them, so to speak, in directions far flung from their original unified zodiacal sense, context and truth.

Via the above, readers should be better equipped to understand why “Apocalypse”,—a word that by its Greek roots, literally means an UNVEILING (=a Revelation) or UNCOVERING,—has come to mean “any disaster or cataclysm” whilst divorced from its original Vedic and Zodiacal context and sense. It especially makes sense that an ancient global cataclysm involving a massive flood (such as the one proposed by the Younger Dryas Comet impact flood) would be characterized as an “Ancient Apocalypse” by those who are unaware of the Vedic and Zodiacal sense and origin of “the Apocalypse” that looms so heavily in our collective consciousness, and likewise by those who are unaware of its ancient connection to the birth of the Divine Son via the floods or rivers who are his mothers. But it must be recognized now, as Sri Aurobindo wrote and clarified in The Secret of the Vedas, that the Vedic Rishis were not referring to actual rivers or floods flowing on Earth.

“What are these waters that flow to the goal of the gods’ movement [=the Kumbha, the gods’ banquet, Agni’s resting place, etc.], that establish for man the supreme good? Not the rivers of the Punjab; no wildest assumption of barbarous confusion or insane incoherence in the mentality of the Vedic Rishis can induce us to put such a construction upon such expressions. Obviously these are the waters of the Truth and the Bliss that flow from the supreme ocean. These rivers flow not upon earth, but in heaven; they are prevented by Vritra the Besieger, the Coverer from flowing down upon the earth-consciousness in which we mortals live till Indra, the god-mind, smites the Coverer with his flashing lightnings and cuts out a passage on the summits of that earth-consciousness down which they can flow. Such is the only rational, coherent and sensible explanation of the thought and language of the Vedic sages.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda, CWSA, Vol. 15, pp. 112-13 [Bold emphasis and text in brackets added]

The "supreme ocean" (samudra) that Sri Aurobindo is referring to here (emphasized above via blue-bold text) is entirely equivalent to the Kumbha of Aquarius. In the English translations of the Vedas, samudra is sometimes translated into as an “ocean” and sometimes as a “reservoir”. Etymologically, samudra connotes the "gathering together of waters" (saṃ- "together" and -udra "water")."

"[The Sage/Son/Seer] hath brought down from heaven's most lofty summit the ocean (samudra) of the rain, celestial waters. Gathered together in that highest ocean, the waters stood by deities obstructed. They [ran] down set free [by the Sage/Son/Seer Agni].... O Agni, drive afar our foes, our troubles chase malady away and wicked demons. From this air-ocean, from the lofty heavens, send down on us a mighty flood of waters." – Rig Veda 10.98.5-6, & 12 excerpts, tr. RTH Griffith [Bold emphasis added]

"Apparent are [Agni's] lines as he approaches the course is single, but the cars are many, When, Agni, thou, making thine arms resplendent, advancest o' er the land spread out beneath thee. Now let thy strength, thy burning flames fly upward, thine energies, O Agni, as thou toilest. Gape widely, bend thee, waxing in thy vigour.... This is the waters' reservoir (samudra), the great abode of gathered streams." – Rig Veda 10.142.5-7 excerpts, tr. RTH Griffith [Bold emphasis added]

It is worth noting here that the word “apocalypse”, begins with the Sanskrit word apo – Sanskrit for "water" (from ap, apah, apas). The second half of “apocalypse”, is calypse, from the Greek kálypsis and kalyptō, meaning "to cover", "to conceal", or "to hide". Kálypsis/kalyptō is basis of the name of the Greek nymph Calypso, one of seven sisters, whose name is translated as “she that conceals or hides”. Kálypsis, kalyptō, and, by extension, apokálypsis can all be seen as descendants of the Sanskrit words apokal and apsa. Kal, the Sanskrit root of “calculate” and “calendar”, is associated with the measure of  Time (Kala) and of the Hindu Yugas via the 432,000 measure of the Kali Yuga and its multiples (the Dwapara, Treta, and Satya Yugas). Kal is also the root of Kalki, Vishnu’s final avatar – who Thea recognized as equivalent to the Vedic Son, born victorious by his seven mothers/rivers. Apsa means “giving water”, and in the Vedas, the Apsarases are water nymphs who, in my view, are entirely equivalent to the Vedic rivers (cows, sisters, virgins, floods, etc.). Agni, it must be realized, is not only the Son of the Rivers/Waters, but also the Son of the Zodiac itself. He is thus, as discussed by Thea, the Son of Time, portrayed as Aion/Aeon in Greek Mythology. In The New Way, Vols. 1&2, Thea wrote of the “Conqueror Son” (Kalki in Vishnu’s Line of Ten Avatars/Dasavatara) as “the regenerated Father-Time” (p. 216). In other words, Father Time (Chronos) is born out in the course of Time as the Immortal Son, conqueror of Death, awakened soul, and leader of the evolutionary march of Time.

I am not sure if the ancient Vedic truth or sense of WHAT exactly the nymph Calypso is hiding is conveyed somehow in Greek mythology. So far I don't see evidence of this. Regardless, in the Vedic mythology, it is clear that what the seven sisters/rivers (=water nymphs) hide in themselves is their immortal Divine Son/Soul and the expanded supramental solar light or divine spherical consciousness by which he conquerors the world's falsehood, death, and ignorance upon his birth. Their own solar or spherical truth—the truth or true zodiacal context of who or what these rivers, mothers or water nymphs are—is hidden as well.

As discussed in Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom (pp. 364-69), another version of the Vedic Flood or Apocalypse is found in the Ongiaras’ (Native American Indian) Maid of the Mist mythology regarding Niagara Fall, which is why Niagara Falls—the location of my conception in 1968—is featured on Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom’s home-page banner. In the Ongiaras mythology, the thunder god Heno lived hidden in “his home beneath the thundering veil of water” (i.e. the water of Niagara Falls)  with his son and his son’s wife, Lelawala, aka “the Maid of the Mists”. At some point in the tale a “great snake” began poisoning the waters of the river, killing Lelawala’s people. Thus, the thunder god Heno killed the snake. Once dead, the snake’s body obstructed the flow of the Niagara river, forming the “horseshoe” shape of the Falls and forcing Heno’s movement or migration (with his son and Lelawala) to a new home in the sky. 

Those who have read my last series “The Obstruction of the Vedic Waters & the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio” should be able to recognize the dead snake that obstructs the waters of Niagara Falls in this mythology as a symbol of the fixed water sign of Scorpio, wherein the waters of the Zodiac are naturally fixed or obstructed, creating a toxic mental consciousness and toxic environment in the course of our evolutionary journey on Earth. In the Vedic mythology, the thunder god Indra and the Son of the Waters (Agni) slays the water-obstructing demon-snake or dragon Vritra. In conjunction with this victory over this snake, the Vedic Son and his mothers travel to their goal or destination in the sky – the heavenly Kumbha, called by many names, including Indra’s special place and the gods’ meeting place. The name “Niagara” is a variation of “Ongiaras”; and “Ongiaras” is suspiciously similar to the Vedic Angirases – seven seers, sages, or rishis, who are powers of Agni. In Rig Veda 1.31.1 Agni is said to be the first Angiras Rishi. Together with Indra and Agni, the Angirases dismantle the dark forces and their entrapments or caves that obstruct, hide and block the cows (=rivers, waters, mothers, mares, etc.) who give birth to the hidden One, Son or Sun. Just as the Divine Son Agni is known as the Child of the Waters (apąm napāt), his is equally the Child of the Mist (mihaḥ napātam) or cloud, and all of these names and hundreds of others, are varied names of the same zodiacal geometry, wherein the rivers, waters, mists, clouds and such are all occult names of the multiple vesicae piscis that measure out the Zodiac as well as the Divine Son’s Jar-destination. With all of this in mind, it appears that the name and Maid of the Mist mythology of the Ongiaras Native Americans and of Niagara Falls, is connected to the Vedic and (post-Vedic) Biblical Apocalypse or Revelation.

“The Angirases are at once the divine seers who assist in the cosmic and human workings of the gods and their earthly representatives, the ancient fathers who first found the wisdom of which the Vedic hymns are a chant and memory and renewal in experience. The seven divine Angirases are sons or powers of Agni, powers of the Seer-Will, the flame of divine Force instinct with divine knowledge which is kindled for the victory.” – The Secret of the Veda, CWSA, Vol. 15, p. 242 

“The seven sages, the Angirasas, are waiting still and always, ready to chant the word, to rend the cavern, to find the lost herds [=rivers], to recover the hidden Sun [=Son/Solar consciousness].” – Ibid., p. 383 [Text in brackets added]

In Part Five of this series I wrote: 

“In the Vedic victory,—which is the apocalypse or unveiling of the solar light and consciousness on Earth—, the Divine Son-Sage-Horse (=world guru or savior) uplifts “the minds of men” out of the fragmented binary consciousness, to the point that our “seeings converge in the sun”, or converge in the spherical vision of our divine oneness and wholeness. And this is the true ancient origin and essence and sense of the Biblical Apocalypse or Revelation which has been much misunderstood throughout the Age of Pisces.”

Vishnu's Avatars & Preservation Ages in the 3rd Quadrant of the Maha Yuga cycle as seen by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (image by Lori Tompkins)
In her books The Hidden Manna and The New Way, Vols. 1&2, Thea wrote of St. John’s Revelation,—written approximately three centuries into the Age of Pisces (234 BCE-1926 CE)—, as an ancient zodiacal prophecy foretelling Sri Aurobindo’s birth as Vishnu’s 9th Avatar and rebirth as the 10th (the Divine Son=Kalki Avatar) in Vishnu’s Age of Aquarius which she saw as the heart of the 9th (Sagittarius) Manifestation of our current Maha Yuga Cycle. [Click HERE for a fuller image of the 12-Manifestation Maha Yuga.]

“In St. John's Revelation (Apocalypse), which gives remarkable details of the entire Coming. Therein the birth of the Man-Child [Sri Aurobindo’s return as ‘the victorious Son’] is described, who is the War God.”  ‒ Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, pp. 164-65 [Text in brackets is Thea’s, from pp.163-164]

According to her seeing and understanding, this special Age of Aquarius or Age of Kumbha (the Water Jar) began in 1926, the year of Sri Aurobindo’s Siddhi Day whereupon Krishna – Vishnu’s 8th Avatar – “consented to descend into Sri Aurobindo’s body”, as told by the Mother.

When we see that this prophetic knowledge of the birth of the world saving Son extends back to the Vedic Rishis and further back to their ancient ancestors (as told in the Vedas), we must wonder how long ago this evolutionary and, it must be emphasized, ZODIACAL event was first known to sages or told to Man and thereby preserved in the journey, lore and symbols of the Earth’s 360° twelve-month zodiacal solar year. Regardless of the exact antiquity of this zodiacal and divine gnosis, it is clear that this event,—which amounts to a Singularity of not only Spirit and Matter, but also of the inseparable Transcendent, Cosmic and Individual triad of our Divine Oneness—,was connected in the minds of the ancient sages (Vedic and pre-Vedic) with the pouring out of the sacred waters, rivers, and Amrita (=Soma, Nectar of Immortality, or Manna) of the gods, and likewise with the pouring out of the eternal law and divine measure of the rivers and their Divine Son, from the Water Jar or Kumbha of the Zodiac. From this ancient zodiacal gnosis and lore, we have inherited our present-day idea of the Age of Aquarius/Kumbha being an illumined age of some sort – a “universal brotherhood of Man” wherein humanity’s consciousness is upgraded into the harmonious state of unity consciousness. What was lost and forgotten in the Age of Pisces, and seemingly well before that, is that the uplifting of Man/Humanity into an Aquarian “Golden Age”, and the pouring out of the sacred waters/floods of the Aquarian Kumbha, is accompanied by the birth, apocalypse or uncovering of the Divine Son – the unifier, conqueror, world savior, etc. Likewise, it was forgotten that the revolutionary change associated with the sign of Aquarius in our modern understanding of astrology comes from the ancient gnosis and prophecy of the birth and revelation of the Vedic Son via his purifying rivers (floods, mothers, etc.). 

The flipside of this forgotten gnosis is that most of the Piscean-Age religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism divorced the coming of the Divine Son, or world savior, sage, messiah, by whatever name, from the sign of Aquarius/Kumbha and from the Age of Aquarius, and moreover, from the Earth's twelve-month Vedic/Zodiacal Solar Year and the twelve-age “Great Year”, which is the Earth’s 25,920-year, 360° cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes. In other words, these religions arose and propagated their beliefs, laws, and rituals in a state profound ignorance – disastrously divorced from the original unifying context of the Vedic, zodiacal, and evolutionary  prophecy. One of many examples of this same ignorance in Christianity is the separation of the Messiah (Meshiha in Aramaic) from Mesha – the Sanskrit name of the Ram of the Rig Veda and of the Zodiac. For any who are unaware, Mesha is the Sanskrit name for Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, and Aries is Latin for "Ram" (Mars spelled backwards, sans the “s”). 

The sign of Aries/Mesha is known to be ruled by the planet and war god Mars, who is Ares in Roman mythology.  As discussed by Thea, this war god is equivalent to Agni, the Son of the Vedic sacrifice or year, known to the Vedic rishis by many names, including Mesha. Thea discussed Aries as the first of Agni’s three births, seats and fire signs, the second and third being, respectively, Leo & Sagittarius. When born as the steed or horse of Sagittarius, with Indra, the Divine Son finds the Divine Sun or light of truth-consciousness by which Vritra – the Scorpionic Coverer or Obstructor of the Vedic waters – is conquered and dismantled. In other words, the Horse of the dissolution or “destruction” sign of Sagittarius dissolves the obstructions or veils of the fixed water sign of Scorpio, allowing the rivers of Vedic gnosis to flow properly in the mind and vessel (kumbha) of Man in the sign of Aquarius.

“The first sign Aries [Mesha] is, properly speaking, Agni (and one of Agni's vehicles is precisely the Ram). Its colour is red, its ruler is Mars, its element is Fire; it is the leader of the host of twelve signs, as Agni is 'leader of the hosts'. Agni in Aries, however, is not yet the Immortal among Mortals. He is not pulled down to Earth, as it were, because the First (Agni) must pass through the Father, the fifth sign Leo, before he can emerge in his fully formed incarnation as the Son of Force, the realiser of Immortality,—the Man-Horse of Sagittarius. Mars (of Aries) must also first pass through the Waters of the eighth sign Scorpio, a sign which it also rules. Then that Mars force is transmuted and in the ninth sign it is portrayed as the Horse and serves as the harmonised and integrated vahana of the Man, of Agni Vaishwanara, the Universal Man.” – Thea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 379 [Text in brackets added]

“Agni [the most important of the Vedic Godheads] is the fourth of [Sri Aurobindo’s] supramental avataric descent; he is Skanda of the Puranic Tales: he is Kalki of the Ten Puranic Avatars; he is the Conqueror of St. John's Apocalypse; he is the Horse of the Veda, the symbol of Force (Tapas), the counterpart of the Cow, the symbol of the Light of Consciousness. Cow and Horse of Vedic symbology are Consciousness-Force, the major axis of existence, the axis portrayed in the symbology of the enigmatic Sphinx of Giza. The Horse then is a major symbol in the Vedic hymns invoking Agni.” – Ibid., p. 378 [Bold emphasis added]

In Rig Veda 1.52 the Divine Son Agni is called Mesha – the Ram (=the Meshiha or Messiah)  who finds the Sun, and is also likened to a Horse who speeds to “the [divine or heavenly] prize”, elsewhere identified as the Jar/Kumbha or reservoir/ocean (samudra) of the rivers and the holy wine (=soma, amrita or heavenly manna).

I shall exalt this ram [Mesha], who finds the sun, whose hundred (superior powers) of good essence arise together. (Might I turn) his chariot, rushing to the summons, like a steed (rushing to) the prize; with my well-twisted (hymns) might I turn to Indra here for help. Like a mountain, immovable on its foundations, Indra, with his thousand forms of help, grew strong amid his powers, when subduing the floods, highly excited by the soma stalk, he smashed Vr̥tra, who obstructed the rivers….

“[Indra's helpers (or helping forms) sped like swift streams down a slope]…emboldened by the soma stalk, [Indra] split the barricades of the Vala cave, as Trita [=Agni born as his third fire sign] had…. [Vr̥tra], having obstructed the waters, was lying on the foundation of the dusky realm, when [Indra struck down] Vr̥tra, hard-to-grasp, in the (waters’) torrent. For like waves to a lake [=reservoir=kumbha], the sacred formulations that make you strong rush down to you, o Indra…. And when you [Indra with your horses [2]] smashed Vr̥tra, making a way for the waters [=the seven rivers] for Manu [=the primordial Man/Man of Aquarius], you held the metal mace in your arms. You fixed the sun fast in heaven to be seen.” – Rig Veda 1.52.1-2, 5-8, excerpts, tr. Jamison & Brereton [Bold emphasis and text in brackets added]

One Hindu expression of the forgotten zodiacal context of the Divine Son or World Savior/Teacher (Vishwa Guru) of the Vedas is the long-standing mass-amnesia of the zodiacal sense of the Vedic hymns and symbols. Another is the fact that the Hindu Yugas and Vishnu the Preserver’s task of restoring the sanatana dharma or eternal law/truth in the world yuge yuge (age to age) have been entirely divorced from the twelve-month, 360° Vedic Year/Zodiac and the twelve ages of the 360° Great Year (=the 25,920-year Precession of the Equinoxes). Thea restored Vishnu’s connection with the Preservation Ages of the Great Year as well as the Hindu Yugas’ connection with the Great Year in the 1970s. Yet this is still not widely acknowledged or known in India. As of yet, few in India or beyond acknowledge and celebrate Thea's work towards the reconnection of Vedic and post-Vedic symbols and lore with the 9-power Tropical (Solar) Zodiacal Year (360 = 3 + 6 + 0 = 9), [3] and most go on perpetuating an inherited fragmented and disoriented consciousness regarding Hindu symbols and lore, and an inherited mismeasure of the Yugas and the Vedic Year.

The Buddhist expression of this same mass-amnesia manifested as a rejection of the Vedic sacrifice and its laws which were already misunderstood and divorced from its truth and sense in the Buddha’s time. It has also manifested as a pervasive obliviousness to the fact that the Buddhist prophecy of the world savior Maitreya is Vedic, and thus ZODIACAL, in nature. 

Thea discussed the zodiacal and Vedic sense of Maitreya in The Gnostic Circle. She recognized Maitreya as a variation of the Vedic god Mitra (a lord of rivers and rain), typically translated in English as “the Friend” which is one of the symbolic names associated with Aquarius. She recognized the lore of the Buddhist Maitreya as a prophecy of Vishnu’s Aquarian Age Avatar, equivalent to the Vedic prophecy of the Divine Son. The Buddhist’s Maitreya, often depicted carrying a Kumbha (=Water Jar), is just one of the many hidden-in-plain-sight or collectively unrecognized symbols of the ancient astrological and Vedic prophecy of the birth of the Divine Son, whose seven rivers/mothers deliver him to his Kumbha – the Water Jar of Aquarius, and simultaneously to the vessel of the human being, i.e., the Aquarian “Man”, capable of containing the Divine Soma of unity- consciousness.

“[On his way to war, the Swift Steed (=the Divine Son/Agni) carries off the spoils.] Pouring all glories hither, he, effused and entering the jar [=kumbha], stands like a hero mid the kine [=rivers].… O Soma, O thou Sage, these worlds stand ready to attest thy might: For thy behoof the [seven] rivers flow.” – Rig Veda 9.62.18-19 & 27, excerpts, tr. RTH Griffith

Given the divorce between the story of the Divine Son of the Vedas and its original zodiacal, geometric, and evolutionary context, throughout the Piscean Age it was entirely forgotten that the “Apocalypse”, birth, or coming of the Divine Son in our world, by whatever name (Maitreya, Vishnu, Kalki, Kartikeya, Messiah, etc.), and the sanatana dharma or eternal law and divine measure that he comes to UNCOVER, UNVEIL and RESTORE in the world, has anything whatsoever to do with zodiacal gnosis, zodiacal cycles, zodiacal ages and sacred geometry. Without this gnosis of the Zodiac, the ancient prophecies of the Apocalypse of the Divine Son, and all related mythologies across the world, were simply doomed to be widely and thoroughly distorted, fragmented, and misunderstood. Likewise, the time frame, Age or Yuga of the prophesied world-cleansing and uplifting revelation was doomed to be forgotten, dismissed, distorted, and miscalculated. 

Through Thea’s yoga and writings, we can begin to see and understand that the sanatana dharma the Divine Son, sage or savior was destined to restore in the world absolutely had to include restoring the original zodiacal, wholistic and spherical 360° context and sense of the apocalyptic prophecy. She recognized the Age of Aquarius as the time of his coming and established what his coming—Sri Aurobindo’s birth and rebirth—actually represents and accomplishes in our evolutionary journey, thereby beginning the process of dismantling the mountain of collectively accumulated falsehoods, misunderstandings and fantasies that have accumulated and become stuck in the human mind, lodged as poisonous obstacles to, and tragic coverings of the divine truth of the ancient prophecies of the world-unifying Divine Son.

Sri Aurobindo discussed the birth of the Divine Son, as hymned in the Vedas, as the creation of the godhead in humanity, the descent of the Divine into matter, creating the “Life Divine” on Earth. He also discussed this evolutionary event as the Supramental Descent and the Supramental Manifestation.

“The complete redemption [of Man] comes by the descent of the divine Power into the human mind and body and the remoulding of their inner life into the divine image, — what the Vedic seers called the birth of the Son by the sacrifice. It is in fact by a continual sacrifice or offering, a sacrifice of adoration and aspiration, of works, of thought and knowledge, of the mounting flame of the Godward will that we build ourselves into the being of this Infinite.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, CWSA, Vol. 23-24, p. 598


“The creation of the godhead, the Son [the godhead created within the humanity], comes by the fertilising of the triple luminous consciousness by the triple luminous soul [Purusha] of the Truth-being so that that higher consciousness becomes active, creative and fruitful in man.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda, CWSA, Vol. 15, p. 539 [Text in brackets is Sri Aurobindo’s from the same page]


“This descent, this sacrifice of the Purusha, the Divine Soul submitting itself to Force and Matter so that it may inform and illuminate them, is the seed of redemption of this world of Inconscience and Ignorance.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, CWSA, Vol. 23-24, p. 106 


[T]he Supermind…comprehends all things in itself as itself the One in its manifold aspects and it apprehends separately all things in itself as objects of its will and knowledge.

“While to its original self-awareness all things are one being, one consciousness, one will, one self-delight and the whole movement of things a movement one and indivisible, it proceeds in its action from the unity to the multiplicity and from multiplicity to unity, creating an ordered relation between them and an appearance but not a binding reality of division, a subtle unseparating division, or rather a demarcation and determination within the indivisible. The Supermind is the divine Gnosis which creates, governs and upholds the worlds: it is the secret Wisdom which upholds both our Knowledge and our Ignorance.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, CWSA, Vol. 21-22, p. 278 [Bold emphasis added]


A manifestation of the Supermind and its truth-consciousness is then inevitable; it must happen in this world sooner or later…. 

“The descent of the Supermind will bring to one who receives it and is fulfilled in the truth-consciousness all the possibilities of the divine life. It will take up not only the whole characteristic experience which we recognise already as constituting the spiritual life but also all which we now exclude from that category but which is capable of divinisation, not excluding whatever of the earth-nature and the earth-life can be transformed by the touch of the Supermind and taken up into the manifested life of the Spirit. For a divine life on earth need not be a thing apart and exclusive having nothing to do with the common earthly existence: it will take up human being and human life, transform what can be transformed, spiritualise whatever can be spiritualised, cast its influence on the rest and effectuate either a radical or an uplifting change, bring about a deeper communion between the universal and the individual, invade the ideal with the spiritual truth of which it is a luminous shadow and help to uplift into or towards a greater and higher existence. Mind it will uplift towards a diviner light of thought and will, life towards deeper and truer emotion and action, towards a larger power of itself, towards high aims and motives. Whatever cannot yet be raised into its own full truth of being, it will bring nearer to that fullness; whatever is not ready even for that change, will still see the possibility open to it whenever its still incomplete evolution has made it ready for self-fulfilment. Even the body, if it can bear the touch of Supermind, will become more aware of its own truth,—for there is a body-consciousness that has its own instinctive truth and power of right condition and action, even a kind of unexpressed occult knowledge in the constitution of its cells and tissues which may one day become conscious and contribute to the transformation of the physical being. An awakening must come in the earth-nature and in the earth-consciousness which will be, if not the actual beginning, at least the effective preparation and the first steps of its evolution towards a new and diviner world order. 

“This would be the fulfilment of the divine life which the descent of Supermind and the working of the truth-consciousness taking hold of the whole nature of the living being would bring about in all who could open themselves to its power or influence. Even its first immediate effect would be on all who are capable the possibility of entering into the truth-consciousness and changing all the movements of the nature more and more into the movements of the supramental truth, truth of thought, truth of will, truth in the feelings, truth in the acts, true conditions of the whole being even to the body, eventually transformation, a divinising change. For those who could so open themselves and remain open, there would be no limitation to this development and even no fundamental difficulty; for all difficulties would be dissolved by the pressure of the supramental light and power from above pouring itself into the mind and the life-force and the body. But the result of the supramental descent need not be limited to those who could thus open themselves entirely and it need not be limited to the supramental change; there could also be a minor or secondary transformation of the mental being within a freed and perfected scope of the mental nature. In place of the human mind as it now is, a mind limited, imperfect, open at every moment to all kinds of deviation from the truth or missing of the truth, all kinds of error and openness even to the persuasions of a complete falsehood and perversion of the nature, a mind blinded and pulled down towards inconscience and ignorance, hardly arriving at knowledge, an intellect prone to interpret the higher knowledge in abstractions and indirect figures seizing and holding even the messages of the higher intuition with an uncertain and disputed grasp, there could emerge a true mind liberated and capable of the free and utmost perfection of itself and its instruments, a life governed by the free and illumined mind, a body responsive to the light and able to carry out all that the free mind and will could demand of it. This change might happen not only in the few, but extend and generalise itself in the race. This possibility, if fulfilled, would mean that the human dream of perfection, perfection of itself, of its purified and enlightened nature, of all its ways of action and living, would be no longer a dream but a truth that could be made real and humanity lifted out of the hold on it of inconscience and ignorance. The life of the mental being could be harmonised with the life of the Supermind which will then be the highest order above it and become even an extension and annexe of the truth-consciousness, a part and province of the divine life. It is obvious that if the Supermind is there and an order of supramental being is established as the leading principle in earth-nature, as mind is now the leading principle, but with a sureness, a complete government of the earthly existence, a capacity of transformation of all upon their level and within their natural boundaries of which the mind in its imperfection was not capable, an immense change of human life, even if it did not extend to transformation would be inevitable. – Sri Aurobindo, The Supramental Manifestation and Other Writings, Vol.16, SABCL, pp. 43, 47-48 [Bold emphasis added]

In The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol. 2.1, Thea discussed the birth the Divine Son-Sage,—i.e. the fulfillment Vedic/Biblical Apocalypse—, in our Aquarian Age within the 9th (Sagittarius) Manifestation as “the golden Seed of Truth, Supermind deployed in the evolutionary process”. She wrote of the “tremendous importance” of this seed, writing, “It is as if an actual child had been in gestation for nine months, but in this case it is nine manifestations, each of which comprises 6480 years.” Note that 6,480 years is three astrological ages (3 x 2,160 years) of the Great Year. Nine “months” or “manifestations” of the twelve “month” or 36-age Maha Yuga cycle (=3 Great Years), as Thea saw it, is 27 astrological ages.

[Sri Aurobindo] had chosen to be uncovered as [a] 12-year old youth ‒ so simple, humble, unassuming, no big fanfare, just an utterly astounding body of Knowledge to announce and to confirm that Sri Aurobindo was the 9th Avatar in Vishnu's Line of Ten. But the fourth integer [of Sri Aurobindo’s lineage] carried the meaning of avatarhood to heights never before reached, for all four [of the line – Father, Mother, Daughter, Son] had to appear together in order for the birth of the Son to be, as the Puranas proclaimed, Shiva himself standing before you in the form of his son. This was no cosmic aberration as a crucifixion would indicate. This feat was supported by the Mother's statement, '...not a crucified but a glorified body'. 

“By his coming the Son as the fourth power described the passage of transcendence to immanence. When it is complete and fourfold in Earth time, this is its meaning and purpose. That is, there is a direct connection between the 9 (Sri Aurobindo ‒ the Transcendent) and the One (himself returned as the Immanent ‒ or 0 to 1). There is no severance in time. The unbroken line from one to the other, through passage 'on the other side' is the key. And it was all written in the [Matrimandir's] Inner Chamber, the discovery of which was done in his 12th year similar to the scriptural tale of centuries ago ‒ but this time there was no destiny of crucifixion; rather, this was indeed a glorified body because of the golden truth-conscious Gnosis his coming had sealed. The complete descent made it an indelible imprinting in the evolutionary matrix that could never be erased.

“However, that coming would thereafter set its own agenda. The fourth was the golden hiranyaretas of the Veda. Though but a tiny 'seed' the victory it held in its core was inevitable ‒ for everything thereafter would only serve to fulfil Time's purpose as contained in the Seed. Nothing could stop the unfolding, just as I had written to the Mother in 1971 from Rome: 'There is nothing but that, this grand Harmony that moves always forward and that nothing can stop.'

“This was the golden Seed of Truth, Supermind deployed in the evolutionary process through Earth time. From the heights it joined the depths, the 'bridge' had thus been forged, as never it had been done before….

“Time does move forward on this side of the demarcation between subtle and dense physical; but only when a new seed of itself is set in place at the heart of the evolutionary matrix can we begin to speak of a real creation. This is the tremendous importance of the 9th Manifestation. It is as if an actual child had been in gestation for nine months, but in this case it is nine manifestations, each of which comprises 6480 years. Until this stage is reached we must view everything that has transpired earlier as if the passage of a dream. Indeed, the yogic and philosophical schools that arose at the very beginning of this 9th Manifestation (approximately 300 BCE) were focussed on conveying to a suffering humanity that it was all best ignored, it was illusory and devoid of reality ‒ or else, impermanent because whatever is changing and in movement is necessarily unstable and hence a mere corruptible fiction. 

“Thus it was that this 9th Manifestation's beginning stages brought forth a series of shadows which were forerunners or precursors of the real One. Not only did Gautam the Buddha lay emphasis on impermanence and therefore on the unreal nature of material creation with its web of time and space and everything contained therein, his teaching was taken up and carried to its maximum expression by various branches of Indian yogas and philosophical systems ‒ primarily Adwaita and Mayavada, which left their stamp on all subsequent spirituality, as well as on the various religions that arose in the last Age. 

“All these metaphysical presentations emphasised the desirability of a final and eternal fulfilment in a heaven or a dimension of some sort beyond or outside of this material creation; and more specifically away from planet Earth where one takes birth only as a springboard to somewhere else. This otherworldly stamp has been the cause of all our woes. We have abandoned the Earth and subjected her to every degradation possible by this indifference. 

“The Age of Pisces prior to our own, the first of the three comprising the 9th Manifestation, was a period of self-undoing, a time of shadow-playing, setting the stage for the 9th in Vishnu's line to dissolve those shadows and to cleanse material substances of whatever impurity might tarnish the luminosity of the truth-­conscious Supramental Gnosis, on the road to a new creation poised beneath the cosmic midday Sun which, by definition, casts no shadows. [4]

“The problem posed by these approaches was not that they were false but simply incomplete. Indeed, the movement of consciousness in evolution was sought to be arrested or frozen at a particular stage along the way. Their error was the partial slice of reality which they promoted. And while India never rejects a true realisation, even when partial, it does, through Vishnu's Line of Ten Avatars, reveal the full journey and therefore that the problem plaguing human consciousness in evolution on Earth is this question of incompletion ‒ that is, halting the movement at one window and becoming mesmerised by the dazzling scene it frames. To realisers of these paths there is nothing beyond that scenario, nothing more to aspire for; they believe they have reached the summit. Thus, the movement was indeed arrested and Inertia set in which has been responsible for many of the Earth's travails.

“But just as Time cannot be halted in its forward march, so too the Vishnu Line of Ten cannot fail to reach completion precisely by the aid of Time itself ‒ hence Vishnu's Avatars are alternately known as offspring of the Time-Spirit, because of which each one bears unmistakable cosmic credentials. We have records impeccably preserved of the last Evolutionary Avatars, Sri Ram and Sri Krishna, the 7th and 8th of the Line respectively. The 9th [position] was usurped by the Buddha through the enthusiasm of his followers who could not wait for Vishnu's Age of Preservation (Aquarius) to arrive in 1926. They pre-empted and thus cast a shadow before the true 9th would arrive: Sri Aurobindo. [5]

“And then there was a Tenth...

– Thea, The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol. 2.1, pp. 334-38 
[Bold and underline emphasis and text in brackets added]

Thea’s mention of a “Tenth” here refers to Sri Aurobindo reborn as Vishnu’s tenth avatar, Kalki – the victorious Son, One, Sage, etc. Readers who wish to discover more about Thea’s writings on Sri Aurobindo’s avataric birth and rebirth can read The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol. 2.1, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, The Hidden Manna, as well as Secrets of the Earth – Questions and Answers on the Line of Ten Avatars of Vedic Tradition. Some of Thea’s discussions of Sri Aurobindo’s reincarnation as the Divine Son in our Age of Aquarius/Kumbha can be found in Part Four of “Seeing in Understanding” (2020).  

What I am endeavoring to stress and bring into focus in this series, is that Sri Aurobindo’s avataric descent and rebirth in our 9th  (Sagittarius) Manifestation as the Divine Son (=Vishnu’s Kalki Avatar) has served as a seed, catalyst and also as a time-stamp of humanity’s initial birth or shift out of the obstructed and obstructing binary-linear consciousness of the 8th sign of Scorpio, and into the wholistic, cyclical and spherical consciousness, vision, force and will (kavikratu) of the Vedic and Sagittarian Sage-Son-Horse. And as the Vedic Rishis and Sri Aurobindo knew, the birth of this wholistic, spherical, solar or supramental Son-Sage consciousness is accompanied by the release of his seven rivers (aka mothers, cows, mares, etc.) from the aeonic hold and veils of the ignorant binary-linear human mental consciousness. In St. John’s Revelation, this purifying release is depicted as the release of the seven vials or bowls “of God’s Wrath”. In Sri Aurobindo’s “Lotus of the Avatar” symbol [=Vishnu’s Lotus], these seven rivers or seven vials/bowls of the Vedic and Biblical Apocalypse are represented as seven waves. 

Thus Sri Aurobindo’s Lotus can be seen as a symbol of the Divine Son, uplifted by his seven rivers or mothers. Note that Sri Aurobindo’s given name Aravinda, means Lotus. Thus, for those with eyes to see, Sri Aurobindo’s Lotus-Satkona symbol is a symbol of his own avataric dharma to fulfill the ancient prophecy of the birth of the Divine Vedic Son (Sun) out of the waters that hide him. And likewise, for those with eyes to see, Sri Aurobindo’s symbol is a symbol of our Aquarian Age Apocalypse and of Sri Aurobindo’s own key role in it, catalysing the release of the obstructed Vedic, zodiacal and heavenly waters (=seven rivers, cows, mares, etc.) from their Kumbha, reservoir, cave, or vessel. Moreover, his symbol itself can also be seen as a vessel or kumbha—a symbol that is a vessel—containing in itself the seven rivers that he released or poured out via his avataric yoga and descent.

Circa 1910-1914 Sri Aurobindo wrote that “for some two thousand years at least no Indian has really understood the Vedas.” Was he implying that some non-Indians had “really understood” the Vedas and the Vedic symbols? Not at all. He was conveying the importance of India’s emergence from its long-standing ignorance of the Vedas and of the Vedic sacrifice. He recognized India’s capacity and destiny to be, as a nation, the light-bringer and darkness-dispeller of the world ‒ Vishwa Guru ‒ once it recovered the eternal truth of the Vedas from its own pervasive ignorance.

“Religious movements and revolutions have come and gone or left their mark but after all and through all the Veda remains to us our Rock of the Ages, our eternal foundation.... The Upanishads, mighty as they are, only aspire to bring out, arrange philosophically in the language of later thinking and crown with the supreme name of Brahman the eternal knowledge enshrined in the Vedas. Yet for some two thousand years at least no Indian has really understood the Vedas.” – Sri Aurobindo, India’s Rebirth


“The Veda was the beginning of our spiritual knowledge; the Veda will remain its end. These compositions of an unknown antiquity are as the many breasts of the eternal Mother of knowledge from which our succeeding ages have all been fed....

“The recovery of the perfect truth of the Veda is therefore not merely a desideratum for our modern intellectual curiosity, but a practical necessity for the future of the human race. For I believe firmly that the secret concealed in the Veda, when entirely discovered, will be found to formulate perfectly that knowledge and practice of a divine life to which the march of humanity, after long wanderings in the satisfaction of the intellect and senses, must inevitably return.” – Ibid.

Via Thea’s illuminations regarding the zodiacal and cyclical (360°) foundation of the Vedic symbols and lore, we can now clearly understand WHY the Vedic birth or apocalypse of the Divine Son and all related derivative mythologies and symbols have been so widely misunderstood by the binary-linear consciousness for so long. 

When we recognize that their proper zodiacal and spherical context was completely lost upon humanity’s binary-linear and myopic mindset for thousands of years, we can also recognize and have some compassion for the fact that there is absolutely zero chance that humanity could have formed an accurate understanding of the occulted ancient symbols of Vedic and post-Vedic mythologies and religions without the right keys and context. The Vedic Rishis knew this and knew that their symbolic language would be an unsolvable occult mystery, sealed and impermeable to humanity for Ages, until the advent, birth or awakening of the divine, solar, and spherical supramental consciousness of the zodiacal Son/Sage/Horse and the corresponding establishment of this spherical light, key, halo, and seed of unity consciousness in the vessel or Kumbha of the Aquarian “Man” or Human the course of our collective evolutionary journey. They composed their hymns as an enigmatic puzzle to be solved in, and via, the 360° course and force of Time; and they referred to the impenetrable nature of their own language and symbols throughout their hymns. 

The following excerpts from Rig Veda 1.164 gives us a good sense of the impenetrable symbols employed by the Vedic Rishis, and a good sense of how they poeticized the eventual birth, awakening or APOCALYPSE of the divine, supramental Son or Soul out of its womb of Cosmic Ignorance and into the eternal divine cosmic truth of Aditi – the “Mother of Light”. This Vedic Mother, who with her seven daughters (=rivers, sisters, cows, mares, etc.) give birth to the Divine Son, is the 12-fellied, 360-spoked zodiacal year, circle and cycle, which as mentioned earlier, is a microcosm of the Earth’s macrocosmic evolutionary journey via its larger cycles of Time. This journey is the archetypal and ancient “Hero’s Journey” – the Hero being equivalent to the Divine Son or supramental, truth-conscious soul to be born out of the dark cave and obstructions of our divisive egoic mental consciousness in the course and womb of Time. 

“The seven [sages] who on the seven-wheeled car are mounted have horses [mares], seven in tale, who draw them onward. Seven Sisters [=rivers, mares, cows, etc.] utter songs of praise together, in whom the names of the seven Cows are treasured.  

“Who hath beheld [the Son/Agni] as he sprang to being, seen how the boneless One supports the bony? Where is the blood of earth, the life, the spirit? Who may approach the man who knows, to ask it?….

[In] the dank rows of cloud [≈in the womb of the seven rivers-mothers] [6] the Infant [Son] rested. Then the Calf [Son] lowed, and looked upon the Mother, the Cow who wears all shapes in three directions [7]….

[T]he blind discerns not. The son who is a sage [Agni] hath comprehended…. Showing himself a sage [=the Sage of Sagittarius], may here declare it? Whence hath the Godlike spirit had its rising?….

“With [the goddess] Gāyatrī [8] [Agni] measures out the praise-song, Sāma with praise-song, triplet with the Triṣṭup. The triplet with the two or four-foot measure, and with the syllable [9] they form seven metres [=measures=voices=words=rivers].

“With Jagati [10] the flood in heaven [Agni] stablished…. 

“What thing I truly am I know not clearly: mysterious, fettered in my mind I wander. When [Agni] the first-born [Son] of holy Law approached me, then of this speech I first obtain a portion.….

“Upon what syllable of holy praise-song, as twere their highest heaven [vyoman=sky], the Gods repose them,— Who knows not this, what will he do with praise-song [=with the Rig Veda]? But they who know it well sit here assembled….

Twelve are the fellies, and the wheel is single; three are the naves. [11] What man hath understood it? Therein are set together spokes three hundred and sixty, which in nowise can be loosened.” – Rig Veda 1.164.3-4, 9, 16, 24-25, 37, 39 & 48, excerpts, tr. RTH Griffith [All emphasis and text in brackets added]

None of this makes any full or cohesive sense if we do not understand and SEE, that the Rishis saw and understood the Divine Son as the indwelling divine architect, radius, pillar (skambha), measurer, and law-establisher of the 360° Circle of Life – the twelve-month Vedic sacrifice (Yajna) that is now known as the Zodiac. In addition to establishing the form and circumference of the Circle itself, this “Son” measures out the vesica piscis,—which is his own sacred song, voice, syllable, garb, vehicle, river, path, womb, wife, etc., etc.—, and with that sacred and eternal form or Divine Maya, measures out the divine Trinity (Agni’s fire trine) and the twelve months of the Zodiac, as based upon the four cardinal points of the Earth’s Solar/Vedic Year. [See animated gif]

In a real sense, the Divine Son-Sage or Soul (Agni) is born out of the spherical womb and the 360° temporal cycles of his own creation (his own Mother/Matrix), via his own sacred spherical law, measure (maya) and consciousness. And via his own spherical law, measure and consciousness, the Divine Son-Sage or Horse of Sagittarius and his divine companions release all of the Vedic treasures and wealth (rivers, cows, horses, etc.) from the hold, cover or cave of Ignorance. With all of this in mind we can better appreciate Sri Aurobindo’s avataric yoga, supramental descent, and yogic lineage which – 144 years after his birth and 90 years into the Age of Aquarius – resulted in the pouring out of the spherical and geometric sense of the Seven Rivers and, likewise of the Aquarian Kumbha and its waters. And moreover, we can see and understand that the ancient prophecy of the Vedic and Biblical Apocalypse has actually played itself out in the very astrological age the ancient rishis knew it would, and that Sri Aurobindo and his line fulfilled the Divine Son’s (=Kalki Avatar’s) necessary task of reinstating the sanatana dharma (eternal law), ancient solar light, and golden seed of wholistic, unity consciousness which conquers, dissolves humanity’s fragmented binary consciousness.

[Link to Part 123457, 7.2]


[1] As I have explained throughout my writings since the Fall of 2016, this new understanding of the Vedic Rivers was different from what Thea saw, understood, and wrote about the zodiacal sense and placement of these rivers, as presented in The New Way, Vols 1&2. In her view the Vedic rivers were released at the 7 Point of the Zodiac/Gnostic Circle, equivalent to 10° Capricorn. She did not see or discuss the Divine Son and his seven rivers/mothers as symbols of the sacred geometry of the radius and the first seven vesicae piscis of the zodiacal circle, arriving at the Vedic Kumbha (0° Aquarius).

[2] These horses are elsewhere in the Vedas hymned as seven bay horses. In Rig Veda 1.50.8-9 they are identified as daughters, i.e., females or mares, who are equivalent to the seven rivers, mothers, sisters, cows, etc., elsewhere throughout the Vedas.

[3] See The Gnostic Circle (Thea, 1975).

[4] Along similar lines, in The Gnostic Circle, Thea wrote: 

“[The dissolution/mutable] Age of Pisces served to 'undo' the structured teachings and accomplishments of the previous Manifestation, the 8th, and slowly as the Age of Pisces moved on, the seeds were planted for the actual Aquarian Age, the time of Preservation, when the Avatar once more appears to spread the seed of Truth” (p. 100)

“The Mutable, which in the case of this Manifestation was the Age of Pisces, must serve as the force that  breaks down the achievements of the last Manifestation, so that the new can take shape. It is usually a period of 'death', in a sense, a time when Shiva's force is felt in his aspect of dissolution ‒ for the Mutable signs do indeed correspond to Shiva and the guna of Destruction.” (p. 303)

[5] Thea discussed the error of including Buddha as Vishnu’s 9th Avatar, given that he was not born in one of Vishnu’s “Preservation” ages and given his teachings led towards the negation of the Divine Mother and the towards the goal of transcendence, rather than the reestablishment of the divine consciousness on Earth. She saw Sri Aurobindo as Vishnu’s 9th Avatar, reincarnated as the 10th Avatar (=the Divine Son). She referred to both as Kalki, the Supramental Avatar of the 9th Manifestation and of the Aquarian Age.

[6] “[In] the dank rows of cloud” has also been translated as “within the (womb of the) clouds” (tr. H.H. Wilson) and “amid the penned cows.” (tr. Jamison and Brereton)

[7] The cow here is either a reference to the Zodiac as the Mother of Light, divided into three parts or directions by the radius (son) of the circle, or to the vesica piscis (drawn out by the radius/son), three of which divide the circle into three even 120° (432,000”) segments. 

[8] Gāyatrī, is a Vedic goddess/sacred song, companion of the solar god Gayatra, often specifically associated with the Gayatri Mantra. It is also a prominent triadic 24-syllable (8+8+8) measure of Vedic verses. In my view Gayatri here is not referring to a particular Vedic mantra or stanza, but rather the goddess Gayatri who is, like other Vedic goddesses, associated with the number and measure of three, such as the three mothers, cows, rivers, etc. The Sanskrit root gaya is often translated as “wealth”, and tri, connotes three. Thus, the goddess/song of Gayatri can be understood as another reference to the eternal measure, form, law of the vesica piscis which divides the 360° circle of the Zodiac into three.

[9] See: “The Sacred Measure of 432,000 ⁓ Part 4: The Sacred Syllable of the Rig Veda”.

[10] Jagati is typically considered to be a quadratic 48-sylabble (12+12+12+12) measure of Vedic verses. But it is notable that elsewhere in the Vedas, jagati refers to a moving female animal or animals (jagatīṣu), such as the cows and mares associated with Agni’s birth. In RV 6.72.4, these moving creatures are entirely equivalent to the seven cows (=rivers, mothers, mares, etc.) that give birth to Agni as the purified (white) sage, son and horse – Soma Pavamana. Thus, jagati in Rig Veda 1.164 can be seen as yet another a symbol of the vesica piscis by which the Divine Son Agni establishes his seven-fold “flood in heaven”.

“Ye slew the flood-obstructing serpent Vṛtra, Indra and Soma: Heaven approved your exploit. Ye urged to speed the currents of the rivers, and many seas have ye filled full with waters. Ye in the unripe udders of the milch-kine have set the ripe milk, Indra, thou, and Soma. Ye have held fast the unimpeded whiteness within these many-coloured moving creatures.” – Rig Veda 6.72.3-4, tr. RTH Griffith

[11] Most translate trīṇi nabhyāni as three naves, hubs or centers of the wheel. Thea considered these three naves to be a description of the hubs of three concentric circles, such as the three concentric circles of the Mother’s Symbol. I consider trīṇi nabhyāni in this hymn to be equivalent to the three vesicae piscis, i.e., the three mothers-rivers (=clouds) that divide the circumference of the Vedic Year/Zodiac into three even 120° (=432,000") arcs. According to the Cologne Sanskrit Digital Lexicon, the root nabh denotes “an opening, fissure, spring” RV. ix, 74, 6”, nabha denotes “bursting forth…or expanding”, nabhas denotes “mist, clouds, vapour”, and nabhya denotes “foggy , moist , cloudy”, and in the Atharva Veda, (written post-Rig Veda) “the centre part of a wheel, the nave”. In Rig Veda 9.73.1 nābhayaḥ, translated by RTH Griffith as “naves”, are entirely equivalent to the seven rivers, cows, mothers, drops of soma, or clouds/mists that speed, with the divine son, to the Kumbha of Aquarius, aka the womb of Truth and of the Vedic Year/Sacrifice (ṛtasya yonā).

“[The streams] from the spouting drop [[=the Kumbha/Jar of Aquarius]] have sounded at the rim: naves speed together to the place of sacrifice. That [God] hath formed, to seize, three lofty heights. The ships of truth have borne the pious man across.” – Rig Veda 9.66.12, tr. RTH Griffith [Text in single brackets tr. by HH Wilson]

Corresponding equivalent descriptions of the seven cows, rivers, drops, etc. (=vesicae piscis) speeding to the “place of sacrifice” (=the womb or yoni of Truth=the lake, reservoir, ocean=the Kumbha of Aquarius) can be found in various hymns, including the following.

Like milch-kine [=rivers] coming home, the drops of Soma juice have reached the lake [samudra=reservoir or ocean], have reached the place of sacrifice. – Rig Veda 9.66.12, tr. RTH Griffith

Seven Milch-kine [=rivers] glorify the Tawny-coloured One [the Son-Sage of the Waters Agni] while with his wave in wool he purifies himself. The living men, the mighty, have impelled the Sage into the waters' lap, the place of sacrifice.” – Rig Veda 9.86.25, tr. RTH Griffith


"The streams of [Agni, Son of the Waters]…Finder of all, have been effused,... Accelerated by the hymn, the rapid drops of Soma juice have flowed, urged onward, to the lake. Easily have the living drops, made beautiful, approached the lake, yea, to the place of sacrifice.... Loud neighs the [Horse] Etaśa, with singers, harnessed for the place, guided for travel to the lake. What time the Swift One [Agni] resteth in the golden place of sacrifice, he leaves the foolish far away…. Soma [Agni], coming as a Sage from heaven to prosper us, flow like the Sun for us to see." – Rig Veda 9.64.7,17, 19-20, 30, excerpts tr. RTH Griffith [All emphasis and text in brackets added]

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