Lost Secrets of the Rig Veda Recovered

Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom (© Lori Tompkins, 360Lotus Press, January 2018, p. 123).
'I believe [the] Veda to be the foundation of the Sanatan Dharma; I believe it to be the concealed divinity within Hinduism, — but a veil has to be drawn aside, a curtain has to be lifted. I believe it to be knowable and discoverable. I believe the future of India and the world to depend on its discovery and on its application, not to the renunciation of life, but to life in the world and among men.
…Religious movements and revolutions have come and gone or left their mark but after all and through all the Veda remains to us our Rock of the Ages, our eternal foundation…. Yet for some two thousand years at least no Indian has really understood the Vedas.'
- Sri Aurobindo, India’s Rebirth, pp. 256-57, 265-66

I got a lovely surprise package from India today. It was Vol. 64, Issue 15 of Bhavan's Journal. I flipped through it to see that they had published an article I had sent them in early February. This 5-page article, featuring the above quote, can currently be viewed on Bhavan's website (pp. 72-76). I imagine this free issue will soon be substituted with subsequent current issues. Here are a few passages of the article:

'In the year 2016, the vesica piscis revealed itself to be a central key by which the encrypted language of the Vedic Rishis can be decrypted and better understood. Details of how this key came to light and all that it illuminates are found in my book Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom (2018). This key was born through Sri Aurobindo’s yogic lineage and it contributes to his yogic adesh or mission to uplift the Sanatana Dharma underlying India’s ancient spiritual traditions and lore. 

'… In Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, I have laid out the research backing up [this discovery and many related discoveries] and the yogic path by which they were made. The vesica piscis’s role in the Rig Veda has been a long-kept or long-forgotten secret of the Vedic Rishis. It is simultaneously the mother, the womb, the concealing water, the robe, mantle and covering veil of the Vedic hero who is a symbol of the radius of the circle. It is the weapon and great step of Vishnu who is known throughout Indian lore as the Preserver of Sanatana Dharma. The vesica piscis is also the geometric basis of Vishnu’s first and second avatars, Matsya (the Fish) and Kurma (the Turtle). …Vishnu’s turtle form builds upon the basis of this ‘fish’. [See image above.]

His turtle legs are formed via four overlapping vesicae piscis, drawn out from the four cardinal points of the Earth’s year, marking out the four Preservation signs of the Zodiac – Taurus (Vrishaba), Leo (Simha), Scorpio (Vrishchika) and Aquarius (Kumbha).'  [bold emphasis added].

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