The Convergence of Putin’s War & the Mother’s 144-Year Birth Anniversary ⁓ A Cosmological Perspective ⁓ Part Two ⁓ Addendum 2

[Link to Parts One or Two or Addendum 1. The quotes of these two Addendums give a sense of how Sri Aurobindo and the Mother – who Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet discussed as ‘evolutionary avatars” – saw and discussed international and political affairs in relation to the evolution of consciousness on Earth. All bold emphasis added. Note: On 12 May 2022 I added excerpts from two entries from The Mother’s Agenda to Addendum 1: 30 October 1962 and 17 November 1962.]

The Mother, 1 January 1967 (CWM, Vol. 15, p. 175)

Men, countries, continents!
The choice is imperative:
Truth or the abyss. 

The Mother, 26 May 1967

(Agenda note: A disciple asks Mother, "What is the meaning of 'abyss' in your New Year Message?" Mother's reply, in English:) 

Right now there is a great tension. They have all taken positions as if to start war. It is the blind passion that men put into their international relations. 

At the base of it all there is fear, general distrust, and what they believe to be their "interests" (money, business) – a combination of these three things. When these three lowest passions of humanity are brought into play, that is what I call "the abyss." 

When someone has decided to consecrate his life to the seeking for the Divine, if he is sincere, that is to say, if the resolution is sincere and carried out sincerely, there is absolutely nothing to fear, because all that happens or will happen to him will lead him by the shortest way to this realisation. 

That is the response of the Grace. People believe that the Grace means making everything smooth for all your life. It is not true. The Grace works for the realisation of your aspiration and everything is arranged to gain the most prompt, the quickest realisation – so there is nothing to fear. 

Fear comes with insincerity. If you want a comfortable life, agreeable circumstances, etc., you are putting conditions and restrictions, and then you can fear. But it has no business in the sadhana! – The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 8


The Mother, 7 June 1967 [Regarding the Six Day/Arab–Israeli War  5–10 June 1967]

Mon petit, ships can no longer sail past Port Said: the Suez Canal is closed. [1]

What's going to happen? 

...We are just like this (gesture hanging in balance between two chasms).

Yesterday, I would have answered very strongly.... Let me tell you what happened. We had here an American, a very nice boy who, before he came here, was a paratroop instructor in Israel's army. I don't think he is an Israeli, I think he's American; I am sure his nationality is American, I saw his passport. But he was a paratroop instructor in Israel's army. When those two started quarreling, he wrote me a letter in which he explained that, and also paid great compliments to the Israeli nation, saying they had achieved a really remarkable sense of brotherhood and cooperation. That was his impression of the country. And he said that if war broke out, he would like to go back there to help them as much as he could. So as soon as they started bombing each other, he decided to go. He left yesterday evening. And I saw him in the afternoon, before he left. He is a sincere man. While he was here, Sri Aurobindo ... (how can I explain?), the impression is that Sri Aurobindo "concretizes" (he is always here, but at certain times he seems to concretize, as though ... [Mother makes a gesture of gathering or condensing]. That's really the impression: he concretizes and starts speaking). So then, first Sri Aurobindo said to him (but there was a whole WORLD in it), "My blessings are with you." The man was very touched (I didn't tell him it was Sri Aurobindo; I spoke, you understand, it was my mouth that spoke then, but it was Sri Aurobindo who spoke). Then I concentrated, and Sri Aurobindo said with great force: 

"All the countries live in falsehood. If only one country stood courageously for truth, the world might be saved." 


Towards the end of the day, when I was alone, I began asking Sri Aurobindo precisely what he meant.... Naturally, his hope is that the country that stood for Truth would be India – for the moment, she is very far from it. But ... And since the subject was before me, I asked him how he saw the terrestrial possibility in a harmonious future. 

Then he said to me – it was very simple, very clear: "A federation of all nations and countries without exception, all continents. A single federation: the federation of all human nations of the earth." And a group – a governing group – consisting of one representative from each country, the most able man from the standpoint of political and economic organization. And nothing of the proportional question that would give large countries many representatives and small ones only one – one representative for every country. Because every country represents one aspect of the problem. And they would sit in rotation. It was a vast vision, not so much with words as with a vision. 

That's where things stand. Today ... Have you heard today's news? 

[The Egyptians] have blocked Suez and broken off with the U.S. 

All the Muslim countries, including Algeria and so on, have been ordered to break off with America and Britain. [Agenda note: Also to stop selling them oil]. I don't know if all this news is true, but there is also a general pressure from all countries, from America and Britain, for instance, and at the same time from Russia, for a cease-fire, to stop the conflict. 

If this news is true (because the amount of lies that are passed around is unbelievable), if this news is true, it means the Pressure is beginning – the pressure of the Consciousness. It has already started acting. 

You see, every national entity has a right to free and independent existence, provided it doesn't interfere in the free and independent existence of all other entities. Ambitions, territorial expansions – of course, all colonies and all of that – must be swept out of the picture. To defend themselves, the Egyptians say that the Israelis had publicly declared that Israel's border should be the Nile – I don't know if that's true. I don't know if it's true because everybody tells lies. On their part, the Egyptians publicly declared three years ago (it was a public declaration), they publicly declared that the Israeli nation had no right to exist and had to disappear. 

Three days ago, Nasser declared that he wanted "the destruction of Israel: wiped off the map." 

Yes, that's it. But three years ago, they declared that Israel shouldn't exist. So that clearly puts them in the wrong

I don't know how the others replied.... The whole world lives in falsehood, without a doubt, but one thing must be established in an absolute way: the right of each nation or country to individual existence, provided it doesn't interfere in another nation's right. That should be the base

Of course, they will start arguing: "BUT at that time, things were like that; at that time they were like this; and in the past this was ours; in the past..." Endless arguments. So there should be a higher vision, which means a balanced and just and deep vision of things, capable of saying, "This is how it is." Otherwise there would be an indefinite source of arguments. 

For the moment, at any rate, all diplomatic relations are based on falsehood – and the crudest falsehood at that: it's recognized as a necessity and the only way out. That's how they consider it. So that's what must be abolished to begin with. – The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 8


The Mother, 28 February 1968
[The Inauguration of Auroville took place on 29 February 1968]

I told you that the Soviet consul is enthusiastic! He saw the Charter [of Auroville] – in English first (in English, there is Divine’s Consciousness, with the apostrophe).  He said, "It’s a pity, it evokes the idea of God." [2] And S., who had been there, said, "It’s not that at all! There’s nothing religious in all this affair. We’ll show you the French." Then he read conscience divine [divine consciousness], and he was satisfied. He said, "This is just what we want to realize, and without these words it would be officially recognized and supported by the Soviet government..... I allowed him to use the words that would be acceptable to his government. The Soviet consul said yes, he was very glad. He said, "When the Soviet government officially supports something, it’s serious." – It’s true, I know it, they are very generous. So I hope it will have a favorable result. And you see, it’s just what I wanted: in America, for a long time they have been enthusiastic – which is good, but perhaps they don’t understand so well; the Russians, in their nature, are mystic, and as that has been oppressed, suppressed, naturally it has gained a lot of force. And now it tends to want to burst. – The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 9


The Mother, 18 May 1968

Yesterday, I saw someone whom I don’t want to name and I started talking to her. I didn’t know, there wasn’t any thought or anything before. I started speaking, and I said, "There we are, we are at the time when we are going to see things....[Agenda note: This is the time of the students’ revolt in Paris, May 1968.] There are long, long, very long periods during which things are prepared; there is, afterwards, a very long, very long period during which things develop, organize, settle and bear consequences; but between this and that, there is a moment when things are done, when they happen. It’s not always very long (sometimes it is, at other times it’s very brief), but that’s when something happens. And that "something" is what will give the world a new development. Well, we are just – as it happens, we are just at such a moment. Which means that if we are (people, most of the time, are blind), if we aren’t blind, if our eyes are open, we WILL SEE, we will see things

The occasion for all that (to place the thing) was that I said, "The U.S. president will go to Russia to sign a peace treaty with Vietnam...." [Agenda note: It is in January 1973 that a cease-fire will come into effect in Vietnam.] There are two similar circumstances at the same time, so that three peace treaties are going to be signed at the same time. 

When events start following such a trend, it shows we are going to see things. 


Some people are in the night, in the past, in falsehood up to here (gesture to the eyebrows), they see nothing, nothing, nothing – they will go right to the end without seeing anything. 

But those whose eyes are open will see. The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 9


The Mother, 3 April 1968 

I saw [P.L. – the member of the Roman Curia] yesterday. He spoke to me, but I didn’t hear. I don’t know what he told me. But I VERY STRONGLY had – very strongly, and it lasted a long time – the sense of the beginning, the commencement ... the start of something like an action or a series of events that would have great importance for the development of the earth. [3]

Very strong: it lasted for hours, that impression. And for me it’s quite unaccustomed, because generally, outward things ... (Mother shakes her head) it’s all so relative, all events are so relative that they don’t leave any impression. 

Quite unusual. And unexpected. 

It’s like a door opening onto something that will have a rather considerable importance in the development of the earth. I didn’t feel he himself was conscious.... It somewhat exceeded human consciousnesses. But I clearly saw, very clearly saw the Pope. 

…[As soon as P.L. gets to Rome], he’ll ask for an audience. 

It’s quite (it remained for hours), quite unaccustomed: something far exceeding human individualities, and it was the beginning of something very important in the history of the earth’s evolution.…

It’s strange, a strange sensation.... You know, like turning a page. Yesterday and right up to now, it’s been so strong: the sense of something going like this (gesture of turning a page), and that was the beginning. And you know, nothing in the head, not a thought or anything: only a sort of perception of something going like this (same gesture) and... 

We should note the date – maybe in ten or twenty years we’ll understand! 

Yesterday was April 2, yes, the 2nd. It was a curious date: 2-4-6-8 [April 2, 1968]. Two, four, six, eight. And the impression was of something going like this, like a page that’s been turned, and then ... the beginning. Or if you like (it’s not a geometrical sensation, but ...), the sense of a curve that has come to its end, and another one starting. But that’s not as good as the image of an immense page falling back, and something beginning. It’s blank, it’s ... just the beginning. 

And no perception of a personal thing: individualities [e.g., P.L.] are just like pawns that have been used for starting, that’s all. The movement, the origin of the movement is infinitely higher and vaster than any physical personality. 

Truly the perception that everyone and everything are nothing but pawns, like that (gesture as on a chessboard), which are set in motion, but ... 

We’ll see. 

We should note that. 

Still, does it have something to do with the Pope? 

Yes. With Christendom. 

(Mother again goes into a long contemplation) 

Since yesterday (it didn’t seem related to the first experience), but the whole day, my way of reacting (inwardly, not outwardly), my way of reacting to things, my way of MATERIALLY looking at all things – it was completely changed. 

There was, as it were, a new person ... even expressing surprise at the old reactions, wondering, "What! Did I use to react like that?" ("I," meaning the body, of course.) "Now it’s not that any longer." 

And it’s still very strong now, as though ... not a new personality, but a new way of being, were there. And not a personal way of being: it’s like a great stream

It’s very, very strange. 

I had three very difficult days, really very difficult, even dangerous; then by a stiffening of the will, and with a sort of very active work of surrender of all the cells, yesterday that was the outcome. 

Very odd, very odd. 

We’ll see! (Mother laughs) The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 9


The Mother, 22 May 1968

That’s what I had been told. I had been told it was the first movement – the first indication, the first movement of Christendom’s conversion to the Truth. It was clearly indicated that it had been DECREED. That’s what I had seen. 

I had never seen a thing like that! I told you, when I was in the room [where Mother receives visitors] and P.L. came in, there came something so...serious (what’s the right word?), something that had the importance and stability of great terrestrial movements, of great ages – the beginning of a great age. [Agenda note: See conversation of 3 April 1968.] I had never felt that. That was before he left [for the Vatican]. Then I looked and saw it was decreed from on high: the beginning of Christendom’s conversion to the Truth – Christendom as a whole. 

They have felt something there: I told you there was such a violent attack.... It’s mostly P.L. who has been the victim, and me in part: it touched this body. But you know, even from the most ordinary, outward point of view, the healing was miraculous. Those things [the swelling] generally last for eight to ten days – it was over in two days. That was ... Even my body, though it’s used to being in contact with the forces, was wonderstruck. It was miraculous. 

The concrete action of this Force, which Sri Aurobindo called the "supramental force," its first contact and first aspect is an aspect of Truth. As Sri Aurobindo said, Truth had to manifest first, before the Power of Love. 

In comparison with the course life used to follow, it’s really something of a miracle – miracle in the sense that the speed of the transformation and action is at the very least unusual….

De Gaulle is open to something more than the purely material force. Is he capable? I don’t know. At any rate, he is among the best instruments. 

It’s clearly (not in the detail of it, but in the direction of the movement), clearly a will to have done with the past and to open the door to the future

It’s like a sort of revulsion with stagnation. That’s it. A thirst for something which is ahead and appears more luminous, better. And indeed there IS something – it’s not just imagination: there IS something. That’s the beauty of it, it’s that there is something. There IS a Response. There IS a Force that wants ... to express itself. 

France is in a privileged situation: India first and France afterwards, for reasons of ... simply of receptivity. France has always tried to be ahead – which in fact is why this body was born there. 


The newspapers speak of a strike by several million people there (that’s what those children wrote). It doesn’t look like a strike at all, it looks like a revolution. I know that. I don’t know if I have ever told you, but there has been – there has always been – an identification of this body’s consciousness with all revolutionary movements. I have always known and guided them even before news of them came out: in Russia, in Italy, in Spain and elsewhere – always, everywhere. And essentially, it was always the same Force seeking to hasten the coming of the future – always – but constrained to adapt its means of action to the state of the mass

And now, the state of the earth would seem to be precisely such that what is at the very least being prepared (if it’s not yet actually like that) is the manifestation of the mass in a kind of silent and immobile will.... And that’s an intermediate period to reach the condition in which this mass will be held under the control and directly driven by the Power from above. That’s where we are heading. – The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 9


The Mother, 28 August 1968

[The Mother was halfway through her 90th year. Agenda note: On August 20, Russia invaded Czechoslovakia. Blog note: This invasion ended Czechoslovakia’s Prague Spring]

Many things are stirring over there.... You know the events in Czechoslovakia. [4] Things are stirring…. 

I am sure the movement has begun. How long will it take to reach a concrete, visible and organized realization? I don’t know. Something has started.... It would seem to be the onrush of the new species, the new creation, or at any rate a new creation. A terrestrial reorganization and a new creation

For me, things have become very acute.... It was impossible to utter one word, one single word: as soon as I spoke, I would start coughing and coughing. Then I saw it was decided that I shouldn’t speak. I remained like that and let the curve unfold. Afterwards, I understood. We haven’t reached the end, but ... (how should I put it?) we are on the other side. At one point things were so acute ... Usually I don’t lose patience, but it had reached the point where everything, just everything in the being was as if annulled. Not only could I not speak, but my head was in a state it had never been in my whole existence – painful, you know. I couldn’t see anything anymore, couldn’t hear anything anymore. Then, one day (I’ll tell you the experiences afterwards), one day when things were really ... it was difficult, painful all over, the body said, it said really very spontaneously and very strongly, "I don’t care in the least about being dissolved, I am quite ready to live, but this condition is impossible, it cannot go on – either live or die, but not this." And from that moment on, things started improving slightly. Little by little, they took their place and were sorted out... – The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 9


The Mother, 19 April 1969

Everything is in a sort of hubbub. The whole country. You know there’s now a Communist government in Bengal …. It would be better not to record this (Mother touches the microphone).

[N.S.] had been sent by Indira to ask me questions about what should be done [about the bloodshed in Bengal]…. The previous days I had seen all kinds of catastrophic things. (I didn’t know what the situation was.) When I was told, I instantly knew: I saw the Chinese HERE. Yes. It stirred me a lot, a lot. And with HORRIBLE things, horrible. 

So I had to send someone immediately to tell [Indira], “For heaven’s sake, support the army.” It’s India’s only hope. The army is good, but it’s not supported. But that shouldn’t be told, because I am not supposed to concern myself with politics, so … 

But it seems that in three States the Communists WANT the Chinese to come. That’s dreadful. The Chinese, mon petit, you can’t imagine what it is …. Horrible! They’re horrible. With a cold, terrible cruelty. 

So it’s been very, very difficult these last few days. 

It’s almost a miracle: Indira all of a sudden realized (N.S. told me so) that she doesn’t have the required knowledge or the required power to face circumstances, so she told N.S. to come and see me and ask me to help her. 

Then I understood why I had seen all those circumstances – for several days it was all about India, and I saw it was serious, very serious.…

[I saw a man whose] own opinion is that it’s only Sri Aurobindo’s thought that can save China. China is extremely intellectual; if the Chinese intelligence were captured by Sri Aurobindo’s thought, it would be … That seems to be the sole, the only hope. But Formosa [Taiwan], which is nothing, is wholly with us. 

Yes, but that’s not much. 

It’s nothing. The Soviets were a very great danger, but now they seem … they seem to begin to understand. They’re divided among themselves. 

But here, it’s really a growing monster. 

Oh, it’s formidable….


America is extremely interested in Auroville. Russia is extremely interested in Auroville. The Chinese … nothing, absolutely nothing, no response. 

They are … I don’t know how to … The impression is of something stonelike. It doesn’t respond. 

(long silence) 

For … for years, even from the time Sri Aurobindo was here, there had been the vision – an inner vision – that India is the place where the fate of the earth will be decided. So the two opposite possibilities are there. As if it were said that if there were war, it would be over India; that the world conflict … (how can I put it?), the ISSUE would be played out over India. But will the Force of Peace be sufficient to prevent war? There’s the whole question. But the whirl of forces is here, over India. 

And since this Consciousness came, things have been accelerating. It has given a great rapidity of movement to circumstances. But then, it’s becoming urgent. And … oh, falsehood, duplicity … oh, everything seems to be rising to the surface – it’s hideous. Will the … the Force of Harmony and Peace be strong enough to … to digest all that? I don’t know. 

I thought (there were all kinds of things going on, like pictures of possibilities), I thought it was in the body’s makeup, that it was coming out in order to be purified. Now I realize it may have been partly that, but that all those pictures correspond to things taking place at present [in the world]. And if they are true … the things to come are rather catastrophic. 

There is always this inner will to … (gesture of pressure to establish peace). 

As if it were, I can’t say a last conflict, but it’s becoming … it’s becoming immediate. 

It’s like a conflict between the forces that want to destroy the earth and the terrestrial transformation. If those forces can be checked, can be mastered or rendered powerless, then the earth’s progress and transformation will go on soaring up – magnificent! But now … monsters seem to be coming up from every side to prevent that


It’s exactly as if we were sitting on top of a volcano: either the volcano must fall extinct, or everything is going to blow up. That’s how it is. 


(Account of N.S.’s visit on April 17, 1969. Mother’s words were noted down in English from memory, and are therefore approximate.) 

1. When N.S. spoke of what Indira said about the troubles she is having and the difficulties she is facing and that she wanted the Mother’s help, strength and guidance, the Mother said She knew very well about all this, and that she was constantly giving Her help and blessings to Indira. 

2. Regarding the danger of Communism, the Mother said that Communism is a truth that has been distorted and that when the truth comes out, the distortion will fall off. The truth is that all one’s efforts and all one’s work should be turned not to the State, but to the Divine. 

3. There is only one country in the world that knows that there is only one Truth to which everything should be turned, and that is India. Other countries have forgotten this, but in India it is ingrained in the people, and one day it will come out. 

4. We must all recognize this and work for this. India is the cradle of the Truth and will lead the world to Truth. India will find its real place in the world when it realizes this

5. The Mother asked N.S. to say to Indira that she should decide to become an obedient, faithful and devoted servant of the Truth and the Truth alone, and then nothing could obstruct her. All outward difficulties and even persons trying to upset her position will not be able to affect her, and if they seem to succeed, if she is firm in her faith and in her devotion to serve the Truth, nothing can prevail against her. 

6. To be a true servitor of the Truth one must forget all one’s personal desires and preferences and have only the thought to serve the Truth. 

7. The Mother then said to N.S. personally and hoped that the men present would not be offended, that it is only women who know how to use this Power that comes from serving the Truth. 

8. The Mother also said to convey to Indira that she must know that the laws of man cannot stand before the laws of the Divine and ultimately it is the laws of the Divine that will prevail

9. The Mother said that the new Consciousness that has descended on the 1st of January [1969] is very active, and that we have come to a very critical time in the history of the world, and it is most interesting to watch how things are happening. This new Consciousness is preparing for the Superman and so there are big changes happening all around. When the first man developed, the animal had no mind and could not appreciate the evolution. Man has mind and can appreciate the evolution. That is why this is the most interesting time in history. If one can stand in that consciousness and watch the happenings from above, one can see how small and futile they are and one can then act upon them with a great Power. 

10. The Mother said to N.S. that She wants Indira to continue in her present position because the Mother is able to work through her as she is sincerely trying to serve the country. 

11. The Mother said: “I know the conditions of the country. Even if one person could put himself faithfully at the disposal of the Truth, he could change the country and the world.” 

12. The Mother said that Auroville is the only hope for preventing a new world war. Tensions are growing and the situation is becoming very critical. But only the Idea of Auroville, if it can become more widespread, can prevent world war. [5]

13. The children who are born at this time are fortunate. The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 10


The Mother, 31 January 1970

It is when all appears to be lost that all can be saved.
When one has lost trust in one's personal power,
one must have faith in the Divine Grace.
28 January 1970  

[T]he old system of personal property is collapsing in the world. Only, as usual, it collapses in a disgusting manner.... 

But in India’s constitution there was an article stating that personal property could in no way be taken away, in other words affirming the right to personal property. Now they’ll remove it, they will say that “in certain cases” it can be taken away. So you understand … 

It’s obvious, I know it: it’s past, it will go – personal property is the past. Only … You see, the Russians said it was the State that replaced the person, and then (laughing) what happened with the State? – It’s the State that has grown rich at the expense of everybody else. Now they are back-pedaling. But the other countries, without having the common sense of benefiting from the experience, want to follow the same blunder.... 

But no one has yet dared to say: money is a force and belongs to nobody, but it must be used by the most disinterested and clearsighted person (or persons) in the country. 

We haven’t come to that point yet. 

Far from it! It will take a few hundred years – maybe not so much.... The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 11


The Mother, 7 February 1970 

Yes, what’s going on on the earth is really ugly.… A few days ago, I had the visit of a woman from Vietnam (I think she is from Vietnam), whom I had already seen many years ago. So she came back and saw me. She sat down in front of me (a small woman, short and plump, very sweet), and she said, “I have come because we have been at war for twenty-five years....” And there was such sorrow in her atmosphere, it was … oh, so pitiful! “For TWENTY-FIVE YEARS we have been at war,” she told me, “so I have come: can we hope for peace?...” And I felt … (Mother closes her eyes).


That’s it: they are so proud because they go to the moon, and they’re slaughtering each other on the earth….

People themselves are so unconscious. Did I tell you the story of those poor little seals?…[See the Mother’s 11 Oct 1969 Agenda entry regarding the slaughter of baby seals.] Such unconsciousness! If they could only feel a little the suffering they inflict on others, it might make them stop (?) ….

And then, I get letters (from children) asking me, “Why? Why has the Supreme Lord allowed things to be like this?...” That’s what I receive most often. But as soon as there is a TRUE CONTACT … it’s over. 

Then there are those who said (I forget who, in what religion), “But God does not suffer!...” (Mother laughs) So that made people still more furious: “Yes, HE doesn’t suffer; he makes us all suffer while HE doesn’t!” (Mother laughs) Maybe he finds it amusing! 

I remember that poor Bharatidi (she was a rebel), once, long ago, we prepared together a play to be staged, and one day she told me (we were with all those who were going to play), “To think that God sees all this and tolerates it!” (Mother laughs) I told her, “Maybe he doesn’t see it as we do!” 

I found it amusing because she was a very intelligent woman.… The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 11


The Mother, 7 April 1971

I received some news from Indira, who told me that they’re sending all the help they can up there [to Bangladesh]. They are taking a very positive position. But she says that the outcome will probably be war with Pakistan, and maybe even with China – they’re expecting it.…You know that they had asked my advice? And I told them that they had to help urgently (that letter was hand-delivered to her). And her answer was brought back to me. She said she agreed, that they were already doing it: even medical assistance and everything. They’re sending everything. But West Pakistan wrote to Russia ... (Mother tries to recall). [The Russians are] angry, because they had advised them not to start a war, and the advice was not followed. So now they [the Pakistanis] say: India had better not help because ... that would mean war. And Russia sent this information to India. And China has clearly taken a position for Pakistan. 

So it may get very nasty….Both England and America are still like this (vacillating gesture)…. 

It’s obvious that India is the symbol of the New World in formation, so India must be “one,” symbolically, in order for the New World to see the light of day.... 

You see, the Force is so active.... Lies that have gone on for years are becoming visible here too – the mixture is everywhere. Such a ... such a force of truth would be needed, you know, a force that would be great enough to overcome all that


For me, Victory is certain, but I don’t know if it’s tomorrow or ... (gesture into the distance). I don’t know what road we will take to get there. Victory is certain, that’s obvious, but what road are we going to take to get there? And it very much depends on our individual position; that’s what they don’t understand. We must cling, cling so tightly to the Truth that nothing can touch us. 


It always comes back to the same thing: “What You will, Lord, what You will.” But that has become formidable. – The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 12


The Mother, 8 May 1971

[Y]esterday, from a quite reliable source, I was told that every country – almost every foreign country – has recognized Bangladesh and only India has not (and another one I don’t remember). Today I am told that Indira said that no country has granted recognition. Well.... So you see, the lying is official. 

Yes, it’s official. But did you see...? I’ve just now seen Indira’s statement in the newspapers:

“The Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi today set to rest all speculations about an early recognition of Bangladesh by indicating quite clearly that the government of India did not propose to do so in the near future.” (The Hindu, May 8, 1971) 

Also I was told that Russia was the one opposed to recognition because she wanted to bring about a compromise with Pakistan. That’s what I was told. But since everything is lies, one just doesn’t know. 

Yes. In any event, no country, not one has officially recognized Bangladesh – not a single one. 

So what she said was true then! 

Yes, and here [in “The Hindu”] they say: 

“The Soviet Prime Minister, Mr. Kosygin, is reliably reported to have sent two letters to President Yahya Khan of Pakistan urging a negotiated settlement on East Bengal crisis, and to have asked Mrs. Indira Gandhi not to escalate the crisis so that the peaceful solution which both Russia and India want may be achieved.” 

In other words, they’re seeking a compromise, like the last time at Tashkent

(Mother raises her arms) ... Everything has to be started all over again. 

But is it true, there was a rumor going around the Ashram yesterday or the day before that you had sent a new message to Indira Gandhi saying that if she did not recognize Bangladesh, there was no point in her asking your advice.... 

No, I didn’t send the message. …I said it to U. just like that. …So he may have got it into his head to tell her, I don’t know. 

And I heard also that you said that if she didn’t recognize Bangladesh, there would be even more serious consequences in the future. 

Yes, I think so. …It becomes more difficult each time. Each time they put the thing off.... Oh, if only they had done it immediately, it would have been very good. Now, it’s five weeks already.... It’s already more difficult. If they put it off again, it will be even more difficult. 

But anyway, I didn’t send any message.

Naturally, she thinks I don’t have all the facts – but of course! 

She knows better than you obviously! But really if she had the slightest inner discernment, she would understand that you have a wider vision of things. 

Yes, but that.... You see, there are different ... (what shall I say?) they’re like “layers of conditioning” (gesture of levels), and I always try to lead people to the highest layer so that things happen without too much difficulty; but they always insist on being on the lowest layer, the nearest one. So that causes.... That’s how things get complicated. If those who are capable of pulling down from above at one stroke were there [in the government], things would go swiftly and smoothly, but it’s those who have the nearest conditioning and naturally understand the nearest who are there – those people are there [in the government]. And so things have to follow a certain (meandering gesture) path, and it’s endless. 

Well, that means the world is not ready! 


It will take another few hundred years. 

People don’t understand. Things have to follow a comfortable little path. (Mother draws meandering paths in the air) That way, they understand…. 

You see, the faith of people is a superstition – it’s not faith, it’s superstition. Now there are more and more people who think they have faith, and they ask me ridiculous things! They have superstitions like.... Someone brings me a child born with a deformed arm, and the superstition is that if I put my hand on the arm of the child, he’ll be healed.... Things like that. It’s completely stupid. That’s not Power! They need a little miracle, you know, at their level. 

Humanity is still very small, very small, very small. … They have chosen, they have chosen the path of the turtle. So that’s how it will be. 

There are moments – what Sri Aurobindo called The Hour of God – there are moments when the true, the true miracle is possible; if that moment is missed, then the world will go ... at its turtle pace. 

And it’s hard – a lot of suffering, a lot of complications.... But faith, who has faith? True faith. (silence) But you see, even those who are here attribute purely human feelings and reactions to me.... So.... The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 12


The Mother, 12 May 1971 

I disapprove totally of violence. Each act of violence is a step back on the path leading to the goal to which we aspire. The Divine is everywhere and always supremely conscious. Nothing must ever be done that cannot be done before the Divine. – The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 12


The Mother, 15 May 1971 

What do you bring? 

The idea came to me to write an article on “Sri Aurobindo and Bangladesh....” But I don’t know whether it would be helpful, or whether anything should be said at all. 

But where could it be published? 

I think in one of the newspapers in India, that’s easy. 

What did you write? I am curious. 

(Satprem reads the article. At one point in the text, he briefly mentions what he thinks each country represents: France = clarity of intellect; Germany = ingenuity; Russia = the brotherhood of man.... Mother interrupts:) 

You said nothing for the United States. What is it? 

Practical organization. 

(Satprem finishes his reading) 

Oh, it’s good!... It should be put into proper English….

It’s full of power, that power has to be kept.… And I wouldn’t sign your name. I would put “A lover of India,” something like that…. The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 12

[Satprem’s article “Sri Aurobindo and Bangladesh” was also published in The Mother’s Agenda, see: “Addendum” of 15 May 1971.]


The Mother, 17 July 1971

[O]ne has the impression that America is doing the politics of the adverse forces. You’d say they’re working for the adverse forces.... 


Do you know that the President of the United States [Nixon] is going to China? 

Yes, can you beat that! And they’re not trying to make a rapprochement with the Russians, far from it. 

No, of course not! 

In other words, they’re doing everything just the reverse. 


(silence, then Mother raises her arms in a gesture of helplessness) 

Did you bring something? 

Yes, there’s your April message, which has to be translated into French for the Bulletin: 

We are at one of these “Hours of God,” when the old bases get shaken...and there is a great confusion; but it is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to leap forward, the possibility of progress is exceptional. Will you not be of those who take advantage of it? [The Mother, 1 April 1971] 

The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 12


The Mother, 11 August 1971   

(The Mother gives Satprem a note she has just written.) 

“When men become disgusted with the falsehood they live in,
then the world will be ready for the reign of Truth.”

*   *

“Truth is within men's reach, but they care nothing about Truth.”

… How do you see [the Indo-Russia] pact?

It’s as if you asked me, “What will it take for humanity to become disgusted with its falsehood?” 

It’s terrible! 

(long silence) 

There is only ONE remedy – there is only ONE remedy – to rely only on the Divine Grace… The only remedy: to put oneself entirely in the hands of the Divine Grace. 


[1] “On 26 July 1956, Nasser nationalised the Suez Canal Company, which prior to that was owned primarily by British and French shareholders. On 29 October, Israel invaded the Egyptian Sinai. Britain and France issued a joint ultimatum to cease fire, which was ignored. On 5 November, Britain and France landed paratroopers along the Suez Canal. Before the Egyptian forces were defeated, they had blocked the canal to all shipping by sinking 40 ships in the canal. It later became clear that Israel, France and Britain had conspired to plan out the invasion. The three allies had attained a number of their military objectives, but the canal was useless. Heavy political pressure from the United States and the USSR led to a withdrawal…. The fight over the canal also laid the groundwork for the Six-Day War in 1967 due to the lack of a peace settlement following the 1956 war and rising of tensions between Egypt and Israel.” – Suez Crisis (29 October 1956 – 7 November 1956), Wikipedia

[2] The Mother, 23 April, 1968 (The Mother’s Agenda Vol. 9):

What happened was that people in Russia, Yugoslavia who translated it ... (it was translated into a certain number of languages, now I don’t remember), they asked me for an alternative to the word "Divine," because ... In Russia, they go one better, the word is banned! 

Using the word "divine" is forbidden! So I said all right. I said, "FOR RUSSIA, you may, if you wish, put ‘Perfect Consciousness’ instead of ‘Divine Consciousness.’" I pointed out to them (laughing), "It’s somewhat diminished, it’s brought down a little, but never mind!"

Here, in the French brochure, it’s "Divine." I said if they wanted another word in Russian or German (in German T. translated it into "the highest" [Consciousness]; I told her, "It’s rather poor, but anyway"), well, I said I wouldn’t protest. In Chinese it’s "Divine." I think it’s "Divine" in Japanese too. 

In German, they asserted, "Oh, if we put ‘Divine,’ people will immediately think of God...." I replied (laughing), "Not necessarily, if they’re not idiots!"

[3] As I have written, 1968 falls 96 years after Sri Aurobindo’s birth (1872) and in the 144-year cycle from 1872-2016 – beginning with the year of his birth and ends with the passing of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet – 1968 falls at the 6 Point (0° Sagittarius), marking the completion of two thirds of the evolutionary cycle/circle and the beginning of the last third, which in the Zodiac, spans the final four signs (and final 432,000ʺ) of the Zodiac, reaching into the heavenly Swar realm or quadrant of the Vedic year and journey. I was conceived circa 1 June 1968. During this year, Patrizia (Thea) wrote her first book on astrology which was an important gateway or opening into the knowledge which would pour into and out of her being throughout that last third of the 144-year cycle, which led to the release of the geometric and zodiacal sense of the seven rivers of the Vedas (and the vials of St. John’s Revelation), seven days before her passing on 9 October 2016 [See Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, Part Two (2016). Thea wrote about 1968 as the “crystalisation of a new body of Light”, in relation to the Mother’s Temple and its sacred geometry and all of the Vedic gnosis and the gnosis of Sri Aurobindo’s avataric descent contained therein, which the builders and residents of Auroville (“the city”) proceeded to reject and distort. [See Thea’s Chronicles of the Inner Chamber.]

[The Mother] was 90 in 1968. It was then that she founded the 'city' [Auroville]. Seven days after her birthday of that year she began the gestation of her new Body which would house the soul of a new creation. First she undertook the formation of the outer body of the 'fetus', or the vessel that would hold the spark of the new gnostic light. Then, three years later, exactly in tune with the gnostic flow of Time, she breathed that Soul/Spark into the City/Body. In 1971 she set the chamber [of the Mother’s Temple/Matrimandir] on its way, which was to house the soul of the new age.… 

[T]he nine years between 90 and 99 [1968-1977] is the sacred period of crystallisation of a new body of Light. In the Mother's case it took the form of a chamber/revelation, housed in a City/Consciousness.” – Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 190 [Bold emphasis added]

1968 was the beginning of the city/consciousness―of the body of the soul/chamber. The work indeed was becoming precise, for several points of culmination were to be reached during those nine years,―Sri Aurobindo's enhancement time, the completion of his own cycle of 99 years, which coincided with the enhancement, his 'return', the Mother's nine-month yoga of concretisation from February 21 to November 20, 1973; and finally the Third's enhancement year, 1977, which coincided with the final year of the Mother's 99-year cycle and the completion of her work of concretisation of a new consciousness. These culminations are woven into the fabric of the chamber's destiny. The vision of the interrelation between all these is finally the only way to decipher the measurements of the chamber, and in so doing to discover the secret formula of a new Destiny.” – Ibid., pp. 320-21 [Bold emphasis added]

[4] Wikipedia: “A period of political liberalization in 1968, known as the Prague Spring, was violently ended when the Soviet Union, assisted by some other Warsaw Pact countries, invaded Czechoslovakia. In 1989, as Marxist–Leninist governments and communism were ending all over Eastern Europe, Czechoslovaks peacefully deposed their socialist government [on] 17th November 1989 in the Velvet Revolution, state price controls were removed after a period of preparation. In 1993, Czechoslovakia split into the two sovereign states of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.”

[5] “Auroville will become what it must be: only if and when the people living there will stop lying.” ‒ The Mother, The Mother’s Agenda, 1973. See Robert Wilkinson’s article “Have Auroville’s Failures Made It a Danger to the World?” (2011).

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (17 June 2003): “In the Auroville Matrimandir the only consistency we find is the consistent lack of any higher content; added to this is the unfortunate fact that the building now standing at the heart of a township purported to be a creation of the Mother’s and the cradle of the Superman, bearing Sri Aurobindo’s name, consistently denies all that the Mother sought to capture in the temple. The Auroville Matrimandir is exactly what the community, the builders, the architects and the governing bodies desired it to be: no knowledge, no higher function and purpose, no truth-conscious unity. In fact, in the language of gnostic symbols, the Auroville Matrimandir is, as reported in CIC 8, a hymn to the Dark Lord.” – “The Chronicles of the Inner Chamber - Part IX - The Bridge of Gnosis [Bold emphasis added]

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