The Convergence of Putin’s War & the Mother’s 144-Year Birth Anniversary ⁓ A Cosmological Perspective ⁓ Part Two ⁓ Addendum 1

[Link to Parts One or Two or Addendum 2. The quotes of these two Addendums give a sense of how Sri Aurobindo and the Mother – who Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet discussed as ‘evolutionary avatars” – saw and discussed international and political affairs in relation to the evolution of consciousness on Earth. All bold emphasis added. Note: On 12 May 2022 I added excerpts from two entries from the Mother’s Agenda to Addendum 1: 30 October 1962 and 17 November 1962.]

Sri Aurobindo, circa 1915-1918, Undated 

Sri Aurobindo
In Fascist countries the swing away from Rationalism is marked and open; a surface vital subjectivism has taken its place and it is in the name of the national soul and its self-expression and manifestation that the leaders and prophets teach and violently enforce their totalitarian mystique. The essential features are the same in Russia and in Fascist countries, so that to the eye of the outsider their deadly quarrel seems to be a blood-feud of kinsmen fighting for the inheritance of their slaughtered parents — Democracy and the Age of Reason. There is the seizure of the life of the community by a dominant individual leader, Fuhrer, Dux, dictator, head of a small active minority, the Nazi, Fascist or Communist party, and supported by a militarised partisan force; there is a rapid crystallisation of the social, economic, political life of the people into a new rigid organisation effectively controlled at every point; there is the compulsory casting of thought, education, expression, action, into a set iron mould, a fixed system of ideas and life-motives, with a fierce and ruthless, often a sanguinary repression of all that denies and differs; there is a total unprecedented compression of the whole communal existence so as to compel a maximum efficiency and a complete unanimity of mind, speech, feeling, life.

If this trend becomes universal, it is the end of the Age of Reason, the suicide or the execution — by decapitation or lethal pressure, peine forte et dure, — of the rational and intellectual expansion of the human mental being. Reason cannot do its work, act or rule if the mind of man is denied freedom to think or freedom to realise its thought by action in life. But neither can a subjective age be the outcome; for the growth of subjectivism also cannot proceed without plasticity, without movement of self-search, without room to move, expand, develop, change.

The result is likely to be rather the creation of a tenebrous No Man’s Land where obscure mysticisms, materialistic, vitalistic or mixed, clash and battle for the mastery of human life. But this consummation is not certain; chaos and confusion still reign and all hangs in the balance. Totalitarian mysticism may not be able to carry out its menace of occupying the globe, may not even endure. Spaces of the earth may be left where a rational idealism can still survive. The terrible compression now exercised on the national mind and life may lead to an explosion from within or, on the other hand, having fulfilled its immediate aim may relax and give way in calmer times to a greater plasticity which will restore to the human mind or soul a more natural line of progress, a freer field for their self-expanding impulse.

In that case the curve of the Age of Reason, now threatened with an abrupt cessation, may prolong and complete itself; the subjective turn of the human mind and life, avoiding a premature plunge into any general external action before it has found itself, may have time and freedom to evolve, to seek out its own truth, its own lines and so become ready to take up the spiral of the human social evolution where the curve of the Age of Reason naturally ends by its own normal evolution and make ready the ways of a deeper spirit. – The Human Cycle, [1] CWSA, Vol. 25, pp. 205-07


So long as war does not become psychologically impossible, it will remain or, if banished for a while, return. War itself, it is hoped, will end war; the expense, the horror, the butchery, the disturbance of tranquil life, the whole confused sanguinary madness of the thing has reached or will reach such colossal proportions that the human race will fling the monstrosity behind it in weariness and disgust. But weariness and disgust, horror and pity, even the opening of the eyes to reason by the practical fact of the waste of human life and energy and the harm and extravagance are not permanent factors; they last  only while the lesson is fresh. Afterwards, there is forgetfulness; human nature recuperates itself and recovers the instincts that were temporarily dominated. A long peace, even a certain organisation of peace may conceivably result, but so long as the heart of man remains what it is, the peace will come to an end,  the organisation will break down under the stress of human passions. War is no longer, perhaps, a biological necessity, but it is still a psychological necessity; what is within us, must manifest itself outside. Meanwhile it is well that every false hope and confident prediction should be answered as soon as may well be by the irony of the gods; for only so can we be driven to the perception of the real remedy. Only when man has developed not merely a fellow-feeling with all men, but a dominant sense of unity and commonalty, only when he is aware of them not merely as brothers,—that is a fragile bond,—but as parts of himself, only when he has learned to live not in his separate personal and communal ego-sense, but in a larger universal consciousness can the phenomenon of war, with whatever weapons, pass out of his life without the possibility of return. Meanwhile that he should struggle even by illusions towards that end, is an excellent sign;  for it shows that the truth behind the illusion is pressing towards the hour when it may become manifest as reality. – War and Self-Determination, [2] CWSA, Vol. 25, pp. 610-11 


Experience has so far shown us that the human attempt to arrive at a mechanical freedom has only resulted in a very relative liberty and even that has been enjoyed for the most part by some at the expense of others. It has amounted usually to the rule of the majority by a minority, and many strange things have been done in its name. Ancient liberty and democracy meant in Greece the self-rule — variegated by periodical orgies of mutual throat-cutting — of a smaller number of freemen of all ranks who lived by the labour of a great mass of slaves. In recent times liberty and democracy have been, and still are, [an] assertion which veils under a skilfully moderated plutocratic system the rule of an organised successful bourgeoisie over a proletariate at first submissive, afterwards increasingly dissatisfied and combined for recalcitrant self-assertion. The earliest use of liberty and democracy by the emancipated proletariat has been the crude forceful tyranny of an ill-organised labour oligarchy over a quite disorganised peasantry and an impotently recalcitrant bourgeoisie. And just as the glorious possession of liberty by the community has been held to be consistent with the oppression of four-fifths or three-fifths of the population by the remaining fraction, so it has till lately been held to be quite consistent with the complete subjection of one half of mankind, the woman half, to the physically stronger male. The series continues through a whole volume of anomalies, including of course the gloriously beneficent and profitable exploitation of subject peoples by emancipated nations who, it seems, are entitled to that domination by their priesthood of the sacred cult of freedom. They mean no doubt to extend it to the exploited at some distant date, but take care meanwhile to pay themselves the full price of their holy office before they deliver the article. Even the best machinery of this mechanical freedom yet discovered amounts to the unmodified will of a bare majority, or rather to its selection of a body of rulers who coerce in its name all minorities and lead it to issues of which it has itself no clear perception.

These anomalies, — anomalies of many kinds are inseparable from the mechanical method  [=the human attempt to arrive at a mechanical freedom], — are a sign that the real meaning of liberty has not yet been understood. Nevertheless the aspiration and the effort itself towards the realisation of a great idea cannot fail to bear some fruit, and modern liberty and democracy, however imperfect and relative, have had this result that for the communities which have followed them, they have removed the pressure of the more obvious, outward and aggressive forms of oppression and domination which were inherent in the systems of the past. They have made life a little more tolerable for the mass, and if they have not yet made life free, they have at least given more liberty to thought and to the effort to embody a freer thought in a more adequate form of life. This larger space for the thought in man and its workings was the necessary condition for a growing clarity which must enlighten in the end the crude conceptions with which the race has started and refine the crude methods and forms in which it has embodied them. The attempt to govern life by an increasing light of thought rather than allow the rough and imperfect actualities of life to govern and to limit the mind is a distinct sign of advance in human progress. But the true turning-point will come with the farther step which initiates the attempt to govern life by that of which thought itself is only a sign and an instrument, the soul, the inner being, and to make our ways of living a freer opportunity for the growing height and breadth of its need of self-fulfilment. That is the real, the profounder sense which we shall have to learn to attach to the idea of self-determination as the effective principle of liberty.” – Ibid., pp. 624-26


[If] we have not the unity within, it is in vain that we shall try to enforce it from without by law and compulsion or by any assertion in outward forms. Intellectual assertion too, like the mechanical, is insufficient; only the spiritual can give it, because it alone has the secure power of realisation. The ancient truth of the self is the eternal truth; we have to go back upon it in order to carry it out in newer and fuller ways for which a past humanity was not ready. The recognition and fulfilment of the divine being in oneself and in man, the kingdom of God within and in the race is the basis on which man must come in the end to the possession of himself as a free self-determining being and of mankind too in a mutually possessing self-expansion as a harmoniously self-determining united existence.” – Ibid., pp. 632-33


Sri Aurobindo, 25 January 1935

I know it is the Russian explanation of the recent trend to spirituality and mysticism that it is a phenomenon of capitalist society in its decadence. But to read an economic cause, conscious or unconscious, into all phenomena of man's history is part of the Bolshevik gospel born of the fallacy of Karl Marx. Man's nature is not so simple and one-chorded as all that – it has many lines and each line produces a need of his life. The spiritual or mystic line is one of them and man tries to satisfy it in various ways, by superstitions of all kinds, by ignorant religionism, by spiritism, demonism and what not, in his more enlightened parts by spiritual philosophy, the higher occultism and the rest, at his highest by the union with the All, the Eternal or the Divine. The tendency towards the search of spirituality began in Europe with a recoil from the nineteenth century's scientific materialism, a dissatisfaction with the pretended all-sufficiency of the reason and the intellect and a feeling out for something deeper. That was a pre-war phenomenon, and began when there was no menace of Communism and the capitalistic world was at its height of insolent success and triumph, and it came rather as a revolt against the materialistic bourgeois life and its ideals, not as an attempt to serve or sanctify it. It has been at once served and opposed by the postwar disillusionment – opposed because the post-war world has fallen back either on cynicism and the life of the senses or on movements like Fascism and Communism; served because with the deeper minds the dissatisfaction with the ideals of the past or the present, with all mental or vital or material solutions of the problem of life has increased and only the spiritual path is left. It is true that the European mind having little light on these things dallies with vital will-o-the-wisps like spiritism or theosophy or falls back upon the old religionism; but the deeper minds of which I speak either pass by them or pass through them in search of a greater Light. I have had contact with many and the above tendencies are very clear. They come from all countries and it was only a minority who hailed from England or America. Russia is different – unlike the others it has lingered in mediaeval religionism and not passed through any period of revolt – so when the revolt came it was naturally anti-religious and atheistic. It is only when this phase is exhausted that Russian mysticism can revive and take not a narrow religious but the spiritual direction. It is true that mysticism…turned upside down, has made Bolshevism and its endeavour a creed rather than a political theme and a search for the paradisal secret millennium on earth rather than the building of a purely social structure. But for the most part Russia is trying to do on the communistic basis all that nineteenth-century idealism hoped to get at – and failed – in the midst of or against an industrial competitive environment. Whether it will really succeed any better is for the future to decide – for at present it only keeps what it has got by a tension and violent control which is not over. [3]Letters on Yoga I, CWSA, Vol. 28, pp. 328-29

The Mother, 22 October 1938  

Speaking of recent events, you ask me “whether it was a dangerous bluff” or whether we “narrowly escaped disaster”. To assume both at the same time would be nearer to the truth.

Hitler was certainly bluffing, if that is what you call shouting and making threats with the intention of intimidating those to whom one is talking and obtaining as much as one can. Tactics and diplomacy were used, but on the other hand, behind every human will there are forces at work whose origin is not human and which move consciously towards certain ends. The play of these forces is very complex and generally eludes the human consciousness; but for ease of explanation and understanding, they may be divided into two main opposing tendencies: those that work for the fulfilment of the Divine work upon earth, and those that are opposed to this fulfilment. The former have few conscious instruments at their disposal. It is true that in this matter quality compensates by far for quantity. As for the anti-divine forces they have only too many to choose from, and always they find wills which they enslave and individuals whom they turn into docile but nearly always unconscious puppets.

Hitler is a choice instrument for these anti-divine forces which want violence, upheaval and war, for they know that these things retard and hamper the action of the divine forces. That is why disaster was very close even though no human government consciously wanted it. But at any cost there was to be no war and that is why war has been avoided — for the time being. – Collected Works of the Mother [CWM], Vol. 16, Some Answers from the Mother, pp. 9-10


The Iron Dictators

I looked for Thee alone, but met my glance
The iron dreadful Four who rule our breath,
Masters of falsehood, Kings of ignorance,
High sovereign Lords of suffering and death.

Whence came these formidable autarchies,
From what inconscient blind Infinity,—
Cold propagandists of a million lies,
Dictators of a world of agony?

Or was it Thou who bor’st the fourfold mask?
Enveloping Thy timeless heart in Time,
Thou hast bound the spirit to its cosmic task,
To find Thee veiled in this tremendous mime.

Thou, only Thou, canst raise the invincible siege,
O Light, O deathless Joy, O rapturous Peace!

– Sri Aurobindo, 14-11-1938,
Collected Poems, CWSA, Vol. 2, p. 64


The Mother, 27 May 1940 

Don’t worry about Hitler. No asuric force can stand eternally against the divine force and the hour of his defeat is bound to come. – CWM, Volume 15, Words of the Mother - III, p. 43 


The Mother, 6 May 1941 

It has become necessary to state emphatically and clearly that all who by their thoughts and wishes are supporting and calling for the victory of the Nazis are by that very fact collaborating with the Asura against the Divine and helping to bring about the victory of the Asura. The Asuric power that is acting with Hitler as instrument and seeking through him domination of the world is the same power that has been opposing Sri Aurobindo’s work and trying to destroy it and to frustrate the Divine fulfilment.

Those therefore who wish for the victory of the Nazis should now understand that it is a wish for the destruction of our work and an act of treachery against Sri Aurobindo. – The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 3


The Mother, 25 May 1941 

The world situation is critical today. India’s fate too is hanging in the balance. There was a time when India was absolutely secure, there was no danger whatever of her being victim to Asuric aggression. But things have changed. People and forces in India have acted in such a way as to invite Asuric influences upon her: these have worked insidiously and undermined the security that was there

If India is in danger, Pondicherry cannot be expected to remain outside the danger zone. It will share the fate of the rest of the country. The protection I can give is not unconditional. It is idle to hope that in spite of anything and everything, the protection will be there over all. My protection is there if conditions are fulfilled. It goes without saying that any sympathy or support for the Nazis (or for any ally of theirs) automatically cuts across the circle of protection. Apart from this obvious and external factor, there are more fundamental psychological conditions which demand fulfillment. The Divine can give protection only to those who are whole-heartedly faithful to the Divine, who live truly in the spirit of sadhana and keep their consciousness and preoccupation fixed upon the Divine and the service of the Divine. Desire, for example, insistence on one’s likes and conveniences, all movements of hypocrisy and insincerity and falsehood, are great obstacles standing in the way of the Divine’s protection. If you seek to impose your will upon the Divine, it is as if you were calling for a bomb to fall upon you. I do not say that things are bound to happen in this way; but they are very likely to happen, if people do not become conscious and strictly vigilant and act in the true spirit of a spiritual seeker. If the psychological atmosphere remains the same as that of the outside world, there can be no wall of security against the dark Forces that are working out in it the ordeal of danger, suffering and destruction entering here.” – CWM, Vol. 13, Words of the Mother-1, pp. 120-21

[After reading her 25 May 1941 letter, on 4 December 1971 the Mother commented: “Yes, everything is part of the divine plan.  It’s only due to our need to struggle that we say, “This is bad, it is wrong ...” – The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 12]


Sri Aurobindo, 29 July 1942 

You have said that you have begun to doubt whether [World War II] was the Mother’s war and ask me to make you feel again that it is. I affirm again to you most strongly that this is the Mother’s war. You should not think of it as a fight for certain nations against others or even for India; it is a struggle for an ideal that has to establish itself on earth in the life of humanity, for a Truth that has yet to realise itself fully and against a darkness and falsehood that are trying to overwhelm the earth and mankind in the immediate future. It is the forces behind the battle that have to be seen and not this or that superficial circumstance. It is no use concentrating on the defects or mistakes of nations; all have defects and commit serious mistakes; but what matters is on what side they have ranged themselves in the struggle. It is a struggle for the liberty of mankind to develop, for conditions in which men have freedom and room to think and act according to the light in them and grow in the Truth, grow in the Spirit. There cannot be the slightest doubt that if one side wins, there will be an end of all such freedom and hope of light and truth and the work that has to be done will be subjected to conditions which would make it humanly impossible; there will be a reign of falsehood and darkness, a cruel oppression and degradation for most of the human race such as people in this country do not dream of and cannot yet at all realise. If the other side that has declared itself for the free future of humanity triumphs, this terrible danger will have been averted and conditions will have been created in which there will be a chance for the Ideal to grow, for the Divine Work to be done, for the spiritual Truth for which we stand to establish itself on the earth. Those who fight for this cause are fighting for the Divine and against the threatened reign of the Asura. – Autobiographical Notes and Other Writings of Historical Interest, CWSA, Vol. 36, pp. 463-64


Sri Aurobindo, 28 June 1950

I do not know why you want a line of thought to be indicated to you for your guidance in the affair of Korea. [4] There is nothing to hesitate about there, the whole affair is as plain as a pike-staff. It is the first move in the Communist plan of campaign to dominate and take possession first of these northern parts and then of South East Asia as a preliminary to their manoeuvres with regard to the rest of the continent – in passing, Tibet as a gate opening to India. If they succeed, there is no reason why domination of the whole world should not follow by steps until they are ready to deal with America. That is, provided the war can be staved off with America until Stalin can choose his time. Truman seems to have understood the situation if we can judge from his moves in Korea, but it is to be seen whether he is strong enough and determined enough to carry the matter through. The measures he has taken are likely to be incomplete and unsuccessful, since they do not include any actual military intervention except on sea and in the air. That seems to be the situation; we have to see how it develops. One thing is certain that if there is too much shillyshallying and if America gives up now her defence of Korea, she may be driven to yield position after position until it is too late: at one point or another she will have to stand and face the necessity of drastic action even if it leads to war. Stalin also seems not to be ready to face at once the risk of a world war and, if so, Truman can turn the tables on him by constantly facing him with the onus of either taking that risk or yielding position after position to America. I think that is all that I can see at present; for the moment the situation is as grave as it can be.” – Ibid., pp. 507-08

[The invasion and annexation of Tibet by China began four months later, October 1950 – May 1951] 


The Mother, 8 March 1951  

[Hitler] was in contact with a being whom he considered to be the Supreme: this being came and gave him advice, told him all that he had to do. Hitler used to retire into solitude and remain there as long as it was necessary to come into contact with his “guide” and receive from him inspirations which he carried out later very faithfully. This being which Hitler took for the Supreme was quite plainly an Asura, one who is called the “Lord of Falsehood” in occultism, but who proclaimed himself the “Lord of the Nations”. He had a shining appearance, he could mislead anybody except one who really had occult knowledge and could see what was there behind the appearance. He would have deceived anybody, he was truly splendid. Generally he used to appear to Hitler wearing a silver cuirass and helmet; a kind of flame came out of his head and there was an atmosphere of dazzling light around him, so dazzling that Hitler could hardly look at him. He used to tell Hitler everything that had to be done — he played with him as with a monkey or a mouse. He had decided clearly to make Hitler commit all possible extravagances till the day he would break his neck, which did happen. But cases like this are frequent, though on a smaller scale, of course. 

Hitler was a very good medium, he had great mediumistic capacities, but he lacked intelligence and discrimination. This being could tell him anything whatever and he swallowed it all. It was he who pushed Hitler little by little. And he was doing this as a distraction, he did not take life seriously. For these beings men are very tiny things with whom they play, as a cat plays with a mouse, till finally they eat them up….

Q: When Hitler died, did the Lord of Falsehood pass into Stalin? 

It is not altogether like that that things happen, but it is something similar. This being did not wait for Hitler’s death, it is there you make a mistake. These beings are not at all tied to a single physical presence. The being in question could very well possess Hitler and at the same time influence many others. Hitler was got rid of because he had behind him a whole nation and a physical power, and if he had succeeded it would have been a disaster for humanity, but there was no deluding oneself about it; it was not sufficient to get rid of him in order to get rid of the force that was behind him — that is not so easy. I must tell you that the origin of these beings is prior to that of the gods; they are the first emanations, the first individual beings of the universe; so they cannot be got rid of so easily, by winning one war. As long as they are necessary for the universal evolution they will exist. The day they lose their utility, they will be converted or will disappear. Besides, they know that they are nearing their last hour and that is why they are doing as much damage as they can. There were four of them. The first one has been converted, another is dissolved into its origin. Two are still living and these two are more ferocious than the others. One is known in occultism as the “Lord of Falsehood”(I have told you this) the other is the “Lord of Death”. And as long as these two beings exist, there will be difficulties. – CWM, Vol. 4, Questions and Answers 1950-1951, pp. 185-86


The Mother, 25 November 1953

[The “invisible enemies of the Divine”] are precisely those four persons who have naturally put forth innumerable emanations, which have again put forth others, which have made formations. And so there are millions and millions and millions of them, and it is these who have formed between themselves a certain habit and have the logic to preserve it and persist in not wanting any other rule than theirs to govern. These are what are called in India the Asuras, the beings of darkness. It is through a sort of logic that they are like that. They began by going wrong, they continue. Now, I must say, there are some among them who change their mind. But this is mentioned in the Gita also; I believe they speak of those who will be converted, and then of those who absolutely refuse any conversion, who prefer to disappear, to be destroyed rather than be converted. And that’s how it is. Some are of one kind, others of another….

I have just said a minute ago that when it became inconscience or darkness, it produced innumerable formations — emanations, formations, creations. And its conversion does not mean that all the rest follow. They obey that same law of freedom, freedom of choice. They may be converted or not. There are those who are converted, there are those who refuse. And I believe that in fact there are many more who refuse.

But the one who does the greatest harm is the “Lord of Falsehood”. He it is indeed who is the biggest obstacle in the universe, this constant negation of the truth. And he has a very strong hold on the terrestrial world, on the material world. Besides, here (on the earth), those who see him, see him as an absolutely marvellous, splendid being. He entitles himself the “Lord of the Nations”, and he appears formidable, luminous, powerful, very impressive.... Historically, he was the inspirer of certain heads of State, and he proclaims himself the Lord of the Nations because it is he who governs the peoples. He is evidently, at the source, the supreme organiser of these last two wars. It was on that occasion that he manifested himself as the Lord of the Nations. And he declared, besides, that he would never be converted. And he knows that his end will come — naturally, he will try to make it as late as possible. And he declared that he would destroy all he could before being destroyed.... We may expect all possible catastrophes.

In February you gave a message saying “a new light shall break upon the earth”[5] and just after that [on 5 March 1953], Stalin died. Does this signify anything?

That would truly be a small result. The death of Stalin (unfortunately not any more than the death of Hitler) has not changed the present state of the world. Something more than that would be necessary. For this is like the assassin who is guillotined: when his head is cut off, his spirit remains behind and is projected outside him. It is a vital formation and it goes and takes shelter in one of the benevolent spectators, who suddenly feels a criminal instinct in himself. There are many men like that, specially very young criminals who when questioned have acknowledged this. They have been asked: “When did this desire to kill come to you?” and the frequent reply is: “It got hold of me when I saw so-and-so executed.”

So, this is of no use, the death of this one or that other. That does not help very much — the thing goes elsewhere. It is only one form. It is as though you did something very wicked with a particular shirt on and then threw away your shirt and said: “Now, I shall no longer do harm.” You continue with another shirt on!

If life has been converted into death, why doesn’t it itself die?

Because it protects itself well. What you say is quite true, but it takes good care not to incarnate on earth. And in the vital world there is no death, it does not exist there. It is in the material world that this exists, and it takes very good care not to incarnate.

Was Stalin predestined to be what he was?

Stalin? I am not quite sure that he was a human being... in the sense that I don’t think he had a psychic being. Or perhaps he did have one — in all matter, in every atom there is a divine centre — but I mean a conscious psychic being, formed, individualised. I don’t think so. I believe it was a direct incarnation of a being of the vital world. And that was the great difference between him and Hitler. Hitler was simply a man, and as a man he was very weak-minded, very sentimental — he had the conscience of a petty workman (some said of a petty shoemaker), in any case of a little workman or a little school-master, something like that, a very small conscience, and extremely sentimental, what is called in French “fleur bleue”, very weak.

But he was possessed. He was rather mediocre by nature, very mediocre. He was a medium, a very good medium — the thing took hold of him, besides, during spiritism seances. It was at that moment that he was seized by those fits which were described as epileptic. They were not epileptic: they were attacks of possession. It was thus that he had a kind of power, which however was not very great. But when he wanted to know something from that power, he went away to his castle, and there, in “meditation”, there truly he invoked very intensely what he called his “god”, his supreme god, who was the Lord of the Nations. And everything seemed to him magnificent. It was a being... it was small — it appeared to him all in silver armour, with a silver helmet and golden plume! It was magnificent! And a light so dazzling that hardly could the eyes see and bear that blaze. Naturally it did not appear physically — Hitler was a medium, he saw. He had a sort of clairvoyance. And it was at such times that he had his fits: he rolled on the ground, he drivelled, bit the carpet, it was frightful, the state he was in. The people around him knew it. Well, that being is the “Lord of the Nations”. And it is not even the Lord of the Nations in its origin, it is an emanation of the Lord of the Nations, and a very powerful emanation.

If it chooses to disappear, would that be a loss of power for the Divine?

What? What are you saying! Disappear where? What do you call disappearing? — Disappear where? You know the story of the Ramayana. What did Ravana [6] choose? You know that? Very well, this is what is called choosing to disappear: that is to say, he has no longer any individuality.

What happened to Ravana after his death we are not told.

We are not told? To me it has been told. It is said that Ravana chose to disappear into the Supreme, and that he was completely dissolved in Him, that is, he lost his individuality, he was no longer a separate being, he returned to the Origin, he was dissolved in the Supreme. And even before doing it, he had chosen to play that part, his part as a hostile being, because the road is much shorter than for those who are devotees and obey. One goes much more rapidly, for, one day, the Divine decides that it is enough, and he just destroys them. He cannot go out of the Divine, for all is divine! He may lose his individuality, that is, may be fused, dissolved into the Supreme.

Besides, nothing disappears, it is the form which disappears but the constituent elements continue. Everything is eternal, for everything is the Divine, and nothing can go out of the Divine, for everything is divine. But the forms disappear. And it is through this identification with the form that the impression of death comes; but the constituent elements are eternal, for all is eternal. It is the form which disappears.

So, some of those beings prefer to be just completely dissolved and to disappear totally like that, into the infinite, the oneness (that is, they lose their personal consciousness, they have no longer any personal consciousness, they exist no longer as a personal consciousness), they prefer that, rather than having a personal consciousness which gives itself to the Divine and becomes by this very fact consciously and personally immortal. They like dissolution and personal disappearance better than conversion, that is, self-giving.


Through pride, I suppose. It is always pride. Fundamentally, from the very beginning it is pride — but almost all the religions have said it. It is pride, that is, a sort of consciousness of one’s power and one’s importance.

You said that these four emanations were parts of the Supreme. Then how can they have another consciousness than His?

Another consciousness? But there is no other consciousness! The very principle of emanation is an objectivisation of a part of himself, which potentially keeps the qualities of the emanator. But if this emanation is made (as they were made) with a will to give freedom of choice, as I said, these emanations can either follow that freedom and independence or continue to keep the connection with the emanator, for there is a freedom of choice. That strength and force which they hold in themselves is quite sufficient to give them the impression of their importance and power. If they themselves, of their own will, choose not to remain in contact, in a relation of surrender to the Supreme, if they choose to use the amount of power and consciousness and force they contain in themselves to do what they must do independently, by that very fact they cut themselves off from their source — but in spite of that the constituent elements of their being are those which belonged to the Source. And it is because of this that, even if they cut themselves off voluntarily, there is in the very depth of the consciousness a link which is indestructible. It is the link of identity. But in the outer manifestation, as they were emanated with this essential quality of freedom of choice, well, they are free to choose to do this or that. That is why, even in the worst criminal, there is somewhere in the depths, somewhere, the divine light. I believe you have read that passage of Vivekananda where he says (I don’t know the exact words), that the criminal must be told: “Awake, awake, being of light, and shine forth!” 

Just a while ago, when I told you I shall narrate the story to you as one does to children, that is precisely because I narrated it as if it were a material story. And narrated thus, it becomes a child’s story. But these things must be seen in their own domain, which is a spiritual domain and not a material one. Things do not happen as they would here.

But still, yes! What happens here is symbolically the same thing, in the sense that the child who is born is nothing else but a little piece of his mother, even materially, altogether materially, for during almost... completely during a few hours, about two days, and to a lesser extent though still very perceptibly during at least two months, this link of substance is so great that it feels really like a physical material prolongation of herself, but outside herself. That is just the element of emanation. Well, this does not prevent children, when they grow up, from becoming quite independent of their parents and at times completely different, but at the source, at the beginning, it is the same thing. It is simply the same matter, absolutely the same, simply exteriorised, that’s all.

And for the emanations, it is the same phenomenon, but instead of being on a material plane it is on the highest spiritual plane. And what happens here is a symbol of what happens up above.

Well, doesn’t it ever occur to you to say: “How is it that this child whose father and mother are so good, so honest, so generous, so truthful, how is it that he is such a rascal?” You may wonder at it, but it does not seem anything impossible.

So, this is the same thing. Fundamentally, all depends on the inner constitution of the being. There are no two beings who are exactly alike; there are no two constitutions which are the same. And all depends on the inner organisation, the integral organisation of the being, on the order in which the elements are organised and what their inner relation is — even as the external form differs because the cells are not organised in the same way. But as this is a phenomenon you constantly see, in the midst of which you are born, which you see every day, it seems quite natural to you. But it is the same thing. It seems quite natural to you that a child is different from its mother and father — and yet this is the same thing. And in an emanation of the Supreme, to begin with, one part is necessarily different from the whole, though it may potentially contain the whole, but the whole is not expressed. And as the whole is not expressed, it is perforce different from the whole, for the inner organisation is different. There then, I think that is enough. – CWM, Vol. 5, Questions And Answers 1950-1951, pp. 374-81


The Mother, 13 May 1962

During the war there was a whole clique (I know their names and all the details) who said I had influenced Sri Aurobindo, made him deviate from his nationalist path and turn towards the Allies; they considered me to have ruined his life, his consciousness, his work – everything, you understand. [7]The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 3

Agenda footnote: “There was, in fact, a whole group of Ashram people (they might be called the Ashram "intelligentsia") who, influenced by Subhas Bose, were strongly in favor of the Nazis and the Japanese against the British. (It should be recalled that the British were the invaders of India, and thus many people considered Britain's enemies to be automatically India's friends.) It reached the point where Sri Aurobindo had to intervene forcefully and write [the letters of 29 July 1942 and 3 September 1943].”  


The Mother, 30 October 1962

I have come to understand that the Chinese are a lunar race – their origin is the moon. They came to earth when the moon got too cold and they could no longer exist there. This is something I saw at the beginning of the century and my impression was further intensified when I went to China. They are a lunar race. 

And they gave me the feeling of people who lack a psychic being: they are cold, ice-cold. But wonderfully intellectual! 

I met another Chinese a few years ago, a man with a spiritual life. He came to meet me and talked for an hour about China. It made me understand China externally as if I had been born and lived my whole life there. I saw they were people who have attained the summit of the intellect, and who have a creative power – inventors. He told me, "No people in the world could understand Sri Aurobindo intellectually as well as the Chinese." And it was luminously true. The highest intellectual comprehension, really at its peak. 

It's another story when it comes to doing yoga.... Although that must depend entirely on the individual. The Chinese don't have the same spiritual intensity you find rooted in the Indian character – it's something completely different. Here, spiritual life is real, concrete, tangible – totally real. For the Chinese it all happens at the top of the head. 

They're not going to come here, are they? 

I hope not! They are people with no feelings. I don't know if they've picked up a psychic being since they've been on earth (there are all kinds of mixtures, you see; there's no such thing as a pure race any more), but they are still ice-cold. Difficult. 

They could come into contact with Sri Aurobindo's thought – but not their troops! I don't know whether the new Chinese are much interested in philosophy.... It's better they don't come! – The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 3


The Mother, 17 November 1962

Have you read Sri Aurobindo's last letters on China? [See Sri Aurobindo’s 28 June 1950 letter above.]

Oh, yes – he read them to me himself! (Mother laughs.) But everything Sri Aurobindo said has always come true. You know he also said (but it was in jest, he didn't write it) ... concerning reuniting with Pakistan he told me: "Ten years. It will take ten years." The ten years passed and nothing happened – OFFICIALLY nothing happened. But the truth is (I learned it through certain government officials), Pakistan did make some overtures in that direction, asking for a union to be reestablished (they would have kept some sort of autonomy, but the two countries would have UNITED, it would have been a UNION), and Nehru refused.

How foolish! 

So Sri Aurobindo had seen it. He had seen it happen. After ten years, when that man who headed Pakistan died, they found themselves in grave difficulty and were unable to get organized; so they sent somebody (unofficially, of course) to ask India to reestablish union on certain bases – but they refused, the Indians refused. It was a repetition of the same stupidity as when Cripps came to make his proposal, when Sri Aurobindo sent a message saying, "Accept, whatever the conditions, otherwise it will be worse later on." That's what Sri Aurobindo told them. Gandhi was there and he retorted, "Why is that man meddling? He should be concerned only with spiritual life." – The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 3


The Mother, 20 November 1962 

[The Sino-Indian War between China and India occurred in October–November 1962. A disputed Himalayan border was the main cause of the war.]   

The situation is bad, very bad. They're on the verge of taking Assam – things are very bad.…It seems they're circulating maps in China showing Nepal, Bhutan, Assam and the rest as all part of China. So that's their intention – to settle there.…National ambition. To put a constant pressure on India and force it to go communist. 

To impose their rule, you see – they're at the door and can enter whenever they want. Why did they take Tibet? And then they've declared that Gaurishankar is Chinese – the summit of the earth is China, not India at all.... Ambition. 


And this side of Bengal and Assam is full of Chinese who settled there years and years ago; there are thousands and thousands of them, doing business. And all the communists support them, and it seems they keep a very accurate and meticulous list of those for and those against communism. (What do they base it on? I don't know – on what people say or do.) And the idea is that it's all going to be taken like this (gesture of encircling India). 

It's nasty. Things seem to be taking a nasty turn.

But what I find perhaps even more incredible than the leaders' incompetence – Nehru, Menon, and so forth – is that for twenty years there hasn't been a single Indian to see things clearly and speak out – there's been no one in India, no one. For twenty years there have been two idols, Nehru and Gandhi, and then some 400 million stupefied people, with no one to see things clearly. How is it possible?... No one! 

But Nehru had a very good foreign press. They considered him almost a god in Europe and America. And Gandhi! ... Oh, they were.... The whole world is like that, mon petit – they don't understand. They don't understand. Nobody understands. 


We will see. I believe we WILL see – it's going to be now: we're going to see. Maybe we'll see from another world. (Laughing) It's possible. 

They have bombs in America and Russia (China hasn't boasted about it, but they may have some too) that can destroy a whole city – one is more than enough, you don't need two. The Russians in particular: a single bomb and a whole city, even the size of London: vroom! Nothing left. (That's the theory, but still, there's always something true in it.) We saw what happened to Hiroshima, it was pretty bad. Well, if that was ten, then what they have now is a thousand – that's the proportion. 

In other words, they've turned all their intelligence towards destruction. Some say, "It will deter them from fighting." But that's childish! 

(long silence) 

China has already recalled its ambassador from Delhi. The Indians haven't recalled theirs from Peking, but they'll be forced to. This kind of thing can't be one-sided, one side recalling its ambassador and the other side leaving theirs; and the minute they recall their ambassador, the bombing starts….

[The] Supreme alone can decide. Just as He decides "This is to be done," so He also decides ... ["This won't be"]. That's all. He is the only recourse. 

There's no longer any hope that a human being can give protection by his own power – it doesn't work any more. If the Lord is protecting you, fine, nothing will happen to you. But as far as knowing what He's going to decide.... For if He decides upon such a destruction, it means the earth truly needs it – otherwise He wouldn't decide it. 

Anyway, it's best not to think about it – we'll see soon enough. We'll see from this world here or from a more subtle one (laughing), that's all…. 

I don't forget what Sri Aurobindo said – declared (in writing): that in 1967 the supramental Power will be behind all the earth's governments. Whether it's these people or those or whoever, they will be directly, maybe not consciously, but directly under the influence of the supramental forces, which will make them do what has to be done. And so, of course, the first result will be a kind of worldwide collaboration – he explicitly told me that, and he wrote it down. That's what he had seen. But he didn't say we would get there without ... without catastrophe. He never said that.” – The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 3

[Agenda footnote: On this same day, November 20, China announced a cease-fire and withdrawal of its troops.]


The Mother, 29 June 1963 

[If] you look at things from a certain height (where everything is DECIDED, you understand), people and things are COMPELLED to act in a certain way, but the conscious human motives that determine their actions are irrelevant – "irrelevant" in the sense that they're not always ... to put it more clearly: you VERY rarely do things from the TRUE motive. 

At any rate, Sri Aurobindo is interested in world events. – The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 4


The Mother, 19 October 1963 

I am coming to the conclusion that there must be a great power (a transforming power, probably) in the extreme tension of circumstances. Let me explain myself: 

The Help is ever present, in the sense that you unquestionably feel that the Force acts (the "Force," that is, the supreme Consciousness and supreme Knowledge), the Force acts with a sort of pressure on all people and all circumstances, in a favorable direction so that what happens may truly be the best – and the best hierarchically; in other words, the highest and purest (you know my definition of "pure") is a sort of center in relation to which things get organized; they get organized hierarchically, each with its "right to progress," but as if to favor what's closest to and most expressive of the Divine – that is going on constantly, I see hundreds of examples of it all the time. Yet, from the point of view of outer circumstances, there is such a tension that you feel you are close to catastrophe. …

[B]ecause of my inner work, I become increasingly aware of things, increasingly aware of the Care, the Solicitude and the hierarchical Organization of circumstances so that the most precious and useful thing for the divine work is favored – of course not conspicuously so, but inwardly. And yet, in the three domains – government, money and health – things always reach a POINT, a point of such tension and complication that if you didn't have the inner certitude, they would always seem to point simply to the catastrophe, the fall. And it's ALWAYS at that point that ... (gesture of abrupt reversal) everything turns around – not before, not one minute before. 

It's not to give me faith – I have it; it's not to give me consciousness – I have it; it's for an outward reason. I cannot yet grasp why. Because inwardly, even if I were told that everything would be demolished in the most tragic manner, I would say, "Very well." And in all sincerity, you know, nothing anywhere in me starts protesting or vibrating, nothing at all. I say, "All right." But I see – I do see that in that tension, a certain power is released, like a power intense enough to cure a tamas, to change a tamas….

[S]omething COMPELLED me to add: ‘If I am here, it is not because of any necessity or obligation; it is not a necessity from the past, not a karma, not any obligation, any attraction, any attachment, but only, solely and absolutely because of the Lord's Grace. I am here because He keeps me here, and when He no longer keeps me here, when He considers I am not to stay any longer, I won't stay.’ And I added (I was speaking in English), ‘As for me ..." ("as for me" [gesture upward] that is, not this [gesture to the body]), ‘as for Me, I consider that the world isn't ready: its way of responding inwardly and outwardly, even visibly in those around me, proves that the world isn't ready – something must happen for it to be ready. Or else it will take QUITE SOME TIME for it to be prepared.... It's all the same to me: whether it is ready or not makes no difference. And everything could collapse, I – couldn't – care – less.’ And with what force I said that! My arm rose, my fist banged on the table – mon petit, I thought I was going to break everything! ...

Something is being attempted now: there are some people who are in contact with us and are conscious; they have a possibility of action and they are trying. They have caught an idea: to bring Russia and America together so that the two powers united will be the agents of peace on earth. It's an EXCELLENT idea. We'll see what's going to happen. 

Because obviously ... Oh, to tell the truth, I don't know. I say "obviously," but it's absolutely all the same to me if everything is demolished and starts again – it's another way of playing, that's all. But maybe without demolishing ... To demolish and start all over again [laughing) has already been done a few times! Maybe  that's enough – if, without demolishing, men could progress ... But is it possible? 

We must come VERY CLOSE to the goal for that to be possible. – The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 4


The Mother, 18 January 1964  

I saw S.G. this morning, the person who went to America, who knew Kennedy and even spoke to him about the possibility of openly joining with Russia so as to exert pressure on the world and prevent armed disputes (he said, "to settle all border and territorial disputes in a peaceful way," beginning, of course, with China and India). Kennedy had been enthusiastic. The Russian ambassador had been summoned at once, and he had telephoned Khrushchev: enthusiastic over the idea (but this Khrushchev seems to be rather a good man)

They were supposed to sort it out during a meeting at the U.N. At this point, Kennedy makes off [i.e. was assassinated, 22 November 1963]…

But the idea has been taken up again through Khrushchev and he continues to be quite enthusiastic. It seems (I don't know if it's quite true, because it's Z [a Russian disciple] who says so) ... but Z sent him my article "A Dream," on the possibility of creating a small "international center" (I don't like the word "international," but never mind), and Khrushchev answered, "This idea is excellent, the entire world should make it a reality." Well, I don't know whether it's correct, but anyway the gentleman seems to be well-disposed..... Now, it seems that the new president [Johnson] is, for the time being, continuing what the other did: he won't upset the apple cart.... We'll see. 

If it succeeds, it will give some concrete expression to the effort of transformation without violence. 

[Agenda footnote: “Khrushchev will be dismissed nine months later, on October 15.”] – The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 5

Blog Note: “After the death of Joseph Stalin in 1953, there was a shift in posture towards the other republics. In an attempt to reconcile the relationship with the Ukrainian SSR, Nikita Khrushchev, along with the other leadership of the Soviet Union, transferred the Crimean Oblast from the Russian SFSR to the Ukrainian SSR.” [Wikipedia]


The Mother, 7 March 1964 

What I wanted was to set a date, to get  ["Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness"] published …. Because I have a feeling that after some time (now I understand better), when the atmosphere is quite ready, it will do a very useful work [in Europe]…. There is a possibility in Russia, too, but of a different nature – mystic, a great mystic possibility there. When the mystic spirit awakens there ... It has been repressed, so ... (gesture of explosion). – The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 5


The Mother, 17 October 1964 

And in the world, things are chaotic, it seems. 

Yes, what is this "resignation" of Khrushchev going to do?

[Note: The Chinese exploded their first atomic bomb on 16 October 1964.]

It looks serious. It would seem to be a revolt, because his son, too, has been kicked out.

Does it mean a setback? 

Oh, a VIOLENT setback. 

It's serious. 

Things were on the mend between America and Russia (at China's expense! It was very funny). This is going to demolish everything. 


You get an impression (it's precisely the impression I bring back from those activities of the night), the impression of a building cracking – all over. Exactly like just before the collapse: it cracks all over. Besides, if you are completely outside your usual consciousness, your usual reactions, your immediate circle and your daily activity, if you get completely out of all that, and take a look and wonder, "What's going to happen?" – a black hole, you can't see anything. 

And when I say, "What's going to happen?" I don't mean what's going to happen on earth, but through what combination of circumstances or sequence of events is the new creation going to take place? 

There is an entire part of the earth's past history that, ultimately, is totally unknown to us. 

…[H]ow many cataclysms have there been? 


Now, for great upheavals men want to do without Nature's help. It seems that five nations have atomic bombs, and the bombs of just one of those nations are enough to ... vrrf! destroy the earth. So if all this (because it's new, after all) suddenly gets out of control ... They don't know how long these things can remain in waiting: if all at once they start exploding – can you see that! (laughing) In all the countries, all the bombs going off at the same time! 

Poor earth. 

It's worse than a Deluge. All in all, the ways of the Earth were more gentle, Nature was more reasonable. 


Ultimately, there is only one comfort, it's that nothing will ever happen except what has to happen, so ... This is the consciousness in which I live – I don't worry at all, not in the least. But I mean that in actual fact, in an objective manner, we know nothing. 

The historical period is very short. Already, as it is, it's very uncertain, but very short. Perhaps the conscious effort of the Vedas came after thousands and thousands of years of research, studies, civilizations that didn't leave any trace? Because they have more or less calculated the time of the coming of man on the earth – a few million years, no? ….

Out of that [few] million, we know 5,000 years, you see that! Poor little ball! How vain we are! We think we know everything….

Ultimately, if we look at things with the slightest care, even OUTWARDLY, we know nothing. – The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 5  


The Mother, 28 October 1964 

[Regarding] the earth’s political atmosphere? Russia? Do you see something? 

No, nothing in particular ... I rather had a very strong indication that it was a reaction in the wrong direction. … I have a strong feeling that it is – yes – a diabolic reaction. It seems they want to put Khrushchev on trial?... – The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 5


The Mother, 12 January 1965  

[Regarding the Mother’s 8 March 1951 commentary (above):] 

I knew that being very well (for other reasons ... the story would be too long to tell), and once, I knew he was going to visit Hitler – I went before he did: I took his appearance, it was very easy. Then I said to Hitler, "Go and attack Russia." I don't exactly remember the words or the details, but the fact was that I told him, "Go ... In order to have the supreme victory, go and attack Russia." That was the end of Hitler. He believed it and did it – two days later, we got the news of the attack [=Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union].

And then, the next day, that is, when I came back from Hitler, I met that being and told him, "I've done your job!" Naturally enough, he was furious! 

But all the same, in that consciousness, there is with that being (the Lord of Falsehood, one of the first four Emanations), there is despite everything a very deep relationship, of course. He said to me, "I know, I know I will be defeated eventually, but before my end comes I will wreak as much destruction on earth as I can."  

Then, as I told you, the next day, the news of the attack came, and that was really the end of Hitler. As for Sri Aurobindo ... (you know that there is a place in Russia where they were defeated [at Stalingrad, on 2 February 1943]), Sri Aurobindo had foreseen the defeat and had worked the night before, and that's how it happened – we knew ALL THE DETAILS. We never told this, of course, but it was perfectly precise. 

But I knew that being, I had already seen him in Japan – he called himself "the Lord of Nations." And he really was a form of the Asura of Falsehood, that is, of Truth which became Falsehood: the first Emanation of Truth, who became Falsehood. And he hasn't been destroyed yet[8] – The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 6  [Text in parentheses added] 


The Mother, 18 June 1965

[If] a new domination [of India] is indispensable, it would be INFINITELY better for it to be by the Americans than by the Russians because what would be learned from the Russians is an UNNECESSARY lesson: it's community, the truth of community – the Indians knew it before the Russians (the Sannyasins were the ideal community); they knew it before the Russians, so they have nothing to learn there, it would be perfectly unnecessary. And to tell the truth, I am completely indifferent as to whether or not the Russians become spiritualists, because the Russians, in their soul, are mystics – they are AT LEAST as mystical as the Indians. So all their community and Communism is pretentiousness. It would be no use – no use at all.

An American occupation is a drastic method, but... Oh, when I see here the extent to which they can be imbued with the English spirit, oh, it's hideous – I don't like the English. And the English... the English have learned the maximum from the Indians, but for them the maximum is nothing much. The Americans want to learn. They are young and they want to learn; the English are old, stale, hardened and... oh, so conceited – they know everything better than everyone else. So they learned very little. They benefited the maximum, but that's very little; their maximum is very little. The English... (gesture of sinking) they are destined to sink underwater. [9]

Oh, I hope you're not recording this!

It seems more likely that the Chinese would be the ones to come here, not the others.

Oh, but the Chinese... The Chinese come from the moon, what are they doing on earth! The origin of the Chinese isn't earthly: it is lunar…. 

No, the Americans can come here to “save” India from China.


To be under Chinese domination... it's better to die first. They are... from the point of view of sensitivity, they are monsters. They are monsters. They are lunar – lunar, that is, cold, icy.

No, there's no wavering between the two. The Chinese, the Chinese domination over the earth is... it means the earth hardening, the earth growing cold like the moon. Oh, that would be dreadful….” – The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 6


The Mother, 25 September 1965 

(Following the Security Council's ultimatum [with regards to the Indo-Pakistani War, aka the Second Kashmir War], India accepted the cease-fire as of September 22.) 

…[At] the U.N., they are chortling with glee, they're very proud of themselves [for the cease-fire]. But here, they aren't glad. They are especially furious at Britain….

The Russians have called on Shastri and the Pakistan man [Ayub Khan] to meet in Russia [in Tashkent], and it seems they have agreed with the Americans (the Russians with the Americans) on permanently separating Britain from Pakistan and China from India. They want to take steps to permanently prevent China and Britain from intervening in affairs here. They have means of coercing them, it appears. 

Naturally, if Russia and America join together ... So they have called Shastri and Ayub, and they are going – they are going there. So perhaps we are going to see something interesting. 

The rapprochement between Russia and America is something I have been working on for years. I thought I had succeeded, when Kennedy was assassinated; and at the time, Khrushchev was well- disposed – both gone! One is assassinated, the other dismissed

Now we'll see. If nothing comes in the way, there may be something interesting. 

…The Indians have missed the opportunity. 

Yes. Ah, yes, this was the opportunity. 

…[If India and Pakistan] they feel protected, helped and supported, in fact by Russia and America, they won't push for reunion. With masses, you know, it's only a question of a current of thought: it's not reflection, not reasoning, just a current of thought. I don't know, we shall see. – The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 6


The Mother, 20 November 1965 

(On Mother's table lies an issue of "The Illustrated Weekly" showing a large photo of President Kennedy with folded hands. This is the second anniversary of his death, November 22, 1963.) 

“Was he a religious man? …. Oh, Catholic!... Ah, that's why he died.... You know he was truly in favor of freedom, and not only freedom but union. And he was receptive. You know how he worked for the Blacks there (moreover, that's the external cause of his death). But he was the one I counted on, not without reason, as he had shown signs of assent to a union with Russia to establish peace on earth. Talks had already started and they had seized the opportunity of China's aggression against India. Naturally, that wasn't quite to the extremists' liking, and in the atmosphere, the force which for centuries has acted behind the Catholic religion wasn't at all in favor of that plan; so things "worked out" well and they killed him. The other one in Russia who had responded, Khrushchev, didn't die because he left [office] in time!... I thought Kennedy was Protestant.” – The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 6


The Mother, 23 April 1966 

And the interesting point is that an architect friend of [Roger Anger] came and worked with him and participated in the creation [of Auroville]; he is now quite enthusiastic, and he is a man who has very extensive contacts with all Communist Europe, including Russia. And he is thrilled to pieces. So, on that side, it’s working well. And in America, too, it seems to be working. 

And that’s precisely what I want – that these two countries clashing with each other should come here, and each of them have a pavilion of their culture and ideal, and that they should be here, face to face, and shake hands. – The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 7


More excerpts from The Mother’s Agenda, will follow in Addendum 2.


[1] CWSA Publisher’s Note: The Human Cycle was first published in monthly instalments in the review Arya between August 1916 and July 1918 under the title The Psychology of Social Development. Each chapter was written immediately before its publication. The text was revised during the late 1930s and again, more lightly, in 1949. 
[2] CWSA Publisher’s Note: The Ideal of Human Unity was written and published in monthly instalments in the Arya between September 1915 and July 1918. In 1919 it was brought out as a book. Sri Aurobindo wrote a Preface to that edition which is reproduced in the present volume. He revised the book during the late 1930s, before the outbreak of World War II. References to political developments of the period between the world wars were introduced at this time, often in footnotes. In 1949 Sri Aurobindo undertook a final revision of The Ideal of Human Unity. He commented on the changed international situation in footnotes and made alterations here and there throughout the book, but brought it up to date mainly by the addition of a Postscript Chapter. In 1950 the revised text was published in an Indian and an American edition.”
[3] The Mother commented on Sri Aurobindo’s 25 January 1935 letter in 1967: 
“What marvelous clarity of vision! And so total, isn't it, forgetting nothing. Every word is full of meaning. Things are moving fast at present. He saw clearly: things are moving on as he said, now they are going at a gallop.  
“And the Americans! ... They claim they want to launch a "disarmament campaign," but they themselves don't feel the possibility of it: they are full of fear and distrust; so their "solution" is to sell arms to everyone! (Mother laughs) With the idea, first, of making money, and then of making countries "equal"!” – The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 8, 24 May 1967
[4] On 25 June 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea, instigating the Korean War (1950-53).
[5] Footnote as in original: ‘The reference is to a message given to the Bengali journal Srinvantu: “Let the Light of the Truth be born upon earth from today and for ever.”’ (21 February 1953)
[6] Ravana is “the chief antagonist in the Hindu epic Ramayana and its adaptations.” [Wikipedia]
[7] It is worth mentioning in this same vein of accusations of ruining “everything”, on 25 March 2022, after posting Part One of this series on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I received an email from a student of Thea’s [Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's] yoga and writings, claiming to be channeling Thea, who wrote essentially that I am single handedly “[taking down] the entire human race with [my] deceptions”. She did not clarify what these deceptions were but the letter came after I declined to fulfill her request that I write a comparison of a David Icke video she sent me and what I had written about Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine.
[8] I will discuss Thea’s commentary on the “Lord of Falsehood” in a future post. She believed this being, emanation or Asura was entrapped and contained in the misconstruction of the Mother’s Temple in Auroville, and conquered via her work towards exposing the falsehood of this "Shadow Temple", and simultaneously via her work towards uplifting the Light/Gnosis of the Mother’s original temple vision and measurements. See: Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, Update 9.
[9] Agenda footnote: “Mother had already told Satprem many years earlier that the island of Great [Britain] was destined to disappear."

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