The Sacred Measure of 432,000 ⁓ Addendum: The Speed of Light

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As discussed in the early parts of this "Sacred Measure of 432,000" series, Thea (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet) referred to the sacred number 432,000 as the "Measure of Unity". [See Part 2] In a footnote to one of these discussions, she wrote: "It has been pointed out that 4322 = 186,624, or approximately the speed of light." [Bold emphasis mine]

The modern measure of the speed of light (in a vacuum) is recorded as approximately 186,282 miles per second. In my research I found one explanation of the small discrepancy between the modern measure of the speed of light and 4322.
“We usually think of the vacuum of space as having no substance, and thus we consider the maximum speed of light to be 186,282 miles per second. However, as known in physics, the vacuum of space is actually a false vacuum (not a true vacuum) because it too has a form of 'substance' by virtue of, for example, dark matter, the Higgs (Boson) Field etc. 
“Theoretically the speed of light should be even faster without this ’substance’ acting upon it. Indeed, before creation, there was no 'false vacuum' of space, and so the primordial light of creation (Ohr HaGanuz [the pure hidden light]) would have been capable of even greater speed. For lack of any recognized term, I call this greater speed, the 'absolute true speed of light' and would suggest that this absolute speed (of primordial light) is exactly 216 + 216 or 432 squared, which is 186,624 miles per second. The diminished speed through a ‘false vacuum’ (which is currently measured at 186,282 miles per second) is a relatively scant 342 miles per second slower).” – Saphire Magen David 
I don’t know if the above explanation is true or if 4322 simply approximates the measure of the speed of light in terms of miles per second. As discussed in Part Two, the modern mile, along with the 432,000-mile measure of the Sun, appears to be a product of ancient cosmological, geometric and geodetic gnosis which has been long-lost upon most of modern humanity, so it is not entirely far-fetched to wonder whether ancient sages at some point in time on Earth were aware of a connection between the measure of the Sun’s radius and the measure of the speed of light. It is easier to hold that the relationship between 432 and the speed of light is simply a newly observed relationship, or a newly discovered sacred coincidence, but I think an open mind about this mathematical coincidence is warranted, considering how often the sacred number shows up in ancient lore and ancient sacred architecture, including Stonehenge (see Slide 6 of “Rethinking Stonehenge by the Numbers – Thomas Mills) and the Great Pyramid (see "Altar and Pillar" and “The Great Pyramid & 432”).

In Part 3 I discussed the sacred measure of 432,000 (which shows up in the measures of the Rig Veda and Yugas in addition to the measure of the Sun) in terms of the sexagesimal measure of the circle. It should be entirely clear by now to anyone paying attention to Thea’s work or my work that this sacred measure is linked to the measure of one-third or 120 degrees of the Circle (120° x 60′ x 60ʺ = 432,000ʺ). The full measure of the circle in terms of seconds of degrees of arc is thus 3 x 432,000ʺ = 1,296,000ʺ.

Given the 1:3 relationship between 432 and 1296, the 432 x 432 equation for 186,624 can also be written as: 1,296 x 144  (which can in turn be written as 64 x 122). Another intriguing derivation of 186,624 is 9 x 1442, equivalent to 9 x 122 or 32 x 122.

As I have discussed elsewhere 9 x 144,000ʺ equals the full 1,296,000ʺ sexagesimal count of the circle. Thus a macro cycle of 144 years or 144 Great Years yields a cumulative total of 186,624,000,000ʺ (seconds of degrees of arc). India's sacred Kumbha Mela is known to follow a 144 (12 x 12) year cycle; and I have discussed the 144 year cycle in relation to the yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea (spanning 144 years from 1872-2016) in my book, Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom.

While following this same line of mathematical inquiry, I found that lastly and perhaps most remarkably, 186,624 is equivalent to 2,592 x 72. This is remarkable because 25,920 years is the measure of the Earth’s 12-Age Precession of the Equinoxes in which each degree of the circle happens to measure 72 years. In Part 2 I discussed the 25,920-year Precessional Cycle or Great Year in relation to the history of the modern mile and the geodesic gnosis of ancient civilizations. For those who haven’t read that yet or need a reminder, the 25,920 measure of the Earth’s Precessional cycle (360° x 72 years) was applied to the 25,920-mile measure of the Earth’s equatorial circumference by the ancient Greeks.

From the above it occurs that there is a mathematical connection between the speed of light in miles and the 360° sexagesimal measure of the Circle and cycles of time, including the 360° measure of the Earth’s Solar Year (i.e. the Tropical Zodiac) and the 25,920-year measure of the Earth’s Great Year. Given that the sacred geometry and eternal laws of the circle and sphere informs creation, and our movement and existence in Time and Space, and given that the Light-bearing Suns of our Universe are spheres of Light, it is not all that radical to imagine that the speed of light itself is inseparable from the math of the circle or sphere.

At some point in high school, it occurred to me that Einstein’s equation for energy and matter (at rest) had the same basic structure as the equation for the area of the circle, wherein the radius (r) of the circle held the same position as the speed of light (c); π held the same position as matter (m); and area (A) held the same position as energy (E).
A = π r2
E = mc2
When I came across Thea’s writings about the Vedic Circle of 0/9 in my early 30s, it appeared that these two equations were also related to the simple math and geometry of the circle of 9 (which is the basis of Vedic mathematics as well as modern mathematics).
9 = 1 x 32
It was clear that the number 9 holds the same position held by Area and Energy in the other two equations, the number 1 holds the same position of Mass and the constant of π (the measure of the circumference of the Circle, given a diameter of 1), and the number 3 holds the same position as the radius and the speed of light constant. This all made me wonder about the mathematical connection (or cosmological equivalence) between the radius (ray of the circle), the 186,624 (432 x 432) speed of light in miles and the Vedic Circle of 9 (3 x 3). It bears mentioning that the number power of 186,624 is 9 (1 + 8 + 6 + 6 + 2 + 4 = 36 = 3 + 6 = 9), just like 432 and most of the other sacred numbers mentioned in this series.

As discussed in my book and throughout this blog, the radius (ray) of the circle draws out and informs the sacred geometry of the vesica piscis, marking or measuring 432,000 seconds of degrees of arc of the circumference of the circle, mirroring the 432,000 measure of Sun’s radius in miles. The fact that 432 squared yields approximately, if not exactly, the speed of light in miles occurs to me as an important piece of the same mathematical-cosmological puzzle . It must be noted that, if the speed of light (c) can be measured as 4322, then E = mc2 amounts to E = m x 4324.

Another mathematical-geometric harmony that I observe regarding the measure and math of the Vedic circle and the 4322 measure of the speed of light, involves the 9 division of the circle. There are 9 units or 9 ONES (9 x 1) that make up the circumference of the Vedic circle, which in itself represents the ONE or totality and wholeness of creation. In terms of seconds of degrees. As already noted each of these 9 ONES (units) are comprised of 144,000 seconds of degrees of arc. If we apply the 4322 (= 186,624) measure of the speed of light to the entire circumference of the circle, then each unit has a value of 1442.

I trust that the full sense of these harmonies, harmonics and geometries involving the measure of the speed of light and the math and measure of the circle will become much clearer as Time marches forward. I also trust that there are others who will serve to help advance this line, or rather “circle” of thought, towards a fuller and/or more accurate account of how these things are interrelated.

My first encounter with (or initiation into) this subject of the geometry of the circle and sphere in relation to the basics of creation and movement within Time and Space was Thea’s book, The Gnostic Circle, which I found in March of 2000. Reading this book marked the end of my linear consciousness. From that point onward, I began seeing and experiencing life and creation in terms of cyclical evolution and in terms of the wholeness or Oneness of the circle or sphere. Since then, I am always on the lookout for people whose work is related to this subject which for me boils down to the geometry of Divine Oneness (i.e. the sacred geometry of the Unified Field of Time and Space).

While writing this addendum I came across the work of Bruce Cathie [1930-2013] who, in the process of studying the geometries of the Earth’s spherical grid (in relation to UFO sightings), found “a series of geometric harmonics which were directly related to the speed of light, mass, and gravity.” Cathie proposed that the speed of light is 144,000 minutes of arc when understood in terms of the sexagesimal measure of the sphere of the Earth, and that this math-geometry was known to “early mathematicians”. He wrote:
“I theorize that the whole of physical reality which is tangible to us is formed from the basic geometric harmonies, or harmonics, of the angular velocities, or wave-forms, of light. From these basic harmonies, or resonating wave-forms, myriad other waves are created which blend in sympathetic resonance, one with the other, thus forming the physical structures. 
“Einstein stated that the geometric structure of space-time determines the physical processes. I theorize that space and time manifest from the geometric harmonies of the wave-motions of light. The fundamental harmonic of light, in free space, in geometric terms being an angular velocity of 144,000 minutes of arc per grid second, there being 97,200 grid seconds [27 x 60′ x 60ʺ] to one revolution of the earth….” – Bruce Cathie, The Energy Grid - Harmonic 695 - The Pulse of the Universe [Bold emphasis added]
“I discovered that the harmonic of the speed of light in free space had a value of 144. ….It appeared from this that the harmonic of light had a very definite relationship with the geometry of a circle, and that the early mathematicians were fully aware of the fact. This will become clearer as you read through this book. – Bruce Cathie, The Mathematics Of The World Grid [Bold emphasis added]
If Cathie is correct in his assertions, then the 432,000-mile solar measure, and the 4322-mile per second measure of the speed of light begin to look less like a coincidence and more like an echo of ancient gnosis.

Also worth mentioning in relation to the connection between light and the geometry of the circle is the work of Michael Evans. Evan’s revelations and theories regarding “the Geometry of Light” are discussed on his website and in various videos. For some 50 years, he has been bringing awareness to the geometric form (a previously unacknowledged platonic solid) which he discovered and subsequently dubbed the Trion-re. This form is a three-sided, two-pointed shape which is only possible to construct with curved lines.

The 2-D depiction of the Trion-re to the right shows two-sides of its three-sides. The geometry of the Trion-re is a 3-D manifestation of a 2-dimensional petal of the Flower of Life as formed by the radius of the circle, and six vesica piscium. Each of the three arcs of the Trion-re contain 216,000ʺ (half of the sacred measure of 432,000ʺ which measures out one-third of the circle). 

A Trion-re shape can be geometrically constructed by tracing out the six-petalled Flower of Life (created via six vesica piscium) and then cutting out three equally spaced petals – whose three points are 120° (i.e. 432,000ʺ) apart, and then joining the three points and the sides of the three petals together. Evan’s describes the Trion-re as:
“The Elemental Structure of the Universe: The Trion-Re' is the smallest possible regular solid. It is the building block of the universe. It is the geometry of a single ray of light-photon. 
“From the ONE comes the many in a connected universe. There are no straight lines, everything is curved & connected. It is only when we bend the line do we see the space between. The Trion -Re' is a dynamic vibrating structure that spins, contracts, expands, twists and radiates. 
“The stream of light pulses one into another, as form gives way to the advantage of stream. A breathing, living, conscious, seed of light. Every in-line creates an out-line. Without beginning light contains the [recipe] of conscious life. Light is a vessel, the elemental thought contained in each pulsing Trion-Re' is pattern recognition. 
“I tell you [truly], It may have been an ARC of light, rather than an ARK of wood, that all came forth.” – source, Michael Evan’s FB page [Bold emphasis added]
I am also very interested in the work of Erik Rankin and others who are studying the geometry of Sound (see  “Sonic Geometry – The Language of Frequency and Form”, produced by Alanna Luna) in which the sacred number 432 is a central character].

There are of course others not mentioned above, who are uplifting different aspects of sacred geometry, mathematics and ancient wisdom and math in our world. I appreciate ALL who are holding and presenting different pieces of the puzzle (however mixed in with things/theories that may be erroneous). I trust that all will be sorted out and better organized and integrated in the course of Time, on the basis of the eternal geometry of the sphere, circle and cyclical movement (orbits, waves, pulses, etc.).


In my next post I will discuss the ancient symbol of three-fish with one head as discussed in the article “From emperor Akbar’s tomb to Ginsberg’s sketchbook, this mysterious motif has persisted over time”. The true significance of this ancient symbol should be no mystery to anyone who has read my book discussing, among other things, the equivalence between the symbol of the Fish (Pisces) and the vesica piscis, as well as the eternal fact or law (Sanatana Dharma) that one vesica piscis perfectly measures out one-third of the circumference of the circle and that three evenly spaced vesicae piscium perfectly divide the circumference of the circle into three.

Image info: Three fish with one head, on an Egyptian bowl, New Kingdom, 16th-11th centuries BC (Image source: G. Maspero, L'archeologie egyptienne. Paris: Maison Quantin, 1887; p. 255, fig. 228).

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Notes on Bruce Cathie's measure of the vacuum speed of light as 144,000 nautical miles per grid second [My attempt to understand and share how Cathie’s math makes sense]:

Bruce Cathie observed/discovered that the Speed of Light = 144,000 minutes of arc (144,000 nautical miles) per second of time wherein 1 second of time is calculated using a 27 x 60′ x 60ʺ (97,200ʺ) measure of the day (Earth’s 360° rotation upon its axis), instead of 24 x 60′ x 60ʺ (86,400ʺ). This 27hr-based second is 8/9ths shorter than the 24hr-based second (86,400ʺ /97,200ʺ = 8/9). Or rather, the second we utilize is 9/8ths (97,200ʺ/86,400ʺ) longer than the one Cathie uses in his speed of light equation.

The Earth's polar circumference is 21,600 nautical miles = 360° x 60 minutes of arc minutes, thus:

1 arc minute of Earth = 1 nautical mile = 6082 ft = 1.152 modern mile (rounded up)
144,000 nautical miles x 1.152 x 9/8 sec = 186,624 miles per sec
186,624 = 4322  which is also equivalent to 1442 x 9 or 1,296 x 144 or 2592 x 72 or 7,776 x 24

Other mathematical notes: 
186,624/144,000 = 1.296      [1.296 x 8/9 = 1.152]. 
(186,624 x 8/9)/144,000 = 1.152 
1.152 miles = 6,082.56 ft. = 1 nautical mile (6082 ft)

I do not know if Cathie utilized 4322 as the figure for the speed of light. I haven’t found his equations. I just used 186,620 to see if it would work in relation to the nautical mile (1 minute of arc of the polar radius) and it does.

It bears noting as well that there is an ancient tradition in Indian astrology of dividing the 360 degree circle into 27 segments (nakshatras) which is known to "[predate] the influence of Hellenistic astronomy on Vedic tradition" [Wiki].