Why Is the Year Divided Into 12 Months?

I am wondering if the question 'Why is our year divided into 12 Months?' stumps readers or if there is some feel for the answer already. Becoming familiar with the inherent geometries of the circle, leads to greater appreciation of this seemingly random division and greater awareness that our measure of the year is actually actually a reflection of eternal truth or dharma.

Ever and always, whether or not there are beings to appreciate the fact, the radius of the circle, when marked off on the circumference of a circle, equals 60° (1/6th) of the circle. In terms of the circle below, if one puts the point of a compass at the 0/360° point (apex) of the circle and swings the compass one way it would slice through 60° of circumference:
And if one continued the arc (or constructed a full 2nd circle) it would also slice through another 60° of the circle ... for a total of 120°:
Slicing a radius-sized arc from ONE of the two horizontal cardinal points of the circle is how one forms the Vesica Pisces as seen below.

The Vesica Pisces is thus intimately and eternally connected to the division of the circle by THREE. Put another way, the Circle's own measure – its radius – divides the Circle by THREE and produces in and of itself the perfect Triangle or Trinity of the Circle.
If one then takes into account the Earth's own geometry, in which its journey around the Sun is divided into FOUR equal parts (due to the Earth's axial tilt) marked off by the four equinoctial and solstitial points (the 4 Cardinal points) of the Earth's Year, the matter becomes clearer.

Here is what happens when two radius-sized circles are constructed along the circumference of one central circle using TWO cardinal points (along the same axis) as focal points. The original circle is divided into SIX parts:
Guess what happens when one draws four radius-sized circles using ALL FOUR Cardinal Points of the one central Circle as focal points. If you guessed that it divides the Circle into 12 equal segments, you are correct.
This phenomenon/eternal geometry of the Circle is recognized/announced/preserved in the symbol of last sign of the zodiac, Pisces:
In case it is not clear in the image/symbol above, the upper intersection of Vesica Pisces marks off 330° of the circle, i.e. the 12th part of the circle or 12th month of the year (using the apex of the circle as the 0 Point, as 0° Aries of the Tropical Year). Likewise, the lower intersection of the Vesica Pisces, marks off the 8th month of the year, Scorpio.
I hope these images make an impact on readers because the story of the zodiac, the story of the Vesica Pisces, the story of geometry and the story of the Earth's year are all the same story ... the story of how any two things, any two points of light (souls), and all points of Being and Becoming are connected by the real terms and measure of the Circle. It is truly a story worth knowing.

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