The Sacred Geometry & Vedic Origin of the Alchemical Rebis ⁓ Part 2

The Alchemical Rebis - Vesica Piscis, Radius & 3 Circle overlay by Lori Tompkins (21.3.2023)

The Alchemical Rebis as found in Heinrich Nollius's Theoria Philosophiae Hermeticae (1617)
Vesica Piscis, Radius & 3 Circle overlay by Lori Tompkins (21.3.2023)

The Measure of 3, 6, and 9

After overlaying two circles and their vesica piscis upon the Philosopher's Stone or Cosmic Egg of Nollius's Rebis as illustrated in Part One, I assigned the value or measure of 3 to their common radius. The illustration above shows this measure via 3 circles spanning the width of the vesica piscis which occultly informs the sacred measure of Nollius's Stone or Egg. Each of these three circles has a diameter of 1. The corresponding diameter of the two circles is 6 (3 + 3), and the entire width of the two overlapped circles is  (3 + 3 + 3). 

The Alchemical Rebis Vesica Piscis, Radius & 9 Circle overlay by Lori Tompkins (21.3.2023)

The Ratio of 3:4

Four circles with the same diameter of 1, vertically aligned, match the height of the Rebis's Stone or Egg giving it a 3:4 width to height ratio, subtly echoing the numbers and angles featured on the flying Earth.
The Alchemical Rebis Vesica Piscis, Radius & 4 Circle overlay by Lori Tompkins (21.3.2023)
Via the image above, we can see that the measure, unit, and circle of 1 is found in the distance between the center of the flying Earth and the bottom of the Stone/Egg. 

The Earth is the third planet of our solar system and its astronomical symbol is a circle encompassing a four-armed balanced cross: . The product of 3 and 4 is of course 12, and Nollius's flying Earth—featuring a balanced cross and an ascending three-sided equilateral triangle—is an occult symbol of Earth's twelve-month zodiacal, tropical or solar year, equivalent to the sacred twelve-month, 360° year or "sacrifice" (yajna) of the Vedic Seers. The balanced cross of Earth's astronomical symbol and of Nollius's flying Earth symbolize Earth's four equinoctial and solstitial points, equivalent to the four cardinal points of the Zodiac: 0° Aries, 0° Cancer, 0° Libra, and 0° Capricorn. These cardinal, solstitial, and equinoctial points mark the entrances into Earth's four seasons, spanning three months each. 

The 4 cardinal points, 4 radii, and 4 vesica piscis that measure out the Zodiac
As I have discussed and illustrated throughout my writings, the twelve months of the Zodiac are measured out by the four cardinal point radii and their four vesicae piscium drawn out across the body of the 360° circle. Thus we can appreciate that together with the cardinal or equinoctial points of Earth's Solar Year, the eternal law (sanatana dharma) and sacred 432,000" measure (=120° measure) of the radius and its vesica piscis establish the twelve-month measure of the zodiacal Vedic Year. Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet endeavored via her various writings to expose and correct the widespread post-Vedic or non-Vedic Indian error of trying to find, collectively agree upon and measure the sacred year of the Zodiac via the Earth's sidereal year and the imaginative constellations.

The Divine Maya or sacred measure of the Zodiac contained in Nollius's Rebis scene is not only conveyed via the 3:4 ratio of the width and height of the Philosopher's Stone/Egg and via the numbers and geometric shapes found on the flying Earth, but also via the compass and ruler upheld by the two-headed Rebis who is flanked by the two astrological "luminaries"—the Sun and the Moon—and surrounded by the six planets of our solar system that were known in the 17th century: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

7 (3 + 4) Circles

After seeing the 3 by 4 dimensions of the Rebis's Stone, the next thing that bore investigation was the diameter or measure of the flying Earth. It became apparent that the diameter of the flying Earth is one-fourth the height of the vesica piscis. In other words, four circles matching the Earth's circumference span the height of the vesica piscis—the original Philosopher's Stone, Egg, Seed, and Eternal Law of the Vedas—that is the occult sacred womb and geometric basis of Nollius's Rebis's Stone and its contents.

The Alchemical Rebis Vesica Piscis, Radius & 4 Circle overlay by Lori Tompkins (21.3.2023)

Given that the long axis of any vesica piscis has a √ 3:1 ratio with its radius, and given the 3 measure of the radius that I have attributed to the Rebis's Stone and its corresponding vesica piscis, the diameter of Nollius's Earth, if constructed with precision as 1/4th of the vesica piscis's height, would be (3√ 3)/4, or approximately 1.3. As is, the width of Nollius's Earth does appear to correspond to this measure, but the height appears to be a little larger, though not by much. In the image above we can see that the flying Earth sits in the approximate middle of the two lowest circles, occultly forming two horizontally stacked vesicae piscium. This geometry, flipped 90° is the ancient basis of the Pisces hieroglyph, , and its two-fish iconography, which occultly conveys the connection between the symbol of the Fish, the geometric law and measure of the vesica piscis, and the measure of the 12-month Zodiac.

The symbol of the Fish & the measure of the Zodiac & the Ratnagiri Petroglyph (Lori Tompkins)

The lowest circle of the chain of seven forms the vesica piscis that measures out the base of the flying Earth's equilateral triangle emphasizing, in an occult way, the eternal law of the radius and vesica piscis that together divide the circumference of the circle into three equal parts, establishing the geometric basis of the Divine Trinity of our world's religious lore and the sacred 3-6-9 trinity of our 10-base number system wherein the 9 and the 0 hold the same place in the circle. The vesica piscis formed by the second circle intersects with the globe's approximate center and marks the position of the Dragon's elbow and knee joints. Below I have illustrated the full chain of SEVEN (3 + 4) Earth-sized circles, overlapped upon their radii. These seven circles form, via their intersections, six small vesicae piscium.
The Alchemical Rebis Vesica Piscis, Radius & 7 Circle overlay by Lori Tompkins (21.3.2023)
The combined width of two of these Earth-sized circles closely corresponds to the width and position of the fire-breathing Dragon whose body is perfectly draped over the circumference of the Earth.

The measure and sacred geometry of the Alchemical Rebis & Dragon by Lori Tompkins (21.3.2023)

As shown above, the nadirs of these two circles measure out the winged Earth's East and West cardinal directions—equivalent to 0° Aries and 0° Libra in the Zodiac—where we find the Earth's wings attached. 

The Sea Goat constellation of Capricorn
As discussed in Part One, the Earth's North cardinal direction, upon which Nollius's Dragon is centered, corresponds to 0° Capricorn. In Western astrology Capricorn is portrayed as a Sea Goat or Mountain Goat. In India, the tenth month of Capricorn is known as Makar, so named after the sea monster or sea dragon Makara. After initially publishing Part One, I added the following to "The Vedic Dragon" section, which I am including here for any who missed it: 

"[O]nce we know what we are looking for, it is not hard to see that the head and tail of the Rebis Dragon looks very much much like the Goat's head and curled tail associated with the constellation of Capricorn." 

The Cardinal Points & Directions of Nollius's winged Earth inside the Rebis's/Philosopher's Stone by Lori Tompkins (1 Oct. 2023)

Likewise, once the cardinal directions and their zodiacal equivalents are established, we can see that the third circle of the ascending chain of seven circles, measures out 0° Scorpio and 0° Piscis on Earth's circumference, corresponding respectively to the position of the Dragon's heal and wrist. As shown in the image below, given the northern apex of 0° Capricorn, 0° Cancer, 0° Scorpio, and 0° Pisces form an occult or subtle descending equilateral triangle on Nollius's Earth, marking the entrances of the three zodiacal Water signs. This triangle mirrors Nollini's ascending equilateral Earth Triangle or Earth Trine, the points of which correspond to the entrances of the three zodiacal Earth signs: 0° Taurus, 0° Virgo and 0° Capricorn.

The Earth and Water sign trines of Nollius's winged Earth inside the Rebis's/Philosopher's Stone by Lori Tompkins (1 Oct. 2023)

Vishnu's Fish Avatar (Matsya), the Vesica Piscis and the Zodiacal sign of Pisces from "The Obstruction of the Vedic Waters & the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio ⁓ Part Eight ⁓ The Vesica Piscis as a Key of Sri Aurobindo’s Avataric Yoga"
The zodiacal measure or span of Nollius's alchemical Dragon across two water signs is significant given that, in the Vedas, the Dragon blocks the flow of the rivers or waters as well as the birth of their Divine Son/Sage. [See "The Obstruction of the Vedic Waters & the Fixed Water Sign Scorpio".] The name and hieroglyph of the mutable (or DISSOLUTION) water sign of Pisces, a.k.a. the sign of the Fish or Matysa, stands as the hidden-in-plain-sight geometric key, eternal law (sanatana dharma) and weapon by which the Vedic Son (=Sage=Philosopher) and his companion heroes release the obstructed rivers (=seven rivers, cows, mares, sisters, mothers, pressing stones, etc.) from the hold of the Dragon, snake or water-monster Vritra. Once we know this geometric key of the Zodiac, which is likewise a geometric key of the Rig Veda and of Vishnu's Ten Avatars, ages' worth of ignorance regarding these, and all related ancient mythologies and symbols is quickly DISSOLVED, relieving humanity of the dark veil or cover of ignorance that informs and perpetuates the fractious cacophony of humanity's religious dogmas and beliefs.

The 12 Circles or Months of the Year

Given the 3:4 measure of the Rebis's Stone or Egg and the twelve (3 x 4) month measure of the Zodiac, my next step in understanding the sacred measure or Divine Maya of Nollius's image, was to place twelve circles along the vertical axis of the large vesica piscis, each having a diameter of (3√ 3)/12 or approximately .432 + .001....

The Alchemical Rebis Vesica Piscis, Radius & 12 Circle overlay by Lori Tompkins (21.3.2023)

What became apparent at this point was that the tenth circle of the ascending column of twelve encompasses the planetary symbol of Mercury and its six-pointed star. As illustrated in the image above, the apex of this tenth circle and star corresponds not only to the top of Mercury's star, but also to the top of the Rebis's Stone or Egg and its rectangular frame or field. 

This detail of the image is perhaps the most striking to me because, when we see the column of twelve circles as equivalent to the twelve months of the zodiacal Vedic Year, the tenth month corresponds to Capricorn/Makar. Thus, the top of this tenth circle, the top of the Mercury star and the top of the Rebis's Stone/Egg all correspond to 0° Aquarius/Kumbha. 

"Mercury represents the mind and intellect, and rules Gemini, (the sign of duality), and also Virgo. It has its exaltation in Aquarius. Mercury is an airy planet, associated with all forms of communication and the in-flow and out-flow of intelligence and communication." ‒ [Bold emphasis and text in brackets added]

Mercury's astrological rulership of Gemini—the sign of the Twins—and its exaltation in Aquarius is in keeping with the symbolism and measure of the two-headed Rebis who, like the Divine Sage-Son of the Vedas, is victorious over the Dragon via his weapons of sacred geometry. Via his (the radius's) own eternal law, measure and movement within the 360° course of the year (=yajna=sacrifice), the Vedic Sage-Son defeats the Dragon and reaches his Kumbha, i.e. the Water Jar of Aquarius. Whereas the Air signs of Gemini and Libra both symbolize humanity's binary consciousness or lower Mind, the last Air sign Aquarius (=Kumbha) symbolizes or represents the stage of our evolutionary journey wherein the Unity Consciousness of the Higher Mind—or Supermind in Sri Aurobindo's terms—fills the vessel of Man. As I discussed in my series "The Spherical Gnosis of the Sage and the Release of the Vedic Waters", the Vedic Dragon cannot be defeated, nor can the Vedic Rivers or purifying waters be poured out or released from their Aquarian Kumbha or Jar as long as the circular, geometric and zodiacal sense of these ancient symbols is not seen and understood.

The zodiacal geometry and sense of the Seven Rivers (=Vesica Piscis) and Kumbha of the Vedic Sage/Son/Horse (Lori Tompkins, 2016)
In various poetic ways throughout the Vedas, the Kumbha of Aquarius is portrayed as the goal of the Sage, Son, and galloping Horse [a.k.a. Agni as Soma Pavamana], who I came to see and understand in 2016 as the radius of 0° Sagittarius. In Rig Veda 9.74 this goal of the Vedic Son, Sage and Horse is stated quite clearly. 

"Born like a youngling he...the Red, the Strong [Sage-Son-Horse Agni], would win the light of heaven. He comes with heavenly seed that makes the water swell: him for wide-spreading shelter we implore with prayer.... The Soma-stalk [=Agni] hath roared, following with the wave: he swells with sap for man the skin which Gods enjoy. Upon the lap of Aditi [=the Mother of Light = the 12-month Zodiac] he lays the germ.... [Agni as Soma Pavamana] assumes white colour [i.e. is purified] when he strives to gain [the treasures, the waters, the cows, mares, etc.): the bounteous [god] knows full many a precious boon. Down the steep slope, through song, he comes to sacrifice, and he will burst the water-holding cask of heaven, yea, to the shining milk-anointed beaker, as to his goal, hath stepped the conquering Courser." ‒ Rig Veda 9.74.1, 5, 7-8 [Text in brackets and all emphasis added]

Note that in these verses, the vesica piscis [=the Vedic Sage's or Philosopher's Stone] is Agni's "heavenly seed that makes the waters swell", his "wave", his state of "[swelling] with sap", his "germ", "slope", and "song". In Rig Veda 5.78.7-8 Agni is specifically lauded as "the ten-month babe". Elsewhere he is portrayed as the son of seven rivers (mothers, floods, etc.) who "measures [out his own] courses", and helps to defeat the Dragon or "great watery monster" (=Vritra) and to release his own rivers, mothers, treasures, etc. In Rig Veda 10.111 this "watery monster" (or Makara) is depicted as having swallowed up Agni's seven rivers or mothers. This symbolism and the 10-month height of the Rebis's Stone/Egg makes perfect sense when we understand that Agni's seven rivers or mothers span or measure out the first ten months of the zodiacal year (0° Aries through 30° Makar/Capricorn=0° Aquarius), and are poured into and released from the edge or entrance of the Aquarian Kumbha (=Water Jar).

The Satkona and the Division of the Circle by 6

The six stars and Satkona of Nollius's Rebis and Philosopher's Stone by Lori Tompkins (1 Oct. 2023)

Just as, for all of eternity, the radius and vesica piscis together divide the circumference of the circle into three equal parts and twelve equal parts, they also divide it into six equal parts, establishing the six-petal "Flower of Life" and its corresponding Hexagon and Satkona, or six-pointed Star of David, consisting of two interlaced equilateral triangles. Knowing this, we can connect the dots or see the hidden connection between the six-pointed stars that encompass the symbol-glyphs of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and the compass and ruler of the Rebis, which together establish the occult sacred geometry or measure of the image. 

Below left is an illustration of the Satkona geometry of the Mercury star that hovers just above the Rebis's two-heads. Note that, together, the six outward angles or points of the Mercury star and the six squiggly lines or "waves" that radiate from the star's inner angles symbolize the full 12-month measure of the Earth's sacred, solar and tropical Zodiacal Year. The central image below is an illustration of the six vesicae piscium that divide the circle into six even 60° parts and measure out the six angles of the Satkona. Note that the six radii that measure out each of these six vesicae piscum are not drawn or shown in this image, and that both the radius and vesicae piscium of the Vedas are often depicted as being somehow hidden. If we connect the six points of the Satkona with six lines (each equivalent to the length of the circle's radius), as shown below right, we can see the Hexagon that co-arises with the measure of the six-petal "Flower of Life" and the Satkona.

The Mercury Star of Nollini's Rebis and Philosopher's Stone, with Satkona, Flower of Life and Hexagon (Lori Tompkins 1 Oct. 2023)

The sixth planet featured in Nollius's image is the winged Earth, identified by its astronomical symbol, symbolizing the Earth's four equinoctial and solstitial points and its four cardinal directions. When we see the occult or subtle Satkona overlayed upon Nollius's winged Earth, as shown in the opening image of this section, we can better appreciate the relationship between his six-pointed stars, the six planets known in the 17th century, and the underlying sacred geometry of his image.

After seeing the Satkona of the six planets, I was curious to see how the Satkona showed up in the occult or hidden vesica-piscis framework of Nollius's Philosopher's Stone or Egg, so I illustrated a circle with a diameter of 3 in the womb of the vesica piscis, matching its width, and added its internal Satkona.

The Satkona (Star of David) and Sacred Geometry of Nollius's Rebis and Philosopher's Stone by Lori Tompkins (1 Oct. 2023)
From this image we can see that this circle frames the Rebis's heads as well as four of the planets, and follows the upward arc of the Earth's wings. We can also see that the base of the Satkona's ascending triangle closely corresponds to the Dragon's ear as well as the edge of its looped tail. 

If we slide this circle and Satkona up a bit, as shown below, we can clearly see that this circle defines the shape of the upper half of the Rebis's Stone or Egg. In this position, the Rebis stands on the base the ascending triangle or Trikona that extends through the body of the Dragon, the top of this triangle overlaps with ascending triangle of Mercury's Satkona, and the point of the descending triangle intersects with the Earth's center. 

The Satkona (Star of David) and Sacred Geometry of Nollius's Rebis and Philosopher's Stone by Lori Tompkins (1 Oct. 2023)

In my view subtle or occult sacred geometries that I have illustrated or exposed above suggest that the artist was well-aware of the ancient connection between the vesica piscis and the Philosopher's Stone (or Cosmic Egg) and its role in measuring out the circle and the signs of the Zodiac. In multiple ways he communicated the sacred measure of the Earth's 12 (3 x 4) month zodiacal year, and the knowledge of the planets (the ones known in 1617) that travel along the Earth's ecliptic plane, appearing as stars in our night sky. The size, presence, and position of the Capricornian Dragon give some indication that the artist was aware of the connection between the Vedic Dragon, or the equivalent Dragon of St. John's Revelation, the tenth sign of Capricorn/Makar, and the measure of the vesica piscis. The position of the tenth circle in the subtle vertical column of twelve is either a wild coincidence, or the artist had at least some understanding of the Vedic Divine Son (="the ten-month babe"), his victory over the Dragon (or Makar) and his ascent to the Aquarian Kumbha.

I imagine there are other subtle geometries that I have yet to see in this image. If any more occur to me I will add a Part Three or an addendum.

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