The Two Year Anniversary of Thea's Passing

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) at The Future Realisation exhibition, Aurodhan Art Gallery, Pondicherry, 2014
Thea at The Future Realisation Exhibition in Pondicherry,
February 2014.

Today, 9 October 2018, marks the two-year anniversary of the passing of Thea (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet). Not a day goes by when I am not in awe of the depth and breadth and profound significance of all that Thea recovered and revealed through her writings. I celebrate the Gnosis that was brought forth through her life and I celebrate all of the ways that Thea’s ground-breaking Supramental Yoga and her tireless work towards the Restoration of Vedic Wisdom will continue to establish Truth-Consciousness in our world. I cherish all that she opened up in my own consciousness and miss her very much. I feel sad today and wish I could sit down with her and talk about all that is going on in the world and about the task I was given the year and week of her passing regarding recovering the Vesica Piscis as a Key of Vedic Wisdom. I talk to her about it all from time to time in my dream world and feel encouraged that all is unfolding according to plan. A few days ago in a dream she and I just sat together feeling immense love for each other. There is the real possibility, of course, that I’m just in communion with my internalized version of her in my dream world. If that’s true I’m grateful that I at least have such a lovely and supportive internalized version of her in my subconscious. 

Much love for all those who are missing Thea and honoring her life today.

The story of the picture: This was a freeze frame I took from a video of Thea's Q&A session at The Future Realisation Exhibition in Pondicherry, India (February 2014). It reminds me of the patience and grace with which she answered the questions posed to her, not just in that session, but beyond it as well. 


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