Evolution Is a Process of Transmutation and Re-allocation of Energies

'Everything has one and the same constituent element, you see;
and everything lies IN the interrelations.
Well, it's exactly the same for the transformation. …'

The Mother, 9 June 1962

The following excerpts are continuation of my May 1 & 2 posts:  'On Matter and Evolutionary Transformation' and 'More on Matter and Evolutionary Transformation' a discussion concerning the Supramental and Integral transformation of matter, life and mind envisioned by Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet. I selected these excerpts because they demonstrate the similarities between the Mother's 9 June 1962 Agenda entry, wherein she speaks of transformation as a change of relationships or inter-relations within the whole, and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's understanding and teachings regarding the nature of our evolutionary journey.   

Excerpts from The New Way – a study in the rise and establishment of a gnostic society, Chapter 3, ‘The Way of Non-Violence’ by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet:

‘The new world is to found itself on the principle or the seed, let us call it, of Truth. Therefore in all things and in all the movements of the individual and group expression this light must be the guide along the way of unfoldment, this must be the secret formula that opens the doors of the descending new world. Such a Seed of Truth as the beacon-light must be evident even in the new society’s handling of the old one – and it must be the core and key of the process of working-out. The seed of truth is inherent in all things; the stuff of truth-consciousness is the inner-substance of all manifestation, and our evolution is simply for the purpose of peeling off more and more layers that clothe the inner light of Truth.’ (p. 34)


‘… The newness of today is precisely to be seen more easily in this need to integrate all the opposites, to see the place and purpose of all the myriad manifestations of the cosmic existence. Today’s world must as well embrace the very Earth that is crumbling. While not building on its foundations it must nonetheless utilize the energies that are being withdrawn from the decaying sheath in an accurately controlled manner. Otherwise these energies will remain ever free to continue in the service of the Ignorance. Cosmic evolution is always a process of transmutation or re-allocation of energies and nothing more, a re-ordering of the One Divine Energy and its progressive self-revelation and manifestation.

‘A fine and precise control is the secret key. Yet it is a control that must in some way arise of itself as it were, from the depths of itself. That is, it must not be imposed by an outside force, however enlightened, however divine or well-intentioned this may appear to be. The new creation, by a miracle of the re-allocation of energies under a divine √¶gis, will embrace, absorb and integrate the energies that are cast off by the process of disintegration. It will make use of these; indeed, it will find that these energies are the powers that will carry it forward more speedily on the path toward the completion of the Divine Will. The period of transition, as our times may rightly be called, is like unto a mighty brewing process, whereby the most diverse elements are cast into the cauldron to form a new and transmuted blend. (p. 35) [bold emphasis added]


… ‘The time has come’, were the words the Mother heard pronounced on the day of the Supramental Manifestation in 1956. And truly as of that time, Time has come, as an ally now.

‘It is by the all-pervading energy of Time—the New Time, as it were—and the perfect control it exerts over all manifested things from within the core of matter itself, of which it is the binding energy, that the invincible power for a total and secure protection has been born.  All forms, all manifestations bear in their essence this secret energy; thus through and by it the new way will reveal the truth in the doctrine of non-violence. A control must be perfected from within the centre of things, from the heart itself of every minute particle. And in this sense we may being to speak of a transformation of Matter. At the same time—nothing must be wasted in the creation—hence even the Ignorance must find its place and its purpose, and reveal the greater truths of itself. Likewise all relations take on another meaning in this new way of Time; the most negative actions may well be the very method of Time’s harmony, unknown to us yet allied with us. Even we must state that there can be no misuse or evil manipulation of this energy, for its essence is harmony and whosoever passes these portals walks into a consciousness of the harmonious flow of things and only assists in the more perfect unfoldment of Time irrespective of the original motivation. Everything becomes Time’s field and tool, everything is Time’s form—thus to be conscious of Time is to better do the work of the Time-Spirit upon Earth. The powers of the Ignorance are transformed because the Ignorance itself is now compelled to act according to the inner control of the new time, the Supramental Harmony of Time. (p. 39) [bold emphasis added]


Upcoming: Excerpts from Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine on this same theme.


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