More On Matter and Evolutionary Transformation

A 'Gnostic Circle'/Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet/Sri Aurobindo inspired image
representing the evolutionary cycle. LT 2003
My friend who invited inquiry on the Mother's 9 June 1962 comments on matter and evolutionary transformation, found similarities between the Mother's view and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's teachings ... especially PNB's teaching that there is an active divine power hidden the heart of all manifested things that organizes and supermentally 'Puts everything in its [proper] place' in the course of time.

Another friend in the inquiry group was reminded of a dream the Mother had on 5 February 1969 (recorded in The Mother's Agenda) about the 'numbered-expression' of the Supermental consciousness-force's which would be applied to life 'in a coming realization'.

All of us in the informal inquiry group I have spoken of, do find that Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's realizations in the early 1970's concerning the orderly progression of the Divine Will in the real stages and cycles of time (as discussed in The Gnostic Circle), do fit the bill in terms of the Mother's premonition. All the evidence 'adds up' so to speak.

My comments to the group on the similarities between the Mother's comments on matter and transformation and PNB's teachings were as follows: 'The Mother’s words do remind me of the Point and the Circle and of Thea’s yoga which invites individuals to consider not only that our unfolding circumstances are inseparable from a shared Divine Source or Absolute (the Point), but also that our unfolding circumstances are also well-designed, well-choreographed … well-orchestrated. Thea positions or orients individuals on the Earth, in the Cosmos in a way that we can increasingly appreciate and recognize That which informs the whole play (That which is constantly putting everything in its proper place). Without that appreciation, recognition and orientation it is all too easy to de-value and completely miss the truth-consciousness-force-bliss that is the immortal heart of our material existence. Also, without that appreciation and recognition, we get hurt by the pressures and necessities of the consciousness-force ... rather than uplifted, fortified and increased. ...

'Perhaps it will be easier, in time, for individuals to adopt the right attitude/true position or orientation within this ‘same thing’ that we are. At least we have been given some essential clues as to how this is accomplished, even if they remain obscure to most. 

'It seems clear enough that our attitude and alignments affect our innards as well as our mood and our actions … but what does ‘intra-atomic’ movement and 'intra-atomic' transformation mean in terms of our material evolution on Earth? What will it be like to be aware of our interrelations within the whole, on an intra-atomic level? And how do we change without the 'semblance of disintegration'? I find that patience with our epic process of discovery does not come naturally to me AT ALL! But it is always such a cellular relief when I do manage to be patient.'


More Links and Posts on this subject will follow, including relevant excerpts from Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's The New Way – a study in the rise and establishment of a Gnostic society (if I get her permission).

The Mother's Agenda: For those who don't have their own copy of The Mother's Agenda, a free-online PDF is available. 9 June 1962 begins on page 809, and 5 February 1969 on page 2593. This PDF takes some time to load ... but it IS worth the wait. Also the Mother's 19 November 1969 comments on Stability and Change, and Inertia and Transformation further add light to the topic of matter and evolutionary transformation  (p. 2882 of the PDF).


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