Japan's 9.0 Earthquake, the Super Moon, the March Equinox and the Number 9

This post is a continuation of explorations of the 'Astrology of the Japan 9.0 Earthquake and Nuclear Disaster':

Some numerologically-astute readers may have noticed that the numbers of 11 March 2011, boil down to 2.3.4  via Theosophical Addition, and further condense to the number-power 9. I have recently posted three articles about the significance of the numbers 234  in relation to the Yugas/Ages, and the attempts of Mahayogi Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet to help re-orient (correctly orient) mankind in Time and Space [See '234 and 432' and related articles]. Here is an excerpt from The Gnostic Circle.
 '... the numbers 4, 3, and 2 [are] the very digits of the kali [yuga] measurement: 432,000. They are, as well, the most important numbers in the structure of symbols: 2 equals the Line, 3 equals the Triangle, and 4 equals the Square . . . . [These] numbers, 4-3-2, are the basic numbers of the Zodiac, as well as the measure of Time, and the zodiac is in effect the Great Timepiece; 4 + 3 + 2 equal 9, the number that absorbs all others.' - The Gnostic Circle (PNB, 1975)
The 'Super Moon' of 20 March 2011 (in Japan) falls 9 days after the quake and repeats the 2.3.4 numerical pattern of the day of the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. The March Equinox also falls on 20 March 2011 (2.3.4) for certain portions of the Earth (including North and South America).

In her many writings on Supramental Cosmology Ms. Norelli-Bachelet has thoroughly discussed the importance of the 9 and the 0 in terms of understanding the simultaneity of  matter and energy/spirit and the micro and macrocosm  as well as in term of understanding human gestation and evolution. The nuclear aspect of Japan's earthquake-tsunami ordeal is also a curious in terms of Supramental Cosmology, in that 9/0 Point of the Circle contains both the Sun (the 0 Point of our Solar System) and Pluto (the 9th planet of  our Solar System). 
Image from Symbols and the Question of Unity (© PNB, 1974)
The 0 Point represents the infinite 'plutonic'/explosive energy found in the atom/nucleus/seed/Sun/soul, and the 9 Point represents the full extent of manifest Cosmos that is held together and organized by the nucleus or central sun/soul/energy/spirit. [The root of the word nucleus, actually comes from the Sanskrit cognates nav/nau indicating the numbers 9 (Nov) and 0 (Nought, No), as well as 'time' and 'ship'. I will discuss this point more in a subsequent post.] Ms. Norelli-Bachelet has also established 234 BCE as the beginning point (0 Point) for the 25,920 year, 12-age Precession of the Equinoxes, and accurately describes how the Supramental or Divine consciousness-force can be recognized in unfolding of cycles of Time (vast and small), and how from a centered perspective, all events and circumstances, positive or negative can be seen as serving the purposes of the collective evolution (serving the purposes of the ONE being/becoming). The navigational tools and keys she presents as being crucial for individual and collective/global realignment are firmly based on the Vedic 9/0 number-system and the 12 month Vedic Year (i.e. Tropical Zodiac). In reality the two are inseparable as shown in the Gnostic Circle. Just as the circle is the expansion of the point, the 360° circle/zodiac is an 'expansion', or a more a more detailed expression of the circle/cycle of 9/0. 

The importance of the 9/0 structure of the circle is seen not only in the mathematics/geometries of the circle (9 x 40° = 360°), but in the number 360 itself: 3 + 6 = 9, followed by the 0. The 9 and the 0 also show up in the circle, in the four-fold structure of the zodiac which is 'eternally' based on the four cardinal points of the Earth's Equinoxes and Solstices. The arc of each quadrant/season of the 360° year is 90°, and hence each cardinal point is a multiple of  90° and 'contains' both the 9 and 0 (0°/360° = Aries, 90° = Cancer, 180° = Libra, 270° = Capricorn). Most notably 0° and 360° are the same point on the circle, just as the 0 and the 9 hold the same position in the circle of 9 ... the beginning is the end, the Alpha is the Omega, and the Ouroboros/Snake bites its own tail as spoken of in countless religions and ancient wisdom traditions.
The day before the 11 March 2011 quake and tsunami hit Japan I began to write 'Updating Assumptions and Widening Consciousness of Time', suggesting that whereas some knowledge of the spherical and cyclical shape and dynamics of the Earth  and Solar System was regained in the Renaissance, helping the world out of the 'Dark' and 'Middle' Ages, our knowledge and practical understanding of the 360 degree body/structure of time is still in drastic need of a serious and thorough 'Renaissance'. The zodiac, and no other measure of the year, needs be re-cognized and restored as the original vehicle or 'Mother Ship' of 360°-based gnosis'.

As I see it, the majority (if not all) of our  modern-day religions and wisdom traditions are the bi-products of a multi-aeon game of 'Telephone' wherein a veritable body of unifying knowledge/gnosis (i.e. the zodiac) was passed from person to person, civilization to civilization, over great spans of time and space. The knowledge content got further and further distorted and altered, and now the connection of what people are relating to or sharing with each other about this ancient knowledge in their personal and professional circles is a far, far cry (laughable even) from what was originally said/intended. In our case, the evidence lies in the fact that even though the 360° circle and the 9/0 number system is the basis of our geometry, our mathematics, our navigation and measure of the Earth and celestial surround; and even though we measure our year and our day based on the 12 division of the 360° circle, and even though the zodiac shows up in one way or another in countless mythologies and sacred texts throughout all of recorded history (especially in St. John's Revelation of the Apocalypse); and still few have any inkling whatsoever that the 360° zodiac is actually the Mother/Source of our modern day systems of math, geometry and measurement which we utilize to explore and understand our existence in time and space. 

In concert with all of the old structures and belief systems that are rapidly DISSOLVING and make way for the revolutionary birth of the NEW (as discussed in the previous article), it is high-time  to dissolve the 'spell' or veil of ignorance that keeps the majority of humans blind to the zodiac as a source and golden thread of knowledge that stretches back through multiple precessional cycles and aeons. Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet has found this golden thread in the Hindu lore of Vishnu the Preserver, who travels across the cosmos and through the ocean of time, incarnating in the fixed or preservation ages of the Precession of the Equinoxes – Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio – in a line of Avatars (Dasavataras) [see Secrets of the Earth by PNB and my 15 August 2009 post on Vishnu]. But due to their own veils of ignorance, the majority of Hindus and Indians throughout the world are not even aware that the figures of the zodiac are found in the Rig Veda, let alone that the Hindu yugas/ages have anything to do with the Precession of the Equinoxes and the 12 astrological ages. This needs to change if the world is going to be drawn into a true understanding of what a consciousness of Unity truly entails. Because a consciousness of Unity must include consciousness of our unified journey in time and space.


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