Astrology of the 9.0 Japan Earthquake & Nuclear Disaster

Pluto glyph
Using the Kepler 7.0 astrology program, I drew up a horary chart for the 9.0 earthquake in Japan, substituting the Kepler Pluto glyph for the one used by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet in The Gnostic Circle.   I would love to hear from astrologers what they read from the chart and/or how certain aspects sit in relation to other significant Earthly events. On March 12th Uranus did move into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. Last time Uranus entered Aries was in 1927, one year into the Age of Aquarius (1926-4086 CE).

At the time of the Japan 9.0 quake the Sun had just moved into the last decanate (last 10 degrees) of Pisces, which is the last 10 degrees of the entire 360° zodiac. The dynamics of the zodiac (and of time) can be understood in terms of cyclical waves. Each of the 4 seasons, marked off by the Equinoxes and Solstices is a 'wave' or cyclical progression of creation, preservation and dissolution. This endless or eternal triadic progression is best visualized and understood in terms of the circle and triangle

Each season (as shown to the right) starts with a 'cardinal' or 'creative' (rajas) month/sign: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn; followed by a 'fixed' or 'preservation' (sattva) month/sign: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius; followed by a 'mutable' or 'dissolution' (tamas) month/sign: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.

This wave or cycle of gunas, 'self-replicates' in bigger and in smaller cycles of time (see 'Fractiles and the Divine Matrix'), so that within each 30° sign, you find all three gunas/energy flows of each element. For instance, the first 10 degrees of the water sign Pisces is understood as the Pisces decanate of Pisces, the second 10 degrees as the Cancer decanate of Pisces, and the last 10 degrees as the Scorpio decanate of Pisces.

Here is what Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet writes about passage though Pisces, as well as some detail about the other two water signs, in The Gnostic Circle :
'Passage through Pisces in the Gnostic Circle [see image] is always an end for a new beginning. There are two signs in the zodiac which are concerned with death. One is Scorpio and the other is Pisces (actually three if Cancer is included). But each presents a different aspect. When there is 'death' in Scorpio it is a first stage which opens the way to the possibility of work on a higher level. Let us say, in Scorpio the process is not complete. It is only the first phase. In Pisces there is a thorough renewal based on life and the truth of what has remained after Scorpio. In Scorpio that which is old and of no more use dies, the useless appendages, but in Pisces it is the new birth from the already regenerated form. Pisces is the further complement of Scorpio, as Scorpio is the further complement of Cancer. The new beginning of Pisces sets the pace for the work of the subsequent [cycle].'
If one looks closely at the Gnostic Circle [image link given above], at the individual degrees of the 360° circle, 20° Pisces falls on a Scorpio-flavored degree, further emphasizing the Scorpionic nature of Japan's earthquake and ensuing nuclear disaster. The dissolving watery energy of Pisces is evident in Japan's ordeal, but the  nuclear toxicity, involving atomic/plutonic energy sources (Mars) are clearly a scorpionic phenomenon, highlighting the toxic and wasteful ways in which we power ourselves, our vehicles and our machines.

Interestingly enough in terms of the Geo-Cosmology as discussed in The New Way - a Study in the Rise & Establishment of a Gnostic Society, Vol. 1&2 (i.e. overlaying the zodiac of the globe) the 9.0 Japan earthquake fell in the sign of Scorpio, 7° Scorpio in terms of longitude and 8 degrees Aquarius in terms of latitude.

Mostly I see this almost unimaginable earthquake and tsunami as another strong reminder that we are not in Kansas (i.e. the Age of Pisces) any more, and that our technologically-enabled 24 hour access to events across the globe is giving us an amazing view of the collapse of the structures  and formative ideas that were built up during the Age of Pisces  (234 BCE - 1926 CE) based on a deep ignorance/unconsciousness of our selves, our world, our cosmos, and our divinity. In The Magical Carousel, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet describes the zodiac as an evolutionary journey, revealing the energy and flavor of each of the 12 signs within the Whole movement. Here is a bit of her presentation on the last two signs of the zodiac, Aquarius and Pisces, that can be recognized as relevant in terms of the Japan earthquake as well as other global emergencies/revolution/changes that we see with greater and greater intensity and frequency all around us:
'[Aquarius] is of Fixed energy quality, thus the combination of fixed energy and the Uranian revolutionary force evokes the symbol of the tornado ... this Power, this revolutionary force that descends upon creation from regions above is the new element announced by Uranus to transform humanity and prepare the way for that which is waiting to materialize. Though the Power destroys in its journey all that is rigid, dated, unsupple, refusing to succumb to the new creation which must take form in evolution at this time, the children have the protection of the Universal Mother and they move right into the midst of this Power, are carried on its breath and even embody its force so that they may contribute to the cosmic change. [bold emphasis added due to the entrance of Uranus into the 0 degree of Aries, i.e. the 0 degree of the entire zodiac on 12 March]

'This is the mighty beginning of the Age. The children are carried into the spheres where the new creation exists in essence, where subtle bodies of light are ceaselessly working to bring about the new and greater conditions for mankind....'
'Here in Pisces, a sign of Mutable energy, [the children] abandon themselves into the flow itself, and are found to be spinning right within the movement of the whirlpool ... Now all resistances have fallen away. All that was seen, understood, accumulated in the way of experience, no matter how sublime, dissolves in the waters of divine love -- the ocean permeating and sustaining the whole of creation. ... In this act of abandon, of complete and total absorption in Love, the final surrender is accomplished and thus all that had fallen they regain in an even greater expansion, as they join the whole Carousel which carries them on to a new birth. But from the true and sacred waters of Pisces, from a spiritual journey such as the one that has taken place, the only birth which can ensue is that of the child divine.' [bold emphasis added]
For readers who want to understand the evolutionary and the Supramental forces at play in our world, and to consciously participate in the process, The Magical Carousel, The Gnostic Circle and The New Way are unparalleled in their knowledge content about these matters. Some excerpts (including the one above) from The Magical Carousel are online at The Zodiac & the Perception of Unity - an Introduction to the 12 Signs of the Zodiac.


  1. Wow! This is fascinating! Well, to the extent that I can follow it - I must say I am completely new to this and a bit in over my head...

    But, I was wondering what you would make of some things.. I am certain that this earthquake is related to the horrible hemorrhaging of the earth last year that occured around this time when that oil spill began.

    Also, I wonder, would being born Scorpio with moon in Pisces have any particular reflection on a personal level of this whole cosmic level of change that you're talking about?

    Just wondering...


  2. Thank you for articulating this "big picture" perspective. The rapid acceleration can be so totally and tangibly felt these days. Reminding us that the next age of creation/manifestation will be connecting to each other as spirits divine sounds like a good intro to the Magical to me. And that whirlpool force indeed looks destructive but also divine.

  3. Thanks for the comments Kim and Sharon. Kim, I recommend two books: 'The Magical Carousel' and 'The Gnostic Circle'. You will find them at They are written/designed to help readers orient/find their place in their own cycles of growth/evolution and in the collective cycles/evolution. They will help you understand your natal chart details (Sun, Moon, etc), but it is really MORE than that ... you begin to see your own BIG PICTURE ... what YOU are up to, what special perspective YOU have to workout/offer due to your birth into the circle of life. Then you increasingly come into the position of knowing (rather than it coming from the outside)how you are involved in the collective movement. For more insight on natal chart/astrological details, I do recommend Robert E. Wilkinson. He gives proper readings. I can get you his email if you like.

    Re: the connection with the oil spill (which happened when the Sun went into Taurus last year)... for me one of the biggest messages, that governments & big business don't seem to be getting is that as long as we are 'securing' our energy needs based on substances that are toxic/poisonous to life on Earth, we are making the WRONG choice. The dual symbol sign Scorpio is about self-destruction (Scorpion) and regeneration/transformation (the Eagle). We are all up against this choice. These disasters seem to be making the choice more pressing ... more in our face so to speak. The next sign after Scorpio is Sagittarius, which is about, among other things, higher knowledge which has a transformative and expansive effect on everything, leading to a material creation that is based on Truth rather than Falsehood, Lies, Wrong Assumptions etc. The books I have recommended are intended to develop (in individuals and in the collective) an integral, wholistic view of our evolutionary cycles/dynamics as 'captured' in the zodiac. They will give you a sense how Higher Knowledge can transform/uplift. If you get around to reading either of these books, let me know how your studies/self-revelations go.


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