The Spherical Gnosis of the Sage & the Release of the Vedic Waters ⁓ Part Two

Vishnu with his Lotus and Solar Halo (Nimbus) and War Discus (Sudarshana Chakra), 10th–11th century, India (Punjab), Metropolitan Museum, cropped
Vishnu with his Lotus & Solar Halo (Nimbus) and War Discus (Sudarshana Chakra)
The 8 lines of the Lotus mark the 4 Cardinal Points
& the 4 Fixed-Sign Inter-Solstitial Points [1] of the Year.

10th–11th century, India (Punjab), Metropolitan Museum
[Cropped, see the full image

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⁓ The Establishment of the Supramental Consciousness
 in the 9th (Sagittarius) Manifestation 

“[Supermind] creates universal order out of infinity. Its awakening into action brings down, says the Veda, the unrestricted downpour of the rain of heaven, — the full flowing of the seven rivers from a superior sea of light and power and joy. It reveals Sachchidananda. It reveals the Truth behind the scattered and ill-combined suggestions of our mentality and makes each to fall into its place in the unity of the Truth behind; thus it can transform the half-light of our minds into a certain totality of light. It reveals the Will behind all the devious and imperfectly regulated strivings of our mental will and emotional wishes and vital effort and makes each to fall into its place in the unity of the luminous Will behind; thus it can transform the half-obscure struggle of our life and mind into a certain totality of ordered force.…

“Thus it harmonises for us all the oppositions, divisions, contrarieties of existence and shows us in them the One and the Infinite. Uplifted into this supramental light, pain and pleasure and indifference begin to be converted into joy of the one self-existent Delight; strength and weakness, success and failure turn into powers of the one self-effective Force and Will; truth and error, knowledge and ignorance change into light of the one infinite self-awareness and universal knowledge…. All our life as well as all our essential being is transformed into the possession of Sachchidananda.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Synthesis of Yoga, CWSA, Vols. 23-24, pp. 423-24 [Bold emphasis added]


“[E]ach point of this [Supramental] Consciousness has the possibility of being conscious of itself AND conscious of the original Unity. And that's the work now being accomplished, that is to say, each infinitesimal element of this Consciousness, while retaining this state of consciousness, is now recapturing the total original state of consciousness—the result is the original Consciousness conscious of its Unity AND conscious of the whole play: all the innumerable elements of this Unity…. 

“The whole is brought with lightning speed towards the consciousness that will be this Consciousness of the point and of the whole at the same time…. The figure 9 has something to do with all this.... There are so many things we don't know!” – The Mother, The Mother's Agenda, Vol. 10, 19 November 1969 [Bold emphasis added]


In Part One, I discussed the evolutionary shift from the obstructive linear or binary mental consciousness of the 7th and 8th signs of the Zodiac to the expansive spherical supramental consciousness and gnosis of the Sage-Son that is established in the 9th sign of Sagittarius. When we understand the essence of this evolutionary shift,—which brings with itself the release of the Seven Rivers of the Veda (=the Seven Vials of St John’s Revelation)—, we can better understand Sri Aurobindo's avataric descent and mission in Vishnu’s Age of Aquarius (the Age of the Water Bearer) within the 9th (Sagittarius) Manifestation of our current Maha Yuga Cycle

Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet-963-Solar-Line-Trinity-Tetrad
As Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) discussed at length in The New Way, Vols. 1&2, Vishnu’s true 9th avatar did not come as a single incarnation, but as a Triad, respectively bearing the number-powers of 9, 6 and 3—the sacred trinity of the Circle of 9—which culminated in the rebirth of Sri Aurobindo the Sagittarian Sage-Son in the 1-power year of 1963, or in other words, a Triad that expanded into a Tetrad. Even though Thea knew “the Son” to be Sagittarian in the Circle of 12 (the Zodiac), she considered his point in the Circle of 9 to be the 4.5 Point which she referred to as “the resurrected 9”. [2] The image to the right is based upon images found in The Gnostic Circle and The New Way, Vols. 1 & 2. The only thing I have added to Thea’s imagery and language regarding her circular view of the avataric Tetrad, is the lower circle and vesica piscis drawn out by the 4.5 Point radius. This vesica piscis and its indwelling radius (=son), measures out and establishes the 3 and 6 Points of the upper circle and of the Sacred Trinity of 3-6-9.

“The Solar Line, or the line of supramental avatars, is known and recognised by the fact that the birth and lives of these Incarnations bear a most unique relationship with Time, as stated off and on throughout the text. Because of this, these beings are able to act as the force of unification on Earth….

“Thus, the true Evolutionary Avatars, and especially the last of the descent that we call the Supramental Avatars, or the Solar Line, can conquer the hold of Mind over the human race by simply being the embodiments of a Truth that they reveal through the details of their own ComingThea, The New Way, Vols. 1&2, pp. 122, 125 [Bold emphasis added]

“The descent of the Trinity [Father, Mother, Daughter] that is the OM incarnate and that brings forth the Fourth [the Son], is the beginning of the supramental creation. From this source or this Immortal Cell, the new race emerges….” – Ibid., p.140 

“[W]hen the 9th [Avatar of Vishnu] comes, he comes with the full powers of the Triad [the 9, 6 and 3], and only then can the process of fecundation, gestation and birth be enacted upon Earth. But this is not sufficient. There must be a fourth, —yet a Fourth [the Son] who is the Father himself, reborn after a conscious process of dissolution. It is only then that the Supermind is fully rooted in the Earth.” – Ibid., p. 142 

When the Son takes birth in the sign Sagittarius, Agni is born on Earth, and the high Truth of the Veda can be revealed.” – Ibid., pp. 379-80 [Text in brackets and bold emphasis added.]

Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea – the 9, 6 and 3 powers of the Solar Line – referred to this newly manifesting spherical consciousness, in a variety of ways, including the supramental consciousness, the supermind, superconscience, solar consciousness, divine consciousness, truth-consciousness, unity consciousness, universal consciousness, and cosmic consciousness. This evolutionary shift amounts to the birth or awakening of the wholistic and multidimensional consciousness of the Divine Soul, Self or Spirit in material creation, out of the dark womb of first three stages of evolution on Earth—the Physical, Vital (pre-Mental Life) and Mental. And just like the stages before it, the fourth stage—the Supramental—builds upon, encompasses, and dramatically exceeds the stages before it, uplifting and transforming life on Earth. It is via the birth or awakening of the supramental consciousness (by whatever name)—the consciousness of the conquering Vedic Sage-Son—that gives us the real foundation of the “universal brotherhood of mankind” or unity consciousness associated with the Age of Aquarius, which according to Thea, we have been in since 1926. It also gives us the real foundation and sense of ancient prophecies of the Apocalypse—i.e., the un-eclipsing or unblocking of the Truth of the Soul in our world—by which the prevailing consciousness of division and falsehood is dismantled.

“Mind has lost and imprisoned itself in a dungeon of its own building, [and] is bound with chains which it has itself forged.… [T]he immortal and infinite Spirit...has veiled itself in the dense robe of material substance and works there by the supreme creative power of Supermind, permitting the divisions of Mind and the reign of the lowest or material principle only as initial conditions for a certain evolutionary play of the One in the Many. If, in other words, it is not merely a mental being who is hidden in the forms of the universe, but the infinite Being, Knowledge, Will which emerges out of Matter first as Life, then as Mind, with the rest of it still unrevealed, then the emergence of consciousness out of the apparently Inconscient must have another and completer term; the appearance of a supramental spiritual being who shall impose on his mental, vital, bodily workings a higher law than that of the dividing Mind is no longer impossible. On the contrary, it is the natural and inevitable conclusion of the nature of cosmic existence. Such a supramental being would, as we have seen, liberate the mind from the knot of its divided existence and use the individualisation of mind as merely a useful subordinate action of the all-embracing Supermind; and he would liberate the life also from the knot of its divided existence and use the individualisation of life as merely a useful subordinate action of the one Conscious-Force fulfilling its being and joy in a diversified unity. – Sri Aurobindo, The Live Divine, CWSA, Vols. 21-22, p. 264

“Our call must be to live on a new height in all our being.… [T]he new height is not a narrow intense pinnacle, it brings with it a widening and establishes a larger field of life in which the power of the new principle may have sufficient play and room for its emergence. This action of elevation and expansion is not confined to an utmost possible largeness in the essential play of the new principle itself; it includes a taking up of that which is lower into the higher values: the divine or spiritual life will not only assume into itself the mental, vital, physical life transformed and spiritualised, but it will give them a much wider and fuller play than was open to them so long as they were living on their own level. Our mental, physical, vital existence need not be destroyed by our self-exceeding, nor are they lessened and impaired by being spiritualised; they can and do become much richer, greater, more powerful and more perfect: in their divine change they break into possibilities which in their unspiritualised condition could not be practicable or imaginable. 

“This evolution, this process of heightening and widening and integralisation, is in its nature a growth and an ascent out of the sevenfold ignorance into the integral knowledge. The crux of that ignorance is the constitutional; it resolves itself into a manifold ignorance of the true character of our becoming, an unawareness of our total self, of which the key is a limitation by the plane we inhabit....

"[O]ur ignorance is not entire; it is a limitation of consciousness, — it is not the complete nescience which is the stamp of the same Ignorance in purely material existences, those which have not only matter for their plane but matter for their dominant principle. It is a partial, a limiting, a dividing and, very largely, a falsifying knowledge; out of that limitation and falsification we have to grow into the truth of our spiritual being. – Sri Aurobindo, The Live Divine, CWSA, Vols. 21-22, Part Two, Chapter 19, “Out of the Sevenfold Ignorance towards the Sevenfold Knowledge” [3]pp. 754-57 [Bold emphasis added]

Once the evolutionary and apocalyptic shift of our times is better seen and understood as the expansion of our consciousness from a linear, binary and separative mentality to a spherical, cosmic, unifying superconscience, Thea’s role as the “Third” of Sri Aurobindo’s avataric line will become increasingly clear. Many students of the integral and supramental yoga remain attached to the linear-binary structure of the yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and have rejected Thea’s experience and discussions of herself as “the Third” of Sri Aurobindo’s lineage, along with her presentations of the expanded, circular, cyclical, zodiacal, numerological and cosmological dimensions of the supramental yoga. Once the obstructions of humanity’s linear consciousness are sufficiently exposed and cleared, Thea’s work becomes not only an obviously necessary component of Sri Aurobindo’s supramental descent and avataric mission, but also an obviously necessary component of uplifting humanity’s consciousness out of the linear-binary consciousness and into the spherical consciousness. Likewise, it becomes apparent that the 9-6-3-0/1 circular pattern of the births of supramental avatars, as discussed by Thea, is a necessary component of the sphericalization of humanity’s linear consciousness in the 9th (Sagittarius) Manifestation, as is their connection with and their natal positions within the Vedic Year (=Zodiac)

This supramental arrangement catalyzed in Thea’s consciousness, the spherical, cyclical and wholistic gnosis of the circle of 9 and the circle of the Zodiac needed to recover the original context and sense of the ancient mythology of the Vedas, the mythology of Vishnu’s sanatana-dharma-preserving avatars and the mythology of the world-illuminating Divine Son, Light-Bringer (Guru) Savior, or Sage. Without this circular and zodiacal context, the linear human consciousness has been long left to its own disastrously fragmented projections and imaginations of the Divine Son and related mythologies of a world-illuminating savior. The supramental avatars have necessarily reestablished the ancient original context of the Vedas, the expanded spherical consciousness of the Vedic Sages, along with the sanatana dharma (eternal truth or law) and the divine maya (measure) of the Vedas. These accomplishments are the necessary hallmark of the long-awaited world-illuminating Son or Savior, by whatever name. Thus, they collectively embodied, manifested and seeded THAT illuminating Consciousness-Force in our world, in our Age of Aquarius.

Before discussing Thea’s 1970-1972 initiation into the spherical gnosis that became the basis or foundation of her teachings from then onward, in Part Two it feels important to draw attention to the Mother’s circular symbol, as well as to her 1963 and 1969 experiences regarding the descent or arrival of "the supramental Power” and the “superman consciousness”. Note that the Mother passed in 1973 three months before her 96th birthday. Via the following excerpts, readers should be able to appreciate the continuity of the Mother’s supramental gnosis and Thea’s yoga. Thea’s spherical supramental gnosis and cosmology did not, of course, arise out of nowhere. 

The Mother's Symbol - 3 tier: 12 petal, 4 petal, and inner circle
The Mother’s Symbol consists of three concentric circles. The inner circle is undivided and the middle circle occultly marks out the four preservation-sign inter-solstitial points of the Earth’s Solar-Tropical Year (=the Vedic Year). In turn, the outer twelve-petals occultly mark out the twelve months of the Earth's Year. I use the word occultly because the Mother did not discuss her symbol in terms of the Earth’s year, but nonetheless, as recognized by Thea, her symbol IS a symbol of the Earth’s 360° year, and of Vishnu’s four preservation signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). If seen multi-dimensionally (not just two-dimensionally), her symbol symbolizes the Earth’s 360° body, its year and its celestial sphere as well as the entire Matrix of Time-Space. 

In June of 1963, the Mother had an experience of the manifestation of "the supramental Power”. Note that this experience occurred some five months before Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth as “the Son” of Sri Aurobindo’s (=Vishnu’s) Solar Line.

“...It was a [stupendous] Force that came from beyond and acted upon all the forces of the earth: on big things, on small things, on small, precise points, on enormous things, and it was going on and on and on, on this point, that point, all points together and everywhere…. There were only the universal forces in action, with something that came from above and impregnated them all, sent them all out. And with it, a point – it was like a point in that immensity – a sparkling point, absolutely ecstatic, in such a peace!…. 

"I had a feeling that I was given the awareness of something that's taking place right now.…. [N]ow I've been made aware of this Force at work. Often experiences come (there have been a number of them lately), but it's the first time this one has come, because ... It was certainly something happening FOR the earth; but it didn't come from the center of forces that generally acts on the earth. It wasn't the usual working of forces on the earth. It was "something happening."… [T]he impression is that something stupendous is happening right now.…. [W]e could say…that it is something newly manifested. But my impression impression of Eternity. An Eternity BEYOND TIME … acting, becoming perceptible because it acts. That was my impression. I could also say: something universal which becomes individual; not individual in the sense of a small person, but conscious of itself…. 

"It was...a Force in motion…. [It's] the impression of "something" stupendous! …The best definition we could give is Power. It was Power in its most formidable aspect – crushing. With REAL All-Powerfulness; Power in its all-powerfulness, with that something unshakable, immutable, untouchable. Yes, really Power, that's right…. [T]he supreme Solicitude, took great care to reassure me: "All is well." Without that, obviously, the feeling was that everything, everything was going to be dissolved. So if we use our little wits, maybe we can say it's the supramental Power which has manifested…." – The Mother’s Agenda, Vol. 4, 8 June 1963 [Bold emphasis added]

144 year cycle from Sri Aurobindo's Birth to Thea's Passing (1872-2016) - the Fire Trine and 3, 6, 9 (Lori Tompkins 2022)
As I have discussed in Geometric Keys of Wisdom (book and blog), 1 January 1968 was the 6 Point (0° Sagittarius) of the 144-year cycle spanning from the year of Sri Aurobindo’s birth (1872) to the year of Thea’s passing (2016). [Link HERE to see a more detailed portrayal of this 144-year cycle and its 6 and 12-year increments]. Thus, it can be seen and appreciated that in terms of that important cycle, 1968—the year of Sri Aurobindo’s 96th birth anniversary—corresponds to the seat and birth of the 9-rayed Vedic Son-Sage-Horse of Sagittarius, whose victory is entirely based upon his awakened and expanded spherical consciousness of his own Universal Mother/Matrix (=Aditi=the Mother of Light=the Zodiac). A year after this important turning point, on 1 January 1969, the Mother experienced the descent of what she named the “superman consciousness” which she discussed as “the greatest change” in her “whole existence”. She continued to discuss this new consciousness throughout her remaining years. She noted in 1970 that it gave her the sense of her head being expanded or larger, which is fascinating when we understand the ancient HALO or NIMBUS of illumined sages, gods and goddesses as a symbol of the expanded consciousness of the Vedic and Zodiacal Sage (of Sagittarius/Dhanu). On the last day of 1969 the Mother began to receive her original vision of the sacred dimensions of the twelve-sided, twelve-pillar Matrimandir which Thea recognized as manifestation of the Vedic Year, in temple form. One of the central features of this temple was to be a luminous translucent GLOBE that held a descending ray of light in itself, i.e., a SPHERE OF LIGHT. This core of the Mother’s Temple vision is not only a Vedic symbol of the recovery of the Sun-Son (Light) of the Vedic Sacrifice (=Year), it is likewise a symbol of the "Future Realisation" of the spherical supramental consciousness illuminating the darkness of the linear mental consciousness. As told by Thea in Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, the most sacred dimensions and sacred symbols of the Mother’s Temple (Matrimandir) were rejected by its architects and builders in Auroville.  

Excerpts from the Mother's Agenda [All bold emphasis below is added]

4 January 1969  

“On [January] 1st, something really strange took place…. It was something very material, I mean it was very external – very outward – and luminous, with a golden light. It was very strong, powerful. But its character was a smiling benevolence, a peaceful joy, and a sort of blossoming in the joy and the light. And it was like a “happy new year,” like a wish. I must say it took me by surprise. …It was the start of the year. As if someone on the scale of a god (someone, that is) had come to say “Happy new year,” with all the power to make it a happy year.… It was luminous, smiling, and so benevolent because of its POWER…It interested me because it was entirely new. And so concrete! Concrete like this (Mother touches the arms of her chair)….”


8 January 1969 

“It is the descent of the superman consciousness. I had the assurance of it afterwards. It was on the 1st of January after midnight. I woke up at 2 in the morning, surrounded by a consciousness, but so concrete, and NEW, in the sense that I had never experienced that. It lasted, quite concrete and present, for two or three hours, and then it spread out and went to find all those who could receive it.”


5 Feb 1969

“Last night, I knew I was doing it every night, but during the night … There was (but then, in the body, yesterday in the waking state) a sort of aspiration to know what the functioning would be, the action in the superman consciousness…. So then, this experience [of the figures and numbers] was like an answer to make me learn a little the future way."...

[Note: the excerpt above actually follows behind the Mother’s description of the experience (below) within the same 5 February 1969 Agenda entry.]

“[It] was the 'numbered' expression ‒ the numbered expression of the application to life in a coming realization: life to come, but not very far away; for example, in the next century, which is beginning now.... I can still see the arrangement of figures. I spent a long time – a long time-arranging the figures. A long time.

“[It is] a truer application, more universal, and with spiritual knowledge; the principle of the position (place) and the utilization of individuals on Earth... [T]hese numbers were LIVING, it was not writing on paper...

“I was explaining to you [Satprem] how all these numbers were organised and that they determine future events... [It] was not the 'conception' of the work it was THE work itself.… It was the organization of those groups of figures that determined the events and the ORDER of events (especially the order of events) and their location on earth….”


15 February 1969 

“Just one thing, this atmosphere, this [superman] Consciousness is very active, and active like a mentor, as I already told you. And it’s going on. One of these last few mornings, for a few hours early in the morning, it was … Never, never had the body been so happy! It was the complete Presence, absolute freedom, and a certitude: these cells, other cells (gesture here and there showing other bodies), it didn’t matter, it was life everywhere, consciousness everywhere. Absolutely wonderful.… And this something appears to be absolutely all-powerful…

“But that state, which lasted for several hours … never had this body, in the ninety-one years it’s been on earth, felt such happiness: freedom, absolute power, and no limits (gesture here and there and everywhere), no limits, no impossibilities, nothing.... [A]ll other bodies were itself. There was no difference, it was only a play of the consciousness … (gesture like a great Rhythm) moving about.…

“And this true Consciousness, this true Attitude is something so tre-mendous-ly strong, powerful, in such smiling PEACE! So smiling, incapable of getting angry – that’s absolutely impossible – so smiling, so smiling … and watching.  (silence) 

“The special character of this new consciousness is: no half measures, no approximations. That’s its character. … It’s really like a GRACE, you know, as if: don’t waste time – don’t waste time, you must do the work, or else … But this tremendous Power is especially this, a mercy, a clemency!”


1 March 1969

“The Presence is growing constant… I would have to speak for hours to explain all that takes place. But it’s going well… since this [superman] Consciousness has been here, the body has learned a lot of things, a whole lot of things. Really interesting. The body has learned things the mind didn’t know (!), so that’s very interesting – new things, ways of being, manners of being, internal organizations, all sorts of things. I would have to spend hours every day to narrate what has taken place if we really wanted to keep a historical record of the path.”


12 March 1969

“[T]his Consciousness which has manifested since the beginning of the year, it’s VERY active; it has spread about and is very active.… It’s very, very active; this Consciousness is very active. Yes, I get a sense of solidity. Yes, that’s right! Something very solid. That’s because it has come to materialize – it hasn’t come to… (gesture up in the clouds): it’s looking for instruments.”


15 March 1969

“This Consciousness seems to have brought along a whole new field of possible experiences in the very material field, while doing away with … (what should I say?) a certain number of things that men have declared to be impossible; it seems to have done away with that impossibility, saying, ‘This and that and that CAN be done.’ So the horizon has extraordinarily widened. But that should be lived concretely.”


19 March 1969

“I wrote this (Mother shows a note). I thought it was an opportunity to tell them something: 

“Since the beginning of this year a new consciousness is at work upon earth to prepare men for a new creation, the superman. For this creation to be possible the substance that constitutes man’s body must undergo a big change…. It must become more receptive to the consciousness and more plastic under its working....”


2 April 1969

“It’s wonderful, this Consciousness, it has such a way of seeing things! Really … really unique. I could say that my vision and my understanding of the world, of life, of everything, have completely changed, in a widening … Of course, I had worked constantly to get the widening, but this widening has shown itself to be full of something completely new, completely. And there are two things mingled together: one is this sort of understanding and benevolent Smile, which is CONSTANT, whatever may be there, even the most stupid negations; and at the same time, underneath this benevolence (but “benevolence” is a weak word), there’s such a power! A tremendous power. Tremendous … As if it were swollen with power. An almost concrete power, I don’t know (Mother feels the air) … it’s a light, but a light you could touch, as it were: if it goes through your fingers, it’s so concrete that you feel it go through. A deep golden light….

“[T]he inner change is considerable – considerable. It’s considerable: from the point of view of consciousness, it has been the greatest change in my whole existence; I’ve had many of them, I’ve worked a lot, but … nothing in comparison with what has taken place since the 1st of January. To such a point that the body feels like a different person.


16 April 1969 

“[I]t’s very amusing! There is behind this a mental form that looks like the I-couldn’t-care-less of the perpetual Smile! It’s strange …. I mean, that which smiles at the whole life and all its forms…. It’s an open door. They must step through the door and go into the future (gesture of piercing above), towards … what has not yet manifested…

“It opens a lot of doors. All habits, the whole past civilization is as if walled in by mental rules; this [pop] music (gesture of breaking through) sends them flying! It strikes me as a band of children crying for something—and the open door. They must step through it, they must go farther—there are now possibilities that weren’t there before…. So a few in the front must be the first to go through and receive what’s on the other side….

“[I] asked this Consciousness what was needed to receive it without distorting it, and it answered me (Mother reads out a note): “One must be able to stand in the light of the Supreme Consciousness without casting a shadow.”  


19 April 1969 Addendum by Satprem

“ADDENDUM (Account of N.S.’s visit on April 17, 1969. [The] Mother’s words were noted down in English from memory, and are therefore approximate.)….

“The Mother said that the new Consciousness that has descended on the 1st of January is very active, and that we have come to a very critical time in the history of the world, and it is most interesting to watch how things are happening. This new Consciousness is preparing for the Superman and so there are big changes happening all around. When the first man developed, the animal had no mind and could not appreciate the evolution. Man has mind and can appreciate the evolution. That is why this is the most interesting time in history. If one can stand in that consciousness and watch the happenings from above, one can see how small and futile they are and one can then act upon them with a great Power.”


30 April 1969 

“This Consciousness is truly extraordinary, and with such a sense of humor, you know!… 

“[U]nless you are in this absolutely luminous and tranquil and all containing Consciousness … [you cannot understand]. “Containing” still gives the impression of a limit; it’s not “all-containing,” it’s vaster than anything existing. This Consciousness is vaster than the manifested world; there’s almost a sort of sensation that there’s a vaster Consciousness: the manifested world takes up a certain “place” in this Consciousness (how can I explain?), it’s not the WHOLE Consciousness …. (That’s probably the body’s difficulty in being completely receptive, yet it’s for IT to understand….) And that seems to be the attitude to be kept. Is it an attitude?… It’s a way of being. A way of being. First, there are no limits (but that’s an old experience the body has had for a long time), no limits: there’s a sort of capacity to identify with things; but that’s a consequence, as it were, of the impelling Will (this “central” Will, if I may say so, which impels to action). And the body is like that … (outspread gesture).…

“But the whole makeup of the world still seems to act as a brake, there still seems to be something … And that “something” is what this Consciousness is working on. For it to be established, a change in the earth consciousness must take place.”


3 May 1969 

“This Consciousness is very interesting. It has (smiling) … it’s not scorn, it’s a sort of faraway indifference for all human ideas – all conventions, all principles, all moralities, it finds all of that … absolutely grotesque. Now and then, it comes into contact with human ideas (Mother takes a surprised tone of voice): 'Ooh! So that’s what they think …' It’s amusing!...

“The strange thing is that when you see things with this Consciousness, the PERFECTION of the organization is so TREMENDOUS that you are … you’re almost terrified!… We are in the presence of hidden wonders that elude us completely because we’re idiots. There. But with this Consciousness, there is the why of everything: 

“…[I]f people had been from the beginning wholly satisfied with themselves, they would never have progressed. But now, it’s time to see—time to see. The vast majority of humanity is unconscious (what I call unconscious, that is, without contact with the Consciousness, not CONSCIOUSLY in contact with Consciousness), the vast majority; but for one who is capable of being above circumstances with a clear and precise vision of the why and the how … it’s wonderful. There. It’s what Sri Aurobindo wrote in Savitri: God grows up on earth—God grows—but man…(laughing), the wise man talks and sleeps…and no one will notice it till the work is over. That’s how it is. And he knew it. (silence)…

“[T]hat experience of January 1st, when I felt it come – I felt it, saw it come, it was wholly concrete, like … like someone coming into the room, you understand, that concrete. So that’s what made me take notice, otherwise I would have found it to be the normal course of the development. But that experience alerted me….. [I]t wasn’t that this Consciousness was more intimate with me than with you all: it’s the same thing, it was like someone coming in. But a someone … superlatively conscious.”


19 November 1969 

“[This morning about 8] I had the experience which was the explanation. And for two hours, I lived in an absolutely clear perception (not a thought, a clear perception) of ... the why and the how of the creation. It was so luminous, so clear! It was irrefutable. it lasted for at least four or five hours, then it settled; little by little the intensity and clarity of the experience diminished.... And also, I have just seen lots of people, so... now it's hard to explain…

“It was a VISION.

“I might put it this way (for the convenience of expression, I'll say 'the Supreme' and 'the creation'): In the Supreme it's a unity that contains all possibilities perfectly united, without differentiation. The creation is, so to speak, the projection of all that makes up that unity, by dividing all opposites, that is to say, by separating (that's what was caught by those who said that creation is separation), by separating: for instance day and night, white and black, evil and good, and so on (all that is our explanation). All together, all of it together is a perfect unity, immutable and ... indissoluble. The creation is the separation of all that "makes up" this unity—we might call it the division of the consciousness—the division of the consciousness, which starts from unity conscious of its unity to arrive at unity conscious of its multiplicity IN UNITY.

“So then, this route is what, for us—for the fragments—is expressed as space and time.

“And for us as we are, each point of this Consciousness has the possibility of being conscious of itself AND conscious of the original Unity. And that's the work now being accomplished, that is to say, each infinitesimal element of this Consciousness, while retaining this state of consciousness, is now recapturing the total original state of consciousness—the result is the original Consciousness conscious of its Unity AND conscious of the whole play: all the innumerable elements of this Unity. So for us, it gets expressed as the sense of time: going from the Inconscient to this state of consciousness. And the Inconscient is the projection of the primeval Unity (if we may say so—all those words are completely stupid), of the essential unity unconscious of its own Unity—that's the Inconscient. And this Inconscient is growing increasingly conscious in beings who are conscious of their infinitesimal existence and AT THE SAME TIME—through what we call progress or evolution or transformation—who manage to be conscious of the original Unity.

“And that, as it was seen, explained everything.

“Words are nothing.

“Everything, everything, from the most material thing to the most ethereal, EVERYTHING was included in it, clear, clear, clear—a vision....

“I am not the one who chose the words, so they must have a special force (when I say "I," I mean the consciousness which is there [gesture above]). It's not this consciousness, it was something exerting a pressure and forcing me to write….

Stability and change

Inertia and transformation

Eternity and progress

Unity = power and repose combined.

“...There are no OPPOSITES. No opposites—not even contradictions, I say, no opposites. It's that Unity, it's LIVING in that Unity. And it's not expressed in thoughts and words. I tell you, it was ... a limitless immensity and a light ... a motionless light, and at the same time a well-being ... without even the appreciation of a well-being.

“Now I am convinced that's what the supramental consciousness is. And necessarily, necessarily, it must little by little change appearances. (long silence)

“There are no words that can express the magnificence of the Grace: how everything is arranged for things to move as fast as possible. Individuals are miserable insofar as they aren't conscious of "that," as they take a false position with regard to what happens to them.

[Satprem:] But what's difficult is the thought that every instant, it must be... it IS perfection.

“Yes, that's right.

[Satprem:] Every instant, it is perfection.

“Every instant there's nothing else! When it was there, there was nothing else....

“How stupid people are! When the Grace comes to them, they drive it away, saying, "Oh, how horrible!..." I'd known that for a long time, but my experience is ... a bedazzlement.

[Satprem:] Yes, each thing is perfectly and marvelously what it must be every instant.


[Satprem:] But it's our vision that isn't in tune.

“Yes, it's our separate consciousness.

The whole is brought with lightning speed towards the consciousness that will be this Consciousness of the point and of the whole at the same time.

“There, I'll write today's date….

19 November 1969: supramental consciousness.

“The first descent of the supramental Force was on a 29th [29 February 1956]. And this is on a 19th. The figure 9 has something to do with all this.... There are so many things we don't know! (silence) 

“I had already had, partially, the experience that when you are in that state of inner harmony and nothing, no part of your attention is turned to the body, the body functions perfectly well. It's this ... self-concentration that upsets everything. That I've observed many, many times.... You really MAKE YOURSELF sick. It's narrowness of consciousness, it's division. When you let things work on their own, there's ... there's EVERYWHERE a Consciousness and a Grace that do EVERYTHING so that EVERYTHING may go smoothly, and that imbecility is what constantly upsets everything—oddly enough! Self-centered imbecility, that's right: what Sri Aurobindo called "the old man." It's really interesting.”


1 January 1970 [The Mother's New Year’s Message]

"The World is preparing for a big change. Will you help?" 

[The Mother’s commentary on her message:]

“That big change is the emergence upon earth of a new race which will be to man what man is to the animal.

The consciousness of that new race is already at work on the earth to enlighten all those who are capable of receiving and listening to it.


31 Jan 1970

“[T]he individual consciousness, even very vast, cannot realize, that is to say, cannot concretely understand the possibility of being conscious of everything at the same time. Because that's not the way it is. So it finds it difficult to understand that THE Consciousness is conscious of EVERYTHING at the same time: in the whole, in the totality as well as in the smallest detail. That ... Ah, that makes you very peaceful, very peaceful.... I clearly see, the body clearly realizes that it's only its own resistance—its resistance to the Truth—that makes it possible for it to suffer. Wherever there is complete adherence, suffering disappears instantly.”


11 Feb 1970

“My head has never been in such a state.... The consciousness is very clear, very clear.... Strange.... My head feels as if it's this big (gesture), as if it had become huge.”


7 Mar 1970 

“The consciousness isn't an idea, it's a sort of ... yes, a state of consciousness, an awareness of the Divine’s sole existence, of the sole Reality, and when it's there, everything becomes wonderful (physically, materially). There are moments full of an intensity of harmony ... quite exceptional. But then, when things grate, mon petit, they grate horribly!”


14 March 1970

“It's the fourteenth month since the Consciousness came—fourteenth month: twice seven….Is today the 14th? [Satprem: Yes, the 14th] So it's interesting. How [Sri Aurobindo] has worked since he left, oh! ... All the time, all the time....”


18 April 1970

“The consciousness is VERY active—a consciousness wide awake to the SMALLEST thing—but the mental description ... (Mother shakes her head). Now and then, out of the old habit, I ask a question like that, a mental question, and I always receive the same answer: you mustn't mentalize. It instantly brings back the old way.”


29 April 1970

“It's difficult ... difficult to say precisely. We think that this, this appearance (Mother points to her body) is ... to the ordinary consciousness it seems to be the most important thing—it's obviously the last thing that will change. And to the ordinary consciousness, it seems to be the last thing that will change because its the most important: that will be the surest sign. But it's not that at all! ... It's not that at all.

The important thing is this change in the CONSCIOUSNESS—which has taken place. All the rest is a consequence. And here, in this material world, it appears the most important to us because it's ... everything is upside down. I don't know how to explain.”


11 July 1970 

But there is this Consciousness ... all of a sudden, when you no longer ARE, when there's nothing but That, this Consciousness there (gesture around the head), a slightly golden Consciousness, you REALLY get the impression of omnipotence and ... And here you know NOTHING! Nothing, nothing at all, you can't explain anything. All that is ... what I call mental imaginings.


26 July 1970

“I must say that two days ago, I had an experience … an experience of the whole universe, like a general vision of an Immensity, and then, suddenly the consciousness seemed to become a point taking up no room, and that point was the Eternal Consciousness. But then, it was so strong! So strong ... how all this, this whole unfolded universe was the result of this Consciousness (Mother shows a point). You understand, the consciousness here became this Eternal Consciousness (for a few seconds perhaps, I don't think it lasted even a minute, but time had nothing to do with it), it was the Eternal, it was the Consciousness. 

“And that experience already prepared something, because the two were simultaneous; one didn't abolish the other, the two were simultaneous: this Point that was taking up no room but was eternal, was everything, and at the same time, the unfolding [of the universe]. That was a very intense experience. Then there only remained this vagueness that is the "whole," but it didn't lose its impression of vagueness, that is to say, of something imprecise. Since that time, there has been something changed. And today, in this consciousness, when the answer came, it wasn't the knowledge of "that"—it wasn't the knowledge, it was the working. All of a sudden, I had BECOME the working.... It had such simplicity, you know, a marvelous, all-powerful simplicity!

“Words are approximations. I had to use words because I had to write for him, but the experience came like that, the working: the experience of this universal Immensity returning to the Divine Consciousness, how it returns—and innumerably, of course, with all possible experiences, but with a marvelous sim-plic-i-ty….

“It gave me at the same time a sort of bodily experience of the universal movement of the return of the consciousness towards the Divine; and that ... a perception that wasn't mental at all, not at all, as if all the cells felt this movement, you understand, this movement of immense return towards the Consciousness.

“It must be the movement of the universe towards the Supreme.”


7 October 1970

"To persevere in turning towards the Light is what is most demanded. The Light is nearer to us than we think ... and at any time its hour may come."

‒ Sri Aurobindo [On Himself, 26.216, 1943]

What he called "the Light" is the Consciousness that came in ... it came in 1969.”


20 November 1971

"Those who want to progress have an exceptional chance; because the transformation begins by opening the consciousness to the working of the new forces; and thus individuals have a unique and marvelous opportunity to open to the divine influence."


30 Oct 1971

“I have a sort of impression of knowing the why of the creation. It was to realize the phenomenon of a consciousness which would have at once an individual consciousness—the individual consciousness we have naturally—and a consciousness of the whole, a consciousness (how to put it?) ... it could be called global. But both consciousnesses merge into something... which we have yet to find. A consciousness at once individual and total. And all the work is to merge the two consciousnesses in a consciousness which is both at once. That is the next realization. (silence)

“For us it takes time (what is translated for us as time), as if it were something "being done," or which is "to be done." But that is the illusion we're still in. Because we have not... we have not yet crossed over to the other side.

“But the individual consciousness is not at all a falsehood, it has to be associated with the consciousness of the whole so as to make another kind of consciousness which at the moment we still don't have. Not that it will cancel out the other, you understand? There has to be an adjustment, a different aspect, I don't know... so that the two can manifest simultaneously.

“For example, right now I am having a whole series of experiences concerning the latent power of creation of the individual consciousness, I mean the capacity we have of knowing things—knowing or wanting them, as we say—in the individual consciousness before they take place. We say "I want this," but that's merely an intermediary device, it's actually the consciousness on the way to something and having at once the vision of what is to be and the capacity to realize it.

“That's the next stage. Afterwards....

“So, for us, meaning for the individual consciousness, that is translated by time, the time it takes to.... I don't know how to say it. This is the way I feel: no longer this, not yet that; and there's no need to leave one to be the other—the two must combine and give birth to something new. (long silence)

“I have a very strong feeling I have caught the true thing, as if I held the tail of the true thing. And it explains everything—absolutely everything. And it cancels nothing....

“It's strange how everything suddenly became clear, clear, clear.... There's no longer any problem.”


1 December 1971

“And then, the way of perceiving time and space is becoming very different. It's completely changing. The notion of time and space, objectivity and subjectivity—whether things are concrete or not—all that seems to have been ... devices for preparing the consciousness for a new way of being. The functioning of the consciousness is beginning to be different. But I can't explain it.

[For those who want to read the FULL entries from which the above are excerpts, The Mother’s Agenda volumes and individual entries are available HERE.]


The Mother’s descriptions of the new supramental power and new superman consciousness above take on extra meaning when we take into consideration Thea’s experience and discussions of Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth in 1963 – ninety-one (= 90 + 1) years after his first birth in 1872 – fulfilling his avataric mission of establishing the Divine Consciousness in material creation. The Mother, in turn, turned 91 in 1969. And just as Sri Aurobindo’s birth in the 9-power year of 1872 was followed 6 years later by the Mother’s birth in the 6-power year of 1878, so was “the Son’s” birth in the 1-power year of 1963 followed by the arrival, “manifestation” (or birth) of the “superman consciousness” 6 years later, in the 7-power year of 1969. 

1872 + 6 = 1878 

1963 + 6 = 1969

1872 + 91 = 1963

1878 + 91 = 1969

Note that when the months of the years are taken to account, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s births fall 5.5 years apart. Likewise, when the months of the year are taken to account, Sri Aurobindo’s rebirth and the manifestation of the “superman consciousness” on 1 January 1969 fall 5 years + 37 days apart. The pattern I have illustrated above applies to the number and number-power of the year as a whole

On 1 January 1969, Thea was four days shy of turning 31, and I was six weeks shy of being born. In The Tenth Day of Victory, Vol. 1, Thea discussed her spiritual crisis of 1969, at the age of 31, involving her inability to accept the widely accepted spiritual “premise that this material creation was nothing but an illusion.” (p. 121) Thea’s age in 1969 (31) is especially meaningful to me, given that 31 years later (i.e., at the age of 31) I was led by Sri Aurobindo, in supramental fashion, straight to the doorstep of Thea’s yoga, fully prepared to understand who she was and what she had been learning and teaching since the year of my birth. 

In Part Three I will present Thea’s accounts and teaching on how she came to SEE and KNOW,—via the number and circle of 9, and its zodiacal counterpart—, the all-unifying supramental conscious that is newly manifesting in our world.

[Link to Part 1345 or 6]


[1] The four Inter-Solstitial points of the Earth's Solar-Tropical Year (=the Vedic Year) are the midpoints (15°) of Vishnu the Preserver’s four preservation (fixed) signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Note that the 8 November 2022 Lunar Eclipse energized this Inter-Solstitial cross, via the fixed-sign T-square of the South Node, Mercury and Sun transiting 13°, 15° and 16° Scorpio opposite the North Node, Moon, and Uranus transiting 13°, 16° and 16° Taurus, squaring Saturn transiting 18° Aquarius.

[2] The New Way, Vols. 1&2, p. 290.

[3] Sri Aurobindo began this chapter with a verse (V.1.) from the Mahopanishad: 

“Seven steps has the ground of the Ignorance,
seven steps has the ground of the Knowledge.” 

This verse, and its seven steps are a symbol of the obstruction and the release of the seven rivers of the Rig Veda, in the age and sign of Aquarius. See: "THE OBSTRUCTION OF THE VEDIC WATERS & THE FIXED WATER SIGN SCORPIO ⁓ PART 7.2 ⁓ The Resurrection of the Father & the Rise of the Sevenfold Man" (26 February 2022).

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