AEON GROUP, a corporation for Spiritual Renaissance and not-for-profit organization based in the USA, is offering complimentary copies of The New Way, Volumes 1 &2 to readers this Summer (21 June-22 September 2019)

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The New Way – a study in the rise and the establishment of a gnostic society, Volumes 1&2 presents an in-depth account of the descent of Supramental Gnosis in our world. The author discusses four levels of this Supramental Descent ‒ Transcendent, Cosmic, Individual, and Integral, which together form the basis of the evolutionary shift from the Mental consciousness to the Supramental or Truth-Consciousness. The breadth of subjects covered includes the principles of the Supramental Yoga, the laws of Time and Space, the Vedic origin and meaning of the Zodiac as well as the 9-base number system, and important details of the lives and yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

The author also discusses the Geometry of Time and the sacred geometry of the Mother’s Temple (Matrimandir), the highest example of sacred architecture in our time which was disregarded by those responsible for building this temple after the Mother’s passing in 1973. This book contains real keys of integral and supramental gnosis and offers readers initiation into the Supramental Yoga of seeing through the veils of the egoic-mental consciousness, towards the luminous supramental consciousness-force of the Soul. [Image from TNW1&2]

 This image of the Mother's original temple
design is from TNW1&2. The original design
 was not adhered to in the misconstruction
of the temple in Auroville.

‘[A]s of 1956, the truth-consciousness or supramental force became an active part of the Earth evolution. This event radically altered the then existing patterns and now other methods are possible for the working-out of the planet’s destiny. There is presently in evidence the process of a self-generated caving-in of the old powers, without the need of any outside intervention . . . .’ [TNW1&2, p. 33]

‘A sorting out process is in effect, the final result of which is the emergence of a unified collective consciousness, gathered together because of the experience of a common Seeing and pledged by this Seeing to the establishment of a new light upon Earth. . . . by transcending Mind the veils are shed and the individual and the collectivity begin to see. Everything then is made new. One then sees what has always been but which had been veiled because one had not the ‘eyes’ with which to see.’ [TNW1/2.pp. 92-93]

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