The Math of the Supramental Descent and Unity Consciousness

9 (Michu) -6 (Koscielny) - 3 (Sagna) - 1 (Szczęsny - the 'Hidden' One)
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[In 'Number and the Supramental Matrix', I included Sri Aurobindo's statement 'Now I have got the hang of the whole hanged thing ‒ like a very Einstein I have got the mathematical formula of the whole affair (unintelligible as in his case to anybody but myself) and am working it out figure by figure.' A reader subsequently asked me, 'Was it revealed what the equation is? Mathematicians might say the most important formula is Euler's formula.' Here's my response which I wrote for this particular reader, but also for my blog readers at large and for anyone who finds themselves interested in this important subject matter. Anyone who reads on will be able to soon appreciate the significance of the above picture sent to me by one of my colleagues from a 6 January 2013 football match.]

The Mathematical Formula of the Supramental Descent
and Unity Consciousness

Sri Aurobindo wrote of the Supramental Descent in which the Divine or Supramental Consciousness-Force descends from the high planes of the Transcendent Divine into the Cosmic Manifestation/World, into the Individual, and thereupon establishes a entirely new phase of Earthly evolution wherein the Transcendent is Immanent in material-temporal creation, establishing a higher harmony or integration of all levels of the Self based on the consciousness-force of the One Being. The human being is simultaneously faced with the task or labor of ascending from the base of seemingly unconscious matter, to embody and live this divine harmony.   

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet has recognized that this Descent of Supramental, Solar or Unity-Consciousness which Sri Aurobindo and the Mother discussed as the new frontier of our Earthly evolution, was necessarily established on Earth in terms of the structure and language of the circle. In the circle of 9, the Transcendent principle is equivalent to the 9, the Cosmic principle is equivalent to the 6, the Individual principle is equivalent to the 3, and the Immanent is the 1 born of the 0, which is understood as a reversal of direction ... from the Decent (and formation of the Seed), to the Ascent and the reorganization of the field based on the 'new born' consciousness-force of the Self (Expansion of the Seed). 

So this is the mathematical formula of the Supramental Descent: 9-6-3-0/1. And this formula corresponds to the birth years of Sri Aurobindo (1872 = 9), the Mother (1878 = 6), PNB (1938 = 3) and the reincarnation of Sri Aurobindo in 1963 (= 1), who have established the Supramental Gnosis in our current age. This formula, it also needs to be recognized, is contained in the AUM mantra, wherein the word itself is the compression or seed of the essential Trinity.
'The Aum vibration that reverberates throughout the universe (the "Word" or "voice of many waters" of the Bible) has three manifestations or gunas, those of creation, preservation and destruction [Taittiriya Upanishad 1:8]' ‒ Yogananda Paramahansa, Autobiography of a Yogi
Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet has understood Aum and the gunas, in terms of the mathematics and geometry of the 360° Circle, which is critical to anyone who wishes to realize the power of this mantra in their life. The following diagram in conjunction with the one above might help readers to visualize the how the gunas (and Trimurti and the fire trine of the Zodiac) are contained in Aum (which is simultaneously the Point and its expansion via the Circumference).

I am aware that it is not at all an easy task for the mind, as it is currently arranged, to appreciate this formula or the idea that it can somehow be applied to time and to human lives. We are not at all used to this kind of math or measure connecting the Inner to the Outer, the One to the Many, Being to Becoming. The mind is largely ignorant of the fact that all true Knowledge, all Divine Gnosis of World and Self must be born from and seated in the POINT of the Circle. Without understanding the language of the Circle and its Divine Measure, and without understanding the words, forms and harmonies 'spoken' from the Point of all creation in Time and Space ‒ one's knowledge will only be a shadow of the Truth of our Self, a shadow of Unity Consciousness. The Vedic Rishi's knew this and it seems that Nicola Tesla knew something of this as well. He wrote:
'If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.'
In our newly born Age of Aquarius, the Age of Unity-Consciousness, scientists and mathematicians and all seekers of Truth via whatever flavor of the quest, will necessarily eventually find their way back to the Point within the Circle, and conduct their research and life's work from the Seat of the Self, rather than examining pieces and parts on the periphery and producing forms and equations as if disconnected from the Totality of the Self. The more we collectively hone in on our common point of existence, the more harmony we will experience and delight in on Earth.   

The 'formula' is basically describing a Consciousness of Unity that pervades Time and Space ... a formula of Oneness. Yes it describes the actual Descent of Supramental Gnosis (9-6-3) and the establishment of a fully-formed Seed of Gnosis on Earth (0/1) via the lives and work of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet; but it also perfectly describes the Unity Consciousness and organizing structure of the Supramental Being, complete with trikaladristi (simultaneous vision of the three times ‒ past, present, future). The consciousness of the Supramental Being is to be centered within the 'Circle of Life', simultaneously aware of the Transcendent (9), Cosmic (6) and Individual (3) Self, and is hence this Being is an Emanation or Immanence (0/1) of the Divine Trinity, simultaneously God, Nature and Man. Such a Being perceives Creation, Preservation and Dissolution (triguna) as simultaneous. All Time and Space is both compressed in and expanded from this Point of Immanence, and the Supramental Being is to be seated in this Point, simultaneously the compressed Point (the immobile Being) and the expanded Circumference (the dynamic Becoming). Sri Aurobindo summed up this vision perfectly:
'The One is at the same time the All, for it exists in all, all exists by it, it is all. Whatever be [the] plane of being, whatever be the cosmos, whatever be the individual, the truth of its existence is the same, that it or he is the One; for there is and can be no other. The Transcendent is the Divine, the universal is the Divine, the individual is the Divine; all are the one Reality.' ‒ Sri Aurobindo, Essays Divine and Human
This, which is the essence of the Aum mantra, is not at all a complicated formula or vision, yet the Vedic Rishi's accurately predicted that it would be a hidden realization, a hidden One hard won in the last 3-4 stages of the 12 staged Vedic Year (the Zodiac) which is simultaneously the Earth's year and vaster cycles of the Earth's Ages.  Now, whether or not it is appreciated by the mental consciousness, this One has been hard won over vast expanses of time and stages of evolutionary development. The 'formula' of the One ... i.e. the basic mathematical organization of Unity Consciousness is now known. It has bee hidden in the 360° Vedic measure of the circle and Earth's year, which contains ALL of the elements of the formula. The ONE circle, is an expansion of the ONE seed, and its measurement is formulated or structured in terms of the 3, 6, 9 and the 0. The 9 may not be overtly present in the numbers of 360, but the 360 degrees of the Circle are an expansion of the 9 integers (9 x 40=360); and, as shown above, the 0 and 9 hold the same place value the Circle. As well, the measure of each of the four quadrants of the Circle is 90°.

Now it is just a question of who will aspire to understand and apply this hard-won Gnosis within their own field of (their experience of) Time and Space and thereby proceed to upgrade the divisive operating system of the human Mind. So far this Supramental Gnosis is not just a 'road less traveled' for modern man, but a vast frontier of our Self-Existence (the Swar or Divine realm) that has been almost entirely unseen and un-travelled, because the 'starting point', entry point, portal or gateway has been hidden (even if hidden in plain view). Now that this point is no longer hidden, in due course of time, this vast frontier of our Divine Nature can be explored and lived into. After all, the linear, divisive mind is only the dark womb of the seed of Unity Consciousness, bound to give birth to the Unity-Consciousness in the due course of the cycles and stages of time.
 '[When the Self-Existent's] presence and power are felt in one, in all and in the relations of one with all;– this is the truth of being to which man's entire knowledge of himself in God and in Nature rises and widens. A triune knowledge, the complete knowledge of God, the complete knowledge of himself, the complete knowledge of Nature, gives him his high goal; it assigns a vast and full sense to the labour and effort of humanity. The conscious unity of the three, God, Soul and Nature, in his own consciousness is the sure foundation of his perfection and his realisation of all harmonies: this will be his highest and widest state, his status of a divine consciousness and a divine life and its initiation the starting-point for his entire evolution of his self-knowledge, world-knowledge, God-knowledge.' ‒ Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine
Lori Tompkins
9 January 2013

Author's Note: For any who are interested in understanding this 9-6-3-0/1 formula and how it can be applied to time and to human lives and uplift one's consciousness from duality (linear perspective) to unity (spherical perspective), Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's The Gnostic Circle is the best place to start, perhaps followed by The New Way, Volumes 1-3. Also see: 'Contraction, the Zero and the Speed of Consciousness'.