The Simultaneity of Time, Spirit and Matter

I recently had an exchange with a regular reader, some of which I believe merits sharing. The reader proposed: 'the Time aspect of Matter prevents Spirit from perfectly encountering itself'. And I responded: 
[It sounds] like you're negating Time? ... as so many people have been prone to do for thousands of years thinking this is progress in the spiritual journey. If you really read and study the Supramental Descent/Gnostic, you will come to understand that there is a higher perception of Time to be attained, a Supramental vision of Time, a simultaneous holding of all three times [Past, Present and Future] as ONE. Which is discussed in one way or another by Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet.
This is a real fork in the road issue. The negation of Time route is one (similar to or parallel to the negation of Matter), the integration and Gnosis of Time is another. Your choice, but I have NO INTEREST in the former. To me it is absolutely, and literally, a DEAD END. ...
If you truly believe that 'the Time aspect of Matter prevents Spirit from perfectly encountering itself' you are very much barking up the wrong yogic lineage'. I stand by that one, just because people do tend to have certain mental ideas about Time/Space/Spirit/Matter that they can't give up and that is fine, it's just most of these ideas are going to bar one from entry into the wonderful consciousness of the Supramental yogis. I don't mince words because why waste anyone's time? I sense that your Mind is trying to hold on to certain ideas that are going to prevent you from progressing. So I try to lay out the choice to be made. But of course the choice needs to be based on YOUR living into a new experience of these things, rather than faith in someone's words.

I believe you have misunderstood the following sentence of mine (because of the way I constructed it): 'A profound IGNORANCE of how Time is a power, an active function/expression the hidden one, hidden spirit in matter ... or IGNORANCE of how Time IS consciousness-force[,] separates the dynamism of our Material Creation from Spirit.'  I am not saying that Time separates the dynamism of Material Creation from Spirit (which you paraphrased above as 'Time separates ... Material Creation from Spirit'). I am saying that our prevailing Ignorance of Time FALSELY separates the dynamism of Material Creation from Spirit.

Regarding [the] Time-Spirit ... that is what I mean when I wrote 'Time IS consciousness-force', it is the dynamic power of the soul of matter ... of the Individual as well as of the Cosmos. This is obviously not how the Mind experiences Time or Matter, but this is what needs to change in the evolutionary movement towards the Supramental Consciousness.

Your mind, it seems to me, is holding Time and Matter and Spirit as separate, they are not. They function as a complete and integral whole. Something in your mind needs to give way to a more integral experience and understanding of these things. It is not a figuring and hashing it out (via the mind's reasoning) as much as a melting of the mind's limitations/obstructions, and seeing things anew, from the perspective of the Point/Soul.
... if you want to make serious progress, it takes some serious focus. Like any practice, if there is no serious and real effort there is not serious and real result. It all depends on what you want to know/realize, what you want to practice. It can't be externally imposed, you know? People come in [onto planet Earth] with certain quests. I think this particular quest to know something of the Supramental Consciousness, to see it in the world, is very difficult for the ego and for the mind ... for their divisive impulses. That is just a given. One has to REVERSE the egoic mental impulses of division and complexity (moving outward - away from the Center, away from the Point) and establish movement towards the common Center of all creation, which is Simpler beyond what the complex mind apparently cares to consider.

Check out p. 126 of The Gnostic Circle about the Point and the Circle ... the Soul and the Universe ... the Microcosm and Macrocosm.
I recently I watched a Youtube video, entitled 'Ancient Knowledge' that underscores how the mind erroneously separates Matter and Spirit. The producers of the video present some absolutely mind blowing footage about how SOUND frequencies interact with and change matter, showing the inherent geometries that exist in our matrix. But most unfortunately they feel the need to project the mind's ignorance on the Ancient Seers and conclude: 'Quantum Physics has revealed what ancient masters knew - Matter does not exist ... The fact of the matter is that the substance of the universe is consciousness. ... Quantum Physics has shown that Space and Time are illusions of perception. Therefore our bodies cannot truly be a reality if they occupy Space.'

The ancient Rishis of the Rig Veda knew that Matter and Spirit are simultaneous entities. To acknowledge that Matter is Consciousness/Spirit and then to say it doesn't exist is expressive of the the divisive mind's difficulty in overcoming its divisiveness. To project that ignorance onto the ancient seers is pure folly. It does not automatically follow, that because Matter is not what the mind thought it was (i.e. that matter is infinitely more spacious and dynamic and interconnected with the whole than the mind thought it was), that Matter is not real. Sri Aurobindo acknowledges this problematic mental division (Ignorance) and the need to surpass it in The Life Divine:
[T]hrough many centuries a great army of shining witnesses, saints and teachers, names sacred to Indian memory and dominant in Indian imagination, have borne always the same witness and swelled always the same lofty and distant appeal, - renunciation the sole path of knowledge, acceptation of physical life the act of the ignorant, cessation from birth the right use of human birth, the call of the Spirit, the recoil from Matter.

' ... We seek indeed a larger and completer affirmation. We perceive that in the Indian ascetic ideal the great Vedantic formula, "One without a second", has not been read sufficiently in the light of that other formula equally imperative, "All this is the Brahman". The passionate aspiration of man upward to the Divine has not been sufficiently related to the descending movement of the Divine leaning downward to embrace eternally Its manifestation. Its meaning in Matter has not been so well understood as Its truth in the Spirit. The Reality which the Sannyasin seeks has been grasped in its full height, but not, as by the ancient Vedantins, in its full extent and comprehensiveness. But in our completer affirmation we must not minimise the part of the pure spiritual impulse. ... We shall preserve the truths of material Science and its real utilities in the final harmony, even if many or even if all of its existing forms have to be broken or left aside. An even greater scruple of right preservation must guide us in our dealing with the legacy, however actually diminished or depreciated, of the Aryan past.'
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