Macrocosm, Microcosm & the Laws of Time and Space

The following is an excerpt from The Gnostic Circle - A Synthesis in the Harmonies of the Cosmos by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (reproduced here with her permission as an addendum to 'The Simultaneity of Time, Spirit and Matter'):

'The stumbling block that one faces in these teachings is that the question of the equality of the macrocosm and microcosm is not sufficiently part of the realisation. This Ray of Creation, as well as other systems which explain the process of Creation, goes from larger body to smaller and makes space and therefore time a major rod for measuring the possibilities of evolution, i.e. the smallest is farthest removed from the Absolute and therefore has the least possibility of falling under its direct influence and laws. Yet this can be misleading, for in the realm of cosmic harmonies the question of space and time can be the experience of another dimension where in us the vast is equal to the small, as the Circle is equal to the Point, as the 9 is equal to the 0. In the level of higher perception, the farthest is the closest and the closest farthest, and man is particularly equipped with a device, let us say, which is his direct connection in consciousness with the Absolute, and wherein he can find the resolution to this problem of time and space. His soul is the very universe within him. It is in his soul that he can know himself to be equal and one with That in every way, and therefor it is in his soul that he must find the answer to all things ‒ the higher knowledge he is now to achieve. With the full realization of his soul, which would mean the shedding of the outer darkness and its entire liberation from the veils of ego, man then knows himself to be a cell in the vast body, but equal to it in every way, therefore there is no end to the possibilities of his evolution, just as there is no end to the possibilities of the universe. Through his soul he can enter into a dimension which does away with the accepted concepts of time and space and shows him the hidden reality of things, which he can in no way perceive in the normal consciousness. The psychic realisation is the first step and it shows man that the Absolute is lodged not only in the structure of the vast universe and the galaxies, but it is his fundamental core, and the core of each cell and atom. The Law of Three is the very essence of all creation. In the most concrete manner therefore he can transform himself into an 'image of the Lord'. In creation there is no essential reality to vast and small. These are the terms of the human mind. Man should now be closer to understanding, having released the tremendous energy in the minute atom which, if handled in the proper way, can bring about the most extraordinary transformation. He knows from the experience of nuclear power that size has nothing to do with potency. In the same way space has nothing at all to do with the experience of oneness.

'There is a way in which man can experience this concretely, and it is by passing into a dimension where the laws of space and time are transmuted. This dimension is as real as those we are now aware of and it is only by opening ourselves to that secret dimension that we can truly speak of the unity of oneness of all things.' ‒ TGC, Chapter 11: The Enneagram, p. 126