Geometry and Rotation - Did You Know They Are Related?

Saturn's North Pole on Left/South Pole on Right

Apparently, rotation causes geometry to form. I'm kind of shocked to be 41 years old and to never have heard this before. It seems like something I should have learned in kindergarten, or at least something I should have learned in my studies of cosmology and sacred geometry over the past couple of decades. I have read about the interlacing tetrahedral geometry of the Earth and planetary bodies, which in two dimensions are reminiscent of  the ascending and descending triangles of Sri Aurobindo's symbol as seen to the right. I have also read about the seemingly permanent/stable gaseous hexagon at Saturn's north pole. The amazing coincidence of a six-sided polygonal structure being found or revealed on the north pole of the sixth planet of our Solar System was not lost on me. But it has never dawned on me that spinning liquid or gas or mass at certain speeds would produce internal polygons. The first polygon to form at the lower end of rotational speed is the triangle, and as rotational speeds increase ... the square, the pentagon and hexagon. This phenomenon was written about in Nature magazine in an article by Philip Ball titled 'Geometric whirlpools revealed' (19 May 2006). The article did not mention the formation of septagons, octagons, enneagons, decacons, etc. at even higher rotational speeds and I have yet to find if the geometric progression of polygons indeed continues as rotational speeds increase. One would imagine that it does. Rotation-induced geometry can be seen/observed in the eye of some hurricanes. Hurricane Ivan had a pentagonal eye.*

Below I have posted a series of Youtube videos of author Richard Hoagland being interviewed on Coast to Coast AM about Saturn's hexagonal pole pattern. [Update: These videos are no longer available on YouTube so they are not found below.] Hoagland stated:
'Rotating planets are literally able to create core structures inside. These are standing wave patterns which allow energy to come up at these preferred points, and one of the signatures is 19.5 [degrees north and south latitude] ... the other, if you have the right dye in the streams, you can see it, like the atmospheric ammonia in Saturn's atmosphere, is this incredible hexagonal feature precisely located around the north rotational pole of the planet Saturn. ... [This is] the key to understanding how our solar system works.' 
Hoagland also speaks in these videos of Hyperdymensional physics (with which I am not familiar) and the possibility of the far-reaching antiquity of humans and ancient civilization on Mars. He is of course a controversial figure and much harangued for his unconventional views ... but the interview is quite illuminating, even if just a fraction of what he says or refers to is true. The new discovery (new at least for our civilization) that rotation at high speed causes or expresses geometry is certainly worth noting and worth further exploration. After  all everything is, at the atomic/micro and macro-cosmic level whirling around a nucleus or sol or core at great speeds. The Earth herself whirls around the Sun at a speed of some 67,000 mph. Wouldn't the fact of rotational geometries play out in the 360 degree course and field of the Earth's year? Perhaps science will, through this vein of exploration, cease ridiculing the Vedic wisdom of observing the energetic shifts that transpire upon entry into each of the 12 stages/months of the Earth's Tropical or Solar Year.

*Hoagland, Richard, 'Hyperdimensional Hurricanes?', 2004.

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