More on the Aries Symbol & Cultivating Perspective

In The Tropical Year, Aries, Symbolism & Perspective I wrote: 'The symbol of Aries can easily be seen to be akin to a sprouting seed. What is often not considered is that the Aries image is not only a reference to a sprouted seed, or new birth, but also to the full flowering of the seed or the full unfolding of the Circle/Year.' I posted a few images that may help readers appreciate the connection between Aries and the Circle. Here are a few more:
 Luminous Watermelon Aries Cross-section  (photo by Lori Tompkins)
  Luminous Watermelon Cross-section  (photo by Lori Tompkins)
 Watermelon Top-Down (photo by Lori Tompkins)

Throughout the Spring I will add more images/photos that I have taken or found to encourage in viewers a sense of the spherical, circular and exquisite geometries inherent in matter and life. When this sense is cultivated, the limited mental consciousness is more prone to participate in its own dissolution and in a necessary evolution towards SEEING and APPRECIATING the precise and exquisite geometries that can not only be found in physical manifestation, but also in the cyclical flow of TIME, in the cyclical flow of the Earth's year and in the cyclical Precession of the Equinoxes as discussed in The Gnostic Circle.

Additional Notes: For those wanting to understand the symbolism of the zodiac in terms of life and our evolutionary journey, The Magical Carousel and Commentaries is a must-read. Also Puranic Cosmology Updated (a new blog by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet) discusses the importance of understanding the Tropical Zodiac (i.e. the Vedic Year) as a real key to harmonizing the energies of Earth's populous [See PCU #8].

T O   S H O W E R   T H I S   B L O G / P O S T  with   W E B   L O V E 
S H A R E   IT  using  A N Y  of  the  I C O N S  below  


  1. Hello again, Lori.

    Here's some interesting 'cycles' for you...

    After I was kicked out of I made some calculations. This was my thinking...

    26-11-1963: This was the date that Thea set for Sri Aurobindo's return.
    23-04-1968: My birthday.

    The difference between 26-11-1963 & 23-04-1968 is 1610 days, suspiciously close to ((phi) 1.618 * 1000). As above, so below; yes?

    An early arrival was 'forced' due to nuclear warheads being detonated 'Poisining the well' as it were. My 'optimum' arrival date would have been 01-05-1968, 22 years later, to the day, I have emergency cancer surgery. Funny...

    Now, each one of these dates is 1618 days later than the preceeding one and if you check back through history, something very good & something very bad happens on or around these dates...

    0 01-05-1968 + 1618 days = 05-10-1972
    1 05-10-1972
    2 11-03-1977
    3 15-08-1981
    4 19-01-1986
    5 25-06-1990
    6 29-11-1994
    7 05-05-1999
    8 09-10-2003
    9 14-03-2008
    10 18-08-2012

    What are we to expect on or around 18-08-2012? Remember the rocket 'Curiosity' that was launched on Immortality day last year; well, that is due to land on Mars on, I think, 12-08-2012. It is interesting isn't it?

    Well, quite interesting, anyway. :)

    Thanks, Lori.


  2. Hey Ian, I do not know what you mean by your 'optimum arrival date'. Do you mean your due date? Regardless, it's important for the purposes of orienting within your soul's journey to align with your true birth/true birth time rather than to consider some OTHER time as optimal. That doesn't mean that May 1 is not an important date for you, obviously it does have some significance in terms of your journey, but it is important to use your actual birth time as the unifying point from which your cycles are to be measured.

    You are welcome to report on you findings about the 1618 day intervals, if you wish. My research interests lie more with the 360 degree cycles (day, year, great year. etc) and their various divisions. But your mention of Phi does make me wonder if and how Phi spiral relates to 360 degree cycles of time. Both circle and spiral emerge from the zero Point, which contains all geometries, which unfold in time.


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