The Tropical Year, Aries, Symbolism & Perspective

In a recent post I quoted Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, who wrote in Symbols and the Question of Unity (1974): 'All symbols, no matter which, spring from the circle; it is this that upholds their movement.' [See full post]. In this post I will show how the symbol of Aries is born of the circle, or literally how this symbol springs from and into a circle.

The Spring Equinox is the Zero or Seed Point (birth) of new Tropical Year, marked by 0° Aries. 0° Aries is the Alpha/Omega, the Beginning/End, the 0/9 of the Circle. 0° Aries marks both the 0° and the 360° of the Circle. They are one and the same. So 0° Aries can be understood as the seed which contains the entire circle, the entire journey of the Year, like the seed of a plant contains the entire plant and its unfolding.

The symbol of Aries can easily be seen to be akin to a sprouting seed.

What is often not considered is that the Aries image is not only a reference to a sprouted seed, or new birth, but also to the full flowering of the seed or the full unfolding of the Circle/Year.

Symbols are often seen 2-dimensionally, and hence incompletely. It often takes a shift in perspective to notice the different layers of a symbol and how it communicates knowledge or living Truth.

Here are some facets or faces of the Aries symbol that are notable:

Aries is associated with the planet Mars and energy. Atomic or nuclear explosions have the appearance of a mushroom cloud, i.e. a spout of energy that ascends and spreads in a 360° 'mushroom' or arc which looks, in the 2-D view, like the Aries sign. This same ascending column and arc can be found in a spout or spurt of water.

These last two images can help the reader appreciate how the Aries symbol is, in a real sense, a particular view or perspective of a circle. If one could look down on an explosion, or a fountain (like one can look straight upon at the 360° bloom of a flower), the circle and its center would be apparent. From the side however, we see something different, we see the height and width (2-D), but not the whole form or the whole extension of the seed or force.

The whole form or the whole extension of the seed or force is not only 3-Dimensional, but also 4-Dimensional, the 4th Dimension being the added reality of how things move and unfold in Time.

Aries is associated with the eyes, and the Aries symbol is formed by the bridge of the nose and eyebrows on the face of humans and many mammals. The iris and pupil of the eye is the Circle and Point, it is a microcosm of the super-structure of time and space. It is interesting that the eyes are framed as they are by the shape of the Aries sign. Especially in that with Aries and the newness of birth, can come a certain blindness (inability to see or conceive of) of the whole journey/whole circle. 

The iris/pupil is circular, yet the viewer is initially and maybe for a LONG TIME unaware of how that shape is truly relevant to, or rather inseparable from, his or her own existence/path/journey/evolution (Being and Becoming).

May our civilization's blindness and deep ignorance of the whole journey/whole circle and all its real symbols give way to recognition, awareness, true vision and knowledge.

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