The Error of the Nirayana or Constellational Zodiac in India

In her last post for Puranic Cosmology Updated titled 'The New Order Is Born', Thea addresses among other things the ongoing error of measuring the zodiac in terms of the constellations, an error which crept into India circa the 11th Century and continues to darken the light/soul of India and impede her power in the world. In the post, Thea's discussion of the issue begins with a reference to a recent statement made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi which highlights the misunderstanding and confusion caused by this error:

‘Friends, Makar Sankranti was celebrated on 14 January. It is an important festival. It is the beginning of Uttarayan, which is considered to be a punya kaal (auspicious time). The Lohri festival also coincides with it. On this day the sun begins its journey north. This marks the transition from winter to spring…’. - Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 16 January 2015

[Thea:] The Prime Minister and the whole of the Hindu Samaj would find no error in the above statement, though surely the astronomical flaw should be evident. But it is not, and therein lies the problem, especially since the sign’s hieroglyph describes the actual physical body of the undivided nation, making accuracy especially important in all matters involving this ‘auspicious time’. Capricorn of the tropical zodiac cannot be separated from the shortest day of the year, the December Solstice which is the legitimate uttarayana, the north Cardinal Pole. This is sacrosanct in all higher studies of cosmic harmonies throughout the world; but only in India, with Capricorn as her astrological ruler, have the two been separated, therefore making the aberration especially damaging.'

[Click HERE to read the rest of Thea's discussion of the error of the Nirayana/Constellational measure of the zodiacal year, this discussion continues in the Appendix]


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