Primer Fields & the Structure of Matter

A screen shot from Primer Fields - Part II
(YouTube video by David LaPoint, see video & links below)
Well this is a long video series, but anyone interested in Cosmology and the Structure of Matter should find this eye opening. The author of the video's, David LaPoint, posits bowl shaped magnetic fields of opposite polarity as a universal template that does away with the need for Dark Matter and Dark Energy to explain the Universe. I can't say that I understand it all, but I do think it is worth watching and considering his point of view. It's pretty fascinating.

Link to Part II or Part III (for whatever reasons David LaPoint has discontinued the series).

I have a question on a page set up for this Primer Field info (not set up by David LaPoint, the author of the series), which I will repeat here:
'I've watched Part I and II. So I'm now wondering how the 'fine structure constant' is involved in these fields. According to WikiAnswers: This constant 'describes the strength of the electromagnetic force, one of the four fundamental forces of nature. It describes for example how often an electron would emit a photon, the strengths of electric and magnetic fields and molecular bonds. It is also dimensionless, so the number is the same regardless of which units you happen to use.'
'1/137 is the zero energy value of the constant which is .00729927 repeating. So the 729 of the constant FLIPS to 927 and then the whole sequence repeats itself. This FLIP reminds me of the flipping polarity of the magnetic fields. I would welcome any insight on this constant in relation to the Primer Fields.'


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