Alignment and Freewill


 A friend of mine sent along a link to an article on Cosmic Convergence 2012 blog, entitled ‘Why does the World Shadow Government destroy its own home (planet)?', which discusses our world's problems in terms of the Kali Yuga. My response was as follows:

Hey J., I find, from my studies, that people talking about the Kali Yuga often don't know what they are talking about. People use it to describe an Age of Darkness ... when it really is simply a measure of time. And the majority of people who talk/write of the Kali Yuga have no idea what the correct measure of Kali Yuga is  ... what its true duration is, what its true function is. See:

So I had a hard time reading the article, because the way he talks about the Kali Yuga to me is in itself an expression of the author's Ignorance. No doubt that Ignorance is the real culprit of why there is so much disregard for the life and creatures of the Earth.

In my understanding of what is going on, we are at the END of the rule of the Mind ... our civilization, ruled by Mind, has been built up, i.e. based on a void of Truth, Knowledge, Spirit etc, is incapable of standing (due to its faulty base); and as it collapses emerges the new 'supramental' consciousness which eventually builds up its own forms/structures that integrate and harmonize Matter, Life and Mind.

In my understanding, since 1926 we have been in the Age of Aquarius (not a 'Dark Age' at all) wherein all that is not consciously connected to Source, to the Divinity that informs each part of the Whole, is going to get shredded. The way I see it, is that people are not in control of this dissolution process we are going through ... people are just used by the over-arching supramental consciousness to carry out the necessary tasks (whether the task seems moral or immoral, good or bad) ... for the birth of the New.  

All that said, it is tremendously sad to watch the play of it all, to see so much greed and Ignorance and so much disregard for Truth and Beauty, even if it is to be expected.


My friend commented that the author still had made some salient points even if the time line was off, and he wondered if some of what I wrote above was not a negation of free will. My response is as follows:

Alignment and Freewill

For me it is all a question of alignment. What is one aligned with? Most people on planet Earth, including the anonymous author of the Cosmic Convergence 2012, are not correctly aligned in time and space. So when they try to read the map and inform others about what is going on, it is usually a case of the blind leading the blind. Successful navigation demands that one actually knows one’s place on the map one is reading, and one must have the correct keys of measure. From what I can see, this author is using a map he doesn’t understand, doesn’t know how to read, and doesn’t know his place in. And therefore his assessments are misleading.

The author of the post writes: 'Ultimately, the epoch reaches completion with the end of the Kali Yuga, culminating with the appearance of Lord Kalki. Yes, He has come and gone, and only a very few knew of his earthly incarnation.' From what I have learned, the author is completely mistaken. From what he writes, he does not understand the correspondence of Vishnu's Ten Avatars with the Precession of the Equinoxes, and with the fixed signs of the Zodiac. These correspondences can easily be seen by those who have no preconceived agendas and timetables … by those who not only look but also who want to see, even if seeing means they will have to change their perspective. This is not an easy task for those heavily invested or indoctrinated in systems of thought built up on millennia of mis-alignments, mis-conceptions and mis-measures.

These matters of the Kali Yuga and of Kalki are IMPORTANT and need to be understood correctly. It is important because it has to do with correct alignment in time and space. Thea has written two books discussing the coming of Kalki in our own day and age (of Aquarius), one is The Hidden Manna which is a full explanation of St. John's Revelation (the Apocalypse), in terms of the language it was written in, i.e the language of the zodiac; and the other is Secrets of the Earth - Questions and Answers on the Line of Ten Avatars of Vedic Tradition

People do not yet understand why correct and precise alignment in time and space is important, even though one of the main function of avatars such as Quetzalcoatl and Kalki (Vishnu) is said to be setting the calendar straight. Think of what would happen if the Earth's alignment with the Sun changed even one iota, the Earth and its inhabitants would be toast, or popsicles ... or dust particles. Or think of what happens when someone’s heart rhythm goes off, out of whack. When individuals and civilizations lose their alignment with the Earth and with the Cosmos, and lose the Gnosis that flows from such an alignment, the result is disastrous. We see the product of that loss all around us. For one, people are all too easily led astray by off-center teachings. For two, there is no true center that illuminates and harmonizes our collective activities.

Regarding the question of freewill, I think people are free to choose only in a certain sense. For instance, are you free to choose the axis and form of the Earth you live on, or to choose the axis and form of the solar system you live in, or the axis and form of the galaxy you live in? Are you free to choose how fast you travel around these axes? The answer to these questions is of course no. So, in this very real sense our course is largely set for us. The field of time and space is set for us by these axes, which are all in perfect alignment with each other. 

My understanding is that all of us on Earth share this perfect alignment, albeit mostly unconscious, in our heart and soul … in our cells. The Vedic rishis mapped out and tracked the Ages/Yugas so that humans could be consciously aligned with the whole of creation in time and space … so that we could achieve, in the course of time/evolution, the highest ranges of consciousness, which Sri Aurobindo called the supramental consciousness. It is also called swar, or ‘heaven on Earth’ (the divine in manifestation, i.e. not a transcendent escape, void or heaven beyond manifestation). 

Perhaps people do, in our current day and age, have some small choices as to their alignments … what they choose to be aligned with … but I don’t know. It seems to me like most people come in with, or are quickly bequeathed certain ‘tilts’ by their families and their cultures, religions, etc. So do people choose to be born into such misalignments? Do people choose their capacity or their inability to recognize and to over-come their own inherited misalignments (i.e. ignorance)? I’m not so sure that they do. Some people break through layer after layer of the Self-Ignorance they were born with and achieve higher and higher perspectives, and maybe a few achieve truth-consciousness or unity consciousness; but most seem to perpetuate the misalignments/ignorance as handed down to them by their families, communities, religions, governments, society and civilization. Others adopt or gravitate towards (‘chose’) new communities, beliefs and patterns of thought that are entirely different from their early conditioning, but are still likely to be just another flavor of our entire civilization’s mis-alignment/ignorance. 

But do people really choose whether or not something within them accepts or rejects whatever degree of misalignment/ignorance, or whether or not they are going to set out in earnest to find deeper and deeper, and simultaneously higher and higher, layers of Self-Truth? Do people choose whether or not they can effectively discriminate between misalignment-ignorance and perfect alignment with Truth of our simultaneously Individual, Cosmic and Transcendent Being? Do people choose how thoroughly they can broaden or universalize their consciousness? Again, I am not sure that people have such a choice. I think certain people are born with higher capacities for perception (and for breaking through prevalent mis-conceptions) than others. I think collectively our capacities for the highest ranges of perception, for supramental perception, ‒ which is dependent on one’s consciousness of and perfect alignment with the Axis Mundi (axis of the world) ‒, will surely increase in the course of our evolution; but for now most are stuck in the limited perceptions of the off-center Mental consciousness and have no understanding of, and perhaps no ability to understand, the most basic keys of gnosis, i.e. keys of centering oneself within one’s micro and macrocosm in a way that fosters an all-integrating truth-consciousness. Even most of those who revere Sri Aurobindo’s teachings of the Supramental consciousness and aspire to its heights, appear to have no capacity to understand and apply these basic keys, which are the essence of Vedic and Universal Gnosis.

Sri Aurobindo wrote that for some 2,000 years, no Indian has understood the Vedas. And yet still, millions and millions of Indians and non-Indians who celebrate the Vedic tradition, seem to pay no attention to Sri Aurobindo’s observation. They have inherited and become so accustomed to mis-information and mis-alignment that they now reject the valid and heroic efforts that have been made to restore the true alignments proper to Vedic gnosis. The central crux of this is that so-called ‘Vedic’ astrology is no longer aligned with the Earth’s Equinoxes and Solstice, and hence millions and millions of people think they are immersed in some form of Vedic gnosis, when they are actually immersed in misalignment/ignorance that fractures and splinters consciousness rather than uplifting it to the ranges of the truth-consciousness of the Vedic rishis. These millions have inherited a rejection of the zodiac as a field and expression of the Earth’s axis (whose tilt creates the Earth’s cardinal points and its seasons), and they have no idea how thoroughly Un-Vedic that rejection is. 

The disastrous consequences of this rejection of the true nature of the zodiac and its relationship with the Earth’s axis go way beyond India, because the keys of alignment and keys to the evolutionary journey offered by the Vedic rishis are keys to understanding the individual and collective soul and journey of all of us here on planet Earth, not just Indians. Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet have restored those keys in our modern day and age so that now anyone who recognizes their true usefulness can apply them and begin to understand the power and fulfillment of the soul (the microcosm) when it is properly aligned with the larger macrocosmic layers of our being.

But from what I have seen, most people cannot even begin to understand what any of this means. The unity-consciousness or supramental consciousness that has been introduced is so utterly foreign to the divisive mental consciousness, that most have no capacity to appreciate the teachings that have been offered. The idea that an all-organizing, omniscient, precise consciousness … a supramental or divine consciousness can be observed and experienced in mundane/Earthly affairs, and can be cultivated in human consciousness if one is properly aligned and equipped with the right keys of understanding, is simply ridiculous to most. And while others might consider themselves more open-minded about the possibility of an all organizing or all-integrating consciousness which can be directly experienced in time and space, they still have no interested in setting aside their own agendas and in accepting the demands of new knowledge, because their gravity, their alignments lie elsewhere and they don’t want to put in the work required. And this is just how it is. Gravity is gravity. Perhaps there is a choice involved, but I don’t think so. 

I know I did not really choose to accept or reject the teachings of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet’s regarding the Supramental consciousness-force and its organization, measures and laws (i.e. keys) when I first encountered this new knowledge. It was all somehow familiar to me, like something I had just forgotten about myself, but was easily remembered. And thus remembering, I really had no choice but to re-adjust and re-orient my life based on what I recognized as the Truth of the Self … no choice but to do reverse my direction and to gravitate towards the center. Having had this experience, I can also imagine that many humans have no choice but pass over such universal knowledge to continue to choose the paths that makes the most sense to them, no matter that those paths do not attempt to (or effectively) integrate all parts of the Whole. But, perhaps some do have more of a choice in such matters. One would think that all humans possess varying degrees of openness or closed-ness to the idea of an Absolute Truth which creates, organizes and integrates the whole of our individual and collective existence.
So anyhow, regarding my lack of enthusiasm about the article you sent along ‘Why does the World Shadow Government destroy its own home (planet)?’, my interest is not so much in Shadow governments and the like, it is more in how to become better and better aligned and centered within the journey, so that everything that happens, whether it looks 'bad' or 'good' from an emotional-mental point of view, makes more and more perfect sense (from an increasingly supramental point of view). I am deeply interested in the Divine Play … in how world affairs play out, but not from a doom and gloom standpoint. My interest is rooted in an appreciation of the power of the individual and collective soul that organizes the field, and organizes the stages of our growth/evolution. That doesn't mean that certain things, certain devastating potentialities don't really scare me, but I have seen enough to know that something else much greater than the human mind is in control of even the minutest details of life/circumstances. So that helps me remember that even when things seem bad ... that the full picture is a Divine Play, a Divine Journey towards full Self Knowledge.

The author of the blog, seems to share this view to some degree. He writes elsewhere on his site: ‘Everything has its very own perfection – our place, our time, our hearth and home, our relationships, our jobs and financial affairs, our health and state of mind/emotions … even our busy schedules and competing demands – it’s all perfect even in the seeming chaos and relentless flux around us . . . . Everything – repeat, EVERYTHING – happens for the best … everywhere, all the time, without exception.’

This is a great perspective, but it is good to be aware that there is a BIG difference between believing in and actually experiencing this perfection, and there are many degrees of immersion or initiation into the experience of such perfection. But from what I can tell, one can go only so far towards the experience of the Absolute Perfection in our world, without utilizing the proper keys and measures of Unity-Consciousness as spoken of by the Vedic Rishis, in other words, without a true orientation/alignment within the Whole (within manifestation) which helps one to see the very real connections between microcosm and macrocosm.

From what I can see, no matter how noble his intentions, this author’s alignment is off, yet he seems to think he is sharing some Truth that will help people through the dark times. Perhaps he is sharing partial truth that will partially help some people; but from my perspective what he writes is MISLEADING, and therefore actually serves to help keep people in the dark. There is much greater Truth – ALL-integrating Truth – which those traveling in darkness can seek out and utilize to illuminate the evolutionary journey. This illumination has nothing to do with belief, or positive thinking or creating one’s own reality or other mind games, it is the kind of illumination that only direct lived experience can provide.

Wishing you good Light on your journeys, Lori


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