The Maya 2012 - Is it Relevant?

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea) discusses the Mayan calendar, evolutionary cycles, the significance of 2012 in terms of evolution of consciousness, Carlos Casteneda, and the new world:

Part II: The Transformation of the Earth - The Newer New Order
Part III: Protests in the Age of Aquarius


  1. Some of my favorite bits from this talk:

    'The movement of evolution, it moves on. It's not going to stop at 2012.' And '... the next stage [of evolution] deals with the transformation of conditions HERE [on Earth] ...'

    '... This is really a glorious moment [in time]. But I have to qualify that because obviously things are collapsing all around and that's perfectly as it should be, because when that maturity happens you can imagine it like a plant pushing up and emerging above the soil, finally. It pushes out whatever is around it, gets stronger and stronger ... and when that happens obviously there is some crumbling around, and this is the only thing that is happening now.'

    This perspective is such a nice and necessary contrast to all the hype about the 'end of times'.


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