The Gnostic Circle Study Group

Robert Wilkinson and I are hosting a Gnostic Circle study group on Google Groups focusing on Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's book 'The Gnostic Circle - a synthesis in the harmonies of the cosmos' (1975). This book discusses the supramental order and sacred geometry of Time and Space, inviting readers to partake in a profound initiatic and all-integrating journey/yoga in which secrets to the proper understanding and use of the Tropical Zodiac and the Enneagram are revealed. Mahayogis Sri Aurobindo and the Mother spoke of a need for a Supramental Vision of Time and for knowledge how the Supramental consciousness-force would be applicable and visible in the material world. This book and Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's body of work is a full revelation of these looming needs/questions, and if understood correctly, is portal into unity consciousness, by which all is seen with  new eyes ... all-integrating eyes. Readers are invited to discover for themselves the keys to seeing the myths, symbols, religions, and cultures of the world within the context of the Whole evolution of matter and consciousness. And if all goes well, readers will directly see how the stages of an individual's evolution and the stages (ages) of collective/Cosmic processes are intimately related as micro and macro versions of the same Vedic Journey, eternally supported by the Divine Agni/Fire/Soul.

Group Requisites: Before requesting to join the group, please obtain a copy of The Gnostic Circle and be prepared to read and to interact with the group via comments, questions, and insights you may be having about your reading. Sincerity in study is requested.

To Request Membership: CLICK HERE


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