Essential Purpose of the Study of Cosmic Harmonies

The following excerpts are from p. 3 of The Gnostic Circle (the 1st page of the text):
  • ‘… it is our intention to give as clear a picture as possible of the true purpose of astrology, and in which way it can be an asset in the development of the spirit.’
  • ‘Cosmic harmonies give us the understanding of the movement of progression within the eternal. The art in its totality is transmitted so that man may have a clear vision of the process of evolution, and above all, of its ultimate goal for any particular Age. That is, these designs and patterns which are based on the deep understanding of the workings of the Cosmos, contain the history of the evolution, past, present and future.’
  • ‘The zodiac gives us a picture of this outer movement of evolution which has as its support the inherent spirit.’
-- Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

For readers interested in better understanding how the zodiac is a map of the evolutionary development of the spirit, please join:
The Gnostic Circle Study group

Note: I made the above image, based on PNB's 'Gnostic Circle'.


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