What is the Origin of Spin?

An excerpt from Nassim Haramein's 2004 article
'What is the Origin of Spin?':

'... without spin/rotation none of reality can come to exist. All things spin! Even things that appear not to! You may say, "a tree doesn't spin," but in fact every atom in that tree spins, and that tree is on a planet that is spinning, and this planet is in a solar system that is spinning inside a galactic disk and so on. So we could say that spin is fundamental to creation, and objects that appear to be inanimate exist solely because spinning atoms within allow the objects to radiate, and hence, appear in our reality. So an important endeavor of physics would be to find the fundamental forces necessary to generate spin since, if those were know, we would ultimately know the foundations of reality. That is a valuable thing to know -- never mind the fact that it could provid very important clues about energy and gravity, which can have huge impacts on our current state of technology and ecology.' -- Nassim Haramein, 'What is the Origin of Spin' (2004)

Full article: http://theresonanceproject.org/pdf/origin_of_spin.pdf

Here's a Youtube promo for Nassim's Crossing the Event Horizon DVD set:


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