Cataclysms and the Preservation of Knowledge

Photo from: Japan Society Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund

The news and videos of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami have been a frightening reminder of the relative ease with which man and man-made structures can be instantly dismantled by the Earth’s periodic shifts and/or swept away by her waters. The event was labeled by some, to be a disaster of biblical or epic proportions and it reminded me of why so much of our human history is unknown to us. Cataclysms happen. There is always the real possibility of external interference such as a meteor hitting the Earth, but mostly, the Earth is alive and has her own cycles, ice ages, tectonic movement, volcanic activity and weather that can drastically alter her landscape, waterscape and environment in ways that lay waste to certain percentages of life. 

The story of human existence stretches through out millions of years and we have access to barely any of it. Combine erosion with changes in landscape, changes in environment, changes in consciousness and changes in language, and what is ONE continuous story of life and evolution, becomes a puzzle that our limited minds and resources can never really fully put back together. The mythologies and structures that have survived into our own day and age are naturally objects of enthusiastic study, great intrigue, religious contemplation and imaginative speculation. But it is necessary and useful to admit that our studies, intrigues, contemplations and speculations have been conducted from an egoic, fragmented and limited mentality. They have not been conducted from the seat of the soul, and hence from an appreciation of our common Mother (Earth), our common Father (Time), our common divinity, our common origin, our common and ongoing story/evolutionary journey. 

Our recorded history is largely a story of men dominating men, women and the Earth, whether for ‘God’, security, wealth or self-gratification. Conquerors, crusaders, invaders and colonizers were  primarily interested in their OWN power and success, not the power of that which came before them, not the power of the Earth … not even the true power whatever divinity they prayed to. ‘God’ was filtered through man’s mental and vital ego and became a justification for all manner of atrocities. Such behavior and world-view is the shaky foundation of our modern civilization. Prophecies of the destruction of our civilization are simply acknowledgments of the true power and pressures of the Earth, the Divine and our own evolving consciousness. St. John’s Revelation or ‘Apocalypse’, for instance, can be seen as story of what happens when a higher consciousness a unifying consciousness-force establishes itself in a new age. [See The Hidden Manna by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet]. The pressures to bring the unity-consciousness/satchidananda (truth, consciousness, bliss) of the human soul forward to illuminate the human experience are great, as are the pressures to expose and destroy that which is obstructing the evolution of the individual and collective being.   

Due to the destructive forces of conquerors, crusaders and the like, and to the destructive forces of Mother Nature and erosion in time, the task of PRESERVING knowledge throughout the ages is indeed an epic task. In Vedic epic-lore Vishnu the Preserver, incarnates in certain ages to re-establish the golden thread of Eternal Truth (Sanatana Dharma) and to further the evolution and manifestation of the Divine on Earth. In both Vedic and Judeo-Christian epic-lore, Manu and Noah are said to have built life-preserving arks that survived a cataclysmic flood. 

After studying the unified vision of evolution as presented by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, which includes the revelation that that Vishnu (the Preserver) and the Vishnu mythology itself, as well as the monument and mythology of the Sphinx, have preserved knowledge of the fixed (preservation) signs of the zodiac throughout ages and precessional cycles, I began to understand more and more clearly that the 360° zodiac is THE KEY to understanding our WHOLE Earthly voyage/journey … not just the small stretch of it that we walk in our current individual life, but the WHOLE of it. 

Loosing IT we loose our connection to, perspective of and appreciation for the trials and tribulations of our One Self as we have navigated and traveled the vast ocean of cyclical time to arrive here at the present stage of our evolutionary journey. Finding IT, we begin to understand historical and modern-day artifacts, iconography and symbol-myths within the greater context of the evolutionary journey, and its stages and cycles. For instance, the Christian ‘fish’ symbol is clearly linked with the Age of Pisces (234 BCE – 1926 CE). The Lion-Man Sphinx of Giza was most likely built in the last Age of Leo (11,034 8874 BC). And the prevalence of Bull iconography in Minoa and Persian Mithraism indicate some meaningful connection with the Age of Taurus (4554 2394 BCE). Historians and archeologists who try to understand previous civilizations and their artifacts and iconography without knowledge of the 360° zodiac, the Precession of the Equinoxes, and the astrological ages are not putting the pieces together correctly. They may have accurate maps of the world’s geography, but they are ignorant of the map of time that has been used by throughout the aeons as a way to orient mankind in the vast ocean of cyclical time and as a way to pass the torch of knowledge (however compressed or expanded) to future civilizations.  

Considering the importance of the 360° body of knowledge and how it lives on (reckognized or not) in our modern-day systems of navigation, calculation, measurement and time-reckoning I began last Spring to suspect that the mythology of Noah’s Ark/Manu’s Ark was not actually speaking of a ocean-going ship or vessel as we normally think of it, but as a ship or vessel (or holy grail) of eternal gnosis that survives through all manner of cataclysm, floods, erosion etc., a ‘vessel’ that is built to survive time and help mankind re-establish, re-orient itself in the world and grow towards higher and higher  realizations of the Divine Truth of Self, World, Cosmos. The ‘ark’ or vessel, in this sense would be a seed of eternal knowledge that is SELF-BORN (svayambhu) In other words, this ark is not a creation of the human mind, but of the divine mind or Supermind that is the architect and driving-force of the whole manifestation. It is self-existent in material creation. It is in this sense that the original Manu of the Veda is called Manu Svayambhu.
The ONLY self-born, self-arising vessel of gnosis that fits the bill is the Earth’s four-fold and 12 month 360° year. Its frame, measure, geometry and structure exists whether or not earthly beings are conscious enough to recognize it. The zodiac IS the symbol of the living structure that is our Mother… the symbol of the living structure THAT WE ARE. As long as we do not fathom our own growth, evolution and consciousness according to our Earth Mother’s very real terms, according to HER eternal truth (dharma), we are like a seed or seedling that does not see the loomingly tree/plant it fell from as its own mother and its own future self. But like a seed, we are programmed to break through our own shell and become that which we already are, in the course of time. Our individual and collective soul grows towards full maturity and full self-enjoyment, via the pulses, rhythms, seasons and cycles of the Earth, Sun, Moon and larger cosmos. And so as we become more conscious, we see these pulses, rhythms, seasons and cycles as part of our own dynamic body. Instead of ‘becoming death’ … we become aligned with, identified with, one with the eternal consciousness-force that shifts and morphs itself according to what is being created, preserved and destroyed in any given moment, day, year, age, etc.

Twelve spokes, one wheel, navels three.
Who can comprehend this?
On it are placed together
Three hundred and sixty like pegs.
They shake not in the least.
(Rig Veda 1.154.48)

One is the wheel; the bands are twelve;
three are the hubs – who can understand it?
Three hundred spokes and sixty in addition
have been hammered therein and firmly riveted….
(Atharva Veda X, 8)

In my next post I will discuss the etymological evidence which supports my theory that Manu and Noah’s Ark is 'code' for (or symbolic of) the 360° zodiac, which is inseparable from the circular 9/0 number system.


Recommended reading for those who wish to more deeply understand and apply this lineage of knowledge: The Gnostic Circle, The New Way, The Magical Carousel (PNB), The Secret of the Veda (Sri Aurobindo); Puranic Cosmology Updated 


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